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Learn to Paint Bison in Mist Step-by-Step: Instructional Painting Video

teacher avatar James Corwin, Professional Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (1h 21m)
    • 1. Bison Video Promo

    • 2. Bison Part 1 (2)

    • 3. Bison in Mist - Drawing out the Bison

    • 4. Bison in Mist - Blocking in Color

    • 5. Bison in Mist - Laying in Values

    • 6. Bison in Mist - First Layer of Detail

    • 7. Bison in Mist - Adding the Background

    • 8. Bison in Mist - Adding in Mist

    • 9. Bison in Mist - Final Fur and Details

    • 10. Bison Part 9 (2)

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About This Class

Learn to paint bison in mist step by step!

Watch as I do each step, then pause the video and complete the step before moving on. Rewatch any section and take it all at your own pace! 

Hang and show off your beautiful painting when you are finished. Takes about 2 hours to complete!

Use your own art supplies. You will need:

11x14 in canvas

3 brushes (large flat, medium flat, small round)

Acrylic paint (bright red, bright yellow, pthalo blue, ultramarine blue, ivory black, titanium white)

Table Easel

Artists Palette

Have a glass of water and paper towel available for cleaning your brushes.

Instructed by James Corwin

No prior artistic experience necessary. Instruction given is great for all levels of artistic abilities.

This course is for any artist who would like to create a painting in 2 hours or less. This course simplifies the painting into steps so that anyone can paint it from start to finish.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

James Corwin

Professional Artist


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1. Bison Video Promo: - Hi , I'm James Corwin. I'm so excited to share this opinion with you. It's been a favorite for many years. We're gonna paint bison in Yellowstone. Guys are missed. I am going to break down this painting step by step for you. I'm gonna allow you to complete the steps. Just pause video and press play when you're ready to move on to the next step. All right, let's dive in. In this instructional painting video, you will learn how to simplify anatomy into simple shapes and lines. Follow along as I do, each step giving you time to pause and allow you to complete each face. You can re watch any section and take it all at your own pace. You will also learn color mixing and how to make many colors from just the primaries. Blue, yellow, red, black and white. You will also learn how to create values with color and layering paint from dark to light and blocked in color to finishing with fine detail work. This painting takes about two hours to complete and is great for all ages and skill levels . So what do you say? Are you ready to paint 2. Bison Part 1 (2): Hi. I'm James Corwin. I'm so excited to share this opinion with you. It's been a favorite for many years. We're gonna paint bison in Yellowstone. Guys are missed. I am going to break down this painting step by step for you. I'm gonna allow you to complete the steps. Just pause video and press play when you're ready to move on to the next step. All right, let's dive in to start. We're gonna go right into painting in our buffalo. So money is my small pointing brush and some black paint. And whenever I approach my wildlife in my drawing, I just break it down into some simple shapes and lines. So I want three bison in this painting. I'm gonna put one here, here and here. So now I'm gonna think it's about spatially how big it needs to be to fill the space. So I want the feet to come right about here, so I'm just gonna kind of lightly mark that in, just so I know not to go below that line. This is about two inches up from the bottom of the canvas and same thing for the top. When I come down, just a couple inches from the top. Just make a slight low mark, just so I know not to go above those marks. Great. So now I'm gonna paint in the head of my bison. It's gonna be basically an egg shaped I was gonna be rounded at the top and then come down and taper like an oval nice, simple egg shape, some adding some water to my paint to help increase the flow of it. Great. Then do that iconic bison home here off the top of the head. Just meeting up where that mark is coming back down. I want to draw a line down that hump and down the face. There's a slight bend in it because I want the face to be a very slight turn towards this way at another line most halfway down our search oval or egg shape again, just slightly Boeing That line that'll be aware our eyes will go and then right above the bottom do the same line following the contours of our egg shape. It's starting to bring out some of the form. I'm just gonna close that off. That's gonna be where our mouth and nose will be it's now below that. I can just paint in a little beard here. I'm going to draw in the rest of the body in the top of the hump, just gonna fade back into the mist. It's going around it out a little bit here and drawing the leg coming up for this line just slightly off the edge of our ache in a painting the leg. You may need to watch this section a couple times so you can see the shapes that I'm making with my lines here off of the side of the face, doing a line that comes straight down and then begins to curve and then off of the bottom of the beard. Bring another lying down to complete the leg Just off of the beard again. We've been a little space in between. The legs do the second leg in same thing as a side just bowing out and coming up the side of the face and then finally underneath the belly, it's gonna dio one last little leg coming down and behind, going to finish off my bison with a horn. The side, which is a J shape curving up, back down in the side as well, rounding out the top of the head and finally, and I, which is just a circle here on our eye line, just like that. Someone a fitted and right in here again keeping the bison about the same size. I'm just gonna measure out where the heads it's going to be for the top. That's right in line. But that top of the head again lining up the bottom of it. This is going to be another egg shape. 3. Bison in Mist - Drawing out the Bison: I'm in a draw lying down. I don't need to do any eye lines, but I will put a line crust the bottom of the ache here and cut it off for the snow line will continue up and I'll draw in the hump coming up to the same height. That's the other humps. Enough from the top of the hump, there's going to slow down, ran off the body. This line just kind of fades into the mist. Same thing on this side, up from the home sloped down and follow the contours of our face Gonna add some horns Now, Shirin, this top of the head on side it's gonna curve up, but back down and on the side as well. Just gonna add a little beard right here on the legs. Just fan out a little bit and then curved down So little split in between Both the host will be buried in the snow and the rising mist Is that being a bit more for here on the edge And that will complete our second bison continuing to use our black when a measure the tops of their heads again Just make a market here in the bottom of our heads right there. And the same thing is the last bison paint in the same shape as you did on your last bison ob longed egg shape. Just like that. So similar to this bison, this one is gonna be looking this way. We want to add the curve in the face facing this direction and also with hump on the back. As we draw it out, it's gonna go from the top and come down the side. And it's going to just go off the edge of the canvas there, starting to paint in the roundness of the belly. So just coming out the top of the line in the hump here, just off the side of the face, following the contours and again about an inch away in an inch from the canvas, following the contours of the body, this will turn into a leg. But first, just up from the base of our our face gonna do another line it in there in close it off for our nose and mouth. The ladies are gonna fan out here at the base and then curved down to the bottom and then come up the beard dry and right there for the other leg. I wanted to be in movement like the bison is is walking into the scene. So this leg come down here off the beard. Slight gap between this in a curve, Back for the hoof men offer the side face tapering down to the ankle. No. And then sad. A little bit of the body. And finally, for horns off the side of the head. Tears. Well, rest of this body, it's kind of disappears into the mist. Perfect. Great. So go ahead now and complete. This step rents off. You're pointing brush and will continue to use it. So I'm gonna make medium brown mixing my yellow with some red. Now I haven't orange. I'm gonna add just a little bit of black to that. A little more red playing with these colors until I get a brown. Once I have my brown, I want to paint it here the side of the face and into the side of the body. I'm gonna add some water just to increase the flow so you can see the direction of my brush jokes. I'm following the contours of the body because the bellies rounded since the direction I want to take my brush strokes. I don't want to go straight across it because that will flatten my bison. Take these this color all the way up top here and then just a little bit here into the hump , painting over my black line and on this side as well, leaving a little bit of white right there in the middle. 4. Bison in Mist - Blocking in Color: no. Paint this brown here in the square where the nose and mouth will be. And also so a little bit here on the side of her face and filling in the eyes. Well, great. Lemon, take this brown. Gonna move over to the spice in bringing it here in the side of the body and down just for the legs started. Fan out a little bit on this side, ending just above the legs. Mosque in, take just a little bit of this color into the nose. Then finally, our third bison painting in the side of the body says the other bison, I mean, right before the legs filling in the body as it goes off the canvas. A little bit of this color is going toe come here into the hump and here in the side of the face and on this side as well. Great. So go ahead now and complete this step, using my black essentially going to fill in all the rest of the white space on my base. So I'm gonna fill in the face here with this black not putting it on too thick because I want this color to dry quickly so you can move on toe the next step just enough so it covers the white canvas and where it meets the brown. I just lightly over lacked colors, just so there's a nice transition between the two. Bring this color into the beard in the lakes. - I had it just a little bit of water black just to increase its transparency. Yes, I do this back leg and then finally filling in the hump here again, a little bit of water in the paint will increase its transparency so I can wipe it over the brown, but still see some of the brown great. And now take the black and work it into the second bison. - And as I work this color into the brown and just lightly faded up slightly, just relieving the pressure off my brush to the canvas just gonna fill out the belly spice in just a little bit more great 5. Bison in Mist - Laying in Values: really filling up the entirety of the hump here with the black just like that. Last but not least, the third bison, even the mouth that's gonna be black. We don't need to see much detail. There's a lot of it will be lost in the mist. - It's bringing a light, a bit of this black underneath the belly there . Great. So go ahead now and complete this step. I'm gonna put some of the the white snowy fair into the bison now, so I'm gonna mix a like medium grey just by mixing white and black. So I'm just going to get a little bit of paint on my brush so I can get a nice, fine tip and here at the top of the head, just going to do these fine hairs here. It's painting them and very light, delicate hairs. And then as they come down the forehead, they began to fall forward. Put a few of these just above the nose and up the side of the face Here, maybe just a few in the for the face, but not too much to leave most of that black. Also just a few going around the eye on the side of the face, down into the legs, A very little paint on my brush right now. Take note of the direction that I'm painting right now, some being mindful of how the hair might lay on the legs and some here in the beard, No, but into the body. And here in the hump and in the curve of the horns, I'm gonna do the same thing to the bison here. It's starting at the Afro, working down to the forehead when the hair start to fall down, working down the side of the face and into the beard a little bit on this side of the hump , a little bit on the side is no moving into my last bison had in these fine hairs all the same areas. That's the other bison. - Forgot to say the horns there and lastly, into the home. Perfect. So now I have my first layer of for in there some detail. No one. Let that dry. I'm gonna do some tan hairs into the body. Great. So go ahead now and complete this step 6. Bison in Mist - First Layer of Detail: Okay, rinse off. You're pointing brush, and we're gonna make a light tan by mixing yellow and red with some white. Just a little bit of black. Them going, Teoh Just paint thes fine hairs in. Same as I've just done with the gray. I'm gonna do that here on the side of the bison end up in here side of the hump, also covering over some of my black lines. Take it the side of the face. And I'm also going to start to bring out my eyelids. So here, inside my circle, it's gonna do very fine line at the top and a very fine line underneath for my eyelids. No, I'm going to take some of the slider tan. No, Work it here. The side of this bison just brushing just a tiny bit on to this bison just to kind of cover up those black lines, setting another layer of perfect. Great. So go ahead now and complete this step. Great. We're going to revisit the black and just to a few little details in the face. So here in the nose, in the paint, in a nostril chiseler. Another oil egg shape here in the side, Then again on the side. It's coming in, rounding off the bottom where the mouse will be the mouth. It's going to be mostly black along with the beard. So we're just concerned with painting in the nostrils right now. Also going to take this black up into the eye and just fill in that area between the eyelids. Let's the black just like that. And while I had the black do the nose here as well in the same thing with the nostrils coming in from the sides rounding off the bottom and I'm gonna rinse off my brush make a dark brown By taking me my black and adding some yellow and red to it with this dark brown just gonna paint in between the nostrils and up above us Well, I'm gonna leave just a little bit of that tan that brown showing right here above. So just in between the nose in same thing on the other knows just darkening in the area in between. So now I can rinse off my brush and take some white and added to that color to make a warm gray, I'm gonna paint across the top as a highlight to my nose. Gonna find little line me each nostril for a little highlight. Just like that across the top. It all highlight under the nostril. Perfect. We won't worry too much about the nose in this bison because this could be mostly covered. It missed. So go ahead now and complete this step. Go ahead and pick up your big side brush. We'll begin to make a medium grey. So I'm gonna take my wife. That makes a little bit of black into it. I'm going for a medium grey here. So setting a little bits of black until I get this color that looks good. Phenomena paint us all around my bison filling in all those white space, just carefully carving out my bison with the brush for some of these smaller areas, Like in here, money is a smaller brush. Just to be careful 7. Bison in Mist - Adding the Background: - you can begin this step with me if you like. Now just starting toe, fill in all the space and around our bison. Let's start to bring some of this paint over the top of our bison. But Welker create that transparent look and the next step acrylic paint always drives a bit darker. Then the color you put on initially when it's wet. So when you're mixing this color, it's better to keep it on the lighter side because you can see here. This is already beginning to dry. How much lighter the color is. So by keeping it on the lighter side once it drives, you'll still stay is a light gray. You don't want the background to be too dark. I wanted to look light and misty and snowy. - Now I'm going to take my medium sized breasts, just, uh, finish off those small local areas. - Okay , great. So go ahead now and complete this step. Okay, I'm gonna is my medium sized brush now and make a lighter grey. So taking some white, deciding a little bit of black my work with agree lighter than the one I just used. I'm gonna start toe work this lightly and over the bodies of my bison, So I want to get as much paint off the brush as I can. It's basically going to dry brush this on, which means I lightly home whatever paint I have on the brush onto the canvas. So it's going to create very nice this theory away. Misty. Look, just a little bit of paint so I can continue to see the body of my bison underneath. I'm just gonna work this mist into the body here, into the home, up the legs. 8. Bison in Mist - Adding in Mist: So now I begin to lose the legs into the background sales. Mr. Starting to golf the bison when I bit into the face and out the nose because babies he's breathing out heavily. We're catching some of that missed in his breath, softening the edge. Have very little paint on this brush, just grinding it into the canvas. I want to make it look like this body is disappearing into the mist. It's okay if there's some some more thicker globs of paint Excel Just look like lumps of snow gathering on the for. Okay, I think I'm done with that. Bison move on to the next one in the same thing in the bring this mist over the body so that the bison begins to fall into the background. Mrs. Coming and swirling over the face. I can coming out the nose, - really softening these these dark lines outside the body just so that my bison can began to disappear into the messed perfect. And finally, from my last place, most of its body here is gonna be shrouded in the mist. - So the trick here I have very little paint on the brush. Don't be afraid to just wipe it all off and just use a dry brush. Take your time with it. This is a very important part of this painting, so it's no need to rush putting in the mist as long as it you need take toe, achieve the desired effect. - Great . So go ahead now and complete this step. Ok, great. Glad and clean off your medium sized brush. We're gonna make it even lighter gray. So I'm just gonna add more white to the grave and working with just to create an off white Most start to paint this around my bison, creating nice, ethereal look with the mist in the snow. So I'm just taking the pain that I have on my brush. I just scribbling it in there into the canvas, grinding it in. Don't even worry about running in your brush. When you get a new kit, you'll get a brand new brush. You can hear the sound of my brush just brining into this canvas so I can spread all this all the soonest in this pain. I could use water, help spread it. But the reason I don't because the water will lift off the paint. That's already underneath. Just be careful when using water. If you let your paint sit for a day, Thanet will set and and he could use water. He wanted to return to it at another time. 9. Bison in Mist - Final Fur and Details: so you can see I'm leaving areas of the gray still showing. It's not entirely covering the background with this white, but just enough to lighten it. And this part of really be playful in a way, I'm just scribbling, just being messy with the pain. - Then down here below, uh, do some broad brush drugs. Just, uh, delineate the space here to create some snowy ground just like that. Great. So go ahead now and complete this step. Okay, great. So I've cleaned off my medium size brush. I'm gonna make a medium grey taking black and white. Maybe this is a bit more of a darker gray. Just gonna bring out some rocks here into the foreground. Mrs. Random little shapes sitting down here. Nothing in particular. It's kind of making them up big and small. And just to add some variety in texture. Great. And see how quickly I did that. I was just letting my brush fall where it may. So go ahead now and complete this step. Wonderful. So, for a last step, we need to add the little bits of snow cleaning to the for. So we're gonna take our pointing brush and white just gonna rural the tip the paint to roll it into a nice fine point. I want to revisit the for here, putting in all the little hairs that are frozen in the ice in the snow. Some of the snow is fallen and resting in the the horns, snows cleaning above the eye. Here. I'm also gonna add just a small dot of light here in the eye just to bring the spice into life. Just like that, continuing with the snow on the side of the face here above the nose. Just very delicate little lines. Maybe some on the eyelids here, like that snow is cleaning to the for. And here, another legs and then the beard. - This moment had same snow here to my second bison. 10. Bison Part 9 (2): It's very small. Little brush strokes here. Also gonna take some of this white spring out little highlights and snow the top of some of these rocks. Great couple final touches here. - I like that. Great. So go ahead now and complete this step. Gonna add a little bit of white to my brow Just a little bit of black to make a light grey brown I want to brush this color over my body here just with very gentle, transparent brushstrokes A little bit here into the face Just setting this brown into the mist. Now I'm gonna take some of this great brown. It also didn't bring it into the bodies, But these bison lightning up the roundness of the belly. I'm gonna write south my brush to bring the last little layer of mist over my body's using pure white with just a hint of black slightly brushing it in. - Beautiful . Great. So go ahead now and complete this step. This is such a powerful painting and I loved teaching it to you. I hope you enjoyed painting it. Please share your beautiful artwork with me and love to see it. I hope we can paint together again soon. Thank you so much.