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Learn the "Art Line Drawing" technique

teacher avatar Damien Barban

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Presentation

    • 2. Drawing the sketch

    • 3. Starting the drawing of the lines

    • 4. Drawing with art lines technique

    • 5. Final step of the inking

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About This Class

In this course, I'm going to teach you how to use what we call the "Art Line Drawing" technique. This technique is replacing the normal details of a your drawing by plenty of lines that will composed you illustration. All the details, shadows and so on will be created with triangles, lines and other geometrical shapes. I hope you will find in this technique a very interesting style, feel free to ask me any questions you may have if you need more advises. 

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1. Presentation: In this course, I'm going to teach you how to do line art drawing. This is a very specific drawing technique that she's going to create some character's faces and other kind of object with only lines. In this videos, I'm going to give you the example of a face draw only with triangles, lines, and very simple forums. I will show you every steps from the sketching to the inking of the drawing. This technique is very interesting because you can create very powerful illustrations and interesting style. This is a very specific style. This is a black and white example, but you can also use color techniques for this, for these drawings. So I'm showing you also this course with a software which is Clip Studio Paint. But you can use any other software like Photoshop or clipped your paint, or Krita or whatever the software you want to use. You can also use a tablet or you can use normal pencil and normal paper. You will see this technique can be applied with many tools. And no matter what you are using, you can apply. The advice is, I'm going to teach you in this course. Then when you're done with this course, I will be glad to receive your different artwork. You can send me the artwork you have done and ask me any question we have. And I will be glad to answer to all your questions. So welcome in this course, and I hope we really have fun in following, Oh, what I'm giving you here. 2. Drawing the sketch: First to speak it by the line drawing art. And it's like knowing some anatomy things are going to draw in this example, a face. This face is going to be composed of a nose and mouth here. And so the first step is going to be the drawing of the sketch where using clips you pain. But this technique can work also with other softwares like photoshop, Krita are all the kind of drawing softwares. First, we're going to draw this cage of the face. I'm doing novel and drawing the neck. My drawing is going to be cut right here. Just to create a kind of very interesting drawing. Okay? So now we have the major axes of the face, which is going to be here. And we're going also to have a line here because the face is now totally novel. So you can first draw this sketch on your document. When this is done, we can trace a line and that place. When this is done, we have the nos appearing here. We just mark with a kind of V. And then we're going to have the mouth anchoring this form. The mouth is going to be this, this and that. If you have some difficulties to draw it, just do this exercise. It's in Trieste, step 123. Now, we're going to add a kind of hole, black hole here, because mass is going to be open. And we have here another line. If we have to do this, terribly, we have 1, 2, 3, 4. We fill it with black, and 45. Then we have here a line. And this is D, The Joe. When you are done with this, you can add an eye and that place. You can draw kinda oval like this. And inside is all your drawing. Another form like this. And we have a Canon offline going here. We should the eyebrow. And we can start erasing with the areas are here. The use less constriction line. We have the line of the job that we can continue here. And we can change this language was too large. Then we can add the here and that place. And We have here the hairs. Now I can erase the unnecessary lines. 3. Starting the drawing of the lines: Okay. Now we have the neck which is a little bit here. If it's too large, it's not good. Because if you draw men, are going to draw a larger neck. If this is a woman, you can draw a smaller neck. Now we're going to add this kind of line effect. I'm going to create a new layer. And I will decrease the opacity of this drawing layer. Again, 30. Now I'm going into my new layer and I will select black ink. I will keep this brush selected and I'm going to draw the eye first. So this line-drawing art is very interesting because you are using straight lines to draw illustrations. So I'm drawing the inside of the eye. And even the forms inside the eyes are done with lines. And then you can use hatchlings to make the details. It's very simple technique than do the arts. A doodle answer are more free in the tile or using this die is very specific because you are never doing curves in your drawing. Actions. You can even slightly change the size of the lines. But you are not playing with very thin lines and fake lines. The thickness is not knowing much. Every shadows and details are done with hatching. And you can follow this yourself by trying to do the same a hatchlings I'm doing here. I will try to trace the eyebrow. I can draw geometrical forms. This is not going well and just raising and then drawing the lines inside every forms. It could take time if you want to do something else like landscapes, the kind of stuff. But right here we're just going to focus on the face where she's going to teach you, how you can draw it with this tile. Alright, so now the nose is going to be here, so I'm going to drop very close lines here to get the shadows. 4. Drawing with art lines technique: And we tried to get something very close to what we are supposed to have. The human anatomy. You can see I'm using a lot of triangles. Not much rectangle is yet trying to make a lot of lines to suggest the shadows. If the lines are not perfect and doesn't matter. This is irrelevant style that can be done with very rough lines. That you have to keep this straight lines effects. Anyway. You can change the sense of the lines when you change of the form. And I churn in another sense for this here and there, another form. And then we can keep some form in white. Because the firms with the hatchlings are the ones that are touched by the shadows. And we'll close this and another triangle. And we can do plenty of train goes around the eyes. Just to make this more clear that we have farms and small details. You can see that we have triangles. Then you can join this triangle's to this one and has we have less shadows here. We are drawing lines but with more space in between. And then another triangle here and there. And just while you're playing the different size and space between the line, you can create this effect. Can draw the line of the mouth. And I'm not filling with black and just using very close lines. And even the mouth can be composed of different angles. This technique can also be done with very normal pencils. Simple paper. Then train girls and all the white of the eyes can end of this keen, sorry. It can be done with very normal forms. Triangles, drawing straight lines here. Their neck. And we have here the shadow of the other phase. In here. 5. Final step of the inking: And all this part of the face will be also filled with shadows. So we are going to have very dark area. You are always continue to face with different geometrical forms, especially triangles. And you make more lines on the triangles where you have the shadows of the face. I'm doing very fast lines, but you can take time to do very clean lines. Just to show you the technique. And if I hide the sketch layer, we have something very interesting. Okay, Continue here. Angels. And the hairs are this time composed of line going in the areas. The lines anyway. And now we can continue to close this and probably the shadow parts to be complete full due for this. And we can, can create a kind of gradient by adding other forms. But we're going to have less lines inside this one's. Okay, and we can trace here. So you can see you always start from the shadows, which is composed of triangles with fourth lines. And then the second step is to draw the farms where we have less lines and then you have blank triangles in the intermediate of the face where the light is touching the most your face and willing to cut here right away. And just be more simple for this example. All right, and we're going to have shadows here some little bit here. And lead to kit here to complaints. To make this in the frame I'm going to fill like this. This is framing my main illustration right here. Okay? Then completing the last triangles and the drawing. Now we can do let the kid chain and we have our drawing. And of course you can increase the area where you think it should be darker with more lines to make a kind of balance between white and black areas. So we have, by the way, I made a mistake. There is this. Here. We have the mouth. As we can suggest, by just a white form that we can keep some sometime it can come from white. Just white without any triangle inside it. Okay. I will just reframe it a little bit. And if the dark frame is not fitting to what you want, you can just frame with white. And I will just change this one. And good. And you have your beautiful line drawing arts. So this is very rapid example. We can really take time to take your illustrations and to, to decide where are the shadows and the lights. And adding lines on the triangles, composing your drawing with triangles and heading into triangles. I am the shadows area with more lines than the white and the lambda2 triangles. And a higher supposed to be the light aria, which are not much composed of lines. So thanks for watching and feel free to ask me any question. If you have if you have some difficulties. I will be glad to receive also your different drawing down with this technique. You can share them with me. And I will, if you need any advice, is I will be also the reality.