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Learn to Master Google Docs: For Productivity and Team Collaborations

Tahir Yaqub, I Teach Online

Learn to Master Google Docs: For Productivity and Team Collaborations

Tahir Yaqub, I Teach Online

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31 Lessons (1h 38m)
    • 1. Introduction: Learn to Master Google Docs

    • 2. Google Account, Drive and Docs

    • 3. Creating and Saving

    • 4. Tour Of User Interface

    • 5. Ad Ons And Dummy Text

    • 6. Basic Text Formatting

    • 7. Using Styles in Google Docs

    • 8. Table Of Contents

    • 9. The Paint Format Tool

    • 10. Header Footer And Footnotes

    • 11. Word Document And Spell Check

    • 12. Page Setup

    • 13. Adding More Fonts

    • 14. Inserting Images Into Google Document

    • 15. Basic Image Operations

    • 16. Free Preview Creating And Formatting Tables

    • 17. Free Preview Addind Resolving And Assigning Comments

    • 18. Making And Handling Suggestions

    • 19. Sharing Documents New

    • 20. Receiving A Shared Document

    • 21. Deleting And Restoring A Document

    • 22. Using The Explore Features

    • 23. Google Drawings In Google Documents

    • 24. Email Options Google Document

    • 25. Restoring a Previous Version of Your Document

    • 26. Instantly Translate A Document In Any Language

    • 27. Keyboard Shortcuts

    • 28. Creating Your Own Shortcuts

    • 29. Voice Typing

    • 30. Using Templates

    • 31. Printing

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About This Class


For Productivity & Team Collaborations

Introduction to Google Docs:

Google docs is an online word process which is free for you to use. You only need to have a Google account. It has tons of features which most people don’t know. Google docs is available as a desktop web application supported by almost all browsers as well as a mobile phone application. The best thing about Google docs is that all the documents you create in google docs are saved on cloud storage provided free by Google. This storage is called Google Drive. Every Google account holder gets 15GB of free storage and then you can buy more at a very low yearly price. All the Google documents which you create on google docs does not count towards your 15 GB free limit. This is a huge benefit. Another feature of docs is that you can collaborate with your team members. This is an era of home-based entrepreneurs who collaborate with their customers from home or with the people who do gigs for their business. Google docs is a perfect way to do these kinds of collaborations. You can also buy paid version of google apps which is called Gsuite if you are running a company. This will give you some additional benefits. However for this course it is assumed that you only have a Google account for yourself only.

Who Should Take This Course:

In today's world, almost everyone uses Google products. Therefore this course is useful literally for everyone who uses the internet and Google product and applications. Google docs is being used by more and more companies on a daily basis and learning how to use Google docs can help you in your job. Almost all schools in the US, Australia, UK and western countries have started using Google documents. Whether you are a student, teacher, a job seeker, a single mom or a single dad, learning Google docs can help you in taking care of your documents, keeping them organized and saved on cloud storage.If you are in business or managing teams of people, it is almost essential to understand Google ecosystem and google documents are one of the central parts of this ecosystem.

About This Course:

This Google docs course on Skillshare is designed as a comprehensive guide for Google documents. Even if you are an absolute beginner, you will be able to learn and master google docs. No prior knowledge of Google docs is assumed for you to have if you take this course. At this stage the course has nearly 30 lectures each explaining a few features of the application. However I will be adding more videos and exercises as this course gets seasoned. You will learn Google docs over my shoulder in each video. I will show you by actually doing the things in the documents. From creating a Google account to sharing, collaborating, making suggestions and comments for your team members, everything is explained in detail. I have kept the video lectures size to be digestible for you.

Topics Covered in this Online Course on Google Docs:

  1. Google Account and Google Drive

  2. Creating and saving your First Google Document

  3. Tour of the User interface

  4. Using Ad-on to Place some Dummy text.

  5. Text Formatting: The Basic Method

  6. Text formatting using Styles in Google Docs

  7. Creating table of contents

  8. The paint format tool in Google docs

  9. Header, footer and footnotes

  10. Converting a Microsoft Word document into a google Docs document

  11. How to do page setup

  12. Adding more fonts

  13. Inserting images into google document

  14. Some basic image operations

  15. Creating and formatting tables

  16. Adding, resolving and assigning comments in a Google document

  17. Making and handling suggestions to your team members

  18. Sharing document in Google docs

  19. Receiving a shared document

  20. Deleting and restoring a document

  21. The “Explore” feature in Google documents.

  22. Making drawings inside a google document

  23. Emailing document

  24. Restoring a previous version of a Google document

  25. Translating a document in any language instantly.

  26. Keyboard shortcuts

  27. Creating your own shortcuts

  28. Voice typing in Google docs

  29. Using templates

Some Details of Key Features of Google Docs:

1. Lifetime Free Storage:

All the documents you create on Google docs will be saved on your google drive and these documents will not even consume your quota of free storage allowed by Google. This means you don't have to worry about losing your articles, your blog posts, your lecture notes, you project proposals, your reports or any other document which you create on google docs. This will give you a peace of mind.

2. Collaboration with Team members:

Google docs provide an easy way to collaborate between team members. If you manage

teams or you have a lot of students to collaborate with, Google documents will help you

in doing that On one single document, anyone from the team members can put

comment, make suggestions or ask someone else to make comments or do approvals.

You can see the discussions and make informed decisions based on the feedback of

your team members.

3. Version History of Your Google Documents:

All the previous versions of your documents are kept stored on your Google drive. You

have the ability to see all the previous changes, who made those changes, when the

changes were made, what discussion and suggestions were going on at the time when

document was changed etc.You can also go back to any previous version and make it a

current version.

4. The ability to handle Images & Drawings:

Google docs has a wonderful ability to handle images and drawings. You can draw shapes and flow charts or even algorithms inside your Google document. You have plenty of shapes, arrows, lines etc available in Google drawing app which can be used from within your document. This is really powerful because you don't have to buy any separate software for drawing shapes and flow charts and flow diagrams. Google documents also have some options for basic operations on images. For example you can change the transparency of the image, the contrast and brightness.

5.Doing Translations and voice Typing

In Google docs, you can translate your document into any other language almost

Instantly. There are many languages available and the process is very simple. This may

not be 100% accurate but you might need only few changes instead of translating the

whole document which can save you hrs. If you are a content creator, this can help you

in reaching audiences from other countries.

Also you can make documents just by saying something and Google docs will translate

that into text document. This is a powerful feature for transcribing videos or lectures.

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Tahir Yaqub

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1. Introduction: Learn to Master Google Docs: Gougar Dogs is a free Web based word processing, which you can access using Internet and Broza, and you can kill your documents or types of documents, which would otherwise affiliate in Microsoft. Word are in open office software. All the farmers of bigger documents are compatible with Microsoft Word and Open office, and you don't have to worry about saving because all of your documents will automatically be saved. However, you have the ability to organize those fires in specific folders with every Gmail account, you get 15 DVR free online storage by Google, which is card. Who will drive by before Gougar dogs is connected with your uber driver, but you can download your document to your computer in various form. It's one of the main reasons people use Google Dogs is the ability to share and collaborate with your team members. Using Internet Marty party members can access a singer document at the same time, but this is card real time collaboration. There are various useful features available for this collaboration, such as making comments, making suggestions and then these discussions can be saved in the document. One of the powerful feature of her dogs is that you can go back to a previous working off your document. If you are not happy with the current virgin, you can go back to any of the previous worship. In this course, I will walk you through all the features of mover document. Even if you are a bigger, I will start from creating a Google account. And then I will talk about all other features, which Booger documents has no more days. Gruber documents is being used by almost every business university school. So even if you are a student are a job seeker, Learning over documents will be extremely beneficial for you in bigger dogs you can inside and many blurred images very easily. It's very intuitive. Also, you have all the features of Google drawings in your burger document, which gives you access toe a lot off shapes and arrows and lines, which you can use to make flow. Diagrams are algorithms, and these kind of things, and one of the powerful feature of bigger dogs is the ability to translate your speech into a document. You just speaking your microphone and bigger dogs will create a transcript for you and one of the powerful feature of Murdoch's is that you can translate your document in any other language almost instantly. But if you are content created and you want to grow your audience so this could be extremely beneficial for you. Currently, discourse has nearly 30 lectures, but as this course get seasoned, I will be adding more lectures toe discourse. If you think that something is missing, you can send me a message, and I will definitely make another video about that future. So I am confident that you will learn new features in this course, even if you are using goober dogs for many years. So just click down roll butter and I will see you inside the course. 2. Google Account, Drive and Docs : before we start working on bigger dogs, I want toe introduce to you some of the basics of Google A cons. So Google has two types of accounts. One is the personal account which we use, such as Gmail and which I will be using. In this course, I will be using only a personal account so you don't have to purchase anything. But if you want toe by for your business, then you can have three options for which is Carnegie. Sweets for the sweet is the Google is the line of Google products where you can have three type of options where they're basically sweet, our business de suite, our enterprise G suite. So these are raised in Australian dollars. If you wish, you can open this type off account, Israel. But what we will be using in this course and what you might already have is ah, Google personal account. So I have created this new account just for this course. If you don't have an account, you can just type Google, sign in in your Google such console and you will reach on this page. And here you have the option to create account and you click on that, and then you just click myself and then you have to enter your name and other details and password, And once you enter your user name, it will check whether this user name is available are not. Otherwise, you will have toe choose another option, and then you just depress next few times until a this dialog box is finished and you will get your Google account already. Once you have your Google account, no, you have to learn to more things. Hold toe, xs Gougar dogs and hope to excess booger drive. This is the two essential things you should know, and this is what we were doing in this course. Again and again. I will be using bigger dogs and Google drive in parallel because Google Dogs is based on Google Drive, which is a cloud based free stories available to you. So with every Google account, you get 15 db or free stories available, and this is what what is called Google Drive. This is a cloud based storage for your files. So let me log into my account and then I will show how toe xs Google drive and bigger dogs . So once too long into your Google account. One ways to just click on these Google EPS. And in this Google laps you have this Google drive, and if you click more, you will get this Google doc. So if you click on this, you will state of goto bigger dogs are. You can type dogs dot google dot com for over dogs and for Dr You can type dry dot google dot com and you will be in your Google drive. So this is what I'm going to do. Dr dot google dot com. Enter. I know this is my Google drive where I have put few examples for you, which we will be doing in this course, and similarly, you can also access Gougar dogs from within your Google drive. So if you click on this little triangle, you will get this goober dogs, and then you can state of start creating your booger documents. So this is all you can create a new Google account and excess Booger Drive and Google Dogs 3. Creating and Saving : No. Let's create our first mobile document. In this video, we will create a new document. And then we will name this document. And then we will save this document in a specific folder. So in order to access Goober dogs, you have type dog stored booger dot com And then you will get this page at the top of this big. You have this template gallery where a few templates are available. You can start from these templates. Just click on any off these and start working to start a new document. You have to click on this plus sign. And if you click there Ah, blank Google document will be created. No, we can start typing, So let us say I type something. The first thing we want to do is we want toe name this document. If we don't name this document, the document will still be named as untitled document as you can see here. And once you hover over this area, you will see the option to rename the document. So this you should understand that even if you don't name, it will be named as untitled document. And even if you don't save this document. The document will still be saved in your Google dry. But the best thing is toe. Name it appropriately. So as soon as you click on this area, you will notice that whatever is the return of the first line of your document by default, it will try toe name your document with the same wording. If you think it is appropriate, you can click outside and it will be named as this. No. My document has been named as lesson one and no. In order to save this document in a specific folder off our own choice, you need to click on this for the sign. And if you click on that because this is a new account I created for this course. So currently, I don't have any folder here to create a new Ford. You click on this water I can with the plus sign and click on that and know you can name your folder. So let us say I name it as a for their one and no, I need to click on this big sign. So Rican debt and this water has been affiliated. No, I know this four days empty, but our location is inside the folder for this document. So if I click on move here, my document will be moved toe this specific border. So I just click here. No, I will get this message. It says Lesson one has been moved from my drive. Toaff, order one and you can undo it. Give you few seconds toe. Undo this action if you want. Otherwise you can state of a dismissed. So no, your document has been saved in our newly created folder. And in order to check this if you want, you can open a new window here and type Dr Guard google dot com. And no, this is my drive for this account. As you can see here, that zero bytes are 15 db use Every Google account gives you 15 db of free storage and then you can purchase more. And all those documents which you create These are not included in your face space because these will be our extra benefit for you. So therefore I still see zero bytes and and these are my folders. Currently I only have this forger one if I could connect, I can see that my document is inside this Ford if I go back. This is my quick access areas. So this quick access area works like recently opened documents. So it gives you a chance Toe, quickly open this document. So this is how you create a new document and save it in a specific folder on your Google drive? 4. Tour Of User Interface: Before we start discussing various features of over dogs, I really walked through the Goober Dogs user interface on the very left hand side at the top you have this blue icon which he will take you to the dogs home pitch on which you have all your documents. Then you have the ability to rename your document in this area as we have done already. Then you can start this document by putting ah star. You will be able to find this document easily in your Google drive. Then you can move the document toe any other folder by clicking on this. For that, I can't on the writer inside, you have this comment. You can share this document by pressing on this year. I can't on by sending a link are by sending an email to someone who is your collaborator Are your team member This is the icon for telling you which Google account is associated with this Goober dogs. Then this area you can use toe hide these meanwhile items If you click on this Aero, all your menu items are no gone. You can do this to get some more space if you want, and No, just bring it back. Then If you click unvested trying the little triangle, you will see these three options. So editing means that you are editing your document are someone else's document. You can also suggest by putting something in other document and that will be shown in in a separate color. So this we will talk about all these features later on. Are you are just in viewing more? No, this is the file menu. And in this meaning, you have all the actions related to a file. You can share a file, you can open a new file are you can download this file? Are you can also email this file toe collaborators because this is a new account and I have not shared anything. So this collaborator icon is not highlighted. Once you have share something, you will see this icon will be highlighted and you can email the file from here. Then they have their language options page set up and all these things we will be discussing later on in the edit. You have some editing options unduly Do are based in view. You you have the options hold. The document looks on the screen, for example, there is a ruler on the left hand side. You can remove this ruler if you want, and there are some section breaks and other options available in the insect. Me New. You can insert image from various places from Google, dry from fort or buy from a U R L. You can inside our table, which we will do later on. You can insert are drawing. Similarly, You can also insert some special characters, Greek letters, a mathematical equations harder and page numbers you can also link, and this type of options are available in insect. In the former tab, you can do the text formatting there a lot off options. Board it all eggs, allying, inventing line spacing columns. All these options are available in former debt in told staff there are few very useful tools are delivered to you. For example, spelling and grammar. Checking word count. If you are making, for example, a proposal where there is ah word count limit, you can do that. You can also have this dictionary and a very useful Weiss typing tool year available. I used this. You'll toe get the transcript on my videos so it's a very useful tool. We will be discussing this later on. Then in Air Zone you can use a tired party, Erdogan, and that will appear in this section, then below this menu. You have all these quick excess icons. And what are these? These? They're just taken from these menus. For example. This is undue. This is redo print spell checking and all these, for example, Is there some formatting icons You can quickly excess board instead of going toe for mate and then text and then bored. You can quickly excess board from here. So these are some quick access options. You can left the line center line are you can increase the line. Spacing are you can indenture document. So all these options are available in this quick access toolbar and we will be discussing all this later on. So this was a quick toe Are for goober dogs user interface and no, we will start building over documents 5. Ad Ons And Dummy Text: in the next video, I want to show you some formatting of text, and in this video we will see how we can add some adults into over bigger dogs. And the add on which we are adding today is the ad own which will give us some a random dummy text. Are the placeholder text for our document and then in the next Would you be willing for mater the text? So let's see how we can get some place, order text by adding and add owns in our Google dogs. This text is well known as Laura Ipsum domestics, and you might have seen this Laura if some text on some of the website templates it, for example, so all we can put this on booger dogs. For that, we have to use an A. Don't just click on Erdogan's and then get adults and there are a lot off Erdogan's available and I might show you a few of them which are useful but for the time being, were searching for Lauren. So just put Laura um and enter. I know we have these two aired owns both can poor white us Laura. If some text so this has a good rating. So let's try this. So please call free. I know this is the count I want. So click on there and then I say alot and no, you receive this message. This has been in starting and no, we can add some placeholder text. So just close this message and no, In Arizona, you can see this year. No, if I click on inside Ipsum here, so it will put some dummy text for us. So this is all you can put some place, order, text And if I want another paragraph I was just going to where does again? This one and then inside some text again And it will place some other a random text here. So this Texas is different than the previous one. So in this will you can add some text And this is the way you can add any Adams in tow. Gougar dogs 6. Basic Text Formatting : the look and feel of your document heavily depends on the formatting. And in the previous video, we have used an add on to insert some place order texting over document. And in this video we are going toe former this text and there are at least three days to form in the text. One way is by using these formatting icons, and all these tools can change the look and feel of our document. By using these tools, we can change the phone size, the phone itself, the line spacing, their alignment and all these type of things. And we can do this by selecting the individual text blocks. So this is a one way or formatting the text. The second way is by using the styling options. So these styling options are in this former tab and under this paragraph styles, we have all these styling in this way. We can also forbade our text and this way we learn in another. We knew the third way offer styling are for meeting. Their text is by using this pain former tool. This is also aware toe quickly match toe text blocks All the styling of one block can be immediately corporate toe, the other blow. So this pain former tool is also very useful, and we will also learn this in another video. But in this first video, we're going through former this text by using these for metals. So let's say I want to increase the size of this heading. So what I do is I select this and then in this size option, I can select any size. Let's say I select 30 size and then I can also board it. I can make it italics. I can underline this artifact trick again. This underline will be gone if I click again. The state Alex is also gone. So this way I can change this. Also, I can change the color of this text if I want. I can use any color here. So this way you can change the size of this text if you want to change the phone. So by default the phone tees area so you can have some other forms at their ever 10 or 12 fours available by default in Google dogs. But if you want more forms, you have to click on this. More phones. Another window will open And from this window you have a lot of other force available. So all these forced If you scroll down, you can see that we have a lot off other options available. And once you select any of these phone, for example, eyes select this lotto. So I selected and I said, OK, I know this phone is also available here in my list. So this is included in this because I recently have used this form. So this way you can change the phone and no, this phone will be available. No, I can also change the fault of the text body. So this is my text. But before these Syrians, so I can change any other. Let's say, Jane, this toe Georgia, I know I have this formed No, we can also change the alignment of this Take If I want this heading Toby Center align. So these are the options available. This is the center line, so I can align it in the center. Our left are even right in some cases. For example, if you're writing a letter and you want to put a date on the right hand side and this option is a justify option which normally we use for the body of the text so I can select this. And as you can see that there are some uneven gaps in the lines. If I select this justify option, all these are very line on both side of my page. So this is another option toe. Consider if I want to change the line spacing, then we have this option line expressing Onda. We can change it toe less the 1.5. So no, the line spacing has increased and no, let's say I enter here so that I can make these in tow three separate lines and no, if I select all these and then I click on this number list so these three will be number and if I click again, these will again be a number similarly, you can use these bullet points if you don't want numbers, so these will be bullet point. So this is also useful for numbering. If you have some list, you can also increase or decrease the Internet. So this is on the left side. If you want more distant, you can add this by using these Indian tools. So these were some of the formatting options which are the basic former T. It means that you have to select a block and then apply for mating. No, this for mating, and everything will only be applicable. Toe this document and because if you will open a new document, all these forms will again be a setback toe the D four phones. So in this video, we learn ho toe change the formatting off texter off individual blocks. And in the next video, we will learn how to use styles. 7. Using Styles in Google Docs : In this video you will learn how to apply styles to a document We have learned one method off applying styles and that waas toe apply the for mating on individual block off text. And this is a document where I have applied that matter and I have changed our title by just changing the size of the phone and making it board. Similarly, I changed our subtitle by increasing the phone a little bit less than the main title and by making it italicize so in this way I applied this formatting toe individual block off text toe all this document and this is ah, we are applying for meeting. But a better way of applying for mating is by using styles. And this is the purpose of this video. And you can do this ties by clicking on this. This is the style step And if I click on this little rectangle, I can see all these styles available. The second way of accessing this style is in the former menu and in the former menu you have this paragraph, first ties and all these styles that also available in this area. But the quickest way to access it is by using this step. And this is what we will do in this video. Although there is no style applied toe this document, if I click on this view menu and then I check this onshore document Hope line if I click here so that I turned on on the left hand side you can see that it shows me the outline of the document. So Google is intelligent enough to understand that if I apply this headings and if I increase the phone size are bold it so Google will think that this is some sort off headings. It means that although I have not applied any styles, toe this document. But Google is smart enough to understand that if I am increasing the phone size, if I am making this border Italy, it means there. These are headings, subheadings, titles and subject. Even if I click on any of these headings for example, if I click on technical requirements, I stayed away goto that particular area of the document. So then what is the point off Applying the style is if we can get out line If we can go stato that part for the men is enough. Applying STAIs is that if you need a table of contents and if you are only a person who is working on this document, you might not need to apply any STAIs because you can access their document from this outline. But if, for example, you are making this document for someone else to read our understand or something, then it might be useful to have a table of contents at the beginning of the document because that person might not know that you can get out line. So because not everybody knows all the features in Goober Dog So therefore our table of content is ah, stand rise way off, making your documents so you might need a table of contents. So therefore we apply states. No, let's apply some styles toe this document. So let's uncheck this outline and no, we will apply some styles and see how it works. So this is the title of my document. So these tiles are some preset for minutes. So when I will select anything from these, it will apply your certain phone size, a certain boulder italics characteristic off a phone and a certain phone. So these type of things will be automatically applied Toe my text below for which I select any of the styles. So let us see This is my title and I click here and I select tighter. So this is the size of the title by default in Google Dogs which is 26 phone size and aerial phone. Similarly, if I want this to be subtitled, I will go here and click Subtitle So this is my subtitle As you can see that the color is also a change slightly to show that this is a subtitle. No, similarly, this is my heading. So I just go here and I can say heading one. So this is my heading one, which is the top level headache. So this is another top level heading. So I can say that this is heading one. No, let's apply some other Stites. So let us say that this is assume that this is not reading one body starting to I want to see just how it looks. So this is heading to and then we can say there. Let's this So this is sending three start. No, you have the ability to change any of these for example let's say I am not happy with this subtitle and I want to change it so I can do that. What I can do is I can select this and I can change the size Let's say I need a size off 14 instead of 50 So no, I have changed this subtitle But this change is only applicable toe this element and for example let's say I apply subtitle toe this element and I say this is subtitled and you will see that this subtitle is 50 So there is only one subtitle in a document But so I just wanted to show you side by side So therefore I change this to subtitle This is 15 although I have the ability to change it So 14 and I have changed it. But it's not changed In the next instance of the subtitle What if I want to change this toe everywhere? Every subtitle I want to change it to 40. So what I will do is here I will say subtitle. And in this subtitle I have to click on this aero and instead of applying subtitle I will say update Subtitle to match and before I click that to match what? To match whatever is written here. So this is the phones phone and this is the form size. So I am asking that every subtitle You match it, whatever is written in front of you. So no, If I click this so no, this is also 14. And this is also 14. No, As you can see, both are 14 size. So this is all you can change the d fort off these styles? No, this change will only be within this document. And if you open a new document then whatever changes you have made, the this document will be lost. Although in this document, if you change the subtitle of any other element, the changes will still be intact because you have applied this match. But if you open a new document, you will still go back to that before. So if you want toe have this subtitle off size 14 in all of your future Gougar documents. So then what you need to do is you have to click on this and go toe options. And in this options, you have to click on save as my Defour styles. If I click on this and it will show me a message. Your default styles have been saved. Know everything off this document. Every style of this document which I have changed are not changed. That will be my default. A study for all of my future documents. And if I don't want this, I want the original de force. So then I can go back again into the options. And then I can reset my style If I click Reset. My style's know every style has been reset. So no. In my future document, all my styles will be as the original style of original before this ties up bigger dogs. Still, this is 40 although the original before this 50. But this is in this document. All the future document because they're de force affects all the future documents. You can make changes toe any document on which you are working. So this is how you can change the style of all your document. You can check the outline, you can go to the outline and in the next video we will see hope we can make a table of contents 8. Table Of Contents: in this video you will learn ho toe inside a table of contents in the last video, we have inserted some styles in our document. Let's first make sure that we have finished putting the style. So this is the subtitle and I want this to be heading one and this is heading their sport. This heading as well. Let us assume this is heading to this is heading to Israel. This is heading to wear as well. This is hurting one. You don't have to select this whole. You can just put the cursor somewhere and you can change the heading. No, we are hopefully done with this styles and no, we can insert a table of contents for two inside the table of contents fasting. You make sure that you are at the top of your document where you want to insert your table of contents. So just inside one line and here I want to insert my table of contents. So far for that, we have to click on insert and at the very end we have a table of contents. So there are two types. One is with page numbers and the other is with bluewings so I would prefer this page numbers. So just click conduct. I know we have this table of contents. So this boc has this boundary, as you can see and these are our headings, subheadings. And as you might have noticed, that title and subtitles are not available here because table of contents does not contain titles and subtitles. So therefore we have all over headings and everything. If you want, you can change this table of contents But the best ways to change the text. For example, if I click on here and I don't want this the colon because this is just by mistake so I can edit this. If I click on this purpose, it will take me to the, uh, next area and no, here. I can't. I believe this. The next time when my table of contents will update, it will automatically correct this. If you want toe update it. Now you can just click on this off the table of contents this circular, Pero and it will be updated. And as you can see that know that Colin sign has been removed. So this is all you can put a table of contents in your document. And if you want to delete your table of contents, so click anywhere on the table of contents and then right click. And at the very end you will find this delete table of contents. And if you press this, your table of contents will be bility. So there are two important things to remember here. The first thing is, styles are needed to create the table of contents, and the best practice is don't edit the table of contents itself, instead edit their text and update the table of contents. 9. The Paint Format Tool : in this video, I will describe a very powerful toe for formatting your text in your document. So this is my document. And as you can see, that I have different types of formats. This is my title and it has aerial phone with 26 size. This is subtitle with Really Way Formed and 14 size. And this is my body of the text, which is Ariel formed with 11 sites. So let us say that I want toe match my introduction body of the text with my subtitle. So the one ways dough I just click on here and I see what is the phone size and what is the phone name. But there is a quicker way to do that. And that is by using this pain format to and this tool is available inward as well. You might have seen a brush, so this is equivalent proved that too. So you just select the part of the text. You don't have to select the whole text just like the part of the text, and then click on pain for Mitt and then all their text, which you want toe match with the original one. So I select this. And as you can see that all my text is no matched with this subtitle text. So this is a very quick way to match text, for example, sometimes what happens is that you are here and for some reason you start typing and then you later realise that this is that their texture of the heading So you can select any text from body of the text, you can match it. So this is a very useful tool because it looks a little bit different than what you are usedto So therefore, I thought I should explain this as well. 10. Header Footer And Footnotes: In this video, you will learn how to place headers, footers and footnotes in Google. Document Heather is a text written at the top off your text and which appears on every page . Similarly, football is a space at the bottom, off your text and whatever you right in the footer appears at every page. So head and footers you right just once. But they appear on every page and then footnotes are a little description which you might want toe add to any particular location in inside your text. So, first, let's start with the headache. So in orderto inside a header, you click on insight and then you have headers and page numbers. You can also insert page numbers here, and you can also insert a header and footer in this area. So first we start with the head likely con headed. As you will see that a little boundary appears here. This will not be printed. This is just to show you that you can type above this area. So whatever you type here will be your head. So I dyed my name so know this will appear at every page of the document so I can also insert an image here if I want, such as my logo. So I will put that logo in the footer and you will understand how we can insert an image the same way you can insert image in the header. But I will show you in the photo. No, you can form a this. However you like, for example, I can make it bold. I can make it a little bit smaller so this you can do in this area. And once you are done, you just click outside area and everything will be freaked for you. This is your header document has four pages and if I scroll down, you will see that at the top of every page. This appears as a head. No, let's aired footage. So inside her doesn't page number and footers and know we're goingto quarters. And here I want to put the name off my business, for example. And I would like to inside a logo as well. So to do that just insert image and upload from my computer and I want to put this image and no, I can arrange this a little bit. If I want, I can move this a little bit up and all these kind of things you can do with this image which you normally do. And once you finished, you just click on the outside area and your foot will be ready. And no, this will appear at every page. As you can see that on all pages my foot appears. So this is all you had had a 10 footer on The last thing I want to show you is a footnote and forefoot, Nor normally, for example, at some places where you want toe some extra information, you put a little one to our three at the top off this award where you want to put their information, and then the details will come in the foot area. So let's say I want to put my foot note here so I will put my Custer after the word where I want to put the footnote and inside. And there is the footnote. So no, whatever I want. For example, this work effectively is the Australian standard and why I want the number of that standard to be return here. So there's somebody can see as a reference, so I would put that reference of the court here. So this is the court. I just click outside and know my foot. Teri's really as you can see, that little one appears here, and this also appears at the top here. It's a superscript type thing, so I can put another one year. So let's stay in another port, another footnote. And now you can see that we have to footnotes in our foot or area. So in this video you learned how to put a headache for our football. 11. Word Document And Spell Check: in this video, we will learn Ho toe can work are word document in tow A Booger Dogs document. So this is a word document which I have and just have a look at ho. It looks inward so that you can see that it will be converted toward dogs exactly in the same way. And we can have some formatting here. Let's say I change this tool board and give it a size of let's say 22 no, I just save this document into my practice exercise folders. So this is the document. I just save it. I know we will move this document, toe bigger dogs and can work this document in tow. Google Dogs document. I know this is over bigger dogs and this is a world one drive which we are already working on in this course. So in orderto bring that document into this area, what you have to do is click on my drive and then you have to click on upload voice. I know this is our forger in which we have this fight. So click on that. And this is Doc ex wife, which is the word for mate. And just open it on the right hand side, you will see this message bar. It will show you that it's uploading. And when you see this green tick, it means it has been uploaded. I know. If you look here, it's our word document, and it has this deluded in here. And this is a Booger Dogs document. We tell these three lines. So this is the difference. You can understand that this is a word of this is a word document. And this is a Google Dogs document. No, we want to convert this to over dogs. So for that, I have to click on. You can close this body here. Now, I will click on this word document, and it will show me this window. And at the center of this window, you can see this open with booger dogs. And if you could weaken visited little rectangle, there are few other options. But we want this booger dogs. We click on that and know our document has bean opened in Google dogs. And as you can see, that for mating is exactly the same. And if you are doing this first time, it will show you this dialog box and it will offer you our tour tour off so you can can wire ter award document into a Booger Dogs document. And you can have this tour if you want. Otherwise, you just close this. I know you can see that our for mating is intact, the phone sizes intact, everything is intact. So there was no other for mating except at the title. And one thing you will notice here that it still shows daughter docs, which is Microsoft word for May. And in order to convert this thereto Gougar dogs for made, the last thing you have to do is goto fight and inside file, you have to click save as Gougar dogs. And as soon as you click on this, this distinguished disappear and it will be a Google docks document. So just click on this and no, we have ah Google Dogs document and that thing has gone here. And if you close this, you will see this in your mover dry but wanting more I want to add into this video is that hope you can use the spell checker. So this is the icon for spell checking. So if you Klay conduct, it will become blue. On the right hand side, you will start getting the suggestions for any typing mistakes or something. So whenever you first time, bring your document in tow for dogs. So make sure that you run a spell checker so that you can rectify some of the spelling errors. So this is what we're going to do this. So when this just do something, you can have a look here and see whether you want this change are not because sometimes you don't want their change. So, for example, I accept this. So let's accept this. That it will move to the next energy, which it things. Then again, accept it and it will go to the next one. And then again, keep doing this except except have a look and accept. And once the document is the complete, we will get this message. So this is how you bring a word document into Google dogs, save as booger dogs and spell check their document 12. Page Setup: In this video, we will learn page set up or to change the pain margins or to change the page size Its orientation are the background off the page. All these things can be changed in this file menu. Near the very end. You have this paid set up and once you click contact, you will be presented with this dollar box where you can change the orientation of the page from portrait to landscape. So let's try this first and no, If you scroll down, you can see the difference. No over pages longer in the horizontal direction and smaller in the work ticker direction. So this is learning skip and by before it is in the portrait mode, which is apposite off this because I don't want this so I can undo from here are controls that no, let's go back to pay set up again. And this time we changed the margins so far before all four margins are wanting. So this is the white space around your text in all four directions. Top bottom, left and right. So let us change this left margin toe twinge and press OK. You will notice that wife space on the left side of my document has increased. Similarly, you can change other Martin. No, let's change the paid sites So they set up again on this is letter paid by default. You can change this toe. Let's say if what? Which is very close to letter and let's change the page color as well. So currently swipe. So you can change it to let the light blue and press OK and no other color will change. Of course, it doesn't look good, but the purpose was to show you how you can change the color. So these are some of the you can change page set up. 13. Adding More Fonts: in this video, you will learn ho toe add phones in your Google document. So this is my Google document and these are my phones. If you click on this triangle, you will see that these are some forms available by before in over Google document. But there is an option for more forms. If I click on more forms, no, a new window pops up and on this window on the left hand side, a lot of other forms are available. You can even such for some form. If you have a specific form in your mind, you can start. Rather, it's available are not so all these air forms you can freely use in your Google document. These are Google phones and on the writer. Inside you will see a list off force which you have recently selected from these phones. So as you can see that there is one pick. So it means that at some stage I have selected this phoned in my document and it has been added to my deformed phones. I can add as many phoned as I like, And if I click on any of these forms are take sign will appear to show me that I have included this point in tow by phones and the front also appear on the right hand side. If you at some stage want toe, believe this phone. You can just click on this little cross and you can delete it from your phones. But it will still be available on the left inside for you to select later on if you like. So this is how you can add phone. So let's say I add this form which I like, which is this really so I heard this and through other forms and then I select okays all these forms will be added No, I can select any of my text by this subtitle, etc. And I want this toe change toe the new farm which I have just added this and know my subtitle has been changed to this new form. So, in this way you can add as many forms as you want in your Google document and some of these forms. If you click on the right triangle of this phone, you will see that this one has some variations available as well. You can select this phone with five different variations. So this is how you add forms in your booger looks 14. Inserting Images Into Google Document: In this video, you will learn ho toe, upload an image to your Google drive and then hold toe properly inside that image in your booger document from two different sources. These two sources are your Google Drive and your computer. So first we will upload an image from our computer toe Google Drive and keep one image on our computer. Then we really inside those images in our document and make some adjustments. In orderto access your Google drive. You click on first this dog's homepage and then these three lines. If you click on these three lines, you will see Ah Google Drive icon here and you conduct. And no, I'm inside my Google drive on this little triangle. If I click, I can no upload file. So if I click on upload files and this is my images for their in my course folder, so in this I want to upload. Let's say these two images in my Google drive. I will select these two and I will see open on the right hand side. You can see that it has started toe upload these two items, and when you see this thick green ticket means no these images are available in your booger . Try No, I can close this and I have two images in my Google drive. And no, we will inside one image from over Google Drive and one image from our computer into our Google document. So this is the document where I want to insert image. It's like click on this. I can close these two windows now so that I can focus on this document. So let us say I want toe place this image somewhere in the middle of this first paragraph So I make a space and no, I click on insert and image and know the first option is upload from computer. Then we can search on the Web. We can upload from over Google drive from Google photos by any U. R l r from over camera roll so we can do all this. So first I want to insert an image from my computer. So I would say upload from my computer and again, I have this image to upload, So I will say, Okay, upload And no, this image has been incited at an appropriate place, which Google thinks that appropriate. But I don't want it. I want this image, Toby in between these two lines, so I just click and drag. Leave it here. And no, this image is fully aligned on both sides of the text, as you can see that it is a line on the left and on the right. But if I click contact, I have many options. So no, this top handle is to rotate the image. If you want, you can rotate this and just leave it. It will be rotated, but we don't want this. These handles you can use toe resize the image. So let's say I decide this tow this size. And no, I have three options at the bottom in line means that image will be inserted between the text rep. Text means that text will be wrapped around the area off the image and break text means the image will be between their text, just like as it is. No. So let's say we want rep text so I can click on a wrap text and no, as you can see that the text has been wrapped around the image. So this is wrap text and we have the option. Who said the margins as well. So let's say that I increase the margin a little bit from one by eight inch Tuller Stay one by forage and no, As you can see there, this margin around the image has increased a little bit. So this is all you can wrap their text. I have this space so I can just delete This is space and the text will become close. So this is all you can use this draft text option And if I want this toe again, go back toe the break text mode so I can do that. And then no, I can even increase the size of the image upto the margins off the page. So these are some of the options you can use to insert the image. And no, I want to show you how you can insect image from your booger drive. So I just want to inside here, insert image. And this time I select Google Drive. There are two images on my Google dry on those images will come here. If you have more, you will see a list here and I can put any made. So let's say I put this image I click on this image. And then at the bottom I have insert, I click on insert and the image will be inserted in my text. Then, of course, I can again resize it if I wish. I can just resize it. Or I can wrap their text around this image, whatever I want. And then, of course, you will make some adjustments so that it looks pleasing to you. But this is how you insert images into your booger document. 15. Basic Image Operations: in this video. Do we learn ho toe? Do some basic getting on your images in your Google document. This is a blank document. I will first inside an image. And for that I can click on, insert an image and then upload for on my computer. No, I have this logo. So I just inside this and no, Once you click on this image, you will see this image options. And if you click on image options, no, you have a few basic operations you can do on this image, for example, currently there is no color. But if you click here, Google document has given you ah, lot off options toe quickly change the color of your image for exemplary. If I click on this, the color will instantly change. Then I have also the option poaching the transparency. The brightness are the contrast of this image. So, Lexie, I change this transparent as you can see, that the transparency is changed. So these are a few options. A few basic image operations, which you can perform inside your Google Duckman 16. Free Preview Creating And Formatting Tables: In this video, you will learn how to create tables in Google. Document. This is the table we're going toe, idiot. And you will see how easy it is to kill idiot table. So to clear this table, the first thing you want toe know, is how many rows and how many columns do you need? So you have to count the maximum rules and maximum columns so I can come from here. 123 456 and seven Rose, I need and one column. This is second column hardcore lament Fourth column. So I need four columns and seven rows. So to clear this table, we have to click on inside and then table. And on the right hand side, you have the Squire's, so you have to select whatever is the appropriator table size for, You know, we can select seven rows so that big it on the left hand side shows the column on the digit on the right shows the roast. So we have one column and seven rules, and we need four columns and seven roads. So you just moved towards right until you get this. Four columns and seven rules, so let us assume that instead of four into seven by mistake, you guard 3 to 6 to just enter. And no, we have ah, table, which has three columns and six rows. But we need four column so you can inside column anywhere. So just click on any position in your table and right click, and you will be a presented with these options. You can insert a column on the left of this column in which your customer is currently located. Are you? Get inside a column right off this position where your cursor Carson is currently located. So I would say, OK, inside column, Right? So no, I got the fourth call. Similarly, I want another road, So I right click here and I can have inside row about our inside row below. It doesn't matter, but I just stay inside. True about So no, I have four columns and seven rose. No, as you can see at the top that we have to mark these four colors. So what I will do? I will just select these, so selection is easy. Just left. Click on the first cell, click and then drag your most until you reach the right call. So no, these four are selected then right click. And there is an option off Martha's cells, just like you have in Microsoft Word so much itself. No, these columns have bean margin toe single column. Then you can type next. So there is no problem. We can just type it here and to move to the next column. You just press step and your customer will move to the next column. No, these two columns. We have to again much because there is only one piece of information here. So we get select and then march cells. Don't worry about this center. We will do this advantage then. No. Here we have too much harmony. Rose 123 So this cell is created by merging three rows. So what we can do is one toe, three right click and march sells one. So this cell is created by merging two rose again. So select two rows. And Marcel similarly, this again, we have to select these two and much I know here we have toe decrease the size of this column. So you just hover over this light and you will see this double sided arrow just click and then you will see this light. Just drag it as much as you want and release. Very simple. No, we can put entries e it. So this is a learning outcome to learning outcomes three and learning outcome for everyone and toe goto the next role you can press down arrow, you press Steptoe goto the next column and down error to the next room and know that we have timed everything. The only thing we need is to center all these. So you just let all this table and from these icons you just press this center line. If you press this, everything will be centered. We just missed the stools off, enter to hear and know over table is ready. So as you saw how easy is to create any table in bigger dogs 17. Free Preview Addind Resolving And Assigning Comments : One of the main reason people use Google Dogs is for collaboration with other team members . And one of the way you can collaborate is by adding comments. And in this video we will learn how we can make common in other booger document and what other options we have. So let's say I want to make a comment about any word here and in this document, trusting I have to do is just highlight that portion where I want to wear that comment. So after highlighting, I can add Comet in various ways. For example, I right click here and I can click on Common. It will give me a place where the comment and I can type and then I can click comment. So this is one way to head commerce, another whereto where the comedy just highlight this and you will see this little plus sign will appear as soon as you high like something and it says the commerce So you can add a comment and Glick comment on the hardware toe. Other comedies in insert. You have a comment option available here, but the easiest ways just to highlight something and click this plus site No. If you want to delete this comment, you have to click on these three doors, and you can delete are you can edit the comet if you want. Now, what is the result? If you want toe, make this comment disappear from your document. Then you can click on resort and the comet will disappear. However, if you click on this comment history icon, it is still available there, and you can reopen their discussion by pressing this Rio point. If you re opened, then this comet will again appear. And not only this, but all the previous comment about this document will appear here. So these are a few options available in common. So 11 other way is. If you want to ask somebody, toe, make a comment about something. You can also do that and for that, what you have to do, it selects something inside the comment first, and here just add a plus sign, and then you can select any of your contacts, so just start typing the email. If you know are you can select from the drop down list and you can add any person and then you have to click this assign toe this person. And if you click this no, Once you assign this dialog box will appear that you have tow. Share this fight or you can give access for comment. And you can also give excess for editing Israel. So I'm giving comment excess. And if I click on comment, know this person will get a notification that someone is asking for a comment and this person then will have toe mark this as done. So when you're collaborating and you are asking somebody, toe, do some action. So this is a where you can ask, You can send a comment, and then that person has to do it and then he has to click done. So this is all you can ask someone to do some action in your document. So these were few things about Eddie deleting editing are assigning comments 18. Making And Handling Suggestions: In this video, you will learn ho toe make suggestion toe a document which has been shared to do so. This is a document which I have shared with one of my other account. As you can see, that there is this effort out of my other account. And this is the hour. Tara, this account, this is my drive off the center account, and this is my burger. Drive off the receiver account and this is the document in the receiver. As you can see, that here I have ever tire off the center. So no, this document has been shared toe me. And this can also be seen in my Google dry. If I go in my Google drive, and then I click on Shared with me so I can see this document is a really but here as well . So there are two document currently shared with Michael. So no, I make some suggestions about this document, although I can edit this document because I have the permission to read it. But at this time, I want to make only the sedition to show you whole suggestion differs from, and they're getting so I just click on suggesting And let's say like something here and I click somewhere else. As you can see, that this addition is appeared in green color in a different color. So that center will be ableto see there. This is not enervating, but this is a suggestion, and center can accept this suggestion are removed this addition. So no, we go to the center account and no, I can see here that this suggestion has been made by this person having the same collect. So this is the person who made the suggestion. The knife I click on that I have the ability to either accept this addition are to reject this suggestion. If we accept this tradition, it will appear black. And if I reject the suggestion, it will be ability. I can also give a reply toe asking some further clarification. So in this instance, I just want to accept this suggestion. So as you can see that no sedition has been accepted and it is part of the document. No. So this is how you can make suggestions when you are collaborating with your team members and you're not sure rather what you are writing. Is that okay? And you want to make a sedition, then you can do in this way 19. Sharing Documents New: in this video, we will learn hope to share our document with your team members with goober dogs, you can have real time online collaboration with your team members by sharing your documents. So this is a world first document. And if I over over this share button, I will see that it's private toe only me. It means that this document has not been shared. The second thing you should notice is that in the file menu, we have this option grayed out email collaborators because there is no collaborator off this document at this is stage. When you share this document than this option will be available so that you can send email to your collaborator. So let us see whole. We can share this document. Then we will explore a few more options related toe this sharing. So, in order to share, just click on this year and you will get this dialog box. You can enter as many females as you want, so I just enter one email here. So I want to share with this person, and I have three options. Whether I want to give permission. Only to view the document are toe comment on the document are the full permission toe edit the documents at this time, I want to give the permission. So I just click on this and no, I can also put some note here, and we will talk about these advanced options in a minute, but just sent this invitation. And no, as you can see, that I got this message shared with one person. And if I hover over on this, I also can see shared with one person. No, this is the invitation, which I got because I used both of my own account. So I got this invitation, and if I click on deck, you can see that it says, Did you tidy? A helper gmail dot com has invited you to added the following document. No, I can accept this invitation. I can just click on this document and it will take me inside the document. I know if I, for example, put anything here, I can't added this document. No, this is my account from where I send the invitation. And as you can see that I can see a green mark here. There's someone is editing the document at this point. So this is how I can see they're somebody else's. Also editing the document. This is my Kirsten, and this is someone editing my document with me in real time. So this is how this work and after some time you will also see that my ever tar from the other account will also appear here. So that will also be off green color. So every next person I sent this invitation, a new color will be added. So, for example, the next color off the cursor could be blue, are magenta or any other color. So this is all you can collaborate on a single document. I know. Let's talk about this file and email collaborators. So here, if I have more than one, collaborators are even one collaborator. I can email them if I click on that. No, I have this one collaborated here. So if I like, I can send any message to this person regarding this document, for example, So let's cancel this and no, let's talk about if I wish to remove this excess. So ah ho, can I proceed? Just click on this ship and no, this time I will click on this advanced options and No. Here I have a couple of more options. For example, this link is available. This is Ah, Shareable link. So I can copy this link and I can send to some one in the email. Are I can share this on Facebook, our twitter. So this is also one of the option available. So no, here I can have. I can make some changes that who can access. So we have three options. One is that anyone on the Internet can find and excess. So it means that no mention of the link who won. Whoever finds this document will be able to access. The second option is when link is required. But anyone with the link Temic says no sign in required. The most safer option is specific people that we want some specific person to access over documents. So this is the most appropriate and the default option, so I just can't sell it. So the next thing is that I have allowed this person access I can change the level, affects sense here again are if I wish I can completely remove the excess by clicking on this gross sign if I want to. And why some other person. I can also add another person. So this is all this advanced option works it allows me to remove the access are to add more People are to share a link. Just cancel it. So these were some of the advanced options we can use for sharing over document. 20. Receiving A Shared Document: in this video, we will see how we can edit our document if someone sends us a document and what else we can do with that? So in one of the previous videos, I shared this document from one of my account, which is this with 30 ever talk toe another account. And the other account is this one. It has this a water with my picture on it. So when you share our document So this is the center account here. You can see that if I click on share, I can see that this document has been shared with one person and know when you share a document, the person receives a email just like this. So if I click on this email, it says there this person has invited you toe edit the following document. No, the one we're toe access. This document is just by clicking on this. So if I click on this document, I will go state into this document. And as you can see that this is my receiver account. After some time, you will see that another ever therapy is so. This means that another person is also working on this document. know the other person is shown to me, as in red color are pink color. And if I go to the center account, this is the center account. Here you can see that I have seen a shown as this red color. So the sender And this is my avatar, which is visible to my other comment. No, this is the where you we see that Hold the sender and the receiver can see in there a conch and they can simultaneously added the same document. So this is one where toe xs this document. No, this is my Google drive the Google drive off my receiver account. The other way to access this document is that on my Google drive, if I click on shared with me If I click on that, I will see that this document is available to me in this area. So on this place, you can also find the same document. He For some reason, you misplace the email. Our email went to your spam folder and someone tells you that they have sent you are documents so you can check it here. So this is how it looks. No, of course I can edit this document. This is again my receiver account so I can put anything here. Let's say I for something so I can try something like This is my marriage and this is dark editing in the document. I can also I can also make a comment, and for that I have to click on this. If I click on this, there are two icons again. One is the notifications and one is toe. Make a common to add a comment. So let's talk about notifications first. If I click on notification, I have three options. So the first option says that Get notification for every common. If anybody in our team makes a comment, I will get a notification, and this is only if I am in Wall in the comment. Then I will get the notification, and this is the option when I don't want any notification. So this one is the appropriate are under the for adoption to add a comment. I just have to click. Add a comment. I can say this is my common No, it will appear here. I have to just press the common. Let's undo this when we're collaborating with each other We can also open a jack box by clicking on this short yet icon and a chequebook box will open here where we can actually talk to each other and know if I go my my center account, I will see this message. And there is a red herring here that some new message has a right. And if I click here, I will see the message from my receiver a calm and I can just reply it like this saw. This chatterbox also gives you the ability toe talk to each other life while you are at getting the document. So if another person is added due to this document by sharing, then we will see another avatar here and with a different color. So no, let's talk about a little bit about this area. So this is the document in my drive which I deceived. Somebody shared with me here. I can have many option here as well. This is the information about this document if I want to see some information. So if I click on this document, then I have some other options. Like I can quickly preview the recommit. I can delete this. I can add this to my drive as well. I can also get a shareable link by clicking on this. And this is the view Whether I want a great view are a list of you. So this is the list view. If you want great view, just really conduct and it will show you the greedy. So these are different options to all you want to see the document and the information about the document is here. If I click on that, I will get some details about this document when it was edited. Who edited this document? As you can see that this has been addicted few times here and we will talk about revisions in another video. So these are few things you should understand when you are sharing document with your team members. 21. Deleting And Restoring A Document: In this video, you will learn how to delete a Google document and then ho toe recover are deleted. Document. This is a document. This can be deleted from within inside the document. And this can also be deleted from Google dry. So I am currently in Gore documents, as you can see. And I can't believe this document by going in tow fight and moved to trash. But before I do that, I want to show you This is my Google drive and Booger dogs is associated with destroying. This is the trash border. So whenever you delete our document whether from inside the document are from here in the dry it goes into this trash border. Then you have 30 days to recover this document which is card restoring the document. And if you don't restore this document after 30 days then this document will be permanently deleted. So no, we see how we can be leader document from within the document. So just fight and moved to trash and it will show you this dialog box. No, If you click Goto dogs home screen, then the document will move through dress. And if you take out off trash quickly condemned. Then the document will not be trashed. And there will be no change in the status of the document. But at this time, I want this document to be deleted. So therefore I will click on Goto documents home screen. And now this document has been diluted. As you can see that this document is no more in this area and know if I click on trash? No, As you can see, there know this document is in the trash. And there are some other documents, one document and two folders which I have deleted at some state before this document. No, if I want to recover this document, I restored this document. So what? I need to do it because this document and then right click and I will see two options either to restore our to delete forever. So if I click on restore, the document will be restored back. And if you delete delete forever, then the document will be gone forever. No. If for some reason you delete this forever and then you realize that this document was important, then the only way for you toe try to restore the document is by contacting Google support. And if you contact Google support immediately as soon as you delete this forever, chances are you might get your document back. But if it's a long period, then you might not get your document back. But anyways, if I delete this wherever it's gone forever, because there is no guarantee that you will get it back from Google support and no, I want to restore this. So I restored this and know the document has been restored. As you can see, you will get a message at the bottom restored less than one. No. After I refreshed, I can see that my document is available in my dogs. And if I goto Google Drive and no, I can click on this document and I can again get access to this document, I can edit it or whatever I like. So this is all you can delete our restore our document 22. Using The Explore Features: in this video, I will show you how to use the powerful explore feature in Google dogs. So at the very bottom off your document, you can see there is the plus sign and explore. This is the explored feature, so you can use this explore feature toe, search the Web and to include images and links into your Google document. The second, where to access this explored tool is in tools and in tools we also have explored. So either way, if you click on explore, a pain will open on the right hand side, and this is basically a such console. There is a such option is so you can search for what it does on our toys that tries to find some useful information, which it thinks that relates to your documents. So if you want to insert some image or something, you can do that. If you want to. Certain. You can click on this such console and you can type something like latex software and annoyed, even show you was somebody sources from where you can get some information about later. And, for example, if I click on images, I have a lot of images available, and I can include any of this image into my document. So that does assume that I want to include this image into my document so I can kill it a little expensive here. And then I just drag and drop this image into my document. No, the image has been included, and if you click on the image you will see that it's the reference has already been included with the image. So there is no problem because you are referencing the image, the original source of the image in your document. But you're at the same time trying toe. Improve the quality of your document by putting some other images, and you can also search any information in your dry by going toe this drive option. And if you have some more files and folders in which you have, you might have some information related to this document. You can also such within your dry reading your Google drive. So this is how you can use this. Explore feature in Google Dogs 23. Google Drawings In Google Documents: in this video. Do we learn Harto inside Google drawings in your Google document? Goober drawing is another replication of Google sweet, and you can access this if you want to create our drawing from this new and inside new. If you click on more, you will find this Google drawings so it's just another application. But in this video, we're going toe. See how we can inside Google, drawing directly toe over Gougar document. So this is one drawing which I have created using this Gougar drying application, and I have stored this on my burger drive and this is a blank document where I want to tell you hope you can insert that drawing inside your document. So there are two ways. So when you click on inside drawing, there are two ways toe inside are drawing. You have the ability to create a new drawing from scratch. Inside your document are you get insider drawing from you're dry and the difference is that if you insider drawing from your drive, then you have the ability to update to link it to the source and then to update whenever you want. So first I will show you how you can link are drawing from your Google drive. So I will click on from dry and I will take that example drawing and I will select this and no, I have two options Whether I want through a link to the source. If I have the intention and I think that at some stage I might be updating their drawing, then I should use this option. And if you have no intention to update, then you can use this inside unlinked. So I really first show you how you can inside with a link to the source. So I like this and I insert and no, if I click on this drawing on the right hand side, if I click on this little arrow shifting, I have these options. I can unlinked it from the source. I can open the source and modify their drawing. So let's say I opened the source and no, I know this drawing window will open and I have a can was And this checkered means that my background is transparent. There's no background toe this and no other say I update the color off this start below. So what I would do I will go here and I just change this color. And this is my document. If I opened my document no, I got this option off object. It recognizes their Some one has updated their drawing from this worship. So I have the ability to update. If I update, my drawing will be abdicated. So this is one way off. Inserting are drawing in your booger document the other ways. Of course, if you want toe a creator drawing from scratch So I just believe this and know I show you the other option insert drawing. And this time, a new drawing. And here you can carry it are drawing and in destroying you have the ability to use a lot of ships. And with these shapes, you can create flow chart. You can create organisational jars for your educational videos are far your exercises for your story in so these type of things you can use with this if you are a teacher and then you have a lot of arrows available and call hours and some other mathematical equation, you can also show so you can create a lot of things. So let's say I use this rectangle and No, I can draw a rectangle here. No, I can change the colors. Let's say I change color to this one. And no, I just showed you another hour. Shaped like say, we take this heart side are just take this smiley face. I can draw this and then I can also change the color. So this well, you can draw many things in this drawing. And let's say I show you some other options of these air, some line and air options. This car was very important. You can draw, for example, any mountain range, something like this. My drawing is terrible, but you can practice. And if you drink is good, you can do a lot of thing. And if you double click, it will end here. They're looking, of course, a color this as well, if you want. So this is how this is the second option. And this is another option. You can quickly create some interesting drawings inside your Google documents. So these are the two matters in which you can kill yet who were drawing seven close. So one more thing I would like to show you, for example, I insider drawing first not image, but the drawing and I said, New drawing and inside their drawing if I inside image and then I go on search No. Here you can see results shown our label for commercial reuse with modifications. So this is very important that no, you can get some images, whatever desserts you will get. You can use those results for your commercial purpose every modification, as it says, and you can read further about this. But this is a very powerful thing. Toe. Get some images quickly. So let's say I put something here like floor chart or something, and enter. So no, you can have all these images available so you can use this and it's a quick way off inserting images into your drawings, and then they're drawing into your Google. So these were few things about Google drawings. 24. Email Options Google Document: in this video, I will quickly show you how you can email your document. You can email your document as an attachment, and also you can dump your document in the email and send it to someone. So for that you have to go toe fight and then email is attachment. So click on that. No, you have few options in this attach as if you click on this a little triangle. You can send the document as a PdF attachment on. Nobody will be able to change it. Then you can send it as a Microsoft word on Google will try expressed toe. Make it Ah, doc. Ex document, then rich text format esteem. A former is available. Plain text means that if there is any, imagine your document. That image will not be sent, then open document means open office document. Open office is a free artur native toe. Microsoft Word. If you are using open office, that has the little different form it. You can also send this as an as an open off his document. Then the last option is if you don't want this to be as an attachment, you can face to the item itself into the image. So this is the when all your texter and whatever images you have everything will be tested in your email on. You can also do that. And if you want a copy for yourself, you can check this box and a corporate to yourself, and then you can, What an email here. So let's say I put my other email. You can change the subject if you want. Otherwise, the title of the document will be taken as a subject. You can add a message and then simply press said, and no, your document has been sent as a PDF attachment. 25. Restoring a Previous Version of Your Document: In this video, you will learn how to work with revisions. Booger dogs keeps the record off all virgins off your document. And this is one of the fantastic ability of over dogs so that you can go back to any of your previous warriors. For example, if a team member have done something wrong with your document because you can collaborate vigil T members using booger dogs. So let us assume that you are collaborating with your team members using Google dogs and some off them has done something wrong. And you want to restore your previous William So you can do that in Gougar dogs because all your previous origins are saved. And in this video, we will learn how we can do that. No, this is the document which I recently changed the background color, which I don't like and the undue is not available. Even if I click on undo, it does nothing because I might have closed this document. And maybe this is the next session. When I opened the document. No, I want to go back to the previous Washington when this background color waas wiped. So let us see how I can see those previous Virgin's first and then hook and I store them. If you click here in the middle of this screen, you will see it says last Edit waas 11 minutes ago. If I click on that on the right hand side, it will show me this warrior in history on this world in extreme you can see that this is my current wash in which Waske illuminated at this time. And these are the previous ones gin. So if I click on this, it will show me something that I have deleted something from here. I have deleted this space from this Washington. So it will show me that I have done something here in the green color because I only deleted space in this world Gin. So it's not clear. So let's go to the next warrior and it shows me their tear. I have white bed grow and if I go one step further that it will show me that I have made these changes. These changes in the green color are the changes which I made in this Washington. No, If you uncheck this box show changes, then it will not show these changes. So let's uncheck this and know these changes will not be shown in a different color so that you can have a look if you want. So let's give this changes. There are no click on this one, and this document is blend. So this is the time where I actually started this document. So these are only a few times stems. If you want more precise time stamps, you can click on here and it will show you a lot more time stamps. When you were working on this document, as you can see that all these times stems are reading that short period of time. You can see how close is this time. This is just within few seconds. So let's say I click on this and at this time my document is white. So I want toe go back to this world gin. So how can I do that? There is Ah, but in here we said restored this Washington. So if I click on this, then this world Jin will become my latest warrior. But all these previous work in will still stay there. You can still go back toe any of these words Jin's So I just click restored this worry, jin. So it will show you a message that your current document will reward toe the world gin from today at this time. So this was the time Today my current version is going back toe this time again. So I would say restore and no, my current version has been restored toe a previous world gin which was created at a particular type. So this is how you can go back toe? Any previous wasn't if you want. And if I want to go back to that blue, I will click on this again and no, as you can see that it is showing me that my current William is this And this was the Children which I made in This was you, that I removed the blue background. And if I click on the previous ones yet I still have that blue background available to me. If I want, I can restore this warrior as well. So this is how you can good back toe anyway, region off your document 26. Instantly Translate A Document In Any Language: in this video, you will learn how to translate your document in Google Dogs, Goober dogs give you a powerful feature of translating your document in any other language . So this is so easy and so quick that almost within no time you will get their translation. So let us see all we can do that. This is my account which I'm using for this course. This is Google Drive. And on the other tab, I have this bowler dogs. So I just wanted to show you that I have to document at the moment. And I want to translate this document writing thesis in later. So I just click on this. I know that this document has opened. What I need to do is, if you want, you can do a spell check, but that I has already demonstrated in another video. So I will just translate this document in this video. So translate this document, you click on tools and then translate documents. No, since this will be a new document, so we have to give a new document title here instead off just putting this translated copy . I can write the name off the language in which I want to translate. So let us assume that I want to translate into my native language, which is do so I would say Well doing, then Title of the document. I know I have to choose the language and I can scroll down until I find my language, which is yet just click on that. I know we're set to go. Everything is fine. Just press translate and that is it. Within almost five seconds, you get this translation in the other language which you want to know if you are a native speaker of this language. So it is better that you just have a look at this and see if there are any mistakes. Because sometimes there are soo mistakes. But the document has been translated almost instantly. No. What can you do with this document? You can download this document and for there to have to click on fight, Then download and then you can download in any of these available form. It's like word document are a pdf document which I will suggest so you can download this document. Otherwise, this document will be saved on your Google drive in the folder in which you are right now. And if you want to save this in a particular for dinner, So this I have already explained in another video. Just click on this for their icon and you can move it toe any of the desired for. 27. Keyboard Shortcuts: in this video, I will show you some of my favorite shortcuts. When I am using uber dogs, there are many short purse available. And if you want toe, have a look at what shortcut is for any particular icon. The best way is just hover over that icon and you will see that you can also perform this justify operation with control shift. Jay. So this is one of my favorite shortcut because I want my document Toby, in justifying alignment. So I use this control shift. Another important area shortcut is for cut and paste futilely con ed it. You will see that for cut use control X and for paste use control me. Another very important, A shortcut is control. Etch and control Etch give you this find and replace dialog box where if you want to replace a particular word in document with some other world, you can quickly do this with this keyboard shortcut. So instead of remembering that this very this find and replace you can quickly just control it can memorize this thing. You can quickly get this foreign and replace so these are some of the short cursed, but it's up to you and your own practice. And what are your preferences? All you like toe use these shortcuts 28. Creating Your Own Shortcuts: In this video you will learn how you can create your own shortcuts for any text are some a direction. For example, I want this text on every of my document are my website address, for example. So how can I quickly insert this text without shortcut? So I will just select this text copy and what I will do is in this pools at the end, we have this preferences and air this preferences. I will put their text in this with portions. I just paste it here and no on this replaced. I will just foot intro, for example. I know I said okay. And no, I can believe this because whenever I need this text to be placed at anywhere in my document, I just have to type in cloak and as soon as they intend, this will be replaced by the text which I want. So you can use this for any text are for your website address which you have to put again and again, are some any disclaimer? For example, if you want to put a disclaimer in each of your document, you can create your own shark cards by using this tools and preferences menu. So this is another very useful feature 29. Voice Typing: in this video. In this video, I will show you another powerful tool available in Gougar dogs, which is Weiss typing. And if you click on tools and then click on wise typing, then a microphone, a symbol will appear. And once you click on this, then whatever you speak, it will be typed on your document. You might have toe make a little bit changes based on your except but most of that will be correct. You can also put some punctuation and all these kind of things, and you can use this to transcribe, for example, your videos. So if I click on this Hello? Who are you? Where are you going? So this is sometimes a quickest way to create a document just by speaking something and is another powerful tool available in Google dogs. 30. Using Templates: one way to quickly start working on over documents is by using templates. It is very easy to start for our template and can save you a lot of time. And if you want toe start our document, Former template, then what you need to do is on your Google drive. Click on this little trying and then we're dogs. And then on the right hand side no, you have two options. Blank document are from our template so blank document you can also create straight away from here. For template, you will click on template. And these are some of the templates available to you. For example, if you are writing resume, you can state of a start from this template, and it will give you all the fields and you just have to change your own details. Similarly, if you're looking for a brochure, you can click on that And no, you have a brochure ready for you. You just change this dummy text with your own text and change the images and your brochure will be ready. Similarly, you have employers available for a letter or a product proposal. Our report. So this is all you can start your document from template 31. Printing: this video, I will show you Harto print over document. There are two ways to print this oneness by clicking on file and then print. And the other way is just clicking on this print icon, which is the easiest way. Just click on this. No, it is loading the preview. So this is the preview of your document. You can scroll down and quickly have a look at that. Everything is fine. There are two issues here. For example, sometimes you don't want to print this. You are in your document. You don't want to print this title are the date You simply want this text to be printed. So this is normally the case when you are using their before big, which is a letter. So if I can sell this So if you click on file and pay set up and as you can see that my paper sizes selected as letter which there deport normally for printing, expected to print on a four. So with IFOR, normally you don't have this problem. So just click on a four and okay, and no, If I click on this print, you will see that No, there is no header and know you are in. So now you can print the document just by clicking on print and selecting the appropriate printed. Sometimes another problem happens, and the problem is that you don't see any of your connected printers. So then you have a couple of options just plastic that you're kept. Cables are a test because sometimes I used to printers. Or sometimes my deductible is not attached to the printer, which I want. So you just take your cables. And if the problem still exists, then then there is a work around this. If you are in a hurry in particular, you just save as pdf. And then you print using your a crow bait reader, which is normally start on every computer so you can just use Acrobat Reader to print your document. So this is it about printing is very straightforward.