Learn to Knit: Hair Bows & Bowties | Augusta D | Skillshare

Learn to Knit: Hair Bows & Bowties

Augusta D, Knitwear Designer and Producer

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9 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. 1 - Introduction & Materials

    • 2. 2 - Casting On

    • 3. 3 - Knitting & Purling

    • 4. 4 - Binding Off

    • 5. 5 - Sewing the Bow

    • 6. 6 - Wrapping the Bow

    • 7. 7 - Attach a Clip

    • 8. 8 - Get Creative

    • 9. 9 - Share Your Work


About This Class

Master the basics of knitting in this quick and easy course for new knitters!  Great for beginning knitters or any knitter looking to use up their leftover yarn bits, this class will walk you through the basics of knitting and teach you how to make a simple knit bow that can easily be turned into a bowtie, hair bow, or other accessories.

This beginner course will cover basic knitting techniques and stitches including casting on, knitting, purling, stockinette stitch, and binding off.  Learn all the skills you need to move on to larger and more complex knitting projects, all while making an adorable and versatile little bow!





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Augusta D

Knitwear Designer and Producer

I have been knitting since I was a kid, and began designing and selling my work seven years ago when I launched by brand of natural fiber knitwear, adKnits. Everything I create is knit by hand with original designs that emphasize handwork, texture, and color. My work has been featured in Spool Magazine, Etsy, and Ladies Home Journal and can be found in several boutiques and shops along the east coast.

Nature inspires much of my work, which I incorporate into my designs through eart...

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