Learn to Brand, Market, and Sell You to Build Your Career, Business, and Grow Your Income

Stan Hustad, What it Takes with Stan Husted

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8 Lessons (1h 7m)
    • 1. Here Is Your Invitation to Join Us in Being Brand New!

    • 2. Your One Minute Super Bowl Commercial is Vital In The New and Now Today!

    • 3. Now You Must Learn About The Secret Sign and What To Do When You See and Read It.

    • 4. What Having a Cup of Coffee In a Lexus Has To Do With Branding and Marketing You.

    • 5. Storytelling is The Big Thing and Your Image Is Vital To Your Succes

    • 6. All Business is Show Business

    • 7. Don't Ask For a Referral But Deserve Something Else!

    • 8. That's Right, Close With a Benediction!


About This Class

Today everybody has to learn how to market and sell themselves. From the gig freelancer, to the contract worker, to the solo professional, to the professional entertainer, to the business entrepreneur; all must learn the art of how to brand themselves, market their services, and make the sale of who they are and what they do,

Unfortunately most people who may be world-class in their performance and service have no clue as to how to get more work and customers, because they do not even know the fundamentals of Stan Hustad's trademark personal personal performance marketing ideas.

Stan Hustad has long experience in living the entrepreneurial life, and has taught personal marketing and branding skills to thousands of people.

Here you will learn the big seven and many more ideas, understandings, and pracitces that you must master if you want to make it in the highly competitive global marketplace.

This is for busy leaders and business owners, so Stan brings this course to you in entertaining stories and shows in just over an hour of brand new and now "game-changing" business leadership- ideas.