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Learn to FLOAT (Ashtanga Yoga)


Learn to FLOAT (Ashtanga Yoga)


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12 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. intro

    • 2. Preparation

    • 3. Upper Body Strength 1

    • 4. Upper Body Strength 2

    • 5. Upper Body Strength 3

    • 6. Core Strength 1

    • 7. Core Strength 2

    • 8. Back Strength 1

    • 9. Back Strength 2

    • 10. Drill 1

    • 11. Drill 2

    • 12. Drill 3

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About This Class

 This workshop (Learn to float), i am teaching the method of how to do float in Sun Salutation. this class for advanced yoga students.

Meet Your Teacher

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Viru Badwal



My name is Viru. I am a Yoga Teacher and I have been teaching yoga since 2006.

I love to practice yoga and love to share my skills with others. Just found Skillshare and I like this, I think it’s a good place to meet people who want to improve their yoga skills.

I love all kinds of yoga styles but my favorite is INVERSIONS balancing pose, arm balance, and handstand.

I love to meet people and share knowledge so please give your comments and let me know if you have any request about yoga I will do my Best.

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1. intro: must everyone. My name is video and in this class we learn how to float back since the relation A and sends a relation. 2. Preparation: So if you want to learn how to float back from sin separation and be so you have to focus on upper body spent, how to work with the shoulders and upper body strength. And second is a chorus Trent and tar. Of course, you should know how to do a chaperon there, so you should have a good enough for its flexibility. And next is a four burning post. If you can touch your head to your knee, you know, for burning coals. That's enough. Hey, now. 3. Upper Body Strength 1: upper body strength. We will hold lower plank position three times. So each time. 20 seconds. Okay, so heavy. Go. So take this position. So make sure your shoulders away from the ear and keep your ribs in. And don't Aren't you back like this? Okay, drop your tailbone down toward the hill, so make sure you are working the car, So hold for 20 seconds. I'm going to count one. Do three, 4567 eight. I'm 10. 11 12 tarring foreign. 15 16 17 18 19 and 20. And no, Try to more time. Okay, so try two or three. 4. Upper Body Strength 2: next is a 10 push ups from the plank posts. So in applying polish, keep your ribs in. Go too strong. And one, dio three, four fight six, seven, eight Mine and 10. Okay, so destroy your best If you feel if you feel tired after five push ups me, Just stop and then try again. Fight more. So, daughter, 33 rounds if you find it too difficult for you. So you have absence. You can simply drop your niece down. OK, but do not arch your back. Keep your ribs in then one and true three for fine six, seven, eight I and 10 so you can try these three round 30 push ups. 5. Upper Body Strength 3: Okay, so now it's time to increase the difficulty level. So once you got in, push up. Next one is that's called handstand Pushups. So you can take any bench right now. You have this one song materials, this one. Okay, so, Henderson or shall very good. If you have this kind of this trend, it will help your toe press hander Stan and how to float back. So, what you gonna do? Take the position like this shoulder over the wrist and lift your hips? Height. Then from here one and to three for fire. Six, seven, eight mine. And had so must bear. Denson. When you bend your elbow, keep your elbow over the wrist like this. Okay? Don't move your elbows back. So this one going to dying, sort 10 and 10 suicides. 6. Core Strength 1: next we will work with a chorus. Trent. So first isn't now lost. So now what's not? We will hold around 20 seconds and three round. So I was in a position is like this. So lift your chest slightly up. One, Dio 345 six, seven eight nine to end 11 toe Starting 14 15 16 17 herding 19 on 20. 7. Core Strength 2: nexus is called at it. Sit. So maybe take two blocks and place your blocks in between your hips and your knees. From here. Lift your hips up and back. Lift your legs. One do 34567 89 Just hold for 10 seconds and don't remember. If you find it's too much for you, just lift your one leg up like this one. Do 34 fight 67 it Knighton and 10 so outside each time. Hold for 10 seconds, 10 to 15 and three rounds. 8. Back Strength 1: now The next one is called back kick. It looks like this. So why don on your abdomen like this? Your arms over the head, Your forehead own feet together Not from your one. Lift your right leg up. So make sure you like me straight. Since you glued your lower back and down Do left leg. And no three don't for don't five. Don't. Six. You don't. Seven, don't it? Don't And don't you? And and don't went back to the child. So this is called backache. So do this 13 round and each round happen then time. 9. Back Strength 2: next one is food packers. So lighten on your abdomen like this Your feet together for head down. Your answer with side. It's enough from here. One, lift your chest. Do not lift your chin. Keep energize crown of the head and sends your back muscles. And don't. And to don't three down for don't. Five. Don't at six. Don't! Seven. I don't. Eight down the line down 10. And don't, Then I suppose so. But backers don't. I'm each round daughter three rounds. 10. Drill 1: once you've finished your upper body and your core is spending the size next, the drills for the float back. The 1st 1 is you take two blocks like this. And what you gonna do? Just watch. So this is your first real take two blocks, sit together and bench any like this. Okay, Like a little longer than does. Now. Bend your elbow and sift your body with forward like this and back. So you happen. Leaned forward and use your arms. Your upper body is friend toe. Push your feedback. So from here, keep your ribs in. Lean forward and press. Push your legs back. Okay? So make sure you're not hop like this. Okay? So your ribs in, lean forward and pressed through your hands like this. So front, back and back to front. So now from here, name forward Must hold your body reach and need to the chest and your feet down. So make sure you don't pop like this. Okay, So, leaning forward Your elbow coming over the wrist. Keep your ribs in and the new feet forward lean, press in front. So do this one asked money around so you can front back and back to front. This is your first trail. Once you got in the first real now, try to do the same. Drill without blocks so your feet together need to the chest like a longer position. Lean forward and push your feedback link and push back. Okay, lean forward and push back and back to front. Lean, lean forward. So this one is a little more challenging for try your best. So dry has many rooms you can 11. Drill 2: as a progression once you had good in the first real next real is little more challenging. So used to blocks this time our his position is a little bit more high. Something is like this. Okay, so from here again, like a little longer position. You're bending your elbow. Notice your help us coming over the race. So don't stand your elbows too much forward or too much backward. OK, so keep your ribs in. Lean forward. Forward, Forward, Forward, Forward, Lex. Back. Remember, do not bend your knees from here. Bend your elbows. Lean forward, forward, forward, forward and push back. Ben Terrible's Lean forward, forward, forward and back. Okay, then from here, lean forward, forward, up and front. Lean forward, forward pressed and front. Lean forward, forward follower, Press in front. So try this round as any time you can. And of course, if you want a little more challenge than try without lock. So from here, bending your elbows Linlin and push back. Bend your elbows. Knees is red, lean and push back, then back to front. Lean forward and push, lean forward and push. Okay, so when you press, try your Alamo straight. So try this as many as you can and dick your type 12. Drill 3: Now look at the final drill so fit together. Your hands likely forward like this. It's a very feel more comfortable, so must try to experience from different position. So once you hands down, elbow straight and just lean forward, forward, forward, forward, forward and press back. Lean forward, Forward, forward, Crest back, then forward, forward, forward. Press back then back to front. Lean forward, lean forward, lean forward, lean forward, lean forward and tell Okay, So once you are good in how to push yourself back in front once they have good sense, then try little coordination, lifting and pushing back. So from this position, lift as the suit your legs back It started bent your rebels. Okay, so you have to lean forward and as it suits your legs back tryto counter balance. Okay, you can do a little hop to understand like this. Okay, so this one is just for the understanding. A little hop, so as a suitable expect Justice moving forward. So I have a little counterbalance. So once you're good in this one, then hence likely forward lift your heel must push your ties to Bali. Sift the way forward. Okay, Lean forward. Enough forward like this. So linen off our and pushy Alexe back, Joe the wronger up dog. And don't talk, Sargon. You need a lot of his friends. So lean forward enough and post yourself back. So if you break it out, your practice you can do, like, this lean forward up. And just so do you like to this point up here? Okay, then try little back. Lean forward, crest a little back, then slowly, slowly. Try. Go all the way. Fear you can hold like a plank. Chuck The wrong position. Okay, so from here, lean press back each other wronger up. Uh, and Don Murdoch now from back to front. So what you gonna do? Walk half if a work and then lean enough. Our hop clean. Next. Don't. Okay, so from downward dog rock house it for work and hop Lean in a forward Then you feel down The new refutes Likely back and sift. Don't that walk back. I got my dog. Lean enough, lex. Down when you know, jumping from the back to the front Try bring your hips over the shoulder. Just for the better control. Here is a common mistake. Many jump from the back to the front. Do not run the back, okay? Don't around the back like this. Try lift your tailbone. Up, up. It will help you to nifty you upward. And it's easy to sit, wait on the hand and then come down. Obviously, just you must learn some hand histories skills. If you want to improve your float back. I have some other videos on the hander. Stan, maybe you can check it out and that give her watching, I must say.