Learn to Bake Toffee Chocolate Dessert Challah - a Braided Bread | Teresa L Greenway | Skillshare

Learn to Bake Toffee Chocolate Dessert Challah - a Braided Bread

Teresa L Greenway, Baker, Teacher, Author, Blogger, Entrepreneur

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12 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Introduction - Hello and Welcome!

    • 2. Assemble the Ingredients and Mix the Dough

    • 3. Time to Bulk Ferment (Let the Dough Raise the First Time)

    • 4. Prepare the Filling

    • 5. Fold Dough and More Ferment Time

    • 6. Roll Out the Strands

    • 7. Fill the Strands

    • 8. Learn to Braid a Round Challah

    • 9. Let's Do an Egg Wash and Let the Challah Final Proof (raise one last time)

    • 10. Let's Bake the Challah!

    • 11. The Finished Toffee Chocolate Dessert Challah - Time to Slice!

    • 12. Thank You and Goodbye!


About This Class


Challah, magnificent Challah! This sweet bread is loved and enjoyed by millions the world over. Join me and learn to bake a lovely dessert Challah filled with toffe and chocolate and encrusted with a coarse sugar topping. You will be the envy of your family and friends as they gaze with amazement at your magnificent creation! 

This Challah is a round braided Challah and is made using a mixer and commercial yeast. It is a one day bake and serve bread. Start in the morning and serve for dinner dessert. 

Follow along with me as I demonstrate step by step how to mix up the dough, shape and braid the strands, assemble the dough, egg wash and bake.

It's easy and fun!