Learn the basics of starting to use HTML and how to create a website | Laurence Svekis | Skillshare

Learn the basics of starting to use HTML and how to create a website

Laurence Svekis, Web technology Instructor

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12 Lessons (1h 43m)
    • 1. 1 HTML Lesson introduction

    • 2. 2 HTML Lesson resources

    • 3. 3 HTML Lesson HTML structure

    • 4. 4 HTML Lesson attributes and styling

    • 5. 6 HTML Lesson headings paragraphs

    • 6. 7 HTML Lesson HTML Hyperlinks

    • 7. 8 HTML Lesson Images

    • 8. 9 HTML Lesson lists

    • 9. 11 HTML Lesson divs spans

    • 10. 13 HTML Lesson HTML5 elements

    • 11. 14 HTML Lesson CSS navbar

    • 12. 15 HTML Lesson Styling Create webpage


About This Class

introduction to HTML Course

Learn the basics of starting to use HTML and how to create a

HTML is everywhere and more and its more important than ever.
Its not only for web developers, having knowledge of HTML and
how it works is beneficial in most careers.

HyperText Markup Language, commonly abbreviated as HTML, is the
standard markup language used to create web pages. Along with
CSS, and JavaScript, HTML is a cornerstone technology used to
create web pages as well as to create user interfaces for mobile
and web applications.

Taught by an instructor with over 15 years of real world web
development experience. This course has everything you need to
learn how write HTML code from scratch.

Fast paced get to the point training, to learn about creating
websites and using HTML code.

By the end of the course you will have the skills and know how
to apply HTML to make a real website.

I am here to help you learn how to create your own websites and
ready to answer any questions you may have.

Learning how to apply HTML to design web content will help to
separate you from the crowd.

Want to know more, what are you waiting for take the first step.
Join now to start learning how you too can write your own HTML
code today.





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Laurence Svekis

Web technology Instructor

Providing Smart digital solutions online since 2001. I am considered a true web technology expert. Having professional experience in a wide range of digital areas. Everything from Search Marketing, Video Marketing, Content creation, User Experience, application architecture, and web programming.

Understanding how users flow through the web and learning what drives users to interact online has been the cornerstone of what I do. The more seamless the process the better the user experienc...

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