Learn the secrets to Paint A Realistic Eye in Gouache | Tea to Butter Method with Step by Step Guide

Shifa "Shifs Artea", Artist, Oil & Gouache

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11 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Basic Materials

    • 3. Color Palette

    • 4. Creating Tints,Skin tones,Highlights

    • 5. Comparing Colors with Reference photograph

    • 6. Basic Sketch

    • 7. Step 1 [First layer using Dark tones]

    • 8. Step 2 [Eye color, layering skintones and depth]

    • 9. Step 3 [Creating Depth & Details]

    • 10. Lashes & Final Touches

    • 11. Thank you!

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About This Class

*Sorry about the audio and video quality as it's my first class here didn't know much about video editing but I promise you will learn great painting tips to achieve realistic results in your painting." :)

In this class, I will teach you in detail the technique to paint Realistic eyes in Gouache or any medium you like and how to create skin tones then compare them with the reference photo. Gouache colors don't need more water while painting like watercolors, they dry opaque, colors are vibrant and they give you smooth and chalky surface after they get dry. You can always work later on gouache paintings. 

Please keep in mind that the technique I follow is my way of painting eyes in gouache and feel free to experiment more and come up with great looking beautiful eye paintings. 

I will also compare the skin tones created for eye painting with the actual colors present in the human eye and the skin around it and how you can easily identify the colors you need for different skins.