Learn to Create 3D Looking Professional Logo in Photoshop without using 3D Feature of Photoshop | Harsh Vardhan | Skillshare

Learn to Create 3D Looking Professional Logo in Photoshop without using 3D Feature of Photoshop

Harsh Vardhan, Photography Photoshop After Effects Premier Pro

Learn to Create 3D Looking Professional Logo in Photoshop without using 3D Feature of Photoshop

Harsh Vardhan, Photography Photoshop After Effects Premier Pro

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6 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. 1 create 3d looking logo in photoshop

    • 2. 2 create 3d looking logo in photoshop

    • 3. 3 create 3d looking logo in photoshop

    • 4. 4 create 3d looking logo in photoshop

    • 5. 5 create 3d looking logo in photoshop

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About This Class


Learn to Create 3D Looking Professional Logo in Photoshop without using 3D Feature of Photoshop

In this class, you will Learn How to Create 3D Looking Professional Logo in Photoshop without using 3D Feature of Photoshop.

This is a very simple and easy Technique, which can be used to create Different types of Logo or Design or Artwork!

If you like the class Please Consider Leaving Review and if you have any question then please feel free to ask me. I am here to help you!

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Photography Photoshop After Effects Premier Pro


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1. 1 create 3d looking logo in photoshop: welcome to this lecture in this lecture will be creating our beautiful logo in Nairobi Photo show. So let's get started. So, in order to create a logo, first of all, we need to create a new document. So we'll go to the file and select new. And from this bullets, choose the size off. 1920 by 10. 80 on make the resolution 72. Okay. And make sure it's rgb color. And from this drop down menu background content should be white. Okay? Or we can click here and we can choose the black color ourselves and press OK, And if you want to save this present, press the same button on you can rename it or like for this world. But I'm just using the 1900 pixel into tentative pick suits on press poking. All right, But I have already saved, so I'm not going to save and they're after you can access it by coming clicking this drop down menu and select. You will find it over here. All right, On there. After you don't need toe, do it again and again. Holy. So got it on press poking. Okay on then create our new blank layer from here. Right, Andi, 80 rectangle tool from here. Or you can simply press you on your keyboard and make sure it's filled with divide. It doesn't matter at this woman, but at least it should be void so that we can see what we are making over here. All right, before we go any further, first of all, we'll go to the View and select Ruler. On that day, these ruler would be available over here, and we'll create a guide. So we'll click and drag it over here on will click on drag. One more over here. Okay. These are the guides which will help us to create the logo. Okay. And drag it one from here and click and drag one from here. Okay. I don't have to be perfect, but it has to be something like this. Okay, so we are going to make our lower within this bounding box, okay? Or if you want into And if you want, you can adjust it as well. So let me bring Get here on DA. Let's this one over here. Okay. On. Then pick the shape to rectangle shape toe on. Click on. Drove it over here, okay? And that we will be having ah, white scare. Okay. And then take depend to from here. Or you can simply press people on your keyboard and make sure from this drop down menu is selected the shape okay. And let's fill it with white color. It doesn't matter. Okay, on it is very important that you come over here on from this drop down menu. You select, subtract from these shape, OK? 2. 2 create 3d looking logo in photoshop: on. Sorry, we make sure that you don't select to this layer. Otherwise it is going to subject it right now. OK, so we'll see. Like this one on from this drop down menu will selectee subtract from these shapes and now will create ah desired shape so you can create any shape, whichever you want. But I'm going to create ah shaped something like this. Okay, but for this, workers, I need to one more Gheit on that would be something crying around here. OK, and then click create. Click here to create one point and click here to create another point and click here to create one more point and make sure it is on the same connection. So we'll click and drag it over here so that we can draw it perfectly on click here. Okay. And now let's create one point over here. Okay? And then one point over here and one point over here, and one point over here to close it down, okay? And that way we have created one more shift, something like this. But this has not being subjected from this reason being that we have not selected this layer. All right, So that's why we have got another here. Another shape instead. Off subtracting it from this shape or gay. No problem. But we can fix it right now. So we need to press control and click on this layer which is on the top. And as you can see, it had selected this shape. And now we'll select the below layer, which was the rectangle, and will click this layer mosque icon. And that way it is going to create a layer mask and it is going to remove the other things from it. OK, and now we have two ships. One is over here and one is over here. Okay, so let's are just e below one. So click on, let's say drag it something like this. Okay, on at the moment, we are not able to see the shape clearly. Okay, So in order to see the shape we need to change its color so we'll click on this shape or this film layer on will select ingredient. And now we can start to see the shape. Okay, so we'll make it off different color. So on one side, we want for the let's say red. Maybe something like this. Dark red. Ok, Andi, press OK. And click on this point on double click on the red color from here and press. Ok, ok. And no way. We want to quickly hide. All these guides will press control and colon And that way it is going to hide all these guys. And if you want to see them once again, press control on Click Colon once again Control or command and colon. Okay, so let me hide it we no longer needed. So I'm going to save my Ah, this design. So let me save it as logo test, okay? 3. 3 create 3d looking logo in photoshop: and will rename it First Arrow and no top Andi Anil Bottom! Okay, so that we get to know all we can track where are layer is all right. And now we need to make changes to this one as well, so we'll just double click it and it is going to open the color picker toe on. If you don't want to use radiant on this, you can simply choose any other colors. Okay, so let's see, I think this graze looking good so I'll choose this gray color and press OK. And now let's create one more shape this time will get a new blank layer from here on from this shape tool with selectively eclipse tool. All right, this time, Andi, leave the felt toe the default on click on brag it. And by pressing shift, it will create a perfect circle. Otherwise, if you don't use it that make sure you if you don't press the ah shift button, it is going to make it distorts. Okay. Oh, it will create a distorted circle which we don't want help. Kreskin told you toe under that on Ehstuhs the moto on Drag it over here. Okay. And now we'll go to its properties on again. Press you on the cable toe. Have the access to all these properties over here on Select us full on this time selectee Phil. Oh, this Grady int option on from this stop don menu. Let's select this black too transparent. We want this to be off the same color as this one read. Want. So what we need to do We need to call back on this layer where we have this dark red Onda Oh, red Radiant. So let's elect this on will click on this and we'll save it as a preset so that it would be available for us. So I'll press new, and that way it would be available over here and press OK, all right. And now come back on this circle on from this fill it, fill option, click and drag on the water. You'll find these same option or the same radiant presets which we have just saved or in. And I think it's looking good and let's experiment with different styles. So let's use the radio Onda. Let's reverse it by pressing. This option is going to reverse. So that day will be having darker outside on lighter inside over on. Let's scale it even further. Maybe something like this on. As you can see, that looks really also Andi No, let's add a little bit off as is or truly effect on these shapes. So what we can do? First of all the clips read me, rename it as circle thinking on We'll just double click on this blank area on it is going to open the layer style options on from here. Make sure you selected devils and M. Bose. Okay. And at the moment let me say it to report. So the moment will jetty, bevel and emboss It will give you the results. Something like this. OK? And if you want to modify it, you can choose the difference. Try like at the moment the stylist Inner Bevel. You can choose Outer Bevel or ambos our Billu Ambos, our stroke and both. You can choose whichever you want. I think inner bevel is looking good on technique to be smoothed on increase its stepped. Maybe something like this that looks good. I let increase its size. I think size this fine on you can choose the direction up or down depending on your liking , but I will prefer it up. Okay. I want the light to be on the top and angle. Let the angle Toby 90 degree and from this glows contour rob down. Let's try different other options. I think this one is looking good as it creates are shady effect. Let's try a different one. 4. 4 create 3d looking logo in photoshop: but I think I like this one. Okay, so I will go for this one on from here, you can choose its opacity. That how much light on this highlights you want? OK, our how much bright you want it. So, for this purpose, I think this one is good. 69% on from here. You can choose the shadows so you can increase or decrease the shadows, depending on your own liking. Okay. And I think this one is good, and then I'm going to save it as a new style. So I'll press the new style, and I will rename it as a glass globe, okay? And press OK. And thereafter passed. Okay. And now you can see our shape is ready. And now let's apply the same effect on these two others as well. So, first of all, we'll go for the telephone Pope arrow and will just Ah, we we can double click it on. We can go through each and every step once again or what we can do. We can go to the windows and selection styles, okay? And that way these styles would be available over here and the last style which we have saved, which is over here so we can check this on with just one click. It is going toe. Apply the same effect on this shape as well. Okay, It's very easy. And it's got lots of time saving. Okay on, Let's come over here on this arrow button. Okay? Oh, I know. Bottom. Select this bottom arrow shaped this time and select this layer style, which is last Levi Have saved any feel horror over your mouth. You'll show it will show you its default name as classical. Okay, on it will apply the same effect. So this OK and now let's change this background toe white. So I'll press d on my people to make it us as default. Let Onda I'll press control backspace or old or backspace toe. Have the white background and let me select all these three shapes and press control G or command g to group them together and call them as logo. Okay, And now we need to create a shadow under it. So there are different ways to create the shadows. But the easiest way I'm going to show you is by creating a new blank layer and choose our brush tool. From here on, make sure that it is the Jiro hardness. Soft as brush with capacity to, let's say, 100% on. Make sure you selected black color and by doing this, make a stroke over here. Something like this. Holy and then press control T toe. Have the access to transform tool on click and drag it down this corner, OK? Or this bounding box and click and drag it outside something like this, and then place it in the middle. Something like this. Okay, and press enter. And if you feel that it is way to dark, you can always lower down its opacity by coming over here. So I think this one is fine and renamed it as shadow walking. And now select both these logos or or with the shapes as well, and press we on your keyboard and drag it to the center. Okay, on. This is how we can create our local very easily in adobe photo shop. And if you want to save it as it is, if you want to use it as a J peg five, then you can save it as it is or if you want to crop it. You can press c on your keyboard on select the area. Maybe something like this. Okay. Oh, are. Let's stop it down. Maybe something like this. 5. 5 create 3d looking logo in photoshop: on press enter and then you can You can go to the file and said it saved as. And then you can save this as a big file from this drop down menu. And make sure you eject E I c c color profile and press Sit on, make sure the quality is 12 or which is at the 100% toking on press. Okay. And that we will be having a logo which is in J peg. But this is with the white background. But if you want to save it with with the transparent background and you need to remove this background, so turn it off. And then by President Control, old shift as it will open up safe for Web command. And from this drop down menu, make sure it's like the PNG 24 which is the highest quality. Okay, and then press save on. Then you can save it logo test as PNG file and press. See? Okay. And that way will be having a transparent lower. And let me just show you what it is under that I have saved it. Okay, I have saved it over here. All right, so here we can see it is our BNG file. And this is our J pic file. And you can see in J burg file. We have the white background, whereas in PNG file, it's transparent on whether it is transparent or not. Let me this quickly show you by. Okay, let me create a new document off. Let's say this size on. Let me bring in image like this one. Press enter and then let me go back on these on logos, which we have creative. So this one is the Jay Pek file. Sal, Click on, drop it over here and press enter. As you can see, this has the white background. So if you want to use it this way, then you can resize it like smaller one on you. Confess. Enter Give it over here or let me show you the PNG file. So we'll click and drag it over here, and you can resize it. And as you can see, this one does not have any background. All right? So you can easily use it on any image or even on your website very easily. All right. So thank you so much. I hope you like today's so Thank you so much. I hope you like this lecture. And if you have any question, you can always leave that in the question answer center section or the community section or in the comments section. So thank you so much. 6. Thank you & please leave the review: Thank you so much for watching this course. I hope you like the scores and you have learned a new skill from this court. And if you like this course, please don't forget to leave the review for this course, as your review and your feedback are very important to me. That way I would be able to know the flows and mistakes in this course which I have committed so that I can improve upon those mystics or those flows in this course. And I can make better courses for you in the future. And don't forget to check out my other courses as thank you so much. Bye bye.