Learn the Rules: No Matter It's Forex or Ctyptocurrency no.3 | Maryam Arian | Skillshare

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Learn the Rules: No Matter It's Forex or Ctyptocurrency no.3

teacher avatar Maryam Arian, Still much to learn

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. What to Expect In This Class

    • 2. Types of Patterns

    • 3. Reversal Pattern: Head and Shoulders

    • 4. Reversal Pattern: Inverse Head And Shoulders

    • 5. Reversal Pattern: Double Top and Bottom

    • 6. Reversal Pattern: Cup and Handle

    • 7. Continuation Patterns

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About This Class

In this course you will learn everything about stock market and crypto trading step by step. Things you will learn in this course:

  • The structure of stock market and crypto market
  • Technical Analysis
  • Different patterns
  • Technical indicators
  • The optimal point to sell and buy
  • Trading psychology
  • Risk management
  • Money management

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Maryam Arian

Still much to learn


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1. What to Expect In This Class: Hi, this is Maryann. I'm in trading market for more than six years and I'm here to teach you my learnings in these years. Learn the rules no matter its phonics or cryptocurrency, is the name of a multi-class course which I'm going to teach you step-by-step in different classes. In this course, you will learn everything about stock market and cryptocurrency trading by covering beginner and intermediate level information. You're going beyond the right path to become a successful trader. I will teach you trading psychology, risk management, and money management techniques. So UV know how to behave in different situations. By the end of this class, you will understand the structure of his psych and crypto market, and you will now have analyzed the currency you are trading by learning technical analysis. Also, you will know how to spot the best chart patterns and candidacy patterns, as well as the best technical indicators in order to buy and sell at optimal point. At the end of each class, you should do a project and show me what you have been learned. Now, lying is story short. Let's start our first class. 2. Types of Patterns: In this session we're going to talk about patterns. There are two kinds of patterns. One, reversal pattern and to continuation patterns. Reversal patterns are the ones that happen in floor or ceiling, which means a change in the prevailing trend is about happen. These patterns are suitable for finding the end of the market. There are another patterns which are for meaningless trends. And because the continuation patterns, there are two famous universal patterns. While Head and Shoulders pattern and to double cup pattern. I'm going to talk about them in details in the next part. 3. Reversal Pattern: Head and Shoulders: Okay, Let's start with our first reversal pattern. That is head and shoulders, as you can guess by the name, despite ion has a head and two shoulders. If it happens at ceiling, in my field would experience a transversal resulting in a downtrend even meet your previous knowledge. According to our previous sessions, we can't say why this trend would change in this picture because at its last move, the price couldn't pass its previous top and bypassing its previous bottom. Downtrend begins. As we mentioned before, we should expect this pattern in the end of the market, for example, in a daily timeframe, the pattern could happen after athletes three months. What I mean is that there is no need to scale then the trend is dressed begin, then you shouldn't start looking for these patterns. We can use this head and shoulder pattern to find a target point. In one approach, we should measure head to neckline and put it where the neckline ends. Neck line is the line which connects the two last pivots. Here, they expect the price to decline for at least 1.5. It could be declined for two or three times two. But 1.5 times is for sure. Some points about Head and Shoulders pattern. The timeframe between left shoulder and head and dry children head is usually equal. If the highest of both shoulders are the same, we can expect a better reverse. There is usually a coup bag after the neck line. 4. Reversal Pattern: Inverse Head And Shoulders: Inverse head and Shoulders pattern is the opposite of previous pattern and it happens in town trends actually is an ideal situation for buying. In this pattern. Price would have a higher floor and as it passed the previous top, it gives a buying signal here. Expect to rise for athletes two times more. So practical points, you should know you better by Arthur Poole back, let me show you the uncharged the research he pointed to by men. You can see two or three bullish candle over the neck light. Now the question is, if you buy it, We're back there. Should you consider your supplies? And the closest pivot? Which means if the price declines to here, it's not the exit signal yet, and it may rise after that. In this way, our pattern has gained another shoulder. They usually say the best time to enter the market is when your take profit is more than your supplies. But does it mean? It means if this is our HTP, we're going to take it and put it here, which means It's rise to here. And this was our supplies. And if he put it here, it means like Spain into declined here. Now, if the takeover of it requires is more than a supplies, we can enter the market to tell you a general rule. As shoulders are smaller, they are more trust trouble. With this option lying position. You can have risk to reward ratio. If you put it at distort the upper level for profit client and the lower one for last five. Now, it will calculate the risk to reward, which is a number. And it's better to have a number greater than two. 5. Reversal Pattern: Double Top and Bottom: To seek out a reversal pattern I'm going to introduce you is doubled top pattern, which looks like at m rather, the same philosophy applies here. But instead of 2D peak, It's just to, again, my first cans patch is previous tab and have a lower body. When the price gets here gives an exit signal and the expected one to two times f price decline. And other pattern is doubled by them, which happens at floors like before, price would reach a higher burden and passes previous tab. 6. Reversal Pattern: Cup and Handle: Okay. As it can be seen by his picture, this pattern looks like a cough. Check it on a daily timeframe. The pattern can last for six months. In this pattern, when the crisis, which its previous task, it would place a short decline. The decline shouldn't be more than 1 third of the size. And as the selling, again, we expect it to grow as the clubs height. Leicester, you dispatcher and area charts. It's the Apple company. Here we can see a capacitor. Hello, is sharper beds. And if we draw this line, and here, there is a decline in price. We expected it to grow as this height and it had derived as you save. Okay, I tell you important universal patterns and stay with me and I'm going to color in continuation patterns in next video. 7. Continuation Patterns: Continuation patterns happened in the middle of a trend, and they can actually be good opportunities for buying. What I mean is that even if you lost the first entry point, you can enter the market later by the science. Let me show you the market cycle once again, I have to tell you an introduction to Elliot here. An upward trend would be like this. In five waves at trend would start as this picture after the fifth wave accumulation phase were discharged. And that can be five devs to look at deaths, wave and 12345. Now, murders does a continuation patterns of care here at the end of wave two. And for this numbering the waves to get it better, 12345. So in an upward trend, we are waiting to Y at the end of wave 24. Now in wave 2, there is a leader correction which looks like a zigzag like this. On the other hand, way for is not that simple and looks like this. Although the timeframe of a four is usually bigger than wave to an important point. The decline in wave 2 is usually so sharp and it's the opposite of weight 4. And the reason behind this is mentally, you may ask why? Now? Because they've too happens after a line accumulation and the market mating, it's a steal. The following of previous phase. So many would sell what they address but was invade for the market won't scare easily because they say a good rise before that. So is it still optimization? And they go 45. Okay, I told a introductions so I can cover the main topic, leeches, continuation patterns, the most famous pattern in continuation patterns, these triangles, you see these numbers in technical analysis. They say it should be at least five collecting points to verify triangle pattern, and it usually occurs invaded four is actually the same as two quartiles, which are set before, as there is some line breaks, it makes a new interior point. Okay, how should it be determined target point? In taking a cut analysis, they say, the market can grow by each size I have here to here. But usually it can grow more. Sometimes. There is another situation and it's called ascending triangle. In the floors are heading up VD. If we see it in a downward trend, we call it descending triangle, and siblings are heading downwards in it. Just be careful here too, not to mistake it with a triple pattern with counting could help you here. Here and Amazon company chart, you can see the triangle pattern, which is an ascending triangle, a, B, C, D, E. It's broken the resistor line and then behalf continuation of a trend. Okay, let's go back to other continuation patterns. There's another pattern which they call it expanding triangle is my iPad Air. And then it usually appears when there is an unexpected and shocking news. I recommend you to enter the market here. Because as I said, it's not a normal pattern. Usually there is a growing wave after this pattern, but it's going to fall after that. The next pattern is rectangle pattern is actually the same as triangle pattern with equal size. And we expect it to grow as this size. Do are some other patterns, which we call them flags. And they can be like rectangle and triangle patterns. But what's the difference? The difference is that they are so squeezed when Michelle you, again, it's Amazon chart as this triangle pattern looks like this. The flag bad end would be like this. It's so compressed and it's also much shorter timeframe. You cannot count the waves here. For example, if the triangular with lies one to three month, the flag would be under one month. Assume instead beginning of a wave. If you see a flag and second wave, third-wave would be so sharp and we can expect it to grow to here. See this picture. We had the second situation. If you see a frog like this, it can be the exit secondary. I have a little homework for you and please do it. Don't forget that. It's not important how many times you watch these videos. As long as you don't practice and don't get used to the shapes, you won't learn anything.