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Learn to Draw Yummy Food Illustrations | Easy and Fun

teacher avatar Suzanne Kurilla, Watercolor & Acrylic Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Food Illustration pt1

    • 3. Food Illustration pt2

    • 4. Food Illustration pt3

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About This Class

In this class, I will teach you everything you need to get started. Also, I will go over drawing composition and layering color with the colored pencils, as well as blending techniques. This food illustration class will help you bring your drawings to life and help you expand your skills as an artist. This class is great for artists of any level. By using this tutorial you can create your own favorite food illustrations and practice your Pop Art further. 

What you will learn

  • shading 
  • blending 
  • composition
  • color balance / depth 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Suzanne Kurilla

Watercolor & Acrylic Artist






    Some areas I specialize in are Watercolor, Acrylic Painting and Illustration. I have worked with adults of various ages and artistic levels. I enjoy creating content and helping others on their creative journey.

You can find my work on Instagram and FREE mini-tutorials on YOUTUBE, ArtwithSuzanne!
Also, l have Art prints for purchase and more in my Society6 shop.  

Now on TikTok, mini tutorials, Artwithsuzanne. 

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1. Intro: thank you for joining in and for today's class. I have some food illustrations here. There's a little bit of the supplies that I will be using and, uh, close up here of what I will show you how to complete and layer your colors. There's a Popsicle well, blackberry ice cream sandwich and some Berries and lots of different things. 2. Food Illustration pt1: can. For starters, I picked out a few different reds. I have a like a regular red and then a darker brick red and then a little bit of an orange red so you can pick out a few different shades. And then for the stick I have most like a a tan ish color cross between like a yellow car in a a light light tan for the color of the stick. And then you can start to draw your outline for the shape of the Popsicle for the indentations. Inside, I will be using a deeper brick red and then for the outer parts. I will be using the lighter, orangish red, and it is easier to put down your lighter shade first, and then you can always deep in things up later. But if you go to to dark than it is a lot harder to erase and get out of there for the top of the stick. I didn't mix in a little bit of a golden yellow as well, and then just a teeny event of a light brown around the edges for a little bit of a shadow and some just a couple little lines to, like simulate the wood. And next up, I'm gonna pull out a few different greens, and I'm going to do two different lane wedges so you can get like a yellow green like green , a darker green, maybe like a little bit of like a sage or an olive green for some shadows and then a light yellow. And these are very simple, basic shapes. Almost looks like a like a funny little pack. A man there. Crescent moon shape. - I'm going to use a medium shade of green just for like a base coat on the skin part and the the yellow green and a little bit of lighter yellow is going to be used for the actual fruit part. And also, I did mix a little bit of like a golden yellow for some highlights on the skin and for the shadow areas. I used a little bit of an olive green 3. Food Illustration pt2: and the next item I'm going to draw is a a BlackBerry ice cream sandwich. I actually found this picture in a magazine is that it looked pretty cool, especially. It's a little bit different than your traditional, which would be just like chocolate or vanilla, so you get to use a little bit more colors. So I picked out like a life round a dark brown with golden yellow, and that is going to be used for like the cookie part, which would be like the top on the bottom. And then the layer of ice cream inside is going to be like a light purple, a medium purple, even a little bit more of, um, like a reddish purple and, you know, a deep color for the Berries inside. And then first up, we're just gonna get started with the the top piece, so you can pick out a light shade for that. And then I'm just drawing the middle piece there, which would be the ice cream with a light purple. That might be a little hard to see on camera, but the shapes are very basic, especially in the beginning. - For the top, it's a little bit more of a golden shade. And then I put the shadow on the bottom with a little bit of a deeper brown could burnt Sienna and back to the middle. I'm gonna put a full layer of the light purple first and then go in with the other shades for the shadows and Berries will be. 4. Food Illustration pt3: for this next section. Here I am going to blend some of my colors together with the white, and if you have a colorless blender for colored pencils, you can use that as well, and you will see it will help to fill in some spaces, and for some colors, it will make it appear a little bit darker. When you are doing something like this with your blender, just make sure to clean the tip. That's why you see me wiping it off on the side because you don't want any transfer to a different area on the bottom. I did decide to go ahead and put a few blueberries, so I have about three different shades, like a light medium in a dark and then a little bit of purple to mix in with them and just to deepen up a little bit of the shadows on the top one. There, I decided to add a teeny bit of blue. - Thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoy this tutorial and be sure to check back for more