Learn the Basics of Acrylic Painting - Let's Paint a Landscape! | The Artmother | Skillshare

Learn the Basics of Acrylic Painting - Let's Paint a Landscape!

The Artmother, Professional Art Teacher and Artist

Learn the Basics of Acrylic Painting - Let's Paint a Landscape!

The Artmother, Professional Art Teacher and Artist

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6 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Experiments

    • 3. Basics of Landscape

    • 4. Simple color theory

    • 5. Let's Paint a Landscape

    • 6. Landscape Upgade

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About This Class


This short course is designed for CREATIVE and CRAFTY people, so YOU don't need to be an artist! I will tell you every information, you need to know and you will be able to paint a SIMPLE, but AWESOME Landscape painting - You know... THE WINTER IS COMING:D

You will learn the Basic Composition of Landscape paintings, Simple Color Theory and some practical tips, how can you make your paintings UNIQUE and ORIGINAL:D

SHARE you results! I am looking forward to see them!

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The Artmother

Professional Art Teacher and Artist


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1. Introduction: welcome to leave so far to my name's Alexandra and I'm going to be your teacher today, boys Discourse sport. The course is designed for creative and cracked people. So you don't need to be an artist. I don't cut off the difficult artery and stay simple. Are your craft person who wants to create painting than the course is for you are your creative person feels the creative energy as the need to create Then of course, is for you. Do you want to just simply learn the basics of actually painting than the course is for you ? For our you know, our students who wants to improve his painting skills You're in the right place. Do you expect I'm about to help you in the creation process? However, I will not limit your individual creativity. This is why I will tell you every information you need to know on the user practical exercises At the end you will be able to paint a picture all by yourself. What is the online? The lip of online are true is basically me. Thank you. It is an art you where you can create really and get all the support I'm a professional art teacher holding a monster degree in art education. I have seven years of teaching experience. I have thought Children off every age and also ago. The thing I discovered 30 years is that not everyone wants to be a Picasso or feel an art gallery. Most of the people just want to paint a nice picture today. Homes, they are called. They will not learn painting or drawing just by assignments like going draw that help that guy? No, they need guidance. And then here for them on here for you. So please find a Facebook group and join me in the little before Lines are true. Share your results get inspired. And Molly, wait. 2. Experiments: Hi guys. It's other sons In this lecture you are going to learn about layering relation and blending or mixing of colors. Let's do some experiments. Ah, like a bird on a tree. I'm just sitting here. I got, uh It's clear to see from appear World seem small Waken sit Teoh It's so beautiful you and wait outdoor forever free Take a step I see from a distance meant to be the great outdoors forever free great out door 3. Basics of Landscape : Hi guys. I'm always Sandra. Welcome to label full in our room in this section. We are going to deal wih landscapes. I promised you to keep things simple and I will. So we are going to deal with basic composition off landscape paintings on we're going to also typical very. And at the end, we are going to connect these two basic composition off landscape is, uh, this guy on the horizon line which winds to are awful necks. I don't know for sure The position off Horizon Line is very important. It determines or focal point. Focal point is a focus for attention. So if people doing horizon life Lo then focuses on this high, if it wouldn't high focuses on the land and a section we are going to deal with first case . So we are going to put on a horizon line low on We're going to paint a beautiful, colorful sky. You can notice that Also photography Onda, let's get me thinks the former is a rising now. Okay, so we are not going to paint landscapes like this. But like this, there is another third were going to deal with on its silhouette. I'm sure you know what it is? It's basically a zoo. Thing is lead from behind your concedes shape, which is fully black. Now, watch the presentation. Following his lecture about single core theory on After that, read me to bring all these things together. One things. This guy, the horizon line. Delenn call is on sale. I think of five things. Okay, by 4. Simple color theory: hi guys. In this section, you are going to learn about simple color theory so it cause you can set a mood, attract attention or make statement. You can use a color to energize or to cool down colors of factors in numerous ways, both mentally and physically. For example, a strong red color has been shown to raise the blood pressure, while a blue color has a calming effect. Look at the painting off Salvador Dali and clothed money on feel the difference. Dali's painting is energetic. While Monet's painting has a calming effect, it is really, really calm and in harmony. Now let's see what is the color wheel? How will you or color circle is the basic tool for combining coast. The first circle Karl diagram was designed for Sir Isaac Newton in 16 66. The color wheel is designed so that virtually any color you pick from it we look good together. Over the years, many variations of the basic design have been made, but the most common version is a wheel of 12 colors. Based on R R Y B or artistic color model. These are 12 colors on the color. You can see it on the picture. Let's move on. There are free main colors. They're called primary colors. It's red, yellow and blue. With the mixing off these colors. You can create all the colors on the color wheel, so there are free secondary colors. You can create them by mixing the primary colors. For example, you can create green by mixing blue and yellow. You can create orange by mixing yellow and red, and you can create purple with make saying blue and red. And there are another 6 30 every colors, and they are created by mixing primary and secondary colors. The color circle can be divided into warm and cool colors. Mark colors are within an energetic and tend to influence in space. Cool colors given impression off comb and create suiting depression. White, black and great are consider to be no troll. 5. Let's Paint a Landscape : Hi guys. It's not like something drop in this lecture. We are going to paint a landscape. You can paint this one, but feel free to experiment. E used cool colors blue and purple, but you can use warm colors also, for example, red and yellow. As I said, we put or horizon line to the lower part so that the sky is more dominant. Okay, we put our seal. It's to the centre. It makes the Skylar's dominant. I will show you in a minute. What was the reason you can paint any cigarette landscape? Mom chains sit escape just a tree or people get inspired on being dressed. Now let's look, how does God together? - All right now or layer is dry. Now we are going to start with are still wets Take black color. I'm not going to pre dro it, but I recon Mark recall. But I recommend you to dio 6. Landscape Upgade: It looks great on the wall, but let's add a little white magic.