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Learn to Draw Without Fear

teacher avatar Jo Bert, Designer. Artist. Mess-Maker

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (52m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Your class project

    • 3. What do you like to draw

    • 4. Mistakes I love them

    • 5. Communication

    • 6. Make art super easy

    • 7. Allow your art to grow by itself

    • 8. Class project make your shapes

    • 9. Class project the fun part

    • 10. Thank you!!

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About This Class

In this class I will teach you methods I use to find and accept your own natural drawing style without fear of being “wrong”. I will teach them how to accept their own quirkiness and use their mistakes to their advantage and to make a more unique, interesting drawing. I will walk you through some of the mindsets I like to use when creating art. 

This class is for anyone who wants to learn to embrace their natural drawing style. You don't need any prior drawing experience, you just need to be curious and excited to learn. I do not recommend this class for control freaks or perfectionists- however, if you are one, be prepared to let go of your restraints and embrace the art. No one is judging. the only materials you need her are pen and paint (if you don't have paint you can use marker)

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jo Bert

Designer. Artist. Mess-Maker


Hi, Im Jo!  

I'm an artist, wanna-be botanist, nature freak and a weirdo (: 

I have just started my teaching career on skillshare and im already obsessed! I absolutely love sharing my ideas and the things that ive learnt with people who want to learn! 

My future classes will probably have to do with art, nature and zen (:


I hope you enjoy it!!

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1. Intro: Hi. I'm sure I'm not ist I like to call myself a dressmaker because that's what I find myself during most of the time. And honestly, the messiness of my work is what I like about it marks in this class. I'm going to show you some of the techniques and mindsets that I've learned that enabled me to draw without beer. What does it mean to draw without fear, you ask? Well, it means that you're comfortable putting pen to paper without worrying about being wrong. I will show you how to accept that In art, there is nothing wrong. The only thing that is wrong is your expectation of what your art should look like. I have never been good at drawing really the sticky. But I love it, sir. That doesn't stop me. And who cares if you can troll Realistic E anyway, Only you and your high school art teacher and she doesn't matter anymore. I'm not going to teach you how to draw in my style. I don't want that. And you don't want that. I am going to teach you how to figure out and embrace your own style of drawing how to draw the way you draw and enjoy it. This class is important because not only will you learn how to be comfortable in your natural drawing style, but you will learn to embrace mistakes. Allow them to enhance your work rather than degraded. I will teach you how to go where you're naturally inclined to guard rather than fighting yourself because you want to achieve someone else's idea of perfection. 2. Your class project : Let's start by creating a class project in the section Dillard, please click Create class project and introduce yourself. Tell me who you are. Why you enjoy Ott. Why you're afraid about if you want. Your class project is a short and fun exercise that I use a lot to help me get out of my comfort zone and just relax into the active drawing. I want you to create what I call love doodles. Some of you may know how these work, but for those that turned here, it is fastly. You will be creating a bunch of shapes with paint and then you'll be drawing over them with pen to create a series of bon illustration. By the end of this project, you will have a set of illustrations created in your own style that you can use for whatever you want. The finished project will look different for everyone 3. What do you like to draw : What do you like to drop? I'm sure when you were in school you spent most of your time doing in your notebook rather than actually listening to the lecture. When you're on the phone for 20 minutes on hold, what are you doing on that piece of paper? Find these things that you naturally go to when you're in trying to draw for me Its leaves CAC ty eyes, mouths, little potato heads Whatever it is, we'll work with it in the class project. You'll naturally start with these things because you know them they're easy, they're comfortable and they're not terrifying. But once you've used up your guards, you drawer you'll need to step out of your comfort zone and create something new. And this is where you really discover your style. How do you draw things from your imagination in a way that makes sense? Remember, your quirks are your style 4. Mistakes I love them : use pen and paint. The reason I want you to work with pen and paint is because you can't erase or control Z your steaks. I want you to make mistakes. Mistakes are good. You learn by making mistakes, especially in art. So use your paint and your pens and don't get upset when you make a mistake. Let me tell you why. Because early you know it's a mistake. If anyone else looks at what you've done in your stylized, abstract way, they'll think that you meant to do it. So when you make a mistake rather than getting upset, think where is this going to take me? What can I do to incorporate this mistake into the doodle that I'm going to create? 5. Communication: communication is key. Do a little bit of research here. If you want, find reference images of things that you might want to draw. Here's a tip. If you're planning on communicating something through your opt, you want people to look at what you've drawn and be able to identify what it is. So look for up to three things in your subject matter that clearly communicate what it is. If you use more than three things, you may start to lose the stylization. For me, an example would be my tater heads. I know that the top of your ears and the sides of your eyes are in line. I also know that the middle of your is and your cheap burns are in line. Sir, I use this in my joy. Once you figure out what makes something recognizably that thing, you can start to bend the rules in all the of cases. This also means that you can make mistakes everywhere without anyone realizing, as long as you keep certain elements recognizable for the abstract art stylization 6. Make art super easy: It's like drawing super simple. I like to. I like to make my drawings so easy. So I don't aim for perfection because that's really difficult and usually doesn't exist. By the way, I loosely go over most of my lines two or three times when I'm drawing. Sir, if I do make mistake, you can tell because all of the lines are pretty abstract anyway. You'll see what I mean when we get so the project part of this class. I also choose subject matter that's easily communicated without being perfect things that people don't pay too much attention to, like insects who really knows what an insect looks like? Sir, when I drove one, it's sort easy to make a mistake, because unless you're a qualified entomologist, you're not gonna be able to tell. I also like to draw plants because plants are weird, and if you draw weird plant, no one's gonna think you rest up the plants. They're just gonna thank you, Drew were plant. If you want to draw subject matter with less imperfections such as animals, a human draught easily don't worry about proportion during in a way that the proportion is completely out of the picture. In fact, don't even like portion view thing. Make it so. Obviously, just precaution it. It's clear you weren't aiming for perfection in the first place. That way, when you make a mistake, no one will ever know or 7. Allow your art to grow by itself: Here's a way I like to think about often. Think of your artwork as a living organism. Let your artwork develop on its burn in its own way. How it wants to. All you have to do is encourage it. Guided to wear you think it's sugar but don't have a strict idea. Give your artworks the tools to grow, so the paint, your pencil, your paintbrush, whatever you're using. But dont restricted. When you're awkward, one to do its own thing, let it, and that is so easy to do. For example, when you're working with paint, allow it to flirt in its own direction into whatever mess and wants to be allow the colors to mix and flew in together When working with a pen. A last march was to happen and allow your hands a slip by. During this, you're taking the precision of your artwork out of your own hands, and you're giving the responsibility to the artwork instead. If it goes wrong, it's not on you. The artwork wanted to look that way. And who can argue with that logic? No self respecting office, that's for sure. Something I like to do is to create an environment where the painting is as much up to chance as it is up to me, I leave as much up to chance is possible. All I do is guide the artwork. I use materials like very liquid paint or really scratching paintbrushes and let the colors drip and mix into each other as they want to. I do a lot of pull painting where the colors floor in their own directions. I use a cot to push and pull the pains around the canvas rather than a paintbrush, which could be a bit too precise old. This type of art splatter pains is another great tool of this. 8. Class project make your shapes: class Project number one. Let's get to it. In this first part of the project, I want you to fill a page with blobs. I use an A three page because it's big and there's a lot of space, but you can use whatever size paid you want. Your shapes can be geometric, abstract, organic, whatever you want. All I ask here in this step is that you try not to have anything riel or solid in your mind when creating shapes. Don't create a circle with a flower in mind. Try Try your best to just really make shapes. If your paint runs, let it. You can use that later. If you're shapes touch, let them. If anything happens in this part of the process that isn't meant to let it, the only thing you need at the end of this phase is at least five distinct shapes that you can use later. Sir, I'm going to do a few shapes, nothing specific like circles. Some of my drawers, um, circles. I've got this peachy color here that I just made, I'd like let me see. We're going to start right in the middle of a page. Loser does matter if the circle isn't perfect. The only thing that matters with the end of this is that you have a few shapes that you can use later. I like to go over the strokes in a few directions, gives the shape some depths and makes it a bit more interesting. All right, his circle. Then hunger and draw. Hey, flow. Uh, that is what I'm calling this shape. It's a very big glove. Kind of looks like a jelly bean, But screeners, I have no idea what this is going to be. It's just enjoy the active painting in this phase. Don't put any pressure on yourself to create anything realistic, just Billy away around the paint in the paper. I see a little blob of very BRAC pink came true because I don't mix the paint property. I like to do that. It adds a bit of interest into the paint from learning to believe it and look going to cover bird because it's pretty with pain. So here is a of long rectangle, but I have created they were going to do a few pressure works. Chuck, too, worked Bangles the thing rectangle. This year, Maybe you know, I like to use a big pink bush because it covers more space and you have less control over the shape in the paint. Here we go. Let's see. I'm actually quite liking new shapes. This color is very interesting. Um, mixed some fluorescent red with a little bit of pale gold and tiny bit of wide and gave me a very nice peachy color, which would my choose again. Government makes the point. It could be true. Angle three point you Maybe I can make it a bit here. Not ready. But it's our care. Let's see. I'm going to do a miracle. Maybe I will do small circles here home. Nice thing. But I don't do Okay. Single first drink good there. And I think that that is about it or it. Now that you have your blob shapes, I want you to leave this for at least 24 hours. Try put it somewhere to try and forget about it. Go do something else. Do whatever you want. Just don't think about this work as long as you need to. I want you to go into the next phase of this project with a clear mind. I don't want you to have any pre pre sold ideas of. Maybe I could make a son out of that. So called Nor I want you to have completely a clear mind. Fresh imagination. Come back to it later. Two days. Three days. It doesn't matter. Just forget about it. If you can't at this point, take a photo of your blobs in your shapes that you have made and applied them to your class project. I'd love to see them. 9. Class project the fun part: now that you have a page of strange shapes, pick up a pen, pick the easiest one and get drawing. Draw something, anything you want, inasmuch detail as you can try to use up the entire shape, you can go over the shape if you need Teoh. It's all right. There are no rules. I don't think that you have to draw realistic things, either. If you're comfortable messing around and just drawing abstract patents do that. You might find that you come up with some very interesting patterns. Just draw. Don't be afraid. No one is watching make mistakes. That's the fun pot I saw a quart ones. If you're afraid to do something with art, do it. It's most likely going to be the most interesting card at the end, so I loved by enough. Whenever I catch myself thinking, I don't really know if I should do that. I forced myself to. Sometimes it doesn't work, but most of the time it's the most interesting part of the drawing. I promise you that have fun. This is You've read it can. The more fun you have, the more creative you can be. As you go along, try not to repeat the same subject matter or pass, and more than once, by doing this, you will create more interesting things. You'll force yourself to step out of your comfort zone when create things that you haven't created before. If you make mistake or you draw something that you're not entirely happy with, keep going until you have a cons anymore or you're happy. One technique that I use your is to fill any empty space with patterns or textures. It's always nice toe. Have a drawing, but I wouldn't normally have created otherwise. Have fun, get wacky. No one is judging you except yourself and business rules. Yes, sir, I'm going to start with its trying. Sir, this is basically I'm just tracing inside of the shape and hundreds go over this line a few times very loosely. No, I said, think is enough. Maybe a sort of time because I don't really like how that Kona came out, and you see, when you do this there, it's very difficult to see if you made a mistake anywhere, especially if you do it with the intention that you don't care if you made a mistake. This is this is the fun pot. So what I'm doing here, I think I see a mountain. So wondering, Teoh do ice Captain Donor. That looks like a nice cap on the sleeve. But it's, um, and make it trees Puncheon's countries and easy put in some lines. Here is where if you're quite like how it looks, you can keep adding to it until you like it. And don't be afraid to cover over things that you've already done. Sir, if you don't like it, you can always thought again. No one ever says that you're not allowed to start again, especially with thought and enough to I guess I think that's enough trees. I like this model to older, I think commutes something wrong. Let's come back to you, Oh, mud, or it's your next great to fill this in. But unless you have in your mind when you come into one of these rulings, the mole space there is to add as much of anything that you want. Whereas if you come in with a preconceived idea, you might want to instinctively stick to that idea too much, and that limits the room for creativity and experimentation. When you kind of have an end goal. It makes it difficult. Teoh, explore. You can get to stuck in the idea of the angle. See here. Every mistake. Um, on this side of the mountain, I started at the line on the further squares of here. I started at the line inside, and if I had, like, an idea of Okay, I'm really going to put in the furthest and then been a color in outsides. It might have not allowed for that. And now it kind of gives the effect that there's a bit of a bank at the top of the river. And I really like how it just evolved by itself. You see, end, it adds an element of Oh, that's really cool. I didn't realize I could have that effect by doing that. And now I know that by adding extra lines on the side, it kind of gives a a level of deaths, right. And now I could use that again in the future, which is great. Um, earlier, there's a mountain with a nice cap at the top. I actually quite like you. Um, whatever you're into, I'm very attracted to the circle. According these next. There are so many things that I could draw inside a circle. I'm trying Teoh not think about it. But there's so many immediate choices. So I'm going to droll annoys. Did I grow maybe in the eyebrow turned? I love closed eyes. You see, you can kind of figure out certain things that you know are easy to draw. So you can always come back to these things when you're not at a loss of inspiration. And you could just do them in completely different ways so that you're never drawn in the same thing. Even if you are during the same thing, there's take your head. You could talk since, and I want to give her something like so the thing I'm trying to get it here is neither messed up. But it doesn't matter because Gingrich things if you know that. And it looks really cool, because I wouldn't have thought of that before. And Mike, use that again later, actually. Really Like that. Hold on. No, in sort of foods with a less expectation you have, I keep coming back to this idea. The less expectation you have with the end product, the more fun you can have on the way there. I think that looks really cool. Obviously, I took out this pin because sometimes I like to have a second pen, but I haven't used it once, and I'm actually quite hacking the look of just the brown with orange. Sir, I'm going to put this man away because I want to limit myself to just his pen. For the future of this page, don't expect to go into art and just completely let go. That might not happen straight away. Give yourself time to let go of your expectations and just enjoy the art. Troy. Learn that you can't be wrong. Nothing is wrong. Ever. Just keep drawing and going away. Your Ott is taking you. I promise you you'll find differences very soon. Herky jerky. Let's next. I want to do this big election goal. I guess only thing I can think to call it. What else would you called it? I guess it's a a glove note in this club. Absolutely, Patton. None of these lines of perfect as you can see. But I like that. But it is a plane. So I think year old Derek, You know that already looked more interesting. Doesn't matter if the lines again it hurts. Listen, tens of death here is where you can just dessert no into your office address to forget about everything else except your art and enjoy. Enjoy yourself. That is the biggest thing you could do. You imagine this thing, this boy scaled down like that big and placed as a pattern all material, don't you think I could look critical? That's what I like during with these is you digitize them individually, and then you can use them as designs on T shirts. You can print the car stone with one of these things that I love it It's so much. But then you always discover such interesting ways to draw a your own techniques, and your own style truly just explodes. It's amazing. It's so much fun. And one of the biggest things here is you don't have to create a perfect piece every time you don't have to create something that you can use on the curse stuff. For put on a T shirt, you can boozer. You can just droll, and you don't have to keep the bad ones even if you come out of this project. With one design, you have one design now that you can use wherever you want, on whatever you want for whatever you want. And it's a beautiful piece of art. Sir, if you have two or three or four, that even better. But if you come out with just one and I should assure you you will come out was one thing that you think looks really cool, especially towards the end that with that's when the fun things come out and then all of the ones that you don't like guard threw them away. Don't think of them is wasted time or wasted paint. Think of them as per sex fixes learning pieces. You had to get through those pieces to get to the good pieces that you can use as a bridge . You don't have to do disregard everything that goes on. It all went wrong so that you figured out techniques and styles and ways, and then you were able to use those ways in a better drawing. If you see what I mean. Mistakes are anyways good, and you only learn looks pretty cool. What I like to do at this point is or any hungry. Not my signature, but just my signature. I would do at the back of a piece with the day to the name, but I like to put my brand well, whatever you can put. What if you want just somewhere nearby, so that when people see that design, it's not a big brand thing in your face. It's just a little reminder of this Is Joseph pose, which is eyes, I think there no, probably smudging someone connected with the car. I don't know Why. Haven't figured out. Remember, Dollar, Do you think? Does Jenny Bean shaped is daunting because of its sides, Sir, I'm going to go at it if I let my fear for my anxiety of it looking bad. Stop me. I'm never going to experiment. So when I find something or an idea that child snow in my head because part of me thinks or that difficult, we're gonna make it bad. If you listen to that, then you're never gonna try anything. You you have to er into those those anxieties when it comes to Ott And just don't put any pressure on yourself. So you go into it. And if you mess up. It's really fun. Go in, Jurate, do your best. See what happens. You might love it and then you might realize, but it was really dumb to be afraid of. Sir, you shouldn't really be afraid of that. Well, there's something you should. But when it comes to Ott, have you heard of it? Could do anything that comes up. I procrastinated with shape. There is just so much space. - And no, it looks a lot easier to manage. What am I going to put in the shapes you ask? I have no idea. I could put faces of a already done a face and and I want to be something. All right. Merged blue bar in the little one. It was going to, but I in this one. But eyes are quite too picky. One and one, sir. It's on either side with the nose in the middle. And here I thought these three things and I don't want and I to be where I would be so great with I were they I What is be, uh, really Gartner if that made a lot of sense outside of my head. But what I'm trying to say is try and push limits. See where something wouldn't be reality and go with that. Because if it's completely not riel, no one can tell you it's brought. If it's something that you made up in your head No. One, you can't even look at it and say it's wrong because what Israel When it comes to something that's inside your head, right? Greens have people? No. But who you know of him. And again, it doesn't matter. The lines step. This is a very interesting Grainger trick. But the more lines you do, the more easy it is to just CERN into the drawing. So I loved you're in luck because not only does it fill the space little sorry makes it really easy for me to just sink into the drawer. What I want to do, All those to block I could do an ear and the nose I want to do in that this'll direction because it's so portions of the block bringing more now. Yes, I don't know why I'm going this way. They didn't usually do it this way, but it's talk no and or hey, is it your this way? It doesn't matter. Way around. Both lose girl where your pen is taking it, not your head. Follow your hand and your eyes, Not your head. Um great. No, - this is looking very interesting. I must Whole page has a very strange vibe to it today. No, do a draw. Another body part. I want to Yeah, we'll see. I don't think there really I'm going to like this. I'm going to try. No. Okay, that's what begins with you right now. That's an interesting drawing jury don't want to do next. Were you think? Think this girl but me Tuesday would not used to be today for some reason. Screen use lower open Welcome. Next year. Your girl. But here, you know, going on duty is here. You're going to go groups. We could fellow school extent get to cook this system. Dinner waas kind of my thing. Yeah, there's a Weegee's our good a thing, e You know, the first instances eg but egg with like they're good stone. So I don't know if an egg is the best. Often I could show they could do another based could make it very different. According to pieces, these faces are to merch from I love it. There is just no limit to what you can do with a person's banks. What you can put another person's Bates Open eyes Tim it. Another thing I suggest is turned. Try and be sketchy with your lines. You can do that if you're comfortable with it. But if you're still really nervous about drawing, try just a single line. And when you do multiple lines over it, you'll see how much easier it is to just trust you're him. Just do it. And if it's bumpy, it really doesn't matter to pretend like you were supposed to do that. Um and yeah, if you're some here De beers and you and draw a year bringing three. I wanted to go lower down, but I got stuck. Hence urges Windham Court High. No, dear. Doesn't have much camera. I love warhead designed. I don't know why you just something about them that I love to draw ridiculously fun, great cheekbones. I like that The years come on, the the orange that cool here. I don't remember we're going to do. I really didn't. I'm breathing, but I could do Don't go. If you look at it. Sounds it. Who is this? The mountains. I like it. Individuals decide what they see. A mile makes it more fun for me because everybody was right. There's a theme of mountains today. Herfi. When I do these, I often revert to nature because I know it very well. Even there. I don't draw it very often. I drop Sants quite often, but I don't through mountains or trees. However, when I'm during these exercises, I often revert in June quite interesting. With that in mind Tree, I said it. Hurry up, we have a drawing. All right, Mickey. Drawing as easy as possible. Make it really easy, but still identifiable. So this is a very obvious MUR chief Ortrie, and it's really, really easy to draw, Sir. Don't make it difficult. Draw something that is really easy. Look at things. Look at things that you're in joy looking at, like leaves or mountains or cause and figure out ways which lines on that car is necessary to make it. The car is at the top in the winder, the bonnet and then the window at the back of the boot and then wheels. Is that a lot of the carnies and it's a cough some great, but the same here. Just looks like we're not going to go away to the bottom because I feel that the the tree may get lost in her lines. I don't like it. Circle time. Hey, kind of look like eyes. That was interesting. And there you have it. Let's see what? 123456789 I got nine hole design and I think they're really cool. I don't know if I will use all of these. I'm definitely using this one. I'm probably going to use this one. I love this one. These are really cool and energy like those bendy our sir, I think that was successful. I really hurt you Enjoy during this. And I would love to see them in the projects section. Billard peas. Just have fun with Ott. I really want that. That's all I want 10. Thank you!!: Once you have finished this phase, take a good furter of your paper uploaded to your class project so that we can see it and we can be be back. I really heard you're enjoying this cost because I know I did. I heard you have a bunch of cool little drawing is that you can now use in all sorts of different ways. In my next clause, I will show you how to upload and digitize them with photo shop and create cute P and G's that you can upload and use the stickers where you want. If you want to attend this coming class, please follow me so you get notified when it's released. In the meantime, take a good clear floater of your page in natural light in case it gets damaged beforehand .