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24 Lessons (3h 27m)
    • 1. Welcome from Trish ... Whats to learn?

    • 2. Safe Reading and Ethics

    • 3. Scary Cards

    • 4. Court Cards: Wands

    • 5. Court Cards: Cups

    • 6. Court Cards: Swords

    • 7. Court Cards: Pentacles

    • 8. WANDS Ace - 5

    • 9. WANDS 6 - 10

    • 10. CUPS Ace - 5

    • 11. CUPS 6 - 10

    • 12. SWORDS - Ace - 5

    • 13. SWORDS 6 - 10

    • 14. PENTACLES - Ace - 5

    • 15. PENTACLES 6 - 10

    • 16. 0 - 1 MAJOR ARCANA

    • 17. 2 - 6 MAJOR ARCANA

    • 18. 7 - 11 MAJOR ARCANA

    • 19. 12 - 16 MAJOR ARCANA

    • 20. 17 - 21 MAJOR ARCANA

    • 21. Tuning Energies and Environments

    • 22. Spreads and cross referencing cards

    • 23. How to get your service online

    • 24. Expand your healing


About This Class

Do you want to master tarot readings confidently?

Become an intuitive healer and learn to read the tarots from the heart.

This skill-share shows you the following aspects:

  • Safety guidelines
  • Getting started and scary cards
  • Minor Arcana Meanings (including court cards)
  • Major Arcana Meanings
  • Spreads and card cross references
  • Deck cleansing
  • Tuning energies and environments
  • How to do an online reading
  • Expanding your service and healing sessions


1. Welcome from Trish ... Whats to learn?: Hi, I'm Trish Drama, and welcome to letting the Term and Poona Palmer specially you've nurses training. So my main purpose is to show you how to interpret the terrorist for yourself. I was given my first tarot deck of the age of 21. It was known as the art no view Dick. I was always fascinated by the tower, but it wasn't until I become a hypnotist at the age of 36 that I truly understood the true power and healing of it. And now I don't claim to be psychic, but I do acknowledge to being in tune with energies switched on. As many will tell you, I told my partner, Jon, it was something that I was interested in. And he said that his brother Luke red terrors as well. So I went on a journey to discover the terrors. And wow, what an amazing journey. It has bean meeting people from all over the world, connecting with energies and enhancing the psyche. So combining the terror would healing hypnosis sessions. It was amazing how much I could actually amplify people's feelings, not only from the present life, but from their past life as well so I asked. Look what compelled him to do a reading, He said It was an amazing task so he could grab a deck of cards and it could tell someone a metaphoric story to enhance their well days. Life is full of stories. We tell ourselves stories all the time, and it's good to get someone else to tell us a story about ourselves. It opens up doors and windows that we had forgotten about. And upon hearing this, I thought, You know what? I'm gonna go deeper. So the origin of the terror is a mystery. We do know for sure that the cards were used in Italy in the 15th century as a popular card game, Rosie patrons commissioned beautiful decks, some of which have actually survived. So the Bisconti stability, created in 14 50 or shortly thereafter, is one of the earliest and most complete decks that we are a rare off. Later, in the 18th and 19th century, the cards were discovered by a number of influential scholars off the yuko. Nothing's gentlemen were fascinated by the terror, and they recognized that the image is on. The cards were more powerful than simply just the game would suggest. So they revealed or created the true history off the Tarrant by connecting cards with Egyptian mysteries, dramatic philosophies, the Kabbalah alchemy and other mystical systems, interpretations, metaphors and big goodie. It's absolutely amazing, uplifting spirituality. So they, especially its continued into the early part of the 20th century, when the terror was incorporated into the practices of several secret societies, including the order off the Golden Dawn. Although the roots of the terror are in the occult tradition, interesting, the cards have expanded over the last few decades to include many different perspex, so the new decks have been created that reflect these interests. Now some of the new decks have an American horrible interest to them, some of them a native. Some of them are dragons, others of Japanese or even the divine healing angels, fairies, unicorns. It's all the interpretation of the story. The terror is the most commonly viewed as a tool of divination and sometimes incorporates crystals, mentors and other accessories to guard energies and healing. A traditional terror reader involves a seeker and arida. Now the secret is someone who's looking for answers to personal questions and arena. If someone who knows how to interpret the cards. So after the seekers shuffled and cut the deck, the reader lays out the chosen cards in a pattern corner spread. Each position in the sprint has a meaning to it, and each card has a meaning as well. The reader combines the two meetings to shed some light on the secrets question, a simple process that is presented in a spiritual and a connected way. Now some religion shun the cards, and the scientific establishment condemns them as symbols off unreason. I hold over for UN in Launching Path, but let's set aside older shadowing in regions for now and consider the terrorist simply for what it is. A deck of picture cards. The question then becomes, What can we do with them? The answer lies in the unconscious, that deep level of memory and a winners that resides within all of us. But outside, out every day experiences that. So even though we ignore the actions off the unconscious most of the time, it for family affects everything that we do. Sigmund Freud stress that the irrational, primitive aspects off the unconscious will actually unravel. Hey, thought that it was the home of the most unacceptable desires and urges. His contemporary counterpart, Cal Jong, emphasized that the positive creative aspects of the unconscious can actually collaborate and comes to a swell. He tried to show that there is a collective of components that touches the universal qualities. We may never know the full range of the power of the unconscious, but there are ways to explore the landscape. The terror is another tool used to explore this wonderful and beautiful landscape. Our unconscious mind is always messaging us with images. We always see realities through lens made off of our own internal interpretation. And as humans, we will have that sit in common needs and experiences the images of the terror cards, captures the universal miners and draws them out consistently. People tend to react to the cards in similar ways because they represent the reflection off the sinkers. Life now, old ideas process may seem random. We still choose cars that are meant to be for us. This complete to the debate that we are already unconsciously knowing what we're going to draw based on particular memory. But that's not for the teachings of discourse, so I'm going to leave that one alone. But please, if you would like decimal research in your entire common sense, tells us that the cards aren't special. But who we are and how we determine them in a belief pattern shows that the cards can help goddess and help heal the seeker in some way, shape or form. Like Dan Brown states. If you're doing terrorists with financial gain, it's the wrong reason if you're doing it to offer a sense of healing, that Mr Right, reason to be doing it and to keep on doing it. So this course, in particular, is designed with the following in mind we were going threesome Safety guidelines. These are the ethics of terror who do readings for who to avoid and how to protect yourself from those particular ratings. We will also go into getting started, and the scary cards of the terra cotta the minor are karna meanings as well. Of all the court cards, the major are kind of meetings. Oh, take. You sort of had to do spreads and cross reference the cards. How did union energies and environments all Osho? Sure, you have to do online readings. I made people all over the world doing online readings from all different backgrounds and cultures. It's amazing, and it's a wonderful, wonderful journey in life. And then I'll also teach you how to expand your service with some healing and modalities. So please join me on this tour off the terrors, learn it created and be wrong with the universe. So up next, let's talk about some safety guidelines. I'll see you in the next video. Bye bye. 2. Safe Reading and Ethics: welcome back to letting the terror. So let's first go through some safety guidelines. Yes, I understand this is the boring stuff, but there are some great tips in here to help protect you from various people and from the energies that are in this universe that may deplete your service for future opportunities. So when we look a dick of terrors, we have 78 cards, 22 major iconic and 56 monaural Kona. Now, in this course, I will teach you to do readings without reverse cards. The reason for this is when we bringing rivers cards are only one in 10 cards are positive . So when it comes to doing a reading, that's a lot of negative cards that Aaron a 78 card deck, so you will get approximately 7 to 8 cards that might be part positive, and people are usually negative instigators, so we don't want to leave them in a negative state. We actually want to help them enhance towards the future. There were already enough negative cons in the deck. If your client has a negative kind at the end of the reading, awesome to draw another card to shirt. What the counter reaction is to heal the situation. Now if that card comes out and it is also negative this is showing what block it is that they have in place hope guided. Heal them towards that block. Now, there are some ethics when it comes to being a very good tear arena. So please follow some of these guidelines and create some of your NAS Well, never doing reading whilst you were tired, the Seeker will pick up on this negative energy and it will deplete future opportunities. It will also stop messages coming through in your energy planes. So ensure that you are well rested and that you really want to give this person are reading never do a reading washed you were ill. This is a time in your body, your mind and your spirit requires healing. So focus on that. Never do a reading lost your shop. If you have had news that has shifted, your flankers, the reigning will become self centered. Re only put out what it is that we're focusing on and what our attention is tuned into. So if you have just received some shocking news, then reschedule the rating for a more appropriate time. This way it will shift the focus towards your client rather than knew going into yourself and then trying to work out the situation. Never do a reading if you are not open, especially if you're going through a hard time. So if you're going through a hard time with a divorce or any kind of legalities, then it's time to focus on their hue, that situation, and then come back to it at another time. Never use the God word, either. Call it the creator of the universe, the source or the spirit. Believe God out of it. When you bring in the religious views, this can create some controversy in that person's structure. Reality. The Seeker may not resonate with the word God, however. They do resonate better with the words universe. So it's time to leave God aside on this one. Never do a reading if you are affected by drugs or alcohol. Now this applies to both you and the Seeker. It brings in ambiguous messages misinterpretations, so make sure that everybody is clean, sober and ready to absolve the healing energies off the reading. Protect yourself and your energy. Low energy leads to illness, you must recharge and he'll before doing more readings. Ensure that you realize what it is that you're limited is with your readings. If you can only manage to do one or two a day, then that's a wonderful thing. You've helped heal those people without depleting your energy levels. You cannot give 100% if you don't have 100% inside you never to avoid. When it comes to ratings, people don't have been drinking. Avoid them because they get to a stage where they get ambiguous, some of them get argumentative and then messages get misinterpreted and exactly the same with people who are hung over. If you get a client or a secret that's coming in and you know that they hung over, didn't please just say to them, Let's defer this to another day when you can actually focus your energies on your healing. Also, avoid people that heavily medicated or on drugs. I have had people in my room that have smoked marijuana the night before, and this actually depletes their mind, said. They can't absorb the information as well, So if your client's company and they are heavily medicated or they're on drugs. Just simply tell them it's time for you to go and he'll come back another time. Avoid people who was sick. This also helps you to stop being Sica's well, if they have the flu or something like that, it can't be contagious. This could make you ill. Said that you cannot help those in the future avoid people that are not present as well. People don't know asking things like What's going on with my sister's boyfriend? Is my husband doing block? Those people are not present in the moment. They're putting their energies into that other person's mind. Soul and bodies only do ratings for people who are president and always working with self who say people that respect ratings don't take on closed people. There are people who, like you, can't do a reading for me. That's OK. Leave it, allow them to continue on with their lives on the same. With my hypnosis practice, people will say to me I cannot be hypnotized, that's fine. I don't need to hypnotize those people. I need to help those people that respect readings and that a part of my tribe as well and don't give away too many free reading. Zada. I give away the occasional one. I did a few when I very first started, but don't give away too many free readings. Protect yourself. People value things more when they're investing in your product or your service. Now blocked readings. Sometimes you'll find that you're doing a reading, and it seems sporadic, like it's not making sense. And it's all over this over the place. Sorry, Perhaps you're tired and you need some self care. Do some grounding sessions on yourself. One of my particular favorites is to go out in nature, take off my shoes or my socks and just feel the grass under my feet again. Just Zen all of those energies and really feel yourself grounding in with Mother Nature. Once again. Also clear the deck. Simply pick up the deck and start again. Not one, but three times with your knuckles. Hold over an incense stick or ask the angels and gods to clear the deck from the former readings. If you do a spread and it's really not networking, it's not making any kind of flow or sense. Simply clear the deck. Pick it all up again in front of your client. Tune in your energies. There is more on tuning energies later on. In this course, tune in your energies again, spend some time tuning the energies and then go again. Oh, sir, the Seeker or you are attached to an outcome. Rather than going with the reading. Perhaps the Seeker wants to know. Will I find true love? And when will I find it? And if the reading is not going in that way, is because that's what the Seeker wants. And it doesn't matter what you say. The interpretation is always going to be moved towards that. Now, if you get a seeker that is doing this, just simply ask them to come back another time and they would. You will do another reading for them, pack it all up, choosing your energies ground yourselves and then rescheduled to another time. You're not seeking a particular outcome when it comes to a meeting, you're seeking guidance. How often should I have a reading? Well, I only during reading on a secret once month and vice the time. It's once every few months, so I make sure that my secret is actually tuned in, and that they getting the guns? I need the Sprint said. I do. I usually do Coated cross. And these Congar Oh up 234 even 12 months time. Never do a reading on a secret that is desperate or emotional. There will only seek out the answer that they want. So if you get someone in who screwed up with their boyfriend or their partner and then all of a sudden they like, will I get back with them, will I get back with them? This is not a good time to do a reading, and it's not a good time for them to be receptive of messages. Now if they are extremely emotional, when they first come in and there are blubbering this postponement toe another time because they're seeking clarity for an answer, and this is not the right time to do it. Reading you may need to do some belief shifting work to help your secret create clarity rather than urgency. I do have an essential hypnosis here on this course as well, so please go and study that as well. If you're interested this way, you could help create clarity rather than urgency Calm your client down, ground them with their energies again and assist with the healing. So up next, we'll talk about the scary cards in the deck and we'll start working on some of the miners . Are Khanna. I'll see you in the next video Goodbye. 3. Scary Cards: so welcome to the third part of learning the Terry in this section. I'm going to go through the scary cards and some of the minor Elkana. We will be going into that more later on. Now the scary cards is just like life. Life is full of ups and downs and just like life, the terror also has its negatives. However, through all darkness, there must come light. So the scary cards are the devil. The devil is always about self jeopardizing. Have we derail ourselves in the most ambiguous of times? So if the devil comes up, it's time to start looking that self jeopardize ation that's going on within the three of sorts. It's all about heartache, the pain. And it's usually one of those cards that showing it's time to move on the death card. Now most of the time, is not actually death. It's usually death of an old ritual and something that we need to let go off the moon. It's all about sadness and fees. The tower the tower resonates was shock and uncertainty as the whole place burns to the ground. The 10 of swords is rock bottom. You're done. There's nowhere else to go from here. You are at the lowest off floors, and the five of cups is grief. Now, if you get the five cups with the death card, that's usually when there is an actual death going to occur. But depending on other cards around the spread as to whether it's a masculine of feminine energy and how you want to resonate that to your seeker now, all of these cards bring up old beliefs that no longer serve you. They are weak in their foundations in yourself. Now, if you have a fragile client, you can start with an Oracle card or an affirmation dick that is more on the positive side to help lift them up, then wait 24 hours and then do the tarot reading. You can also combine two of them so you could do a smaller terrorist spread with a larger affirmation oracle reading instant now at the rear end of the reading. If a scary card comes out with the future card, you can always draw another card. Asked the CART client to pull another card and place it on top of the scary card. This is the light inside the darkness. Now, if your client draws another scary card, you draw one for them because they still have some lessons to go through that they need to acknowledge. They really need to dig deep inside themselves to find out what's going on. And how is it that they can improve this? So getting started now, before you run out and you buy all of those beautiful decks of cards resonate with you, you really need to, Fergus. But just a few moments, if you already have a deck of tyrants to play with during this course it will help. I will be taking you through the writer White Dick, which is the most traditional off the terror cards. Now I personally used the gilded terry deck, as you can see from the artwork in this line. I love the artwork. It resonates with May, and I find it extremely powerful. But originally I did begin with the ride a white deck, and I was given my art no verdict as a gift. So find a deck that resonate with you. You can pick up a writer white dick online for very, very good value and just have a play around with it until you get up and running. Now, when it comes to the readings, I have a few different decks and I use and depending on what style of reading I'm doing as to what actual decade is that I use. So each one has its own style and flair and resonates with the client in individual ways. Now when you're starting out is completely fine toe. Ask the speaker what type of reading they would like. I asked if they would like one based on Korea. Family love. Now if they choose love, I always ask if they're single or not. My art nerve, you dick is all about love. It's a beautiful deck. So when my client trees is the love, I always bring out the odd interview Dick. Now we will be breaking down the deck into smaller sections and will do mock readings as such and slowly big up build up to the bigger readings. This is just going to help you along this journey so we can break it down and you can get through it easily and effortlessly. We will start with the minor are Khanna court cards, then moved to the minor are Khanna cards and then moving into the major Arconic cons. Her terror is a matter of practice. Practice on yourself, then offer to do some readings with family, friends and other students. In this course, trust your intuition and your energies. Go to the description in this course and tap on the link to join the Facebook page. It's called Pelin and Palm, especially hypnosis training. Just simply join the page state that you're doing the terror course, and then, if you want some practices simply right in the page, I'm doing some tire readings. I would like some practice in exchange for feedback. Can I place have some volunteers? You'll be amazed how many people will jump on and help you out now when it comes to practicing. When I first started, I found that writing down all of my readings on then actually engaging with the energies really helped me to memorize the cards on. Then trust my intuition, so feel free to do some smaller readings on yourself and to start journal your journey off the terror. Now, when it comes to cleansing your dick, there are a few different ways you can do it. You can take your deck, and you could knock on it three times before you start. This is known as punching the dick. When we think of punching the deck, it's like we're punching out that old energy, and we're telling it to leave, to exit, to move away. Or perhaps you'd like to cleanse your dick with incense. Simply wave an incense stick across the deck so the smoke can remove all the previous energies and entice new growth. My personal favorite is to place the deck in crystal quartz. Crystal quartz is believed to be the balancing of energies in the stern, so I simply place crystal quartz into the box. And then I put my terror deck into the crystal courts. One of my best friend, she uses the moon to recharge her dick. So she places the cards out in the full moon so that they become energized, recharged and cleansed again. They can do one of these are all of these If you find that for some reason, your reading doesn't seem to have any flow to it, then you need to cleanse your deck. Make sure you cleanse it properly and balance yourself with your energies. You also need to be grounded before doing a reading breathing. Once the Seeker arrives, I offer them some water. Then I asked him to sit and do some 7 11 breathing with me. It's a very simple practice on June must practice it as well. You simply breathe in for the count of seven seconds and then you breathe out for the count of 11 seconds and then repeat. This will calm the seeker and entice them to relax. You will find the Jewell breeding patent will mirror is and this will Sure that your intuition is enhanced and your energies are balanced. I will going more into this in the tuning of Energies and Environment section in this course later on. Minor Are Khanna meetings Now? If you need to grab a pen and paper for this than plays during there are 56 minor are kinda cots. Minor are Connors are events or situations that take place in life. These can change and are not setting stern. There are four suits and the elements in the minor are Khanna, so the ones in the staves they are fire and physical action they usually associated with the star sign, Airy's Layer and Secretary ISS Way have the swords. So what is linked in with air ideas and thoughts? They are also linked in with Gemini Libera and Aquarius Cups and or the chalice. It's associated with water and emotions. It's astrological signs are usually cancer crises. Been scope here, and then we have tentacles, discs, coins they are associated with and finance with the star signs of tourists, vigor and Capricorn. Now the minor are khanna on them numbered from ice to 10. Then we have the court cards, which are the page the night the Queen and the King. We will begin with the court carts, so we will go through the page the night the queen and the king of each one of the suits. Each of the minor and court cards are influenced by the element. No, the element and what it means. So, for example, if you have a spread that's mostly cups chalices, this is showing that the emotions are the message bearers in this rating. So four steps to interpretation when it comes to interpreting the cards, therefore very, very simple steps. The first thing you do is you flip over the card to reveal its image. Interpretative. What's going on in the image? Are there elements in the background? Is it a positive or a negative card? Are there other energies within the car? Look in the backgrounds of the card. What other symbol are coming through? What symbology is in there to represent your languages? The second step is, wasn't what is it that I need to know? Where am I going with this? Perhaps there's a virgin. The card that shine, that there's a Janie or travel. Maybe there's a love heart that is broken. The control heartache. What is it that I need to know? The questions, the answers. The third step is all about business and career. Look at it from a life purpose direction. Oh, perhaps, and finance and abundance. And then the fourth step is love and relationships. How do all the cards connect together? How is it that I created story and his wonderful flow called life? When you're doing of reading, you can just begin by doing a three card spirit. Three. Khan spirits. A very quick and simple winds. Starting out. The first step is to clear the cards, simply knock on them. Use the incense, the quartz. Just clear the deck, then ask the question. Whilst you're shuffling, ensure that the question is specific and clear in your mind. Washed real shuffling. You can even ask the question over and over again. Whilst you continue to shuffle, spread the cards out and ask the question out loud. Now choose three cards that resonate with you. The first card is the past car, so that's what's happened in the last 18 months. It's in the past. The second or middle card is the present. This is what's happening presently and what's going to happen in the next four weeks. The third card is the future. This will happen in the next few months. Now the best tips when it comes to the Terek course is understand that learning the terror is a lifelong journey. No, and feel the cards ensure that your energies are aligned and you're trusting your intuition . Also, used paraphrase. What does it mean in your mind? Ask the client to engage with the reading as much as you are giving the reading, ensure that they are playing full out and they are really going with this wonderful experience that you're offering. So court cars, the core cards or traits of a person and situations to determine if it is a person or a situation. Just simply draw another card. If it is another court card, it is a person. So if the card is a page, this is usually a child that could be up to the teen years. If the card is not, it is usually a person that between the ages of teens and 30 if the card is a queen, it is usually a woman over 30 or feminine energy. If the card is a king, it's usually a man over 30 or a masculine energy. Now, when I say feminine energy and masculine energy, this doesn't come down to genitalia. This can also sure that perhaps you've joked drawn a queen card and that they are male. But I have a very feminine energy about them, so therefore, it would be a male card. But the energy off that person is very feminine, even though the card is a queen. So let's begin up next. I'll be talking all about the court cards, so if you have your dick off terrors, take out all of your court cards now so that we can go through them in the next video. Talk to your scene. Bye bye. 4. Court Cards: Wands: welcome back and let's learn about the court cards in this one. We're going to go into the wound or stave. Cards once represent anything that involves movement challenges, high energy and career travel. If you have more warned cards in the spread, it means physical action is required. So the page of ones, the page of one's is a messenger bring new opportunities for passion. Hey, delivers riel chances to experience creativity, courage, charm and inspiration. The page suggests that an opening may appear that excites you, feeds your talent and days you to be great. The page of ones can also stand for a child or young at heart. Adult that is. Independent high energy with risky behavior. New adventures are on the horizon. Feel free to express your individuality and power with a light heart. Be creative. Find a new area of self expression. Use your art to come up with a solution so that you can go in a new direction, be enthusiastic and jumped in wholeheartedly. Take on the attitude off. Yes, I can, and whether the will There, the way these attitudes will lead you to a better outcome. The page of what ones also shows is that this is also a time to take a risk, become a later and to overcome the fears. As you can see from the card, they're staying genes in the background. It's talking about going on an adventure, taking all those words that you haven't traveled and going with that new growth the night of ones the night of one's is full of energy and life. They have never failed to try something new. Others will shake their heads at these crazy stunts, but they still admire their courage and passion. Usually, it isn't mail that is sexy, irresistible and a bit of a charmer. The night is also a little bit too sure of himself. In his abilities, he tends to be shallow and thoughtless. Don't expect a deep commitment from him. He's also reckless and irresponsible. He acts without thinking and constantly gets into trouble. If you find that this is a personality card, you need to ask yourself, Is this night's energy helping? You're hurting? Is it confidence? Oh, cockiness. Are you being led by someone that will break your heart? It may be a time of change. The night of one's is superficial and focused on appearance. They can be thoughtless and insensitive. Those that crave love will attract the four hardy night. However they had never content on will always seek novelty and change over security. The night is always too keen and ready for a fight rather than reason. The night is not a king and may not be ethical Now. If you get the night of one's in a situation, it's usually the time for a change. It's time to change the situational career as a partner. They love the chase, but unfortunately they're not usually ready to commit. They are still exploring. Allow them to inspire. But there's not enough to commit, and if they do, it's usually broken. So in a situation you will find yourself being adventurous but restless, daring, a little bit foolhardy. And that's completely OK. But as long as you're setting yourself up for success as a person, they're usually charming but superficial, self confident but cocky. The queen of ones, the queen of one's is, is a dynamic feminine energy and has a fantastic manifesto. They are a person that is impulsive and fiery. They prefer to act rather than dream. They need to be outdoors as they have big energy. Now, if you get the queen of ones and it is a situation, then you need to embrace the lessons of the Queen and Behmai. More like her teachings. Action is better than dreaming. Do things leap in? Have our, unless bounds of energy become the Achieva with the fire in your belly? Now, if you draw the queen of ones and it is a person, they do tend to attract drama, and as a partner they require a warrior that will keep up with them. It will never be boring if you're in a relationship with the queen of ones. The queen of Ones is more of a leader than a worker. However, this role can also lead to feeling emasculated when hurt. The queen of ones is attractive with a powerful sex appeal, loads of enthusiasm, wholehearted, energetic, cheerful, dedicated and self assured. In any situation, she is open and sincere with an active and vigorous life. When the queen is healthy, she shines, begin to think and feel as she does in a situation. Do you believe in yourself? Are you full of energy? Can you shake off the blues. Let yourself be inspired by this queen in whatever form she appears in your life. The king of ones, The king of one's is the warrior and has the high ground, loves a challenge and is brutally honest. The bite hurts more when there is no poison. The king of one's move towards goals and it's time for you to be more like the king of ones to believe in your own value. The king will lack compassion and weren't suffer fools. So it's time to pick up energy levels. And Gert physically, it's time to do something if you draw the king of warns and it is a person the king can like compassion. And like I said before, they won't suffer the full. They don't understand the Inability Toe act. If this king has lost his energy, it's time to get them doing something physical. Make sure that you enhance their spark again. The king never settles for old, well tied approaches, never a wallflower more often the center of attention. He has the courage of his convictions and always believes in himself. Let yourself be inspired by the king in whatever form he abusing in your life. If the King is in a love relationship, you're going to have to keep up because he won't take no for an answer. And he wants to see you achieve your goal, even though sometimes he comes across as a little bit tactless. So up Knicks. I'm going to go into the court cards for the cups. I'll see you in the next video, but I 5. Court Cards: Cups: Welcome back. Now let's talk about the minor are kind of cool cards for cups. Cups are the water element with a strong connection with love and feminine. The cops are all about emotions. More cups means that there are a lot of issues to deal with the heart. Your emotions will be full front, so the page of cups, the page of cups is cupid bringing opportunities of love. The cup contains a fish, which is a sign of good news to come in the form of reconciliation. The current situation is improving. Feel peace in your heart. It is a good thing. There is a stirring of emotions that will pull the heart strings will create joy. If this is a personality, it is a person that interacts with you that is young at heart, that have emotional needs, and they will express them on many levels. It's usually a child that is sensitive and intuitive. They could be moody with love, intimacy or even spirituality. If it is a situation, it usually means that the news will open up your heart. The reconciliation and the positive news is a wonderful thing, and everything is improving. You can feel it. Peace in your Heart. The Knight of Cups The Knight of Cups is a sensitive soul lover of things romantic and refined. If this is a personality, it is someone that dreams and is in touch with their emotions and artistic side. He can't stand the unpleasantness, and we'll often let others just deal with it. They usually someone that's in touch with their emotions in a general reading, but not sure hours that there is a sensitive situation or aspect within you. You need to ask yourself, Is this night helping my energy or hurting it? Other day? Dreams realistic? Should I be moving forward with my dreams? But there is no Grosh. Is the situation ruled by immersion? Oh, common sense. Do you always make a practical choice? Knight of Cups in a general reading is showing to take some time to look within and reflect on your life. The emotions require balancing. It's a good thing to dream, but moving forward requires some column of common sense. If you're going to find a project in a situation fine projects that tickle the heart and ignite the song in a love reading, the romance will be short lived, but it will be refreshing. The night is naive and whimsical, following emotions both good and bad. Go with the flow and enjoy yourself, but also acknowledge when the fun is over. The Queen of Coasts the Queen of Cups is in touch with her emotions. As a person, I have feminine, sensitive and compassionate. She's in touch with her feelings, and white Mike decisions quickly drop into your heart for a solution with this person. Compassion is her watch world. In a general reading, it is showing a creative person, so be weary. She is calm, soothing and good at heart. But she is also unforgiving. If portrayed in a business career reading, it's time to go with your gut. Trust your heart. Your heart would allow you and yourself to continue working. Will you allow yourself to continue working for death for life? Let yourself be inspired by the queen to let go and to feel love if you find there is a queen of cops that is your manager off or your boss. There is a darker moody aside to her, but she is good at heart, but she's also unforgiving in a love relationship rating. This is all about nurturing and testing. Ask yourself and my feeling loved. Allow your heart to guide you towards your intuitive decision. This love is nurturing, but we'll be challenging with the dockside as it is unforgiving. The king of cops, the king of cops like stability in connection to the emotional sign. This water element is all about stability. Connection. They're a teacher that sincerely K's as a person there, so full understanding and a genuine friend, a person that listens attentively and prefers a peaceful response. He won't tolerate other people's point of view, but he won't compete with them. It's time to embrace the creative discipline, to trust your gut and to get out of your head in the general reading. As you're embracing that creative discipline, trusting your gut, getting outside those thoughts that are inside your mind, it's time to take on some personal freedom to grow and develop. Find the value in community over profit or material gain, Also, being more like the king of cops, shy away from the drama and in times of crisis remained grounded, diplomatic, accepting of help and being the finder of peace in love. There good partners and we'll listen and hear what you have to say and support you. Anger does not wash well with the king of cops. He requires calm and action over hurt and judgment. A gentle touch. A quiet word is the way. So up next we will do the court cards for the swords. I'll see you in the next video go by. 6. Court Cards: Swords: welcome to the court cards with swords. Swords are the air element. They require discipline and learning. More sword cards means that there is bare understanding and planning is required. The page of swords, the page of swords is all about ideas, thoughts and bringing new challenges. The card suggests that the challenge is cloaked in the form of a problem or a dilemma. You may wish to assess the challenge and say thanks, but no things. As a personality, it is a child like nature that is full of ideas with a swift mind. Go to do these, go to do that. But the truth of the matter is that they need to be grounded. If you're spending time with this personality, remember, it's a challenge or thanks, but no thanks. Response. Your idea in or you're out in a general rating. It's showing that you need grounding. Too much is on your plate, and you're getting restricted from what you truly want. If you allow the turbulent wind to take you away, it wills fresh you around, Anke yourself down and reflect. Do I really need this in my life? This is the same when it comes to employment or being in business. They may be having good ideas, but they need more planning. Write everything down and ensure that it is a very clear structure. It's time to move away from very tales in relationship. It is showing that it's in trouble. What do you need to learn about yourself from this situation? Be honest and find reason. Move away from the fairy. Tales balance the lower of attraction and place in a practical application. The night of swords The Night of Swords is the master of logic and reason with a cane intellect. The grasp, the final point of any subject, speaking clearly and directly and always with authority. When it comes to a personality of the night of sorts, their swift thinking with high energy, they could be in Airy's. They're ready to go and to conquer the world, however they ruble easily and do tend to Russian negative is as much as they speak with authority. Then negative can come across his tack lists and root. When they think you're wrong, you'll know about it as a person. They have a lot of ideas, but they're rushing in and they may be distracted from The ultimate goal on because they bore easily is probably a lot of projects that I left undone in a general reading. This is a great travel card. If other supported cards are around it, moderate yourself to ensure that you don't burn out. It is time for you to take action on your plans of travel. However, you need to ensure that you are a realistic with the time it will take. Learn patience. This is the same in Korea and business readings when it comes to matters of the heart. If you draw the night of swords, this is someone that will challenge you but may not be ready to commit yet because they get bored easily. Learn the lessons that they are holding for yourself. Hold on to your standards and decide the energy of your future. Ask yourself, Is this partner too cold or aloof? Do they overvalue the opinion off others? Are you emotional about this? Can I feel that I can express myself? Your heart will always give you the answers. When the night of swords is present, The Queen of swords You can always count on this queen to tell you exactly how it is as a personality. They admire honesty, intellect and their logic and with reason. They have a powerful intellect, and I are a great planner. Lies and tricks don't sit with her, and she's not easy to fool in a general reading, it is showing you're hurting yourself from the past. Ask yourself, What are the good things I need to learn from this situation? Am I fooling myself in a career? If you are bored, it is time to move on. You need to be challenged on an intellectual level to receive balance. If you find the queen of swords is part of your business or your working place, they're usually a boss or a leader, and they favour planning over risk. Taking in love, you need an intellectual balance. Love doesn't come easy for the for the Queen of Swords. She has a preference off convenience over love. They are a good person inside but hurt them and she becomes rigid. Letting go of the past is the only way for this future. It's time to forgive and to glory. The king of swords, the king of Swords is the master of intellect who can absorb and work with information on many left levels. They analyze problems with these and come work out solutions as well. It's in a time of chaos. They cut through confusion, and they provide clarity to move on. They are a powerful intellect with this personality. As a personality. This air element is a careful planner and his analytical. When judgment is called for, he can render an impartial but just decision. If you want the answers, just ask in a general reading. You need to give careful planning to your ideas. Analyze your weak points except, um and improved. Um, the master failed more times than the student even tried. Learn from your witnesses and grow into your strength with a career reading. This is not a time for taking risk. Planning is needed, and there is a lack of understanding about the circumstances around you. Good, logical and analytical Before proceeding. There may be an intolerance off those not similar in the situation for the Rezidor Ranji that are not like you or not part of your tribe, they may be causing friction. Ask yourself, Am I communicating well? What is the truth here in love and relationships? A cautious approach is required, honesty will prevail and there are high standards to be met with the king of sorts. Live up to the expectations. Otherwise, confusion occurs and ethics begin to drop. This will cause hurt. Ensure that you can keep up with the standards. So up next, I'll go into the court cards for the pentacle. I'll see you in the next video, but by 7. Court Cards: Pentacles: Welcome to the court cards today. We're going to talk about the pain. Tickles the pain. Tickles are an earth element. More pentacle. Zina Spread is all about finance and practical matters to do with finance. It's all about reaping what you have. Sorry, The page of Penta goals is a messenger, bringing you opportunities for prosperity. He delivers a real chance to experience wealth, abundance and security as a personality. It's a child like energy that is a good saver and is switched on about money. They were born entrepreneur. I want to invest money, and it's time for you to learn from this. In a general reading, it suggests that there is an opening of enrichment, comfort and dressed. When this opportunity presents itself, it's time to act. Feel free to have fun with your skills and positions. It's a good time to learn about Finance and Korea for Korean business. If there's a new job, then take it. Learn some new things to enhance your bank account, even if you have to take a lesser position to gain new skills for advancement in the field . That's still a great creation off this money being invested in love their new stages for financial situations. This means that the financial boudin is becoming less. It's time for you to enjoy yourself, learn new ways to save and to enhance your future. The Night of Penta Goals The Night of pentacle XYZ like a dog with a bone once he bought to You, won't let go. This is both negative and positive. Every goal, job and pursuit are done completely down to the last detail. They're careful and prudent as a personality. It's someone that's looking to build a goal in the future, then moving towards their financial goals. This night hasn't matured yet, so if this night's energy is around, you make sure that you check in that all is good and going to plan. They are very hardworking, though they may seem a little bit dull. What comes first, It is a priority for them in a general and business career reading. It's time to get the job done. It's time to move forward in your finances, career and business. Buckle down Focus. Plan. End girl. Yes, it can be a bit boring, but it is time to get this job done in a love reading. This person is more focused on their career. You need to ask yourself, Are you working too hard? Do you refuse to listen to reason when it comes to this person? Yes, they may be willing to commit, but understand that they are more focused on Korea, and that is completely okay, for they are building a nest egg for the future. If this night is in your energy and they have lost their energy, it's time for a good dose of prudence. Buckle down, Come on, let's go and do this again. The Queen of Penta Goose This personality is wonderful. She has a positive earth energy and his inward focused as a personality. The first thing they do is greet you. Come on in, sit down. Her greatest pleasure is the care for others. She has many friends, family and perhaps quite a few pets, so plans in day to day matters she is sensible and practical. More doing less fuss in a general reading is time to be more like the queen of tentacles and calm your fears. Bring yourself back down to Earth and take on a matter of fact response. Ask yourself. Are you being sensible? Have you been true to your word? The Queen of Penta Goals has a natural gift for money and business in business and career. You need to be more practical about the situation and finance. Make a budget created meeting. Oh, plan to proceed. Make sure that this is done in a positive light so that you can reach your goals for love. It is practical and valuable, a supporter in the home front of such when it comes to practical and being valued, it's all about supporting careers, nurture those needs and feel grounded, keep everybody nurtured, keep everybody in check and ensure that everything is being supported on the home front. The King of Tentacles, the King of Penta goes, is a positive Earth energy with an outward focus. As a personality, they are a teacher. You may not be known as minus as everything he touches turns to gold. He finds opportunity everywhere and succeeds well at it. Others rely on him for advice and help. He gives his time generously as well as his resource is in a general reading, it's all about applying yourself in practical ways, be more like the king and offer support. Keep commitments fix things that are broken. Be inspired by the king's ability to succeed and type this in your stride for business and career. It's a positive time to move forward. If you have a boss, it's time to listen to the advice. If you are in your business already, look for other leaders in the industry. Start listening to the advice. Improve and grow. This can help you become an even more excellent provider in love. It's all about building a nest egg. Creating networks security and resource is to pull from in the future so that you are comfortable. This is a settle down situation. Now it's time to go and practice the court cards. Take all of the court cards, gives him a great shuffle and do a simple three cards spread. Just imagine that there is a person in front of you and you will take them to Regis. Journey of Past, Present and Future Journal. Damn Decision said he'd compare it with the manual. Make sure that you really trust your intuition. Followed the four steps. Look at the image, take your intuition, express yourself and really feel the flow of the cards. Now this is just a practice reading for this is not to be taken personal at this stage. Just practice with the court cards deal outfits Ricard's You can even ask a question if you wish. The pause there present and the future go and play and have some fun. So up next we have the ace to five of ones. I'll see you in the next video. Bye bye. 8. WANDS Ace - 5: welcome to learning the terror with Trish Palmer. Today, we're going to learn the 8th 25 off ones. The Ace of wands represents the possibility of creativity, excitement, adventure, courage and personal power. This is a wonderful card in a general reading. It showed the seed of enthusiasm has been planted, although you may not have recognized it yet. When a seed sprouts, it can take on any form. Look for the states of possibility. Some risk may be involved but seized the initiative. This is your individual power and fulfillment. Forget tired and worn out solutions. It's your chance to be an original and trust your creative potential in a business or career rating. It's all about moving forward in the physical sense. Old ways are no longer serving you, and you do require some inspiration. If you're looking at a new job or perhaps a different career or business modality, then now is the time to really start looking into that was love. It's the renewal or beginning off a physical manifestation. The physical side is required. A touch Ah, hug, even or perhaps an active service would kind and gross love in mind. How is it that you can help out your partner to feel does box again. The two of one's glory flies individual courage and greatness. It's about power that has been brought down to Earth and made personal. It's a time for Jew ality and moving forward as attained in a general reading. When this card is present, carefully look at your goals and ensure that your power is being used wisely. Come back to Earth, way up the alternatives that you may need some help because you are ready in a career and business rating. It's all about teamwork, weighing up the alternatives that you have, but you may need some help. It's completely fine toe. Ask prism education for some assistance or even some guidance on a matter. This is a physical change and a time to make better decisions on the path of your future. In love, it's time to decide on your relationships. Will you take it to the next level? It's time to weigh up your decisions and your choices. You're not going to make the wrong decision if you balance out these powerful energies. Is it time for you to go to the next level? Think about it. This free of one's this free of one's is a magnificent future card. As you can see from the card, it is a person that standing on top of a mountain and seeing out into the future father than ever before. This is the card of vision and four side in the general reading. The three of one's tell you to take a long view. Don't react in the heat of the moment. Step back and reconsider your long term gains. The tree you have planted is bearing fruit, and it is time to start admiring your efforts. See how those current situations that are in your present filling with the greater picture and dream beyond your current limitations. You really can achieve anything that you want to achieve in a business career rating. It is showing a leader that not only sees far but is willing to go the distance, explore the options and ensure that you have all of the information. Old relationships are breaking down now, and they're not working anymore. It's time to grow away from them so that you can achieve the bigger picture in love. It's all about bringing in outside resources to rekindle that plaque flame. The relationship is moving forward, but it still needs some work. Go on a romantic holiday. Get yourself out of the 9 to 5 rats that race is such and to move forward, rekindle yourself and those that are around you before off ones. Each of us has an excited little child inside that is just waiting to come out. The four warns represents events and experiences that generate excitement in the general rating it is showing an event is coming up. Open yourself up to feeling that joy and enjoying yourself. It's time to break free to cut loose, take some time off wig. Just celebrate to give anus, create some wonderful and enjoyable memories regardless of who may or may not even be there . Just go and enjoy yourself in a career business reading. It's a positive movement. Be patient and harvest of rewards. Part of the celebration is also enjoying the journey of setting it all up. Be humble and share your rewards in relationships. It's as though you're moving forward but into a more welcoming tribe. Trust the process and learned to trust. It's a positive time. Be patient and harvest your rewards the five of ones you wake up, you stub your tire going to the bathroom, you're in the shower and you find out there's no soup. It's going to be one of those days. The five of one's in a general reading represents hassles and petty annoyances that are infuriating. The external environment seems to be fighting against you. There's no coordination effort and nothing flow smoothly. It's time for a change in a business career reading. There is competition going on that is giving you a bit of a bumpy ride. You're going to need some extra patience and perseverance to accomplish anything. Make sure you're working towards cooperation and helping others break everything down into smaller steps. So all those involved can purely understand exactly what is going on and how to achieve it . There's too much confusion right now, his dog eat dog out there, so make your system simple and easy to follow. In love, it is a battle, a power struggle. You're being pulled in too many different directions. Shift your energy to gain the flow again. Ask yourself. Am I being too masculine in this moment of time? Perhaps you're taking too much control or leading too much. Oh, perhaps you're doing too feminine, you know? I don't know. Maybe whatever you want to do, these kind of energies that are too much obstacles that are pulling you apart You need to start balancing out these energies. Stop with it. Power struggle, let it go and start to find all the good things that will allow you to flow and feel love again. So up next we have the 6 to 10 of ones. I'll see you in the next video. Bye bye. 9. WANDS 6 - 10: so welcome back to learning the terror. Today, we're going to do the six to the 10 of ones. The six of one's what a wonderful car this is. The carnage itself shows a person writing in on a white horse, triumphant and proud. The six of one's represents triumph and victory in the general reading, you can see the dream of champion winners in the circle. It's all about victory and moving forward. You have been working hard towards your goals, and success is finally within reach. Congratulate yourself. Make it happen. If you feel like you are not achieving victory right now, stop and reflect your doing. The absolute best that you possibly can do Victory comes in many different shapes and forms . This car does not represent beating someone. It represents beating your own limitations and belief. This is not about feeling superior to others. In a business career reading you are achieving your goals. Be proud but not egotistical. Reflect to keep you grounded and share your knowledge toe lift. Others up was love. It's all about feeling at peace in the heart, proud of the ones around you and those you have connected with the seven of ones. All seven cards are about not giving up. The seven of one's is all about taking a stand, knowing that you are preparing for battle legalities. There are two sides to every coin, and with this coin there is aggression and defiance. Have the courage of your convictions and raise your standards. Some battles are worth fighting, and others are all about standards. Are you fighting for principal old material gain? One leads to happiness. The other leads to hot egg. In a career business reading, Don't give up. Don't get wrapped up in the high drama of Challenge. It's all about standing your ground, but also behave when being challenged. A winner can still be a loser. Trusting your support, Stay away from that drama. Also avoid others that are influencing your decisions in relationships. Ensure that your standards are being met. Don't be pressured or influenced. Just if Indian ensure that you remain grounded about your standards and tactful. Remember what was stated before A winner could still be a loser. The eight of one's now this one can really be a tough pill to swallow. So the eight of ones It's a magnificent card but it's also an eye opener. It's all about cause and event. We always have a choice but were never free from the consequence of that choice. In a general reading, it's all about making better choices to remove obstacles, move forward and move on. Depending on surrounding cards, it can also represent travel. Take up that old project again. The confusion is gone. In business, career and relationships. It is the same cause and event. Will you be a cause where you take responsibility, or will you be in effect, where you blame someone else and how you're choosing to feel? Ask yourself, What can I learn from this to improve on? It may not be your fault, but it is your responsibility how you take it into the future. Accelerate your movement. This is a good time to go over or around those obstacles. Pursue your goals with love and passion. Move forward and move on. It's time to make a better choice and receive a much nicer consequence. The nine of ones Well, you've beans re some tough times, as you can see in the car. There is a person there wrapped in bandages and leaning against one of the ones as if it's a crunch in a general rating. It's showing someone that is being bandaged and lamed but still standing. You're exhausted, but keep going. Go and gain some spiritual healing. The physical words may heal, but the psyche is wounded. Trust hurt. Innocence is gone. Life's lessons are hard sometimes, especially when hopes are dashed. Give yourself permission to keep going and to find your true self again. Don't give up In a business career reading, now is the time to just relax. It's not the time to make rash decisions. Stop focusing on the battle and start working on moving away from the past. In Africa, those without scars are petered in the tribe, as they have never truly had to survive. Turn your scars into stories of triumph and battles won in a relationship. It will be successful, but you need to heal on. Let go off the old one. Can you judge your future or current partner for the person they are rather than the x Day or not? This is your best friend. You would never speak to a stranger like this, so never speak to your best friend like this the 10 of ones. Nothing exists but burdens and responsibilities. The heavy burdens, as you can see from the interpretation of the picture the person is carrying all of their resource is their responsibilities, so much so that they cannot even see the way into the future. In a general business or career reading, you're carrying too much. Taking on too much. It's time to get smarter about yourself and your power. Doing it on your own is not getting your way. You want to go ask yourself now, do I like people that steal things? Stealing things includes emotions and responsibilities. Are you an emotional thief? It's these burdens that have led you to where you are now. We think we can hang on during all the things that we need to be doing, right or wrong. You will be left with the clean up, and this includes your urn breakdown. You don't have to handle everything yourself. It's time to delegate to others. Stop being a martyr. They're smarter and easier ways to do things. It's time for some fun and delegate to others. There are easier ways in relationships. You are single person in a relationship you're too busy to even have a real of relationship . Ask yourself what was the last time that you truly stopped in connected? Will you forgot about old time responsibility, and you were just in the moment. You already know deep down the answer and the ending to this story if you don't begin to let go of some of those burdens, so now is the time to go. In practice, the warned cards take the one cards and have a practice. And if you're feeling confident, place in the court cards as well. Remember, this is just about practicing. Do a simple three cards spread with an imaginary person general down decision and compare it with the manual. Challenge yourself, learn the messages and work out the flow off the reading. Go until a story so up next we have the ice to five of cups. I'll see you in the next Vidiri A. By 10. CUPS Ace - 5: welcome back. And now let's learn the ice to five of cups. Cups are over about emotions. The Ace of Cups This is a very positive card. It's all about emotional breakthrough in a general rating. It's a new beginning that is coming in. Open up your heart. Spirituality and intuition explore creative and spiritual pursuits. Do you have someone to forgive, or do you want to ask for forgiveness? Can you set aside anger and find peace? Because now is the time in a business career reading, it's time to open up to new connections and purpose. Cups are about the heart. Seek out and explore consciousness and new direction in love. It's the most positive card that you can receive. Fill your heart with joy. Connect your emotions again. Forgive them for hurting you and forgive yourself for allowing it to hurt you. You are worthy of love. It is a gift, a gift for you to receive the two of cups. Oh, you have to do is look at the image to read this card in a general reading and a love reading. It shows to people ready to share their cups. In other words, share their emotions. The energy between these two people is pure, and this one I is sacred with their trust and their togetherness. There are benefits for all parties. Two's company. This is all about union togetherness. In a business career reading, it can represent the union of contracts, ideas and work environments, bringing people together as a team united for a great ago. The three of cups teamwork, celebration, social engagement in a general reading. It's all about the emotions of different points of views, but they're all coming together. Friendship and community. This card stands for all forms of support, nurturing and experiences you can see from the cod. There are two people holding up three cups. It's old about to give them this. It's also the birth of a child. If the empress's nearby, two becomes three. If there is a seven new buy, it suggests that there is interference. Three's a crowd. Perhaps there's a mother in law or an ex partner that is influencing the current situation . Be aware of that in a business career rating. This is a very positive thing for the workplace, unless there's a seven year by, which tells us there's a rat in the group. Be wary and cautious in a relationship. There may be a child. It's on the way, especially if the empress is near. If a child is not on the cards for your life right now, ensure that you take precautions. This isn't very fertile. Card. The four of cups Hello, is anybody listening? The full of cups represents emotional hydraulics going around and around in circles board and stagnant, so focused on the three cups in front of them, People can become focused on the things that in front of them, and they could become self absorbed. They can even look out the outside gifts, ignorance of the good things in life, unloading towards what you don't have. It's time to count your blessings in a business career. Reading your board, the Russia, Israel and you're stuck commercially. It's time to restore the balance. Life may feel step stale and flat, yet you can take style bread and make delicious toast with it. Ask yourself what is the good things that I have achieved? These projects and people are draining you? Soon you'll be on your way again, but you do need to open yourself up to your surroundings in love and relationship. Well, there's no easy way to say this. Stop complaining. You're unhappy, your restless. Just stop. Focus on the good things and be grateful. Open yourself to new experiences and to joy. There is another copy in the picture, but it is being ignored. Perhaps you need to shift your focus and open yourself up. Sounding like a broken record is not going to help the situation, your tired of listening to it and so others. So now is the time to change the song. 25 cups. A dark figure is draped in black and coveting grief. In all readings. You are the at the edge of the cliff, and nothing feels positive. This loss may be big or small. Maybe it's tangible or intangible emotional, But either way, loss is a loss. Do not be discouraged by this card. Acknowledge the good things can come out of the darkest of times. Notice in the picture that there are still two cups of the standing. Give yourself the permission to be down and out. The movie struggled to hold on to what is gone. The more we suffer. Take your time here. It's okay to feel emotional at this time. Up next we have the 6 to 10 of cups I'll see in the next video. Bye bye. 11. CUPS 6 - 10: way. Welcome back to learning the termer in today's video. We're going to talk about the 6 to 10 of cups. The six of cups is all about memories and being pensive of the past. In a general reading, you're coming to pace with the past and the people in it emotional stability and reminiscing off the lessons that you have learned. Remember the good times, the little things that made all the difference? Perhaps someone filled in for you at work or even lynch you day car. Small gestures barely noticed. But so important notice in the image that there are two figures that appeared to be Children. Embrace your inner child and bring them into the future. In a good sense, they are to be treasured and to be loved in business career, it's time to reflect on the simpler beginnings, laugh and enjoy the simpler times with the lessons learned. Even the harshest of lessons can be laughed at in love. It is a good time to meet someone, but it won't last. Perhaps an old flame is flickering, but you've outgrown them for current relationships. It's time to remember why, where and when it all began reignite that whimsical time. The seven of cups guys around the area that you want. Yes, it's nice, and it's wonderful to have it clean and perfect. But isn't it fun to just let everything go in a general rating? You can interpret this from the picture that there are too many options H copies filled with different things and choices. There is too much scattered energy going on here. There's too much confusion, and nobody really knows what they want to do. Questions. There's just too many multiple choices and no clear answers during this general reading. Only make decisions that come from the heart right now and avoid decisions that are coming from pressure in a business career. Reading Now is not the times that any new projects there's too much confusion and what to do with your current projections. Pressure is only going to cause you stress and self destruction. It is easy to wish for something, but it's not so easy to make the wish come true. Tighten up your life and commit yourself to doing what it takes to reach your goals in love . Now is not the time to commit. You're all over the place and you're confused. Wait to the waters of the ocean. Calm again before entering to swim. Quiet is good. Remember, this is a seven card, and it's all about your standards. The eight of cups. I was once told by a doctor that when somebody is ready to break away from a group, they begin to give out subtle signs in a general reading. These are unconscious fees that are coming up. It's time to grow away from the rat race. One day we wake up and we realize that we have been asleep all of our lives. It's time to be on your own and to heal, re examine your priorities and take time out for solitude. You're about to walk away from something that's no longer working for you. This is a courageous thing to do in career in business. This ending is not going to be an easy one. It may be a new direction. Location well, given an entirely different field in a change is happening, and it's time to release the old patents, strike out a new past and withdraw from the old answers that they're just not finding any solutions for you anymore. in relationships. The love and the solitude is a must withdraw from the process. Learn what you need to know. This does not mean that you're breaking up or the relationship is done. It just means that you are tired with the same old same old new direction will come once you have recharged and re energized the nine of coasts. This card always reminds me of the person that got the cake and got to eat it. A swell in the general reading. This card encourages you about physical and emotional senses. It's time to indulge the site. The sound taste, the feel and smell pleasure, your body pleasure, your emotions and enjoy it in every way. Keep the faith and release the past. You have earned your rewards, and it's time to fulfill yourself with emotional wishes and dreams. You have end of rewards, and you couldn't be happier. The card itself shows a man showing off his cups. He seems to say, Say all my cups. Aren't they great? It is a wonderful thing to sit back and to reveal your efforts to be proud of yourself. But a word of caution. Don't stay there too long. as too much sugar will make you fat. In career and business readings, you are earning all of your rewards and again enjoy them. But hate the warning that too much indulgence may come at the cost of another. Lots of value is being received from relationships and love. Enjoy the good fortune. Fortune may come in different forms rather than money. Perhaps it's in the revelation of a soul mate. Security and comfort. Gold is well, relax the 10 of coasts, Happy family and celebrations. The 10 of cups in a general business career rating shows is that there is a strong sense of belonging. If you are lacking this sense of belonging it right now, it's time to find your community, your tribe and to be part of it except the situation and indulge with yourself. They need you as much as you need them in a relationship love reading. This is an emotional time, for better and for worse. The harmony is being restored as well as the end toe hostility. If you are at war with yourself, now is the time to announce that the war is over. Healing and worth is required to rebuild the lands to their former glory. So now go in practice, the cup cards shuffled them up, asked questions. Feel free to add the other cards into the deck is well, pretend that you're with someone and you're giving them a three card spring, past, present and future journal decision. And compared with your manual, go and have some fun. So up next we have the ice to five of swords. I'll see you in the next figure, but by 12. SWORDS - Ace - 5: way. Welcome back to living the terror. Today we're going to do the ace to five of swords. Okay, The ace of swords is a symbol of possibility in the area of intelligence, reason, justice, truth, clarity and fortitude in a general reading, it represents coming out of a fog and recognizing past seeds that were unclear. When the seed sprouts, it can take any shape, but only in the form off truth. A spade is a spade. It's just that simple. The ace of Swords represents that there is a bumpy word coming, but it's OK in every challenge. There is opportunity. Examine it from this perspective off cleaning it up in a business career rating. It's all about being ethical and honest. The car tells us to tap into our inner resource is toe overcome. Obstacles overcome each step with inspiration, but pause before you take on each action. In love relationships, it's time for a blooming part with growth. Take all negatives head on with optimism and honesty in place, you never have to remember the truth. The two of swords on the two of swords we see a young woman who has put a barrier of swords across her heart In a general rating. This is showing us a struggle that is keeping the feelings under control and fending off worries that a perch, nothing comes in. Nothing goes out. There is something darker going on in the subconscious. You need to ask yourself what I'm I pretending to not know that I need to know. What are you refusing to look at? You know, different answer. But you are at the crosswords. Will you choose that diverted? That you've always traveled the road of misery and pretend well, Will you choose that diverted? That challenges you the high road on the word that's leading you to challenging? Are you going to rise to the challenge? One word will lead to challenging pain. The other one is in the pain. Just pain of challenge. Which one will you choose? The high road all the lowered in a business career Reading this decision is too big for you And fear is setting in again. What are you pretending to not know? That you need to know the truth? Lies would be in tackling the problem, not avoiding it in relationships and love readings. It is a common barrier to close off the heart. To break off these, you need to make sure that all opponents that have hurt the heart come from beyond the swords and listen to each other. They must step away from them. The listen off the true swords is that barrier has never had any answers. We must open ourselves up to find the piece on the wholeness again. But you can only do it together. The three of swords, the three of soldiers, very self explanatory. You can tell from the picture that this is a very hurtful card. The three of swords covers all aspects general business, career relationships and love. There is internal strife and hot egg loss and grief. This difficult time will pass process. It'll in a healthy way. This is an unpleasant but necessary lesson. Allow time to heal and grieve. Remember what you're feeling is completely okay. Let it hurt. It may not be what you want, but it is exactly what you need. The four of swords, the sword cards are all about standing for trials, some kind of test. But the four suggests feelings of peace and stillness. So why is this card so different. This kind of so different because it represents the challenge to be quiet, pause and reflect. There is almost so much to do, and so many times we make this into a habit In a general reading, This is a sign to slow down. You are exhorted and need to retreat before illness sets in worrying and stressing is creating blockages. Go to nature ground cleanse day talks still and silent. That is the only remedy here in a career business reading it is showing that you need to gather your strength. The image of learned suggest deeps linked to protect yourself. This is especially true when facing big events or a big deal. Imagine that you are on a hike. You come to the base of a mountain. Ah, hike. It doesn't sprint up the mountain. They stop gauged the situation plan resting places to recharge before moving on. Slow down, my friend. You will get to the top if you rest and you recharge in love relationships. When we are silent, we can more easily go within the night in the picture appears to be praying or meditating deeply. Actually, he appears to be dead for those who are addicted to others rather than your closest partner in your relationship. It may feel like it's dead, but that certainly is not the case here. Students holds its earn rewards, but they must also be recognized and sought out the five of swords in a general rating. It is showing conflict around you and with the environment that you are in Eager Czar running too high and you're not getting anywhere with your current attitude. If you can't change the situation, change your attitude towards it. Ask yourself, Am I truly happy? Not the fight kind of happy, but the true happy where you are content do what is in your heart. Shallow victories are eager, based. Don't Engage, will get involved, be higher and better than that In a career business reading, everyone is in it for themselves. Nobody is winning this one with so many agendas. The battle is going on and on. You've been fighting for so long you for going for gotten what or who you're even fighting for. Stay out of it, re Fergus on the goal. In love relationships, there is manipulation and eager. This card can signify dishonors that are fairly open cheats, lies, tricks, deceits, even crimes. You may be on the receiving end. Well, maybe you're the perpetrator. Drink, Engage. It's time to walk away from it. I just bled it guard. So up next we will do the 6 to 10 of swords. I'll see you in the next video the by. 13. SWORDS 6 - 10: So welcome back today we're going to learn the 6 to 10 of swords. The six of swords is a despondent card. Nothing is really wrong. But nothing is really right either. In a general reading you're getting by, but you're not driving. The image seems bad and is engaging. But is it really? The six of swords represents praying from the past but also moving on feeling the blues. But knowing that change is necessary, you're moving away from the chaos into calmer waters. Leaves the past behind. There were good times and not so good times. Chin up and focus on the future in a business career reading. When you see this card knowing that even though the situation is not ideal, you are moving towards a more positive place. Changes in the year. New change with more hurtful conditions that lie ahead in love and relationships. More support is being offered as well as peace. Shift your focus to the support of the future. The past is done. Leave it there. The seven of swords, the seven of swords seven. A coddler. It's all about standards, as you can see in the image. The seven of swords is tied to the five of sorts. This is due to birds representing the separation off. Others in a general reading were being shown that there are dishonest intentions. If this card is in a Celtic cross position off 34 or seven, it is you that is being dishonest. If you're doing a horseshoe position, then the position number four is a part of represents that you are being dishonest. This is a hidden dishonor. Tread carefully. Jealousy is in the mist in a business career reading. Be aware off backstabbing. It can come from you or another person, depending on the position off the card. You can see from the card that this is a learned wolf they had tiptoeing around, taking without noticing and enjoying getting away with it. They're happy to leave two swords there, and perhaps others work Noticed that the other five have been taken. Once they sneak away in relationships, you were running from something commitment, responsibility, hard work or even love. You may be procrastinating, letting problems slip because you don't want to do with them. Perhaps you have a hidden dishonor, a choice you or another has made that does not make you feel justified. This choice does not do justice to the highest. We all make wrong decisions, and we all make those decisions that we want to hide from. Some of these decisions are minor. Some of them are very serious. Your inner voice will tell you when this is happening. If that's free of cups is prison, it's not an affair or an interference. Okay, chances are it's someone from the outside that's influencing the relationship. Perhaps a mother in law or a based point. The eight of swords. The person on the eight of swords is lost and alone. They can't see because they are blind folded. In a general business career reading, there is a powerful life decision to make. You may feel trapped or blinded by authorities, restricted and bound. You don't know which direction to take. Confused, lost and powerless. We wake up one day in an impossible situation. I did enjoy a troubled relationship. Mansions of debt. How did this happen? This solution is not easy, but it does exist. Patience is required in relationship in love readings. You can't see the solution. Change the perception and the perceived outcome changes as well you can free yourself, but this one will take some time and effort. Find clarity in thought and purpose. Remember, you do have a choice. The nine of swords. Why is it at night? During our time of healing and rest, the quiet darkness brings thoughts of destruction. In a general rating, there are too many worries and concerns. Nothing is moving forward and you feel like you were suffering worries. The most common resorts. We always worry that we have not done enough. Will everything work out? OK, what am I going to do? The thoughts go around and around. The truth is, what are you guilty off? Dig deeply into yourself and find the cause of this guilt and heal it. This is a sign from your inner guide your unconscious that the path you're going down is difficult for you, and you need to protect yourself in a business career. Reading it is showing scattered energies, negative opinions and chaos. When did it'll get out of hand? Examine your situation carefully to be sure that you are making the best choices. Even a small change can make all the difference in love relationships. You're blind things out of proportion and pushing too hard. My grandfather would sit back and laugh when paper would push a door that clearly says pool , The obstacle is the same. It's your perception that needs updating. What is the truth about the situation? Do you need to push or pull that? All relax. Find out a better way to approach the situation. The 10 of swords work bottom. What else could possibly go wrong in a general reading? When you are in this victim mentality, we think of everything that is horrible, hopeless and impossible. When this culture is up noted that the last sword has been stabbed into your back. Will you be the martyr and stay like this? Oh, you think you've got a bad or No, you go have fun. I'll stay here on my own with my 10 swords in my back. Or will you throw up your hands and laugh and move on? Will you learn the lessons that you needed to learn and just cut your losses and move on with your life? In a business career rating, you're certainly feeling like the whole world is picking on you when one disaster it follows another one and then another one. Life can feel hopeless and unfair. A hint of laughter is going to help you break free from this cycle in relationship love ratings if it is time to let the relationship good and let it go. If not, take time out to wrist. It's as if you were in a God is gently kidding you about how you're handling your urn. Personal tile of word. Is it time to stop crying and to move on? So now go in practice the sword cards take a with the sword cards, the court cards and everything that you've learned so far. Give them a really good shuffle and pretend that you have an imaginary person in front of you and that you're going to do a three card spread reading journal decision. I didn't compare it with the manual, the past, the present and the future. Go and have a play and have some fun. I'll see you in the next video. So up next we have the ace to five of tentacles 14. PENTACLES - Ace - 5: Welcome back to learning the tower. Today. We're going to do the ace to five off pin tickles. The ice of Penta coz is a symbol of possibility in the area of prosperity, abundance, trust and security In a general reading, things are looking good and the ice is a very lucky card. Grab onto opportunities, their new projects and good finance. In a business career reading, it's all about success. You could make your dreams come true. Establish a solar foundation of trust and security. Enjoy your earnings. You are ready to reap the rewards. If there's a new job coming up, now is the time to take it. Everything is working in your favor in love, relationship trust and security is on the cards. This may not be a good time for the lovers, but it is a good time for there is establishing a future nest egg. Allow yourself and your future to flourish. Focus on your money projects the two of tentacles. The image tells it all, juggling obstacles, being agile and deluded, knowing when to hold em and when to fold them. There is nothing quite like the feeling of being graceful and effective. All at the same time, in a general reading, it suggests that you were handling all the problems at the moment and to ride the waves of life. Look at all the outcomes before deciding it's time to weigh up throughs. Finances just cruise up and down the waves around and around. The demands on you are fined and you were coping well. If you find your energy is beginning to subside, you need to re assess and modify in a business career reading, it's time to weigh up those finances. You two must be subtle if you wish to achieve those greater girls. This is a high energy card that requires push at the right time in relationships. Love. No, it's not the time to be rigid. Don't force it as it will break. Go with the flow and enjoy yourself. Feel the fun, the laughter and the good times. The three of pinnacles. I noticed the illustration on the card showing people gathering together. They're looking up towards the trees of tentacles, quite proud of their achievements in a general reading. This is the one card that focuses on being in a group. The team is grounded and the task orientated working is coming together. These people have worked towards a common goal. It is showing that we need to help each other achieve good new goals. You don't have to do it all by yourself. It's okay to employ others in the business career Rating recognition of hard work is rewarded with burn ISS and is finally being recognized. If work is not feeling for feeling, you need to start respecting older details said that you can flourish at it. This job will be well done. Wizard without you. Choose to have it with you as a team in love and relationships. Remember, you came together as a team. Learn each other's ways and support each other. Love your current or future partner the way they want to be loved, not the way you want to be loved. When you ask someone if they would like a cup of tea or coffee, you don't wait for the response and then do the opposite. You make the request how they like it. It's exactly the same when it comes to the field of love. Learn to maintain relationships. The four of Penta goals spend time with a two year old, and you'll soon find out the meaning of the four pinnacles mine. No, it's mine. In a general rating, it is telling us that we have a way of being to for go. I'm fickle, especially when it comes to our finances. Relax into stability and enjoy your life. You're here to create happy memories in a business career reading. You may be involved in getting or keeping money or some other commodity. He may be having problems with possessiveness. Oh, even jealousy. Sure, everyone needs money, but some adventures are not about money. Are you committing to a life of money over memories? Those that have money don't have the time. There is that Have the time during have the money. It's time to find the balance in love relationships. One person may be more concerned about money than the other. We live in the greatest ocean in the universe. The only way to keep from drowning is toe ride. The waves have some fun. You can make more money, but once life is spent, it is gone. The five of tentacles the two figures on the five of tentacles are cold, hungry, tied, sick and poor in a general rating. There are financial struggles when we do not have what we want or need. It hurts, especially when it comes to the basics. Things are tight now, but it will pass. Now is a good time to focus on your health for when you have your health, you can go out into the future and you can achieve get freed. Gather your strength here yourself, clean out that old shed. You can correct this hard time by focusing on your house for the future. In a business career reading, there is hardship in worker phase. You may be facing unemployment or unsupported work. Either way, this will pass. You're not a tree. Get out and find a better place to grow. Things might be tried for now, and losses will occur. You need to learn the lessons that you can earn more money in relationships and love. You may be feeling a learning or separated. Now is a good time to focus on the purpose of love and connection. Putting love aside may be required so that you could focus on the financial side of survival. It's completely okay to do this. If you're with a partner work together as a team for if you're single, just focus on getting the finance for now the level come later. So up next we have the 6 to 10 of tentacles I'll see in the next video. Very but by 15. PENTACLES 6 - 10: today we're going to take you through the 6 to 10 of tentacles. Welcome to learning the Terror with Trish Comma, The six of Penn tickles is all about support in the general reading. It is showing us that there is support around you. The person in the image holds the scales of balance and justice. Seek out this person and get some advice. You're not expected to have 100% knowledge, about 100% of things. In a business career rating, the balance is present. Loans are being paid. Investments are balancing out. You may not be a millionaire, but you are becoming stable in relationships. It's all about balance in the situation. They may not be Prince Charming, but they are riel. Love comes in many different shapes and falls. The six of tentacles can also represent steady employment. It may not be a dream job, but it pays the bills. It doesn't define you. It's just what you do. For now, seven of tentacles on the seven of Penn tickles. We see a man who has labored long and hard in his garden, the four religious full, the blossoms out. It seems that his hard work has paid off in a general reading, the seven of pentacle uses a time out card. It represents a time to stop from the Russian. The flurry. Take a deep breath, look around you and pause when we're busy. We don't always have time to reflect on what we've been doing and why. Stop and reflect. Enjoy the flowers that are growing in your God. In a business career reading, we tend to get into routines. Monday's thesis Tuesday starts. This can lead to being in a rat as we were foot. We forget to reflect on our achievements. Stop for a moment in Nascar's ill. Are we still on course? Are you getting the results that you want time out to reflect? Then go again? Work smarter, not harder in relationships and love. Remember the good times at the beginning? Why did you get into this relationship when you made the time for this? And that it's time again. Slow down and take the time out to appreciate the out of love and relationships. The eight of tentacles in a general reading the image says it'll for this one. It shows a person with a six of coins on display, Lost working on one coin and the other one is in waiting. It is clear that you were in the middle of a project and you require solitude to get the job done. This project is going to take some time and diligence remain focused in business. Career reading The Hammer is representing Teoh. Keep hammering away. The story of talents is the best metaphor for this car. If a person complained music, it is their obligation to share this beautiful talent with the world to those that can't play music, use your skills and make the world a better place in relationships in love. Give it your all in every way. It's just that simple. The nine of tentacles the woman on the nine of Penta goes is enjoying strolling in the gun with a bird on her hand. She feels content and relax. Time doesn't matter in this scenery. In a general business and careering, you can see the coins are located towards the ground. Be with nature and relax. Enjoy the fruits of nature with your mind body, and so discipline and control will help you reach your goals, and so will time out to recharge. It's all about balance. Continue to exercise discipline, but you can't afford to enjoy your money and yourself in love Relationships. Trust in your own gifts for grit and determination. The best part of your life is right here on offer. You can trust your own abilities to love and trust. You are worth it and worthy of it. This card can signify pregnancy. If the empress's around in the future positions or in the cross sections, I'll explain more about positions and cross sections in the light of model. When we go into the spreads, the 10 of Tentacles, the 10 a pentacle stands for the ultimate inwardly and material success in a general reading. Be comfortable and secure in your environment, learn any financial listens and just keep on going in a business career reading. This is the card you want to see. If you're wondering how your latest achievements will turn out when we achieve material success, we naturally wanted toe last. Why rock the boat when life? It's fine just the way it is. This is now about maintaining the status court. Remember, change is inevitable and sometimes uncomfortable. When you update and change with the Times in your business and career, it will flow easily. Keep up the good work. You're doing a magnificent job in love and relationships. Now may be the time to settle down and make the arrangements that will work for you far out into the future, creating I'm nest egg as such. It can also be about meeting new people, whether it's connection with someone in the workplace or a relationship with someone in the workplace. Now go and practice the pentacle cards, shuffled them all together and do a simple three cards spread with an imaginary Seeker Journal decision and then compare it to your manual. Add in the other car. Do you have learned as well, if you would like and keep on journaling and keep practicing? Remember, you can also jump on the Facebook page that is in the description so that you can tap on the link and join that it's called specially hypnosis training. Because even part of the terror is all about self development, and that's what hypnosis is all about. I will see you in the next video up next. We're going to get into the real exciting story. Tell us the major are Khanna. I'll see you then. Bye bye 16. 0 - 1 MAJOR ARCANA: so welcome back to learning the terror. We're going to go into the major Arconic cards. This is where the story truly begins to unfold. The major Arconic cards are spiritually listens that must be learned. They are not negotiable and will repeat till the seeker learns it. Ever wonder why some people continue to make the same bad decisions or mistakes? This is due to ignoring The major Are Khanna lessons? Lessons off the major are Khanna, Arduin, Brace Hope, Surrender, Healing, Power of Solitude, Death and Rebirth. Healing Your Shadow Self, a k A. Your Unconscious and Patience. There are 22 major Arconic cards. The cards are set in storing these air spiritually. Lessons for self negative cards can help you transform. You can learn it now or later, but it does need to be led now. I will be breaking down The major are kind of cards into smaller sections. This makes it much easier to learn for the major. Are kind of cards are quite in Dept. Remember to use your intuition when it comes to the imagery on the card and the energies that you're feeling from the Seeker as well. So let's begin with the full card number zero. Now, by the time I get to the end of this year, will probably see the card number 21 then go Wait a second. There's 22 major are Connor's in a deck. Well, that's because the zero is always a card number as well. Yes, this confused me at the start, but, hey, we all grow and evolve. So the fool it's all about Venus love, wisdom and beauty. With the light steps, it's as though there's little power or restrain that can actually fully the full. With head in the sky, his dog is bounding along as well, eagerly dressed to the nines. He goes through life towards the edge of the cliff. It is time to take a leap of faith. It is a powerful time to take a huge risk and to think outside of the box. Others will judge you and feel threatened by it. The fool is a very positive card. This is not going to be the easiest of roots, as the cliff's edge is near and requires gauging. But it is time without an element of risk. There can be no glory. You're not going to get the same success by repeating what you have been doing or repeating what others have been doing. Albert Einstein, once quoted insanity, is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. It is time for a new and better way. That's why others will judge you. It has always been this way, and change scares them. Go forth and conquer in any way, learn from your mistakes and keep on going. Courage is knowing the consequences and doing it anyway. Everything is impossible until it is done. Be flexible and open minded. The magician, the number one Card Aires. Passionate, motivated and confident, the magician is the master of the elements and the ultimate time to manifests. You can see from the image the magician has a crown above his head that is in the shape of a new infinity symbol. This means there is no better time than now. The serpent around his waist represents that the serpent appears to be eating its own tail . This is a conventional symbol off eternity. This is all about spirit in the magician's right hand, is the warned raised towards the universe. While the left hand is pointing to the earth. This Jew symbol is known as draw from above and below the position off powerful gifts and talents. Now is the time to unify on all planes. As you can see from the image, there is a sword, a cup, a pentacle and, ah warned in the image. You're mastering all of the elements. Plan for your potential and your willpower. Begin the new product. Begin those projects. Enjoy the opportunities that opened up with relationships and love. Understand that they need joy to exist, create the joy and be the joy. There is no better time then, right now, so up next I will go into the major Arconic cards. Number two 26 The major are Connors are quite in depth to learn, so please refer to your manual so that you can get that in depth reading. If you have a deck of cards, have a look at all the images. Go through them, absorb them, feel the energies and then learned the major Khanna. I would say you in the next video, but by 17. 2 - 6 MAJOR ARCANA: Welcome back Today we're going to learn the major arcana cards, too. 26 The Priestess Card number two, prices sensitive emotional nurturing and a strong connection to the past. As we look at the image, she has a lunar crescent at her feet, a scroll in her hand inscribed with the word tora signifying the secret Lords and the sense of word. The high Priestess is a guardian off the unconscious. The secret laws that lie beneath us, those habits, those systems, those ways that we have the unlimited possibilities you hold within yourself. If you just give yourself the permission to believe it's time for you to open up the high Priestess represents a time to challenge yourself and to go deeper, perhaps in self development or some education may be required. Ask yourself what blockages do I have towards my future? What is it that you need to learn? Oh Noren, start navigating your career. Life on love with your intuition, Self development and education are a must for you. Find the true self within. Learn about yourself. Who am I and where am I going? The Empress card Number three Libera Equality, fertility and balance The Empress has a crown of 12 stars. Older signs in the Zodiac and the symbol of Venus is on her shield. By her side, the Empress is the entrance to obtain life. I highly volatile card, the life giving mother who reigns over the bounty of nature and the rhythm of she is all about new life forms. Theo Empress encourages you to strengthen your connection with the natural world. Too often, we fall to the fully off material aspects to grow ground yourself from false sophistication and get back to your true self as a fertility card. It is the birth of the baby, new projects or even life. This can include plants. Perhaps you would like to go and grow some seeds. Three. Patients as seeds grow as these projects require looming and creativity, be creative. Enjoy this new birth of projects man, perhaps a new family member and life itself. The Empress represents pregnancy if the three of cups or the nine of pentacle is around. If you don't want to be pregnant, keep that in mind. Perhaps now is just not the right time for you. Grow into your creative new projects and enjoy them this is the cornucopia of peace, energy and inner beauty. The Emperor The fourth card in the major are Khanna, Aires and Discipline. He has a form off the crooks on Assata for his stepped up meaning. The law of one and a globe is in his left hand. He is crowned monarch, seated on his throwing from the bridge. We see a stern and commanding figure, an advocate for games played by the rules, structure, organization and systems put in place. You need to be more like the Emperor Theo. Emperor represents someone over authority who was taking away your power or a masculine energy. There is making you feel powerless. Learn to take on the characteristics of the emperor and stand your ground. Remember to do it with tact rather than arrogance. Learn discipline and structure to reach the bar. If you have a goal or something in mine, it's time to really grasp onto that discipline. Take on that structure and just do what needs to be done. You could make the rules work for you or against you. One leads to victory. The other leads to continuous struggle. This is a spiritually lesson to take back your power. The emperor can also represent an individual, further figure or authority role that is a protector and a provider. You can learn lessons from this person, take on those learnings and create healthy standards for yourself. This is a spiritual lesson, really. Take back your power. The higher a friend. Five tourists. Reliable and stable practices. Everybody grows and develops within a culture we learn by the rules of others. The heart different represents official learnings, especially those that are in groups. It is time for the spiritual teachings and faith. Ask intelligently and you will receive Be open to things that you can't explain. The horrified holds hidden secrets and knowledge that have no verbal explanation. They can only be felt with the deepest part of our unconscious belief. Systems, rules, morals systems and rituals are in need of updating. Here. Learned the wisdom of self trust and faith. Be open to those things that you just can't explain. Expand your mind and spirit to the universe. Meditate, self developed, perhaps even hypnotize yourself to a better place on a better mind frame. Sometimes we need to follow a program or system. Other times we need to trust ourselves and our intuition. Now is the time to do just that. Have faith, the six card, all about the lovers, Jim and I weighing up decisions and follow your heart. The lovers is one of those cards that's very easy to remember. The urge for union is powerful and takes us beyond ourselves. Most of the time. The car deals with issues off the heart, spiritual union and harmony. Follow what the heart craves. The lovers card may or may not be sexual. More generally, the lovers represents the force of attraction between two energies that come together. If the seven card is present around the lovers, this is showing that there is a need for standard. And perhaps there is a larger dilemma of temptations. Interference from an outside source, perhaps a mother in law or someone along very sort of life. The card also represents relationships, becoming more harmonious. It may be with a friend or a past enemy. Find the harmony and just enjoy it. Behind the man is the tree of life, bearing 12 fruits with a serpent entwined in them. This is a symbol of doing what is right by your heart. There is a decision meeting to be made about union coming together of oneself. Perhaps you have someone to forgive or you need to forgive yourself a representation off personal belief. Following your own path can mean going against those urging you to go into another direction That really isn't going to sue Tree. This card is a spiritual lesson for following your heart. If the Empress's nearby the lovers, it is a sign of love and family with a baby. Soon, if the three or 10 of swords is nearby, it represents heartache and letting guard let go of all of that past hurt up. Next, we will be talking about the major Arconic cards card 7 to 11 I'll talk to you say, but by 18. 7 - 11 MAJOR ARCANA: Welcome back to the major are Kanis Cart 7 to 11 the chariot card number seven in the major Al Khanna, represented by the sign of cancer. And it's all about not letting your emotions overpower you. The image of a successful person is writing a charity triumphantly. They have defeated their enemies in a vast conquest. Theme images showing strength in areas of discipline, great determination and assertiveness. The chariot represents self assurance. We cannot be annoyed at someone who hasn't healthy, eager and trust in their abilities. They have trained and practiced and practice in trains and more. They train hard and they fight harder. You may be feeling like you're being pulled apart in different directions. When the chariot card comes out, be more like the figure in the chariot. Discipline is required to claim victory and ignore everybody else's dramas. Emotions can be highly strong and even fearful, as the figure rides the chariot with pride. They know the benefits of self control, and this includes their emotions dealing with leading golf. The past hurts having the courage to just do it anyway, even though you know some of the consequences. Learning the powerful strength of training, gaining that information and those skills filing and getting up to go again. There are many types of winds, but the chariot represents a win lose time. Your success comes from conquering your emotions, beating your own limitations on becoming the victor off your own glory. The master has failed more times than the student has even tried. Don't let fee confusion or drama derail you. Keep going. Strength. The eight card of the major are kinda represented by the house of layer. Be the lion, not the shape. Usually when we think of strength, we think of it in a physical term. Remember also that there is in a strength. The industry ain't that comes from our heart muscle. The image shows the infinity symbol as the crown on the person's head. You have this infinite amount of strength inside you. This sure is that you do have the strength to go on. This card is all about the qualities you need to house inside you in the darkest of times and in a strength somehow pauses during. You have this in a straight to pull, use very no your resources and have the courage and patience to use them. The strength card also shows a lion being tamed by the figures. Gentle hands, a kind word turned away. Anger and heal the soul. Nurture and heal your own. In a savage beast, you're much stronger than you think. If the inner based is healed, call upon its energy and listen to its role. Balance was power and love enhance the in a base message when we stand strong in our mountain, the wind, Wales in our EEZ mag ing at us to break us down. But sometimes the wind is just a fart in disguise. The hermit number nine card, represented by Vega embracing solitude, thier traditional ham. It is a crusty, baited character who has withdrawn from people to live a life of seclusion. The hermit supports understanding and representing the desire to get away from the responsibilities so that we can focus on our own. In a world, there comes a point in life where we begin to question the obvious were sent that there is a deeper reality and begin to search for. This is mainly a solitary quest because answers do not lie in the external world. But inside ourselves it is time for solitude and too quiet in the mind. Move yourself away from distractions and diversions. They're ripping away your energy. This is not a time to make alliances, promises or projects. It is a time for your own wisdom and learning. Ask yourself, What am I? That is more than this? How can I streamline things to be smarter rather than harder? Now it's a time to be quiet. The wheel, The 10th card, The Wheel of Fortune is one of the few cards in the major arcana that does not have a human figure as its focal point. This is a card of destiny and suggests good fortune if you're willing to roll with the punches. The terror recognizes that each person sets their own part in life. However, none of us can elude the consciousness off choice. When the consequences of choice are apparent, we need to accept it. This is all part of our destiny. We all have a choice, but we're not free from consequence. Controlling your destiny is not part of this deal. Trust the process and run with it. You may not understand why you are into state right now, and maybe even wonder why may we experienced chance events to appear to be as accidents? Oh, there they are part of a greater plan. If you've been struggling with a problem or a tough situation, this card can signal that you will find the answer. If you stand back and view everything from a larger perspective, you can predict super surprises. But when a surprise occurs, you just can't predict what the outcome is going to be. You can only be aware when one is cycling you round and around and around she goes where she stops. Nobody knows. What do you need to learn about yourself from this situation? Justice The 11th card represented by the House of Labour Balance and Fairness On card 11 we see the familiar figure of justice. She has the scales of equality and impartial judgment In one hand, the sword of decision is in the other hand, in the terror justice represents. The understanding of life is ultimately fair. And just what you think is what you get. If you think you were hard done by you will be. If you think you're grateful, unworthy, you will be. It can suggest that requirements of contracts and legal documentary, but it's not restricted by them. If you don't like the situation that you are in, you need to stop complaining about it and work on your attitude. Be fair and liquor. We only get what we perceive. Do what needs to be done. Some responsibilities must be accepted and accounts need to be settled. This past will continue to hold you. If you do not recognize your mistake and make amends for them, you win some you lose on some cost you some gain. Just pay the price and move on with your life. You need to weigh matters carefully on perhaps make decisions based on the future course. The universe is there. It's your attitude that needs changing. It's all about comma up Next, the major Arconic cards 12 to 16. I'm Trish Mama and I will see you in the next video, but by 19. 12 - 16 MAJOR ARCANA: you wear. Welcome back to learning the terror. Today we're going to do the major Arconic cards from 12 to 16. Car number 12. The Hanged Man The Hanged Man is one of the most mysterious cards in the Tower Day. It is simple but complex. Many see the hanged man as and think of it as a bad card, when in actual fact it symbolizes the need to let go off control. It's like you're in quicksand, and the more you struggle, the faster you sink. We win by surrendering, and resistance is futile. It is not a time to take action. It is a time to be still big changes coming. If you're willing to surrender to the opportunity, perhaps you need to take a few steps down at work. Oh, just back off a little bit in that relationship, surrendering to the outcome to the opportunity of learning. You need to trust the process and allow circumstances to unfold. The hanged man also tells us that we can move forward by staying still. By suspending in time, we can have all the time in the world learn wisdom in this time of stillness when we must want to have our own way. That is when we should sacrifice when we most want to act. That is when we should wait. The irony is that by making these contradictory moves, we find that we're still looking for the future and still moving forward. You need to be patient and still. Death card number 13 is brought to you by the House of Scope here deaths, one of the scary cards and the powerful energy. Indeed, her could look at the dark skeletal figure and not feel a little bit uneasy. Here we see the face of our deepest fear. Our greatest unknown in the taro death is not a permanent end, but a transition into a new state. Life is eternal in its essence. It's not in its form to grow, to move. To live. We must die to the old and give birth to the new. Don't resist changes coming into life. It will be scary, but going with it, this is a deep transformation. The caterpillar becomes a butterfly if you will just go with it. It is a natural form. It is time to let guard and to move on. That relationship is done that job is over, that pattern must end face the changes in wonder and openness cut out the unnecessary gained the wisdom of change. This will be frightening, but it is the best thing that can possibly happen. Card number 14 Temperance Brought to You by the House of Secretaries Patience is the virtue , teaching and learning. There are certain people who exude the kind of quiet composure you know, those ones that just sort of floats through. You always enjoy their company, but you don't really know a lot about. They may not say much, but they go about their business with the aim of calm and deliberation. Their presence is comforting because they're so centered. Temperatures remind us to not stop. Keep sewing the seeds and allowed them to grow. Think about the future and be patient about your direction. Learn the spiritual lesson of temperance, moderation, self restraint and patience. It may seem unexciting on the surface, but it is actually the eye of the hurricane. If nights of present around temperance, the lesson is of balance. This is what's required. Compromise and cooperation is completely vital. Temperatures. Also a long term card. It's usually about 3 to 5 years down the track. It's a time for teaching, learning and long term perspective. The Devil Card number 15 brought to you from Capricorn and Temptations. Lucifer member stuff. Elise Satan, the Prince of Darkness. No matter what you call it, the devil is our symbol for what is bad and undesirable for the devil to be present in a reading. This is showing that attention is required. There are blockages and limitations. The devil represents everything that is bad in the Seeker that is coming to the surface. Learn to outwit the devil within yourself. What do you need to know? What are you addicted to that has impacted your journey, harnessed the devil within and resolve it? Nobody is perfect, and we are all prone to errors in our life. This card lets us know that you were caught up in an unhealthy and unproductive situation. The Talon card number 16 The tower is an unsettling taught fire lightning falling on jagged rocks. You can see the images falling from the tower to their death below. It definitely looks like trouble for those that don't like. Change is time to strap on your brutes because it's coming This is an incredible, powerful moment in your life and the foundations within you will be broken. Usually change is gradual, but this one is not. Now is not the time to fear. Embrace it and build again. If the grief card is around you that take some time out to grief. This card is telling you to wake up. Something is not working for you and it is coming to the surface. You have to ask yourself all of those hard questions. Are you too full of pride? Are you holding back your anger? Is your eager to big? Are you stuck in Iraq? What is it that you need to accept? Let it bring you down to your knees so you could build up again. This is going to be unexpected. The tower teaches us to look at our life. Honestly, you choose your life and your decisions. The foundations of relationships are weak. This may be personal business. Please, French or even with yourself. The truth will set you free. But first it will piss you off. So up next we'll talk about the major Arconic cards 17 to 21 and that will be the last of the major are kind of section. From there we will go on to show you how we do online sessions doing your spreads and how to expand at your service. I'll talk to you, sing the by. 20. 17 - 21 MAJOR ARCANA: Welcome back to learning the tower with Trish Palmer. Today we're going to go through the major Arconic cards 17 to 21. Car number 17 The star Brought to you from the House of Aquarius. People have always looked to the stars as a source of inspiration and her there is something about the twinkling light that draws us out of ourselves on up into a higher consciousness. We no longer feel stressed as a sparkle in the Schumer, creating thoughts of wonder. The star is the most welcoming when it comes to grief and despair that has overwhelmed us in our darkest moments. We need to know that there is hurt the light At the end of the tunnel, the smallest piece of glitter will shine bright in the darkest of places. The star represents pace after the storm. I knew her and the promise to find peace of mind. The star also reminds us to open our hearts and release our fears and doubts. Your life is falling back into place and the danger has passed. I know that you are on the right track. Your goals and your aspirations are blessed. But to realize them you must take positive action. Go with the flow and shine. Bright little star, the man card number 18 from cancer and school here. If you look around the room right now, you will perhaps see people and even objects that a comforting and familiar everything is exactly as you expected to bay. You know that if you close your eyes and open them, the room would be the same. Have you ever lost something that you were sure was there? This is the experience off the moon. The moon is a shadowy night and you're about to descend into your own shadows. So it's time to face your shadow Self allow the two used to fall as your face becomes shadowed. Hi. Extra attention to your dreams For as you challenge this dark part of yourself, your dreams will give you the keys to the door. Owned those parts of yourself that aren't very nice. It is easy to lose our way in the moonlight, Improve yourself and move out of the darkness towards the light. The sun card number 19 brought to us by the house of layer. Brilliant, radiant, sparkling. So many of our words represent its mighty power the glory of life. The light is one that is clear and understands the truth. It is amazing how many people walk into a dark room, pick something, then blames the thing that they have kicked for being there. Why not just turn the light on the sun? Is Sikh teaching us to seek out? In these times, that is time to shine bright and feel confident. Stand above the pack. You have the unlimited energy and conglomerate with health. When the sun rises in the reading, know that you will be successful and all you undertake now was the time to let go little that light shine. If the empress on nine of Cox is in the future or crossover sections of the spirit, it is a sign of pregnancy. The sun also shows us is joy and happiness. Yes, to any questions that are good. Dark times are over Card number 20 Judgment. It is Judgement Day. A moment of truth is coming and you are being called upon. Honesty is required here as the truth is being revealed. How conjugate Mintberry reconciled with forgiveness. In fact, the judgment comes in two forms. The hurtful kind that says. What you did is wrong and you are bad for having done it the wise kind. We recognize the need for you to choose on the hope for the courage to do so wisely and be without blame. Judgment is always about the truth. Clarity is happening and why these things have happened. Judgment can be unkind, but it is necessary, people may say, but I don't judge even that saying is a judgment. So therefore you do. When judgment is present, it's best to consider the matter very carefully. If you're being judged yourself, learn the process and move on. Take what value. You can never lose sight of your own work. Judgment Day is here, and you need to accept the truth as to how you got to where you are. It's time to reflect. Be honest. Car number 20 The world. The world has more than one message. You are coming to the completion of the cycle that you are in. Spiritual lessons are mastered, so congratulate yourself moving on from the past and towards a lot of success and happiness . Learning to be the master of your universe has taken time and listens some good some not so good. But in the grand scheme of things, everything is fine. You are the master of your universe. The author of your story. Are you going to write a compelling tale that many will read for years to come? Are you going to write something that people will go? Yeah. I didn't read to the end of it. It was just so boring and they were always the victim. You can relax and enjoy your relationships with others. The world is agile feet, right? A compelling story, Something for the future. So up next, it's all about tuning energies and the environments. I'm going to teach you how to tune in energies of with your client, not only just in the room, but if you're going to work online as well Going practice all of the cards together Now Journal. Done. And then refer back to your manual. Imagine that you have a client, A seeker that is coming for a reading and you're going to do a spread for them. Just the past, the present and the future veneer Don't have a play and enjoy it. I'll see you in the next video. We would treating some energies and you will find out the amazing wonder off the unconscious mind. Talk to you soon. Bye bye. 21. Tuning Energies and Environments: e o. Welcome back to learning the terror with Trish Palmer from Pelin of Harm, especially hypnosis training. So today I'm going to teach you some tuning of energies and some environmental things that you will want to go into so that you could ensure that you're giving the best possible service to the Seeker. Now, the tuning of energies is actually a hypnosis technique as well. So you're going to learn a little bit of a hypnosis technique to help tune in all of those responses from your client. This is what we call in any murder response. So please just follow the script that is in the manual and allow yourself to relax and tune in those energies that are there for your client. So before I begin my reading with the Seeker, I start by tuning energies. The Seeker is coming to you for rescission that is completely unknown. Perhaps they have a perception all of what they want to hear. Perhaps they've had really bad readings in the past, and they're just like they don't do it the way you do it. Others are there to test your abilities, and someone just there as a whimsical journey as such. And you're going to get those people that want to come in and test abilities and things like that, and they'll give false information on purpose. It's gonna happen. Don't worry about it. Just go with the flow and just enjoy telling a story off recession. So whatever the reason he is, I always get them to tune energies before I begin. And also, it helps the client to relax a little to just breathe deeply. Hello, sweetheart. How are you? Sorry, man has decided to join us. You to butt out of here. Mayor has decided to join us for our training of energies. So I'm not gonna in and out this part. I'm just gonna let her tune in the energies with us. Okay? That's my cat, Mayor. I call her amazing. So let me allow me to assure you, my my terror cards now is my tyro books. Okay, I will show you the inside of it. I have two sets of cards. There's my art over once, and these are my grandeur. Healing deck turned out the right way so you can see it. So that's my granted healing deck. And this is my art Nobu dick. OK, so as you can see from the box that to lots of cards are in courts. Okay, so this is in crystal course, and this is to cleanse them. Sorry. This is to make sure that the energies are tuned in with the cards, So that is a ready to go. Now I have the cards in a box. The secret does not see inside this box. So what I actually asked the secret to do is to place their hands on the box. Now, if I'm doing this online with a client, I asked, the six is taken to place their hands in front of them so they simply place their hands on the box. Okay, So whilst they've got their hands placed on the box, this is starting the journey towards the healing. And what I'm doing here is I'm asking the idiom motor responses within that the person to choose a dick so it doesn't matter which one they're choosing. I'm asking them to choose a deck subconsciously rather than consciously. It's amazing the amount of people that if I bring out the cards they struggled to choose, there are people that go on is the bigger card. So it would be a bigger reading. There are people that turn around and they're like, Oh, um, you know, I love stained our blah, blah, blah. So I get the client to choose based on their energies, because energy is energy. And that's what you're working with when it comes to retire reading. So energy is energy, and it doesn't matter where the energy comes from, Okay, so I'm getting them to choose based on their unconscious mind. Okay, So I have to seek her place their hands, palms down on the table or on the box. Okay, Whatever it is needs to do for that situation, then I ask them to close their eyes and start breathing slowly and deeply. Now, this goes on for about 3 to 5 minutes, and it it does feel like quite a long time. When it comes to your breathing patterns, you will find that you and the Seeker will begin breathing at the same rate. And what you're also trying to do here is to get the secret to relax. So take long, slow depressed with them. You keep your eyes open, but ask them to close their eyes, so just breathing deeply and slowly. This allows the heart rate to lower for the Seeker and allows them to tune into their intuition, grounding them from the outside world and enhancing the quantum unconsciousness. So once done still, with their eyes closed, I asked them to allow their mind to be clear, to bring all of the energies into their hands and allow the energies to choose a hand. That hand may be warmer. It may be colder, heavier or lighter. It's as if the hand is saying, Pick me, Pick me now Which hand has your unconscious energies chosen? And they don't tell you which handed is so I'll say all my left hand is feeling heavier or my right hand is twitching or something along those lines allow them to choose a hand unconsciously so if they chose the left hand that siddiq that I'm going to use if they chose the right hand. That's the Deccan current. Did you use it, gets them to tune in their energies with the decks and their intuition and gets them to ground themselves from the daily activities and the rush rush of society. As such Okay, so that's how I get them to tune energies, regardless of whether it's in my room or whether it's online. I always tune the energies first, so allow about 10 to 15 minutes to do these. Each person is different. Some people will do it in like five minutes. Others will take 10 15 minutes to choose me now to talk to you about environments. Okay, there are a lot of people out there that really, really tacky when it comes to their environment. So I've bean to those readers where it's displayed on a card table, and it's really kind of tacky in the room. Smells weird. And you know, that sort of stuff. I've been to those people that invite you into their home, and they just do it on a kitchen table. So don't like that honestly set up the environment and set up the scene for your seeker. Okay, dress appropriately. Have your hair looking good. I even went to one lady's house once to get a reading. She was just starting out. I credited for that to get a reading, and she asked me to sit on her land. Sweet, and there was just rubbish everywhere that it was just horrible and disgusting. And she asked me to do that, and I was like, That's fine. And then she turned around. She's like, I'm just going to get the groceries out of the car And I sat there for, like, 20 minutes and then all of a sudden I was like, Look, I'm feeling really uncomfortable about this, so I just upped and left. I just left the room and about 45 minutes later, like so, this is an hour and five minutes later. So about 45 minutes after I left, she sends me a message on Facebook saying, Trish, where are you? It's like I left because I'm feeling uncomfortable. This environment is dirty. It smells weird. And we had an appointment at 10 o'clock and even by about 20 past 10 10 ready? You still have. You hadn't even acknowledge my presence in the room, so he hadn't offered me a glass of water or, you know, just said to me, I'll look, I'm running a bit late. Will start at 11 or something on those lines, like, completely discourteous. Okay? And it was just absolutely horrible. So as you can see on on I blacked out screen here at the moment. And if you're doing your service online, you can get some really, really beautiful backgrounds for your scenes. So it dress it up, You could Maybe you just want to use what's known as a bi fold and put it behind you so people can see that wash your online. Or perhaps you want to do some green screening, which I'm gonna teach you all about in the online sessions part off the off the course. So it make sure you set the scene okay, when I'm doing my online readings, as you saw before, the camera was projected down. So I make sure I'm wearing some rings and a bracelet and things like that because that's what the Seeker will be seeing as well. Make sure that you dress up your environment in a really nice way, have the mood lighting, you know, the candles and the things like that. But make sure you do it in your way and do it in a really classy way. I have bean to those readers that, you know, you sort of look at stuff like, really, this is really cheap and tacky and dusty and dirty. So make sure you set your environment and set your seen in order so that the city can relax and can enjoy the experience. Don't be cheap and tacky. Big, classy. OK, so not always see you in the next video Up next, we'll be talking about spreads and cross referencing off the cards so I'll talk to you then . Bye bye. 22. Spreads and cross referencing cards: and stay. I'm going to take you through some of the spreads and the cross referencing off cards so that you can give a really, really good and in depth tiring. So I'm going to take you through four sprints now. So the 1st 1 is going to be the yes No spread. The 2nd 1 is going to be the past, the present, the future spread. That's the one you being practicing already. The 3rd 1 will be the horseshoe spread, and the 4th 1 will be the Celtic cross spread. Okay, so the 1st 1 I'm going to talk about is known as the Yes No spirit. OK, so I'm going to use my art. No view dick for this one. Now the yes, and I spread. I don't do online. I only do it in person. And you know it's just some of simply to do what I do it in person. So it's very, very simple. You just shuffle the cards and then you pull two cards out of the deck. So you asked the secret to shuffle the cards and then poultry cards from the day. Okay, Now what's the shuffling the cards? They are asking the dick the question. So, for example, it may be should I take this new job? Okay, then you reveal the comments to the person. And as you can see, we have a night of states here and a nine of sorts. Now the highest ranking cards are is the one that's a correct answer. So the night of swords is available in this one, so this one will be a yes. So, yes, you would take that job because the night of sorts is always looking out into the future. However, also advised that the night of swords is not the king. So there's a lot to learn and there's some education, so it may not be as glamorous as they first thought it would be, but it is a good time to consider it, So that's just a simple yes or no spread. You just simply shuffle the deck wash. Torossian. The question deal. Two cards out, and then the highest of the two cards is the current answer. So the next one I'm going to show you is the past, the present and the future spread. Now, if I'm doing this online, I will actually shuffle the deck for my seeker, and then I'll ask him to tell me when to stop. And once they've done that, that's when I'll draw the talk. Three cards. So this is the one that you've been playing with when you're being practicing with your tear accounts. Okay, so the first card is the past. The second card is the current situation, and the third card is the future outcome. So when we do a three cards spread, weaken do a very, very basic reading where we just tell what the cards mean, Or we could do it it more in depth reading by cross referencing them. I'm a huge fan of cross referencing because it gives a really, really in depth reading. Okay, so always revealed the past cod first. Okay, so the past card is the tool of staves in this reading. So this recommend represents the past. Everything that's happening in the past, then wait, who do a reading on that, and then we do the present situation that is based on what this passes influencing. And then we would do the future card as well. Now, when you're doing cross referencing, when it comes to the cards. It's not just about reading them 123 It's about reading them in the past, the present and the future, and then how they all integrate with each other. So let's just say, for example, I have a secret in here right now, and they are wanting a reading for our past, the present and a future. So for this particular reading, I would say to the client in the past has always been a joint adventures when it comes to the staves. And the thing is also that the masculine energy has always been the one taking the control , because you can see this in the center of card off. The Emperor Emperor is always holding onto onto the stage, and it's always cry predominant. What this is showing, though, is that in the future that there will be a joining off unions, and that's because you need to be more like the emperor. Now How I got got to that interpretation is because, as you can see in the night of staves, the hands are above and below each other, and this is showing that the masculine energy has the upper hand assert, and then in the present. This is showing that this is a masculine energy that has the upper hand with the staves. However, in the future, if they confine the balance off that masculine energy, that's when suddenly all of these convey Alan's out. So a cross reference the cards make sure you're looking at the images quite in depth as well, so that you can do that cross reference reading. Okay, so talk about the environmental factors that are going on. So in the future, the cups represents emotions, and this is all that getting in touch with the emotions. Second, balance out that masculine energy that's going on. So the whole shoot sprint is really great when you're starting to branch out, tomb or advance and in depth readings. Ah, horseshoes spread will take between 30 to 45 minutes to read, and I'm going to demonstrate how to do the spread now. Okay, so your secret house shuffle the deck and split it, clearing the mind of their energies, etcetera, etcetera. When you're doing this online, like I explained before, shuffle the cards after secret to tell you when to stop and then ask them a number is going to pop into the head. Tell me what that number is now. Whatever the number is that seemed, sometimes you split the deck and then you put the deck and then you build the deck again. Okay? So drawing from the top of the deck for the horseshoe spread, we have card number one. Put that one over there. Look. Three serene food, five sinks and then card number seven. Now, as you can see from my spirit, I don't have a lot of room when it comes to my down would camera online. So sometimes you just have to be creating. Okay, this is still at horseshoe spread. It's just that I had to be creative with it because of the amount of space that I have. Okay, so the very first car, this is card number one down here. This one is all about the past and what's influencing the current situation. Card number two, this is the prison. What is happening right now And what is going to happen in the next few weeks? Card number three. This is the near future. What is unfolding in the next 1 to 3 months? Card number four. This is all about you and your situation. This is advice on where you're standing, thinking and what you're doing. Now, this is a very personal card, so some people can take it a little bit personally. Sorry. Just advise them of that. Tell them that we're doing the personal card now. And this is all about them opening up to themselves. We've got card number five. This is the influences. This is the environment and situations of round. You work, people, responsibilities, the things that are the lift you up or bring you down. This is not a prophecy card. This is an impact card. So this is talking about everything that is impacting on the person and on them. We don't have card number six. This is all about the obstacles. This is the unconscious card. Okay, This is all about what's going on inside their thoughts, their habits and the actions that are holding them back. What needs to be overcome? Can we have cotton number seven? This the future cod, which is 3 to 12 months time. So just as before, you ask the Seeker to shuffle the cards and place them down in the drawing area. Your deck is known is your drawing area. From here, you can make out a horseshoe status horseshoe shape, depending on the amount of space in your now in a whole shoe reading, we don't just read from one old away around. Okay, we actually start at card number six. This is the unconscious, because this is when the client is most open. And then when they actually prone to suggestion. So we always start off with card number six. This is the first car to start off with. Then we got to calm number one Khanum a tree, three full five and then number seven. Okay, So card number six is the very first card. It's all about them. Then you cross references. So how the sticks relate to one. How does one relate to true? True relates to three three relates to four, which relates to file and relates to seven. Keep cross referencing all the cards because all of the information is in here. Perhaps this future card that has come out has something to do with the influence card that's going on. So keep cross referencing it and tell a wonderful story. Now, if the seventh card is a negative card. So it's like a say, the tower, all the devil or a scary card as such. Then a draw. Another card asked the secret to draw or draw it yourself. If the seekers in a negative state and please drawer yourself and ensure that this is the cross reference is going on here. So let's see. So we have the five cups in the future outcome. Now this is a bit of a negative card because it is all about emotions being poured out, feeling defeated and just like, you know, just really feeling horrible about yourself. So I would then draw out another card, which is the seventh of seven of swords. Now this is showing the outcome off. What is going to happen if they don't correctly? It's OK, so the seventh of Swords is showing that the feminine energy is not getting enough attention from the masculine energy, so they could actually stop to heal these by talking about their emotions rather than cutting their ties. So this is actually a very good ending for a rating because it's actually showing we haven't outcome here, even though there some hard times on the way that our emotional If you can actually start to gather the attention off the masculine energy rather than severing it, then you could help avoid this entire situation. Now the cultic cross spread is can be quite complex, and it's a very, very deep rating as longer, and it is more accurate. It contains approximately 10 cards, depending on the person and a cross referencing that is going on. So I highly recommend that you start with the past present future reading first. Then you do the horseshoe, and then you go until more advanced Celtic cross readings. So I will show you what the Celtic cross the reading looked like, and then I'll show you my adaptation off it. Through that way, when you're doing it online, you can see that I am limited for a space when it comes to my camera. But it's still the same thing. OK, so you have cars level one, and to these ones, cross are okay, then we have card number three number full five, six, seven, right, nine and Tim. Now, as you can see, a Celtic cross is really not going to work in my favor. In this setting, however, you could do it at live events. It's really, really cool Teoh to do them in person because it looks really great as well. And it feels very subversive when they can't start cross referencing towards each other. OK, so what I'll do is I'll actually leave this spread like this and then I'll show you at the end how I adopted so card number one, This one here. Car number one is all about the prison. This is about the seekers initial situation in life. What is going on presently? Card number. Tree crosses card number one. Now if it's a negative car, this is showing what the challenges, if it's a positive card, is showing what the benefit all the asset is. Cat number three. This is the conscious mind. Everything that's going on consciously what you're doing, what your mind is thinking goals and your reality car number four is your unconscious mind . It's the key to the mystery, and what is lurking beneath card number five is the past. What is influencing your current situations in just circumstances? Cardinal Mystics. It's a short term outcome. This is what's going to happen in the next few weeks. perhaps months. Cop number seven is all about you. The Seeker. This is all about their unconscious mind or how they're seeing their reality. And what's going on is they will. This is a very, very personal car. Cotton. A bite is the environment. This is your environment and the situations around you work people, responsibilities, the things that either lift you up or bring you down. Now, again, this is not a prophecy car. This is an impact card. So these are older things that are impacting you. And July card number nine is old hurts and the fees? What's going on in the unconscious side that you're projecting that you need to overcome? And Khan Number 10 is all about your outcome 3 to 12 months time. So just as before, we get the secret to shuffle the deck place of down in the drawing area. Okay? They can slip them. They could do anything that they want that at all. So the beginning off the reading goes in disorder, so we start off a card number nine. All of the hopes and the fears, all of the blocks that are going on, then we go to card number five, which is this one here? It's all about the past. So the hearts and the fees and how you have come across in the then we go on to card number one to and how they cross reference each other from he we moved to card number three, then the card number four. Then we go all the way to card number seven because car number seven is all about the Seeker. Okay, so this is starting to take shape in a story and how it has shaped them from here we go to card number six, then card number eight, then number 10. Okay, so we start with the scariest card off them all. Like the one we're about. The hurts of the seas. Okay, so we always start with a condom with night, and then we come across the number five, which is the past. If you get to the tent card and it is a negative card, just like before, asked him to draw another card, or you could draw it yourself, depending on what sort of state that you're seeking, maybe. And make sure you leave them in a positive state, so I will show you how I do a Celtic cross when I'm working online. So, like I keep saying, I have very limited space when it comes to my dad and would camera. So this one is actually facing down towards the table, so I have quite limited space. Okay, so it's very, very simple. I start with my colleagues at the side, and I make sure that my secret can still see the cards, but I allow myself as much room as I possibly can. And it's a very, very simple and easy, easy spread. Okay, so the card number one a condom a two because my other cross reference cards okay, three, four and five, six, seven, right? Nine and 10 Just simply like that. So these carts wanted 23456789 10. And then I do my reading from here. Okay, So, like I said before, we'll just do a quick recap starting at Condom Annoyed. Then I moved to card number five. Wanted to three full seven. That's the personal car. Six. Right? And then card number 10. So they're all of the sprints that at the beacon dream. So they're the spreads that you could do. Now they're heaps of sports out there. Just jump on Google and find something that resonates with you. There are clock spreads there, ones that go in tight diamonds and triangles. Find a sprint that's going to work for you, and that's going to resonate with your style. Find something that works really, really well with you, but it's not a matter of just reading from 1 to 10 or something about that. You've actually got to start with. The scarier cards are hurts in a few years and then move your way around the story. Cross reference on the cards with the graphics with questions from the Seeker and help out your sinker for the future. So up next, I'm going to show you how to do online sessions. It's simple, it's easy, and the links to it are all available in the manual, I'll say in the future. But by 23. How to get your service online: way. Welcome to how to do online physicians today. I'm going to teach you how to do your terror readings. Online energy is energy, so it doesn't matter whether a person is coming into your private practice what you're doing, this an affair or a show. Or perhaps you'd like to offer your services to people all across the globe. It's a really great fun to do, and it's one of those things that you get to experience so many different cultures and languages and modalities. It's so, so much fun. So let's get you started. So the first thing you're going to need is a program called Zoom said. It's a conferencing call video program. It's very, very simple and very, very easy. Your plans and pricing can stop from free, and it conquer our foods from there. I highly recommend you sign up for the base plan and pricing because it goes for longer than 45 minutes. Then, on the free program, you'll find that you can only have a a 40 minute session, not on the free program, and you'll find that most your readings will go longer than 40 minutes so you can go on the provision. That's what I'm on, and it's about $22 a month. It's not very expensive, or you can purchase it out right for the entire year and you can have all of your integrations. You can record the meetings, you can download them, and it makes it so much simpler to send someone a link to the online meeting, then what it is to try and integrate with times and availability and all that sort of stuff . So please go and download Zoom now they're very, very good. I recommend Zoom over Scott because it is more stable when it comes to the Internet connection. And I've never had a dropout in the whole, you know, 10 years I've been doing this, so it's really, really good and very, very simple to use. I'll show you some of zoom now, for this is I Zoom session here. So this is a zoom session here. If I go to up to the top left hand corner and click on home, all I have to do is start up a meeting or join a meeting. So I'm going to click on new meeting. So this is a new meeting here pulls that recording, so this is a new made him here. You'll see it down in the bottom left hand corner. There is a market for it, and that's for you know, your microphone were really quite simple stuff you will see on the next part. Button is all about your video. So what videos you're going to use and how you're going to project in an image to your seeker Now, when it comes to your videos for your seeker, So I actually have two cameras Hook Doctor Zone, and I'll show you that. So if I go into my video settings says a down would camera through, this is one I've just got hooked up to the top. You can see the images off it in the manual, and this is when I got hooked up to the top and it just projects down and click it off. Make and see these is my actual cart, so that's the color of my car. So when I'm doing a zoom session, I will flip between the two cameras so I will have one on me, and I will also have one on the cards because my secret wants to see the spread. They want to see the cards that are available. So that's why I decorate my hands when I'm doing it. My readings. So that's how you do that. Okay, so if I go into my camera settings, I'll just get that camera really running now through. If I click on that, you could see this is how my client will see this. So it's a little bit fudgy at the moment because I don't have my lights up and running. But this is what most people will see when they're getting a reading done. Now the camera that I use is called C 9 to 2 per. The's are absolutely fantastic, and they have green screen built into them. So if you decide that you're going to expand their and use your green screen, then this is a camera that I recommend. I have two of these cameras. One is to see me, and the other one is facing down to see the carts. Absolutely amazing camera, this one so you can get other green screen ones that are cheaper. But this one does 10. 80 p, which is the highest resolution for a whip care the whole stop that now. So nothing I like to do is to actually play music when my clients are tuning in. So I will get the camera of unrolling and then I'll play background music. So I simply go to share in the last meeting which screen I would like to share on down on the Left kind corner. I have share computer sound so I can click on that and I can grow share. So now it will be showing some sharing that's going on, and this is to the client. So you can't say these, but if I actually get my music off and running, you will be able to hear the order that's going on in the background. Thank you way with energies and really, really teaching. When I'm doing an online session as well, I also record decision and then I a mild a person the reading again because I may want to look over it again and enjoy it once more so I give them a recording as well, and you can also invite more participants and you can chat to them and you could do lots of lots of awesome stuff. You will see all of the equipment that I have available for my readings in the manual, So please jump on that. It's you know, you've got your cameras in there. You headphones your lights, a green screen, and it really isn't that expensive to set up. Now, if you want to live some more advanced online sessions on how to get your product or service online, I do have that available in my modern mentoring. You'll find the link in the manual, and you can save $200 off AM would mentoring with the curd that is in the manual so up next meditate. You had to expand out your healing services. So it's not just about terror baiting. It's also about more than that. I'll see in the next video, but by 24. Expand your healing: So now I'm going to teach you how to expand our your healing service. I'm going to show you a quick little video just before I get into that. And this is after I've done a terror reading for a client that was overseas. I have a blanked out her face through, therefore, to keep, uh, confidential reality and privacy available. So yeah, I just have a listen and enjoy what happened to your heart. Make sure it is gone. Make sure it has disappeared. Tim, Is it there? What? Has it gone? It's gone. I feel like like the looking society off the like. It can't be that quick, you know? And we'll go back into the mouth. Yeah, Let's go back to Ah, that was beautiful. Far Yes. Beautiful missions. You had to live. Yes. Yes. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Listens. You, Harlow. So at the end of each one of my readings, I offer a healing service known as the each been in most of my readings, people will cry, laugh Kreis, Immel and then feel really relieved. So whilst the secret is in this receptive state, it's a perfect opportunity to offer some deeper healing. That's not just about the cards. It's about eliminating emotions from the past, so therefore we can here for the future. The each bin is a healing session occurs anywhere from between 10 to 30 minutes on an officer secret opportunity to go back in time and to heal the hurt that inside them I do the healing based on the event that the Seeker has told me about during the reading. If you'd like to learn the each been healing, it is available in the modern mentoring. It is a hypnosis technique about super virtuality and self love. All information is available in the manual. Thank you so much for coming with me on this journey. Are blaming the Terry. Please go out there and start helping heal people and just enjoying this wonderful, wonderful modality that you have. If you would like to learn more than please jump onto the specialty hypnosis training with Palin and karma Facebook page, it's completely frank free to join, and it's a beautiful and welcoming community, but otherwise so that I'll see you in the future have a wonderful day. Bye bye