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Learn to Create After Effects Template : Photo Slideshow Opener

teacher avatar Shubham Ganer, Motion Graphics Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (1h 19m)
    • 1. Promo

    • 2. Creating Compositions and importing images

    • 3. Animating Images

    • 4. Adding texts and selecting colors

    • 5. Slide left animation

    • 6. Understanding Auto Save and adding more texts

    • 7. Designing photo frames

    • 8. Sliding up Transtions

    • 9. Rolling down animation

    • 10. Opening Image Transition

    • 11. Closing Image Transition

    • 12. Congratulations

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About This Class

Are you ready to learn a simple way to grab viewers within the first nanoseconds of your introduction for a video, presentation, or promotional tool? In this course, you can learn step-by-step with one of the best on-line animations instructor to create a stylish slideshow opener template.

Shubham Ganer is a Motion Graphics Designer with over 5 years of experience. He has a simple approach to teach proven techniques for generating higher visibility and greater engagements with a range of options. This course walks users through the step by step approach in learning to create Stylistic Slideshows with the help of Adobe After Effects. that will impress your audience .You will learn everything from scratch to create this animated Slideshow Opener and create a professional looking Adobe After Effects template.

The main aim of this course is :
1. Creating a Photo Slideshow Opener consisting of Texts , Photos and Visual elements .
2. Techniques for combining images and text in After Effects to create beautiful, professional-looking openers
3. To make the templates your own including variable speed animations and color schemes

Shubham will also share some of his most successful template development tips as well as how you can make them your own and make them work for you.

While aimed at advanced, this course is also valuable for intermediate animators , to add to your current skill set and gain insights that will enhance your animation and design skill set and will help you as an emerging artist.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Shubham Ganer

Motion Graphics Designer


Hello, I'm Shubham

I am a Motion Graphics Designer with nearly five years of experience. I love creating unique projects with optimum aesthetic quality. I am a self-taught designer, and I understand how and what it takes to be self-taught and successful.


Through my courses I am willing to share my knowledge, which I have acquired over the thousands of hours of time I have invested each day in learning the skills of motion graphics. I am fortunate enough to work for a video project for Domino's Pizza and I have worked for clients from all over the world.


My main goal of being an instructor includes supporting others who are getting started with motion graphics so they can also reach a professional level.

Email : [email protected] See full profile

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1. Promo: Hey, guys. Hello and welcome in this course in this course we're going to create this way will start by creating comm positions, adding texts, photos and then step by step. We will learn how to any mate them together in a non destructive manner. We will learn about how to choose proper color, how to have a change in animation speed and how toe make the template look dynamic. We will be learning everything from scratch and I can't wait to see you inside the course. 2. Creating Compositions and importing images: Hey, guys. After opening the adobe Aftereffects, you will see the set up just like this so you can just go toe composition new composition and select this preset off 10 Ezio HDTV can make the duration to be 17 seconds and name the file 19 to Cedo. It's de com and hit OK, so this will create a blank composition and so as to create a folder. We can just click here. It agreed to New Wonder. That's name it. Well, what we need to do is create a solid background, so just go to layer new solid. This creates a solid so we see many things first. His name. Let's name. It's BG for background and the wit and high. If if this is something different, just click. This may calm sites button. It will discreet the same and this is the color. So let's giusto white background. So just click on that and you can see this and just strike it up and hit OK and he took it . Okay, so the system, what is the next step is to bring the images from the computer into the project so we can work on that It's very simple. Just go to file. It's gotta important and goto file And then just kind of like brows where you have your your images. So it in my kids it's here in this stock images folder, so there's gonna open Click One, and if I have to open all of them, control a and, uh, then just important, it will take some time, and it will import all the images which you selected so as to we'll them just click here. You can see a small I cannot the image If you want to see a larger, more in just about click here, you can see a larger I cannot image. And you can also add in stem into a new folder so as to create a new folder. Just goto this I can this create. And once you hover your mouse, your it just rights create a new food so just created and just like name photos. Okay, and let's move all of them inside this photo. So just click here and could scroll down like the bottom one. It shift and select so it selects all off the images, and then all you need to do is track and drop it here. And there you go. You have important your photos successfully in this new folder. 3. Animating Images: Okay, so now import the photos in the composition so as to do it. Just click on the funder and just click on this small Adam, you will see the images. You can select any emerge and just click them as on bring it here above the just drag and drop above the BG layer. You can see this happening, but now we have a problem. The image is not covering the full screen, so we can fix it. Rightly transform foot to comfort. Okay? And you can see it's cutting now, so we can also add just the position it be on the keyboard, and this is that X and y position. So let's change the Y position. Okay, Looks nice. And now we can recompose this. Click it Julia recompose or hit control ship. See on the keyboard. And just name it. Image one and click here on move at all the attributes in the new composition and hit. OK, so okay, this image has been placed in this compulsion. Now we can do is like, duplicate image. Just this folder, this place holder. So just click on the image one and it controlled key on the keyboard or good edit and duplicate, and we gotta move it on this side of the screen. So just select this. It be on the keyboard and just to move it. So we create, like two images right next to each other. Move it. So minus 9 60 is my value, which is exactly if you want to use its the best value. Okay, so right now, then let's create a new solid, so right plague new solid. And let's name it as number one and, uh, may come size. And for the color, you can select a kind of discover her on adobe for choosing color. It's important to have some knowledge about colors, and it's very easy. You can also use some pre made color schemes. Discover your favorite browser window and open select color schemes. So these shows that which color looks good with which colors. So let's go and just use. Let's click on the images so you can choose these kind of colors. So if you want to use, that's it. These colors just click here, and you can see the exact a similar court so as to use them. It's like you have to type this scored while you choose. Choose the color. You have to type that code here. And when you typed that court, this color will change to that color. Okay, so now we have to show that this is coming first and then so and then This is coming. So as to do that, we need to just go toe around this mark, which is just just make some room, which is before, like, one second kind of, like, 25 frames and also select the same for this. This is the first when you just click this this image just looks like these six start. I mean it dots, they appear. If you select this the develop, you're here. So you just understand which makes you have selective. So this image we really wanted to be only here, so we will not change it. So let's move it down. Now let's work on these two, okay? Really? The 1st 1 Quick 2nd 1 and hit be on the keyboard and then click on the position. Now let's go back and just move it while you move. Hold shift and it will move faster. Okay, so now you see, uh, this is moving, but you cannot see your image because it is underneath this solid. So let's put it above the solid. Okay? And now you cannot see the solid. So let's activist position if we select this and move it a little bit, actually moved the M is because they must should come later. We can see Ah, beautiful transition like this, but this actually looks very boring. So let's make it a little interesting. This click to select boat off them again. If you don't see them, it be and select load of them. Rightly key from assistance Eazy e's and I'm meeting in on the key Boto, just trim this review area. Okay, so it looks like this, which gives it an interesting motion. Also, you contain some more. Just select both of them and click here on the graph editor and then select all of them. Okay, select from here. So you can see and then move it a little bit years. So you will see it like this. The more you move it here, the later the image will appear. So let's just make it here for this one, okay? And, uh, if you see this It just looks like it just stopped. Let's let me explain the area so the image is stopping, but we need to give it some life and we can do it by adding some scaling. So select this of one and select this one and hit us on the keyboard. You can see the scaling this click here and let's move around one. So let's move around. Three. Let's give it a little bit scaling. I guess that's okay. Let's preview it. I'm expanding this preview area. Okay, so this gives it a life. Now, the next thing we have to do is add some text and that we will do in the next tutorial. 4. Adding texts and selecting colors: okay. After that, we need to create the texture layer. So let's go here and select this. Where is unto Tune? I click here and types. You might not see what I've typed because off the color, so that's going to change it. Toe black. Let's increase the size. So the front team is mance sentiment, which I'm using for this and we can choose Sami Bowl are bold. That's useful. And from here you can change the color. Okay, so let's keep it black and, uh, to scroll, scroll up and hit. Just go here, just move it. So that's here. And that's pretty composed this composition, it's called a layer recompose Movil attributes That's called it Next one. Okay, and then double click here. We cannot see anything because we haven't transparency trouble, okay? And this is actually very big, as compared to the the text size so we can change the side of composition, composition, composition, settings. That's Jews. It like doing great. And let's click here, lock a spectra issue and choose it like 1960 it took a and now we can just place our next year and let's create ah, wait background for it right. Click new solid and just create a white background. Okay? And drop it underneath our text. Okay, so we have these text, I will actually don't not use perfectly black color for this all. Just use a kind of like gray, darker, great color on it. Okay? And ah, Then I'm just gonna vote and do this composition and see how it looks. OK? Looks like this. And then I will just move it down right here, and maybe just kind of looked a public here, and I just got are a little bit okay, I'm using some color schemes which are inside my head, but you can choose from here, for instance, that's, let's say 79 9 f. You can give it this color also. And when using one color, make sure you use all off them and okay, so let's get back. Well, it island do it by getting control, See, on the keyboard and to me, the text size of yours a little bit bigger. So I'm just gonna double click here again, and then just changed, changed from here, and then maybe just burn off. Going on tight election safe and bullet inside the middle position and hit shift and control. So it just snaps in the middle off the composition. Okay, lets go back next. Nice. And, uh, let's any meat this It should be the same as duck solid. First these solid. So just, uh, it be on the keyboard and select the position control, see and then select the text and hit control we So the text will come at same time. But if you see that the text is in the middle, we can fix it by just adjusting the adjusting the anchor point with a And if we move it down to text with a move down, it can be a little complicated. So let's not move with the anchor point. Let's right click transform and reset and hit you on the keyboard and see all the key friends and then clicked the stopwatch. Now let's move it down. That's move it here the position key from here. Just go here and then move but and hold surf and move it out of the frame and again select booed off the right click keeping assistance using these. Click here, select both of them and just move it a little bit so that this is the speed like slow, fast and snow. Let's paying you Okay, so it looks ready. Nice. Let's go from here. Toe half a second mark and select the imaginable one and this one solid and this again and it be on the keyboard and make sure there this is visible for all and clicked here. This actually doesn't have a key frame. So let's click on the stopwatch, which waas the problems. So that's no wrong. And then let's move both off these out off the frame, okay? And so they booed off them to wreck. Play a clip from assistance Eazy e's announce. Select all of them to click here and select all of them again. You can see there is a difference between boat and then click. This is easy is and then dis click it here so that this moves So the boat off damn moves with the same velocity. Okay, and now let's preview it. We can animate this text also so that it looks like the Texas going out at the same time. Click here, Select the text one hit you on the keyboard and you will see here to split here and then just kind of, like, go here and then this movement outside the frame. So it appears that the text is moving a least images select again and maybe just change it a little bit. Okay, Looks very nice. 5. Slide left animation: Okay, so now we need to add another image. So just because we want to create a non destructive animation so that we are able to change the images, we are adding them inside a new composition. So, for instance, you don't like this first image. Just go to the image number one. Don't after I below this one to select any other photo, just drag and drop it your and fixed away. So this image will be replaced by that. Okay, that's underway. Biting control. See? Okay, so now we want the next image to come for that. What we need to do is duplicate this unmentionable one. So this click on that, go to air it duplicate. So this create another image placeholder. It looks the entirely as same. But we can change it years to stop a click on image to an open this. And like, just add any image that God this and it s on the keyboard and, like, increased scale. And but the B just liking just positioning. Just go back to the holistic. Um, okay, so we have this. Now, let's track the image to here and, uh, from here, So let's move it here and to smooth a little bit more. Be on the keyboard and had teared the stopwatch go back and then again, just move it out. Then again, right Click key from assistance Eazy e's right click here. So they both of them. And okay, this is the work area. I'm just increasing it a little bit. And from here. So it if I had be here, the preview will start from here talking. So we wanted to start from here. So this quick click back and okay, maybe just a little bit more can always increase or decrease the time by just moving the key frames and also see the curve. Okay. And also, we want to duplicate this text. So just click here. Goto edit and Goto duplicate and it enter. Just name it that sticks to and bring it here. Okay, let's name it dynamic. So to stumble, click on the text just to make it dynamic. Okay? And you can just try to be, which is a short cut off the move tool and its shift and control toe. Move it in the middle and let's go back. Okay. Looks very nice. And just move it. Don't. And, uh, let's do the same thing, right? Click, Keep them assistance, Disease. So OK, so as soon as this moves out, this should move in. So so as to do that. Let's selector the text number, you and the image number two and then most them out a little bit. So it appears that as soon as it gets out, these comes in, you can always change timings, and it appears to be a little bit slower. So I'll just, like, moved the ski from back here on this year. So what I will do is like, move the text first and the image later. So this takes is going another text that's coming, the images coming, okay, just coming and the next. All right, let's preview the full animation from here. Okay, Looks very good. And we can always change the images and the text because this is our nondestructive techniques off animation. And let's go back here. That's maybe just at the skull here, right click transform to come from it. Oh, well, this go down, and this will change to this opener dynamic. Okay, let's move on to the next tutorial. 6. Understanding Auto Save and adding more texts: Okay, so we need to add some scaling to the image so as to give it a life. So okay, click your as on the keyboard. Let's more this a little bit more here and let's move here. And that's I like around 100 forced. So it also have some life. And then what we can do is after a kind of like cough a second. So it's kind of like here, let's go and select the text. Do he'd be on the keyboard and then keep liqueur and then just move ahead a little bit. Here, Grandeau. Let's move it out. So it will be just going. And also, you can change the craft from here, just like just off here would be and district Grazer delivered. So you can just and zero on the key boats. Oprah, you, the animation. And sometimes it might happen that you don't see the same set of dislike this so we just go . The windows works based on in Ju's effects. Okay, And then now what we have to do is play this again and holding chef click on the image to so all of them have been selected and click here for the position and move here and then smoke them out. And let's preview it. It's moving very fat so we can slow it down to select all these give rooms and more them out like this a little bit selected here. So, like these key frames to just things look here at just them. Let's bring you them. So we want them to happen after this dynamic text has gone. So let's see, it's gone here. So from here, just select all of them and just place it here and then this. People do it. You can just move them a little bit so that just because of the text, everything is moving. It should look like that. Okay, very nice. And no, let's go and save the file. Have a habit of saving the fires always. So I'm just save this file. Isar, do you to really five. Okay, okay. Saved. Also, you can enable auto save more, which is by it is going to the edit preferences and order safe. So this will automatically save your file. So save every. Let's choose it. Five seconds. Oh, let's go again. References And how many copies you want It's like here. So it's like five copies. I don't care. All right? And now we should add another image. Place holders like select this edit duplicate or control de on the keyboard and drag a tear . Okay, We can also got all the layers underneath it because we don't need them anymore. So that's click here and click here and hit old and closing parentheses so these layers don't disturb us again. Also, we can pre compose so as to make things look more tidy. So control ship. See, Let's name at us. Break. Dump one is okay. Okay. So way Just have it very easy to work on our next image. So this is a minimum of three. Let's choose a different image That's Jews imaginable. 19. Okay, drag a tear. Same very transform toe till now you know how to do it and then just move it down. Let's go back to the composition and it's done. I'm liable off and let's see. Very okay, here it comes. So they like here and it be and again. And let's actually move it out a little bit. And right, Blacky from assistance. He is school here. Siddiq, both of them and then this. Move it and it be looks a little bit faster to me. So this changer Okay, very nice. If you move it down like it was just go like here. Okay. Looks very nice. No next step is to add text again. So just again, let's select the text to and just go edit and duplicate. And let's name it takes three. I have many text here. That's why the name is Mr. But we can hit, enter and changed the name. So from left to right, it's just coming. So it be Cilic both of them, right Clear. Give him assistance. And always that's a motion for this picture. So it's done on the done off Diable it does on the keyboard and for like, two seconds. Let's go and increase this like so it has some life that looks lively. Okay, so after this, like half a second stunt on the eyeball and like, let's move it So that text comes later. Okay? And then let's create a new solid right click new solid, which should be a white click here. And I'm just using white. You can choose any color and then just, uh, at the position. Go here and then do the same thing. Right? Click. So the solid is coming from here and the text from here and the solid is hiding the text, so make sure you moved the text above the solid king. See, select both off them. Just click the handle. And again, like from here selector Andy Landers to this, we can move them a little bit more here. Okay? And go and see if this file and let's preview the full animation to now it zero on the keyboard to preview it. Okay, It looks ready. Nice. So let's move on to the next tutorial. 7. Designing photo frames: Okay, so now let's changed text. Double click here. Click here. Let's changes to stylish and, uh, let's go here it control, move it and hit control and share so it gets in the middle. So okay, it just got changed. It's very nice. Now. We need to add, like, three images here. So let's go into thirds and right then edit and duplicate. Double click here. And let's change its size to be contrite Control K on the keyboard. Or it got a compulsion, composite gin settings and change the way toe and make sure it's like unchecked to 550 hit . OK, and now select the photo, whichever you want. Showcase here that selectors, and just drag and drop it here. Let's zoom in a little bit and hit us on the keyboard and you can adjust, assuming okay and let's go back. And here we can just go track and drop this image number for here, and then we can just do is his have more images like this, so just gain, edit, duplicate and edit and duplicate. So let's go to the 51 just like, insert another Mitch. Maybe this one and Let's go to the sixth image and add are different image. Okay, this one if you mark okay. And let's go back here and no drag and drop. Fifth and six Hit. Controlling 66 dragon drop it Here and now let's move. All three select Also first should shift and selected tour and just move it here when you just remove it to select the image number four and move it achieved and movoto here and select the image number six and move it here and call down the shift button and select all these three and go toe windows Align and Jews choose this so these images should be displayed after the text is here. Okay, so now all you need to do is just any made these images. So select the admit number for and so six and go toe position at a key frame Here, go and do the same thing. Then just go back. Two small bird or at 5 40 which was the initial value +1080 which will move it. 1080 pictures down and to hear minus 10 it's so and here the same thing minus 1080 And now if we preview this, it will look like this. So let's go here. Select all of the right leg. He from assistance. Eazy e's Select all of them. You okay? As they're moving too fast, let's move them a little bit slower. OK? And now let's stagger the layers. So this is the first. The first layer is this. This should come first. Then this should come next. So let's stagger it like that. And then the last two men should be this. Okay? And while these images come here, the text should fade away. So to select us, select this text three D on the keyboard, click on the opacity and just make it Move ahead and make it see you, okay? And have a habit off saving the file, which are always too. You can also and you kind of like a girl. An effect so that it looks like if there was a solid okay, so, like, these three and maybe cyclic your and change it to some other color. Let's a yellow and then select thes and hit control de on the keyboard and then to select us and this Jews a different color and then stare these layers here. So it's now like this. What we can do is atrophy layer to the Slayer school. Generate right click. Here I'll go toe affects, increase it, generate and food and fill it with kind off a great color and hit control C selectors control, we select us control. So now you can see this is found It actually looks where he fast from re. So I'll just like so like the first, like the last hit you and then select the last key frames only despite drying and drag them out a little bit. And it and end this preview also I want that these layers should come first is like the time should be a little bit more so let's see how we can do that. Just select one control A and s. Click here, okay? And drag your most a little bit so that you can just see the 1st 1 So he made number four is like the 1st 1 So this one should be the next. And these two majors number six will be next. Maybe we can even stagger them more with a file and see what. So now we have created these three images here. What we need to do next is create same images which just comes in sight from thes images. It's not very difficult. All we need to do next is just create the same. Select these images and just pre composed them comme position or layer and pre composed and move all attributes and thats going on pre come to okay, now that's moving to the pre come number two. And here we can just create new images. So just duplicate the image at it duplicate, add it, duplicate it duplicate and let's move a little bit up and select damage the most 789 and just move them here and then just find the position off this and just 3 70 so it to be here on, just make it like 3 70 Actually, let's change the images inside the place order so we can see better off what we're doing. Okay. And for the last one, Okay, let's go to the 19 to 0 is to calm and then go toe to spree. Come to okay, let's move ahead for this position will be same and for the momentum of nine. Good. Put B and just copy this value. 155961 Wife 96 Okay. And just make group off these images and just changed the label color. Let's Jews equal. And then let's go and go toe edit on duplicate And now it toggle switch more and from here , Jews all for Matty Oh, we just did a mistake Jews over Matty for the layers underneath. Like if there is to nine. So select last night just like this and then select automatic. And now we can just go ahead in time. That's actually dragon trouble. Just me came in Timber here and now let's it be on the keyboard and select the ones which eyeball is turned on And let's go back like just more of it on the left direction and then selectees rightly give them assistance. Eazy e's Select all of them And then so, like these just make some room, okay? And obviously we should stagger the images. So just click here and click here and let's struggle seven. So Okay, that's staggered a the eight after that and the night after that. Okay, we need more space and save it. Preview. This looks ready. Nice. Let's move on to the next tutorial. 8. Sliding up Transtions: Okay, so now let's go back to our 19 to 0 ht. Come, just find your composition and double click and you'll just open it and done just here. Right leg. New solid. Let's make a white solid again. But again, you can choose any of the colors which you like. Okay. And I'll put it underneath, Pre come to which is this composition with all our layers. Okay, let's go back. And no, what I do is I will duplicate these layers it controlled, add it, duplicate, and then select both off them. Hit, be on the keyboard and just move this moon ahead. Uh, on the top off this, which would be minus 540. And when these gets revealed, click board of them hit be on the keyboard, see the position, clicked the stopwatch and move ahead a little bit and move them all the way down all the way dome. Okay? And so that both of them tried plague keep from assistance Eazy e's and then against do the same thing like we used to do before. Whether I'm just using this to just get closer to the graph, select only these two points and just move it like dad and it be and preview. This seems to first. So let's move. Click here and more. Look. Okay, So now, in case we have create this transition effect, we can do it very easily just by creating a black solid inside this composite shin. So see, let's lock this compulsion That's double click and opened this comm position. So then if I create a black solid new solid, let's created like, Great. And then we finish the animation from here? No, we should released animation. Okay, so this is pretty composition number two. Let's go back here. Okay, so here we can see there is nothing that separates thes layers. So if we just double procure ago and then just at this you can see it's create something like this and frame. So we just have to go select go from where we have to show the frame, like here. There is no need off showing that frame. So let's go back here and just make it so that just okay and just move it a little bit. It be on the keyboard, click your go back and just move it down. What? This will do this will enable there is no frame unless be going to move. So now we move it and we have frame. If I don't after visibility, you can see there is no friend. When I turned on the visibility, there is a frame. So let's get back to 19 to 0 is to calm fancy. Okay, there is this frame also make the frame for the top. So we do the same thing. It controlled d to duplicate it and just using the scroll of the mouth. Let's go back and let's change the position from here and to the top frame, which should be around here. That's added till here. This point. OK, and now let's see. You can see there is no frames, but while we just move them, we can see that there are frames in Arkham position. Let's bring you it. Yeah, also, if we moved the frames out, it will look more better. Select both of them, had to you, and then copy this first freak fee frame here on this for ski frame control. C control. We here. So it's like famous coming and going. So it's same. The famous coming and frame is going and good file and save this pilot's tutorial. Number seven dictatorial seven and had safe 9. Rolling down animation: Okay. So just because we created this non white solid, we just cannot see Waters here, so we can just easily fix it by just just dragging and dropping it until this point, All right? And now let's create another solid right click on the blank area. Go to layer New solid. And let's just, like, have a dark blue color here. What? This run, Okay. And let's rise it. Let's make some adjustment like it s on the keyboard and click here to unchain it. And then just here, just go back and, uh, just make it seal in the y axis and select boat of time. Right? Click, right. Play came from assistance. Eazy E's was Click your and just click here. Let's stick it out To be okay, looks very nice. And let's have some text. So text three is like control de on the keyboard to make it a copy and then just rename it a step ext. Four. And then cop Dragon dropped a tear This click it here and move it above, and then just here so that it starts from here. So it be on the keyboard, Just go here, just go back and just just make it outside the frame and right leg. He from assistance Eazy e's and then just change it. Okay. Very nice. And, uh, okay. Change the text. Text him for Let's right here. Fashion. Okay. And let's go here. So it's changed to fashion, and now what we're gonna do is see how to change it and an extra tutorial. 10. Opening Image Transition: Okay, so now what we can do is just in sewed to separate these two these big layer into two layers so as to do that we can just control duplicate it two times and just click here on the layer and it old and closing parentheses. Year old and opening parents sees year old and closing parents opening parent disease. So the use off this is finished, and now it is based. Let's make it smaller. It's based on the East two layers and no, let's select boat off them. He'd be on the keyboard. Let's move at about plus 9 60 and here is minus 9 60 which is half off the comp size. So this is this half. This is this half, So now we can do is select them. Click here and then just move a little bit ahead and then just make it like bless 9 60 and here should be minus 9 60 So let's move ahead. Select both of them, right? Leaky from assistance Eazy e's and just go here, selected it again and maybe click here. Do it is use a shot gut and let's see her looks. Okay. Now we need an image to be revealed here. So let's just duplicate this image. No, this is a smaller composition. So maybe this is a bigger let's duplicate this right click or maybe go to edit and duplicate, and then drag and drop it here underneath these two boxes and move this big layer here so you can see this opens up in these with this image we also can do is like so, like both of them control duplicate and then move it above these layers. Then just make a group. So let's make it a sion. And, uh, let's change the color off. So goto effect generate Phil, Edward White and go toe go here effect and Phil will pop up. So fill this with white also. So the white color should be underneath. So just select both off these layers, put them below and staggered them a little bit. So you can see this opens up like this. It's moving very fast so we can just hit you. And always, James the key for him select both of them staggered them. It didn't work. I'm hitting Control Z to go back to the place where it work, so I'm just know trying to notice why it's not working now. Okay, so this is white. Select both of them, Put them under neat and move them a little bit. So here you can see it works like this, but this looks very fast. We can fix it, select all of them by clicking one and kicking the last and hit you to reveal and to see its key frames And then to select these two, Well, them ahead. So, like piece, too? With them ahead. Just go here and hit n. Okay, we can see that this is working, but it's taking a lot of time. So they like both off thes key frames off the science layer and adjudges them accordingly. Okay, it's still a lot. So select part of them and just move them closer. OK, very nice that control us to save. And while it gets revealed, this image which is popping up, should also be changed. So just click on the image double click, and then let's find photos and maybe use this photo, maybe used this photo and, like, track here and, uh, make sure it fits the composite shin so or maybe used some other photo. It's just up to our own choice. Not this one. Let's select. Okay, this looks cool. It has scale it. Let's go back. And this. That's how the image will be revealed. But we need to have some action. So it s on the keyboard to scale it a little bit. And just to make it 200 and again, give him assistance. Eazy e's go here, click here. Click. This changed the graph speed. You can always change how it looks. So for me, it should start a little bit early. Okay? And now let's move on. Do the next tutorial. 11. Closing Image Transition: Okay, so now we reach the tutorial. What we need to do now is close. All these but a problem. We might occur that if we close it with the help off thes solid, the text will be visible. Let me show you what I mean to select all of them, hit you and then to script here for the position and move. And then if we just copy these, give him and control C control. We that free. Copy this key frame control Z control we and it's the copy the scape Trim Control C control . We control C control. We What is happening is that it is closing. But the text is still there. We can fix this, but let's first of all, make sure that our white it's also visible. Okay, cool. And select these followers liqueur. Selecting these and just make them. You're on the handle and just increase them. Okay, so this fashion text should be underneath. We will do the same thing. What we did before that is to split that slayer so that it doesn't get effective. So just goto edit and split. And this layer we will put underneath these solids so this way, This will get closed. And now we're finished with the tutorial CDs off the course and thank you for watching and have a wonderful day. 12. Congratulations: Congratulations for taking this course. And this course we'll learn about creating a beautiful dynamic photo slideshow intro inside of Adobe After Effects. We learn about a lot of thing such as embodying your images or your footage. And then creating a precomposition where those images. After that, we learned about animating those images. And then we just created some of the Shape layers which we just use as a lower third. And we create a, some text animations as well. And finally, we just created some beautiful transitions with this photo slideshow. I was very confident for this course and I just really hope that you'll create very awesome things when you just kind of like start creating your own slideshow. I can't wait to see what you create after taking this course. Let me see what you create. Thank you so much.