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Learn to Draw the Astrological Symbols

teacher avatar Alison Price, Astrologer at Starzology

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (1h 20m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials List

    • 3. The Symbols for the Signs

    • 4. The Color Wheel and the Signs

    • 5. Colouring in the Signs

    • 6. Drawing the Sign Symbols

    • 7. The Symbols for the Planets

    • 8. Colouring in the Planets

    • 9. Drawing the Planet Symbols

    • 10. The Symbols for the Chart Points

    • 11. Coloring the Points Symbols

    • 12. The Symbols for the Aspects

    • 13. Coloring the Aspect Symbols

    • 14. Drawing the Aspect Symbols

    • 15. Colouring Catchup and Review

    • 16. Cover Page Background Colouring In

    • 17. Skillshare Next Steps 2

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About This Class


In this class, you will learn how to recognize and draw the symbols and glyphs used in astrology. You may have seen these symbols if you printed your birth chart or if you had an astrologer give you a reading.

It can be confusing as the symbols used for astrology are new to many people. Most symbols are a combination of arcs, circles and crosses. How the basic symbols are combined is the difference in the symbol and their meaning.


This class is for anyone with an interest in symbology and astrology. It is a beginner's class and you do not need to have prior knowledge to fully enjoy this class.


After you complete this class you will be able to draw the symbols in astrology confidently and recognize them when you see them.

When you finish the fun project, you will have a coloured in cover sheet for your astrological binder to keep your notes tidy.


There are two downloads for you on this course.

  • The astrology symbols practice sheets
  • The course cover sheet for your ring binder

You can download them both now and print them out, so you can work along with each lesson.


You may use the crayons and markers that you already have. To complete this class project you can use crayons, markers or paints. It's up to you. There is no need to buy more materials unless you wish to do so.

Let's get started.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alison Price

Astrologer at Starzology



Nice to meet you. I'm Alison, an astrology teacher, artist and creative in Vancouver Canada. I am happy that you stopped by.

I love to help people find themselves through astrology and art. I believe that creative self-expression is important.

I enjoy the use of colour to lift people's mood and to stimulate creativity. I think that "art as therapy" can be a source of comfort for many people on a daily basis. I encourage you to make more art, whatever that means for you.

I am perhaps what would be called, mature, or seasoned is actually a better word. My pace is a little slower than most, and it is okay if yours is too. There is no rush to aspire towards elevated consciousness through inspired knowledge and, if you are reading this, it may be true... See full profile

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1. Introduction: welcome to learn to draw the astrology symbols. My name is Allison. I'm in astrology teacher in Vancouver, Canada. I spent a lot of time doing extra heart, and I really do believe that the symbology off astrology is important. If you're a total beginner to astrology, this is for you. You will learn to draw on color in the astrology symbols, so it's no longer a mystery exactly what's going on. We will go through each of the lessons, and I will bring out the symbols for you. So you can clearly see the difference between Neptune and Jupiter or Scorpio and Taurus. On other things like that, we will be looking at the symbols off the signs, the planets and the aspects. And these are all contained on a standard astrology chart. The aim of this class is to help you understand what you're looking at. So there's no confusion. You can quite clearly see what the symbols mean. This class is for beginners and anyone who is interested in symbology or astrology. Once you completed this course, you will be able to draw the symbols right. The symbols on you will also have created for yourself your very own colored in cover binder cover that you can use for your astrology work. It helps to get organized. We all love having a binder with our stuff, so I created this particular design for my students have been teaching astrology for many years on, I find that it's a fun way to get them interested on so they can focus on other bits and realize there's more to astrology than actually meets the high in the first place to do this project. You don't really need your birth chart, but if you have it, that would be a nice to have. You're going to need to print out the two downloads. They're attached to this, of course, on. Then we're going to work through them on the course. For your materials, less, you will need to print out the two downloads. You will also need some pens and pencils to color and your cover sheet. You could use tumble markers, which I use. I do like them. You could alternatively, use crayons. He's just colored colored crayons that you can color in with, or, if you're feeling very fancy, you could use watercolor paints or any other paints acrylic or probably no oils. But the idea is the whatever you have to hand, you're going to need some kind of markers or something so you can color in your cover page . By combining art in astrology, you can create something that's unique to you, and yet it will help you on your journey to learn a little bit more about astrology. Make sure to share your finished drawings on the project section off this course on. If you put them up on instagram tag, it stars class and we will see them there. I really looking forward to seeing what you create what comes out of your arse. Astrology chart. Let's get started. 2. Materials List: so the materials we're going to need on this course let's just go over there, there to download that you go to make the first will be for the cover page, and that's what we're going to color in for your binder. That's the one. Download and then the second download has three specific pages for Planets, Signs and Aspect, and you will Danlos those and print them out. We will be doing our practice writing on these pages, as you'll see in a later video. That's what this is for so you can practice, actually describing the actual shapes off the symbols and with the cover page will just you want to start with. But ultimately you could do many, many for each of your astrological binders, So we're going to cover them all in individually to actually do the coloring in. I use personally, I use some crowns, which I only have a selected a color palette off, but I mainly used Tom Biomarkers. Andi, I have selected 12 Tommo Marcus in the colors off of signs I'm going to list those for you on. I will tell you exactly which color I'm using for when I actually do the coloring in off the cover page, so you know exactly which ones were using. So these are great. If you don't know Tom Biomarkers, it's a jewel brush pen. I'm sure you can get them in many places. I know on dawn, the one tip we have a fiber tip. That's what we would call a felt tip or something like that. That's a softer pen, and then the other end has a firmer but narrow a pen for more detailed work. So in general, while I'm doing the small work, I am using this end of the pen. But when I'm doing the sweeping mountains and clouds and what have you, I will be using the fatter end of the pen. Now here's the thing. If you don't have Tom Bomar cause you're still just going to need 12 calls, at least you could use Tom bows. You could use market any other markers you have. You could use crayons, but you're are going to need 12 different colors on. They are listed in the nature of the color of the signs. Of course, you could do paints or anything like that, or if you really felt like it. You could do monochrome cover. I mean, why would you? But you could do that if you want to to. The idea is, we're trying to brighten things up and create this colorful binder. 3. The Symbols for the Signs: Let's have a look at the Zodiac sign symbols. The first sign is air is the ram on, and there's the symbol. It looks almost like the head of around. With the horn sticking up. You'll find it on your cover page in this spot. Tourist the ball. It looks a little bit like a bull's head, with the horns sticking up a swell. You'll find tourists on your cover page in this spot. German I, the twins. It looks like to people standing next to each other. Gemini I you will find on your cover page in this spot. Cancer. The crab. The symbol almost looks like a 69 but actually it za representation off the cat of the crab's pincers is when you're working on your cover page. Council will be found here. Leo the Lion. This symbol looks a little bit like a lion's tail. Leo will be found at this area on your cover page. Virgo, The Virgin. This is a bit of a complicated symbol. It looks like an M and a P combined on. You will find Virgo at this position on your cover page, labour, the scales, this symbol, it looks like a pair of scales that would balance up or down Liber can be found on this area on your cover page scoop. Here. The scope in this is, too, is a tricky little symbol. It looks like an M, but within a bit of a tale at the end. And that's the sting of the scorpion on your cover page. School peer will be found in the top right corner there. Such a terrorist, The archer. This looks like an archer's arrow that he may shoot. Andi secretaries will be fined towards the top of the chart. Right there. Capricorn is the sea goat. This symbol looks like a combination between of the andan s. It is symbolic of a goat horns, but with it with a C mermaid's tail, you'll find Capricorn at this position On your cover page, Aquarius, the water bearer. This symbol is reminiscent of water flowing from a jug. You'll find Aquarius at this position. On the last sign of the Zodiac is prices. This symbol is off to fish, each flowing in a different direction, but they are tethered together, and you will find prices at this spot on your cover page. 4. The Color Wheel and the Signs: So now we're going to look at the color wheel and how it is associated with the 12 astrological signs. So basically, the color wheel is something similar to. This is like a wheel, and we lay the colors within the wheel in a certain pattern. So off the three primary colors that is red, yellow and blue and they are displayed, Costas three off them on. They cannot be created that are original primary colors. They're separated in the wheel in this manner. Then, if we combine the two the two primary colors, we will get six secondary colors, and that will be shown here where we have orange, which is made from yellow and red green, which is made from blue and yellow on then violet, which is made from red and blue. So they're known as the secondary colors. And then finally, the last ones are called the tertiary colors, and they are the cars made in between the secondary colors. So here you would have tangerine made from red and orange apricot or call it some people call it salmon. I'm calling apricot, created between orange and yellow. You then have short truce, which is like that lime green created between yellow and green. We have turquoise, which is created between green and blue within, have purple. I'm putting that between blue and violet and then finally Fouchier, which is that hot pink color and that is created between red and violet. So here we actually then have 12 colors in the color wheel on the colors in the color. Real can be related to the signs quite clearly, starting at red for areas, so areas is red. Tourist's tangerine, Germany is orange. Cancer is a prick. Art Leo is yellow. Virgo is short. Truce libera is emerald. Scorpio is turquoise. Such a terrorist is blue. Capricorn is purple, Aquarius is violet on prices is Russia, and maybe I'm using some artistic licence on some of the naming of these colors. However, the point is that the colors flow in a particular manner on, but you can see that the where he started off with the primary colors of red, yellow and blue they relate to the three fire signs of air is Leo and sanitary ISS, and all the other colors are developed from that. All you really need to remember is that areas is Red Leo is yellow and Surjit terraces blue , and you can work out which colors go for which off the signs. These are color associations towards the signs. 5. Colouring in the Signs: in this segment, we're going to color the signs on your cover page. So when you don't loaded your cover page, you just need to print it out on then get your supplies together in how you're going to color it in. I did this in a combination of regular crayons. What I have that I have a few selected colors and I also later on, As you'll see, I would use some tumble. Marcus is, well, religious. Matter how you do it as long as you you're happy with the result. You really want to use the supplies that you have to hand. You don't want to be going out and buying things. I'm sure. I'm sure if you're on this course that you have some of these supplies already. So here are started off coloring areas in red and then tourists in a little bit of an orange. And then Gemini I, in a definite orange moving round, bypassed council. I then colored in the Leo in the yellow. If you recall, the fire signs are the primary colors. So heiresses red Leo's yellow on such terraces blue and I could you could look, go back and look at the color wheel on the signs to confirm what it is. Which color is which. Then moving on. I went into This is I'm doing here Virgo, which is like a lime green. Almost just coloring that one in there with the crown's the idea being that the colors do relate to the signs, and it makes sense, really, to understand that as well. It's again. It's, um, symbolic. Almost a zoo. Use colors for your symbols next time moving onto Libre, which is really an emerald green because liver is opposite Aires heiresses red and the opposite color to read on the color wheel is actually green. So that's why Libera is in green list. That's an emerald green. I might go back in a bit later on and just tweet those colors a little higher as well. Now I'm moving now on to because I didn't have a turquoise when I wanted for school Pierre in my crayons. I then went on to find a Tom bow that had the turquoise that I was looking for. So it's gonna be a light turquoise for the school peer, and as you'll see, I'll bring that in right there in a moment. So now I am using the fat tip off the Tober marker on and which is fine. And it did occur to me that I could have also used the thinner tip on the other end on did go in afterwards and tweak those up because that thick tip might be a little wide to do some of these sign symbols. Now we're moving on to sanitary us, which is the arrow, and that is now a true blue. It's what you would call a French blue that is the color for secretaries, and I'm just coloring that in again with the Trumbo's because I actually had didn't have the blue crowned toe hand. It seems I don't have more greens and reds in my palate than blues, which is kind of weird, cause I do by my crayons, one by one, moving now onto Capricorn, which is that's almost a violet color. It say it makes picked mixture between violet and blue, so it's not quite a indigo, but it is definitely on the shades of the purple, so it's more of a darker purple, but not a rich purple. Then we get onto Aquarius, the water bearer, and now we are moving into a purple e, pink, perhaps even a magenta. You would call that on day. I went in there and call it back to the crayons and coloring that that sign symbol in there and then the last one to go is the pie sees, which is definitely a shocking pink. It's a combination between the red of Aires on the Purple E off the Aquarius, so that's where the blend comes in there. So it's more of a shocking pink. So there you can see there are the signs that I colored in, I said noticed now that I didn't do cancer, but I will go back in and do that in a moment, um, the idea being that the colors flow around the wheel just like they do all in the color wheel. So, yes, I'm finally going back in, and I'm going to be coloring it. The cancer in the media. It's a color between a yellow and in orange. It's almost like a sandy color that you would put into perhaps even bordering on tope that you would color in for cancer. So they are the signs colored in, and you can see quite clearly that the colors flow around as they would in the color wheel . 6. Drawing the Sign Symbols: in this segment, we're going to be drawing the signs symbols. So first up, we have areas. I'm drawing this in red, and it's two curves from the top and then down and then up a game on the top and then down and then up and then from the top and then down and up top end up from the top down, end up. So that's Harry's extruding Tora. Search the circle with an arc above like the horns of a bull, a circle with an arc above again, a circle with the arc above. So Taurus is done in the tangerine color. Again, it's the circle with the ark above circle in an arc of off and a circle with the arc above . So that's Taurus. The third sign is Jeff and I were doing that in Orange, so it's down, down, across, across, down, down, across, across, down, down, across across Gemina. Is the Twins down, down across across pretty simple one to draw this one across, across and down, down, across, across. And that's Jim and I. The fourth sign is cancer from the inside, swooping out inside, swooping out again inside, swooping out well and again inside, swooping out inside, swooping out inside, swooping out inside, swooping out. It looks like a 69 because actually symbolic of the crab's claws inside, sweeping out inside, sweeping out inside, swooping out. So that's cancer. Next, we're working on Leo in yellow, and it's It starts with a wiggle. Its sweep around around on a tail. It's we round up and down and a tail swoop round up and down under tail, sweet ground up and down under tail on my cats Watching us do this, too. It's root round up and down that detail. So that's Leo next for doing Virgo. So it's down, down swoop were down and a curve down, down, sweet way down on a curve. Down, down, sweet, way down and to curve. Andi, down, down, sweet way down on a curve. This is the one that looks like an M and a P combined, and you can see on some of the cliffs. They're ever so slightly different. So that's ferga. So the seventh sign of the Zodiac is Libera two in two parts. We've got a little bit and a curve over like a meager almost and then a line underneath So again, with that start a little line a big arc over and then a line underneath line arc dash line underneath line arc dash line underneath line arc dash line underneath Deeper, stunning greed school Pierrot in turquoise So we've got like an M So it's down, down, way down And an arrow down, down, Way down Swoop up And an arrow down, down, way down Swoop up with an arrow Down, down, Way down Stroup up with an era like the sting in the tail off the scorpion That's scope here. So moving on now to such a terrace in Royal Blue is up with an arrow and across bottom up to the right with a cross up with an arrow went across up with an arrow and across that with an arrow and across. And that's Jupiter Perfect. Now on to Capricorn, a bit of a different symbol. This is the V in the ass. So it's across, swooped down and round across, swooped down and round across, swooped down and round. Now some of the Capricorns have done the other way with the V, and then there s up the other way and you will notice that Capricorn is done in purple. This particular fund has the Capricorn drill. This way. Yeah. Now on to Aquarius. This is with the violet wiggle waggle. Wiggle up. Down, up, down, up, up, down, up, down, up, up, down, up, down, up, up, down, up, down, up. It's like two waves up, down, up, down And they don't touch that Just running parallel in the violence. Up, down, up, Down, Up, up, Down, Up, Down! Up And leisure waves for Aquarius. Finally. Last but not least, pie sees. So we have. Curve, curve, Cross curve, curve. Cross curve, curve. Cross curve, curve. Ross, come on. There we go. So here, this is the last sign of the Zodiac. It's symbolic of the two fish being tethered together, and that is prices. So there are the 12 signs of the Zodiac colored in 7. The Symbols for the Planets: in this segment, we're going to be looking at the planet's symbols, so this is the symbol for the sun. It's a circle with a dot in the middle. You can find it on your course cover page in this area. Just see where the red dot is. Next, we have the moon. It really does look like a crescent moon that you would see in the sky. And you will find the moon on your cover page right there where the red Daughters the next planets. Mercury, which is a bit of a complex. Assemble the circle this cross the curve. It's got it all ons. You will find mercury in two spaces on your cover page, just like that. Venus. You may have seen this before. It is also the symbol for women. Circle with a cross below. You'll find it in your cover page in two spots. A swell because Venus actually rules to signs the symbol for Mars. We've seen this before. It's also the sign for men. You'll find Mars on your cover page in this position. Jupiter, curvy at the top. Cross at the bottom and you'll find Jupiter on your cover page right there. Then we get to Saturn, the last of the visible planets. It's opposite to Jupiter. It's got across at the top in a curve at the bottom. You'll find Saturn on your cover page in that position. Then we have Uranus, a little more complex. Two semi circles T bar with a circle below. You'll find your Rainer's in this position on your cover page. His Neptune. It really looks like a little bit of a trident, and that's very symbolic of what it is. You'll find Neptune at this position on your cover page. Polluter has a circle of curve and across. You'll find polluter on your cover page right there. Then we have Caro. Karen looks a bit like a key, and that really has something to do with its meaning as well. Because Karen doesn't actually ruler sign. You'll find Kyron on your cover page in this position. Then we have areas a planet in the solar system that is way out past Pluto's orbit, a circle with a downward pointing arrow. You'll find Harris right there on your cover page, and then finally, in astrology known again. You do get the symbol for the earth and that's this symbol here, the circle with a cross in it, and you find the earth symbol on your cover page in this position. 8. Colouring in the Planets: and this piece we're going to be coloring in the planet's on our cover page. So we've already colored in the signs. You can see that quite clearly. We've got our 12 colors lined up, and we're going to now move in and start with the planets. So we're going to color in the sun first, which is the circle with the dot in and that is in yellow because the sun rules Leo and Leos color is yellow. If you recall what we spoke about earlier, we will then move on to the next part that you deal with an astrology which in this case will be the moon, and the moon is going to be colored in the apricot color that correlates to cancer. So there you can see I'm using the thin side of the Chombo pens just a color in the moon just to tone it in there. So is that the same color as the sign? So the next planet will be looking at will be Mercury. Andrea, who's the circle over the cross with the two little horns and that will be colored in because it rules gem and I, it will be colored in orange for Gem and I, and that's quite clearly I'm coloring that in there. Remember, Germany is oranges. It's a secondary color on Mick trees. Interesting, because it actually rules to signs. So I'll be reaching there for my lime green or sharp truce color to color in Mercury in its ruler ship off Virgo. So make sure he's one of the planets that actually does Rule two signs. Where's the Sun? Only rules layer and the moon only rules cancer. We come across Mercury as the ruler off Gemini and Burger. The next planet I will be coloring in will be the next planet out from the sun, which is Venus on with Venus's ruler ship of Taurus. It will get colored in the tangerine color, which is the mixture between red and orange and yes, maybe 10. Cherie's not the exact name, but that's the name I'm using are quite like that seems quite a quite fruity in the in these colors, so there's Venus being colored in tangerine for tourists, But Venus also rules. Libera on Libre is emerald green, and I'm coloring a chin there now in the emerald green. So again Venus is like Mercury rules to signs the first being tourists and then the second being Libera. Next up will be doing Mars. Mars will be the next planet out. It's the first of the superior planets on Mars will be colored in red because Mars rules Aires and areas is red. If you remember areas is the first sign of the Zodiac, and areas is always red. That's one of the primary colors, and it helps you remember how to do the coloring in. So the next planet I'm coloring in there is going to be Jupiter. Jupiter is blue. What we would call a French blue or a sapphire blue. Perhaps Jupiter rule such a terrorist and sanitary is blue. It's one of the signs that's a primary color, which is blue, cause it's a fire sign. Next, I will be moving on to Saturn. Saturn will be colors in purple because it correlates to Capricorn. Certain rules. Capricorn. So I'm coloring that one in those lines quite thin there in that purple color, and that will be the lift colored in for Saturn. Next up is going to be the next planet. Out will be Uranus and Uranus rules Aquarius, so it will be colored in Violet. Also, they're using my Tom bow with a fine point. And I'm just coloring Uranus in there as well. So Uranus is one of the modern planets, and it rules Aquarius. The next to the outer planets will be Neptune. Neptune is the planet that rules pi ses. So now Jews go to recover it in fuchsia or hot pink. It's a pie seizes the last sign of the Zodiac and Neptune rules prices. So it's this color bridges between the red of Berries and the violet off Aquarius. And then the last planet that we will color in is plu toe, um, blue to rule Scorpio. And that will be done in the turquoise. So Peter is quite a complex symbol, the circle with the curve and then the cross below. So I'm carefully coloring that in in the turquoise, got it. Correlates to scope here, not going back in, just to make sure I've got all the bits and bulbs there. So there I have colored in all the planets that rule signs on our cover page. On a side note, there is actually still Chiron, which is after the side, and I'll color that in a little bit later 9. Drawing the Planet Symbols: in this segment, we go to be drawing the planet symbols. So when you've got your page, let's begin. First up, we have the sun that's done in yellow, so it's a circle with a dot a circle with the dot a circle with a dark the sun rules Leo. And it's, of course, the life giver of everything on Earth. Our next plan. It is the moon so started the top describing knocked down and then a second. So you drawing it one and two on one and two. Typically, we draw down from the top when was describing symbols. So down on 2nd 1 So the moon rules cancer, and it's done there in that nice court sort of apricot color. The next planet up is Mercury Ondas. She recall mercury rules two sons Gemma Night Burger. So I'm using the verger color here, so you start with you have the circle and then the cross below and then the ark above. You've got a circle, the cross below and the ark above. A circle across below, on the ark, above and again, a circle across below in the dark about circle arc about cross below. Next up, we're doing Venus. So simply circle cross below someone to make me a bit without the curve. Circle cross below. Circle cross below circle cross below. This is also the the symbol for women. So cool cross below. And you recall that Venus rules tourists and libera. And finally, the last one a circle and across below. That's Venus. Next that we have Mars, we're doing it in red. It's a circle with an arrow out of it. A circle with an arrow out of it looks a bit like the conjunction, a circle with an error out of it. That was also the symbol for men. Mars rules Aires and Scorpio Circle, with an arrow pointing up a circle with an arrow pointing up. So that's Mars. Next planet is Jupiter in blue, a sweeping curve down and across curve down, across and down, curve down, across, on down, curved down, across and down. Jupiter is in blue. Jupiter rules sanitary ISS and prices curve down, across, on down. That's Jupiter. Next planet out is Saturn. We're going to be doing certain in purple, so it's down on an ark and then cross the T bar down and an Ark and cross down under an ark and cross Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius. And the satin symbol is virtually the opposite of Jupiter, with satin the crosses above on the curve below. And with Jupiter, the curve is above on the cross below. So that is Saturn. Next plan that we're going to be doing is Aquarius. We're doing it in the violet. So here you got curve curve, cross down. Circle curve, curve, cross down circle. It's an Ark arc horizontal vertical circle oak, our horizontal vertical circle. So quite a complex pattern. Uranus rules Aquarius. They Finally it's the Ark, the Ark crossbar. Vertical circle. So that's your rightness. Next up, we've got natural. We're doing it for you, Shia and our ground vertical across and our ground vertical and across an arc around vertical and across. So Neptune rules pie. Seize on. It looks like Neptune's Trident and OC vertical cross. Okay, vertical cross. Lovely. So that's Neptune. The last planet we do is Pluto's, a little complicated in the turquoise, so it's circle with an arc below and across below that a circle with an arc below and across below that again, it's a circle with an arc below and across below that. So the circles resting in the in the circle, but not joining to it. So we have there the circle, the ark below and the cross, the circle, the ark below and the cross. And that's Fluto. So there you have told all the astrologers symbols for the planets. 10. The Symbols for the Chart Points: in this section, we're going to be looking at the point in the chart and their symbols. First, we have the ascendant and the really There's not a symbol, but the CODIS A S C. And you can find the ascendant at this position on your cover page. Next, we have the D. Cendant, where the code there is D C. And you can find the descendant over on the right of your cover page. The emcees, also known as the mid Heaven or medium coli. It's Latin, and you can find the emcee at the top position on your chart, the I, C or M um Colin, which was the bottom. You'll find that down at the bottom on the cover page. The part of Fortune is a great place in any chart On on your cover page. You'll find the symbol right down there on the bottom, right. The North Note. It looks a bit like the symbol for Lulu lemon. You'll find the North Nurse symbol in this position when your cover page. Then we have the South note. It's just the north node flipped over and you'll find that down there on your cover page. Then we have the Vertex. It really is a combination of a big the on a little X on your cover pages down on the bottom left. 11. Coloring the Points Symbols: so in this section and weakens recurring the points on the chart and I'll be using two shades of gray. First up, we're going to be looking at the we're going to be coloring in the mid heaven. I'm getting the finer point on my Tom biomarker toe color in the mid heaven. So the mood have encoding. There is M. C and that will be at the top of the chart. Um, representing the mid heaven. I'm just coloring these in gracious so that it is a contrast to the bright colors off the signs and the planets Just taking a moment there to color in the mid heaven, then moving down to the bottom of the page to the I C or the Emam Cola. This is the bottom of the chart. It's also known as the fourth House cusp, and I'm coloring that in the great as well. These are points on a chart. They are also noticed angles. And the emcee, I see is, of course, an axis that we that we consider when interpreting. Then I'm moving over to the eastern side of the chart to color in the ascendant A S C. So the ascendant is the point that was rising on the eastern horizon at the time you were born on Do. It is typically represented by a sign in particular sign. You would have an ascendant sign and that will be found on the east side of the page if we then then I move over to the descendant, which is D. C. That's on the western side, and this is typically on the sign that would be setting a to moment you were born, so the ascendant and the descendant work together as another axis, and they split the chart across horizontally. No moving into color in the Vertex there. This is a point on the west of the chart. Typically on it's the symbol is really a Capital V and a small X much much like the retro go symbol. But it's V X, so typically, your Vertex will be in your 5th 6th 7th 8th houses. And it's a representation, really, of where people come and go in your life next time, moving on to the symbol for the earth, which is in the bottom left hand corner, and that is a circle with a horizontal cross in it. across this horizontal and direct. This is the symbol for the earth. It's quite an interesting somebody. You don't often see it on charts, but you now and again. It will be represented. Ondo. You would consider it. The earth is always opposite the sun, then moving over to the bottom right. This is the symbol for the part of fortune on. As you can see, it's very similar to the symbol for the earth, but just that the cross in the middle is actually at a 45 degree angle, so you don't want to get these two mixed up when you see them in a chart. The one with the across that looks like the X is your part of fortune, which is a really good position in your chart. And it's It's a calculation that's created from the position of the sun and moon in your chart, so everyone will have some. They're part of fortune in a different position. Now I've got my red pen and I'm coming down here to color. In the two notes, we have the North node, which is the one that points upwards. That's the one I'm coloring now on. Then next to it is the south node. They, too are access point in a chart in the north, node will always be opposite the south node on the nodal access is actually where the moon's path crosses the sun's path during the course of its movement around the earth. So in general, the mood the notes will be a retro grading or moving backwards in that is there general trend on I mean movement. Otherwise, if you're working with the clips, you can use the true note. But you will have to note in your chart on the North node is always opposite the south note and then moving back up to the top of the chart. And I'm indicating here, this s this is for South because all transfer created where we're standing, looking towards the equator, virtually facing south. So the drop of the chart is south to the east of the chart where the ascendant is. That's the East Point on when you were born, if you stood on the earth and looked south, the east would be to your left, then moving on to the north part of the northern point of the chart, and that would actually be have bean below your feet when you were born on the other side of the earth hidden and then finally over to the west side. This is where the descendant is and where the sun sets every day in the West on that is indicated, quite simply, by a w there. So you've got north, south, eastern west. But they're just in the opposite position to what were you would normally have in a compass because of the way charts are calculated. When I did, the W is quite small there, so I went over the lines a little bit. So I'm coming in with a unit ball signal broad in white. This is really a white pen I'm using. It almost has white out on. I'm going to go in on just tight and tidy up that w a little bit. It's quite a little bit over the line, and I just want to need in that up. So I'm just going over the weather red winter with the lines with my pen. And there you have the points of a chart 12. The Symbols for the Aspects: this segment is about the aspect symbols. First we have a conjunction. It looks like a circle with a line pointing up in it. And actually, it's not on your cover page, so I invite you to put it there somewhere. Next, we have the opposition Circle Bar Circle. You will find this symbol on your cover page in that position. The trying This isn't equilateral Triangle on your cover page. It's hiding up there in the mountains. How about a square? Pretty straightforward. Four sides, four corners. It's a square. You'll find that in the top right of your cover page. Next we have the sex tile. It looks like an asterisk. Six points. This you will find in the top left on your cover page, we have a semi square. It looks like a bit of a bendy, uh, bendy, pointy thing on on your cover page that's down there in the bottom, right? This is the symbol for the Queen Cox. It looks a bit like a table with legs, and you can find the symbol for the queen coz on the bottom left. The other side of that is the semi sex tell perhaps a bit like an upside down table with the legs pointing upwards. This symbol is in that position. Here's a word assess. Quick quadrant. This symbol is a square and then with half a square attached to it, and you can find that at the bottom right on your cover page. 13. Coloring the Aspect Symbols: So in this section, we're going to be coloring in the aspect symbols. So I'm coming up here to the top, right with red and coloring in the symbols for these square, which is conveniently actually a scram. And the opposition squares and oppositions are challenging aspects and astrology, and that's why there always are represented as red ones. They're the ones that often they're called manifesting aspects as well, and they otherwise kind of get you off the couch to go and do something. So that's the square and the opposition's next time moving over here to the top left, where I'll be doing a couple more off the aspect symbols. The 1st 1 will be the triangle, which is the trying that's also that's in blue. These are the easy aspect. They will always be in blue, so the trying is the triangle, and then just directly below it, I have the symbol. Therefore, the SEC style so we're trying is 120 degrees in a sec. Style is 60 degrees, and these are easy aspects in anyone's chart. Now, at this point, I'm actually reaching for my black pen because I will be coloring in the conjunction symbol , which I've put there on the little mountain just next to the trying and the sex tiles. So the conjunction is that the one that I actually omitted to put on the main cover page. But anyway, I'm encouraging you to write it in there, and it will be straight, simply a circle, with the one line coming up. I've done it in black. You really could have done in one of the other colors because conjunctions typically are no actually drawn on the chart because it's the one degree symbol. Then we're moving down to the bottom left, and we're going to be looking at the the Queen Cokes on the semi sex style. These are aspects that are colored in green. They are the aspect where you're dividing the chart of 360 degrees by 12. So you're getting the semi the semi's sex time, which is the top one that is an aspect of 30 degrees, and the colored in there in green on then below. That is the aspect of the Quinn conks, which is the chart divided by 12 times five to give us 150 degrees on that is known as the Queen cuts it also in the old text would be a refer to as the Incan jumped, so these are typically aspects of irritation. And then I'm moving over to the bottom right hand side. And now we're going to be coloring in the two aspects of the semi square on these escrow quadrant, and they will be colored in orange, so these are also manifesting aspect. There are the chart divided by eight, so the 1st 1 the semi square, is an angle of 45 degrees on. But that's 1/8 of the circle, and then the Seska Quadra. It is 3/8 of a circle, which is 135 degrees. These are challenging as challenging aspects, and they're built on off the eight harmonica where you got the division like for the for the square. I'm now reaching for my turquoise because now I'm actually covering the Q, which is the symbol for the quintile. Quintile is one of the one of the really good aspects to use. It's a 72 degree angle, and it's a aspect generally of creativity, and it's often interesting to see Quintiles pop up in your chart. That may not be on every chart, but it there certainly aspects that I consider when I'm working with astrology. I then moved to get my red pen again, and I'm coloring in the symbol for retrograde. Although it is not an aspect, we're covering it to this point. So when a planet is retrograde, it seemingly going backwards. So we color in it in red. You will see retrograde planets march on your chart either in red or there will. There will be an R symbol, and it's a capital r with a little X behind it. So that is the symbol for retrograde. And you may have a couple of retrograde planets, perhaps in your chart. So there is our final chart, colored in with the aspects patterns and the retrograde colored in for you. 14. Drawing the Aspect Symbols: in this segment, we go to be drawing the aspect symbols. You'll take your printed. I'm astrology sheet with the aspect symbols on it, and we're going to go through them one by one. The first aspect symbol that we have is the conjunction and that I'm drawing that one in black at There's a circle and then a line pointing up. So it's a circle and then the line again. We're doing the circle and then the line. This is the indication off the conjunction aspect. The circle on the line, the circle on the line colored in black because it's neither good nor bad. Now we're doing the opposition, so in red. So it's one circle second circle and then align, joining them one circle to circle, drawn with the line one circle to circle Sean River Line, so the opposition is the aspect of 180 degrees. It's similar, as you can see to the contraction, but it just has the other circle at the top. So circle, circle and line on circle, circle and line, typically always in red for the opposition. Now we're doing the try, and it's drawn in blue. It's the equilateral triangle. So you start at the top, going down across and up, down across end up, down, across and up. Pretty easy symbol to draw. That is the trying in blue. Now we're doing the square, and that's pretty straight forward to starting in the top. Left you going down across, up on back down across, up on back. Squares are drawn in red. They are challenging aspects. It's the 90 degree aspect down across, up. Come back down, across, up and back and those are your squares. Now we're doing the sex tiles. Those are the ones in blue, so you're going across down, under, down, across, down and down. Looks like a snowflake across, down and down, across, down and down. This is the sex style symbol. It's in blue because it's a easy aspect. Now we're doing the Queen conch that's in green, so it's the one that looks like the table. So it's a it's across, down and down, across, down and down, across, down and down on a cross. Down and down. They are always in green. That is an angle of 150 degrees. Next, up with straight below. We have thes semi sex are also angry. Drawing it is similarly first, the horizontal. So it's across down and down, across, down and down, across, down and down. And there's the last one down on down, always angry. Next up, we're doing the semi square. It's in orange, so it's down and across, down and across, down and across. This is the 45 degree angle. It's a tricky one on a little bit challenging. So that is the semi square with then continuing on in orange. We are now doing the Cesc right quadrant, which is a super word. So you've got to square that you're going down across, up and back and then down across down, across, up and back and then down and across, down, across, up and back, down and across. So it's This is one of the symbols where you have to actually left the pen up and back down across. That is the second quadrant. It is 135 degrees. Also a little bit of a challenging aspect, and there you have it. So we've colored in your full aspect page, with all the symbols off the aspects in the colors that suit them without Tom bows looking good 15. Colouring Catchup and Review: So just to catch up by now we've colored in with colored in the signs we've colored in the planets and we've colored in the points on We've colored in the aspect So your page is now going to be looking much like this with a specific color palette going through on we've gone through and pecked out all the main symbols and astrology. So from this point moving forward, you're actually going to be coloring in the background. Now that is a bit of a There is a bit of a method to my madness. What I've done is I have created the image off fire, earth, air and water coming off radiating from each off the signs. So for areas, we actually have these dark, circular things for tourists, which is an earth sign. We've got the heart of zigzags. Um, I've got super swoopy once for Germany, which is an air sign like cloud sort of thing on. Then, for cancer being a water sign, I'm having some water flowing moving then on to Leo. We've just got a heart there in some Sunbeams. Virgo, then has a the I in it. Andi So on this side levers got some leaves, which is rather nice. And then Scorpio being another water sign has flowy wavy things, which are sort of water ish. And that's why I've gone for their moving on up to the top. We've got such a terrorist, some more palm trees. It just seemed to be a nice thing to do. Capricorn up here. We've got some swirly one's going on there. And that's where I added the the symbol for the conjunction, which had forgotten to put on any weight draught in there. You could draw yours in there as well, and that would make a lot of sense moving them onto Aquarius. We've got We've got this river coming down and then prices on their end. So in a way, that is some kind of my dear behind it. But each sign will radiate out from the center on it. The idea is, if you color it in the nature of perhaps the actual sign, it will make your drawing. You look pretty good, too. That's one way you could do it. Of course, you can color it in, however you like. So that's what I was going for with this particular cover page. You'll also see that in the middle. I actually have the eight Luna faces. I'm not quite sure how we're going to color those in. We'll do that a little bit later. I'll show you the finished product on this particular page, and you could see how we did it before. This is when I have already completed and this is the color. This is the cover page. You can see it's fully colored. I do like to live in living color, and it just slipped into the plastic pocket in the front, off this binder. So that's what we're cheat trying to achieve here and are the coloring along on my other one for you, and you can see how it actually gets colored in. So this is your project. 16. Cover Page Background Colouring In: So in this segment, we're going to be coloring in the background of your cover page. So I'm starting up the top there during the moon, quite clearly coloring into with yellow. And I'll be working in that top left hand corner doing a couple of the stars there in yellow, which is, you know, kind of what stars look like. Let's face it, and then I'll be doing like the starburst flowing behind them in it, in a variety of shades of yellow. For each of those stars, I'll be coming in No way. Some different shades of yellow, slightly darker, almost orangey. Let's call it apricots. Not quite the tangerine, even though I seem to be talking a lot about a lot about fruit in this particular project, the idea being that we're just having a bit of depth and texture to your coloring in you may notice that to be honest between you and me, I'm not the best color in error in the world. But that still doesn't detract from the final product where what we're trying to achieve is this is full color cover sheet for your astrology binder, the idea being that each each time you you make these colors. You are creating your very own personalized um, color cover sheet, and that's going to suit you. Now we're starting to look at the mountains. I'm using a a light violet there just to highlight the edges of the little mountains of the pack there very delicately using the five year end of the pen, which I think I do swap over to the shorter end soon because it's very yes, because it's very, very tight up there, just edging out those mountains and coloring them in that like it's a combination of using the violet because it's the Aquarian side and also because the mountains tend to be in the distance. And that's what we're trying to go for, then doing a little bit of extra coloring in just there on the site of the mountain to give a little bit of shadow, a little bit of shading that provides value and depth Toothy drawing. Now I'm coming along here with a little bit of a darker purple violet, and as you'll see, my cat is actually trying to get in on this picture, and eventually she will. However, for the time being I'm holding you back now how you color these and is really up to you, E I You know, I had an idea of how it was going to do when I started. Then eventually I did it this way. I've done of several of these cover sheets myself for all of the different astrology binders that I have got binders for natal work and find us for forecasting and then client files and stuff at that. Because this is a professional astrology. I'm pretty busy and I got quite a few binds is going a tall times. I do like this Shoot. It's one that I've been giving to my students in although glasses that I've been teaching and this is welcome to pepper In all the classes that I've been teaching, we now have students face to face. I give them one of thes cover sheets for their binder on there, then able to color it in on themselves and come up with ideas and color schemes that suit them. It also it's like individualization. It's like, What's the word I'm looking for that you can create it the way you want to and express your interest in astrology through the way you actually color in the cover sheet. The fact that everyone who's sitting in the classroom has the same cover sheet in that binder is one thing, but clearly you can tell which one's yours because of the way it was colored in on the color palette you used in. Some would reviews crayons. Others would have gone in there with with things like Tom Biomarkers. And I did have one girl who actually did do watercolor paints, which was really quite sweet, although the paper wasn't a sturdy as it could have bean to withstand the water colors here . I'm just going in to try and make sure I got all the all the bits colored in on that side of that mountain. It there flowing down in the distance. As you can see, that's the Aquarian slice that's actually in the violet. That's why I try to get those mountains in that kind of purple e violet, Look, I'm moving on now to this. This is a little river that's coming down. It's actually flowing down the mountains through the Aquarian section, and you'll see that as we get to the bottom, it actually flows into the pie See section, which is hi seas is a water sign so all of the water signs on the cover sheet have water related or flowy flow diagrams associated with them. So here it's quite a dark blue I've got there and that's coming flowing into the pie, see, section of which is, as I say, a water sign. So where Aquarius is an air sign, prices is a water sign and I will go back in, pick up all the little nooks and crannies that I kind of missed and then go to be working on the section slightly above it. This is a our I want to say a ploughed field on the side of a mountain again go for the pinks and the Lileks looking just to finish off that area there. And, of course, you can color these in any way you see fit. It just depends. What colors you have depends what grabs you at the moment. Maybe if your sun sign is an Aquarian, you might want to do those color slightly differently. Or, if you're a piracies, you might want to add different colors as well. It really doesn't matter The point is that you're creating a unique art piece that your very own that you can use for your astrology binder because, as on a strong is your student. Generally, there are pages and pages of things that you have to keep notes off and you'll find the binder fills up on over time. Of course, you need more than one now refer to bind us, which is very much a North American terminology. But people in England and South Africa, where I lived for many years, will know these as a ring binder. That's really what would what this covers for you just slide it in the plastic pocket in the front, and that's your binder. So the big square at the top is actually where you would write in the topic that the binder is associated with on the thinner, a blank rectangle at the bottom is where you would write your name. The idea being that you can't you wouldn't just use this for one particular subject. There may be many subjects with in astrology that you would require a buying to cover sheet . For now, I'm doing a few more little wiggle wattles over there This is the Capricorn section. I've got a purple going. It's some little scrolls. I'm now going in. That is Eris. That is the symbol for the planet areas, which is in red. And I'm just talking that in there as well. I'm now doing some brackets around. If you recall, that was one of the angles that is the mid heaven in the Southern Hemisphere just edging those off. In a way, I had those names written a little bit like an Egyptian cartouche, which is the oval where the main words are hold within this oval. Cartouche in. That was kind of the idea of what I was going for at that point. I'm then going in with a lime green or short truce. I'm just, too could do the background there on the Mid Heaven on the Southern Hemisphere. I just wanted to have a little bit of contrast between the red on Do so. I chose the color. That's the opposite son on the color wheel, which is actually green. That's why I've colored that one in that way. Now we're working on the secretary in section and we got some from's here. I'm using a kind of a mid green to pick up some of the leaves that I think a little bit more forward than the others. And I will go in with a contrast in green to do a few of the other leaves as well. This is the secretary of section, As you recall, ant it. Such terrorist is ruled by Jupiter. So there I am, with a slightly different color green, just adding a little bit of interest to that palm that seems to be growing there in the Secretariat's section. That's great. So I am using the five a point on the Trumbo's at this point now back again, with the pink just full of coloring in the lift. Three little circles, not quite sure what that is. Maybe it's a little plant, maybe some pebbles, but certainly it can be built up further. Now I'm back to the top, right, and I'm calling it coloring in the sun. There the sun is but almost just rising, and the sun beams are flowing out from the sun. I almost through a haze, I would say so. The idea is that all of these and waves that are coming of light coming from the sun can be colored in a variety of yellows. I did choose this general bright yellow, which is the Leo Color. The sun rules Leo as you remember, and Albu I will be spreading that color behind the main title at the top. I'm just filling that in with the yellow. It then just went up against the stars, which I only realized afterwards, but I just went with it. In retrospect, I could have done this guy in a different, different shade there. But it's because it's emanating from the sun that I continued with the yellow again. You can color this guy in any color you like. It also occurred to me that I could have done the sky there behind the moon in a blend of blues to give the impression off the night sky where the moon is in that top left corner. So there that's the sky now college in with the yellow, going back through to pick up a few bits and bobs. And then I will be coming in with a couple of other shades of yellow else tones on tones that something a little darker. Little more Sermanni, perhaps just adding that the idea being that when you look at the sun, you do see waves as the light is coming to the earth, and that's what that is. It's representative, of course, off the sun beams from the sun, which is a good thing. The sun is always a symbol of light and life and love, and it's it's a very powerful planet in anybody's chart. Just touching up those colors there. Now, working on the Scorpio section on Scorpio is a water sign. As I said before aware of put water science have tried to do some flowy lines there that are reminiscent of water. Perhaps there's a river flowing up there out of the Scorpio placement on the chart, so that is quite wavy. And I'm just going through there behind the opposition symbol with a couple of lose. I'll do a few waves of water in the one blue, and then I will turn, move on and do a couple more in the other blue. So they were having now disputed it up a little bid. We're still feeling of being all the waves in the blue colors there. I've got a lot more of a T lea color going on. We're coloring in there behind Chiron and everything, getting a few more waves going there behind the sign off the square aspect. And I just finally fit another one in there, too, The idea being that because it's a water sign, we're putting in some soft waves. And, of course, you can use different shades of flu as well. For your water signs, you don't necessarily have to do the dark like this. You could do a whole lighter load of water flowing through. There are colors in some other way. So here we are now speeded up the film a little bit, and we're moving a little faster through so you can see that the Scorpio, which ruled by the polluter, is now called colored in all like water there and then moving down to the liberal and this couple of leaves there, which are kind of fun. And with the backdrop they're coming in off the salmon pink. Just highlight it just to make it a little different in some way for Libera. Now we're moving down to the lower part of the cover sheet. We're going to be starting there with Airy's. I've got all these circus there just coloring their main randomly wasn't quite sure if they were pearls or pebbles on the beach. And I'm going in with some soft greys greens and pinks just to fill those in. It's just a nice pattern there in the section for areas. Areas is, of course, ruled by Mars, and the color for them is red. So I'm just going in to color those now. You could do them all the same color. Or you could do a random pattern, such as what I'm doing for the area's section off. This chart may be gone now to working on the Virgo. I closed in the either in a little bit of pink up at that point, some pinks and shades of purple. Now we're going to be moving on into this is the cancer section again, with water is the water science. I've got some blues flowing and they're the cancer Little River. Continue years it with the blues as well. I'm still going in there don't like almost on the river banks. Just supporting those in with some Beijingers on the cat's trying to help me was, well, I'm not much better myself as I'm getting my head stuck in the pictures. So sorry about that. We are continuing our now working on the Leo section or trying to do that. It's kind of yellows and bright colors. Yes, moving on a little quicker now, filling in there the Leo. Then we're going to start coming into to finish off the tourist tourists is an earth sign, so it's a little bit more. All these exacts exact. I'm doing them in a selection of greens as they just flow out from the sign of tourists. I'm just filling these in now with the Tom Biomarker and, um, using the color green because it the earth. Generally we often crops grow on it. It is green. Generally, all the earth is actually brown were quite happy to take it up is green to be a symbol for the earth Color wise, if you are forgiven elements than green does represent, the Earth, fire would be in red. The air signs will be in yellow on the water. Science typically would be colored in blue, and that's how we would do the coloring going in there, doing a couple of the leaves there and then coming in to do some more greens, funnily enough, and I got these semi sex style in the Queen Cox, both already colored in green, so they're blending in a little bit. But you know that there don't you again, I ended up coming with the same color against that Leafs. I'm going to go back in and overlay the leaf with just a bit of a darker tone of green. Just so the pictures, the leaf out a little more, a little bit more blending going on there. So that is tourists. It's in orange and the ruling planet is Venus. Now I'm coming into the gem, and I and I'm just going over these little swells. It's almost because Germany isn't air signing to me. My mind. These were like blowing winds, almost coloring in the two stars that on starts ology. It's the name of my website stars. I was you dot com, and then I'm just coloring in the star, salty in yellow, which is our brand color anyway. Of course, you can color it in any way you like, but, um, it's easy. I've got to use a very fine nib there and I don't think it was exactly perfect how I would like it game coloring in the cartouche there for the I C and the north Side. Um, noting that that the arrow is pointing down on the I C and then coloring the background in the like a beige color. This would be behind the German I and leading over into cancer as well. So it's just another way of color in Britain softening it up a little bit cause it's a little difficult with spirals there to give them full support with color. And then we go. So I'll just do moving it around a little bit here. And then we're just going to go in and do those behind the actual background that we've got there on the stars ology. So I'm going in now with a lighter green, just to give it a little bit of left just at the bottom there. So the idea is again on that lower rectangle block there that you will write your name there, Um, and in the big block at the top, you would write the actual topic. So then I'm focusing my attention Now the central piece we're going to be looking at the eight faces of the moon. So I'm going to coloring there in with orange just behind to try and make those two squares stand forward proud. The idea being that they're sort of just layer on top of each other. So where the squares off? We've got the eight phases of the moon. The black one is the new moon and going round anti clockwise. We have the present. Um, we put the new in the crescent. The first quarter give us full moon is the right one, then is disseminating the last quarter and the balsamic faces off the moon. So there are eight faces off the moon and their symbolized there in the center so that I can get the lunar phases to actually pop out a little bit. I'm going in with a bit of a grey there to suggest it's night almost, and you will then see that the faces of each of the the white part of each of the faces off the moon's will stand out a little bit more, so the white bit would be where the sun is shining on the moon and weaken its reflected we can see it from Earth, and those are the actual sizes and shapes of the moon that we will see from Earth when there are the moon. Is that the different phases? So every month the moon will go through all off eight off her face is, and that's just high list there as well. I then picks up in orange enough coloring in the border. I do like to have a bright border on my cover pages on working all the way around the page here with the orange. And, of course, I do think the border does actually say a lot about the the art itself. Now, if you did a blue border or a gray border or something, it would given entirely different feel to the actual cover page that you are creating. I'm coloring in the bottom there, out of out of camera range, and then I will go back and continue on color in the top as well as you'll see in a moment , moving back to the top of the page on continuing on bringing in our bright orange border. Like to say it's oranges, probably tangerine. Um, it's a lefty color. It was one of my brain colors at one point. So I do have a look quite a bit of orange in my branding as well. But not so much anymore now, really sticking to the yellow and gray and I find that is much easier to deal with. The orange was always a little bit awkward to work in. I'm not saying that an orange water is the best, but it's the one I did on this particular cover page. Now I'm going in with my main Marco. That's my name. Allison at the bottom, writing that and then the top on writing Natural destroyed with the cover page for my astrology symbols and that's cover page down. 17. Skillshare Next Steps 2: in this section, we're going to talk about the next steps that you can take. So the first thing you're going to want to do is to make sure that you downloaded your two files. The two files are the binder cover sheet on the astrology shambles Practice sheet. Your class project is to create your very own. Find a cover sheet so you can put it in your astrology, bind death and use it. The idea is that at the top, you can put your topics. Maybe it's Natal astrology. Maybe you're learning about science and then down to the bottom. You can put your name so you may have multiple binders and you concolor each one in individually, so you need to make sure that you have downloaded the color sheet and we can work with that . The second downloaded your astrology cliffs practice sheet. This is where you could go in and practice, drawing the symbols in astrology. It's good to practice. It's good to do one of two sheets. Make sure you know how to do it, and then ultimately you want to be able to just draw their symbols naturally, just but without the guide and that's the goal there as well. So you're going to want to color in your cover page, and you can do it in any way you like. You can use your past ALS. You could use paints. You could use crayons. I'm in this particular case, I used markers on you might want to color it in in, different in different ways. Make sure that you've got a bit of an idea, and I'm showing you this exact finish one so that you can see how I did it. When you finish your cover page, take a photograph, upload the image to the course projects page so we can all see what you've done. This is wonderful. Creating an astrology cover page is not just something that you would do once you're likely to create them for every project that you do in astrology. So you may have a bind Afford natal work. You might have a binder for forecasting that maybe some other details you're going through and you would want to use this cover page for each of your binders. It's just a nice way for you to practice working with the symbols and seeing all the symbols on in front of you. I'm really happy you got this far. If you want to contact me. Certainly do. I'm Alison Price, your astrology teacher. Thank you so much for watching.