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Learn to Draw Flowers from Scratch: Hydrangea + Poppy

teacher avatar Meenakshi Muthuraman, Artist and Illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Requirements

    • 3. Overview

    • 4. Hydrangea Basics

    • 5. Hydrangea drawing

    • 6. Hydrangea Shading

    • 7. Poppy Basics

    • 8. Poppy Drawing

    • 9. Poppy Shading

    • 10. Class Project

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About This Class

In this short class, I will teach you to draw assorted flowers using fine liner pens. I will teach you right from the basics. If you want to do this for relaxation or even if you are an artist and want to enhance your skills, this class is for you. By the end of this class, I assure you that you will be able to sketch your own project :)

You will learn,

  • What Pens to use
  • Floral Illustration Basics and Perspective
  • Drawing the flowers and the details
  • How to Shade and add texture
  • More examples for your understanding
  • How to start your own project

Flowers Covered:

  • Hydrangea
  • Poppy


  • Micron Pens (I have used Sakura Pigma Micron Pens- 03, 003)[Make sure you use good quality pens]
  • Good Quality Sketchbook [ I've used an A4 sized Drawing paper- 350 gsm ]

I have attached the reference photo to help you out.



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Meenakshi Muthuraman

Artist and Illustrator


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1. Introduction : Hello, my name is Meenakshi. I'm an artist and an industry deaf. I loved to draw Lewis. I welcome you all to my class. Today's class is going to be super fun. It'll be learning to draw high drain, jagged, bulky. You will be learning to draw flowers. You see your reference photograph. I have designs glass for beginners. So you'll be learning right from the basics. I'd be teaching you all about the perspectives and goes into dips. For you to get started. You might have no experience enjoying, let's didn't he can take the class. You'll also be learning different ways to shape law was using Ben's By the end of the class, you'll be able to draw your own flowers using your own reference. So if you'd think there's gladdens value, we will meet in the next lesson. Bye bye. 2. Requirements : Let us take a look on the requirements for the class. You will need drawing pens at least up to sizes for this class have used 03003 of pigment micron. You can go for any brand is of your choice. After that, you'll need drawing papers or your sketchbook to draw the flowers. Make sure to stick enough minus three plus dg Isn't. It should also be of good quality or else they will leak on a paper. Then you need a pencil and eraser to draw the flowers. You also need a pro circle. That's also direct Wyman's gradients applies and let's get started. 3. Overview : In this lesson, I'll teach you the basic steps involved to transform a photograph into an illustration. You might think it is very hard to draw flaw was using reference, but I'm going to teach you four simple steps with which you can convert a photograph into a drawing. The first step is to observe the flower, observe its angles, sheep and painters like how many does it has? And the second step is to draw the basic shape. In this case it is a cup shape. The third step is to mark the position of the Pedidos. Now the second third steps act as a guide for the food step. The fourth step is to draw the petals using these guides. At last do this dam. Let us see one more example. The first step is to draw the basic outline, in this case is going to be like a slight oval. They mapped the position of the betas. After that, I do the betas using these guides. Finally, I do this damn known a dismal wanted to hide drain Chia, high drain jazz a bunch of small glosses. First draw the outline for the n-type bunch. Then draw the outline for the blossoms after that date one blossom into diamond draw or that losses. I'll be teaching you how to draw the blossoms and other things in the forthcoming lessons. So this is just an overview for you to get an idea. We would meet in the next lesson, Debye. 4. Hydrangea Basics : In this lesson, I'll teach you some basis to draw high drain job losses. When it comes to drawing will just be good. Beating three different shapes again and again. We will take a look on that one by one. We will start with the front view. Stop drawing a tiny circle on the Santa. And I loved full points on the outer circle to determine the direction of the beta's. A high drain job loss has 4P does, and they generally overlap each other. So I start by drawing the top and the Morton pedals. And after that, that the dew petals that overlap each other. So this is how you'll draw a basic hygiene jab Lawson. Now let us move on to the second cheap of the blossom. Mark the center point and draw a curve below this into, Imagine you are viewing on dos and on its side. In such cases then duff law was not visible. I first start by drawing a pedal which is on the front. One rule which is behind. And do more site-based dose and all the petals fall towards the goal. Now I can make the blossom rural organic by giving. This shows that the pedal is folded. Finally, I do with stem. Now in practice this on four different dangles, follow the same steps. Log the center and a coup de get bent dot by drawing the forest button which is on the front, and the one which is behind. And the dual side bit. Then do a small curve to indicate that the pedal is folded. Finally, do a stem. Follow the same steps and practice that the two angles. Now let us take a look on a third way of drawing the hyperfine job Lawson, this is also a side view, so only a part of the BLOSUM is visible. This guy, by drawing a gov below the center, started drawing of dynasties local on the centre. Now draw folded pedal that falls towards that goal. Now draw two more petals opposite to each other. Finally, when overlapping pit and I do a stem. This is just another way to draw a blossom and inside view. No drag. Does this in older adults. Start withdrawal look tiny slogan for the center and afforded pedal. Do betas opposite to each other. And one overlapping, pitiful. Finally US dim. Follow the same steps in practice though the two elbows. So that's how you draw that glosses the petals abroad on the boughten add point D on the top. By drawing a curve inside out a better shape, it can indicate that the battle is folded. Let us also take a quick look on the lease. Had range up law was has large these draw the mid ship and do gloves on either side and few ballet lines for the vanes. This is sufficient for you to get started. 5. Hydrangea drawing : Having done that, basically they started though the high attained Jeff lava uses circular object to draw an outline. Start with a drawing pencil applied the thickness. Now I draw the two leaves that are behind the high drain, Jeff flower. You can find the different photo below the video. Just draw the basic shapes. You need not give the details. I add one more leaf to the right. I'm just trying to get the basically sheep in inner copy exactly what's that on the reference. Then draw a line for the magic. That's also the leaves. Let us move on to the flowers for the blossoms and draw outline useless tensor. I draw three different sizes of circles overlapping each other. You need not look on the deaf friends and draw the circles. Just draw it randomly. Just fill the space with three different sizes of circles. That's it. As you can see, the slope goes up closely packed. At this point they stop. Unlikely raising the outline because I got quite dark. Let us try to draw the blossoms. I start with drawing a tiny circle through the center. And the two patents on either side. And two more overlapping petals. I keep drawing the flowers. I draw one move lava behind. You need not use that offense to draw these laws and you just have to get this basic sheep. The circles on the background acts as a guide. So when the circles overlapping, you'll get these beautiful interlocking flowers. Keep changing the direction to achieve the organic Look. There are no rules here. You're just going to put the entire space with these tiny forfeited Lawson's. Some circles are small and some are large. Size of the BLOSUM differs based on the size of the circle. Modality by the size of the flowers. We have already done the outline. Just draw the flower so without line. In the previous lesson, outdoor do how to draw a side view. I also add some side flowers. When you move towards the outer circle at blossoms inside knew the practice drawings that we did in the previous lessons will help you out. Keep it side-by-side. Refereed Andrew, accordingly. The drawing might look complicated, but trust me, take dependence DOD joy, it's very simple. Draw the full pedal law was in the center and as you move out, keep drawing with side mu flowers. So that's how you're going to fill these tiny circles. Follow the same procedures. Complete drawing the rest of the flowers. We are done with the Benson work. Let's move on to the Penn. I'm using all three of Big Mama. Since we have already done the outline is no pencil. You can just sit back and relax and enjoy drawing the outline using pin. I completed drawing the outline is get rid of the unwanted pencil marks. Now observe your drawing rapidly. You have empty space for a little bit better leg structures. And just keep adding more beta leg structures. We won't appeal asleep Pad Thai drain shop. That's solely with the blossom. Let us move on to the leaves. Hydrate gel leaves have. So I do these moles exactly the leaves. I'm destroying this malls exactly like structures. Like wise they do that the leaf. I finish off by drawing the Majid to the leaves. And also I do some parallel lines with the veins. I'm making the mandibular debit dot. Do the veins for that, the leaf. So that's how you draw a high drain Jap lava. But the project is not completed yet. We still have the shading. The shading the next isn't Buh-bye. 6. Hydrangea Shading : When you observe any flower closely, vacancies and lines on these lines are the veins to achieve this nut drawing, we give some line shading. For the shading I use of Dennis Bennett have size 03 sigma micron shadings, the most relaxing pod drawing. In fact, I loved the shape law was more than to draw. I add some broken lines to the petals. Go with the flow ads and broken lines. Take one bit at a time, starts in the center and move towards a DOP. And again top to bottom that I know rule CR, just go with the flow. Laterally thinking need shadows, add more lines and value need highlights onList lines or no lines. This draws us of shadings goal is hatched. There are so many other ways to shade, but I love hatching because it is fast and also that's good debt. Do a drawing based on the direction of the petals that draw the lines. I say dust line, but he doesn't mean it isn't actually, it is in fact a curve. And this curve is based on the data extras that beta's. If the petal folds up, the line also folds up. And if the petal folds down, the column also falls down. As simple as that. The dentist that has no big rubles for shading part, just go with the flow. Don't try to copy what I'm doing. If you do that, you're gonna make a big mess. Just sit back and relax and draw your own flower. You might not be perfect when you do this price, but just a little bit of practice and it's gonna be okay. So gape shading and complete all the browsers. After you complete shading losses, let's move on to the leaves. Again for the leaves them using the same technique called hashing, uses same pendants data sheet. I start from the board domain of the leaf, draw some parallel lines starting from the middle and make sure the lines and closely pack. I gave my bene slanting position. By doing this, you can achieve beautiful cheating. Again, a shade on the other end of the leaf to create more debt. Likewise, do that, decide. Start shading from them at GIP outwards. And found out there was a center. And make sure to keep your pen in a slanting position. Draw some diagonal lines over the end of the lease. This is to indicate most shadows, few more diagonal lines. This creates more depth. Similarly shade at the leaf. First starting from the center to us out to end. I'm termed outer edge towards the center. That's it. We'll go pleaded hygiene. Jia. Hope you had a lot of fun. In the next lesson, we will go onto the next flower, Buh-bye. 7. Poppy Basics : Let us move on to the next Club up poppies. We will start with the basics. I had two circles, one big, N1 small and outer circle is for the petals which forms the outline. And for the Center of poppy flower has four to six petals. Battles are large, Re, we end irregular, used outline as red printed, add more petals to the flower. Since it by delta we, we, I give some ups and downs. It's not smooth. You can add a lot of overlapping petals and complete the flower. A pulpy Santa has lot of details. So many lines, dots and curse. When you do the sentence dot by drawing lameness. Draw lines towards us into, that's all about the inner circle. Then Dawson lines out to us. I'm making the lines little bit dense. Finally do some tiny circle. So the top of the lines, you know, draw exactly because just look like structures enough. That's how you do the central for Papi. Now let us discuss motive by the petals. As he said before, poppy has food inspectors and the petals are super wavy. Now let us try to draw some petals in different positions. I plus jaw up EDL and then I add cogen site indicated the petals folded. This battle coves inside. Example number one is the most a way to draw a folded petal. Saudi guiding the shading, the vein also goes inside. Red is without the sign you have normal lines. I highly recommend you to practice this before going into the project. Let us move on to the second example. Before drawing up fatal flaws, decide how you want it better to look like. This beta is going to be twisted sidewards plus Gd, the dotted lines and then go to the hills. The dotted lines will help you a lot. Trust me. Then I give the shading according to the direction of the vector. In the third example, the pendulous four did inwards, was joy U-shaped, and then up code inside with a line. And this pedal is facing up. Again for the shading as per the pattern that action. Some broken lines and dots. The next example is a little bit complicated. It has lots of ups and downs. Stop enjoying in London be shaped for the better. Then the basic outline for the false ups and downs then joined the curves to the center. This creates more depth. Draw lines from the corner to the folds. I'm creating more depth and few more lines on either side. I highly recommend you to practice these petals before moving on to the next lives. In the next lesson, we will create a beautiful illustration. I'll see you then. Bye. 8. Poppy Drawing : Before moving into the lesson, make sure you have downloaded audit evidence for DOS. Start by drawing the basic shape for the outline. In this reference, the flowers are mostly local and so the outline, I have just planned to add three in Dojima flowers and the same illustration, this lava is tilted towards the left. And so I draw a knowledge to us unless I want this to be overlapping to the first one, it gives a natural look. The next flower was our most dealer. So I draw a circle. Observe that reference photo and draw the shape accordingly. Now draw one ROS moles though confidence into again observed reference because the angle the flows. And so that illustration for this circle is going to be like an inverted cup. And put the next flag was going to be like a simple round. That's also the basic shapes. Let's draw the petals. Take one pedal at the time. We will start with the simplest one. Then we will do the top metal which is folded. First, do a line for the fall. And then the curve. Then do though. You may not be exact. Just go with the flow. You just want a place to be covered. Anyways, if love is the most simplest one, it's more complicated ones. Even for this level also take one petal at that time. Let us start with this folded one. Start by drawing the line rather folders. And then draw the curve to indicate that the Federalists folded out. After that, do the curves on the top part and then connect the cost using the line. Similarly, do that capital. When you dropped law was close observation is wat important. Sometimes you find that you're petal is twisted and have to bring that you're drawing. And all these means regular practice. So don't fight up if you don't get to try it for the first time, keep trying. Let's do the rest of the petals. I do this top one. The Bulletin Beatles, who ought I taught in the previous lesson. Joining what'd be sheep do indicate some foods that gives them ups and downs. And they'll connect the force to the corner using a line. It is a exact same pitted we did in the previous lesson. Create more depth to draw it inside petals go along though, will cheat. Now this beta is behind the screen is flower. Let us move on to the next flower. Petal positions. Stat bedrock and the simplest pedal, I choose the Doppler. In this lava, the bottom platelets quite tricky because it is of a different angle. It needs a little bit of observation. Started drawing the site, and then draw a line which connects them. After that, do the folds complete, joined the dew petals. Adding feud button gives a beautiful illustration. But so very easy to draw. Joy analyst shaped with a glove inside it. And the stem which goes up and folds down. I do what? Low byte. Finally do this dam for the flowers. The pencil sketches. Oh wow, let's move on to the pen work. For the outline I use 03 sigma micron. As of now the plow was don't have any big textures. We will be adding text chosen the shading pipe. But before that we need to do the outline gives him ups and downs to the Pinto's. This will give a more organic look to our work. Just go with the bends and lots with some ups and downs. That's it. Update, complete joined outline, wait for them to try, get rid of the unwanted pencil marks. In the next lesson, we will discuss about the center, the shading bought, the buy. 9. Poppy Shading : If you observe a poppy flower, the Santa has two parts. They know circle and outer part has lot of tiny. Who was that I joined? Was this into for this I use 003 sigma micron. We start with the inner circle. I randomly placed dots. This method of shadings goddess dip link directly back in a circle with dots, and I add a little bit more dots in the lower part to create shadows. Now do these TinyOS, the data around this into, draw them in different direction and indifference sizes to create more variety. Low join these dynein. By using curves and lines. Do create more depth. They add a little more dogs to the lowest bought. Similarly do the Center for the flow was, I've already done this doubling for this lab. I do these tiny little worlds. And then I can take them to the center. And it's a more lines to create more shadows. For this flower, only the top part of the sentence visible. So in this case is now going to be, it's going to be like a small oval sheet. You have these lines and the time you visit around it, the bottom part is going to be super dark because it's going to have a lot of shadows. Right now. I don't create any proper shapes or just for this piece with this yet done with the basic drawing, its mode of the shading pot. And for this I use the same pain, Audrey Villa micron. When you observe closely, you can see some veins on the beta's. To bring that in our drawing, we do the line shading. Line shadings, very simple. You just creates and broken lines. Add more lines by you need a lot of shadows and to create more texture. And the data chief, the lines depend on the direction of the pentose. If you're petal folds down, the lines also fall down. If dependence holds out, the line also falls out. This draws of shadings called as hatching guy, you use the lines to create more debt. Let us move on to the next peddle. Since this battle is behind, some of the better it's going to have a load of shadows in those overlapping areas. You can also create beautiful texture using this hatching method. As you can see now, I create a lot of lines in one particular area. And this will give a look off a little bit of food in that part. You might wonder what would be the direction of these lines when the bejesus folded. And again, it is a God into the direction of the better. In this case, it falls down. Whereas in the lower part that is going to be just the same. Let me teach you one more example. In this case, the veins folds out, subservient reference voodoo and draw the lines accordingly. And then create a little bit of texture on the sides. Likewise data but he also the veins folds out. Desc 1AD I did diamond absorbed the directions aligns. He is going to be straight lines. This dog bed l has a lot of text jaws. And the direction of the line is gone at B is just a straight line. But I played a lot of text chose loading small onto this bottom pedal. It has lot of fools. Now I connect the folds to the center. I treat a lot of line shading on the corner because it has a lot of shadows. One would dip. You can keep your randomness landing position to create even more beautiful shading. That's more to the last lava. And this law has a lot of texture observed. The lines, the lines are not actually lines. The keep that in mind. You need not draw just the lines. You can draw some clubbed lines or textured lines based on the reference. I do the shading for the last bed. He odds gotta have a lot of shadows on the corner. The folded AD is going to be super dark. So I had a lot of lines for the BOD. So you can see a lot of tiny Hazlett. And also in the stem. I create Dynasty has all over the bud. Like Wise Add has on the world. Stems up codeword which has. So I just create a lot of has on these ten also. Who is this? So we have completed our class. I hope you had a lot of fun. In the next lesson, we will talk about the class project, the buy. 10. Class Project : We have come to the end of the class. I hold this glass will sue you if you have any doubts in any thought that class, feel free to ask me. I will get back to you time to discuss about the class project. Your project would be to drop law versus low photograph. That are thousands of photos available in internet. Choose a photo and apply the techniques we discussed in the class. Just by watching the class will make you a better artist. You had to take a pen and draw. A was not this good when I started it all game by practice, I'll give you don't get it right, just take your pen and draw. I would love to see your projects. So please do Shi'a works. Also share your feedback on this glass. Thank you so much for taking my class of I have a nice day.