Learn to Fearlessly Mix and Use Color for Watercolor Painting | Anne Butera | Skillshare

Learn to Fearlessly Mix and Use Color for Watercolor Painting

Anne Butera, watercolor artist, pattern designer

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10 Lessons (1h)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Developing a Color Practice

    • 3. Materials

    • 4. Getting to Know Your Colors: Swatches

    • 5. Mixing: a Limited Palette

    • 6. Mixing: Paint on Paper

    • 7. Layering: Wet on Wet

    • 8. Layering: Wet on Dry

    • 9. Matching Colors an Example

    • 10. Your Project


About This Class

Color is at the heart of any watercolor painting, but when you're just starting out it can be daunting. Watercolor doesn't work quite the same way as other types of paint.

Playing with paint and color is a wonderful way to get comfortable with the medium, learning by doing. Through experimentation you'll gain experience.

In this class I'll share some simple tips and techniques for getting familiar with your paints and how they work. I'll take you through basic color mixing and demonstrate some fun exercises to get you thinking about how watercolor reacts with paper, water and other paint. Finally, I'll show you how I work to match colors when I'm preparing to paint a botanical watercolor piece.





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Anne Butera

watercolor artist, pattern designer

For a long time I denied my identity as an artist, but in 2010 I decided to reclaim it.

Regaining my creativity didn't quite work out as I had planned. In truth, on my first attempt at leaping for my dreams I fell flat on my face. That experience, though painful, has put me on what I call a Mission of Beauty and Joy.


Today I work as a watercolor artist.

I strive to create something each day and am passionate about encouraging you to embrace your crea...

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