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Learn to Make Procreate Brushes - From Traditional to Digital

teacher avatar The Artmother, Professional Art Teacher and Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

18 Lessons (2h 19m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. A Few Words About The Class

    • 3. Know Your Settings

    • 4. Plan Your Brush

    • 5. Watercolor Background Brush Part 1

    • 6. Watercolor Background Brush Part 2

    • 7. Watercolor Background Brush Part 3

    • 8. Watercolor Shape Builder Brush

    • 9. Colored Pencil Texture

    • 10. The Micron Pen

    • 11. The Gel Pen

    • 12. Watercolor Paper Texture

    • 13. Illustration Part 1

    • 14. Illustration part 2

    • 15. Illustration Part 3

    • 16. UPDATE: Add Texture To The Illustration

    • 17. Project Description

    • 18. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Welcome to the Procreate Brush Studio - From Traditional to Digital online class!

I started painting when I was a child. And as every child, I painted intuitively. Noone has told me how to hold the brush, how to make a stroke, how to use water. I just painted from my heart and discovered the techniques on my own. Now, when digital came into my life a few years ago, I really missed the effects I have already discovered in traditional techniques.

This is why I am dedicating this class to rediscovering analogue techniques and translating them to the digital medium.

Procreate has just released Procreate 5 with a completely new brush studio. There are so many settings, and infinite possibilities to create a brush, so I decided to challenge myself and YOU to create a complete set of illustration brushes based on the supplies I used for my illustrations created in traditional techniques.


In this class we are going to create a brush set that can mimic the effects of a traditional illustration made with watercolors, colored pencils, a micron pen and a gel pen.

When we have our brush set, we will do a step-by-step digital illustration together. I will provide you all the resources for free use, from the original sketch to the full brush set, so if you are here only for the tutorial, you can still enjoy this class.

In this class we are going to need an ipad with Procreate 5 installed on it. As the class is dedicated specifically to the Procreate Brush Studio, it is not recommended to do the class with a different program.

You do not really need any prior knowledge or experience. If you are a complete novice to Procreate and digital illustration, you can take the class with confidence, as I will provide you a detailed description of all the steps we will take, and you will be able to complete the class project with ease. If you are experienced in Procreate, you can still have a lot to take away from this class, mainly if you are not familiar how digital brushes work.

This class is great for beginner illustrators who are just starting out, art enthusiasts who are procrastinating over creating their first own brushes and for creatives who would love to continue their traditional techniques digitally.

In this class you will get an insight, what to look for in brushes in order to replicate them digitally.

You will learn to control the settings to reach your desires.

You will be able to create a complete brush set on your own to have a brush for a background, linework, shading, texture, detail and noise.

This class will be an experience that will bring your skills to a whole new level! So, are you ready?

Let's get started! 

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

The Artmother

Professional Art Teacher and Artist


Welcome! My name is Alexandra Finta - a passionate artist, a happy mother and an enthusiastic teacher - in short The Artmother. I am a professional art teacher with a Masters Degree in Art Education with years of experience in teaching in person and online. As an artist, I am creating in all different kinds of mediums from acrylics, watercolors, graphite and digital. I have years of experience in graphic design and photography. 

For more info check out my website here: www.theartmother.com

Follow me on Instagram and Facebook:)

I am very passionate about helping very beginners to explore their artistic abilities and to build their confidence in creating art, so I&... See full profile

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1. Introduction: I started painting when I was a child on As every child I've tainted into, no one has told me how to hold a brash how to use water. Have to make a stroke. I just painted from my heart on discovered everything for myself. Now, when digital came into my life a few years ago, I will, um, is the things I already discovered in the traditional medium. This is why I'm dedicating disc class into rediscovering traditional techniques on translating down into the digital meeting. Appropriate has just released Procreate five with a completely new breath studio there. So money studies and in finite possibilities to create a brush. So I decided to challenge myself and you to create a complete digital illustration brass that, based on the brushes and supplies I used for the illustrations I created in the traditional medium. Hi, my name is Alexandra, and I'm a professional art teacher with a master's degree in art education. I'm also an artist, illustrator and online educator, and you can find me on one as D art Mother in this class, we're going to create a breast said that community effects often illustration created traditionally with water colors, colors, pan seals, my cramp in and the jail pen. These are my favorite supplies, and this is the illustration that they're going to create in this bus. We're going to need an IPOD way procreate five installed on it. You do not really need any prior knowledge or experience, So if you are a complete no means to procreate, you can do this classic confidence. This glass is great for beginner illustrators who are just starting out art enthusiasts who are procrastinating over creating the first digital brushes and for creating who would love to continue their traditional techniques digitally. In this class, you will get an inside what to look for impressions. In order to replicate them digitally, you will learn to control the settings in the procreate breast studio. To reach your desires, you will be able to create a complete brush sat on your own. The best thing about this class is that at the end of it ever being packed with knowledge, you can apply in your future. You will gain a greater understanding how digital brushes for and how to get the most out of the appropriate. You will, of course, have the complete set of your own, you will have a new cute illustration that so? Are you ready? Let's get started. 2. A Few Words About The Class: in this video, I would love to take a second to explain you how this class men look like. So the whole class is divided into three main parts. In the first part, I will explain you how digital brushes bird and how they are built up in procreate. You're going to go through briefly what you consent and what we have power over. In the second part, I will create a traditional illustration with my favorite supplies. Don't worry, it will be sped out and we will take a look on these supplies. More specifically, watercolors, colored pencils, micro pen and jail Ben. Then we will try our best to replicate these brushes digitally. I will dedicate separate with you to each of them so that you can really easily follow along. I will provide you older resources. You need to create his brushes from the PNG files to the original brushes and setting so that you can compare you're results. And the third part is the illustration part where we are going to do a step by step illustration together using or brushes and again, I will provide you everything. The originals catch d color palettes on the brushes, you can find all their resources in the projects and resources tab below. Keep in mind you can Onley excess it when you are in a browser. So if you are into skills, your app go to safari or any other browser, you prefer to excess them. You can download the images by clicking and holding down and saving down to your camera roll and all the appropriate files like this torches and the brushes when you click on them and download down and click on them. Yeah, David automatically import into procreate. If you need any help, do not hesitate to use a discussion tableau to ask your questions. Final Facebook and Instagram and contact me. Follow me here or skill share to be up to date about the latest classes. Challenges Andi announcements I'm going to make. And here welcome to join the art winners online on True Facebook Group, which is an exclusive community to my students. You can get some extra feedback from your follow piers, and I'm really excited to see your artworks. Ah, that you're willing to share, All right, I think that's all for this video. Let's jump to the next part 3. Know Your Settings: appropriate for studio offers endless possibilities for customizing existing brushes and for creating new ones. The goal of this class is to make you familiar with the studies that brush studio offers, So let's take a look on some basics. Attics. Let's just create a screen size canvas. So he the plus sign here in the gallery to create a queen size canvas to enter the breast studio with the aim to create a completely new brush, go to Lash Brush Library and hit two plus sign here. The Brothers Studios interface is divided into free points. So here are the attributes. Here are the starting six each attribute has and here is the drawing pad. There are 11 attributes. Stroke Path, taper shape, grain rendering, wet mix, color dynamics dynamics, Apple Pencil Properties, Andy about his brush section where you can send your creation. Each of these attributes have different amounts off settings you can modify, and there is the drawing pad, where you can preview the brush and see the changes in action without leaving the breast studio so you can test the precious in different colors as well. So when you hit the drawing pad, you can side to preview size. You can cleared drawing pad, and you can choose the color. Ah, you can clear the drawing, but also with a free fingers grab like death. Let's talk about how brushes Burkett first so procreate, brash, is formed from a shape containing grain or texture. And when you're making a stroke, you are actually dragging the shape and the grain within it. So let's see when we have here. So we have a shape. We have a round shape, and we have a solid grain. Here. It does brush. So I'm dragging this solid grain in this shape with stroke settings that could be created smooth, brash forest. And you can set the distance and rotation of the shapes, which creates different effects in the stroke. So let's say I it's facing, and now you can see it is around that shape that is dragged around. So in the stroll past attributes, you can start how the strokes formed from the shape you are dragging. You can said this distance on rotation, and then he was the taper. It refers to the behavior off Rheal brushes, so we have ah, line like dis and by setting taper like this, I will, ah, the size to it. And can you see? So by studying tape, or you can set up things, start a thick stroke and the thing and, for example, depending, obviously, what is your goal? Now? Let's move to the shape in the shape you can change the shape source. There is a library that you can choose from. We're going to create or own images. But now let's take a look on the source library. So you have amazing shapes. Here are default, um, to procreate, for example. You have a wash straight here. Let's choose down. Done? Yes. Now we have a different stroke on that's Jews. Grain edit. I import from source Library on. Choose a grain. Let's say this ground. She looks great. It's done, and now we have a brush like this looks great. Let's move on to the rendering renderings. That's how glazed or blended your brush strokes appear. So now you don't see too much of a difference. Now let's move to wet mix. It is again trying to replicate the behavior off rheal brushes and paint. You can adjust how much paint is loaded onto your brash and how it mixes into and drags through the pigment when it comes into contact with other areas of color. On Let's move to the Color Drunk dynamics, which lets you create color effect only achievable in digital media. So, for example, you can create a brush that changes color randomly. Uh, in dynamics, you can add Rendon Ness to the stroke. So, depending on speed, for example, yeah, that's great. And in the apple pencil settings, you can adjust the fundamentals how the apple pencil uses pressure and tilled to interact with the brushes so you can set also size, which changes with pressure. So let's say I will add pressure on you know what? I increase the pressure. It becomes bigger. Okay, then, in the properties, you can set limits on brush behavior and how your brushes look in the right library. They can set maximum size, for example, minimum size. How is it works when it is a smudge tool, etcetera. And about this brush, you can name this brush. You can add your face to it, you can sign it, you can create a new reset point, which means when you set a point after what um, you can just return to when you hit were set brush, for example. All right, so now we disguise the attributes and their general effects. Now let's jump into the deep water. I am not going to go through all the studying separately because that would be horrible. Boring. I was rather start rating brushes, and you will learn the effect off the studies on the go before we start to create a first brush. Let's take a look in the next video. What to look for in the traditional supplies and how to plan out or digital brushes. 4. Plan Your Brush: - Theo way welcomes the brush planning video in this video. I'm going to explain you and introduce you the supplies I'm going to use. And then we will take a look on the brush pulling worksheet. All right, so this is the illustration I created for this class. So this is a mixed media illustration, but basically it iss watercolor illustration. So I used water color for the background. Pretty watery effect created here. Then I created the solid shapes again in water colors. I love to use micro pan for creating Lineburg, for example, that I have here in the folks. Then I love to use the gel pen. What gel pen for glowing details. For example, the stars. And when I need to get back a little bit from the white off the what? A color paper and then I creates texture weed. Call it pencils. So these are two supplies were going to replicate their resented a thing on. I hope you can say it. We will try to replicate the texture the watercolor paper gives to the illustration and we're going Teoh, divide the watercolor brush into two separate brushes. So we're going to create a watercolor background brush on a solid shape Builder breath. I'm just going to show you how I generally progress in my illustration. Berg. So I'll just choose a color, Let it be does darker blue. So we can really see what I'm doing. Take a little water. Troost His dark blue. I laid down a little Arria off this color, and then I wait for it to dry. Okay? And when it is dry, I take a lighter or darker version off the color with colored pencils. Uh, this is Prisma color premiere. And I just, uh, takes you overrate the ads back the texture off the watercolor paper actually on. And then I add jail pen on, uh, little glowing effects or when I need to get back a little bit off watercolor background. I mean, fight off the watercolor paper like this and little dots and stuff like that. And when I need some line work, I choose the micro pen and at I don't know, I feel at some label things here. Okay, uh, this is just a random guy just created to show you how I progress in my watercolor. The illustrations I have created appropriate brash planning worksheet for you. So now go to the resources downloaded, printed or downloaded into your iPad on Open it inappropriate so that you can right into it . As you can see, I have named Onley five characteristics shape, grain flow, corrector and tills. These are the five things were going to think about even before opening the brush studio. You can use these worksheets to plan out any brash in the future. It will create a base, and we'll help you imagine what effects would you want to achieve with your digital brush? The worksheet contains also a chart which looks a little bit carry because it is a lot. But these are all the settings you have in the brush studio. You can extend this info inappropriate artist 100 that you can find online on their website . But I missed a brief one so that when you are planning a brush, you can just take a look on the studying and immediately know what he does. So I shortened the descriptions and created this chart for you. Um, it is really useful. So I suggest you print it on, keep it mean, But keep in mind if these air shortened by me. So if you want a detailed description on a setting, go to the artist handbook on Just Raided On. If you have your own notes to the settings, just add it to this chart. All right, so let's go and plan our first brush. 5. Watercolor Background Brush Part 1: creating the analog illustration. I observed lots of characteristics of each supply I was using as the whole base off. The illustration is watercolor. I would start with days brushes. I differentiate between two main effect. I want to reach in my illustrations with watercolor a Luz watery textured effect which mehndi which I'm any use for backgrounds you can see here and the solid color for shapes in the main elements. While these effects can be re used in analog with the same pain and same brush, we will create two separate brushes to have an easier top. But before we approach the procreative, our studio stake out the Russ Planning work seat. Okay, I will take my micron pan for it. And the first brush that we're going to do or create is the watercolor background brush. Now, as we already discussed how these brushes work so that we have a shape that is dragged around to create a stroke, we need to think about what shape this watercolor background will help. Now, what? I thought, iss, that I'm going to create a stroke that is a kind of transparent and not exactly a stroke, But it will work a little bit as a stamp. So forced temp, I am going to create kind of this rectangular shaped like this. So to the shape, I'm not really going to write anything. I'm just imagining the the brush that I want to create. So I will just create this rectangular shape here. I will write stamp here. Grain. Okay, so now what texture. So I love this transparent texture that I can achieve with war colors that has this watercolor blooms. So I will create a watery, watery, water colored brooms with a lot off diversity within the texture. So I will write the words now about the flow, and I already discussed it. What does it's stroke look like? Is it a smooth line or his temper? And I will write stamp here and to corrector, is the breast transparent or fully GOPAC and I will make it transparent and about the tilt . So what does the brush do when I tilt it? And what tilt means is when your brush is not straight, but in an angle. When we paint with watercolors, we actually paint in an angle. But what I thought would be so great to um, make this brush more watery when it is tilted so we can play with blending on gradation a bit more. So I will add more watery. Okay, so now we imagined. Or watercolor bag round brush on. One more thing. I know this is crazy. Like, it is really crazy, but it is worth to go through all the settings and read them at least once. And you can take a pencil, for example, and just take for example. Ah, let's see this setting scatter. Randomized the rotation off your stamp. Do be one. The setting. Yes, we want it. So just add an X here so that you have um, actually, priest. That what? Studying zero field use. And you will know when you entered the breast studio. Okay, um, maybe I will want this studying from the description. All right. Okay, so we will start with shave because we will need it in the procreate bar studio. So we are going to create its rectangular shape, and I'm just going to take out my Windsor and Newton. How it's because there is a mind off my favorite colors, which is called Tello blue, and I love to use Also Indigo Blue because Dad gives nice textures as well. So what I'm doing is that again I'm watering, got discolor, taking it to my brush and I feel just, uh, kind of rectangular shape. I tried to make it like Jess, and I will add some drops to it. Eso that it has those water color blooms. I don't really want to make it to watery because it will dry too long. You can do several versions OK, and see which one drives the best. So I have another piece of paper here on. I will just do several versions with different colors because different pigments act differently. When I really Lau is the indigo, it adds amazing texture on. Actually, we're going to use these for the grain as well. So it is really worth it to experiment a little bit with this shapes and we d with a texture itself. I will, but more of a pigment here And what is great about creating custom brushes as that you have so many options, each version that I will create hair would make a different brush a completely different brush. So, yeah, I will speed this process up. All right. Okay. So mile shape have dried. I have created eight of dumb on. This is the one that I'm going to choose. As you can see, its texture looks pretty amazing. There are those little war color blooms. Let me just show you. But it is just a while. All the others look also great. But this is the best for me. Onda shape Ill Burke Well as well. We also have a little bit off variety regarding value. So here, some darker areas, lighter areas, a little texture, And is it not too harsh? Yeah. So let's go to D appropriate brush studio to enter the brush library, you open a file. I created a screen sized canvas, go to the brush library and hit the plus sign to have a completely new brush. And when we're going to do is to actually exit and go to the camera, and I'm going to take a photo off death texture. Uh, it's right here and try to make it as biggest possible and as sharp as possible. Okay. So that it is focused. Yeah. So here is the texture. I will now go to the procreate file. I have just created hit of last time here I put aside and he'd add, And in that photo, let's insert the photo that we have just created. Now what we're going to do is to remove the bag round all around. So I have a little bit here. I will just free Handley draw around it hit inward free finger slide cuts. So now I cut it. I will go to adjustments, hue, saturation brightness and make it a little bit brighter so that this white is no that contrast even easier to select. Now go back to the select tool and hit automatic and click on the white around it. It's selected it now parading nicely, but the edges a little bit harsh. I click. Father and I had a little fetter 1%. Two persons. Yeah, that would work great to present. Yes, cut and it cut its all around. Now when I get closer here, you can see that there is a little line I will just get in the razor, make it a bit bigger and I will just raise around. Ah, I will get rid off this Tang. I will actually, we can change the background to this dark color so that we see that line around that it didn't cut. You can see I will just go around debts. You can adjust shape as you wish in the stage. And as you can see, it is a nice little blurred Ah, edge. You can make it a little bit like, more textured as you go around it with textured brush. Um, as a as a razor. I love to do that Makes the brush, uh, or to shape been more organic. Yeah, so I don't just go through it. It raise a little bit here and dare, right? What I wanted to say is that this color was made by the Indigo from Windsor Newton. I really how How does our color Berg's? As you can see, it is really a great variety within the texture. Me, I wanted to show you this threshold. So when you go to this automatic selection, you can just did this. And you can see here that the selection trash shells from 0 to 100% so you can increase Ah , the selection. And if you want to select just a little bit from the edge You can also just increase the tresh old and hopes and I don't know, cut it. You will have, ah, more cut edge. But I don't want that now. What we're going to do is to a first turn off the background color, go to the range button hit, share and share as a PNG and save image. 6. Watercolor Background Brush Part 2: So now that we have on this PNG image exported, let's start creating. Or a watercolor background brush paintbrush library on. That's great. A new folder you need to scroll down this brush library on Hit a plus sign. Let's name it. Watercolor illustration sat. All right, so this is going to be or folder on by clicking here on hitting the plus sign, we create a completely new brush. Okay, so here are the attributes, the settings on the drawing pot, and we will see everything in action. The first thing that we have decided in the procreate brush planning template if dad or shape is going to be just one. So we will need to add this shape to this brush and for Dad, go to the shape and you have an edit button up here so he don't. And when you hit, you can import a completely new image. Now you have a source Library are, But we created our own shape Hit import photo on import the P and G without the background . All right, so now we have or shape here. Don't forget to hit done. And we have some settings here now, as you can see this stroke as Brit off. I just take a look on the stroke path. Okay, so we build go through this settings right here. Ah, the 1st 1 is pacing. Actually, this is the space between the two shapes. OK, just look at this. Can you see that I've ill? I had a previous size. These are individual shapes that we have just imported. And when we decrease this pacing, we decrease the space between these two shapes that are dragged around now. Ah, let's keep it at, like 20 or 21 so that we have these edges and we can play with the edges off the brush or the stroke. Now streamline, streamline automatically smoothed out any unwanted movement in your line. So if you are a person who can a drove a straight line but your hand is like shaking like death. If you add streamlined, wait for aid, it will, like, smooth out your line. Actually, we don't really need Dad because this brush will be like a stamp, as we already talked about. Um, Geter did it offsets the stamp along along the path. So if I add Jeter, ever do something like this. Wow. Okay, uh, this is going to be a ah Stimpy brush. I would keep it at 50%. Okay. So that I can see these individual shapes and create a texture with it full off means that by the end of the stroke, it feel like lose a positive e r. We don't really need that. Actually, right now, let's go to tape her. You don't really need that right now because it is a stampede. Brash. We will need that at the shape builder. So we will return to the taper settings later. Now let's go to the shape at shape we have scatter. Which randomize is their rotation off this stamp. So take a look at this and then we will have a nice edge off in the stroke. Oh, I think I believe it at Brooks in Italy, 46 he was the rotation rotation. Adjust the rotation in direction with the stroke, so I wanted to be a full stroke. So it rotates along with a stroke. I'm making comes and count. Jitter means that at certain points it adds a different amount off shapes on. It can jitter so. But we don't want that right now. It can be also randomized. We will get back to day settings also later. Now shaped. Filtering shaped filtering. Um suffers edges off these shapes. I have it at improved filtering. Okay, let's go to great. Now grain means the texture that is within the shape on drawing and to change that. This is a completely solid color, but we don't want that. But we want to hit a debt and and it we can import, uh, file a photo or from the source library. What we want is the photo that we have created on again. Choose this A, p and G. Now, this will create a seamless pattern from these blooms that we have in this shape. And now we're going to enter the grain editor. So hit Alter. Repeat here, and we will have tiles that will create our singles pattern. Now, this doesn't really know, right? Ah, we've only to scale it up. So just make it bigger so that it overlaps okay approximately and you can also rotate it to get some interesting textures. I will scale it a bit more on rotated a bit more. I don't really want to miss thes blooms. We also have the border overlap, like you can see with a border overlap. Uh, this tile is bits much so that it is like, uh, getting like mosque, mosque hardness. We can put that up as well so that it marks mosques creates better seamless patterns. Then there's a mirror overlap, which is turned on now, and it created a better texture. And pirate blending also changes. The different created a little bit of difference. So this is a little playing where you can, like, rotate on scale the grain to create interesting textures in patterns five or something like this. I want this watercolor brooms on while you change as well. Um, but I don't want it to be seen like this with this style elements. So I was scaling up. So that is no that obvious that it is a tile. Even look better in a second. You want just seem so Then hits done, and it will create a texture. Okay. And now we have a texture imported A So you can see we have two options here. One is the moving on. When is the texturizing Well in moving, we are dragging death texture that we have just created in these individual shapes that we have in the shape source. But when we hit texturizing, this texture is behind the stroke that we're making. All right. So real Jews texturizing on. I will just create stroke here as you can see the texture starting to re wheel and we can scale this texture to create some interesting effects. I suggest that the scale will be like insurance 17%. So we harder texture behind this joke that we are creating. Let's just take a look on what the depth means and it means how much the texture can be seen in the stroke that we make. So make it maximum. I want I wanted to say to you, Dad, this, um, these settings will be different for each and every texture that you are import into as a grain source or shapes, or so it will always live differently. This is why they're endless possibility abilities to create a brush. So from these shaves that we have just created, I could make, like eight different brushes. Okay, so we have this shape. If I would make desk one, it would make a completely different texture in the brush. So we can also change the blend mode. You can play with it. You can have like interesting effects. I don't really want to play with dark now, so I will hot leave it. Just multiply. We can play the brightness. I will increase the brightness No degrees The darkness around minutes nine on I will add a bit of a contrast as well two plus nine so that the texture can be seen better Now here is green filtering. Actually, I'm not sure have Where is it? So take a look at the chart. Ah, grain filtering A dizzying no filtering classic filtering on improved it again as about softening edges. So I will believe it Improved filtering. Okay, that's all for the grain. Let's move to rendering. 7. Watercolor Background Brush Part 3: and again I am using my Cheech It it is a similar Cipel in mode. What I can see from this teach it Is that a uniformed blending us? What is the best for that mix? The fact what makes We will get into it in the next section for brushes that are using water. So I want to add that But it is action different contrast. If you can see, I will use it as uniformed, blending Yeah, and we are into blending right now at blending. I want to flow to be a maximum, as you can see if we can adjust how heavily the color and texture flows from the brush to the canvas. And I wanted to be a heavy brush so it will be maximum there wait ages with suffering softens and blurs the edges off the brushstrokes toe make pigment bleeding into paper. At least this is what creates says Ah, when I add what age is, it is like making these edges a bit, um, darker. So if you take a look, undies, original shapes, they are actually darker. It just but as we are not going to do in the regional shapes I'm not sure if I want what edges. I think they're harsh enough already, so I will not add. Then there are burnt edges. You can exaggerate these things at the edges after shapes. You can change the blending mode for these edges as well and for the whole stroke on. But there's also luminous blending, and I don't want to play with those settings right now. Let's move on to invent mix and what makes we have the illusion where we can set how much water is mix with the paint on brush. And when I increased delusion my stroke just as a pair. So I don't want to add that charge is actually the sitting so that we can reach toward the brush so right runs out of paint. I also don't want that. And also I don't want the pool where you can just pull the pigments around and witness etcetera. These are good for what brushes as per creates it. But actually, when I played with this settings, I haven't discovered anything that would make my brushes like more it. Okay, uh, I gas. These are better for oily pains, but that's just my two cents All right, let's move on to the color. I mean the dynamics pickle Kark because color dynamic this for more digital brushes and we don't want it now. And dynamics we can adjust the changes in the brush with speed. So when I draw more quickly, it just increases the size. Let's move one, um, to the EPA pencil settings And at the EPA pencil we can adjust, for example, how larger small the tip off your brush becomes. Underwear bring pressure. I sigh it, kin for pressure. Be at the maximum size so we can see in the second that I can make a then stroke. And when I increase pressure to stroke will be bigger on it adds a lot to the workflow. We can change also the a positives. When I increase, the pressure becomes more Oh, pack. And I guess it can be Satu maximum as well. And then we can change the flow. How much pain you're brush lays down under varying pressure. And I would also change that to maximum. And this way I can play alone with pressure and I can relief have the painting experience. Ah, while creating now with a bleed I don't want bleeding. I don't want the smoothing and you can set the response. How? How fast? Your EpiPens their response to variations in pressure. And I like to keep it at 30%. So it is not super sensitive, but still Ah, good enough to work. Then we have the tilt graph here. It means that angle where the fact off the brush changes and I love to move down gentlest 10 20%. When I tell that I wanted to become more Oh, pack, I will turned it on. It will help me with degradation. So if I tilt the pencil, it will be less apart. Gradation would create a softening effect, one shading with a brash on an angle. So I will put gradation all as well and in the bleed, how the brush bleeds around the edges when tilted and that is a good thing. So I will add a little bleed. I'm 20% so it will be just a little really like nice shape for shading plasma one you can we can change. Size will add size. So it will also change with tilting and turn size compression on which prevents the texture growing along with the brush size. Now let's move on to the properties you can set preview. You can have stumped preview for for your branch. It can orient to screen so it will turn around with your screen as you movement. There is a preview size and how much it's much is when I used as a smudge tool. I like to keep it. Listen to 5%. You can set the maximum size, so I say this brush can be all lot bigger. 700 I mean even size. Let's say that in persons, which means that we can have a giant brush on, we can. How it small as well. You can also play with them a pass it. It can be a maximum capacity and minimum capacity, none, so I wouldn't change anything about that. That's what about the brush all its renamed of Brash as the water color. Call her back rooms. You can add your name. I will add d are too moderate. I will sign it on. You can create a new reset point, which means that when you can play going to settings later to adjust the brush to your needs, but you will have the reset point. So when you mess something up and forget what settings you had, you just click on it on. You can reset the brush because it is important because what we have just created is just a rough brush. We haven't tried it out yet, so I will just hit done. And don't forget to hit done. And we had a watercolor background brush here. Go to layers turned this off, and you can create a new layer and import hit range button. Add Insert a photo on hit these catch turn the background color on. And this is the sketch that you get with the resources and I will create a layer below this catch. She was my watercolor background calorie. Just a color for these sky and I will just hit the select and free Handley Just draw around a circle Ah, so that I have it like nicely. So I will just draw around this circle. It doesn't need to be perfect. Okay, with this is not the illustration port yet. We're just trying out the brush that we have just created and see if we need to adjust something. Okay, so I have selected it. I still like my watercolor brash and make it bigger and Walla Wow, it looks great. I will degrees thesis size and make it a Brit more saturated Looks great. I only want this kind to be this. As you can see, these are kind of repeating so I can play with this texture. I can go back to these broads, go to the grain on just play with the scale. So I wanted to be even bigger. Two more, Let's say 24 done and I can paint over it, go back a little bit and at a different color this dark Navy, which I like, I can paint over it and create interesting textures. Wow, I really love how it turned out. I can degrees the size and if I can play around with it, OK, I will just keep your light. It's I am satisfied with this brush, but when you want to change anything like the flow is different. I don't know. You wanted to be more, uh, softened edged at Sarah, you can just go back and edit those settings. I really know how to turn down that. Just make it a closer look a while looks great. Oh my God, I really love it. But before we move on, let's do a little recap on the process of brush, creating one. Pulling your brush As a first step, take a brush bowling worksheet and imagine your digital brush to creating resources. Draw paint or gather shapes and textures that you want for the base off your brush free settings go through the settings said at first the shape and grain, and play around with the settings until you reach the desired effect. Four deaths. Your brush has the rough brush to find mistakes in its stroke on vert faux. Correct them. Five. Conran's You have created your own brush. Now let's move on to the next video. 8. Watercolor Shape Builder Brush : all right, So now it's born to the next brush, which will be deep water color, shape, builder brush. And it will help us to create or basic shapes and actually build up the illustration itself . So just take, they procreate, brush plenty, worksheet first and just fill this so it's name will be water color shape builder. Now let's talk about its shape. Um, as this is going to be a shape of builder brush and it will have a different character than the bar color background. It will not really be a stamp but solid stroke. So to create a solid stroke, we will need around its shape. However, I want to shape to have, ah, some kind off irregularity so that it has some kind of texture I can play with. So it will be nor the perfect circle. And let's talk about the grain. I don't want this to be, ah fully solely to color. I want a little bit off this water colored texture to it, so it will be a little bit bit off texture flow. So what does it stroke look like? It will be a smooth line. And let me show you this, Um, brash. As you can see, it ends like this. And I wanted to be in my brush as well. So this means that I will need tape her at the end off the brush. So I want it to be able to create a thin line, then a thicker line. Okay, so I will write Taper here corrector. So it will be an oh, Paige, Browse with texture, so it will be so pack and tilled. So what do I want with this brush when tilted? It's a little bit more transparent when tailed it. All right, so now I have a bays for the whole brush. I will take my add a log things. I will take waters and my watercolors and what I'm going to do, and I'm going to speed this up. So that is no that boring for you. I will create notes. All right, so now we have 15 dots. Actually, I'm going. Teoh put this into their resources so that you can choose your own as you wish. You can off course. Make your own dots on the one that I'm going to choose. It is not actually fully dry yard. I'm going to go with this on. You can choose any that you wish. What I'm going to do is didn't take a photo and I will try to make a forum go back to procreate. I will hide uh, these things I will hit, add insert Ford or and choose this one. And actually, what I'm going to do it first is to go to adjustments, Hue, saturation, brightness make it brighter. And actually, maybe I go to curves so curves and play of it to calm trust on the lightness of the whole Yeah, Okay, now I'm going to still liked around it In a word, free fingers wipe andan cuts. And now I will go to select automatic and select the white area increased the trash hold. Yeah, like this. And maybe I'm you are beautiful. Feder won 1% yet again. Free fingers, wipe cut! And now I have a nice shape here I will turn off the background and as you can see, I have just rounded something around. So I go just grabbed the razor, make it bigger and just erased it. So I feel ah, share and save as a PNG uh, to image and now I can continue to create the new brush. Well, let's go to the brush to the library and let's find or watercolor illustration brushes. We have the watercolor background here. Alex hit the plus sign, and the first thing I'm going to do is to go to the about the brush and just name it. So watercolor shape builder done. I will hit down and I can just go back to it now and let's start with the shape. So I will add it to shape import import, afford home. So, like this one I had done and I really increase the previous size and yeah, OK, go to the stroke path and I think we need to decrease the spacing. If none selected, it will be a solid stroke. Now streamline. As you can see, the line that I've created here fold fully every little movement I make with my hand. So I want to add a bit off a streamlined maybe 18 10% so that it is no that reacting or how took to call it Jetta. Wow, Just look like bouquet lights. Do we want Jetta? Mm, Maybe a little. So it has its texture. So it's keeping at 15% on We don't really want to fall off. Ah, that means that end off it will, like, get less. Uh oh. Park. So I don't want that Taper? Yes. In this brush, we will have a taper. So I will make a stroke and I want to taper at the beginning off the brush careers to size . Put pressure to max so that a taper is pressure sensitive. If I go to every pencil and pressure and increase the size to 100 person, we will return to it. I just want to make a line like this, and I just made it. So I needed to increase the pressure off the apple passel to make the line bigger. And then I can have the taper at the beginning off my line. So now if I want to start to shape with a thin line like death, I just started drawing in and I can increase pressure just like with a riel. Ah, brush. And now I can go back to the taper and adjusted the bit. So I have my nice line. I have the size. Yes, opacity. I don't really want to change that pressure and tip sharp. All right, so now we have the taper sad inks. Okay, so let's continue to the grain. I'm going to use the exactly same import photo in the grain editor, and I'm going to use the exact same thing. I used 40 background. And the reason is that I don't really want to add a new texture, but you can do your own, and I will provide you these other textures so you can just play. But it So I hit Alter. Repeat again. I was kale it up. I don't really want these water colored blooms now to be seen through. I just want a bit off a texture. So I will actually increase the size a bit more. So play with texture again and make it bigger and make it smaller. Um, maybe I believe a little bit off these blooms, I will may were overlap so that it is more interesting like this. Okay, done. It will create a texture. All right. And wow, it looks great. What I wanted to do is to go back to the shape because we didn't employ with the shape yet , so we can play with scatter. I will like 70% of Skinner, Rotation said. It follows the stroke. I don't want to add this randomness to it. Azimuth azimuth means it did. Doug is the radios off the apple pass ALS tilled as it travels for it a stroke and creates a similar, in fact, to the Cali Griffith pen. So can you see that I can do these Caligari for things? Actually, we don't need azimuth, so turn it off, all right? I start to loved his brush more and more. Um, but I don't know, maybe I would decrease this cutter of it and go back to the stroke path on on degrees, the jitter. I don't want that big hitter. So let it be like this. 11%. So at the Taper, we have sent everything. There is the shape. All right, grain. Let's play with it a little bit. So it can be texturizing so that we have the texture within it, and it creates this overlap. This is the character of the water colors that I don't really like and degrees the depths, so I don't want this overlapping too much, but I want to see the texture, so we will keep it as improved filtering. Let's see the rendering. So there's light glaze on This is what I don't like. Uniformed glaze. Intense heavy uniform blending, interns blending. So let's keep it in intense blending. Uh, let's keep just flow up at maximum. What edges? No, I don't like it. I will keep this. Ah, the same as before now. Delusion charge and pull. I will put those down again. I don't really want to play with the pigments when they are at on D canvas. Leave out color dynamics. Go to dynamics. We already said a speed to maximum. You can add a positive as well. Let's see. Okay, I will keep it at zero. I don't want to play with gente apple pencil. So what about the pressure and size? They said it also the capacity? No, I don't know. Think arreaza flow Because if I increase the flow, this part off the stroke will become more transparent. And I want this to be a nice shape builder brush. Okay, bleed on smoothing. I don't want stays as well. And the response can be comforted persons. And what about the tilt we started a tilt. We wanted to be more transparent. So I will increase the tilt graft 20 degrees angle and increased maybe a positive. So when I will be like this, it will be a bit more. France parent and I will increase gradation. So when it will be tilted, I can, like, make a bit of degradation with the brush. Yeah, it looks great. And what about a size? Let's try size. It will increase the size. Yes, and hit size compression So that the texture uh, doesn't, uh, got deformed. Let's go to properties. I think it can be maxed on none. That would be the best about his brush. Let's write name. I will just sign it. Okay? And creating reset point save. And don't forget to hit. Done. Now we have a rough brash as you can see And let's turn on this turn on the background turned on this catch. Create a new layer below this catch and I will just choose, um, and arrange collar for for the fox. And I will try to try to build a shape and it looks pretty great. Wow, what if I do a different color on it on It is no transparent, just a little bit, and it is just enough nice. And what if I want a lighter orange? Let's say it atop Berg's nicely. Wow, you know what? I will keep this property of the brush that it layers a bit like the original ones because it is it is a really nice brush. I love it. I think we have to shape builder brush. I will turn on, uh, deaths and see what it does so I can paint on the top off it. So if I want a shave to be a different color, I don't really need to be worried about the background color, right? I just need to go over it a few times, and if I don't go over it a few times, it just leaves us a texture like this. And actually, it looks good. All right, so now we have the background brush and we have to shape builder brush and what we want now iss the texture from the, um, colored pencils. So let's move on to the next video and let's create the current passes brush 9. Colored Pencil Texture: Okay, so now we are back on in this video, we're going to create a digital brash from college pencils. So let's take a first the brush planning worksheet on Let's name and put this here. And I will put this here. I have my micro pen and it will mean count pencil texture. So its shape we will need approximately around that shape How I imagine it will be like this texture thanks. And the brush. So what we will need is to choose a dark color. So it is enough contrast so that we can digitize this mark it creates owned the paper. So it's grain. Oh, we'll be, I guess, the exact same grain. So it will be the exact same. It will be the grain in the shape at the same time. All right, so it's flow. It will be a stem kind of brash again. So we don't really want to stroke. But we want really this texture character. It will be transparent or old pack. I guess it will be Oh, pack brush. And what does the brush do when it tilt it? It gets more transparent, I guess So when we use it it will guideline more wider. All right, so we will need to make Mark on the paper. And I just found this black sherry color. And what? I'm going to do it again. Speed this up a bit. I'm going to experiment with textures. Actually, the picture off this pencil really depends on the paper you're using. So I'm going to take a normal paper as well and try that. As you can see, this is smoother. And this is rougher. As we were talking about the war color illustration, I will go, but the rougher all right. And it has more contrast, a swell. And we can control that. And actually, I like the shape as well. So what I'm going to do is to take a photo fit. I will turn everything off and create a new there. Look and add insert of 40 And I'll flavor the curves again. So adjustments curves and I will make it a bit brighter and more in contrast, Kinda all right. And now I will try to still like to do white. So again select automatic and so like this big Asturias don't need to go into too much detail. That's just enough swiped down cuts and you are left with a texture like this. I will turn off the background and delete this part. I'm not sure what this is. Yeah, all right, and I'm going. Teoh saved us as a P and G, so share PNG on hits Seif image. Okay, and let's see what it does. I will turn on the background color. I will go to the brush library, hit a plus sign, go to about the brush and let's name it and we named it colored pencil texture. It's done. I will go there, go to the shape source hit, edit, import and border photo on and it done. Mm. I feel increased the preview size and it doesn't look bad. I don't know you to go to stroke path and I really increase the spacing. Maybe have been more. No. I wanted to be like a bit like Stamp E, but I also wanted to be like, uh, how to put this like a stroke. Like really like crayon Jetta. I wanted to be a bit jittery. Let's see what it does just a bit. Let's keep it like it. 15%. Ah, spacing can be a 20. Wow, It looks for the great. I love it. Streamline can be like none. Fall off known. We don't want taper. We have a shape. We can scatter the shape so that it iss I know that, uh, uniforms like 20% is enough rotation. False truck? No, I don't want that. It lived better. We doubts that we don't want count Reader randomized one does render mind state Just look at it. Randomize the rotation off the shape when the stroke begins, I doesn't matter. So it's randomize is it's you can we can turn it on but it will not Not have too much fact in it I really doubt it Looks like amazing would see the grain. Actually, I love the green already. I don't think we need Teoh it any texture behind it. I think this is just enough. I love it. So moving scale. We don't really need to play with anything here because we're not going to add any texture We already have. It takes two awaiting the shape, as I already told you so, rendering intense blending, intense glaze light glaze. I think we should keep, uh, intense glaze it is contrasted enough flow We can keep the flow up. We don't want went it just We don't want Bert and burned ages. What makes delusion charge and pool? I will take those down again. Dynamics. We can increase the size if we want. Or notes No. Okay. Don't want todo apple pencil when the pressure's up. You wanted to be figure smaller? Actually, I don't know. Let's see. Let's say I will have an apple and I want to shade it. I want to increase pressure. We're just No, I don't want that. Okay, I don't want that. I want a capacity to change when pressed harder. That's okay. Ah, bleed. I don't want please. I will put smoothing up. What does smoothing do? How smoothly or breast transitions from low to high pressure So it will, like smooth out and make nicer gradations. But until to the wayside we wanted to be more transparent. So I will just turned and capacity on right now. So it will be like more trans time. And when tilted All right, turn degradation on a swell. Do you feel with Have a nice interpretation? Um, on the size kid. All right, and ice. Take a look at property is Ah we can keep everything as it iss So the brush behavior Next time size, maximum capacity and no minimum capacity our size It's going to about this brush. Let's again name It's okay and create new reset point It's safe. And Donna, because Dad is important I will turn off this So I will turn on the sketch. I bilton on the background. I will turn on the shape Actually, I will go back to the shape builder Brush Choose this orange calorie Go to this layer deleted. I will just feel the shape 40 Head off this fox It will not be perfect. I will Just tried to He used to call it pencils. All right. I will also logged this layer Tuesday College pencil texture Jews a bit off a darker one And as you can see, I can shade quite nicely I will degrees the size and if I want to shade Wow, it looks great so I can add texture I can dio pretty nice shading now I can add highlights to my foxy Wow! I'm happy we do resolved. What do you say? I think it looks amazing. Okay, well, seeing the illustration part how it works together. So now we have the background. Now we have to shave. Builder. We have to call it pencils And what is left Already He's to underwater called paper picture . So I just move on and due to my compound 10. The Micron Pen: Okay, So in this video, I'm going to create a brush for my mike. Um, pen. And actually, you can wonder what's the difference between the two lines Thies to make? And I'm just going to show you the micro pen creates a thin even line, actually without texture. Okay, so it is a black line. We could use the original technique open or some brush. We already having a brush library. I just want to make it so as we can see how much berks on. Actually, I can't show you the gel pen on the right papers off. So the jail pen has kind off a texture. It is thinner and it is a bit transparent or right. So this is the difference between these two brushes that we're going to make first take dif rush planning worksheets. First time going is going to be the micron pan when the second is going to be the jail pen . And I'm going to planned both now so that we can really feel the difference off this to what is the base shape off the brush in the micron pan? It is going to be a solid circle. Okay, so When we create a brush, it is going to be a really smooth, thin line. And with the gel pair, it is going to be the same. So we don't need to create now different like thoughts like we did with the shape builder brunch. But we're going to use the solid circle that we have in the brush library A green. So the micro pen is going to be solid. It actually has a bit off a texture if you take a look on end. So it is kind of solid, but it has kind of a little bit off a texture. If I want to create a brush that is a bit different than the ones that are already in the brush studio, I will use the texture from this this camp. Okay, so with a bit off a texture all right, flow, what does it struck look like? It is a smooth line readout taper. Okay. Uh, no Taper character. It is. Oh, park. And when Teal did what happens? Nothing. Jail pen. It has texture flow. It is a smooth line with a bit of a taper be to taper Uh, corrector. It is a bit transparent. And what happens when tilted? Nothing. All right now, I guess we can move to Deborah Studio to create or brushes, go to the brush library, hit the plus sign, go to the about his brush and let just right Micron Town done. So let's go to the shape. And as we said, its shape is going to be rounded. Let's go to the grain and hit, edit import, import a photo and let's use actually the shape or this again for the little bit off a texture that we will have their. So it again all to repeat, um increased the grain scale. Now we really don't need those blooms Rotate. It can be like death. Okay, just that it has a bit of a texture. So he'd done it. Will create a texture, can be moving so it will a role. Ah, we can increase the scale fits. Okay, so let's see the stroke. We don't really need to have spacing just a little bit so that we can see that texture. So keep the spacing at about 15 for 16 just a bit jitter. We don't need any Geter. We don't need any fall off Taper we will not have any taper shape. We had Bill not having this cutter. No rotation. It will be a simple brush. Grain behavior. We just started rendering intense uniform. Keep it intense. Blending what makes nothing. So pool and charge back color dynamics, dynamics there, no dynamics at all at my crampons. So when we increased pressure, nothing happens. Um, also add up a pencil with the pressure. Nothing happens. All right? Even when Till did nothing happens. It is a simple, solid brush. Now we can't really seed the its texture. So I will go to the stroke path and increase the spacing a bit. Okay, So the spacing is that 20? Okay, go to properties. So this is what we need to set. And that is the maximum size and the minimum size. And as it is going to be a really a liner, I think the biggest size off its could be at 20% 20. We will see. And yeah, the maximum capacity could stay. So I just had done and let's see what it does. I choose black. This will be the my crampons. I would choose a layer and yeah, it is too big, So I will go back on the maximum size will be degrees to 10. Done. Yeah, I can decrease the size. Okay. Nice. So if I want a little line work here, I will make it smaller. Yeah, What I miss is the you know, what's streamline. So streamlined smooths out ever movement that you helped make your with your hand. I'll add, like, 40% to it. Let's say and I want to draw something. Yeah. So if I want to circle, I can have a nice circle. All right. If I want to draw something like this, it will really help me. I love it. So now we have a micro pan. Yeah. Let's move to the next video where we will have to jail Pan. 11. The Gel Pen: All right. So welcome to this video where we'll do actually, the final branch, the jail pound. So let's just hit the plus sign, go to about his brush and name it jail pen Done and hits done. And now what we are going to do is to go today brush go to the shape on as we a sad it is going to have the same exact shape, the solid shape or right, so But what about the grain? And actually, what I thought jail pen has a little bit off how to put this this painterly a fact. As if it really was a thick paint. So this jail is flowing onto the canvas and leaves, Uh, marks. So I will make my own. So I want chunky. No, water is joke. So I put a lot off paint onto my brush and do this Okay? This is what I want. So and only one needs to wait for it to dry because I want is blotchy. Thank here. I will put this aside. Hit camera. I go back to procreate. I add dust hair. I feel free. Handley Uh Cilic dis this part in what free finger slide cut. I really turn off the bag groomed and save it us, um, share as a PNG say image. Now go back to the jail pan and the grain source at its import. Import of photo take desk. PNG alter repeats. Drink scale. Yeah, While it looks interesting, rotate I don't really want to rotate it. Border over lab mounts. Cartoonists. Yeah, this is interesting. So I will hit done on this elevated texture and going to use for this brush. So the texture, rised things, eyes not going to be, but the moving and it will be like a rolling, and it will follow size. Uh, I was scale it. Like for 25 percents, we can add into the contrast, so it is more seen, but actually, as we're talking about a really tiny brush again similar to the micro panic doesn't really I need to be that, like, contrasted how to put this Let's see the stroke. So I want to ask streamline again. At least 20% spacing can be at 15 so that we can see the texture still taper. We saw that there is a bit off a taper, so I will add at the end off the line, let's say 30% and that's linked up. Size is linked. Up sizes means that this will be the same size. Okay, till match. Okay, so opacity none. Pressure Max tip will be blunt. And let's touch Taper means that if you are because pressure taper Onley works with apple pencil because I plan has pressure sensitivity on Lee for the apple pencil, not for your finger. So when you're painting with your finger, you said this. Okay, so we have the shape is going to be all right like this. Rendering intense blending, Uniformed blending, intense glaze I think this intense glaze would work great with edges. Don't want thes things. What makes again charge and pool will be off dynamics speed Does it change? No. Pasta de no as well. A profound So so with pressure. We don't change the opacity in order size nor to flow. And also, when we tilt, nothing happens and properties maximum size. It will be a thin line. So it's a 10 percent. And about his brush. Let's name it again. De aren't mother. I will signed create new reset point safe and had done okay And now if I choose the wide jail pen, create a new layer here. Okay, we can have nice bitch texture lines and it works fine. So I guess I have to jail Panoz Well, And now what's left is the bonus where we are going to create texture for the watercolor paper. 12. Watercolor Paper Texture: Okay, so I'm not really going to create are included in the brash planning work. Shit. I want Onley to create a texture for the watercolor paper because it has an overall fact. So what I'm going to do? Yes, to take a piece off a watercolor paper and take a foot off it. Okay, so he'd inside a photo, all photos. I guess this was the vast. Yeah, I know. It's a bit dark. I will just place it here, go to adjustments, you saturation brightness. I've really agrees to brightness and I will play with a curse. So I wanted texture to be seen. Birds. I also wanted to be bright. The bit contrasted. Okay. And I will This is not nice hair. So this part off the texture looks amazing. So this is what I'm going to select. A rectangle like deaths, inward selection, free finger, slight cuts. And I will increased a contrast to bid more adjust moons, curves. Not that much. All right. And I will save it a Z as a PNG. But I will delete everything else. I mean, put aside, turn off the background, shares a PNG and say them it and Now I go to the brush library, created no new brush and name logical paper brush Done shape. It's gonna be a rectangular. I'm in circular grain at it imports import photo. He's also repeat to be able to create a seamless pattern so you can increase the grain scale so that it is like bigger and it creates a nice texture. Really nice. At 2.9, it would be amazing. Ah, you don't need to rotate. You can Ah, mosque hardness or not? Yes, Ive Bill Mosque Hardin it's and increase the grain scared to free point zero mirror or overlap Artemis planning or rights done. And it will create a wonderful texture. I want it to be texturizing and I don't want to scale it too much. I want this brush to be It's 10 person approximately. I wanted to be the maximum size. So I got the properties and, like, make it giant brush 1000. Maybe make it one tubs and yeah, when you hit days, you can just type in size. You want? Yeah, and medium size. I don't know. 100% stroke spacing. I don't think we need any spacing. Streamline. We don't need streamline tapered only taper shape and don't need reputation nor scatter at the grain. We can increase like brightness. You are contrast, but I don't think that's necessary. Rendering light glaze in 10 splendid ing. Yeah, and what makes can put charge and pull back? I'm not sure. Why is it always there dynamics? We don't need to sit anything to add a watercolor paper texture, creating new layer just a watercolor paper brush and choose white color and now degrees the size of your canvas so that you have an easier job because you need to lay down one even stroke to feel the whole canvas. You cannot, uh, pick up your apple pencil because then you have two strokes that were Oval Lab and create something like this. So I filled it, and if I had another stroke, it would show like this and see what happens when I turn on the background. The whole texture of these appears. The reason is that thes water called paper texture is white and it will not show on a white background. So what you need to do is to change the background color to black and your paper texture Well, just relieved. And you can do with this layer to go to adjustments. If you find it too dark, go to adjustments here, saturation, brightness and increase the brightness. And you can just make it lighter on. And if you don't want dad contrast ID background, you can just decreased capacity and maybe increased the background college to a bit greyish and you will have a lighter version so you can play with these studies to get vast background for your illustration. And now you can turn on, uh, the background, the fox. You can turn on this catch and the stars on Now you have a nice background, uh, water cut background for your illustration. All right, so now we have or whole set, we have a gel pen, we have a microbe, and we have a code pencil texture. We have a water color shape builder, a watercolor background and a watercolor paper brush. And I guess we can go to the next part my river, create a full illustration. Together. We just brushes 13. Illustration Part 1: All right. Welcome to the final stage where we're going to create the illustration. So head a plus sign and create a screen sized canvas because it is big enough to have great quality. A not too big to have limited number off layers. Now what I'm going to do is to get the watercolor paper brush, Jews the white color turn of the background, and to layer one, I will just add this'll watercolor paper texture. Try not to lived up your brush. I will dock, Click Ate it. Yeah, and much down these two so that I have kind of solid background with the texture on it. Now hit the plus sign. Add Insert a photo. Here it is. You'll find it at the resources it will just fit right into the middle. So now we have the watercolor paper we have thes catch. So I'm going to create Color is I'm going to big the colors up from this so that I can replicate it. But of course, you have freedom to create your own colors. So what I'm going to do is to create a photo off this illustration I will go back to for creates instead a photo. And I will just keep it here, going to palettes. I could create a new palette and rename it, um, folks illustration. And I will go from the darkest blue function. I will make it like deaths, and I will just go through it. And so what I've done is I detached the, uh, color palette. I will do it again. So if you click on the color Baden and swipe down, you have dates. Stylized version off it. And here you have your pilots and you can just go around and grabbed colors that you like. So I have some purples here blues. I will take this, um, just blue IQ and display. You have so many blues I will just go around and and Peter Colors And I guess that's all Those are the colors that I'm going to use. So now I, Dili Dis and I have my palette here and I create a new layer for the background. Um, I will do it similarly as I've done it before. So I will go and free Handley draw the circle around. It will help me a lot. Okay. Now I have the circles elected I will choose this dark color that is the 1st 1 and create a little base 40 sky. And there's a lot of these saturated. So I will act Is dark blue wolverines. I don't want to make it too dark, but I wanted to be more saturated. So let's see if I go to these, I will go and select a bit more saturated calorie in I've will add its to the sky. Yeah, looks great, but I also wanted to be a bit dark at earn around his Um what are days? My own teams. So I will aunt good, darker things around. Okay, I can't return to this, but later as well. Let's go on to you with the fox. So create a new layer and choose to watercolor shape builder brush and I will choose this middle range orange to build shapes. So I will just start. I don't speed this up a little bit, so it is not that boring. I will try to make solid collars and if I overrun um, a line, I will just erase from it. I need to add whites so I would choose white and paint simply the years Okay. What I wanted to do is to go to the sketch and lower dear Pasley on and make it to multiply so you can see through it and see when you're painting what you're painting because this whole needs to work without this catch as well. So when I turned off this catch, I need to see Ah, nice shape off the fox. So I will take your you steal pomposity, chicken and just make it right. Okay? I will create a layer beloved a had and simply continue. Um, actually, this is white as well. Okay. And now we continue our went d we just one start tail, and I will create a new layer for it. Actually, I don't draw the whole in $1 then I will just awful locket and add practice whites to it. Okay, I will all flock this tale on choose the white color on just simply it back here. Okay, on. Now I will try to shade it. So for some reason, I have it in one group. I didn't want to put this in a group, so I will just put them out and delete this crib, and I will take de college pencil texture and go to the body. Choose a darker version off the color dis darker one and I will try to add a bit of felt textured hair. But I need to out the lock this layer. So I've will add a little bit of texture here, but it's too harsh. Idol over deal Posse T and I just a little bit here. Okay, I will increase the size decreased able Posit e and I will try to add a little bit off texture here and there maybe to death licks. You decide. Okay, right. Let's go to the head and all. Flock Dad as well. I will add a little bit off this darker color up here and decrease the size and on a bit to the face. I dis here is well, so basically you can use these. Call it a pencil for shading. You can use tilted version of fed. Um, it can be like almost solid color. This to harsh like this and I will add to the tail as well will increase the size and maybe you would be curry so that it is not that harsh. I don't use delight yellow to add from that as well To play with colors. Yeah, It adds nice, um, saturation to it and go back to the body and add to the middle from it. Wow. Looks really nice. God to the head. Appear. Looks pretty Well. Whoa. Okay. So I know what we do is brush is already okay. And I will try to add a bit of highlights, So I will choose almost white and I'm a delayer off the head. I'll add a bit up here. I will degrees the size and as if highlights K's idol, add a bit off the highlight up here on it just looks incredible. I just love it. Kate, go back to the tail. I really increase the size here, and I'd back into middle foods. Okay? And what about the whites? I want to add a bit off a gray into it so that it is, um yeah, so that it is also a bit like, as if shaded just a little bit death and I will degrees the size increase the capacity, and I had a little bit off line below this line here. Idle adv Actus line with the micro pen later. That I want a bit off shadow below it, I'll add. But here. Okay, I go back to the face. I need a little bit of back up here is room like this. Now you will go back to detail as well. On I will add a little bit with a bigger size. It's OK. Looks pretty amazing for me. Okay, I will turn off this catch and Yeah, I like it as a days. It is a bit rough. I can play with it a little bit more. So go back to the shape builder and just make shapes a bit better now. Okay? So you can play wheat, adjusting the shapes and making it as good as possible. But you know what? Let's move on to the next video where we're going to the background and play with that bit more. And then we will return to the folks later 14. Illustration part 2: so it creates the mountains. At the original, the mountains were like this lighter. Akram Aaron Blue. So let's create a layer below the fox and take thes shape. Builder brush on. Let's just build the shapes. Okay. Uh, now, when I got it, I will all flock it and went white. Are you Add back. Uh, this white and actually what I'm going to do is to select its layer and create a new one about it so that I have this wide on a separate layer. And when I will adds the texture, it will not like interfere If I may say that like that, it doesn't really matter, Dad. It is not that perfect. We can be more precise, but obviously takes a lot more time. Okay, Now I go back to this blue real this select. I have it awful locked. And now I will choose the college pencil texture again. And Jews a darker blue that I have here all it said. This one and I will just, uh, bit off a texture. Teoh with darker takes Teoh. And then I will add a bit off a lighter texture as well. I will take this light blue and choose really light version. And I will add back a bit off this y princey to its It will create a really nice effect. For it is, um my maintains, let's create this bushes behind the folks so great a new layer either Choose Dez Blue Truth eash marker Say builder. So if you want to sully the color from this watercolor Shea builder, you need to go through it at least twice. Uh, and I will create a new layer below it. Andi? Yeah? Continue discolor. Okay. What I'm going to do with this two bushes that I'm going to follow them and again go to the college pencil texture and choose a color. I would choose this lighter. Blue, maybe. Yeah, it looks fine. Go fruit and And I can choose even lighter version. All fits, and I can add a bit more for glowing into. Um I'm not sure. You know. What we need to do is that we need to create a while. You check layer. I will go up here, create a new layer, fill it with gray aunt hit color at the blend moats, and then we can see the whole and in grayscale. And it will reveals how dark or how light, uh, thinks should be. Actually, I think does darkness off D skies okay? These mountains are okay. And maybe these bushes should be, like a bit darker. I will add back to their darkness. Obits. I'm turned off and I will add this dark blue me to colored pencil. Okay, I will take the values. Yeah, looks better now. What I'm going to do is to do the ground, and I will create a turn off the value chick layer. I will create a layer about the mountains and that's going to be kind of brownish live of Jews. Discolor and make it a bit lighter. I will add discolor here. So this is going to be that color. I will get the shape builder, and I am going to create a bit of for ground here. Okay, I will have locked his ground and choose a bit office brownish color. I will just go through it so that it has been more colorful. Yeah, on I will add agreeance into the front now, so I don't create a new layer. Choose the middle green. Here's the shape builder and do the same again. And this is what I live in digital that it is so easier to create a fact slightest. Like this would take me so long in him and work. Okay, Now I will off our flog it Choose to slighter version again. Choose to college pencil I can lie to need an ad takes shift. I will add a cupful light around like dis And what I wanted us to try this shape builder as a shader I will make it big. Andi juices darker version off the collar and make it last open. And to create a little bit of shadow below the folks. I just take it and just add this darkness around as it is last. Oh, Park and I try to use it tilted It creates a nice blending. All right, let's move to the next video on dat Some more details 15. Illustration Part 3: All right, So now let's do details. And this is the time for the micro pan. So choose that on Choose Black and let's create a new layer body. Had I already had in here and what I'm going to do is to draw the eyes and I'm going to add some lashes as well. Okay, I'm a dude. His eyebrows as well and also the nose. And what I want is dis line on and this line swell. You allowed some dots here, and I will draw this q day. I will make it smaller. Not that small. Great to be here. I'll add just a nice thing as well. But I will make it a bit better. And actually, I conceded, I need a bit more streamlined for this, so I increase the streamline. Then let's move on to the background on. I will create a new layer on Tuesday, watercolor shaped builder and choose white and ideal draw the moon. Okay, I have to moon. Maybe I want to make it glow, so I will duplicate it and the one that is below I will just hit and then go, Schindler. Yeah, I already have little glowing effects. Then I will add Ah, with the jail pen and still white, I will add the stars. So what I'm going to do is to make it a bit thinner and just add back days. Label guys, it's thoughts here and there Looks nice. And now what I want is, uh is the jail pending, but with a different color. And I will add, like, some details onto these mountains. I will create a new layer about the mountains, and I will try to find a lighter color and maybe some darker once forties. All right, What I want is to add a little bit off detail into these bushes, and I want his light blue to be even lighter. And I will choose to jail pen yet. Jail pen. I love it, but I mean some white dots. For some reasons, I'll go back to the jail pain and white and some nice, uh, elements here. Just some doughnuts. Okay. Now let's create these, um, flowers in the front. So go to the top, create a new layer. Choose this dark booth. I will gather work alot shape builder and make it thin. And what I can do now is to our flock. It I will go to almost black in just go through it and dark in its somewhere. Ah, sort of. It pops a bit more as if it was a silhouette. Then I will just keep this black, get a jail pin and make it white A new layer. And I choose thes ones flopper. And I will choose the Micron pen now and choose black. I get a bit piggery. It is so fun that it really is similar, uh, to the to the originals. It is an incredible experience for me now that I can do almost the same in digital and it really looks like even the mistakes I can make with them. Wonderful. I love it now I will create these. I am going to use the water color shape builder as a thin brush and I will create a new layer on chooses green and make it a bit more y print and to try to make it like deaths. Wow! Looks fun. It is really different as in as in the original, because I used negative painting and I don't want to use negative painting now. I really loved is the fact just turn off debts on it is like a zip. It was done with market, so I don't know. It is really interesting. And what I can do is to offer locket and Jews a darker green on to call it pensive texture and just go go through it to make it a bit more blended. And it's Sarah. Wonderful effect. I will add more white jail pen dots because I'm just obsessed with jail pen dots now because I can see them better. Yeah, How cool is that? And now I missed these things at the side. I will create a new layer. I will choose this really, really dark blue. I will choose even darker on. I will choose the watercolors shape builder, and I will, too. Some random shapes here. I feel moving below. Uh, these thinks Okay. Wonderful. I'm used jail pen again, Mr White one. I will make it smaller and just some one split it. Wow. What could this affect? I allow it so much, you can see that texture in those lines and it adds to so much while I feel as if I was a kid. No, I'm rediscovering my old pals in digital So fun. Now add even more dots. We did wipe gel pen and this might not be the best illustration I've ever done. But this is the illustration I enjoyed the most in the last few weeks. If you have a simple white background turned on, you will not be able to see the texture because it is white as well. So what you need to do is to go to the background color and change it to black. And then you will have this contrast in the background uh, end d layer of the war ical paper picture on this will make it to be seen. Can you see that? So this is what I had when the background waas waas whites and then when you increase when you make it back, it starts to re wheel. So don't forget. If you want to use the watercolor paper texture a Y two border color paper texture, you need to set the background color behind it to black. I call this finished now because I I'm satisfied with it. But I am really excited to see what you create with these brushes and how your brushes will look like. See you in the next video where we're going to sum up what we have done in this class. 16. UPDATE: Add Texture To The Illustration: Okay, So in this video, I will show you how to make your illustration even more realistic in terms of having this water color texture owned illustration. Because what we have done so far, it's something like this where you have kind of solid colors. It looks great, but we can make it even better. So if you go here into the layers ah, you can just select all the layers to how, By sliding them, select demo and you will have the option off Grouping Dem So hit group and you will have a new group now slides this new group this way and hated duplicate so that you have the original layers and you have a group that you can flatten. So he one of your groups, you can turn off the layer of this group on the group above, just hit it and hit flatten and then you have a flat, an image that you can turn on and off. And what you can do is to hit our this n button, which opens Thea prisons for blending modes and hit. Multiply on simply as you can see, you will have this water color texture also in your illustration. It will be seeing more on lighter colors on off on darker colors or really solid shapes. But it will add to day illustration as well. All right, so let's we wanted an Expedia. 17. Project Description: All right, So let's talk about your projects a bit. I would be super happy if you would create a digital illustration breast set from your favorite traditional supplies. Obviously, if you have done as the project of this class is the illustration itself dude illustration . We don't brushes. You have artistic freedom, so don't need to use my scotch. You are free to do any subject that you wish. The only thing is that used aldige still brushes to create them so that it has these traditional touch to it before. Does who don't want to create new brushes. I am afraid you my brushes and you can do the full illustration with mice catch on the color palette. But I suggest stay creative. I do it with your your touch with in your own way. All right. And what I really want to do is to create a collection off handmade brushes that you create in the discussion tableau. So I suggest you create your brushes. Don't forget to sign down so that you have the authorship uploading to Google drive and shared a link in the discussion top low. And at the end, I imagine we have hundreds off Henry brushes to use on. That would be a super cool. So I hope you aren't open to this, and I'm excited to see what you create. Now let's continue to the final video where we're going to summarize what we have learned in this class. 18. Final Thoughts: Congratulations. You have finished the class well done in disgust. We have learned so much. We learn to analyze traditional supplies and their characteristics. We learn the process of digitizing their marks To reach the strokes that we desire. We created a who rushed stats that you can use for digital illustration. And then we completed a full illustration together. Ah, would it touch tradition now? Your packet skills and confidence to create your own brushes to make her work more original . Thank you for taking the class. It was a pleasure to have you here. Don't forget to Nemea Review. I really love to know what you think about close contact with me on Facebook and Instagram . Check out my website on stay tuned port and latest classes, challenges and announcements By following me here, it was exciting to have you in this class. I am really looking forward to see what you create and suing where the close is Good bye. No