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Learn to Build Thai Sentences | Learn Thai Language

teacher avatar Byu N., Online Language Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Make Thai Sentences | กรุงเทพมหานคร (grung tâyp má-hăa ná-kon) Bangkok

    • 2. Make Thai Sentences | ใช้ (chái) to use/ to spend

    • 3. Make Thai Sentences | เข้าใจ (kâo jai) to understand

    • 4. Make Thai Sentences | เช้า (cháo) Morning

    • 5. Make Thai Sentences | ดี (dii) Good

    • 6. Make Thai Sentences | ตอน (dton) when ; during ; at

    • 7. Make Thai Sentences | ช่วย (chûay) Help / Assist

    • 8. Make Thai Sentences | คิดถึง (kít tĕung) to miss, think of

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About This Class

Learn to build your Thai sentences longer through essential Thai vocabulary and simple grammar patterns. This series is for those who would like to expand Thai vocabulary by listening to sentences and learn how to build simple sentences. Besides, you can practice accurate pronunciation and intonation as well.

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Byu N.

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Hey there ~ I’m Byu! I’m a language practitioner and an online language teacher from Bangkok, Thailand. I make videos and content about language learning, cultural, and lifestyle related contents. Enjoy learning! :) Virtual hugs for even taking the time out of your day to watch my videos!  

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1. Make Thai Sentences | กรุงเทพมหานคร (grung tâyp má-hăa ná-kon) Bangkok: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Matei resonances, and this is cobia. Today, I'd like to introduce you to how to say Bangkok in Thailand. Good. If you like my teaching video, please don't forget to subscribe and click the bell. So you won't miss the next video. Let's get started. I think many of you guys might know the Web Bangkok for such a long time. And also being that this is literally means Bangkok, the way that people call the capital city in Thailand, Bangkok, but actually tie people call Bangkok grew. Grew. Grew means CT. Tail means I'm Joe. So mango is actually means CD of Anju grew pay, pay the full Washington. The longer version is, hey, my aha knock-on groom. My aha knock-on groomed, hey, yes, I mentioned before the name of the city. Ma ha not corn is Metropolitan. Okay. Groomed. Hey, Mahayana corn, Bangkok metro polis. My aha knock-on. But in chalk, you can just simply call groomed, hey, Grimm K. I will give you some examples. Ten, by, through, Hey, son, by groom pay. Sham is I saw female speaker fisher ten, we'll do something by as to go through pain Bangkok. So instead of saying times IE Bangkok, you should say, sum up by groom. Hey, we know, what do you mean? You, you say senza by Bangkok? We know it, but we commonly use group k. Groom pay sums up my groomed and others and hence balloted. J, u t Gronk. Philoctetes a, U T, grumpy. A lot is market. De, de, is the shortened version of jacuzzi. Set things up. So a lot, it's a, you can use the lot De, De Yu, Us to leave or to exist. T is at E, followed by specific location. U t 0s at groom pay Bangkok. Allots AD you. Groom PE, JJ market is located in Bangkok. If you have watched this video and you want to talk to your Thai friends about call US room pay in state. Again, at the end of the lesson, I will play the groom Pepper song, which is the song that tie babies. Thai students have to learn when he was young. Like learn how to memorize the very long Bangkok name. Whom pair has the longest capital CD name in the world is very long. I hope you enjoy and don't forget to watch until the end. I see you next time. Don't forget to go back and watch this video right here. How come? You may find that some of the overstayed my being reacting the way. They actually have a non-Gaussian essay. 2. Make Thai Sentences | ใช้ (chái) to use/ to spend: Hello, everyone. So we'll come back to my channel. And today let's make ties in Genesis to get it I will work. Caverly, Today is the work shy I I wish means to use to spin So let's get started. Une chae young I me young and me I mean this one So you can play out to the thing and say a me me is general classifier for small objects and me means this This one is a me on me chai to use young I question How so? How can we use this one? Une young i une cy young I next sentence I will tell right I told right by means to use all to spend way La means time so shy Well are spending time or take time Sigh Well are how would I How would I pushing? But how much So how much time do we need to buy you? A lot tower So I will power another example So you will I d show more. I will spend time D How much? How many chill on more hours. So how many hours or more I e your more means how many hours do we need. So you will. Are the show more Chai Wallah song? Sure. So you a lot song? Sure. More shy Wila spend time song is too sure Moon hours So spin time. Two hours means we meet two hours All it takes to our guy. Well, I so sure. More necks Intense bone Benday saddens. I see with you T bone. Bon Bendix son. With you, bon means winds. Ben is be would date is kids a little When I waas little when I was a kid on bending on Ben date Sun is Are you female speaker? So I see with shy is to spend she with his life. So I spend time I spend my life mean I leave So you see with you team you leave teas at are in a specific place u t even means depend So when I waas little I spend my life in Japan on Ben Date Heisey with you t last intense for today. Unconscious, dying and turn comes hadn't saying and you're mad Means friends calm is belongs to off position, Position calm Sun is for female So my friend in Thai language is poor and commission If you're male speaker saying to home Cool and calm poem my friend shy to spin None No money Spend money sighing and sighing And you're a lot like quantity A lot? Yup yup my means Very, very, very much Extremely A lot My one more p and calm saying And Matt Commission sighing And yet man means my friends been a lot of money. Alright guys, this is how we use chai in different contexts and different situation I hope you enjoy If you can use these sentences to talk with your tight friends I will be more than happy if you have any questions coming down below. I'm happy to answer all of your questions All email me at t shove you at you know not Come follow my instagram and also please go back and watch these video. I will see you next time 3. Make Thai Sentences | เข้าใจ (kâo jai) to understand: Hello everyone. So I be ha will come back to my channel and today we're going to make some ties in This is using the work. Cao Dai Cao Dai Couch dying means understand how will die How means getting inside all into di means hot So getting into your heart means cow Today I know in English is like something getting into your hate All your mind means you understand But for type people we get into our hearts So we understand how di how dy plus in 10 couch diarrhea flower Cao Dai couch I understand this flower is question What do shot in from do Dio which means all flour is not so It is not Do you understand or not plow? How did I know the answer can be my house My how di my nicotine No couch I understand So when you don't understand you can say my Cotai my how die le lonely means at all I don't understand at all My house I live my Cao Dai Louis already understood You can answer Tell jll Cao Dai Lo couch I understand they'll past him already deep are complete and action understood Next sentence corn Cao Dai Pete Nail Corn Cao Dai Pete Lau Putin is you How did I understand people is wrong are incorrect You missed Understood who? How high peak Lau is passed in. So you already miss Understood? Couldn couch I Pete? Low necks, intense sun cows Icona san Cal Die corner son means I for female speaker. How did I understand? How is he or she No is ending particle to make the sentence softer. Son College I Kona means I understand him. I understand her like in this intense mean I feel sympathy on her all him last intense for today Home kit wa coun mike out I take home food home I for me Speaker Keep watch Think that I think that home keep watch Cordon is you. Who? My cows I don't understand my how die t Pol t pol both t here doesn't at But this is a relative cause t Is that which What home is I who is saying so what I am saying right now what I say t pull port you I think you don't understand what I say Home watch could make out I t home. Okay, guys, I hope you find this video somewhat helpful. Use this. What? Couch I and talk with your friends. I hope you enjoyed his episode. I will see you in the next one. Coconut ty. 4. Make Thai Sentences | เช้า (cháo) Morning: So I d Candies this crew boo from BYU nine dot com today Practice and form easy ties in icis by using the work Chow chow means morning our early in the morning Please follow along and speak allowed to practice your tones How How? Mommy child by wing, please Peace Xiao means every money I told is every Tao morning took shower every money sun is I fall The new speaker I go wing is talking on two run win t is in our at plus specific location t so one side not so one is the public pack So one means path on a public so public next sentence Shoni nya xiaomi means morning me Is this so this morning shower found me Cordon issue Cordon you gap is to want Yeah Dean is to eat so yeah won t Yeah Question one What at I I still What do you want? Teoh, eat this money Sound me another sentence Pope got be home My kitten on Tao Oh God Be home My Gaitan child boat got beat Anomaly home Are you for male speaker? My negative No, you didn t eat so my gin don't eat normally I don't eat Copy Home My dean A child Ah ha means food A meal Chow is morning so morning meal is breakfast on chow Normally I don't eat breakfast Could be home My Gaitan had child Next sentence Shallow Boone Foul out! How morning Lau is already so already Money found out Food So we double it Food means wake up! Wake up! Quick food Last intense Look Today child Corn child My corn is you wake up! How money mom is Very very So you wake up so early Couldn't child couldn't be tile My Thank you for watching Got like click like got the bomb subscribe letter can car 5. Make Thai Sentences | ดี (dii) Good: So, uh, hello, everyone. Today let's make easy tires. Genesis with crib You my radio President Hyeon Young. I got Rubio gonna when me comes up come bowel coup today What cab really is be be de means good for example So what the somebody is how to say hello in Thai which basically mean So what means day? Andi means good So good day So what the So what be good day? Some body sobriety is how to say I am relaxing Good. I am doing well. Somebody said by means Relax, relax B is good So somebody is I am doing well somebody Now let's make more sentences with the word be um e de Mar son shall on me une de mar job on me on me means this one de means good ma Very, very so this one is very good on me. The mop Saadon is Eiffel Females weaker shop is to like something on me. This one sudden tall on me, a needy Ma Shan shop And me Okay, Another example. How then? Con Dema How Ben Corn Demon How is he all she Ben be all become the good mom? Very, very so He's a very good, very nice person. Cow Been con Dema How in corn Dema Okay. And we also use the to modifying now. Now the now the means good job, for example Your friend asked you showing me Nandi My Joining me now on the my show me means recently non means job The is good My question But for us no question. So, um basically show me Nandi Money means how is your work this day? Recently? How is your work? Is it good? And then you can reply Godina Godina, God you now means is ok is good. God means also be good and not a sending particles to make sent in softer Godina is ok is fine machine. And another example is too rocky de to Rocky the torque. It means Business day is good. So if you come to Thailand for your business trip, please probably be a good friends. Like show me when I to Ricky D my show me Ben, I means how have you bean recently? How are you these day? Joining me tonight being eyes How how you been? Nine Turaqi. The my is your business Good. Turaqi, the mine and then you can reply showing me to rocket be toe Johnny to rocket be these days showing me these day my business it's is good So me to wreck it be Hey guys, that's the end fall Today we sit my website BYU No, not come for one on one scale. Listen See you in the next one helping Hahaha 6. Make Thai Sentences | ตอน (dton) when ; during ; at: So, Anika, when the mob bhangra go past that hanging idea can cup crew Buna Huh? Today let's make easy ties and this is with me And then today whatever really is on on on means when doing at so how can we use Thon in sentences for example on child Go on child in the morning So Don is in shall morning Don child in the morning Bond in in the evening on in hurricane Go on child home do guy affair Don child home boo d'affaires on child in the morning home I for male speaker doom drink Got a coffee So I drink coffee in the morning Lantau home The d'affaires Danyon turns up by our dumb long guy un yin sun top by our camera guy Bunion in the evening Son, I have all female speaker shop is to like something by go Oh come long guy. Exercising workout So I like going to exercise in the evening Bunyan son job by Oh, come long guy and Bon Plus And even that's, um you have bean doing you dated in the past. For example, when I visit Thailand gone by moon pie on by among Thai on When by go Malang Thai Thailand So thought Bible in Thai when I went to Thailand Bond by month high in your ma down by Monk I son on when they went to Thailand gone by England High Son I didn't to eat Didn't you eat a lot, Ma Very, really A lot on by my own ties and in your mind Dawn poem Coming on a home loan on Man Dawn poem coming on full moon on mine When I work on palm when I come non is to work palm I mourn on sleepy worn on sleepy mom Very sleepy on a poem Tam Non home long non man on no Now fan sadden me crimes Matt on do now that fan son me qualms my on door Now when do is to watch to see now movie When I watch movie Don do now with wit did in action with someone got don't do no fan fan is how we call boyfriend or girlfriend Fan on do now that fan son me Kwame Sukma Son, I've a female speaker Me Kwame soup have be me Kwame So happy Mom is very much I'm very happy Some mean, clumsy man. All right, guys, this is how we use Bon all when in sicknesses. See you in the next line. Cochran car. 7. Make Thai Sentences | ช่วย (chûay) Help / Assist: Hello everyone does this crew BUE from BYU 99 dot com and your now here would make ties? Interns Siri's today's will cab really is joy Joy Wish means help. All two assists first. Intense July 9 July 9 July means help. Nine means a little. So can you please help me? A little shy nine July 9 If you want to asks for help Normally type people use two way Love , love Last night, for example. Joy Bria pack c nine Joy means help. Rieff is to call a taxi nine a little Can you place do me a favor? In Thai, we say July home nine. I'm a cop Joy poem nine eye makeup July means help home is I for male speaker nine. A little dime I can you If you want to thank someone for helping you you can say cop corn t show a little home crap cop couldn t joy little cocoon. Thank you. T is far to Alia helping homeless. I've a male speaker in case of emergency. You want to ask for help? Like help me so I do. I So I do. I is when we shall help me please So I do like last first for today Use in the situation that it is helpless so I might die. July made. I is like helpless. It's impossible. Sure. I mean, I thank you so much for washing this quick video. I hope you enjoy. And if you're looking for the tie reading material for beginners, please check out my video cause easy tie reading for beginners. This will help you build much more confidence in your tie reading comprehension. Don't forget to subscribe and click like I never see you in the next video cup in town tonight. 8. Make Thai Sentences | คิดถึง (kít tĕung) to miss, think of: Hi guys. Welcome back to another episode of mutagenesis. Today I will teach you how to say, I miss you in Thai language. Kids. Keep Tim, we will learn to some grandma patterns, so don't forget to take notes and keep your tone correctly. If you are ready. Let's get started. Don't forget to click subscribe. Okay guys, the first pattern we are going to learn today is subject C02 plus object. So this is a basic sentence structure in Thai language, subject, verb and object. So we do use the kitten as a word. So we place cutting in the middle. Like I miss someone, I think up something. First of all, let me give you the real meaning of the word ketone. If we break it down, keep means to think. Two means to reach someone. So shifting is mean to think of someone or something. Kitten kicked him. Now, let's have a look at the first sentence, shown me home, Miami where PyMOL anti poem. Lumpy. So me, call me by my entire home, gypsum Wen Ti Ma. Alright, let's break it down. For me means reasonably. Chuan is a period of time and me is this. So this period, Show Me Home. Is eiffel guys home. My me is don't have mine is daunt. Me is half. So don't have my mean way law means time. So recently I don't have time. Show Me Home. My anyway law is to go Tai is Thailand. So recently I don't have time to go to Thailand. Shown me Miami when buying a home loan tie. My palm is I foci again and GQ Tin to miss TI thailand mob is very, very So. I really miss Thailand home G2, learned, hey man. Let's move on to some palm Mahatma. Yeah. So suit, suit, suit. Sun is IE, fall ladies. Ya is 12x. Guinness to sometime is tie, papaya salad. Some bomb. A spicy type of paella is Aethon food. Some bum, madman is very right. So I really missed some pump San Ci tunes on by Mahatma Gandhi in one to eat. Yeah, suit, suit, extremely suit. So, so it is shorter from T SU T-shirt is like the most, but we double it. Suit, suit too. And magazine extremely want to do something like 12. And then we'll, and then suit, suit, ya, Ginsu suit. Extremely want to E, This one is a question. Kuhn, kittens and Mike Cohen, kittens and mine. Kuhn is Q tip tomb is to think of or to miss some. Is I o in this case it's mean. Is question what fall? Yes, no question that in conversation we change we switch the tones to be heighten. Who? Kidneys and Mike, cooling kittens and Mike. Okay. So do you miss me? Couldn't get things and might. Now the next grandmom pattern we are going to learn is subject plus kitten, Bhante. Then sentence bond means when and t is at. So when, like I miss when. And then your special events that you want to express your feeling that I miss when I went to him with you. For example, poem, kitten, don t buy Hindu, Aidan, home, kit tune on Te Bie Hua Hindu Egon. Poem is I4 male speakers. Kit tomb is things amiss on t when specific time Bhante brow is we or us by is to go for him as a name of the place in Thailand. Who are him? I've done together. Okay. So I think of, Oh, I miss when we went to war him together, home G2, don t rho by who are Hindu? Jacob for cloud, saw, kitten, bounty Paltrow, NMAC, Ryan, book Rao, shall Kitchen, Monte, poke around. Poke Raul who is a group of Tao is we or us like we learned in the previous sentence. So Coke Rao as we've Shaw, is to like keep tune, is to remember, to recall memory in this case. Cobra, we shop to tune on T, on t wind and then specific time, cauliflower, ben not B and we will students is to be, become not 3n is students. So we love to recall our memory when we were students. Folk brown sharp shift in t tau n NO3. And you can also omit the second popped out because this is the same subject. So you can just say playground, shop getting on T n, not Korean. Alright guys, did you enjoy this lesson? Did you learn a lot? Did you take a lot of loads at D? And on the lesson, I will list some sentences in English. And then can you translate them into Thai language and comment in the comment section below? Or you can write in both Romanization all in Titus with. If you like. Happy to shake those sentences for you. Try to use grandma pattern Greenland today and we'll cover really we learned today. And I will end today's lesson with tie you funny memes. Thai people love means we have a lot of memes on Twitter, Instagram, and Indiana social medias. And as he is fun to share some funny means when you hear is what happen. When you can reap, tie alphabets and pronounce it correctly for the first time. This is how your T-shape and you'll classmate feel. Don't forget to subscribe. See you mixing cup and calm. So I thought I thought I know. Mom I from how luck. Yeah.