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Learn tips and tricks to Type Faster in 2022

teacher avatar Daniel Roman, Creating Stuff or trying too

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (9m)
    • 1. Keybaord 1

    • 2. Light

    • 3. Posture

    • 4. Keyboard hardware

    • 5. Layout

    • 6. Practice

    • 7. End

    • 8. Bonus

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About This Class


In this class, I will be giving out tips to type faster on the keyboard. I used to be a slow typer so I know the pain of typing slow. But in this lesson, I will be giving out tips and tricks to increase your typing speed so you can achieve full productivity.

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Daniel Roman

Creating Stuff or trying too


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1. Keybaord 1: Are you a slow typer or do you want to improve your typing on the computer? Well, welcome to my Skillshare class. Hi, my name is Daniel and in this character class, I'm way showing you how to type really fast on the computer using your keyboard. You don't need any fancy equipment or any third party software to download or anything like that. Because I'm gonna be showing you steps of how to improve your typing skills onto computer and this Gaucher class. So if you're ready to start, Let's start this class. 2. Light: Lighting. So you probably would not think about lighting being an improvement for typing really fast on your keyboard. But having great lighting in your room is really important to type really fast because you've got to see where the letters are in your keyboard. And it also is great to wake you up, of course, who just have a lot of light around you so that you're typing and you're not falling asleep on the keyboard. So having great lighting is always really important in your setup when you wanted to learn to type really fast. Because if you don't have a lot of light, then you cannot. Like I said, you cannot see the letters on the keyboard and you don't know what you're pressing and you'll just be just be clicking the wrong letter and then having to backspace. A lot of times because you don't have great lighting to see your setup of where you're typing and what you're typing on as well. So always have great lighting in your room. That kid just have to turn on the light bulb in a room and to have great lighting turn on. Of course, if you have a big light under desk or something, then also turn on all the lights because you want to have a well-lit room when you're typing a course on in your setup. 3. Posture: Position is very, very important when learning to type really fast. So having a great support system for your back is really important when you're sitting on the computer. You do not want to be slashed down because that's not comfortable to type and you will not learn to type any quicker. That way you wanted to have a straight up position, but also be able to have your ten fingers relaxed on the keyboard as well. So just having, being able to relax and being able to wear your keyboard, support your hands, drink. It's very, very important so that you have your fingers resting on your keyboard. But like I said, position is key to learning to, learn to type really quick. So having, like I said, a straight back and just having your arms leveled at the desk inner thing is really important when learning to type really quick for the first time. Because if you're slashed down, you're not going learn to type any quicker than the person next to you. You want to have a great advantage of just having a great precision and being comfortable, of course, because they were not comfortable. And it just makes typing really, really awkward on the keyboard and it's not fun to have as well that awkward precision in your keyboard. So like I said, find a good chair and just sit down and straight up and just look directly at eye level at the computer desktop and just have your ten fingers nicely rest up as well. 4. Keyboard hardware: So of course, learning to type really quickly on the keyboard. You need a good keyboard, so you don't need an expensive keyword. You can go buy a 20 dollar key where you could buy a $100 keyboard. It does not matter. All keyboards are pretty much the same. That pain on of course, your style and everything. But for this lesson I'm going to be losing the default Apple keyboard. So it's not a fancy keyboard is just the one that comes what the computer. So that's the keeper I'll be using in this class to teach you how to type really quickly. And like I said, you don't need an expensive keyboard. So the one that you have with you is the best one right now. Long as you're comfortable with it, then that's really the only keyboard you need to have for this. 5. Layout: Delay on the keyboard and being 12 with the keyboard is actually really, really important. So in the beginning, of course, I was a slow typer. I use only one finger to type, but I improved my typing skills by learning the layout of the keyboard. So just remembering where every single letter is in your keyboard. So one way that I did it was closing my eyes and just touching the keypads and remembering which key bytes, which letter. So like q of course is on the top left and then of course, and it's in the bottom center. And so that's how I learned to type. And it was just remembering where every single letter was in the keyboard. And this really simple, of course, one trick that I really enjoy using, There's just closing my eyes and just slowly going over it and just guessing which letter is the one on the keyboard and if it's the correct one, the courts that I'll move on to the next one. And that's how I learned it too tight relate to learn the layout of the keyboard was just by doing smart tricks like that. You might have your own trick of learning the layout of your keyboard because every single keyboard is a little bit different of the style in their thing. So just having your own way to learn your layout of the keyboard is really important to her need to type really fast. 6. Practice: Practice, practice, practice. You need to practice to learn to type fast. If you don't practice to type fast. So if you're not practicing on using your ten fingers to type really fast, and you're only continues into use your one finger to type really fast. You're never going to learn to be really efficient with the keyboard. So one of the ways that you've gotta do is just practice. So go on typing.com, which is a great free place to go on the internet and just start learning to type as well. From there, you could just test yourself how fast you are typing right now, and then just slowly learn as well with great tutorials on that site where you get two, learn how to use all your fingers to type really quick on the keyboard. So that's one of the most important things that I always tell everybody when they want to learn to type really quick on the keyboard and they see me typing really fast and keyboard is practice. Like I had years and years of practice thanks to in-school a course, and also the cause of my job where I learned to be really efficient and type really fast because I needed to learn to type really fast to get my work done. So practice is really important. If you're not practicing, you're never going to learn to type belief fast. And I think that is a lesson that a lot of people forget is that you have to practice if you want, learn to type really fast. 7. End: So in conclusion, you pretty much need to have a great light in place. You need to have a great position. You need to have a course, a keyboard, and you need to have time to practice your skills for type in really quick on the keyboard. So that's pretty much it for this lesson, is that those four are the most important things when they're the type really fast. And also going in practicing is really much more important, of course, that had been great light in their day. If you don't practice, Go to learn to type really quickly. So please, please practice every single day and practice go and type in.com and just test yourself every single time. Because if you practice every single day, you'll see an improvement every week as well. You'll be maybe 45 words per minute. And then next week we'll have maybe 50 words per minute and then 55 words per minute. So you'll slowly be moving up, up in the speed tests for your keyboard. And so, yeah, just be comfortable, learn the layout of your keyboard. The one with the keyboard, which I always say to people, because you the keyboard have to work together a course and you just have to remember the layout and note where everything is and a keyboard, which is, I think, really easy to remember. If you're staring at the keyboard for a very long time, you get to start to learn where everything is. So that's it for this lesson. I hope you guys enjoyed this skill share lesson that I had that I created for you. And I hope you got something out of it. So please remember to light posture and of course have your keyboard and practice, practice, practice if you want to type really quickly. Sorry, not like me when I was a younger version and typing with one finger. 8. Bonus: Hey guys, So this is a bonus little clip right here that I forgot to add in the main course. So first top, don't forget to go to typing.com and create a free accounts where they could get a certificate for your typing speed. So in typing.com, It's a free program they could go and use on the Internet to just start learning to type and easily improve your typing skills as well. So there's beginners, There's intermediate. So depend on your skill level of typing and what you want to improve a course could do all that. And one of my favorite things that I really enjoyed doing admin.com is testing my skills out. So you can have one minute, five minutes, 10 minutes. So tests where you could just start typing and it will time your course of how fast you type and then after that, you get your certificate as well. But don't worry, that certificate is not the only thing that you'll get. Like if you keep doing it every time, you will continue to get mu certificates every single time, new and update it once already to see your improvement from, let's say, 45 words per minute to a 150 words per minute. So, yeah, just create a free account. It's free to use and uploaded to the Skillshare. So that we call check it out and see Everybody's big improvement is doing from beginners to intermediate. So that's it for now. And as always, I think that's pretty much it before. I forget to add anything else to this content.