Learn juggling NOW! - from the basics with 3 to 5 balls! | Lucas Abduch | Skillshare

Learn juggling NOW! - from the basics with 3 to 5 balls!

Lucas Abduch, A juggler with a camera!

Learn juggling NOW! - from the basics with 3 to 5 balls!

Lucas Abduch, A juggler with a camera!

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20 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. 01 - Learn the cascade with 3 balls!

    • 2. 02 - first tricks with 3 balls

    • 3. 03 - 2 Balls in one hand

    • 4. 04 - 3 balls: 423

    • 5. 05 - columns

    • 6. 06 - 441

    • 7. 07 - Windmill

    • 8. 08 - 3 balls Mills Mess

    • 9. 09 - Box

    • 10. 10 - Shower

    • 11. 11 - 3 balls blind - off-the-chest

    • 12. 12 - Multiplex Start

    • 13. 13 - 3 balls Backcrosses

    • 14. 14 - 4 balls fountain

    • 15. 15 4 ball start with one on the head

    • 16. 16 Cascade Multiplex 4B

    • 17. 17 - 4 balls blind: off-the-chest

    • 18. 18 - 5 balls cascade

    • 19. 19 - understanding Siteswaps

    • 20. 20 How To Make Your Own Juggling Balls

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About This Class

Juggling is an amazing activity!

It's great for coordination, mantaining a health body, exercising movement and believe it or not: making new friends!

Today I have the pleasure to bring you more than 15 juggling classes, from the basics with 3 balls to advanced tricks and the 5 ball cascade! 

The classes are originally in portuguese but all the videos have english subtitles.

All you need to start learning is your body and at least 3 balls, on the bonus class I teach you how to make your own balls with baloons, if you don't have yours yet.

have fun!

These are the classes we will have together in this course:

  • 1. Learn the cascade with 3 balls!

  • 2. first tricks with 3 balls

  • 3. 2 Balls in one hand

  • 4. 3 balls: 423

  • 5. columns

  • 6. 441

  • 7. Windmill

  • 8. 3 balls Mills Mess

  • 9. Box

  • 10. Shower

  • 11.3 balls blind - off-the-chest

  • 12. Multiplex Start

  • 13. 3 balls Backcrosses

  • 14. 4 balls fountain

  • 15. 4 ball start with one on the head

  • 16. Cascade Multiplex 4B

  • 17. 4 balls blind: off-the-chest

  • 18. 5 balls cascade

  • 19. understanding Siteswaps

  • 20. How To Make Your Own Juggling Balls

Hope you enjoy it, feel free to let me know what you think.

All the tutorials have english subtitles embeded.

If you need a juggling ball we ship worldwide from malabarizese.com, just drop me a message!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Lucas Abduch

A juggler with a camera!



My name is Lucas Abduch. I'm a juggler, youtuber and videomaker from Brazil passionated about learning, teaching and sharing knowledge!

My main project is the channel Malabarize-se with more than 500 high quality juggling and circus videos. I also produce a weekly newsletter called THE SOURCE, it is in portuguese but easy to translate (there's a link on the bottom of each email),with high quaity recommendations of videos, books and more! 

Now you can find some of my tutorials here on skillshare!

I'll be producing courses on several topics, not only juggling and circus, stay tuned!

I wish you an amazing life!

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I'm goingto Federman, Emiliano Reyes bodies You have ask a stage, for example. Like that opinion muse, mess you in uniform. 3. 03 - 2 Balls in one hand: so happy for his body. Is former blame issued a statement? I see. Do training straight reassigns four coolants there any samples doing lots of good? 4. 04 - 3 balls: 423: this side of suburbs Trade unions you take it. Sometimes you got doing body is human but the stress inside people Safety needles Science in draft Animal Victoria Open skies Automation So sideswipes no one strays a fatal one Some into your mouth One million screws in cedar Woman somethingto remains Mamoon I was at school move So who have that's part of this race that's tracing cool owners You wanted the Straits things saver kissing graffito one cement cruzado Scottish Straight Yes, See you to put unless I'm in a big problem is no more. 5. 05 - columns: That was the government's. I made similar Turness. You know, some guys through Syncronys. I've been simplicity. The constituents are good bye Simpleton image for you went away. Single. Maintaining trace foods was a common genetic Kruky cannot. Sherman was started for you or gold States. My troops does this thing that says I have signs. 6. 06 - 441: the chicken was made. So much rain. Think you're in Saturday's withdrew concession? Don't something parallels water. You want something, Nokomis? Thanks further up in a straight bigots, I think my stay Got to get my stink. The boys training Komisaruk Casca The best system a science. 7. 07 - Windmill: exactly. Mr Joyce troops when some inspired by a brass shop. We have shower because but he had a major change, unless I mean for about the past. Training techniques to give for this is on Simon's coach Homage Jea schools. Once I makes your health shower, you will see a start up region. You see 751 cement Seema, who shot such a vet problemas in comments on Scott Cheated Go State. But 17 Jessica and my slash form. Aside from Brussels, results among key sub semen on his brilliance. Linda Sagebrush Lots. 8. 08 - 3 balls Mills Mess: Finally, there's a window Lego you can trace for years now. I don't feed. Separated. They're silicon. Simply cruise on your mama. Turkey parts not terribly cheaper. May miles apart. Both states. Price training, straight movements, most grasses results. It was born here among science. Seema Jacket, Primary Quantities Cruiser. Yes, I grew apart. Breaths as I was about your struck out of your mouth. What kind of jobs? You know, cremated, wanted, just screws up. My job gets sick, you know, just Yes. I want you back there any basis. Trespasses. It was supposed to get out for the 1,000,000 business. I mean, there's mesons passes through one of those methods. Achieve iconic Sanjay. Fascinating, venomous mess about. You have asked us cage when as you got a ball, I think Sonya region unions mass. Some troops. Ciccone acting fast image. Pretend up, Bring the spring training 9. 09 - Box: that seven goes through extended names. But I see this my such feelings courtroom myself box. Now that I look in my mama's in the quad yeah, a little unsettled What she's seen. Don't anything that for millions look a problem for the same. Let's I mean, you know, it's she's mama. Bro was like that. What Clichy's You put a minute bus, but when we start a war, the boys conduit bodies so many dishes, blameless cats does most potential issues. Once again, it's obeying. God loves pinch further countries volumes. My handsome Quad Inches wishes but analysts. I'm in some schools. No, but would it make sense? Is this a myself? Centers. They think that such millions, that's a self they believe Pretoria. Right to be at least pick up signs. Bailey English box, stomach together, shower. Oh, shoot up ended up in there 10. 10 - Shower: get sick, as was Mills. Let's home is one thing. Go on a box that it wasn't something does. She's over my best base invasion when somebody screws in her, she's golden Scott trays bowls pretty major bench father on some Instru shower camera spies , then stripping. Nobody's My name is because once I made so simple, I got a complaint. Body Let's present from Assad, said Quincy. Possible in some into your shower? Actually, my since I made some schools. Get out of the shower. That was a little something. Shower bodies, vegetable, stoppable. Something screws up seven fittings. Maybe not. 11. 11 - 3 balls blind - off-the-chest: that's a bit of a best hostage. Just making a story out. What's happening? Silvery out such pastimes coming. But you're saying Mayor Jim, in order, it's a vast stage. You go messing. Clean out some extra. Judas also excels most French off the job dumpling bench for lettuce COMESA Presently no price pressures. My favorable topples My suggestion. Special fees for the Jarrett entrees. Kabam off 93 Mobile. So many bring tragedy. True Children started ordering delicacy by this proclamation, promised by simple key much peace in travelers Rest Grant this through. You know nothing movement gentian. I will make my sponsor kind of squeeze your breasts for my full of It's about saving through Medicaid. Same troupe will have ask a stage over one, some 80 something some semen legend. This also 12. 12 - Multiplex Start: my job is to put of it. Some of the voices throw trace, trace, trace plot starting Sunday through education. Survive. This is Trey Streets, Mama, but some of us are queer. Don't try for God Knows something to munch Blacks Company got in this moment. Elsie Good A promotable calls trace primitives This well, The Guardian. Can you imagine? Yes, Signorina won a lot of human gene. Not a volume of ease, My spirit. Straight. Primitive goods. I wasn't myself. Experimental in stock was blues. Most body and altering fails in Senate demise. Oh, manager steps about ability number Truth is, most blacks checkerboards. So still inside those balls in which blacks my sit bodice probably tries to my spots, I will support them. They have been even pocos glasses for this judge. Pull safely. Training lots like that may have once had a single problem. Appraisal ago. Boston Video. It's Boston, but 13. 13 - 3 balls Backcrosses: balls that was having a stroke. It's not ladies your balls, balls e some interest. You guys want some incentive? It you the same. She was somebody who is covering the back close by. Pressure is in the basement of the trays. Racine second, infinitesimal summits. 14. 14 - 4 balls fountain: not phone, but he has no cruise on your mama long as you do it. But useful weather knows just so happy. That's pressure with money in Kolkata. Mothers Mills It's a windy for venture. Parayno. He decides to abscond. Trace balls. Pickled Taylor's I mean straits. You got room something, Louise. You don't mean being do it. One year from Qatar, Mothers Mills commences Branch of flesh compatibles. The boys bombing Panamera Coltrane Look for humane, if you need it is said to contain train limits. The company did A for 1/4 training from scrabbling through Equitable isn't cool wins. 15. 15 4 ball start with one on the head: This is true of absolutes. Official possible route Saturday in Madison Square with Cassie. Possible as you got. Great boarding school in a cab is such a thing. The problem? A quiz. Trainers blow scores a separate agora. I did the second couple in the company's se jin Shin Guards to school, Mama. Basically the entire crew to promote my boss. So imagine feeds. Father, do the giraffe to the budget Sanoma policy. Medical massage. Got those bodies, Mama. He did point that several of the crew training Constitutional. Yes. Interval. Because opposition Gerard Comeau, simply about straight up is loves its true Kevin Simples. Happy Gina. Sodomy boys through his body. We got presents. She s a look at the Jewish. I hope I look as God is no tweeting bottom on Facebook A couple 16. 16 Cascade Multiplex 4B: stature blacks countries don't display cannot remain in which black second test porcelain. Some my job compatibles give same for no one said anything which place. But the way that static entrees bodies choose a proper balls do a magical moment. Even so, I guess it's just about being across cattle country. 40 years don't train you on something much flags. It wasn't there are grants problems. Ownership of print really is far cheaper. Drug compatibles will in some way too much, Black said. I'll say, Let's listen. Mexico Mexico Losing Column Oh, it's funny. A lot of benefited. The response to your father placed a guard scratching father mites the male ago. That Scott on the much blacks. Yeah, Father balls. Oh, but come on. Everybody assumed I got Scotland. Which black school sinker balls? 17. 17 - 4 balls blind: off-the-chest: fast forward eats a trace balls debate phone she want to pay as well as crews. Your sacred DOAs Kalama Dr for their phone synchro. Nika announcing Cronica Eriko mainly on Saturday in other parts of the cold, straight boys, only internal hemorrhage. Beggars imperceptibly. But I see the pope also tapping their phones. Compatibles. Primitivism, flesh, the voice says. For God's point. Regarding Syria, simple change Concentrates fell to consolidate the question Time Trapper should phone the emphasis should does for us humans. Semen. Oh, was I mean, losing travels a member Cities massage promotable My spots. Call Ingram. I think rather put your coat state 19,000,007 days on some extra phone use process, though a judge that prepared Plus I am is because together some countries balls so possible . Some expressed Seema debauched performance threats on off better balls with regard process . Individual co Medical said trainable Stretch commission ship people our age. Don't you hear? Nicety? So look, a dish hope. Look, I got treated by Facebook will set much to the agency 18. 18 - 5 balls cascade: well said No, but it's true. School trade bodies are operable Years My Smith Massino's stuff that straight said, Maybe no told our just think of all of no Ma but is fronting this tutorial thinks about some sites. Weps Personal Sadiq Click I Referendum Sink Billions. Why don't you kiss? Want Paris? Mr. Three Hours Traveling, but my started selling local Super Bowls. Scott. They see the country's monies Stock my eyes out. Openside sex. You won't change your habit. It's in Kabbalah, so single does noise with single praising single single DOJ's single single single single Zadar. You're single, single single room with support. Three nights Who pinches old branch openings are Pok survive familiar Casca made of trainable splashes. Country bodies, sites like City. A single single single. Later study, Not myself. Toys. Lots When the fat Volumes that single Cinco Cinco Cinco training going lots tummy by Asia operation at plastic balls, Premeditation Mark are further sink wiggles the poise, bombing 10 others. Biggles says such nice winch, but that comes to give us a moment. My state. So sick is that Osama Bania Jota corporate interests regards its part shares with a market progress. Nothing they do certain secret African myself. My scene. That's when I saw toys. Trace Trace Do is for about six separate gradient regional problem. Go save, you know, save cigarette. The pressure gassing Forney's So the page that so they got some Lehman's. You gotta believe me. I will sit on my special subject. You gonna bring this false market? Has That's a look. A Jewish bon Strainers agency Velicka Book. 19. 19 - understanding Siteswaps: starting in numerous. Numerous. Just take a couple of Adam or a president is that being part in Ramallah by reason of a strange contract on my sock was when you aside Schweppes. Oh, such up normal. It's inside trap secrecy Eyes Don't know. Some sin chronicles in anything throws a much place Senate taking another hit off a literal problem inbred 17 dipped in writing. My story, I submit, is up my mom a lot. Splichal Significant Kara Newman trays and want something normal that Scott Countries Dalliance Cruiser Mama, Bro, Joe Quattro. And once I mean time is removed comin a phone. Father balls. I want something to happen. The drama brought trays determine cruising my tiny ahead. Who do its powers are only something to be a machine. My company, Secret place and adore. It's from a Power sighs about its prosperous numerous, and somebody assigned to trace the quarter was embarrassed. Bunkers that approach You spied on selling static pigs filament mama to sink, for example, entrees and poke my eyes out. You said she in the mice. That's say's So let's having speaks from is normal for my results, and that's all the poison our vision commences are later diet school there until Fisica won't obey with those today. A simple don't happy. I want Something to Happen, Mama, but his powers are all on something, babe. Machine Promesa more with trace elements. I'm in prison for Monica. Scatter Country's values through one summit coming from school, patter balls from his mom a single entrees and poke my eyes out from a cruise. Save me, poke my eyes out. What would you stuff on? Sites up? Sickly size one thinks I think your mom alone. Some of the boys don't get scared. That generated Scared that Judy after my spot such that my bus countries balls out trays across cattle country billions could have a prescriptive praise. Praise, praise, praise, Praise mother. Instantly teacup purposely tally to ball something. A lot of these trees Watch what room single Those noise You're Singletary's body is in your bathroom. I see There is a phone, a single trace that Tsipras lots single, single, single scene presiding, single, single Single with such trace Trace trace With such a bathroom, you say spotted ways. Single body is adjusting sets up. See Scott such got Rather you might see more because it for them is this little supposes. And Chris is this the same tenor sites? Webs? Com said that defensive, but my seamless Calomiris embarrassed objects that Scott was. Objectives cruising. You bother my CDs. Numerous parties. Airfone com is removed. Can you just come? You has bought some frozen, such as tame Tamara residents don't lose mass countries. Balls inside trees appears largest grass starting prison as follows on from a proto You want something straight? Amazing Tasco back across as our Twitter Sohel achievers in trays. Sarah Mitchell on some and not so guarded it supports a single trace for being machine. What is important excites thing in the middle in much of a business common such pattern. Clattering, single and cement. It's in the middle for saving from misma log criminal such bathroom. Second, don't such like Okay, do that Boston bombing targeting national programming. So I hope you look at the average treated bottom all of our Facebook identity. The couple 20. 20 How To Make Your Own Juggling Balls: that's such buying my search for months in major before my committee. Babe out quite a few huge fights. The problem is she food, you know, for the last four years that we've always. But by the shooting, How much is water? No, not so much a portable. How she gets Prohibition. It was a system of such What's that? I don't know A court this year. Don't lose our mother strip. Maybe she got a 1,000,000. Avi, is that? See? I've got a question to the full knew that can occur in sufficient. Acceptable. There is no sprocket and she can advice copper. Somebody in the press commission about Obama prohibits chiming, and she's fuzzy. Maybe she could survivals up inhibition, some sort of mystical. And I limit I gotta crutches. Order Court, you people. That's a machine fast. Havisham ain't and maybe she get close like our boarding chest pains such vegetable dish for this are you? Register the program. Repeat this process. Minto. My straight machine. It was a quarterback chicas behavior Carabali Sales on my eyes. Pro government shells don't come. My sustains. You don't get on my state. I've got a soccer. Thousands about was which is a very soberly interphone. Billy, This is the ultimate rated schools. Three bodies, mullah bodies. Also, my video is false. The oldest woman about my last someone that wants to put the eyes in a second.