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Learn to Paint Quick and Easy Watercolour Landscapes

teacher avatar Zaneena Nabeel, AURORABYZ - ARTIST AND INSTRUCTOR

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (1h 16m)
    • 1. Welcome to my Class :)

    • 2. Art Supplies

    • 3. Painting 1 - Into the Wild

    • 4. Painting 2 - Lavender Fields

    • 5. Painting 3 - Snowy Mountains

    • 6. Painting 4 - Dreamy Sunset

    • 7. Painting 5 - Green Meadows

    • 8. Thank you for Watching :)

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About This Class

Watercolour is one of the most unique mediums for creating art. It's unpredictability and unique characteristics makes it the dearest medium of most of the artists.

In this class we are going to learn how to paint quick and easy watercolour landscapes. We will look into the techniques and paint  6 unique landscapes by the end of the class. 

Come join me to enjoy a watercolour walk through nature! 

Background music credits : Beautiful Relaxing Music - Calm Piano Music & Guitar Music with Birds Singing

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Zaneena Nabeel



Hey there! Myself Zaneena Nabeel, an architect by profession and an artist by everything. I'm originally from India, currently based in Dubai. I experiments and enjoys all sorts of medium. For me art is a therapy and I find immense happiness playing with colours.

Since early childhood I loved to draw and paint. when I joined for my architecture studies I totally gave up on art as I got so busy with my studies, but the love for art was growing deep inside me. Once I graduated and moved to Dubai I started investing little of time on art. I started visiting art events and talks and realized the endless world of colours waiting for me. Within no time I took my tools and came back in action and started an Instagram page and here I'm :) 

Now I conduct local/... See full profile

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1. Welcome to my Class :): Hello, everyone myself, Son, in an appeal, The artist behind the instagram account at around I see today I'm gonna teach you all this five easy watercolor landscapes on gives work. You can do them in less than 20 minutes. So if you have a little time to invest, join me now and pain t off every one from a dreaming sensor toe, a vibrant lavender field. Each of the five paintings which we're gonna do in this class is absolutely unique. Each of them is composed of ladies watercolor techniques which you can use in your other projects as well. You don't need to worry if you don't have any prior knowledge in particular, you just need to have a set of watercolor and few brushes with you, and you are good to join my class. All right, guys, I cannot be to take you through all my tips and techniques. So if you ever wanted to learn watercolor landscapes which can be done quite easily, this is the time. Join me now and let's paint all this vibrant particular landscapes. Are you guys excited? Okay. Without any further delay, let's get started 2. Art Supplies: in this video, I'm going to talk about all the art supplies that you will need to follow my class. It is absolutely okay. If you don't have the exact same material that I'm using, you can use whatever you have, which is kind of similar. So these are the five landscapes which we're gonna do in today's class. I'll begin with watercolor people First Forgeries class. I'm using my arches paper, which is 1 40 l b. And this is 100%. Cartoonists will. I would recommend to use a paper which is off minimum 1 40 l b to get a good result. If you don't have new pressure, you can go with whatever you have now talking about the watercolor. I will be using videos, shades from videos. Brandt, Andi. I will be talking about each shade in detail via we move onto over paintings. Again, there's no pressure that you need to have the same brand that I'm using here. Just try and use similar shades from any brand that you have got the mixing your colors. You would need a palette. This one here is a basic plastic pallet, which are used for most of my paintings, and you can see that for the condition off my palate on talking about the brush. These are the four brushes that I will be using into these class three. Off these round bridges are from silver black velvet brush on my flat brush is from Kraft Demos. You would need a big sized round brush than a medium sized and then a detailing one on any flat brush. You will need do jars of water. One has to stay clean, and the other one has proven itself the pain from your brush on last, but not the least. You will also need a masking tape, an eraser, a pencil and a people total. All right, so quickly grab all the materials and join me in my next video, Let's get started. 3. Painting 1 - Into the Wild: Hello, everyone. I hope you all have your materials. Really? Let's get started with our first landscape. All right, so I have taped on my paper already, and I'm going with bookmark sort of a size. You can go with any size off your child's, preferably in the portrait manner for the sky. I'm going with the lighter value off Prussian blue. I'm going directly Apply this onto my sky. I'm not betting the paper. First, I'm applying this lighter value directly onto my paper. Now wash your brush on, bring it into even more lighter value. Now over to the top. I'm gonna apply a bit tough. Ah, little more brighter version off Prussian blue. That's it. All right, so our sky has completely tried. Now I'm going to the mountains. I'm using purple for my mountain. So this one is a little black while the brush size number 12 Andi am drawing a little mountain over the left. First you can see I'm not filling the entire mountain. I'm just drawing of shape. Andi, I'm taking it towards the right and I'm going with a bigger mountain. Draw the shape and add some patterns off purple. Now, with another brush dipped in clean water. I'm just gonna blend that the same thing for the mountain over the left hospital. Blend the color with clean water and bring it to the light of value so that the top ocean off other mountain. Now switch back to your bubble brush on just applied the shade and bring it little more down as you come down. You can use, but more brighter Pappu. All right, so that's it with the purple. Now I'm taking some Prussian blue and I'm doing the same thing. Apply the color over the purple so that both the shades will blend perfectly. Take the brushing blue, little more down. Now I'm switching to green, The green amusing here. Ascent earlier green. You can use sap green or any green, which you have got just like how you applied the blue over the purple. Apply the green starting from the blue so that they will create a beautiful blend. That's it with agree Now I'm taking lemon yellow, and I'm applying at closer to the green to create a nice light green blended together. Now wash your brush rooms off all the light green and would have pain to have God on the brush on to use fresh lemon yellow and fill up the remaining media. Why we need to get the bottom off the landscape and bright, nice yellow. The Chasson mixed with the cream. So that's why I asked you to clean your pressure and make sure there is no green on your fresh now over the CIA. I'm gonna add in some darts off orange, so this will give a nice effect to your grass, and it looks like some of them have tried randomly add some dots here and there on as the background is still bet that will get automatically blended to the background. Don't worry about them. Just drop in some colors. So that's it. Now let's beat for this to dry. Now, using a brighter version of green, I'm gonna roughly draw some pine trees over the screener area. It doesn't need to be well detail. As we have a full crowned layer coming. Just make some rough shapes off pine trees. Don't put too much effort in the telling them all these will be covered by the full ground layer. We just need to see a little bit off them in the background. So while to switch to time, lapse and quickly finish that entire line off pine trees. You can see I'm not putting too much off effort into it. All right, so that is my background layer off pine trees. Now I'm gonna take SAB green on my brush, and I'm gonna create shape off grass over the right. If you want, you can switch to us more low brush, just greed shapes like that. Just draw some lines from top to bottom on greed. Shape off the grass as you are creating that shape and filling the background with green, you can see automatically the yellows grass is starting to stand up. Once you have finished adding the lines, you can fill up that little area with green onto the green. Also, you can add some darts off orange. All right, Everything has dried. Now, using black, I'm going to repeat the seeing grass exercise over the left side, create that graph shapes until you reached the right end. You don't need to go with so much off position. Just randomly draw the craft shapes. And Philip, though 80 are in black. This might IQ wild so I'll just switch to time, lapse and finish the entire line of crass. I'm halfway through now with the same brush. I'm gonna add some pine trees along with the grass for the pine trees. I have mixed a little off green with black. It does not the pure black, which I'm using for the pine trees. It is a very dark ocean off green, even for the full ground layer. Don't worry too much about your pine trees. We just need to get a good cheap only on the top. So the rest of the bottom area will be filling in top entirely with dark green. So just draw the shape on the top on remaining media. Until you reach that black grass, fill it up. Also, while you're drawing, you're for ground layer of pine trees. Make sure you're not entirely covering up the background layer. All right, we're have done. Now I'm gonna take the grass with this line to finish it off. As you could see here, I'm starting by adding the shape of the grass over the bottom on. After that, I will go in and add the pine trees. Believe a different high to your pine trees. Never draw them in the same line with the same height as you could see here. I'm not covering up the entire Bagram layer in between. You can see that lighter print recess for so this will give more depth to your painting on . We're almost done. I'll just clean up the sheep off the grass. You can go with the point and brush with the good tape so that you get that sharp looking grass. So go with a brush with a good point and add sharp lines and make the grass look more realistic. All right, so that's where we are. Now. We have created three different lier off grass. Now, using a light of ocean off orange, I'm gonna add some grass over the yellow area just like this. Go with a brush with a good tip and then randomly draws. Um, grass and Philip, the entire idea. Make sure the sheer you're using its not too dark. Go with a lighter tone. Don't overdo. We need to see that fresh yellow in the background, so don't cover it up entirely. Adam. Here, in there, in a very random order, you can add someone The green section Aspar. Now we need little of Whitewater color on appointed brush and we are going to draw some branches just like this. There is no order or anything. Draw them randomly at different heights. Use a brush. Put a good pointed tip so that you get thin and sharp branches on. Finally, I'm gonna add some flying boats in my sky. Add as many boats as he want at different sizes. Never draw all of them in the same size. Some of them can be lighter and smaller in the background. On the one to the foreground can be darker and bigger or dried. With that, we have finished our first landscape into the wild. I hope you all enjoyed it. I'm quite happy with this piece I allowed How, though purple and blue is coming into the green and then to the yellow 4. Painting 2 - Lavender Fields: All right, guys. Now we are on our second landscape painting. I hope you all enjoy the 1st 1 So this one is an abstract lavender field. But oh, dreamy sky. I have already taped down my paper onto a piece of cardboard. Now I'm gonna draw a line somewhere at 3/4 off the paper which divides my sky and the field . Now I'm gonna begin by painting the sky for the sky Amusing. Why don't dry technique? I'm not waiting the people first. As the area is quite small, it is easy to manage. Oh, we don't Dry technique. If you are not so confident with the wet on dry technique, you can go with the wet on wet technique. You can bet the people first before you apply your paint. It is a multi colored sky. I'm gonna begin by Prussian blue. Go with a little dark aversion off Prussian blue and apply it starting from the top. You said because I was wrong Brush to apply your colors, which will make it easy. Vile planting. I'm going with some more Prussian blue on after the Prussian blue. I'm going with purple. This is a dioxin, Babu take a but brighter version of the purple and apply it closer to the blue. There is no rule or anything. Assets You have two full. While applying your color, I usually take my brush and scratchy, patchy movement as the brush. Amusing cure is synthetic Canada's size number 12. It holds a lot of paint in it. On it is quite easy to blend the colors, even though I am applying them on a dry paper. Next, I'm going with crimson on. I'm gonna add that closer to the purple and blend those colors together. I'm adding little more brighter crimson. Next, I'm going with my sillier orange. You can either use vermillion are any kind of orange, which you have now clean your brush properly, rooms off all the pains from your brush and go with yellow. After you have applied your yellow but clean water bring it down into the lightest own. So now you have a vibrant, multicolored skyward, started with blue and ended with yellow. Right, so that the sky. Now let's wait for that to dry. The sky has dried completely. Now I'm gonna progress to the lavender feels this is gonna be a very abstract devotion off 11 to feel there's no much detailing involved in it. I'm gonna apply a medium tone off purple over my lavender field. No, I will add some crumbs and as food go with the medium shade off crimson and purple. Don't make it too bright and too light. So I have found out the entire lavender field with a medium tone off purple on Crimson Way . Need a medium sized flat brush? So this one, as my craft, are more flat brush size number six. Now we're going with a more bright devotion off purple on crimson. Then would we have applied over there? Take a very bright portion off purple on your flat brush on Go on. Adding patterns like this, our Bagram, the still kind of wet. It hasn't dried completely. You can see how that patterns are getting spread into the background. There is no order or rule here. Everything is purely random. Just keep adding random patterns with your flat brush. Keep on adding them. Looks like there is enough off purple there. Now I'm going to switch to crimson. I'm loading my brush with crimson and I'm gonna create the same patterns using crimson. Go on adding those patterns. I'm using a flat brush because in one go, I cannot patterns to a lot of area. Make sure not to cover up the entire background layer while you apply your patterns. So first we applied a medium tone off purple and crimson for our field, and then we went in but a bit more brighter, washing off border sheets and added patterns. Now I'm gonna go in with a little more Darko version of purple and greed back tones exactly the same way V did before. You can see how the layers are building up on their complementing each other. As I'm using 100% court on watercolor paper, which is 1 40 l b. My people has a good capacity to hold water. My people hasn't dried completely. You can see the way the colors are spreading, so this will give me some more time to play with my watercolor. I don't need to rush a lot, unlike walking on the normal where the clothes paper. So if you can invest on a good quality, what Chlo paper? That should be the first thing you have to do. Even before getting expensive watercolors. So I have done adding the bright of ocean off purple patterns. Now I'm going with the bright devotional crimson, and I'm gonna do the same thing. Now, I'll add some patterns with black over the bottom to make it more talker. Now, take a dry brush. There shouldn't be any paint or any water or it. It has to be like 100 person dry. But that brush dab on the patterns which we have applied. Keep dabbing on it. If you are not using 100% courtroom article paper, your Bagram layer will tend to dry quickly, so you have to be a bit faster. Apply your patterns quickly and then use your dry brush on dab on it quickly. You can see how it got us Margie Effect Now, which looks like an abstract lavender field. I'm quite happy the way the colors are coming out together. You can leave the top off the lavender field. Acid is now. I'm gonna add some more darko value over the bottom to greet that kept, so I'm gonna mix a bit off black with purple, and I'm gonna create patterns with that color. Don't add too much of black, just at some random patterns here and there, mostly at the bottom. We have to see that different ingredients off purple and crimson in the background. Whenever you feel like you have got enough off radiant in your lavender field, stop it. They're never overdo and spoils the kind off colors Would you have got in the background? Now I'm going with my dry brush again, and I'm dabbing on it for one last time on, but that we will be finishing off a lavender field. This'll is a very cool technique to create an abstract stampede kind off effect. You can use this in your other landscape paintings as well. Look at that. Allow how the sky and the lavender field is looking so bright A nice right now. My final step is to add a teeny tiny moment in over the horizon. Amusing black directly. Go with some tiny mountains, which is not too tall. Just that tie two would be enough. Now, Philip the entire horizon line but teeny tiny mountains. You can see the kind of difference that little black mountainous making to the painting. Until now, I was feeling it is no in 10 years, there is something missing now, adding, this little mountain is making me really happy. The mountains are really enhancing the lavon toe feel and the yellow glowing sky. - On that we are done with our second landscape painting. This is one of my favorite subjects to paint. I always allow painting this abstract lavender field. I have done a galaxy night too confined with this 11 to feel you can even try that as well on. That's how it is looking at the end. We painted this in less than 15 minutes on I'm really lowing it. I love the way how the sky, the mountains and the lavender feel is complimenting each other. I hope you all entirely decibel. You can use the same technique even for a Greenfield as well on. Maybe you can try that in your planner painting to create abstract, eventful grass on. That's the beauty off. Learning new techniques. You can experiment the same technique in your future projects as well. Thank you for taking a right through this dreamy lavender field. I have another super exciting landscape ready, trying me in my next week, too 5. Painting 3 - Snowy Mountains: All right, guys. Now we are onto our third landscape. I have already teamed on my paper onto a piece off carport. This one is gonna be our snow landscape. As I mentioned earlier, you can go with any size for you paper. I'm gonna roughly draw a sheep off a mountain. A taller one on the right and a bit charter one on the left. So it is totally up to you. You can compose your piece. The technique. It's all the same. So once you have learned the technique, no matter whether your mountains tall are shot or you have, like four or five is truly up to you. Andi, That's my mountain. Now. I'm gonna quickly apply. I would go the water onto my sky. This is size number 12 by silver Blackfoot, But brush leave. The mountain asset is don't take the water into the mountain. Okay, so I have applied and even could water onto my sky. Now I'm going with yellow. This one is gonna be a subtle, multicolored sky. It does not too vibrant. Eight Wednesday in a very light on. So I'm beginning with yellow, applying yellow here and there at a very light or tune Next, I'm going with orange a lighter to on. I'm feeling that in between the yellows as you are applying the wet paint on a white background, they will automatically blend and give you a very nice effect. You don't need to run your brush again to blend them. You can see how easily their planting with the other shade. Now I'm going with purple and I'm going to do the same thing. Remember to use a very light Don't off every shade This is gonna be a bit settle of ocean off a multicolored sky We're not making a two vibrant And now wash your brush thoroughly Drinks off all the pain from your brush And we are going with a bit off blue Now amusing Prussian blue again A very lighter tour and I'm gonna feel that little gap over the top foot Prussian blue on That's my sky that the first layer Now I'm gonna go with bright abortion off orange and purple on time going Drop the pain toe where some idea to make it more brighter You can see how the colors are spreading as I just touch my brush on the paper. That's the reason why I ask you to go with a good quality people so that the paper will absorb the water on. It will stay wet for a longer time. When you drop in different tones off the same sheet in your sky, it will create more stepped on value to your sky on also, it will symbolize the shadows of the cloud. I'll go with little more purple, and I just drop some in. Just like that, you could see how they are still spreading. When I add the different tunes, you can see how my sky is getting a treaty effect. It doesn't look flat any more. It is getting that realistic effect. So that is why it is important to play with different tonal values off the color rather than just giving a flat wash. If you know, make your sky more vibrant, you can keep on adding the next tune off purple on orange and make it more pride to run pipe rent. I'm going to stop here. I want to settle kind of a sky, and I'm not making it any more brighter. I will wait for my sky to dry completely Meanwhile, let's have a look at the dry brush technique which we gonna use for our snow mountains. I have taken a little off into Go on my brush and I have a perfectly dry paper here. Just look at the kind of pattern that I'm getting here. Don't take a lot of paint on your brush, so your paper is completely dry on. There is very less being Tony a brush and then keep drawing and will get these kind of patterns. And this is what we're going to use for of all mountains. Always give a try on a scrap piece of paper before you proceed to your main painting. Make sure you have the enough amount off being Antonio brush and you're getting a tried, then only proceed to your main painting. All right now, let's proceed to ever main painting and paint our snow filled mountains. Make sure your sky has tried completely, and this one is one painting where I did the dry brush technique for my mountain. So once you have learned the technique, you can combine it with different subjects. You can change your sky toe night sky or a very cloudy blue sky so you can experiment a lot with the snow filled mountains, just changing the sky and it gives a different impression to your painting. Now I'll quickly show you the patterns I'm getting on a student. Greek paper, which doesn't have any grain, tore extra on it. The one I'm trying here is archers 100% cotton, one for big L B watercolor paper on the one I'm trying now a skansen student grade people, which is just 25% cotton with the same amount off paint on my brush. Both the papers are giving me different kinds of textures, so that is because my student grade paper doesn't have any texture on it. I have very less paint on my brush. The same when I try on the sexual paper, it is giving me a very less tint off the paint. So one thing you have to keep in your mind as if you're going with the student grade paper take very, very, very less amount of paint on your brush to get dry brush pattern. All right, so keep that in your mind and give a try on a scrappy sof people before you proceed to your main painting. I'm just applying the paint on the left side off my little mountain. The shed I'm using here is into go from similiar. There is no rule or order here. Just keep making patterns with your dry British on. Make it considerably dark over the bottom as the snow will get trapped on the top and it would be considerably less towards the bottom. I want to get the hang of this technique. It is quite easy and it is quite quick, CASS. Full. I'm not using any kind of white in this painting. The white you are seeing here is the people white. Now I'm taking another brush with little of water and I'm gonna blend some off those dry brush areas which I have applied. I'm giving it a very light oh, value over the right side as it gives different tonal values to my mountain. I'll add some more darko values over the partum off my little mountain which will represent the shadows as to have a bigger one on the foreground. Make sure to leave a good amount of paper white, which actually represents the snow. So be a little careful not to cover up the entire people white. And this is how we're just looking now. All right, so the same way. Let's pain the bigger mountain. Applying overly lighter value over the left side so that the mountain in the foreground will stand out as you have a very taco value were the top line. If you closely notice, you can see the kind of texture that I have got on my paper. Artistically, vertical people are quite expensive, but then you will get a good result. Only on a night is great Vertical paper. You may not get the same thing with a student. Great paper. Go with any brand which will give you 100% Coartem articulo paper. Maybe you can go with a 90 l b insert off of 1 40 l b. Even that makes a difference in the price. The only difference between these 2 90 lv and 1 40 l b is with a thickness off the paper. The 1 40 l B one is comparatively ticker than the 90 l b. I'm making it quiet darker on the bottom. So yeah, I was talking with the paper. I usually buy arches one for the L B people for my commission pieces for the daily practice and other works, which I do. I go with 90 l b, which is comparatively but less pricier than the one for the L B one. The only difference is in the thickness. So if you cannot afford 1 40 l b go with 90 l b. But make sure you're using 100% content paper because the 25% quarter ones doesn't give you a texture. The texture is very important. When you work with watercolor, all right does nearly done. I'll make the right side a little more docker. So, as I said earlier, there's no rule or any order that your mountain has to be this dark or this light. But never you feel you're happy with what you achieved. Stop it there. All right, I think I'll stop it there. I'm quite happy with the way it has turned out. Now, let's pain that little idiot over the bottom. I'm gonna take a very light bush in off into Go on. I'm just gonna draw some lines like this, and that's it. It's a completely snowfall drawer toe, that's all. What you have to do next. I'm gonna take my little wet fresh and I'm gonna run it along some ideas to give it a lighter tone. Don't overdo it. Just one or two area. You just need to take your brush around and give it, though. Very light tonal wash. All right. Now, as the final step, I'm gonna take a little off black on my brush. And I'm just adding some darko tunes at soda Onedio. You can skip the step if we like. Your mountain has got enough off taco tunes. I'll just start, but on the top and over this line. All right with that have finished painting my mountain. Now let me quickly beloved the masking tape and show you How is it looking? This is one off my very if every technique in watercolor. I just Lau paintings, truthful fountains for the dry brush technique. Give it a try and I'm very sure it will become you off every 20 I must to draw the boats. No mind. It doesn't need a masking tape. Right? I'll quickly add them. I don't for some reason. Whenever I paint the boots, I always add them on the right side. If you have noticed all my paintings and is always on the right side, I don't know for some reason for me, when I draw it on the left side, I never get it right. I don't think the psychological thing, no mind. Let's don't talk about it. I'll just quickly adamant. Finished the painting. Draw your boats a different sizes. Some of them can be too tiny on some of them can be bigger and brighter. So this bill gave more depth to your painting and make them look like they're too far. And that's it. Guys, we're done with our third painting. I hope you all enjoyed it. I have a much more exciting when coming up, a light filled, dreamy sense it 6. Painting 4 - Dreamy Sunset: Hello, guys. I can't contain my excitement to teach this particular landscape painting. This is my favorite from the fire, which we are learning in this class I have already taped on my paper on I'm gonna apply and even goto water onto the entire sheet. This is silver black Father, Brother size number 12. Go with any big sized round brush. All right, so I have applied and even called the water. I'm gonna begin by Gamble Jello. So I'm taking a little of that on my ceramic plate as there is no space on my palette on, I'm going to begin by applying the yellow. I'm gonna place my son over here so I'll just create a circle like that, leaving the white area, and then I'll begin by applying the yellow. Apply aloe at random. Ilya, like this with a bigger brush. Just keep on adding them. Go battling brighter vision off. Hello. Next time adding some orange to the sky. This one amusing here A similiar orange. You can go with the bud light of ocean off orange If you don't have, you can make a little Offiah low to your vermillion and you will get the exacting she that I'm using here now. Applied that again Very randomly. You can apply them top off the yellow without covering it entirely. I kind of lost a ship off my son. Never mind. I'll go with little off Whitewater killer and I'll just make the shape clean. Are right. My son looks OK now. On next I'm going with Vermillion. It's gonna be a bit brighter Abortion. Andi, I'm just dropping it like this. Never hold back. Just keep adding them at your background. This vet, no matter how you apply the color, it will create a good plant. You can see how I apply the vermillion. You still can see the yellow, the lighter orange and the woman never covered the entire Bagram layers. You have to see that different tonal values off the yellow and orange. Now, with a little better British, I'm soft Earning all this orange Other sky is shining already. Now I'm going with my next shade. I'm gonna use Prussian blue for the top of the sky. Load your brush with enough off brushing blue on applied on the top. When you apply the blue, make sure you're not mixing it too much with the yellow as it might turn into a green Now I'm gonna go with crimson and I'm gonna apply that on top off the blue And I'll take it Little down to the orange and the yellow Next I'm gonna go But a bit more pride, devotion off brushing blue And I'm gonna apply it over the top. Most idea. Don't be scared to add in the colors. It looks a bit complicated, but I'm telling you, if you try it, it is quite simple. You just need to keep adding the colors quite quickly before the background layer dries on . If it's John, when the background is wet, there isno effort required the paint and the water on the people will do its thing, and you will get a very nice sunset sky. Now, once you brush properly, I'm gonna apply little of crimson over that yellow area. So there shouldn't be any blue chess cart next to your precious. So clean it properly. Antique dealers love crimson on your brush and add it over this area where there's a lot of yellow. No, I'm gonna make the top portion off the sky. More intends and I'm going with a much more dark abortion off Prussian blue, and I'm just applying toward this video. On day after that, Al Gore would crimson and I make it more brighter again on Define Aly to add the shadow off the clouds. I'm taking a little purple. It can be a medium tone off purple, and I'm just telling it like this to make it a more dramatic sense. It I'm gonna add some more brighter version of oppression Blue on the top. Maybe I'll add a little off crimson Jaspal so that it looks more intense. I think with that, I'll stop adding colors to the sky. It looks quite intense and vibrant now. I'm really loving the glue, which we have got here. It is quite easy. You just need to be but faster. While applying your color, I can quickly show you again on a piece off paper. Apply a white coat of water first, then keep on adding your colors. Go with the lighter color, which is yellow once you have applied enough off Maluku but orange any light of ocean off orange. Just drop baton on let it spread into the year low and after that, go with four million or any brighter version off orange and then adding the blue Onley thing you have to keep in your mind has never add the blue closer to the yellow as it will create green and mess up the sky. I hope now you guys are but confident to take it forward. It is quite in C just to keep a try. And if you don't get to try to the first time, don't give up. Give it down to the ghoul. Practice is the key. Try on a small pieces off paper, and once you're confident being tunnel because killed on, that's it. You can see how easily I painted this little sense. It's guy. Now let's wait for I was chi to dry. Once the sky dries, the intensity of the culo will tend to feed a bit. It is very normal with watercolor. All right now I'm going to draw a tree on our sample piece towards the bottom. Most area. Apply black, and once you go up, then add an orange and after the orange goo with yellow. And that is the location where the sunlight is hitting the most. You can see how that light is starting to hit the tree. Now, after the yellow, go again with orange and once you go to the top, switch back to black. Uh, if you are adding branches again, use the same rule. Start with black on, then orange and variable. You're hitting the sunlight. Go with yellow. All right, so that is it comparable? You have to follow. Now let's paint the tree the same way on our main painting as the location of the sun is so closer to the bottom, I'm going to begin with orange after the orange. I'm going with Gamble G alone. So at that find where my tree is so close to the sound I used yellow. And after that I'm going with orange again. And now I'm going with black and I'm adding a tent off that towards the bottom and then taking it to the top. And this is how we're just looking. Now you can see how it is literally glowing the sun on the tree and bear that tree is hitting the sunlight now in the same manner. I'm gonna quickly add some Brian just to the tree. I'll keep it at real time so that it is easy for you to understand. Give it a closer watch. It is the same technique, no matter what subject to a painting. If you're painting a board or a man, are Amy subject. Go with the same technique towards the bottom and the top. He was the darkest colors, and once you come closer to the son, go with orange on towards the middle, where your subject is hitting the sun. Go with yellow. Now I will switch to time lapse and at some branches to the tree over the top. I'm using black for rest of the top idea. I'm adding a branch here, so I'll go with orange first and then I'll go with black. Let me quickly finish the rest of the tree. Amusing black. Here it is quite far from where the sunlight is hitting the tree so you can just go with pure black and finish the rest off it on. That's it. We have finished our dreamy sunset. So as I mentioned earlier, if you are painting any other subject country, go with the same technique, use the darkest color at the bottom and then go with orange and then go with yellow at the middle where it is hitting the sunlight. Let me remove the masking tape. I'm taking it at an ankle so that it won't spoil my paper on. There you go. You have your dreamy sense it dry. Teal, I hope you all enjoyed my favorite painting off this class. Give it to try on to do posted another Bridget gallery so that I can see them. 7. Painting 5 - Green Meadows: And here we are at the last painting off our class. Andan This one We're gonna try a little village and I have already teamed on my paper And I'm using this bright blue for my sky I'm going to begin by applying of it could of water over the top somewhere Till here If you don't have a bright blue you can go with your cerulean blue, cobalt blue or even prussian blue Okay, now I'm gonna drop in my pride blue just like that At some areas leaving the paperwhite in between On that little people space in between will automatically tone into your clouds. This is one easy way to paint a bright blue sky with white clouds which you can use in your other paintings. Hospital towards the bottom. Just leave it. Acid is at a lighter value as we need to paint our mountains there. And it shouldn't be too busy now. My first layer off mountain, I'm gonna paint directly over here, and I don't want the people to be too bad. So I'm taking the people travel and I'm just gonna press it over that lighter area off the sky to absorb the excess water. I still wanted to be a little bit. That's why I'm not waiting for the paper to dry for my first layer off mountain. I wanted to be a sort of misty mountains so that it will just get spread into the sky. But I don't want to spread too much. And that's why I'm doing this exercise. Now I'm using burns enough for my first layer off mountain. I'm going with a lighter tone off bone Sina and I'm drawing a little mountain You can see while my fresh touch the paper it is giving. Ah, nice effect at the edges as my people this little wet it is giving me that misty kind of a mountain. Now with clean water, bring it to the lighter tune on, Wait for that layer to dry. This is how it is looking. You can see how it is spreading very lightly to the sky. Now let's wait for that layer to dry for the next layer off mountain. I'm gonna makes little off paint agree to my bone Sina and I'm going with my second layer off the mountain. Once the shape of the mountain is drawn, I'm switching to a brush dipped in water. Andi, I'm just blending in town Toothy, lighter tune. Now I'm switching back to my main brush and I'm drawing another mountain over the right side on I'll do the same thing I'll switch to my brush dipped in water And again I'll bring it down to the lighter value And that was the background layers Now I'm gonna go with the full ground layer off the mountain Onda musing a dog green for the foreground layer to get my dark green I'm gonna makes a bit off into cool with sap green Before you go with this layer, make sure your background has tried completely for this layer of the mountain as it isn't the full crowned on it is much closer to you. I'm gonna make little shapes on the top to represent trees to make it more realistic. Go with that easy D sort of a shape just on the top. Some of those ups can be taller and some of them can be shocker. Never drew them in the same height, go motivating height so as to make it bit realistic. Oh, so I have that shape on the top ready now with little water. I'm just taking that to the lightest tune. As I come down, I'm taking little sap green, and I'm adding that over the bottom. Now with that same sap green ticket to go to the right and finish that mountain line, I'll just clean the shape of the trees as I progress. Does not really need it is very tiny ones, but yeah, I don't know why a chose to do that. All right. Now we need a light green. So I'm gonna makes bit off lemon yellow with sap green to create a nice yellowish green Applied that nice yellowish green over this line on while you come down, Clean your brush and use fresh yellow and finished the entire remaining media. And while you apply a color, make sure to leave little off white space in between. Never fill it up with a flat wash. This is one technique cleaner artists use in their landscape paintings while they paint the grass. Some of them used is dry brush technique on day leave a lot of white space in between. I'm just leaving a little here and there as our papers to tiny. There is. No, Really. I need to leave a lot off it. Uh, I'll just make this funding over the right little more taller Hodges to take it over that line. Yeah, that's it. No, Before our landscape completely dries, I'm gonna take a little off green on my brush. Andi, I'm just gonna draw some lines to create that mount effect. So one is gonna be here on the other one. I'll add over here so you can see there's two section off the landscape. That is what I am trying to create by the slimes. With the brighter version off sap green, I'm gonna add some pine trees over the right side. Make sure the layer has tried completely before you proceed with your pine trees. No, I'm gonna add to tiny huts in between, but boned number you can makes your bones see now, but little off pains. Great. To get a similar shade, I'm gonna use this color for a tiny hut, which I'm gonna draw next to that pine trees. We just need an abstract shape off two tiny houses there. So don't worry too much about detailing your house. Just give a little shape like this. Now I'm going with another one over the left, drawing the roof in dark brown, and I'm just feeling that little 80 are now. I'll wash vibrational particular love for 1,000,000 I'll paint it over the walls. On Those are the two little houses they have dried completely. Now I'm continuing to draw the pine trees. I took sap green and I'm drawing them. I'm not drawing too much off pine trees. I'll just drew one or two here on May be, too. Over the left side, a school with the same sheet allowed some lines over here so that it will separate the landscape player and the mountain. Uh, I'll just make this line little more boulder on. Then I'll drew one or two trees over the left side. Now I'm going to draw a part way, which leads to our tiny house, and I'm taking a lighter devotionals orange for that light toe off or in something like this on, I'm gonna draw a a very thin line off road. Use any off your smaller brush or pointed brush on Drew. Its crumbly lines like this make it very thin and lighter, So the food grown layer off landscape was lying higher than the one behind. So that part as ending cure and somebody has to climb up from that side and come over here and then I will. Part continues. I hope it makes sense. Now I'm gonna draw, offends a mixing bones in our with little of paint, agree to get Darko Brown, and I'm gonna draw the fence over here. So this one is more closer to you, so that can be more darker and bigger has to go far towards the other end. It can be thinner and lighter. I'll draw one more here, Then I'm gonna skip so that agree It's an opening for that little path and then I'll continue to add them towards the other end. So I have drawn all that post. Now I'm gonna draw the rope which connects each of the boost here. Drew doughty. No lines like this connecting each of the boost on continuing towards the end As you go far , make the lines thinner and lighter. Now I'll take a little of sap green on our line over here, so that clearly separates the section off the landscapes, add that line and blended out on soft in that line. Don't draw a sharp line. Now it's time to add the final touches. I'll add some lines over here. Andi, some over here as well. Next, I'll add some final touches to our houses. I'll just add some door. And being too just a tiny line would be enough. Now with the light own off brown, I'm gonna add shadow for the fence, drew all of them in the same direction. And the last step is to add some birds flying through the sky, adding as many boats as he want drew them and different sizes way. And that's it. The garden with our last on fifth painting. Now I'm gonna quickly removed the masking tape on. Always remember when you're removing your masking tape, removed it at an ankle so that it won't rip off your paper on That's over. Green Meadows. I hope you all enjoy this little green landscape painting. Thanks a lot for watching. Give a try and don't forget to post them in the project gallery. I would love to see them 8. Thank you for Watching :): Hey guys, I had so much fun teaching all this five bc landscapes on. I'm quite happy with how each of them turned out and I hope you all enjoyed my class as well. There were quite a lot failed pieces while I was practicing for this particular class. Who? Don't worry if you didn't get them right at the first try. Never give up. Keep a ton of a go and I'm very sure you will be able to do better the next time. I had published a class sometime back on easy landscapes on The response I got for that class was quite amazing and my students were able to pains turning pieces. These are all my student works, and I'm quite proud of them. And that is the same recent title. Do another class on easy particular landscape so that my students can create more corgis landscapes Do give a try and paint your favorite landscape on If you're posting them on to Instagram, don't forget to attack me. I would love to share your work. Thanks a lot for watching and happy being thing