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Learn the Ultimate System for Interview Success

Susmitha Goel, Passionate Entrepreneur and Career Coach

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10 Videos (1h 46m)
    • Why You Should Take This Course


    • Step 1 - Research the Company

    • Step 2 - Resume Review

    • Step 3 Anticipate Questions and Prepare Answers

    • Step 4 - Interview Rehearsal

    • Step 5 - Mastering Non Verbal Communications

    • Step 6 - II Interview the Interviewer

    • Step 7 - I Mandatory Interview Questions

    • Step 8 - The Thank You Note and Follow ups


About This Class

Preparing for an interview takes a lot more than Googling a list of common interview questions. You have to make a great first impression, you will have to have a great knowledge of your target company and its product, and, of course, know exactly how to convey that you're the perfect fit for the job.

There is no one “best” way to prepare for an interview. Rather, there are specific and important strategies to enhance one’s chances for interview success. Every interview is a learning experience. Learning that takes place during the preparation and actual interview process is useful for future interviews
The interview is one of the most important elements in the job search process. When an employer invites you to an interview, he/she is indicating an interest in bringing you on board. The interview gives both of you the opportunity to exchange enough information to determine if you are a good "fit" for each other.
The biggest mistake in interviewing is not being fully prepared. It behooves job-seekers to use every conceivable means possible to prepare for the interview and to allow ample time to fully prepare.
Understand that interviewing is a skill; as with all skills, preparation and practice enhance the quality of that skill. Preparation can make the difference between getting an offer and getting rejected. You should use the limited amount of time you have to learn about an employer's needs and discuss the ways you can meet these needs.





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Susmitha Goel

Passionate Entrepreneur and Career Coach

Hello, I'm Susmitha. My vision is simple - to equip each and everyone succeed in their area of expertise. In order to do this, it is simply not necessary to walk down the same old path of regular training. Change is inevitable and thus, it can be brought about in any form, idea or motive.

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