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Learn to Master Google Drive: For Productivity & Team Collaborations

teacher avatar Tahir Yaqub, I Teach Online

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (1h 33m)
    • 1. V0 Introduction to the Course

    • 2. V1 How to create a Google Account and use google Drive UC

    • 3. V2 Google Drive Backup and Sync UC

    • 4. V3 Sending Files Larger than 25MB UC

    • 5. V4 Brief Tour of Google Docs User Interface UC

    • 6. V5 Lightbox Preview Google Drive C

    • 7. V6 How to Convert a Word Document into Google Docs UC

    • 8. V7 Sharing and Collaborating in Google drive UC

    • 9. V8 Revision History in Google Drive

    • 10. V9 Understanding google Forms with a Survey Example

    • 11. V10 Overview of Google Sheets UC

    • 12. V11 Google Drawings in Google Documents UC

    • 13. V12 A Useful Chrome Extension for google Drive UC

    • 14. V13 Overview of Google sites

    • 15. V14 Adding Flares to your google Drive UC

    • 16. V15 Connecting app to Google drive and Signing PDF documents UC

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About This Class

Google Drive

Google drive as a cloud storage platform of Google Inc. It is one of the most popular for storing your files.  Google drive is the most versatile application from Google. With every google account you get 15GB of free storage on your Google drive but also can access many more Google applications. Some of the commonly used are Google docs, Google sheets, Google drawing, Google forms and you can also built a free forever website with Google sites. 

In this skillshare class on Google Drive, I will give you a detailed introduction to Google Drive features and a brief introduction to mostly commonly used Google apps which I just mentioned. Storing your files only on your PC or laptop is highly risky. What if something happens to these devices and you lose all your data. Therefore, now a days people have started to upload files on some trusted cloud storage platforms and Google drive is definitely the most used platform. 

Key Features of Google Drive:

  1. Provides online storage
  2. Global access with an internet connection and on any device
  3. Security
  4. Sharing & collaboration with team members

The biggest benefit of using Google drive is the ability to share you documents with your team members with security. Multiple team members can work on the same document at the same time. You can grant any of the 3 different levels of access. You can allow them to only view your document, or allow them to make a comment or the highest level is that you can offer them full editing access. All documents on google drive will be saved automatically.

Google drive is far more than just a place to store your files. There are many Google applications built on top of Google drive. I have also dedicated one video for some of the popular Google apps such as google docs, Google sheets, Google forms,Google sites but this course is not a detailed course about these apps. However if you want to know about any particular feature of these apps, you can send me a question because I answer all the questions of my students if I have the answer to their question. The best thing about these apps is that any document you create using these apps does not count against your free quota of 15GB.  

Another cool feature of Google Drive is that you can store various versions of your documents. You can keep a record of what changes have been made to a particular document and you can restore a previous version of the document if you want. 

With time your files will grow on Google drive, you have the ability to search within your Google drive in the same way you search on Google. 

In short google drive is full of features,office applications, sharing and collaboration capabilities and if you want to learn how to use google drive, hit the Enroll button and I will see you inside the course.

About This Skillshare Class on Google Drive:

This Skillshare class on Google Drive is for everyone interested in saving and securing files online with a Gmail account. I will start from the very beginning, such as how to create a Google account and then I will walk you through over my shoulder to all the features of google drive.

Course Lectures 

[Please read this before Enrolling in the course]

Following Topics are currently covered in this course. I will be adding more topics if demanded by students.

Lecture 1: How to create a google Account and start Using Google Drive

Lecture 2: Google Drive Backup and Synch

Lecture 3: Using Google Drive to Send Files Larger than 25 MB

Lecture 4: Brief tour of user interface of Google Docs

Lecture 5: Lightbox Preview

Lecture 6: Handling Word Documents

Lecture 7: Sharing & Collaboration in Google Drive

Lecture 8: Revision History

Lecture 9: Understanding Google Forms with a Survey Example

Lecture 10: Tour of Google Sheets user interface

Lecture 11: Google Drawings

Lecture 12: A Useful Chrome Extension for google Drive

Lecture 13: Overview of google Sites

Lecture 14: Adding Flares to Google Drive

Lecture 15: Signing a PDF Document using a Free app

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Tahir Yaqub

I Teach Online


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1. V0 Introduction to the Course: Google Drive is the most worse style application from Google With your Gmail account, you get 15 TV up free online storage to store your important fights as a cloud storage platform. Google Drive is the most popular, but Google drive is far more than a place to store your fights. There are many Google office applications, which are built on top of your Google drive. Some of the most commonly used applications are bigger dogs, Google sheets, Google forms, booger drawings and the free application to build your websites, which is card Google sites. And you can get access to all these applications just by mediating Abuela Conch. You can create Microsoft Office like documents in these Google applications, and the best thing is that the story's supposed occupied by these documents, which are prepared within these Google applications does not conch against the three story job. 15 db There are four key features off booger dry the ability to store your files online, the ability to access your files anywhere in the world and from any device. The security of your files and the most important feature is the ability to share and collaborate with your team members more than one. Team members can work on the same document at the same time. You can grant three different levels off access. You can give access to someone, just toe view your document. The second level is that you can give access to someone for commenting on your document and the final and the full access is there you can a lost someone toe. Edit your doctor. Another cool feature of Google Drive is there. You can maintain a warrior in history of your document. You can keep record of all the changes someone has made your document, and you can even go back to any of the previous origins if you want. With time. When you're fights grew on Google dry, you have the ability to such within your Google drive. This is another portal feature of Google Drive, and you will be searching just like as you search in Google. So this course is for anyone who is interested in Google products. The course is focused on Google Drive and the features of Google Drive I will provide. You are detailed in production of these features. I will start from the very beginning ho to open a Google account and then I will walk you through over my shoulder, all the features of Google drive. But since most of the Google applications are built on top of Google Drive, so we will be talking about various applications in particular booger dogs during this course. And I have also dedicated one video for each of the most formally you Google applications, such as uber Gulf Google, huge Google forms and also one would go for Google sites. So I hope that you will find a lot of value in this course. So if you are interested, please sit down, roll butter and I will see you inside the course. 2. V1 How to create a Google Account and use google Drive UC: this is Ah, getting started. Video for Google Dry In this video, I will show you how to create a Google account and hope to access your Google drive and other Google applications. And then we will have a quick tour of user interface off Google Drive. And what are the functions available? So the first thing to access any of the Google products you need to have a Google account, and the best way to get a Google account is by creating a G. Millicom Gmail is one of the most used product of Google. So to create a Google account, you type support dot google dot com in your browser, and you will see this is screen on this screen, click on Jimmy and then create a Gmail account period an account again. Click here and then we'll have to fill the details and your Gmail address off your choice, which you want to get. For example, I might like to get my name here, so I would type tire jacoby jimmy dot com, and then you have to put your password twice and then you click next. If this deal is not available, it will show you a message, and it will show you a few options here. You either select any of those available options. Are you trying again? So you will try your second choice and then click next. So in this way you can do until you get your Jim Miller dress off choice. And once you get there dressed, then you have to log in by using their address and password, which you have selected at this stage and know. I assume that you have created your Google account. I know you have access to Google products, so Google offers two types of products. One are the free products and the other our business products. So all this course I will be using the free Gmail account so you don't have to pay any of these plans to get access to your Google drive. Google drive is completely free with every Gmail account, which is also free. You get 15 db of free cloud storage on Google computers, which is called Google Drive. But if you are a business, then there is another product line, which is called GI Sweet, and these are the rails for different G sweet products. No, once you have created a Google account. You will get a default about our something like this. Any alphabet foster forward of your name are any other for bed you might get. So this is your avatar. You can change this to your picture, our image. But once you logged in, you will see your avatar on the right hand side. And if you hover over there, you will see your email address associated with this avatar and your name. So this email address I have created recently for my upcoming course there are a couple of ways you can access Google Drive. Once you logged in, the first way is click on these $9 then click on Google. Drive on. No, my green will re Lord and no, I will see that root off my google dry on. This is screen. You can have two types of use and these views types can be selected from here. Currently, I am in the grid view, and if I want a list of you, I can click on that icon and it will show my Google drive in list form. You know, all fives are like this with some details. Owner of the boys when this file was last modified. And what is the size of the fight? Your details are displayed. So let's go back to greet you again. This view has three different sections. The first section is quick xx section where all the boys are located, which I have recently accessed. The second section is a folder section. I have currently only two folders and then there is a file section in which all the files are located. If I want to upload a file from computer, I click on this little triangle. I click on upload files. It will show me this dialog box and here I can upload any files from my computer if I want . For this time, I just cancel this. I can also upload a fold. From here, I can also create a new folder and that for they will be in this location here at my at the root of my Google drive. From this dialog box, I can also access Google application goober dogs, which is similar to Microsoft Word then Google Sheet, which you can say they're similar toe Microsoft Excel are Google slice, which is somewhat similar toe power point. We also have some more applications, and to off them are very commonly used Google forms and Google drawings. All of these applications require a separate course. They are such a detailed applications, but I will put one video for every application in this Google Drive course as well. And if you want, I also have a Google Dog scores, which is 31 lectures and 1.5 hour of video contents. I will put a link in the description from time to time. I offer free coupons. The other whereto access Google application and create a new document is by clicking on New . So if I click new and no, if I click on guard dogs, a new Google document will be created. So I just click on this. I just want to show you how this looks. So this is Google document. You should understand that Google document Google. She's all this are associated with your Google drive. So in this Google drive course, we will be using booger dogs occasionally toe make some ideas clear and toe make some functions of Google drive more clear to you. So Google Dogs and Google drives their associative, and they worked hand in hand. So this is an important point to note. Currently, I just close this. You don't have to save any of your Google documents because all your Google documents are automatically saved. Your sheets and your supplies are also automatically saved on your Google drive. There is actually no save button. No, there are a few more things. Let's say I click on this file and no, this is the preview off the fight. And if I go back once again So first, let's start with this navigation menu. This is navigation menu. And on this menu, this was your drive. Then we have shared with me. If you click on that, if anyone else has shared anything with you any file or folder that will appear in this location then recent I have already explained these are the recent flies. Then start start means if you have starred any of your files. If you can start your fights, you start just for general importance purpose, Something like that. You can also do that and don't start for his will appear here. No, If you delete any fight, that file will come toe trash folder. And this is just, like recycle bin folder you can restore from your trash folder back to the Ford or from here, your religion. So if I click on a trash folder, these are the five, which I have recently deleted. If I want to restore any of these fires back to my original location, I just click on the file. And then there is this little arrow around arrow which says that the store from trash, if I click here this well, we'll go back from where it was billeted. So this is all you recovered their deleted files, and I will show you how to delete a file in a minute, then backups where you can create backups off your android devices like Android phone our android tablet. You can create backups here, and I will show you in this course you can see the storage, how much you have used out of your 15 db and make sure that you don't keep any of the unwanted emails and their attachments because all those will count towards your story. The only thing which does not count against your free storage are your Google documents are Google sheets are Google slides. All these things will not be counted against your free storage are 15 GB and 15 db is a lot of stories if you use wisely and if you want to buy, you can upgrade storage. I have recently a board 200 GB for one of my accounts, and that cost me $25 per year. 400 GB so you can upgrade so there are various years available for you. So let's go back to my drive. If I select a file by clicking once on that file, ah, context menu will appear here. This is the file context Menu means that this money will only appear if you have selected a fight. No, there are a couple of options here, so most options are in these three dots. If I click on these three doors, no, I can move this file to any off the folders, any of other folders or any other location I can edge to start. If I click, add to start one file added to start. And if I know, go to start and know the start file appears here. Let's go back to dry. Now let's talk about some other options. You can rename the fight, and the best thing about Google Drive is that you can store many word. Jin's off your Fife and you can go back to any of the previous versions. And this is you do in this area and we will talk about this. You can make a copy of this you can report, and abuse are you can download to your computer. No, come back to the next option. This is the remove option. You can remove any file or delete any fight, and the file will goto the trash folder. Then this is the preview. If I click on tech, I will see the preview off that fight. It's an image so I can see the image in a large preview minute. So no lettuce a click on any of these documents. And let's say I want to share this document to someone. Then I will click on this share option. I know I have this link available. This is the link which I can share to anyone. I can just click on this and copy this link and send why email to someone are I can directly put the email address of that person here. So if I click on this triangle, I can see that I have three level of access. The lowest level is only view excess. I can give access to view the document. Then I can give access toe comment on this document or I can give full access. Toe added the document. So I select the level of access I type the email of the person I could have done and an email will be sent to that person. If you have given someone excess and you want to remove the access, we will talk this in died last options later on in this course. On the right hand side, you have options to excess Google calendar Google keep our Google tasks. So these are other applications, which you can access from your Google drug by clicking on this gear are setting icon. You can manage your notifications and applications. So if I click on this setting and then settings again, then I have the ability to manage. My notifications are my Google applications. So this we will discuss later road in detail. So this was a briefer tour of the user interface of Google Drive. I know I will discuss all these features in detail in my next videos 3. V2 Google Drive Backup and Sync UC: in this video, we're going to discuss the most important aspect of Google drive, which is the ability to synchronize data between your cloud storage and your devices. This is card synchronization. So what it essentially means is that the APP will create off folder on your computer, and that folder will be just like any other folder. But the difference would be that whatever you save in that folder will automatically be saved on Google Drive, which is your cloud storage. And then that date are those files will be available to you through Internet anywhere in the world you can access. Those fights on your mobile phone are on your tablet are on your laptop. So this is card synchronization, and for this we have to download and install an application. Sometimes it is it might be already in start on your computer. If not, I will show you how to do that. So I am currently in my Google dry, and I want to synchronize my Google drive with my computer, and for that I have to click on this gear icon. If I click on get icon, you can see I have get backup and sync for Windows, So I click on that and know there are Tuapse. One EP is what personal accounts, which is card, backup and sync. The other app is what business accounts and their discard Dr Fight stream. I only have personal account, so therefore, I will don't load this, and once I click on download, I will get a fight. This is the file which will be downloaded. And as you can see, this is executable fight. And no, you have to click on this and install the at once doing Start that everything is already and know you can synchronize your cloud story with your physical storage Dwight's, which could be your computer or left. So to do that on your windows 10 on the right and bottom, you have this arrow shape. I could click on that, and this is the icon off backup and sync. So click on that, then click outside and no click on signing. You will see this dialog box and no click on get started and know you can also sign in with your browser instead of signing in again. Using this interface, you can also sign in with your browser and no I will enter my email address here and next. Crossword. Simon. No, I got this message. Jews, folders from your computer toe continuously back up toe Google drive. So these are the folders which will automatically be backed up with your Google drive. Whenever you put anything in this forger, for example, I create courses. So one of my folders in which I put my important course videos that border I can select as one of these folders and then everything I put in that border will automatically be backed up. So you just say Got it. And currently these are the four orders which will continuously backed up dust oaf. Order your documents folder and your picture for you can also choose any other forger. No, here Google will ask you about your photos and your file size. There are two options available, high quality and original quarter. And for high quality, Google is offering you free, unlimited stories and for original quality, you will consume from your 15 db free storage. So the better ways to use the high quality because what happens is with original qualities . Sometimes your fights are extremely large in particular. If you are using DSLR cameras so high qualities enough for normal use. But a few need. Or is that you can do that if you want to upload the photos to Google photos, except you can check this otherwise just next. I know we have toe do this once again. So got it. I know this is the folder location. You can select any location for your booger drive folder. So no, the apple created this folder Google Drive, which will be synchronized my Boogerd, Right. And no, I say start. No, I don't get this message much with existing Google Drive folder. If you already have any Google drive border, it means that all your existing files will stay there. So, no, you have the option toe march. The existing folder are you can create a new folder so I can slag this Marge option and say continue. And no, the application has created this Ford and anything I saved in this Ford er will automatically be saved on my Google drive. So this is all you synchronize your google dry with your devices and no, whatever I save here will be saved Google drive and will be accessible on all of my other devices, such as note paired our mobile phone. So this is all you synchronize your booger drive with your computer. 4. V3 Sending Files Larger than 25MB UC: with any Gmail account, you have an attachment limit off 25 megabytes. You cannot attach any file more than 25. Make a bite as an attachment. If you try toe, send a fire more than this limit, then that Fi will still be sent. But that will be sent as your Google drive leg. And this is what we're going toe seeing this video or to do that. So this image email account I compose a new email and one of my on email addresses and put any subject here any message. And then this is our touched bottom. So I click on Attach file and the file. I want to what it is, this one, which, as you can see, is 29.9 megabytes. Once I click on this fight, I get this message and dismiss, it explains. Attachment larger than 25 megabyte will be automatically uploaded toe Google drive. A download link will be included in your emails. So this is what is going to happen when you try to attach a fight, which is more than 25 megabyte. You don't have to do anything special. All these thing will happen on auto, but I want to show you how it works. Likely gone. Okay, I got it. And no, this while is applauding to my Google drive. And once the file is uploaded, I can see this link here and no, If I clicked the send button, the recipient of this email will be able to access my fight so I can click send here. No. One more thing I would like to show you is that if I click on this link myself, I will be able to see that file in the preview window of my Google drive are going to have a new fight. But I can still see the preview, and I can click on this. And I can watch the video if I want, But no, I don't want that. So I stop it. And on the right inside I have these three doors and if I click on this, I can organize this foil. I can add a start with it. I can rename the fight whatever I want. I can do this and I can also share toe. Other people are I can change the level of access. For example, if I click on this year, I can put the email addresses of some other people if I want our If I click on advanced No , I can also have some advanced options. Like I can click Check this box. This is prevent editors from changing access and adding new people so I can do this. And on this page, this I am already described in one of my other videos. But if I click on this change and as you can see that no, I have three different options. Currently, anyone who has the link and excess no sign in required. So it means they're different. Someone does not have any Gmail account. They will still be able to access this file. So currently, this is selected. But I can also changes toe public access so anybody will be able to find this link and access this. So these are some of the other options which I can use. So currently I'm happy with their so I can sell done. And no, I can close this preview and I can simply send this way. So this is how you send flies more than 25 MB with your Gmail and Google tried 5. V4 Brief Tour of Google Docs User Interface UC: since Google Drive and Goober Dogs and other applications such as Google Sheets and Google drawings. They work together. So I have decided toe make one belief lectures for bigger dogs, Google shoots and Google drawings because these are the most commonly used applications when we're working on Google documents and using Google Drive. So this is a lecture about Google documents, and I will quickly walk you through the user interface. And I will focus on collaboration because team collaboration is the main reason we use Google Dogs and therefore I will show you some of the basic features or to share a document and hold toe collaborate. So let us open any of these documents toe open this document as you can see that the interface off bigger dogs is very similar to Microsoft Word. So if you are familiar with Microsoft Word, there should not be any difficulty learning Google documents. But there are few features collaboration features which are very important, and therefore I would highlight in this lecture. But first briefly ever looked at these menus in the file menu, you have the ability to share, which we will talk about in a minute, then you can normally open a new document from any of the replications are open. You can copy. You can download to your computer in various formats so you can download in white. For mate you can download in open office are some other text Former's So these are some basic functions movements who can move your document in any of the four orders on your Google drive. This way you can organize your documents. You can't believe the document by moving it toe trash, and you can translate this document in many languages. You can do pay set up, and this is very important that you can e mail this document toe your collaborators toe other team members. So this is one thing we were discussing in a minute. No, in the second, we have some view options. You can see whether you want to have this ruler, for example, at the top are at the side are you don't want these rulers and there are some other options In the insert tab, you can insert image. You can insert a table and you can insider drawing. And for drawing, I will make a separate lecture table and image are very simple. You can inside a table, and then you can select how many rows and columns you want, and then you can simply insert wherever you want. Then you can also pour some special characters. Matt Equation characters on. You can insert headers and page numbers by clicking on this area. Similarly informative. The most important part is paragraphs ties because if you want a table of contents, then you have to apply styles to your text. For example, this would be your heading, so all you apply heading form eight paragraph in styles and then heading one and then apply heading one. No, this text will be considered as you're heading one. Heading one means Google dogs will apply your particular phone size and a particular phone toe. This and the second ed wanted and the minute wanted would be that No, you can create a table of contents without applying the style. You cannot create a table of contents. Then, in tool Step, you have some spelling and grammar. Checking does word count, toes and some other few things, which they can. It all discuss here in tools step. You have some very powerful tools. For example, spelling, grammar and word count are the common tools. But if you look here, you have Weiss typing so you can get their transcript of whatever you are saying just by saying in the microphone similarly, you can translate your document, and for all these things, I have, ah, separate course. As they mentioned. If you want, you can take that coursed. And in that course we have lectures about all these tools. Erdogan's. You can use certain Erdos, so where does means you can use certain type party applications, which will do certain tasks for your documents? No. The most important thing about Google document at the mansion earlier is the sharing capability with your team members and all of your team members can work on singer documents simultaneously. So for that you have to click on this blue button share button. And if I click on the share button, this dialog box will open. And in this tale of books, I can see if you teach. First off, while this is a link of this document. So anybody who has this link will be able tow. Get access to this document. No, the level of excess, how much access you want to provide is determined by one of the selections here. There are three level of access. One is you give only access to view the document. The second level is that someone will be ableto comment in the document, and I will show you how to comment. And the third Lee will have excess is that the other person can actually edit their document. This is the highest level of excess. So what you need to do is you have to put the email of that person here. So let's say I put my email one of my emails and then I simply say, sent and no shared with one person. So it made. This document has been shared, and that person will get an email that someone has shared a document and then because I have given the edit access so that person will be ableto added the document. So, no, for example, if you want to comment about our documents somewhere, so let's say I want to comment about something so I just highlight that part where I want to comment, for example, of the sort with and I click on this plus sign, which will appear here. It's likely conduct and I say, What is this? So let's say I want to ask something and I insert my comment. No, the other person collaborating with me, he can resolve this Commerce is all means The discomfort will disappear, but he can still bring the conversation back if he wishes to do so. If he wants to delete the comment, he can also delete are, added the common African link to this comment. So these are a few options? No. If he wants to reply, you just click here and he can reply to a comment. RFE, vicious to delete can simply click here and believe they are added the comment. So these are a few options about comment and sharing, and this is the main purpose of bigger dogs. Google Dogs gives us the powerful functionality of collaborating across their team. Members know if you want to remove the excess again, click on this year, and this time we click on this advanced, and in that one step, I can see that I have shared this document with this person. So if I want to remove the access, I just click on this cross sign and the access will be removed. You have made changes that you need to save. Make sure you save these changes. If you want toe, remove the access that saved these changes and nor done. I know the excess has been removed. So this is how you share, collaborate, comment, give access and take the excess back in your Google documents. So this was a brief tour off booger dogs. 6. V5 Lightbox Preview Google Drive C: in this video, I will show you the lightbox preview feature in Google Drive. You can preview many types of documents in your Booker Drive. So I have created these two borders. This is a pdf order. Just click conduct. It contains three pdf ice. And if I open any of these files So this is the lightbox preview off this document here. I can take few actions on this document on the right hand side, if you see there is a plus sign. If I click on this plus sign, I can add a common toe this document. So let's say I click on this and no, it says Highlight and a rear toe comment on. So if, for example, I want to comment on this area, I will highlight this area by clicking and dragging. And then on the right inside, I will see this box where I can comment and I can click comment. Though this comet will be here. Know any of the team member has the ability to result. The comment resolve means they're The conversation will disappear from this document area, but it will still be saved in Google. Dogs are the person can enter the comment are delete the comment Our link to this comment. So these are fewer directions the person can take on this comet. Now you can print this document state of it. From this icon, you can download this document and in these three doors there are certain other options available toe, take some actions. For example, You can for the share this document, you can move this document to any specific folder on your Google drive. You can add this to your start files. You can rename the document. You can find something within the document. You can also many the will you get the notification. So if I click on there, this dialog box will open and here I can manage the notifications. So there are three ways of notifications I can have whenever somebody make any comment. I can get a notification are when I am mentioned in any of the comments. Are somebody replied toe one of my comments. Yeah, I can get a notification for that. If I select this one are, I can totally blocked the notifications by clicking on this click on this and I press okay , I will never get any notifications about the comments. So let's cancel this. So these options are available in these three dots area at the bottom, I can see the page numbers and also I have the ability to zoom their document. Zoom in last sign and zoom out minus sign our I can just fit this to my screen. So these are three options available in this area in the center of the screen. I have the option toe open this document in Google dogs because currently it is only in the preview more. But I can open this if I click on this letter triangle. I can open this document in any of the other applications if I have installed any of these applications so these options are available in the center. At the left side. You have this hair. Oh, and if you click on this Aero, the preview will close and you will get back to your Google drive. So let's go back to Google Drive And no, I take on Dr Again toe goto my root folder. No, I want to show you another feature of this lightbox preview. And if I click on my photos folder and I click On my first photo, the photo will appear in preview area and on the right hand side, I have this arrow and on the left hand side. Currently, I don't have a row because this is my first photo and I can no browse in my photos border by just clicking on this Arab. So once I go to my second photo, I can see the arrow on the left hand side as well. So this is how you can browse your photos. And this is Ah, fantastic feature. If you want to have a look at your photos and organizing them in specific folders or anything like that. So this is another useful feature available now we can go back. And this was a brief to work out lightbox preview feature in Google Drive. 7. V6 How to Convert a Word Document into Google Docs UC: In this video, you will learn how to convert a Microsoft Word document in tow. Gougar Dogs Document. I have selected this Microsoft er document because it has. I heard it are people of contents and also it has a food. It would be nice to see how this document is converted toe bigger dogs. And it also has an image indicted and we will see ho nicely Google Converse this Microsoft word document in tow. Google Dogs. So this document is saved in a particular folder on my computer. So I will upload it from there and can work a to Google Dogs. No, this is my Google drive screen. And if I click on this little triangle, I can upload Foy's And this is that particular document. I click on this and I click open on the right hand side, our dialogue box will appear And when I see this green circle and a white picket means the file has been uploaded and this is my document, as you can see that it has w return on top. It means it's a word document. There is also a W at the bottom left all Google documents they have three lines at the bottom left site. So this is all you can distinguish. Whether it's a word document are it's a Google document. The first thing I need to do is click on this document and it will open in a preview. So this is just a preview. It has not been converted into a bigger dogs yet, and the preview looks 100% fine. We have a header with image, table of contents, and if I scroll down, I can see that Footer is also there. So preview is fine. No, I have the option toe open this document with Google Dogs. And if I click on this little triangle, I can see that I have three more options for third party apps. If I have any of these abs, which are supported by Google Dogs, I can open in any of these abs as well. But I want to open in Google Dogs. So I click on that and no, my document is opened in Google Dogs. And no, I can notice that my image is disturbed so it's not working. I can just delete this for the moment, for the simplicity. I just wanted to show you that few things may not work properly. For example, sometimes line numbers do not work sometime. If you are using and note for putting references, that and note might not work properly when you can work it toe Google dogs And the reason you want your documents to Google Dogs is that you want to collaborate. Goober Dogs gives you, Ah, fantastic icon here to share your document via email, and my tea party members can work on the same document through Internet for our multiple locations at the same time. This is a very powerful functionality, and that's why you want to convert your documents into Google dogs so that you could collaborate. But here, my image is not properly coming, so I just did quickly retreated at this. Google Documents is a very big application, and I'm not going in details of all these features because this is a Google drive course. No, Heather is fine, and if I click outside, I can see their table of contents is fine. So no at the top, I have the ability to rename their document 55 Wish, and I can see that the extension is still Microsoft Word extension, so it means they're document has not yet converted toe Gougar dogs. So in order to gun work, simply click on file and save as Google Dogs. Once you click on that. So no, As you can see that I have to documents. And one is the original one still there. And a new tab is open with a Google document. Both the original and the Google Dogs both will stay on your Google drive. If you are concerned about your space, you can delete your Microsoft Word document If you wish. Otherwise, both will stay there. You don't have to save this. You just close this and close this as well. And no clothes this preview Just click on this arrow. It will be closed. And no, If I reload my Dr Page, I can see both virgins of my document. This is a Google document, these three lines and this is a word document. W is written here, so no, if if I want, I can believe this was in a document. So this is how you can work a Microsoft Word document into a Google doc stock amount and say, one of your booger dry 8. V7 Sharing and Collaborating in Google drive UC: in this week ago, we will learn ho toe share our Google document with our team members. This is one of the main reasons the ability to share the document with other team members scattered across the globe. So all of the team members would be ableto simultaneously edit the document. So this is a powerful functionality. So this is a document. And if I hover or this year button on the right turn topside, I can see there. It shows me private toe only me. It means that this document has not been shared with anyone else. And the second thing you should notice is in the file menu. You can see that this email collaborators is great out. It means there is no collaborator of this document at the moment. Once we shared this document, this option will be available and we would be able to email this to over collaborators. No, let's say I want to share this document so I would click share and no, I have three level of access which I can grant to someone. The lowest level of excess is can view the person will only be ableto view the document. Then the second level is can comment so the person will be ableto common inside the document and the final and the highest level of excess is can edit, which has the full access. No, there are few at most options in related through the editor of these documents and that we will talk about in a minute. But currently these are the three levels off excess. So let's assume that I want to grant the full access so can edit, and then I type the email of that person. So in this case, I'm using one of my other email addresses. I can also put any note. So if I don't have the evil at the moment, then what I can do is I can get the shareable link by clicking on this button and that link . I can then save in any, for example, not bad fight. And then once I have the email, I can send it link and the person will be able to edit the doctor. So this is another way. If your email is not available at the moment and no, I can press send and at the top I will see this message shared with one person and no, if I over over this blue button, it also shows me share with one person. So another document has been shared. And if in the file menu know I have this option available email collaborators. So these are the food changes you will immediately. Not once you share a document. No, let's see what the other person sees. So this is the message I got invitation to edit. And if I click contact, I will see this brief message that this person has invited you. Toe added the following document. And once the document is shared, no, I can see the ever tire off the other person appearing here in a particular color. And there are two officers are to in session points at the moment. One is for my safe, and one in the other color is for the person with which I have shared their Doublemint. No, that person is editing the document at this point, and I am editing the document at this point simultaneously. So we can both work on this document simultaneously. No, hard to remove the excess if I wish toe removed the excess of this person, I can click on this year again and knowing that lost options, I can see that I am the owner of this document. And I have granted access toe this person. So if I click on this cross side, the access will be removed. I have the ability to also change the level of excess. I can make this person as the owner of the document if I click on this. No, this person is the owner of the document and I can still change this and get it back to the original owner. So this is so I can change the level of access. I can invite more people by adding the emails are I can copy this link and then send it to anyone. I can share this document to social media and then if I want to remove the access, I simply click on this and the excess will be removed and I will get this message. You have made changes that you need toe save. So I have to save these changes are I can't simply cancel the changes. So this is all you remove the excess. There are two more options yet prevent editors from changing excess. So I can pre. Weren't the editors from changing excess are reading new people by checking this doctor this check box? Similarly, I check this box. It will disable some of the options, such as download print, copia, comment options and know what's the document is shared. If I click on email collaborators, I can write some message here and I can communicate with the collaborators. I can also send a copy to myself. So let's briefly touch another feature in Google document. I can change this more from editing toe suggestion more as well and also the viewing more being more days off course, I can only do the document, but in suggesting more. What happens is if I click on suggesting so. No, I can make some suggestions in this document. So, no. Whenever I click on the documents somewhere and start toe type something, it will appear in a different color, and our dialogue box will appear on the right hand side, showing that it is a suggestion. Then the other person will be ableto either accept our ejector suggestion. So let's type something here, type something as a tradition and no, I can just click outside and it will appear in a different color. So no. When anyone else working on this document will see this suggestion, he can either accept our reject the suggestion. So this is how you can make some suggestions if you are working in a team and wear. So these were some of the important points about sharing and collaborating in Google documents. 9. V8 Revision History in Google Drive: In this video, we will look into ah powerful feature off tracking changes in Google documents. You can see various versions off your document and this works with Google dogs. Google sheets, slides are drawings. So, as you can see that this is Ah, Google document which has been shared with two people and you can see the other tire of these two on the right inside on this instance, I'm using both of my own accounts. And no, both of these people have edited this document in the past and they were working, for example, as part of a team. And no, I want to see what changes eat. One of them has made toe this document. And if I want, I can restore the previous word. Jin's off this document as well. And to do that, you have to click on this next toe help I can. You have a little bit of explanation which shows me last that it Woz 14 minutes ago. If I click on this, it will show me all the previous changes made toe this document. As you can see that there are two different colors assigned to each one of my account. and on the document. I can see that what changes are made by any one of these Occam's and the same colors are used on the document which shows me they're these green changes, for example, are made by my dis account. And this purple changes are made by the No, let's say I want to see a previous worsens. I click on this and it will show me the previous world jin of this document and what I can do here is I can restore this worship by clicking on this big blue button. I can make a copy of this document. So to make a copy, I click on these three doors and no, I can't make a copy. And if I make a copy, Google will make a copy of this document at this estate without restoring the word gin. And I have the ability to name this word gin. And this you do. For example, if there is a major change in your document and you want toe name that change that this Jane Iwas do toe this particular decision, so then you can name your worship at any state. So there are a lot of changes. But sometimes this is important in order to investigate approaching this and why that change was made. So Google gives us the ability toe, see the previous versions, and to restore any of those words is and know if I want to go back toe my Google drive. I can just click on this back arrow and it will take me to my Google drive. And you don't have to save anything. All your changes are saved. So this was a quick review off so you can track changes and restore previous virgins if you want. 10. V9 Understanding google Forms with a Survey Example: So one of the powerful application we have with the verb Google account is Google forms. You can use Google forms for many purposes, for example, getting feedback from your customers by asking them toe do some service. And this is what we're going to learn in this week ago. Hard to use Google forms to make service and get the responses from your customers to create a new form in Google Drive. You just have to click on new and then in more. You have Google forms. No, I can click on this center of this form and I can title this form. So let us name this form as feedback and you get this Della box too, if you want toe, get any tour. So I'm clicking no things, and then I can write some description if I wish. And no, I want toe make questions for this survey. Let us as you. My first question is, what do you think about big it idea? And no, By the mission of this question, Google understands that this question can be answered in a linear scale from 1 to 5. But you can select any other options if you click here. You will see there. There are many other options available. For example, you can make it a multiple choice question on a drop zone Question you can upload a file or something like that Are a paragraph question or a short answer questions. So there are a few options you can choose from. But currently I want this question, Toby, On linear escape, you can change the value from 1 to 5125 Is there default? Linear, Risque. But you can change this. So this is what I'm going toe toe. I want this to tens. Nobody. Linear scale is from 1 to 10 and at one I can put unhappy and I can a 10 I can put happy. So this is the question. No, I can make this question as a required question. And if I click on these three doors, I can put a description about this specific question if I want. Currently, I don't want this. And then if I am happy with my first question no, I can click on this aired question and I can kill you. It a second question. So, for example, which playlist you like the most on our channel. And no, by the nature of this question, Google understands that it is possibly a multiple choice question on which is true. And no, I can add options years, so my first option is politic. And then my second option is Facebook. There say I put another option and then another option. No. On the right hand side, I have no other options. Other than adding questions, for example, I can import a question. I can add any description here. I can insert any image I can insert a video as well as I can add a new section toe my quiz . So these are some of the options. But currently I just want three questions, a simple survey and no hired. Another question. So let us. I want to ask my customers what topic they want for me to make videos. And no, since this is an open ended question so I can ask for a short answer, for example, so I will go inside this area and I will select short answer. I know a space will be provided for a short answer. I know myself is complete at the top. If I click on responses. Currently, I do not have any response. Zero responses. I know I can attach any Google sheet with my a disservice to collect the responses and this is I want to do as well. But if the daughter touch any ship, the responses will directly be shown in this area so you can see the responses anyway. But let's see what happens if I touch a sheet? No, there are two options. Create a new spreadsheet toe. Get the responses are select an existing spreadsheet. So usually use left this Espiritu if you want to analyze the data because spreadsheet is something like excel where you can do certain things on your data collected using your Google forms so by before it will be named like this. And we're happy with that because we can change this any time in Google ships. So I just say idiot. No, this Bogle shoot has been created, as you can see that these are my three questions at the top, and whatever response I get, their details will be given in this area. So I just close this for the time being and no, on the right hand side, I have the option toe. Send this form to someone and I have a gay icon. So first, let's have a look at this gate. I could in gear. I can I can put few more options. For example, I can collect the email address of that person so I can click this. If I want emailer just to be collected, I can limit the response toe. Only one, Despont. And this I'm not going to do right now because I want to put three responses and then to show you how these responses will look and then you get a law. The respondents toe edit after they have submitted the response Are you don't want draw? Depending on the choice, you can check this box and you also have this option. See somebody charged and text responses. If you want, you can select this option as well. So currently I don't want anything. No, the next time This presentation. If I click on that no, I can put a progress bar if the survey is very long and I want to show a progress. But I can check this box and if I want toe shuffle the question order. So then I can check this box as well. And if I want to convert this survey toe a quest, then I need a booklet conquest, And then I can make a poise from this survey. So there are many useful options available in this area, so I just cancel And no, I want toe send this for so just really consent. And now I can pull the email address, which I'm going to put my own so that we can see how it looks in the email message. I just put my own email so I can put a subject and no, I can send this. No, this is my email. And in this email I got this message. Serve a request. If I click on that, this is the message I get. So this is the title of my phone, and I can fill this form by clicking on this button. So I click on that. So this is the way it looks. I know I can fill this form, So let's quickly fill this form Summit summited at the response. I quickly summit three responses to show you a few things because I have not restricted where only one of the sport's so I can submit as many responses as I like. And no, I have submitted three responses, so let us see how these responses look. So this is my response. Syria. And in this area, I can see there No Igor, three responses. And these are my responses. I have a bar graph. For my first question, I have, Ah, a pie chart for my second question and I have descriptive responses. Short answers for my third question. So this is how you can use Google forms and Google drive collectively toe, get valuable feedback from your customers. 11. V10 Overview of Google Sheets UC: in this video, I will show you a quick to wear off Google ships on your Google drive. If you click on this new, you will see all the applications, which you get excess with your Google account, you have to create our control access all these applications and Google shoots is one of these. And if you click on Google shears, a new Google sheet are a spreadsheet will be created for you. But for this we go. I'm not going to start from a blank sheet. Instead, I will use a simple example. So I closed this, and this is one of the example which I have created for this video. So I click on this. But before I start explaining the user interface off Google sheikhs, I would like to highlight food things that Google ships is accessible from any browser, not only chrome, and you can also access Google. She's from almost any device like tabulator. I paired android or iPhone devices, and it looks like Excel spreadsheet. But the most important feature in Google shit is the ability to collaborate with your team members. More than one team members can work on a Google shit simultaneously. You can share your Google sheets online by using emails, and you can also export your sheikhs in Excel. Form it in pdf form. It's and in some other formers like open office and no quickly look at what a sheet is. A sheet consists off cells. Each of this cell has an address. For example, this forced sale. If you look at the top, you will see this is the column name and on the left is 11 means the first rule. So this cell has an address off E one column and row one. Similarly, for example, like leak here and you will see that this effort is highlighted. And on the left hand side, this nine is highlighted. So the address off this cell is F night you can. So you put your data in these cells and then you manipulate your data. Just like in Excel. You can apply formulas. You can apply formatting you can. You can tell cooler things. You can calculate every day's daughter's ex cetera. You can auto insert numbers, and when you click on any cell on the top, you can see that whatever is returning, the cell is also written here where you can make changes. No, let's have a quick tore off this. Google ships at the top left. You have this icon, and if I click on this, it will take me to the home off Google sheikhs. So this seat has a tighter. As you can see, this is the title of the shoot. And if you look at the bottom left corner, this is the name of the sheet. This is sheet one. You can also change this name by clicking here, and then you can rename this by clicking on rename. If you want to add another shit, just click on this plus site by clicking on this plus I. Another shoot has been added, as you can see at the border and the best practices that you re named these ships as part of your requirements. No, these are the menus, and most of these functions can be achieved in more than one ways. So let's go back to our original sheet. So let's talk about these menus quickly. So this file menu. In this menu you have commands toe handle fights, for example, you can create a new spreadsheet. You can open an existing file you can import from other former years. You can make a copy. You can download toe, Microsoft Excel format, open office, our media four minutes and some other functions you have in this file menu. In added minute, you have some other features such as Undo, redo and most of these features. Air Command's also available in these tools. For example, this is your undo. This is your real This is your print, and this print is also available in your file menu. So mostly all these features you can easily access. So some features are available by selecting the cell and then right clicking as you can see that I have a lot of features available when I right click on ourselves. No in view menu. You have certain other features, such as grid lines. You can freeze something. For example, if I freeze, this road destroyed will be visible. Even if I go for their down and you can zoom, you can have a fully skin view. No. In inside menu, you can insert chars images. Drawings are Google forms, so you can also insert some functions are links informant menu. You have the option toe put the phones and the sizes and the Stein's and underlying these kind of things are available. Informix, and these are also available here as well. As you can see, this is bold italic underline in Tools menu. You have certain other at masters, for example, Script editor. You can create a form from your spread. Shoot are you can enable some auto complete features As you're typing in adults, you can add 1/3 party applications, and if I click on this, it will take me to the end own speech where I can get some tired party applications, which add extra functionality to my Google ships. And in help many you have certain help features. For example, keyboard shortcuts are the function list and these kind of things. Then, in this toolbar, as you can see that you can set the precision how many decimals you want For your data, you can select a field color. For example, if I select this cell and then select a Greenfield color, it will be filled with greed. You can also select the color of their text by clicking on this and it. We currently is black, but you can change any color of their text. Similarly, you have options to put the border on yourselves just like in. Except so these kind of things are available in these tool menus so almost anything that you can do own Excel is available in Google sheikhs and Northern. I want to show you to formula highlights so that you can see a glimpse of what you can do in There are a lot more functions and formulas but this is not a Google Sheets training. So I would just quickly show you what I mean by adding formulas. For example, this is one and I want to add 234 and five. So what I can do is I can put my custom in the next cell and at the top here I can put is equal toe and the address off this cell is be five in which one is written. So I would say be five plus one and no, it has added to whatever is written in B fight. So one plus one is two and no, I can drag this dot this esquire dot and I can drag this upto very what I want. I can even go for that wherever if I want, and it will add one to all next entries. So this was a simplest example of a formula. So let's take another example. For example, I want to add all these minutes watched for my courses. So what I would do, I would is equal to And then I would say some, I will start a bracket and no, I will click on the first cell and then dread for the last. It will show me this number here from E five Colon E night. So it means from the five toe ni night and then the nurseries after the nine, where I have to close the bracket. So I just closed the bracket here, and I tended. So it will take that some off all these numbers. There are a lot of formulas available for some for average and some other at once formulas . So, in this way, you can manipulate your data by using this Google sheikhs. So this was a quick overview. Our Google ships 12. V11 Google Drawings in Google Documents UC: In this video, you will learn Harto inside booger drawings in your Google document. Goober drawing is another replication of Google sweet, and you can access this if you want to create our drawing from this new and inside new. If you click on more, you will find this Google drawings so it's just another application. But in this video, we're going toe. See how we can inside Google, drawing directly toe over Gougar document. So this is one drawing which I have created using this Gougar drying application, and I have stored this on my burger drive and this is a blank document where I want to tell you hope you can insert that drawing inside your document. So there are two ways. So when you click on insert drawing, there are two ways toe inside are drawing. You have the ability to create a new drawing from scratch. Inside your document are you get insider drawing from you're dry and the difference is that if you insider drawing from your drive, then you have the ability to update to link it to the source and then to update whenever you want. So first I will show you how you tend link are drawing from your Google drive. So I will click on from dry and I will take that example drawing and I will select this and no, I have two options Whether I want through a link to the source if I have the intention and I think that at some stage I might be updating their drawing then I should use this option . And if you have no intention to update, then you can use this inside unlinked. So I really first show you how you can insect with a link to the source. So I like this and I insert and no, if I click on this drawing on the right hand side, if I click on this little arrow shifting, I have these options. I can unlinked it from the source. I can open the source and modify their drawing. So let's say I opened the source and no, I know this drawing window will open and I have a can was And this checkered means that my background is transparent. There's no background toe this and no less a I update the color off this start below. So what I would do I will go here and I just change this color. And this is my document. If I opened my document no, I got this option off object. It recognizes their Some one has updated their drawing from this worship. So I have the ability to update. If I update, my drawing will be abdicated. So this is one way off. Inciting are drawing in your Google document the other ways. Of course, if you want toe a creator drawing from scratch. So I just believe this and know I show you the other option insert drawing. And this time, a new drawing. And here you can carry it are drawing and in destroying you have the ability to use a lot of shapes. And with these shapes, you can create flow charts. You can create organisational jars for your educational videos are far your exercises for your story in so these type of things you can use with this if you are a teacher and then you have a lot off eros available and call hours and some other mathematical equation, you can also show so you can create a lot of things. So let's say I use this rectangle and No, I can draw a rectangle here. No, I can change the colors to let's say I change color to this one. And no, I just showed you another hour. Shaped like say, we take this heart side are just take this smiley face. I can draw this and then I can also change the color. So this well, you can draw many things in this drawing. And let's say I show you some other options of these air, some line and air options. This car was very important. You can draw, for example, any mountain range, something like this. My drawing is terrible, but you can practice. And if you drink is good, you can do a lot of thing. And if you double click, it will end here. Then you can, of course, a color this as well, if you want. So this is how this is the second option. And this is another option. You can quickly create some interesting drawings inside your Google documents. So these are the two matters in which you can create bigger drawings. Seven close. So one more thing I would like to show you, For example, I insider drawing first not image, but the drawing and I said, new drawing and inside their drawing if I inside image and then I click on search. No. Here you can see results shown our label for commercial reuse with modifications. So this is very important that no, you can get some images, whatever desserts you will get. You can use those results for your commercial purpose, every modification as excess and you can read further about this. But this is a very powerful thing. Toe. Get some images quickly. So let's say I put something here like floor chart or something, and enter. So no, you can have all these images available so you can use this and it's a quick way off inserting images into your drawings. And then they're drawing into your Google doc. So these were few things about Google drawings. 13. V12 A Useful Chrome Extension for google Drive UC: in this video, I will show you how to use a very useful chrome extension card saved the world right. This extension can be used to save images from websites. When you are browsing and you see some image which is interesting, you can straightaway save that image toe Google Drive. If you have this extension in start so let us see auto use it. So in Google, just type save the world right and you will get this page Same Google drive Google chrome click on dirt and this is the extension which we want toe install in our browser. So where to from it will show this message and this is the extension we want to add in over Chrome browser as you can see that it has been used by many users. Extraditing is four star and this is offered by Google Drive Team. So therefore we trust this extension. We click on air to grow and add extension. No, I get this message that this chrome extension has been added and no, I don't want to synchronize with my computer, so I just close this And now I also close this window. No, this is my Google Drive, and I am currently at root location, and I want to save an image here, and this is the Web site from which I want to save this image to my Google drive. So I right click on this image and know I have this option. This option becomes available only when you install this extension. And no, I have further two options. Save link to your Google drive are saved. Image to your Google, right? So let's as you might want to save image to my Google dry. So I click on that and know I will get this message that the extension is asking for permissions on because it is from Google's. So I trust this extension and I click on a low on the left hand side. I will see progress, but and then this message saying that this image waas saved my Google drive. And no, I can't close this and know if I click on my Google dry. I can see that the image has been saved in my Google drive, so this is all you can use this chrome extension to save images from websites in the same manner you can add other extensions. There are plenty of extensions available, but you should trust the company because most are third party extensions and you are giving access to your Google account. So make sure that you read the privacy policy extra. But you can add more functionality to your Google dry by adding these grown extensions, and also by adding certain aired owns. So there is a slight difference between aired owns and extensions. Extensions are available to all of your APs within your browser, while the Erdogan's are designed for specific applications. 14. V13 Overview of Google sites: Another powerful feature of Burger Drive is the ability to make websites. These websites are card Google sites, and this will not be a custom website. You cannot just have any Web address because all weather dresses will start from sites dot google dot com Celeste and then you or something like that and then your address if you get there to address, because summer dresses have already been taken by other people who use Google Sykes. So if you are happy to accept this known custom addresses, then you can make Google sites for your contents. Toe share with your collaborators and your team members are general public because if you are a business, you might have a few things that you want to share with the general public and you have your own websites. But you don't want those shares toe happen on your own website. So they there is a room for Google sites for businesses, and in this video we will learn ho toe Kerry eight Google sites. So the first thing you want to do is you want to be in the root of your Google drive are in any particular folder very want toe kill yet your website because that Google site will essentially be a Google document. So what I would do is I will create a folder in my root Google drive, and then I will create a website. Inside that folder. I click on my drive and this is the route off my drive. And no, I right click on my drive and create a new folder. My websites Getty It annoy. Click on that folder. This folder is empty and here I am going to kill you Get my website. So to do that, I could weaken new more and Google sites and know this site has been created. And now I want to customize this website, so the first thing is the cover page of the title page. I have few options here. I can change the image I can upload from my computer. I can select any me so fast. See how I can select any me and know there are few options which I already have here in Google sites, and I can select any of these image if I want. I can click on Google drive and select any of the image from my Google drive in this case, I'm going to select any of these default options provided to me by Google. So let us assume we select this option and I say select. This is my title page. I can select the title of my faith that say, my website toe ed contents on the writer inside I have these three steps inside pages and teams teams is were you can select any of the team are any of type of phones are thes kind of things. For example, if I select this diplomat team, the style of this team will appear here the phone will change and other few things No in pages. I can create pages off my website, but the first thing you should start is from inserted and in die inside menu you have four main options West is you can insert from your Google drive. So what it means is that if you inside any of your Google document, that document will be previewed on your website. It will create a wonderful preview. So let's see how it looked like on Google Drive and no, I select any off these documents, so let us take some document from my pdf old I have this presentation. So I was like this presentation and I will click on insert at the right border. And no, this document has been inserted on my website. So no, here I can add many elements. If I is look on the right hand side, I can add a table of contents image carousel, but in the wider. So let's say this is my first section and no, I want to put our divided here, so I just click divider and it will put this divided here. I know I want to wear something else so I can embed something. So this embed means if we have a link to one of my Google documents so that link I can put here, So let's see how it works. So in orderto embed something, I have to get the link first. So let us take some link from my Google documents. So I go to my men drive and let's see, I click on this document and I click on share and this is my shareable link. So I just copy link kids and done and close this document I know on my website are No, I click on this image. I put the link off my document here and no, a preview off. The document appears here, so it will not insert as a link but as a previewed document. So I can know, say insert and no, my document has been inserted. And when I will do the website, I can scroll the document and I can see the full document and I will show you in a minute. No, I can add another delighted here and no, let's see ho toe add any image. So I click on this image and this time I upload an image and let us say I upload this image from my computer and no, this image will be added here. So in this way you can add elements to your website. If you want to preview the website, you click on this preview icon and Google will create a preview off your website so you can have a look. For example. This is my presentation. As you can see, I can scroll and I can see all the slides off my presentation here. You can add Google slides as well. Just put the link of your Googles light and all your presentation which you have made in Google's light will appear here similarly in my document area I can scroll other document and I can see all pages of my document. So this is all you preview now You can add a text box by clicking on this link. If you want toe, write something for your customer. Are for your collaborators some message or some description at the top you can inside their textbooks and write something. I know. For example, I want to publish this website. So I just click on Publish and it will show me this dialog box and this is the starting address off my website. And then after this after this, slash whatever address I want I can put here, for example, let's say I want this Web address Digit idea help Google will check. Whether this address is available are not. If not, then it will show me a message and if available, I will be ableto get there to address and let's say I click publish and no, my website has been published because they don't get any messy that this address is not available or something like that and No. If I click here, I have the ability toe view my published website. And if I click this so this is my published website and anyone with this address will be ableto access this website. So be aware that I might unpublished this website when you are watching this course. But this is how you create websites using Google Drive and Google Sykes. 15. V14 Adding Flares to your google Drive UC: in this video, we will learn Ho toe aired some colors and some starts toe over world rife orders. As you can see that by default all these borders are in Greek alert. Sometimes it is easier for us. Toe assigned certain colors toe over folders and another were toe. Assign some importance to any folder is by assigning them a stock. So when you start some folder or some fire, you can access those files directly by clicking on this star. As you can see that only one file has been started the moment. And if I go back to my Google drive, I have plenty of five here. So let us first understand host our works. So, for example, this is a folder which I use on a daily basis So I can right click on this folder and I can click on add to start. I will see this message. One folder added to start. And no, if I click on start, I will see that border here. So this is that wanted of these start folders are foils. Whatever you will start, you will be able to access that directly by clicking on this start. I call instead of searching in your Google drive because sometimes you have hundreds of files on your Google drive. So this is one where toe assigned the importance another. Where to assign the importance is there. I can assign various colors to my folders. So, for example, if I want to assign any color to this forger now, I can right click on this folder and then change color and then I can assign any color. No, this folder has been assigned a green color. Similarly, I can assign any other color toe another folder. And this way I can arrange these folders based on any specific criteria I have. No, The last thing I want to show you is hold to add some emojis because it watches are also very popular. And sometimes we want toe aired emojis. So to do that, I right click on this folder and I click on rename. Then I click on this after the name of the folder where I want weird any emoji I can then right click. And here is emoji. If I click on emoji no, I have the ability to select any of these emojis. There are various set up emerges As you can see, this blue line indicates that I am currently in this section most recently used. If I click on that, the Boland will appear here and I will get another set of emojis So these are few search self emojis You can also such emerges by start typing after this name where the cancer is blinking. If I start typing something like film for example and no, it will show me a few emojis which are related toe film, whatever I'm trying to type Similarly, for example, if I want toe have a take emoji so I can type pick and it will show me all the emojis related toe this pick and then I can select, for example this emoji and I can close this window No and I click on OK know this folder has an emoji attached to this. So this is how you can add some flair to your Google drive boys by assigning them colors. Emojis are star 16. V15 Connecting app to Google drive and Signing PDF documents UC: in this video, we will learn a few things. The first thing is how to connect third party applications with your Google drive. And the second thing we will learn in this video is hope to sign a pdf document from video . Your Google drive? No, I said pdf document because there are two different situations. One is that you are signing a cougar document, which is basically a word like document. And the second is you are signing up pdf document Die applications which allow you to sign Google documents. They are paid applications and I'm going to show you the most popular one Israel. But for signing a pity of document, I have got an application which is a good application and which is free, which allows you a free account. It also has appeared wasn't so. Therefore, I will demonstrate that no, there is another possibility if you are talking about pdf eyes that you can sign the pdf ice from within the Acrobat Reader application, which is also free. So first off, let's talk about the applications which allow you to sign a non pdf booger document. So the first application, which allows you to sign Grover Documents is card Pender Doc and these are the pricing plans for this application. I'm not going to use this. It's very expensive. The second application is Doctor side, and this also is a paint application. And if I click on the pricing and you signature plans, as you can see that this is also very expensive application and the third a politician which I'm going toe show you in this video is dog hub. And this application allows you to sign pdf documents. And if I click on their pricing plans, we have ah, freeways, gin and a paid version. And free virgin allows you toe signed 2000 documents maximum, but five e signatures permanent are allowed. So if you use only occasionally as I do so you can just create a free account and you can use it. So I will close the these two applications. No, because these I'm not going to use. And I also close this application. And in my Google drive, I have already connected this application because I have created an account. But I will show you how you can collect this. So that way you connect any application is you click on new More and then connect more EPPS . So once you click on that, it will show you all die available EPS And for example, if I want toe connect this app, there will be a Polack butter and you just click on this connect and it will be connected. And because I have already connected this dog up, it's likely condense. It will show me that it is connected and know I can state away use this app and I will show you how you can use it. Let's close this. And this is the document which I want toe sign using this application. And if I open this document in Acrobat Reader as you can see that on the right time side, I have this option feel inside so I can sign this in Acrobat Reader. So what's the point of using a dog? Have application? The benefit of losing Doc, huh? Is there? Doc Hub is connected with your Google drive so you can sign a document state away from within your booger drive. And this is what we are going toe do now. So this is the document The same document in my Google drive I double click on this. It opens in the preview pen, and if you have installed this application, you will see two yet Doc up application and I can state of a click on this link. Now you will get another screening between which will ask you toe allow permission. So this brought me straight in tow the application interface. But when you will click first time, it will ask you to allow permissions. And if you're happy, you can allow the permission, and then it will show you this screen. So know this document is already in this application. So I want to use the existing one. And in this application, you can not only sign, but you can also add some annotations to your pdf eyes. And these are a few things you can adhere. You can, for example, highlights something. And you can also put some icons in your file for example, a cheque books if you want. But since this is not a tutorial off dog hub, so I'm not going to explain all this, but you can find it yourself. These are self explanatory. Okay? No, I have placed myself on the left hand side so that I could explain to you Ah ha, to sign a document. So to sign a document, you click on this sign and then kill years signature. I know you have few options. The first option is that that you can use your phone as a finger signature badge. You can type your number and sent. The second option is you can draw something. So let be draw something here. So this is my signature. And no, I can click on this save as default. So click on this. I know this will show me how my signature will look like on the document and then it will disappear. And no, If I go there, I get another option. Manage your signatures and no, If I click on that, I can see that this is my before adoption, which I can believe it. And I can also add a new signature if I want. And if I click on new signature again, the same dialog box will appear. And if you have scanned your signature in a PNG fight with their transparent background, then you can also upload the file from your computer. And once you click on, choose why it will take you to the your PC, and you can select the fight the best while is rpm defying with transparent background. No in type. Whatever is your name, it will recognize your name, and it will give you few options. If you want to select any of these options as your signature for casual proposal there there, there is no importance. You just want toe put your sign. You can select any of these options, and it will include it into your signature list. So these are some of the options, and all these options are available for initials as well. So let's see. I click on Could I get your signature again and know this? We were in the signature area. And if I click on initials? Yeah, I can again have all the options and know if I could weaken for example, Drop. And then I said, This is my initial there. Say this is my ignition and no, I click on Save as D Fort initial. It will show me how my initial will look like and know if I click on manage your signatures in my signatures. I have before signature in my initial. I have this initial there sit and no, we can I can put my initial our signature whatever I one and no. Once you have your signature and your initials both available in this area off your application, then you are ready toe signed the document. Click on this sign and no, you have to decide whether you want to put a signature are an initial. So let's as you might want to put a signature and then wherever I want, I can put it there. So let's as you might want to put it there and no, if I click on this signature on the right bottom, I see this esquire dot and if I over over this, I can see this double sided arrow. I click on this and I can drag and changed up sighs off my signatures. You are just a politician. I click again and I over over these six doors click and drag. So in this way I can just the size of the signature are the position of the signatures. So this is all you can assign your beauty of documents from within your Google drive using Doc Hub application