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Learn to Paint Loose Watercolour Magnolia Flowers

teacher avatar Manushree Mishra, Watercolour Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Understanding Basic Structure

    • 4. Preparing Colour Palette

    • 5. Painting Loose Magnolias

    • 6. Adding The Detail

    • 7. Magnolias Wreath Part I

    • 8. Magnolias Wreath Part II

    • 9. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

I am so happy to have you here, here’s what we are learning in this class :
In the first section of this class, we'll be discussing all the supplies and then we will be leaning in to understand and sketch the bare-bones structure of the magnolia flower.

We will then be learning to mix and prepare our vintage color palette, we will also be looking into how to achieve optimal paint to water mix for our washes of color  

In the next section, we will be painting our loose magnolia flowers,  We will be learning about the concepts of lighter and darker values and how to leverage that to create controlled bleeds and blooms also know as wet on wet watercolor technique. 

Next up we will be exploring different options to add details to our flowers through wet on dry watercolor technique.

Lastly, we will be combining all our learnings together to create our final magnolias wreath, we will also be briefly looking into how to create a sense of balance and movement in a wreath composition.

This class is designed to be enjoyed by artists at all levels and is in real-time so that we can join along in every step together and complete all the flowers. So what are you waiting for? Grab some watercolor and a beverage of your choice and let us paint loose watercolor magnolia flowers :)

Please note,If you have any questions at all, you can always leave a message for me here or on Instagram @thewhimsicalcreative and I’ll be happy to answer them.

I welcome your questions, comments, and feedback.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Manushree Mishra

Watercolour Artist


Hello, hello!

I am so happy that you’re here!
I am Manushree a watercolour artist from India. I create florals that bring in a sense of calm, peace and positivity. I adore vintage colours and that's what you’ll find plays a huge role in my florals. I am a cat mum to a darling tuxedo cat named Felix :)

I was always the kid who would be tucked away in a corner of their home with painting supplies and a huge creativity book, whereas that kid in me never really grew up my love for art just kept compounding over the years and even though as I was pulled towards the corporate world in lieu of adulting, the art crept in and continues to blossom every day.

I feel am a student of life, I love learning new things (have learned so much... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hyatt's Ministry, the artist behind the Vincent Creative and I'm so glad to be back with my fourth skill share class. In this class, we will be painting lose for two column magnolia flowers. Magnolia plus are so delicate entreaty and I can't wait for us to capture them in our sketchbooks. We will begin this class by discussing all the materials and supplies required. Then they will be moving on to really understanding the basic structure from magnolia flowers and maybe sketching these out. I have provided this sketch guide in the Project Resources section so that it helps you by your sketching. The next thing we will do is we will be looking at the basic strokes and then we would be practicing these ones being done practicing them. We will be creating our color palette, which is a very simple color palette, like so and then finally will be creating a pure. Once we have done doing all of that, we would finally combining everything together in this beautiful, gorgeous ST off Magnolia flowers. That's gonna be our fighting project. This class is super preconcert. Be easy on perfect for all skill levels. This class is made in a simple, step by step format on everything isn't real time, so that literally get to being each and every stroke to get. I can't wait for us to get started, so just grab your supplies and let's get the pain party started. 2. Supplies: so let's quickly have a look at our supplies for today's class. First is, we will be needing an eraser on a pencil. You can use a normal fence. Um, I'll be using this mechanical Vincent by vented. Next up is objections. We will be meeting three different sizes of brush is so a size number four size number six on it. If you don't have Theo exact similar sizes, that's also fine. Just make sure that you have a big round brush and do smaller John portions. These two are from Princeton. From their head, it'd cities the size six and eight, and the 3rd 1 that I have in Size four is from art essentials from their Kazon synthetic s currencies. But are things people just be keeping everything super simple. So we'll be using open in shoes from Windsor and Newton Professional 40 gallons, and then we will be using Superior, which is from Senator. Then we have our green, so we will be using three kinds of greens. The's store from Daniel Smith. I'll be using undersea green and federally cream from Daniel Smith and then greenish upward from Senator Year. You can find all the information off these supplies that I'm using listed in the Project Resources section on for the people will be using art essentials for the color paper in 300 GSM on her. It was important that paper has a slight green to it. So that's really good. You can see here for my ballot. I'm gonna be using the ceramic plate right here. You can use a plastic plate or ceramic plate are a metre bandit. Anything about this fine. Next thing you can use is a tissue paper or paper turned down off the extra water, guns and water. I be using this reusable sponge just because it's more easier nature. And lastly, we will be needing a clean class off water. That's it. So let's get started. 3. Understanding Basic Structure: So whenever I try to approach a flower, my process looks like this. I would just go ahead on Google it or just go in, search it on Pinterest on. That would typically learned me up with a lot of results on a lot of images of that flower from this point on. And go ahead and browse through these images and see the ones which I really like. Maybe some would have little details that would really speak to me over, um, lily petals going here and there, which would interest me. So I identify such images. And then I tried toe understand the bear own skeletal structure of the flower. It's very important to understand this structure because when we paint lose, florals were essentially capturing this structure, this essence off the flour, into our lose floral style. So let's begin doing that. I really like this flower right here. I really like how the peddlers are kind of small, some big ones in some overlapping ones. So just go ahead and sketch it out on. It doesn't have to be perfect, just like out of Lauren's, you are just trying to capture how the overall feel of the flower. It's you know how it looks. If you were to say, squint your eyes and then look at what our audience which would jump out to you. Basically, that's what is the bare bones and skeletons off that flum. So there is a bit like this and then I have another one. And then I have a very interesting buddy which is going like so And then there are two petals, one going like this, right? And then there's another one which two stretches out a little far goes like this, and then we have the stem and middle needs on a part of the stem. Again, this is how this flower looks. OK, now let's go ahead and sketch out some more, so let's see. Okay, Yeah, that's tablet thes thes are also very interesting. Who? This is also interesting. So really like this open kind of flab. I'm gonna try on Bond sketch this. So one thing that I'm noticing is it has a huge big one single bedroom. The center better starts what I'm trying to capture and then the other do pedals are sort of like opening like this. So let's go ahead and capture that. So just be very light and fluid with it. Once again, you don't have to be exactly copying whatever just there on the image. Just feel free to lose and things up a bit and just add your own twist to it. So this is how it looks. And then there's this tiny but right here. So I'm gonna make it like so. And I'm going to omit this battle and just more wanted to stem and then the small leaf that it comes with. So this is how it looks. Now let's go ahead and make a closed one Super closed one. I think it has an overall imported to your drop shaped some gun lightly sketch out that shape first, and then we have a central, big metal Andi. Then be her thes two battles, which are kind of overlapping and accomplishing. It picked like so and like this so so far, if you will up so magnolias usually grow on these tiny branches, but you'll see that I go ahead and exaggerate their stems and leaves. You can see leaves here, but for most of them, their lives are like this, just very tiny small leaves just at the base of the flower with this one here has leaves, which is really big. And I think I'm gonna exaggerate. Leans more on create more drama in my flats with the stems and the leaves. So I really like these ones as well. The obit elongated once. Maybe Let's just catch these lightly. So another thing I'm up solving is that usually all the Magnolia Pickens come to a point. This is very characteristic off magnolias. This and then this kind of shape overall shape is also very characteristic off pneumonia. So while you're just catching it, make sure to have thes mental notes on. And these are gonna help us a lot when we're painting them in lieu style because we'll surely be trying to capture this on portrayed with water colors. So, yeah, this'll one gets like this. I think I'm good. The buds are pretty simple. You can have a look at this part here. It's just don't bod. And then it has that that like so So there you simple again. It has beautiful leave, which I can see, so yeah. Okay, So what I have gathered from this exercise is a couple of pointers about their pedals. Usually the center pedal is really take on big in comparison to the other battles. The site patterns usually have a very unique called shaped like so so another thing that we will be really capturing and enhancing. And what color lose magnolias. They come to a point, the petals. And then I'm gonna give them a beautiful stem on Axum leaves to create more trauma. Andi, the pedals also bury a lot in terms of thickness. So you have really 10 petals and then you have take petals and then you have the ones in between. So that's alter an observation I meet. I hope you enjoyed sketching this. If you want, you can actually sketch these out on your watercolors people on very lightly, just so that when you're painting magnolias it will act as a guide. Or you could continue script sketching them a bit more in your sketchbook under usually comfortable with the basic structure of this flower. Okay, so we're done with this. Let's get started on Do get to the next step 4. Preparing Colour Palette: You know, get your pallets ready because we will be preparing Orlock Colors. So first off, I have my permanent rules by Benzer. And you didn't right here. And I have my sepia in this half band. I'm actually running out of it. But it's gonna be enough for today's class on. I'm gonna create a mix of thes two right here. Then I have my greenish number by Senate earlier. It's quite an old tubes. I'm just gonna squeeze out bit off a greenish on board right here. Thanks. So and then I have my undersea green by Daniel Smith. I'm gonna squeeze that out here. You just need a little bit of that. You don't need a lot of pain. And finally, I have my better lean and green again by Daniel Smith. So I'll be painting my leaves mostly with the mix off undersea green on greenish amber on for creating veins and details on our leads. I'm gonna use a mix of Beverly Green on vacation, so let's just relieve it. This permanent rules color. I'm gonna add little bit off sepia. Do it. This is just too much of severe. You can see I've added too much of it. That's fine. I'll have to Now are a little bit more off. This woman intrudes. Kado This is the color we want. So because permanent rules itself is a very vibrant color and I tend to like colors which are more muted on have indulged owns to them, so it makes little bit of sepia too muted a bit. You can learn more about creating vintage colors and pastel colors in my previous class that is Caligiuri in color mixing basics. It covers all these topics in extremely detailed format. If you love to create and makes your own colors indefinitely, love that class. Now I'm gonna create a lighter value. So for this one, I've just used very less pigment, and I'm actually using a lot of water here. So I'm just bringing Lord of Water. So my pink is ready now, I'm gonna go ahead on re vet my greens. So for greens, also, we're gonna create a similar kind of war. She wanna have one very concentrated portion and the other lighter one. I'm gonna have a lighter wash right here in between. Let's go ahead and creator colonics here agree Nation Boat and finally I'm gonna rivet are barreling angry so you can see better in green and greenish number are quite similar. Even their swatches look very similar. Now what we'll do is we'll take a paper piece of paper and just watch our colors out just to see how they react with each other on and how our overall ballot would interrupt some taking a small sketchbook I have right here on I will be taking some bitterly Eugene adding some war to do it. I'm just taking a swatch of this and just to see how it will interact with undersea green, I'm going to quickly take on the sea green and violet still wet Drop in that color just to see how it will bloom and look in while undersea green is red I'm gonna go ahead with greenish gumbo and just dropped this gun going a little bit more off this greenish Campbell , you can drop the colored and see how it's interacting next up. I'm gonna take our magnolias, think that we have prepared and see how this watch looks. I want to see how does are under seeping looks next to it so good at this, You can see it looks really beautiful and trickle things time. I'm going to see how barely in the green looks next to this beautiful color. That street. Hey, this looks gorgeous. Really happy with our elements on this is a great exercise. Whenever you're preparing a pilot, you can always to start your colors right next to each other, let them bleed together so that you get to see how beautiful they look when they interact with each other. Look at these beautiful blooms that are happening really happy with this palette. So, yeah, this is about entry of prepared R Calif talent, knowledge get started on being terminally ous. 5. Painting Loose Magnolias: So before we begin painting, since this is going to be a lot of wet on wet, what we would be doing is we would be loading one of barbed rushes. I'm loading up my size six Princeton brush with the concentrated, I think, a color that we have created for our magnolia flowers. Andi. Now I'm gonna go ahead and load my Princeton number eight brush with the lighter wash of the same color. So that's there. And reason why we're doing this is because this helps you get to that moment where the paper and pain is just right. Amount off it and you can introduce a new pigment to it and create those beautiful control really leads. Okay, Aan den. I'm gonna take my this number four brush on, loaded up with my undersea green color. So that is God. So now I'll be holding three brushes in my hand on Yes, this is gonna be a bit tricky when you're just starting out. So what you could do is you could probably keep them aside. If that really helps you segregate impacto. What I do is I've taken different sizes of the brushes, so I know that this number six, it's gonna have the concentrated pink Connell and this number it's gonna have diluted wash on December 4, it's gonna have the green color. That's how I different shoot by just reading the sizes. Let's get started with painting are magnolia flowers. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna dip my number. They rush into the light Worse that we have created. Now I'm gonna do What I'm gonna do is just That's my brush. Add some pressure, release it and come to a point. This is my first half the battle. You want to be a little quick because you want to be, you know, the ready to remain wet so that you can go ahead and add this concentrated color like so. And this is your weapon Bet. No, I'm gonna go ahead and create other petals. And this is where our sketching actually is helpful. If you remember when we were sketching, we actually observed that the petals come to a point and there are some taking thing betters. Some actually come like so. And then there are some which come from behind which are peeking from behind so that I'm gonna make like this. And then again, you can always go ahead and drop in this pigment. So that's how it looks and by and everything is still. But I'm going to go ahead with this undersea green condo on. Did you remember that? I said that I exaggerate the stems, so I'm gonna give them a very nice a beautiful kind of stem, which is very fluid. And while everything is still, but we're gonna create these leaves. So for creating these leaves, what we're going to do is we are just touching a brush, giving it a nice swish by pushing it down on bringing it all up. So, in case if this is your first class, I would recommend that you take my, uh, first class, which is went which watercolor read and their we discuss in detail how to create these leaves on beckon strokes that would be helpful to you. Okay. And then I'm gonna go ahead and give it some more lease just so that you know, it has more interest to this flower like so. And this is our first magnolia. It's done. Now let's quickly go ahead on and create coming off more So this time we're gonna click create on open Magnolia. So I'm gonna go ahead again with my number lead rush, because this because since it's a number eight brush, it's going to give you this Take central battle, okay? Because of its big size on, let's go ahead and treat that like so you can always bring it to a tip. And while it's still red, tried to introduce this dark hoping Follow that we have so that you get this beautiful bleed. If you feel that the beans are drying out the bitch just add in some Bordeaux I'm again adding a little bit off this concentrated in condo, okay? And then there are two petals like this and like so I'm gonna get Give it some more And now , quickly, while everything is still red, I'm gonna go with the undersea green on Give it a nice but a sorry, Steph, While it's red, give it leaves and believes you're doing nothing. Just pressing your brush lifting. And then again pressing your brush and lifting coming up to a point. And now I'm going to give a bit of variation to the lead. So I'm gonna makes greenish number with our undersea green to create these set of leaves just to bring in somewhere I d with the leaf color that we have here like so. And you can even give it some leaf right here. While everything is still red on Have this beautiful green and pink lead happened. I'm going to give it a nice gentle there. Okay, so this is another magnolia. Um ah, Good tip is don't overthink the process. Just keep doing it. And the quicker you do it, the better the more chance of getting these beautiful leads. And that's what What the candles are things for, right? Let me go ahead quickly and create another one. So this time let's create a magnolia find If you remember, the bud was very elongated, and then it had ah, middle better like souls Toe do that. I have used the dark hoping color. And why live again? Everything is wet. I'm gonna give it a nice tiny beetles to it on, uh, stem if you call the stem a bit, that also adds a lot of life to the flower. That's what I have also. So this is just gonna be embodied that we create. Okay. And let's just go ahead and treat one more macmillan ill. This one is gonna be a bit open, Magnolia. So again, I'm taking my number brush with a lot of water in it, and I'm gonna Lord my number six pressure can with the dark in color. I think it's trying out. I'm gonna load my number four brush with undersea green. Andi, let's do this. Most battle another better another like so I'm gonna quickly add in the sculler. Give us to this, pleads, uh, and then some more petals because it's an open magnolia again. Just adding this guy right here, right? Everything's still red. Going ahead with our undersea gene and giving it a nice stem. No adding and mixture on the seeking on greenish amber give it leaves If things are not that you will not get those beautiful lead, so just be a bit quite thick adding these like so So once these are trying even go ahead and add some reduced them 6. Adding The Detail: I'm gonna do is I'm gonna actually Lord of my number four brush Now with my bare lean green on, I'm gonna have the same honey like consistency because we want very saturated color on for this one. Think again. I'm gonna load it up with our dark pink color again. You wanted to be very saturated. So now to add the details, what I do is I actually at some shadows to the stem, okay, And maybe some dark colored leaves and some greens to these. You can also go ahead and give an outline to these leads. That's also one way of doing it. Just starting beings and outlines to leaves. It's a little bit of this on then. With this pink color, you can go ahead on just add some color at the bottom. 7. Magnolias Wreath Part I: get started with painting are Magnolia Street. I have my palate ready, and all the colors are nice. And with so I have my number six brush loaded with Theis. Think God. Then I have my number eight brush, which is loaded up with the deluded portion of the same color like so. And then finally, I have my number four brush, which is loaded up with this cream color. And I'm actually gonna take a mixture off the Sunday secreting greenish number on, verily in dream together to create our lease. So let me put this ballot aside. And now let's have ah, quick chart about how we would be placing our elements under. So if you're taking my first winter street class, you would know that I talk a lot about how to balance your So when we speak about balance, you want to make sure that circle itself provides you with movement. Now the only thing that you have to do is create a sense of balance. What that means is, say, if I am placing three of my flowers here, I should play some flowers here just to balance it out a bit and then dressed can be filled with use. So what I'm gonna do in this street is I'm actually gonna go with five class again. A thing that we cover in my first class usually would want to paint flowers and our numbers because our mind finds our numbers more appealing. So I'm gonna put three magnolia flowers here, do off them here and then maybe a small but here and there dressed would be on leaves. Okay, so let's get started with our first magnolia flower. Let's go ahead and paint one here, coming to a nice point with brush while everything's ready dropping in. That gonna adding more bitterness to it and dropping in the color right? Everything's but reading this site of better. I'm gonna very lot of thickness in the petals and then their shapes up it just so that we have a lot of food. I d start segments, and while everything's wet, I'm gonna make sure toe have this my stuff. Now, while a flower is still bad, I'm gonna go ahead with cream color Here, give it a nice stem, like so the most. We're gonna give it some thieves like this. And then like so Okay, This is how it's done. So I'm happy with this, Larne. I'm gonna go ahead and create another one, right? Next. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna give that flock are different directions. I'm gonna move in that direction. Is that one big pig? Big blue Sentry one. Then slightly 10. Once while everything spread, just drop in this color this slightly a bit coming behind smart here and again by libertines. I'm a nice Tim. Like so Probably create a couple of leads by creating leaves. You want one? A baby, their shape and size of it. Because you wanna again treat a lot of interest with element as well. To make sure I'm gonna give give these a small leave near their stem to have done. But no, I have to create one more Macedonia. I'm thinking of making it and only off. It's created here. So since it's an open magnolia, it's going to be facing towards the centre of three. Very nice. Huge big beckoned, leaving some white space in between that peddler adding in the condo dropping in the dark hollow. We're not the back room dropping in. The doctor got her again without red on red effect. I'm gonna give it a nice little from behind peeking behind. Cameron, this moving on to this side are another. You can see this is a very open magnolia. All right, then I'm gonna go ahead and get one more. So Okay, again, right? Everything sweat. I'm gonna go ahead recline greens, which is a mix up on the sea. Gene and Karina Shambo on you on like this. So again, mile, everything's Rhett. I'm gonna go ahead and get them just barely touching here and there to do a little reading . Met with leaves as well. All right. And I think this is not one. Okay, I'm done with three months failures on this side. Of course, I'm gonna go ahead and a bit more appear. Maybe another doctor right to you. So just be careful not to put your bomb in the areas were being Justin with. Just be mindful of that. I'm happy with this section. Now. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna do more Mongolians here 8. Magnolias Wreath Part II: again. You wanted to give magnolias different directions. So I'm gonna make one going outside in that direction. Like so. I'm probably gonna make this lost one slightly closed one. The battles are gonna be usually close to care. Speaking from behind. Very close. Okay, again, Right. Everything's going ahead with Green. I'm giving it my best. Okay, Okay. So I'm happy with this one. No, I create one more drink here. It's gonna go ahead and create another one. Maybe going in this direction, Some assumption, but like so adding in the doctor being gone over everything. I think we have the site big. Lose their really character stick shoe. I was with you. Okay. And again, why? Everything's rich being nice. Dim make so and adding in the names. Just giving it time, like so. No, What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna create two buds, one hell, and then another one. Probably sheer would look nice. Super buds. It's pretty simple. It's just one singular Betton like this getting out of water. You like so and then another one. You want to need some gap in between and then going ahead with our doctor, gonna find that please Becker, as we sketched, then just giving it a dying. That's it for the maybe bringing it up to a point. And I'm gonna do another body right again. Pointed bird, giving it a nice Coby at Luke and then taking the cream from here. Okay, I'm giving it a nice leave there. Okay, so we're pretty much done now. Whatever space feel left, it will fill it up with leaves. Now, I'm gonna take my number brush right here, and I'm gonna dip it into the dream call up and create a variety of different sizes of homes. So when you're creating, reads or engender any floor beating, it's really important to actually really the size of the leaves. I just gives a lot of food on. It really looks very interesting. Some gonna do here one leaf. I'm pretty much done on the other end. Connection, please. Like so you you. - That's it. Now I'm gonna go ahead and act some deals to it so far, details as we saw, you can go ahead on and add some veins or outlines to the leaves. That's just one option or one I'm actually taking better in green toe. Barthes de deals really concentrated very in green shadows, stems and then and some beans here in there. That's pretty much it. So I hope you really my status. And you like treating this beautiful tree. I can't wait to see your beautiful creations. Make sure to post them on the project. Resource is, I'd love to have a look on. Do you can also find me on Instagram on Recharge to me for any questions? Suggestions of queries at the whimsical Thank you for joining me today. I hope you had a good time on happy creating. 9. Final Thoughts: I hope you enjoyed this class And you were able to learn all those floral elements on plumbers and combine them in a beautiful composition. That victory for the next steps. What I want you to do is make sure to upload your creations in the project Country off. Discuss on do that Me on instagram After whimsical creative If you share them on instagram I love to have a look and share it with others on. If you enjoyed this class at what? Wanna continue learning more from me first? Please make sure to give me a review here and then second, you could follow me here. That way, whenever I know the new class, you'll be notified first. Thank you so much for joining me on creating art.