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Learn how to understand Instagram, perfect class for beginners and entrepreneurs

Therese Eriksson

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7 Lessons (2h 14m)
    • 1. The basic of Instagram

    • 2. Structure your feed to maximise reach

    • 3. Connect with people and grow your channel

    • 4. How to use Hashtags

    • 5. How to use Instagram Stories

    • 6. How to do Instagram Live

    • 7. BONUS! Extra tips on apps that will make your Instagram special

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About This Class

If you are a beginner or a entrepreneur that knows it is important to understand Instagram properly, I have made this class for you so you can easily understand what buttons to push and what all functions inside Instagram are about.

This class is for you who don't know how so much about instagram and want to use it for your business.
Even if you sell a service or product or just want to build a personal brand, this class is for you, so you can spread your word out to the instagram world.


1. The basic of Instagram: Hey, Welcome, Teoh. These instagram course, I'm super hummed. Teoh actually teach you basic instagram and working you to know to actually use this platform. I know a lot of entrepreneurs and conference ragers struggled by like just understand how you even upload a picture something this chorus I will go through everything. How do you know if this courses for you? Well, you are probably just in the beginning, off your 10 year. Maybe you are an entrepreneur or want to be a content creator and make a living out of Instagram. Then you probably want to know all the basic. The course is for you. Even if you are a little bit older. Maybe you have had your business for a while. But you don't quite understand these old social media things on especially instagram. How how they're used platform. Why should I use it for my business? Then it's probably a good idea. We used to just not all the basic on how you usually give some ideas on how you can reach out new customers and new people that can come and bite from you. My name is serious, Erickson and I'm a Swedish content creator. and our videographer that had been using Instagram for almost 23 years. Now I'm super excited to teach you everything you need to know about Instagram. How you can use it for your business. Or if you want to be a content creator, how you actually can apply it. And how you work with packed for the first module is going to be about basic finnstrom like , how do you upload? Oppose? How do you set the bio? How do you use the platform? Where's all the bottom? I'm going to teach you that in the first month. The 2nd 1 You I'm going to go through how you structure your feed and how you can plan in bounds how you actually can get upload photos and see so everything fits together. My deal is going to be about how you connect with people. How do you use in Seremban grow your brand on How do you make people aware your brand toward model is going to be all about hashtag if you don't know what a hash tag is, you need to watch this because hashtags is a really powerful way you can use to grow your brand and make people aware of who you are. Model is going to be about stories. Thesiger stories is a powerful way, with video and photos that you can cheer behind the scenes content with your followers, make people engaged in your coms and induced you short videos of through today. Oh, about your brand that makes them more aware of who you are. The six month view is all about in streamline and how you perform and how you set out on Instagram Live broadcast how you should think about when you're doing a lie. What would you be thinking about? What kind of value do you want to give to your audience? Loves model. Model seven is all about a deep type. We dig deep into some extra abs and some extra ways that you can stick out from the crowd on Instagram so you will attract more people because you are sticking out and doing some different things and all the rest, and that will make your audience more interested to come back to your accounts. If you know the basics, maybe you can just jump into hash ties or if you just are interested in how interim my works, you can jump into death model, but I would recommend you to actually go through the whole cores and see because it's always something new that you always find in. Like all aspects of instagram, they always update, and they always come with new things. Maybe I have some tips and tricks that you don't know about. If you could just walk away with one extra Lille saying that you can do to improve your use . Haram, why don't take that extra minutes to really figure out if you like this course, and I think it was helpful for you. Make sure that you you talk about it to your friends. Like if if you know someone to struggles within, surround more, they know that they need to be in east, around for the business or what they want to do in their life. Maybe you can just tell them about this course and let them know that this exist and can help them in their journey. I have a huge passion to reach out to people and let them know how they can actually spread their message. So if I can help them to reach out more people with their message. I would really, really love to help. Let's dive right into it. And first of all, if you haven't downloaded instagram app the instagram up, you should first do that. You go into your app store if you're no iPhone or the similar page on. If you're on a android and you search for Instagram, the logo is looking like this and just download it to your phone. When you come into instagram, everything will be blank after you have created an account. If you don't have created your count jets and just starting out and you want to create your new accounts and you are thinking, what name should I have having as basic as you can as close to your business name as it's possible? Make sure you if you are global health, for instance, you can test right global health. If that is occupied, you can use global underscore health or global dot health. You know, be creative global health 1 to 2 or something. Just keep it as E. C. And that remember, herbal s possible. And if you have a personal account, use your name as much as you can or If you are a food account, try to be as close as your niche as possible. When you have started your account, you can see that you can create business accounts and you can have personals accounts. And people is often thinking about what should I have and what should I do? We can just draw the line hair and say You should have both, because on your business account you can see statistics and you can see your followers much , much clearer, then on a personal account. And you can also connected to your business page on Facebook and you can do targeted marketing from there. So it's a huge, huge tool to really understand them, and that drives me into the subject off. Have a clear vision. Who, your customer s Who are they? How can you connect with them? Do you know how they live? And do you know what kind of culture they are? What kind of activities they like so on just deep dive and really know that that is core of business. But that is also a main part of knowing what opposed and how to build up your instagram. So you know how you can target them with Hashtags and other things that we will go through later on. Now, when we have opened app, Let's go through Instagram down to the left. You have a little button that looks like a little house down here we have the home screen or the home button. All the people that you follow and you are connecting with is going to show up here all the tags that you are searching for and you following you can follow difference. Hashtags. They're going to show up here, too. On top. You have the little camera button up to the left, and this camera takes you directly to your instagram story. The Instagram story. I will go through later in the course in another module, but this is basically what you see on top here all the phases and it's short stories that you can create up to 15 seconds that will be on your profile for 24 hours. This is a great tool to really get in a contact and create just content that will go away after for 24 hours. So here you get the opportunity to show your customers behind the scene. some projects you are going through or just different things that you want to show people further on. We have on top two to write. Ah, little arrow. I'm there. You will go into your direct messages. And guys, it's here. The magic is happening in here. You will talk to people directly. This is really important if you have a company and you want to reach out to people and you want to connect with them because you want to have people that is engaged with your content . So take us a habit that you always go in here and check out what messages you have. And if you have a new message, you will see up to the right corner. You see, Ah, blue circle There you are going to deceive. If you have a new message also down beneath your home page button, you will see that you haven't read little dot and that also indicates that you haven't a message that you probably want to answer. And when you go into your to your account ordinary our messages, you will see that you can shoots up to the right corner here on the search bar. You can see that you can press on these little bars. And I mean, if you press here, you can sort your messages through, like a NRI red and ward just the way I want to sort them next to your messages. You have a little red or orange little bottom up there. You have the instrument TV up, and if you go inside here, you can see that it's actually another app. But in ceramic Critic created this Ciric in search for videos in people you're following. And these is actually really good. If you want to have longer videos than just the videos, you can have up on your stories. So this was This is quite similar as your videos on YouTube. If you use YouTube is just us. This is in vertical format, and the videos on YouTube are in widescreen format. Or, like the lying videos is room TV gives you a huge priority off what you can Kuwait. But think about this vertical video. Of course, you can do advertising and stuff like that for your other social media, but this is a platform that's meant to be vertical. So think about that, and here we can also off course, then make comments. And here you can also see that people are liking your videos and they can. Also, the special for Instagram TV is that you can search for videos here because that you can do with stories on the instagram next to the little home screen. The house button. You have the search bar on the search bottom here, you're going to see some suggested posts and people that you might want to follow Take out really good look at this one, because after a while, when you have been watching people, you're going to see content here that instagram feels and think that you are interested in to see on top on the search for you can see that you have suggested, like categories that you can see you can see depending on what you are in directing you with on Instagram, you will get some suggested so suggested post for you where you can go through you can scroll down and see if you can find topics and post that you you actually would love to interact with stick. It's a habit actually to go through here and see if there is any new accounts. Do you maybe want to collaborate with? Or if it's some influences, maybe you want to collaborate with or if you just find, like, inspirational posts that you actually came benefit from on top. Here you have the search bar and you can search for persons for hashtags, for police is like Right now I'm invest Rose so I can search for things here or another sitting in Sweden by going in here. Investor Ross, I can find what people is posting from this rules and what they are tagging. Actually, from here and on top, you see the yield Occasions story. The next button beside the search bar is this little button with ah ah plus sign in it. So this is the button juice for posting. When you come into this button, you can choose from a camera roll what kind of photo you want or photos. You can also upload videos and photos and you can do carousel posts. I will show you what it iss in just a moment when you pose, you can do it as a square. Just a little square you see down in the left corner. We have some arrows if repress that, the picture is going to be as big as it can be. So if you have done the picture being enough, it's going to be bigger. Ah, great thing to have in mind when you are planning out your post and you taking your pictures is to have it as a square or just a little a little bit longer than a square, because that is the optimum size for videos and photos on instagram, and it's going to take up most space, and it's going to get seen mostly in the middle. Off the picture you have chosen, you see a little like eight that is lying down on this one. You can install boomerang. It's a feature or ah up. It allows the photo to go back and forward. If you throw something, it will go back and then forward back in them forward. It's a cool effect to use and get some variation in your posts and the caress Tal Post is beside that here to the right, and if you press that you can choose up to 10 pictures in the order, you want to be seen so you can press a lot of photos and after you have chosen the pictures you want to have and you have organized it, which one you want to have first and to the last you press on next, and when you're coming to the next part, you can start to use Instagram's inbuilt filters. Here you can scroll around and see what kind of filters you like and at bottom to the right . You can manage your filters you can, and it's and see what kind off filters you like. You can take some of them away. You can add some, and you can organize it. If you like to have a certain type off filter, you can have them on top. So it's easy for you to just drab and just put on your your photo or your video, because one of the things is that you should always be consistent with your how you edit and how you perform or show your content at the bottom. You have this filters, but you also have a menu button that it says edits, and here you can edit yourself. You can choose to have another crop, or you can change, delighting the com pressed structured heat. You know, you conduce everything by hair. If you don't have ah, photo up on your phone that you like to would like to use for editing. When you have chosen and you have edit your photo, then you press on next he have you write your text So you want to have something really, really engaging and you want to have something that people really can resonate with, but how you can write your text and what you should put here. I will talk about in later module, but here you write everything you can share it to Facebook and Twitter and all those kind of things. And you can tag people. We're back at menu. And if we look down on the bottom and we see this little heart, this heart shows when something have happened in your feet in your feed, people can like a post. They can comment or they can follow you. That is the main things that is going to be shown here. You want to be looking here and paying attention to which kind of people that is commenting and engaging in your posts and following you when it is a little red dot beneath this little heart, something have happened here, and you might want to go in and see what have happened if you get a new like or a new person that is following you are a new comment. Take is a habit and always during the day take at least 15 minutes to engage with people that have commenting or like your posts. This is your followers, and you should definitely treat them very good. And with highly respect on top, you have another menu, you can see you and you can see the people that you are following. What have they done? Have they liked anything? Have they commenting on another persons post or anything? You should really go in here and watch also, because this can give you a clue on what kind of posts and people that you might also like . The next lost menu dots I want to show you is yourself. You see down to do right. You have a little circle, and if you have uploaded a picture, you will have your own picture down there. So for me, it's my profile picture. When you press here, you come into your page, it's here. You need to pay a lot of attention and do it correctly. So first of all, you see that I have my name up here. If you have a personal account, you want to have your name up here. If you're a business, you should put your business name there. So what you want to include in your bio is what are your business is about? What are your core values? What is this about? Do you have a location or are your online? Or just tell people What are you about? And you write your bio inside. Edit Profile Beneath the information that tells how many post rehab down home and followers and how many people that you are following so edit your profile. Here, you can see the name you can change your user name and you can put up a Web page, and you have here your biography and you have some private information beneath this to do the biography that I have done. You're going to realize if you are starting to write and you think you conduced, press, enter and enter a new line, that is not going to be possible to do a little trick that will help you to get a new line is to write your description or your bio in like text document on your computer or your phone and edited as you like with spaces or the blank lines, and you can paste it into your biography. Then it's going to be a new line and color the your biography up. Use a more years used these kind of things that will draw attention to your to your account while you're inside added your profile. You can see you Web page, and here you can put in a link to something your Web page, your lead page or if you have anything else as you want people to go to because you are here on Instagram because you want to sell something or you want to be online, you want people do something, take some action. You want him to go and shop on your Web page or buy something. Here is the place you can actually get people to go to your page or whatever. So post your link here, they say have a clear call to action. And here is the things. If you have Ah, pdf document. You want people to go into its here? You put that one. We go back to the page to my main page down here, you can see in the middle that we have some Sirica will dots. So this is connected to my instagram stories that, you know, in the beginning, I told you that is going to be up for 24 hours. It's open up the possibility for you to save your story in the highlight, and that is going to be shown up here. This is a really, really good way to show people what you are about. Are you a photographer? Show people behind the scenes on your instagram stories and save it here and just choose to have the best wanted really represent you because this is what people going to see when they're new on your account and landing here. So if these are good people wanting to stay and they are going to want to follow you beneath your highlights, you have one more menu, and here you can decide how you want your post to be seen. Right now, when you are on another person's page or if you're in your own. You can have it like this with three pictures in a row where you can choose to have a one by one by pressing that little bottom there. And if you go to to ride, you see, like a little person in a box Here you can see the posts that you have been tagged in so you can tag people in posts and hair is they are going to show up. When you are in someone's post, you can see beneath the picture you have this little save button, so if you press it long enough, you will get the opportunity to choose what collection you want to have it in to save it for later. Or just collect your inspiration. If you have a workout, do you really want to do later? Just have our collection off workouts and you could save it there. So when you are a gym, you can just easily go in there and look on this workout that you have saved your collections you find under your menu. And if you go up to the right, you see these lines here. You press on that and you can see here saved asked the second option. And here you can see all your like everything you have collected and also your collections on you can going to each category that you have created and see what what you have saved here for later. Maybe you work out, you wanted to try out or just I'll do what yourself stuff. Maybe just coming here and collect everything and maybe places you want to be a Say it if you're traveler, maybe you have pleases. You want to base it just going here and what you have, what you have saved something you probably want to know eyes where you can find your settings. So, like when you press the but it up to to write the lines you compress to see your savings and you can discover people. You can see your statistic if you have a business account, but also in the bottom, you have settings, and here, if you presenting, you can see that you can change your password. You can deactivate your account, you can see payments, and you can just see language you can see if you want to do a business account, you can do that and you can change toe personal accounts if you have a business account. Tribunals was changed back to a personal account here. Also, something I would recommend you is to have a double security. It means that if you press the two way out crustacean button, you can get up the option that every time you log into instagram, you get a code to your phone. Eso you. I always need to get that code to log into your account. I will highly highly recommend you to actually activate this. You also have a lot off other settings that you can go through and just make yourself familiar with and see if this is something you need to change or want to change. Go through here and see if you want to connect your account Facebook or you want to to change some other settings like language. Or if you want to add another account to your account, you can do that. Here. People often reach out to me and ask what kind off profile picture they should have. Should they have a face? Should they have ah, brand Loga or what should have some guidelines you can have in mind when you deciding what kind of profile picture you want is that people want to do business with people. So as far as you can, please make sure does you have a face on the profile picture. If you are too big or you have a bigger brand that you don't feel is so good to just have one phase, you should probably have your brand logo and keep it there so people people can recognize what kind off brand. This is a little extra tips if you have several sites you want people to go into. If you have like a Facebook page, you have, ah, a sign up form or you have ah, Web page is to use link tree, and this one is helping me to have several links. But keep in mind if you're using these feature that you shouldn't have too much link it. Be very clear what each link is about to show it very quickly how it looks like when you have pressed this link and you come into my link tree as this. You see that I have my sign up for my instrument course. Wait lays my website and bog and my YouTube channel on my Facebook. That is the things that I want to keep it as, Not more A lot of people is sending the questions and asking if they're supposed to have a business account or personal account. So what I want to tell you is that you should have both. So what do you mean with this? Its benefits with both off the these accounts. So first of all, when you want to create, if you want to create a business profile, you go into your profile when you have set it up and you go in under settings up to the rights and there you scroll down and find change to business profile. And here you need to have ah, business account on Facebook to connect with. So they are lining together. That is the technical part off how you just connect it benefits with having actual business account. Comparing to a personal account is that on your business account, you can see a lot off statistics on your page. What kind of target audience you have, what you If you want to sell something, if you want to have target marketing, you can find everything here and that is really, really effective. If you are a business owner that you want to have in mind, though, if you're choosing to have a business account is that Facebook and Instagram want to earn money on you. When they know that you are a business account, they air going Teoh want Teoh sell you adds to get more reach just to show you the difference between a personal account and business account is if we go up here on the top of the screen. You see, if I press today s very you can see that I have several accounts hearme economic Coimbatore during Ghana's reading and Akiko these other three accounts is business accounts. We'll take a quick look on how it actually looks like when you using your business account to actually see it statistics. So if we're going to statistics here, you can see that you can see your activities like how many people that have been visiting your Web page or your profile page. You can see how many people that have seen your posts. You can see how many people that have watched your latest stories. You can create campaigns and see how different campaign have have affected you and your followers. And the best port for me personally, is your target audience. So if you go in here, you can see how many followers you have. You have. You can see here from, like what? CDs and what countries that they are from. You can see that I have mostly American people is following me. But I also have some India on some Sweden in Mexico and Argentina. You can see the age off my followers. You can sort it out from between men and women. You can see how many percent they are. You can see also on which day this is really important, guys, you can see on which day you should post like your peak time. You can see Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, you can see when your audience is online and when you should post each day. This is really important. Make comfortable, like looking into this and see when you are supposed to post on each day. We're back at my profile page, and one thing I want you to have in mind when you're starting out or if you already have an INSTAGRAM account, is that you should be thinking about. What do you want people to feel when they come into your instagram? Do you want people to feel educated, or do you want people to feel that they are close to nature or what kind off space and feeling do you want people to get? I want you to think about what feeling do you get from my page? I used my collars. I want often to have green, blue and pink. That is something that's resonates with me and my brand. So I often have those collars in my feet, and I want to be close to nature and those kind of things write down. What kind of feeling do you want from your viewer that they are going to have when they are visiting your page and start to plan off the debt? Consistency is the key here and also using recognizable colors and type off way that you're writing your descriptions. So if you often using some sort of emojis, always use them in your description and use it in the same way and you want to be recognizable. So if people just scrolling in their feet, you want them to directly see that it's you that have been posting the picture. So that was everything for this module. I hope you now feeling comfortable, Teoh using instagram in nowhere. The bottoms are and you know how you can set up your account for success. So in the next model we were going through how you structural feed and publishing Actually , the photo and the videos. Now, I will just wrap this model up and I will give you a quick little exercise to do and I want you to Now go in and write your bio. Yes, I want you to grab the horn and used to do it So you take what you learned now and apply it to your bio and send me a d m with your bio and let me know how What you have been writing . Actually, I would love to give you some feedback If you want feedback for me, I would love to go in and shake shake it out. So send me a d m. And I will directly going and watch your and read your Why you. So, uh, let's see you in the next next model 2. Structure your feed to maximise reach: second model is all about how your structuring your feet. So in this module, I'm super excited to teach you how you can plan in advance how you actually can see how your feet is going to look like before you even upload. So everything is like matching together. And you can see ah, structure in your feet because consistency is key. And if you can see a pattern in what you upload, people will get more attracted and they will recognize you as a brand on and see why they they even should follow you. So without a video. So in this model, we will go through importance off structure off your feed, like how you publishing the photos and how you are thinking when you are planning your posts. So the first thing do you were like or you should be thinking about is what do you want the viewer to feel when they are inside your feed? So, do you want them to feel like fashion ist or do you want them to feel the nature? Do you want them to feel love to you? Fund. Want them to feel something else that fits your brand just think about. What do you want people to feel and what do you want them to associate you when they are inside your feed? One way you will be thinking about this is like having consistency using branding colors like What kind of colors do you use as a goal? Is it black? Is it white? Is it pink? What colors are using? You need to be consistent with this. Also, be need to be consistent with using funds and patterns in your feet so people always recognize your content when they're scrolling in their feet and their feeling something when they are in your feet. People are have its creatures, so we love when it is when you can see a pattern or you can have a certain habits into something. So that is very good to have in mind. How do you know that everything fits like with branding colors and the founds and patterns ? How do you know? Know that everything looks good on your feet and is attractive to your customers? Well, I use APP called plan Aly, that is up. Who That which allows you to plan in advanced your feed. So that is really good. You can use it on your phone, and you can use it on your computer. So I love to use my desktop to plan and have everything in order there. So I just get a message on my phone that now it's time to post and then I post when you plan your content and you used and use some sort of, like planete, your other APs that will help you to organize and plan your contents. It can be very good idea to also look in advanced and be thinking about when you should post. Don't just randomly post when you feel like it. Have a plan? Do you know that your customers take a break during lunchtime? Ah, because you you are turning to people that it's using or working 9 to 5 on ah cooperated job. Or do you want to have the eyes from entrepreneurs that in a special neige, or do you want just be thinking about this like lunch time is a good time to post when people it's like scrolling through their instagram on their lunch. Also during night time or evening time when people was getting home and have bean eating dinner and stuff. It's a good time, though. You need to consider that during night time. Then it's a lot of competition everyone is posting during the night, so if you can find the time that it's better for you. But also reach your customers is much better like in the morning. It's not soapy much people is posting in the morning so you can get a lot off reach just because you are alone during not alone. But you are posting in a time that no, not so many other people is uploading their their pictures and then set the time like every day 11 oclock I'm going to post or you do something like that. So you know, you're always posting at the same time, and your followers knows that, too. And also in that edit the photos in the same way all the time like you have like the into force model. I show you how you can use the inbuilt instagram editing tool when you're uploading your pictures and want to post it. But you can also edit photos in other APS like I love to use light room, but there's a lot of anything APS out there that you can use that can have different type of filters that you can use like consistent. So people recognize your your type of photos. What do you want to post? Well, first of all, you need to post quality content. Don't post randomly photographed pictures. Make sure you take pictures with good lighting, and that is something meaningful with it. And also the camera is how the camera settings is. But also don't that don't just focus on the photos. Also, write a really good caption off the photo and you want to know a secret. You don't have to match your picture with your caption. Just have a really beautiful picture and have something valuable in your caption. Do you do bakery? Then post something how you do them most amazing cake or, like how to do something so give people value. Also in the caption. What do you post about then, while people will come to you because they want to get value from you, there's three things you will focus about. First, you can teach something to you can entertain, or Number three is to inspire people to better lives. So guys, three things you can organize and be thinking about when you do your posts. Also, make sure that you involved people with asking questions. Make people want to answer with emoji or something easy. The goal is that Instagram is going to see that your content is a tractable for people to follow. So if you get a lot of comments, even though it's just emoji, they don't see that they just see that you have a lot off engaging in your content, and then they will favor rise your content before other people. It's with higher your algorithm and they will give you more visibility. Also, you are on instagram if you have a business because you want people to go and do something , you want them to do something, so you need to have your clear call to action in your posts. Like what do you want them to do, like do you want them to download a pdf? Do you have put it in your link in your bio? Tell them to go to the to the link in your value to no more Do you want them to read a blood post linked to the blood post. Do you want them to like the post if they lie candy on Saturdays, you know, also you can use, like, fill in the blanks If baba blah if you love Ah, vacation on Bali, you can get him involved by saying, like leaving an emoji. If you like the summer or you've like you the snow or something, you can ask a specific question regarding a topping you involved with the people. Get involved with your content and want to discuss something to get more visibility. You can actually tag relevant people in your pictures and in your captions that you want to get to that you want to get your attention from if you have a product. For instance, did you really love or want to show that you're juicing? Tagged the company If you use milk like here in Sweden, we have Allah. Probably you can tag Allah if you have taking a picture off this bottle off milk and then other relevant businesses regarding to death that also maybe sell milk product in order to be able to tag the people that you want to get the visibility from you go into when you are uploading your pictures. You can Chris the tag people, and you can press around on the picture and types of different people. And you can in the caption when you're writing a text right at mention, and then you can write it there, too. If you just mentioned them in the caption, they're not going to be tagged. They're just going to get a notification that you have tagged them in something so they're not going to be shown in their tag. Picture bottom on their page. Don't randomly tag people that you think you want to have your your attention juiced tag if it's relevant, because otherwise you're going to be targeted us a spammer and you don't want to have that approach. So what I would suggest you to do also to be to let people be more involved with your content is to create a custom hashtag and you can promoting encourage people to use it or you can use it just yourself. But it's a great way to get people interacted in your content, like you could use the hashtag like hashtag one to be our I don't know. Ah, you can you have to come up with one yourself, but you can create a hashtag random hashtag and let people know in your bio to use it so they can get the eyeballs from you Recently, actually, Instagram launched new features during December's 2017. They launched a new future that you can follow a specific hashtag, and if you create the hashtag that you want to use yourself, you can follow this hashtag, and that will create a really good opportunity for you to not on Lee. Follow the hashtags that you want to follow, like adventure or traveling, or whatever you want to dio or business, and you can also, if you'd create ah, your own hashtag, you can encourage people to use it, and you have a really easy way to track. If people is using it because he's going to show up on your feed, I get a lot of questions. How many Hashtags can you actually use? While you can use third hashtags in each post and you can post it in your description in your caption or you can post it separate in the comments like directly afterwards after you have post because you need to two pasting all your comments directly. So what I do is that I have my Hashtags in a separates documents on my phone, like in Evernote or something like notes. And there I have all my my difference hashtag So I just cope with that and then paste it directly afterwards. If it's going to go too long between the post and the comments, it will get lost and you will not show up in the hashtag. A lot of people asked What is hashtag So hashtag is where doors somewheres that is using with the hashtag sign, and that is like a category off things that you can post on beneath that. So if I do a hashtag course, then I can go into that hashtag and see how many people that have been posting about horses , and I could discover people from there. So I go into that account and see if they have more pictures with horses because I just love horses. Ah, or I want to find new people that maybe is in the niche. Dad, I haven't seen pictures from before, so that is a really great way to discover new pictures, new content, new people and to interact with people more content. Ideas I can bring to you to get your post going is that you can always, like highlight people in your team, your customers or visitors. If you have a store and you get customer is really happy or have both something that they really liked. Take a picture and posted in your feet. Just let people know that yeah, people really likes my product. If you sell skincare products, for instance, talk about ingredients like What is it that particularly this ingredient is good for What will we do for you? Take like if you have several ingredients, that is good. Take one each day. Like today. We're talking about the benefit off coconut all in this product, and you take that and the next day you take. Today we are using this product on or this ingredients. So should I only do photos? Or should I do videos, or what should I do to draw more attraction? What I can say is that I've seen that video do absolutely best on Instagram photos. Yeah, of course they do good, but do more videos, I can tell you you can do everything from small gifts in the APP spark post. Or you can do more technical videos like commercial videos or something in your feet. But videos do really good. And definitely if you have, like a picture with a small gift that is just showing up some letters or, you know, showing up just a little. So the eyes is like moving, like to see something that is moving in the feed when they scrawling. It's doing ah, lot a lot for your viewers that they really going to see it. For instance, if you are not having ah, graphic designer who can do your motion graphic, you can use very easy spark post. It's an app for your phone. It's super great. It's super easy to animate and do very easy GIF files, So I will bring this up in my I will show you the app and show how I use it in the deep dive, something to having in mind when we are talking about how your structuring your feet is to have a really clear vision and being aware of that no one wants to be sold to What does that mean? It means that in your feed you shouldn't be selling all the time. I see all the time cos that really try to sell, like in each post, like now we have this discount. Now we have that discount and no one wants to get sold to. So a really good rule to have is to always delivered, of course, really good content. Off each seven post, you can have something that's actually selling, like 20% off off something. Otherwise, you should always be focusing on creating content for your followers and not hacking them and pushing them with things that you want to sell them as much space you can take up on a Persian screen, you will get more visibility. So what does it mean? Them? It's means that the white screen format do not fit in instagram because here you want to have is a smudge portrait mode as possible. You can have it is this as a square, but you can also have a little bit longer than a square in the deep dive. I will go through exactly what pixel them dimensions I have on what I do when I uploaded so I can have this huge photos and huge videos on my screen or in my feet. So it's just maximized, and I get the more visibility as I cast. Just have in mind that you don't shoot. Put up white screen material. You should fix it. So it's feeling your feed and feeding to flat platform for instagram. So, guys, let's be honest and used. Feel your heart a little bit because when you go into Instagram, you want to be entertained or want to learn something or, you know, the things, this account. They just show a lot of babies. They just show a lot off animals and all the photos. It's so good you just want to be there in color over there, ever every little animal on their sue. So this is account you really have to just going to follow, because when you go in on in ceramics, warning or whenever you are going in, you just know I want to be there so so really, really fun account. So they're really showing their conservation and just showing their love for away the environment and 40 Animals nonprofit organization often is showing on on the TV what is bad in the world, but what you actually want to Focusing on home in ceramic if you are a non profit organization, is that you should bring up the joy. What are you doing for people? What are you actually bringing to this world and showing people like charity water here? They are so incredible to showing what they're actually bringing to the society. Like they're showing that they're bringing kids to school, that they're what they're actually doing when they're bringing clean and fresh water to societies. And they're just showing happy face says, and just happy people. That's a feeling that you really want to have. When you go into an account like happy, you want to be there not sad and like Oh, the world is bad. We need happy people and happy people want to give to others. That was everything for this structuring your feet model. I hope you have learned a lot during these two modules. First of all, we have gone through the basic and now you know how you actually construction in your feet and make it looks good and 3. Connect with people and grow your channel: Okay, so we are almost half way through. In these model, we will go through how you connect with people and how you make awareness of your brand on instagram. So without further to do, let's do this. Let's dive into to subject. How can you grow your instagram by connecting with people? The first you want to think about is not only posed. I created this model for you because it's important. If you want to grow your instagram account that you connect with people, you can't just post do a picture and then post and think that your picture will out of math . Ligi get exposed by instagram and think that this is the only thing you have to dio because you have to connect with people and you need to be authentic today because instagram have this algorithm that no one's actually really understand every day because it's constantly changing on. It's always something new that Instagram have taken into action and taking into consideration when they are creating the app and updating it that the thing we have seen working the most is that you have to take at least 15 minutes per day on you should schedule schedule this on. You should Onley go into your account and then do out like focused research to find new accounts to follow and comment on what I dio is that I actually go in two different people that I know following me or I following them and that I know is in my niche. So I go in and look at their following list and people they are actually following to what this means is that I go into the list, scroll around on, go into people that is following this piece, this person, and then I go in and see if this person in this account is something that I had resonated with. And then I go in, Look at the pictures, see if okay, Is this something I can stand behind or is this something in line with what I'm doing and then incoming commenting on the content and like writing something? I read the description very carefully. I write something in line with that, commenting on the picture like, Oh, it's really beautiful Love how you use your colors and I love how you present this picture or I love this type of brand and Bala Bob. So always, like authentically do that. And then I go and like two or three pictures similar to death that the Persian have posted . And then hopefully they will notice me and go to my account and see what I'm doing. And then a lot of people have like, Oh, you have a great account. I want to connect with you. Then you have to always be sure that your account is tractable for people on when they want to stick to your account. So the old technique that people is teaching like ah followed for a follow It's not to recommend and people have grown this small communities off. You know, if I like yours, you like me, and it's just getting thes loop off pictures of the people that you are in this group with , and it's not working anymore. It have done, but not anymore, because now instagram want to see what you actually engage with. If you just engage with soccer photos or makeup photos or whatever, they're going to suggest pictures and content for you that they think you will like depending on what you have like before and your habits so make sure that you only if you have ah, business account that you only like and commenting on post that really are in line with what you are selling or what you dio. So I know it take a lot of time to go in and really connect with people. But that is actually bought. They the creative Instagram wants you to dio because they wanted to be a community. They want people to interact because it's so huge. Amount of people is on Lee, a passive just scrawling by, but they want people to connect on the one people to interact with with each other. So it is a community for people that like pictures and want to have something to site here . It's important to really go deep on. Make sure that you schedule time in your calendar each day to really go in and connect with people. Otherwise, it's going to be very, very hard for you to grow. Always make sure that you noticing people there's always like watching your stories or watching what you're doing, like in commenting. It's a really good clue what people is indirect with you. Day might be a customer for the future or they are already customers off. You make sure that they get a lot of attention like commenting. Go in like their posts induced, interact with them because then they can talk about your counter to other people is used this'll oop! That is really, really powerful. Don't just go in and commenting and, like Copa and paste the same comment all over and all over again because Instagram is getting to see that they will see that. So stand out. I have seen that the longer my messages is on the people I am commenting on the more visibility I get. And even if I'm like commenting on a big account, like having over a 1,000,000 followers or something, I'm not supposed or I'm not thinking that doom, the owner will read my comments. I mostly actually write it because I want people that's after me coming into this picture to see it, because I write a long message they will see. Oh, it's a long message. I will read. It's because it stands out and I use Emojis and I used just trading this feeling, and then they go into my account. Unlike Oh, this is a really good A nice account to go enough out. And then they see me because of my long message on this huge account that other people is falling too. So just don't think that the owner will read it. Think also that persons that coming after you and looking on this picture and see your comment and therefore it's very important that you write something really thought herbal and like, Yeah, you actually put a lot of work by writing this because you are going to earn it. If you do that, the next step is actually answer in the common thread on other people's comments. If you are on a big account that have, like a 1,000,000 followers or several thousands, and you feel like, Oh, this is creepy, they are much bigger than I am. But you can actually go in and answer and like comments in the common thread off these people's pictures and you can you know indirect with them, and you can make sure that they are seeing what you're standing for, and then they get interested by you to use by answering a question or you're answering about something that the person have written. Make sure you go and do that, too. I have get so much like business opportunities and people that is contacting me just because they saw what I wrote to them and that I answered them. And I've had several cases where we are having, ah, huge conversation on someone's picture thread on DWI air, like discussing something, and then it ends up with something view really fun for both of us, some business businesses or something. Just because I wrote on I commented on these Persians comment. It's a really, really good technique, so you should really try it out. So how more can you search and find people? You have this search window here you can as you see in this in the APP you have this little round search bar. If you know that you want to see sports, you can a search force Pashto export, and you will get a lot of sport content. And there you can find new people to follow and comment in Nam and you can connect with them. There they are in your nish and then you can search in places thesis really, really important. If you are account that is actually like a local store that sells something. If you are selling sports articles or if you sell clothes or yet something, we're bakery something that is on a local spot. Go in here and search for for instance, I'm invested or Sweden. So I search on this here and then I can see, like what kind of people? What what are people doing here? I can go in connect with them here, confined influences to if they are in your city and you can like Oh, this is interesting. This Persian. I want to connect with and send them a direct message and ask them if they want to promote you. If you have a restaurant, ask them. Do you want to have a free meal? Come check us out. Just do a post and use a conversation and make them to see you. And just make sure that did use this jail location tag because it's really important. Ah, if you have ah, local business also, if you are are business overall, make sure that you use it because you get more exposure. If you use it, it's free exposure for you, so make sure of that so we can always run a giveaway. Make sure that you interact the people who is coming to this picture by saying that like this picture and tag three people to be able to win this contest or win this thing, you can do the same in your stories. Like send me a direct message, Onda Ah, let me know why you think you should have this or you do something so people interact with you And Instagram sees that instagram is really, really sharp on this. So they're going to want you to get people in direct. If you get people to interact in these kind of ways, you will get favored by instagram A really good way also, by connecting with people is during the time when you post and you have been thinking about what time to post and like when these people up, when should I post start before you actually post? If you're posting eight in the evening, start hoffan our before you're planning your to post your picture and interact with people and go into accounts that you know this similar to you yours and then the indirect with them commenting and then you post off for half an hour or something and then continue to interact with people like 15 or 20 up to half an hour afterwards. Because Instagram will see that, too, that if people is coming in because you have gone gunning to their account and commenting and they go in, check your out on do you reasonably post. Then people is going to return the favor and hopefully like your latest posts and like your latest content and then they will interact with you and then your pictures and your content is going to rise up in the sky and get favored by Instagram because you get a high interaction with people on your picture. So tells Instagram that this is a really good content. We should promote this and put it up in the top nine off each hashtag if you are a business owner and you have been reading a lot about you know of all of attraction and those kind of things, you know that if you ask and you shall receive is a really great or a big quote that a lot of people is using. So it iss the same here in connecting with people ask people outside Instagram and people, you know that they should go in and commenting on your post like send them a message like, Can you please go in and commenting on this post? And can you comment on what your biggest take away from this is or something similar? Draw attention to that. You can also post your instagram feed on your blog's on Facebook and Twitter and all those kind of things and draw attraction to this platform. Some other tactics you can use to grow. I'm just going to mention this very quickly because I have a deep dive course in exactly how you can grow and use this tax tactics. But if I just mentioned them 1st 1st of all, you can do sfs and with us well, does that stand for it's shadowed for shoutouts And what? That basically is that you connect with someone in your niche Ah, and have, like a similar amount of followers. If you have been so 1000 followers, you reach out to someone below or right over that maybe 15 or 20,000 and you say hello. Hi, Do you want to do sfs and what you 4. How to use Hashtags: hashtag I remember the first time I heard the word hash tag. People would just talking and talking and talking about Hashtags on the radio. And I didn't I had no idea I was like asking, my friend, Do you know what the hash Tigers you were like? Don't you know? Um, So I will not judge you if you don't know what hashtag is. This model is going to go through everything you want to know. I need to know about Hashtags on the Instagram. So that's pretty new. Let's do this. So let's dive into this module. It's the hashtag research. I know a lot of people that have no idea what even ah, hashed. I guess so we start there. So hashtag gives you the creator a possibility to be seen in different like categories. So if you go into these search bar and you search here, you see tax on here, you can search for hashtags, for instance fitness. In this fitness hash tag, you have two possibilities to be shown. You can use hashtags in your stories thin. You're going to be up here in this circle and you can show up in the top nine off the picture that is shown in this hashtag hap. And here you definitely want to be seen. If you scroll down, you will see the latest post within this hashtag hub. And what this means is that if people is in your niche and they want to get seen, the use hashtag fitness if they are in the fitness industry. So this is really important to be thinking about when you do hashtag research like what should I use is to get more exposure and been seen for a lot of people. Then you need to do your research. You can't just randomly post um and be spamming about it. You need to be thinking about what hashtag hub do you want to be seen in? Where is my customer? Where are they hanging out? Why should I post there? First of all, you need to be thinking about your niche. Like what? Niche Urine? What kind off hashtags do day prefer to use? When you do, you has hashtag research. You should not only be using popular hashtags like summer have check summer or hashtag instagram or something. Think about customer what they really want to do and what they like to dio. What do they eat? Where do they travel? Where did they live? Where do they love to hang out? You know, you need to be thinking about all days criteria all this kind off areas in the Chris customers life so you can do you can base your hashtag around that, for instance, you can be thinking about If you are in the yoga industry, for instance. You want to, of course, use the hash tag, yoga or yoga every damn day. It's a really big hash tag. You off course want to be seen in that one bed. Also, be thinking about smaller, like yoga mat hashtag yoga mat equipment. They are using what kind off food do the probably they are vegan or vegetarian. You maybe want to use something like that. Hashtag vegan is more hashtag vegan. Where did they travel? Do de travel jewel occasion where it is? Ah, lot off retreats already influenced by different people or special people that do something like, for instance, in the yoga industry, they use hashtag asana a lot, and people hang out there in just meditation. Just think one step further where are my customers. What did the like to do? How do though their life look like? So what? I dio to find different hashtags Also as that I for instance, if you take hashtag yoga but you green here and on top You have related hashtag here. You can also see a lot off recommended hashtags to use and you can write this up. Go in, look it up See if this is some hash tags You want to use what I like to do when I have found a lot off hashtags I want to use that. I save it in a document on my computer. I save it in the document that where I like name it to hashtag I'm kind of spread with what I'm believing in and I'm having a lot off different directions that I have on my post. Sometimes I posed about travel sometimes have posed a bust business and sometimes I posed about workout in mentality and those kind of things on my personal account on my business account, I Onley have shows in some hash tags that I really want to get into Top nine off. So I always use the same Hashtags and in my document, then I am having a title where I have, like, business here I collect my business hashtag so pasted in their Andi. I write it in there and I can just cope with this into my posts when I am posting so I can collect the things or the hashtags I want to use in this post that is feeding this post and then just coping it and pasting it into the picture or into this description. So this saves a lot of time. You just need to do your research during a time, and then you have your content there or you're all your hash tags on the same place. So really, look into that. What you can do. Make sure that you have a really good makes around big hashtags and smaller ones because it's actually in the smaller ones. You have more visibility because it's not so many people that it's actually posting in there. So you want to get seen in those. So that's like basic off hashtag and how you do your house hashtag research. It's very important to do this and some good amount people say you can of course, use up to third hashtags and you should use it if you're just starting out. But you should be thinking about lower it when you get bigger. Because then people have seen that they getting are more a bigger reach when they are using instead of 30. They are using 15 to up to maximum 20. But around our own 15 is a good amount to have, but you can. You should know that you can have up to 30 hashtags in opposed. After that, you will not get seen. If you use 31 hashtags, you will not show up in any one of these. Hashtags Instagram is using something that's called the algorithm. If you are in the instagram business industry, you know that the Instagram algorithm is something a lot of people is nagging and complaining about. But this is actually really good. If you use it properly and you use the benefits, it's actually here to serve. Interim, wants people to be on the platform and don't go away. So how do you do that? They don't want people to get the wrong information because then they're going to get tired off the platform. So they're targeting content, depending on what your habits and what you're liking. If you are a horse person that just love horses and you like pictures off horses every day , and it's starting to show up a lot off dog pictures recently in your feet, you're going to get really disappointed because you are in two horses and don't want to see dog pictures. And that is what's in surround want to do. They want to serve their audience, and they want to connect with the audience. So make sure if you are, if you see opposed in a picture that you like that resonates with your niche. Double tap on the picture, give it a heart and leave it a comments. So Instagram knows what you like and what you want to see. It's also going to help you to show up in these hashtag perhaps so the people that like the same things that you dio also see your posts. It's a really good way to know what to post is to look up your competitors. What kind of content do they post and what can you do to stand out in this crowd? If you see a post that have a lot of likes. See what they're doing. Have the taking, Ah, particular interesting picture or have the original a good description. Just take a moment and be reflecting about what was working here and not to end this module . I want you to be thinking a little bit about copyright rules. If you haven't been in these area about pictures and rules before, this is going to be very, very important for you. So you don't get in trouble and you are not going to get sued because you have used something you're not allowed to use. If you are scrolling around on Instagram, you often see a lot of people that is re posting someone else. Picture, actually, that most of the people that do this don't understand that they have to have the permission from the photograph for to do so. If the photograph foresees that you have used the picture without permission, it can be really, really, really expensive. Make sure that you have the permission to use the photo. If you don't take photos yourself and want to use someone else pictures to create the right feeling in your feed, you can always buy royalty. Free pictures were Austin photographer that you like. If you can use their picture with their permission, maybe they want you to buy the pictures. Or maybe they let you use them for free. Just ask them. I've used a lot off pictures from photograph furs just because I have asked for accounts that I have managed before. But of course, the best thing is to take the photos to yourself. Oh, right. So we are halfway through my little course now, and you have just finished the hash tag module. And I hope you now have learned a lot about the basic off instagram in how you use these categories, also called hash tags to row and how you do your research and think outside the box. Where are your customers and where are your followers that are interested to actually know what you are doing and what you are all about? OK, so let's wrap this manual up with a little exercise. So when I want you to do is that I want you to go to your following list and I want you to go into five different people or five different accounts and I want you to comment on the latest post. They have uploaded, like, read the description and really write something, and that is that resonates or answer their caption. And I want you to do that with all five, and I also want you to go and like their three latest posts, so three likes for each accounts. So it's five multiplied with three lax and what at least one comment on each post. The next model is stories we were through that in next month, you so I can't wait to see you there. 5. How to use Instagram Stories: thing is my absolute favorite thing to do on instagram and that instagram stories I often edit on my computer and exported into instagram stories. But in these model, I'm going to go through very easy that you also can create really powerful stories the tell a story about your brand and why people actually follow you. And of course, how you used these feature inside this room, we go right into instagram stories in these module. So what is a story? We can start there if you don't know what a story is, It is a way there you can use your content that you post your content for 24 hours and then it's gone so you can be really creative and you can choose to talk about a lot of different stuff and you can get visibility and you can just get a lot of exposure and interaction with people by using incident stories. You can really take it to the next level were to find your story. Well, as I said in the first model on your first page, you compress up to the left on this little camera button were another way you can enter your story is to swipe to the right when you're on the home page. The third option you can enter your story is if you haven't posted anything you compress on your profile picture under events. Here we will go through how you can be creative actually, with your instagram stories and how you just create one how you build up a story because it shouldn't be used. You know, randomly picked pictures and videos about your day. Be clear of what you want to the show in your customers or the person that is actually following you. What is it for them to go into your stories? What is it that will bring them back and watch your stories every day? We will go through a little bit of this how I'm thinking or how people is thinking when they're creating a story. So here we are, inside the instagram stories app, and here you can access your photos that you have taken before and post it as I mentioned before. But what do you want to do? Is actually that you how ideo If I know that, OK, I'm going to record this during the whole day. It is that I press this little button down here and I press save, so I say my content for later. So I know that I composed it Later. During today, I saved the things that I am filming and photo ring and doing during the day so I can present with what I'm doing. And then I can choose different scenes so it makes sense and build up a story. The first thing you will see when you're entering the Instagram's. The worry application is something called normal normal ISS. The option you choose if you just taking a picture or, if you are feeling if you press that little bottom, you will see it's counting down until it's ending. And what that will mean is that you have 15 seconds to record what you want to show In each clip, you can have up to 15 seconds off a video, and if you just press it once, it will be a picture to do right. You have a boomerang feature, and boomerang is something that's going backward and forward, backward and forward, as I have shown you before in another feed. Next to that you have super soon that is a new feature and a cool feature to use. If you want to highlight something, do the right beside super Soon you have focus. Focus is a really great tool to choose if you want to be in if you take a picture or if you do a video and you want to be in, you want to be clear, but you want your background to be unfocused. So I have realized that not everyone has thes feature. But if you have your very lucky because this is just looks amazing. When you use it, you can go backward. If you film something, it will be shown backwards. Next to that, you have that hands free setting so you don't have to press when you are filming all to the left. Beside normal, we have live but the life feature. I'm going to go through more clearly in the next module next to your recording button. You have a flashlight and to the right off your recording button. You have too little arrows so you can shift cameras if you want to have it in the front or in the back, off the camera and to the right of that this little smiling face you can choose different face filters and up to the left. You have a little wheel, and there you have the settings for your instagram stories. If you want people to be able to comment and send you direct messages on your instagram stories, and if you want people to have the opportunity to share your stories with others and some of their settings, what can you show the people like you can show them behind scenes off a company like What are you doing? What? What kind of people is it? There you have mascots. Do you have different drew teens or other habits that your employees do are? What do you do in this company? Like show them the really authentic you and the company. How does it work when a customer coming wouldn't order? How is the process house to filling in your company? What do you do? Do you go out and eat? Do you have specific value, stat your company have just show them those those kind of thing. You can always teach them something. If you are a model, teach people how to pose. If you are a photograph for teach something really easy that the viewer can use very quickly and get result with, like how you can plan a great photo shoot and how the camera works, I don't know, but some kind of things that they really like. Ah yeah, that I didn't know that just some quick takeaways with your instagram story. Let's go through all the tools you can use with your instagram stories. So first of all, as I told you before, you can save your picture in just a loaded you. Later, when you swiping up in adding it to your story, you have the button to add your story next to the same button. So when you want to add a picture or a video that you have been creating, you just press on your story down to the left, then to the right in the bottom, you see send to if you press that you can share it too yourself in your own story on Instagram. That's the 1st 1 But then you can also send it to to someone. You can also send it in the list. That was the basic on how you upload it. If we go in the toolbar up to the right, we go through. First, we have the A a sign you have the text tool with the text tool. You can write whatever you want. If you want any text, you can change up to the left. If you want a transparent or not, you can change colors off text. You can change in the middle on top. You can change in what kind of style you want it if you want some of them to be transparent or with a background. If you press down to the left under the pet tool, you can change the color of the text to whatever you like, and you can choose text Calder from the pictures. So if you have a brand logo, maybe want to text in the same color, you can change the size. Ah of it. Baijiu food. You can chase the text size by using two fingers and just make it smaller or bigger, and you can move detects around as you like in the bottom. You see that you can swipe to the right or left and see you that you have several colors that you can use to. Shane show takes color, and if you press on the one of the colors, you will get ah, whole lot off different options of colors that you can choose from and you conduced move around on these like map off colors. If you press enter and go down a line, you can get texts that IHS like writing on ah, writing on another direction than just like ordinary typing text. So that's a great way. Just a tip for you that you can use if you want to be more creative with your text and like have it on one of the sides off your story. Beside the text tool, you have a pencil to and on this tool you have several opportunities of sizes off the tool you can use and the first pencil you CTO left. It's an ordinary pencil that you paint with a color down it about, um, you see that you have several colors that you can swipe to the left and see different variations off. If you press on a collar and hold its, you can see that you get a lot off more possibilities. Teoh actually shoes and under color, so you conduce other colors than just the ones that are at the bottom to the left. You can see that you can change the size off the pencil. This is including all depending tool. Do the right beside that pencil. You have, ah, wider pencil that you can use, and it's also a bit transparent in the middle. You see that you have ah, pencil with some dots on top. This is highlighter. This is glowing. It's really fun to paint with. I'm often doing some dots, indifference sizes. If I want to highlight something to to Right beside that you see, you have in a razor to If you want to erase something and true right beside that, you see that you have heart. This is a really special, too, because in doing like a spray that is the all the tools that you can use to be creative with your stories. If you choose a color when you are inside their pencil tool, you can press on the screen and turn all the screen, the colors you have chosen. For instance, if you like to show what's beneath that, you can use the razor tool and just race what you want to see beneath that. That is used a little quick tips that I'm also going to talk about in the deep dive section to the left, beside the pencil to you have the little smiling face. Instagram is loving, smiling faces. Under this little smiling face, you find all your seekers, so here you can find place. You can find how, if you want to add mention someone you want to share your story with some someone you can use hashtags to get more reach. You can use gifts. You can choose music. This is, Ah, new feature that they recently launched during 2018. So here you can find some music. If you want to add to your story you confined time, you can do a pool. This is a really good way to get people involved in engaging your content. You can ask questions like that. People answer with Maybe I'm org or something else. You can make them drag like How much do you enjoy this sunny weather? Make people vote with this sticker where they can just drag and vote for how much? Something maybe like or dislike. - If you are on Instagram because of business. You should definitely be sure to use a call to action in your stories to Ah, lot of people is asking like, How can I do so this swipe up features? I have no idea how do people do, and you have to have over 10,000 followers to get that feature, and then you have a really big chance to make people swipe up and go directly to where you want to send them to your website or to your course or whatever you are selling. Make sure you go up to 10,000 followers, and then you can use that. And it's a really great tool for you to have, so you can send people over to your call to action. Otherwise, just make sure that you say Go to the link in my bio. If you want to check this out, make sure that you are creative here. You have a lot of possibilities. If you really want to stand out in your crowd, I won't give you some contents. Ideas more, some more contents. Amadeus. You can always highlight people in your communities like this is Sarah. She did this, or this result would made she made this result out off this one. If you get a direct message from someone screenshot that and uploaded to your story and like I get this question, I want to answer all of you. You can do how twos like how to take photos, how to do cheesecake. You have those kind of things. You can use questions regarding your business or decisions on what to shoes or what to do in your business. As I said before you, com'on post highlights from events like What have you learned from the event? You can do discounts and deals. You can show people how your companies build, like what is the people are in your company. How is it organized? Who is in top? Who's in the more on the floor? Who's to cellar? If you have a graphic designer, they can do a lot for you. In the for instance, instagram stories. You can do a lot of cool stuff with text and the other things. If you go into Creativelive Chase Javaris. He is incredibly good on promoting his podcast episodes in everything in his stories, and he's also a really good account to, and his podcast to follow if you want to be creative, an account that is super good for Instagram advice and how you can create better instagram stories and everything is to check out the Instagram expert Super Cinnamon on Instagram. She is incredibly fun toe watch and always teach a lot off good value. If you are business owner and you see accounts on instagram, you connecting with them and see that they probably are a good influencer to reach out to, even if it's if the person is small if or if they are bigger, all branding and marketing is good. You should not underestimate the power of giving. If you see someone that having the same values or they are in the same niche as you as influencer, make sure you reach out to the person. Don't just sit there and watch the person go and send them a direct message and just tell them Hi, I love your feed. I really like what you're doing. Do you want to get some free stuff? I can send you some free stuff and see if they answer, and if you can send them some free stuff. People love to get some things. Hopefully, they will feature you in ah, feed or in a story. Don't take it for granted that they will do it. Just send it because you love what to do. And you think that sending them will help them in their life and in their branding. And hopefully they will add you and at mentioned you so more people can come to your account and see what you are doing as a business owner or influencer if you're influencer and a business owner. For that matter of case, it's really good to to collaborate with other in the same niche. If you are in the fitness industry. For instance, if you are influencer or you are, ah, business owner in this niche and you see someone that you see have less or more followers than you have, make sure to reach out to them to and send them a message and tell them that you want to do a collaboration and perhaps do something together. If you are in the fitness industry, maybe you can do a workout together, and then you can get feature in Hiss or her account, and you can also feature that person's account So you collaborate and do something to get her and you both composed the same thing. Or you can just tell people to go to that instagram because you're doing a takeover. Are you doing collaboration with this person or Bratton? Make people go there and the other person will do the same. Like I have reached out to persons that have, like, 25,000 followers or 20 and I have done collaborations with them and doing takeovers with them. Don't I just think that they will not do it just because you maybe have less than 1000 followers or just 200? Just reach out to them and see if they actually want to do it? The master off Instagram story is Yes, he driftwood. He is in sane. If you want to get inspiration of what to do or what you can do with video on instagram stories, you should checking out every day in a week because he is always doing a lot off interesting things with his videos. So he is actually walking around with a real camera all day and shooting many stories in his videos and always having cool effects on his videos. He's bringing the interim stories to a whole new level. And now I'm going to wrap this model off by Give me your exercise, and I want you to go inside instagram stories and do at least four photos or videos that is connected to each other, that it's built up a story. So make sure it's something that resonates or connects to your brand on Instagram. If you're a makeup artist, maybe you can do a tutorial on how to apply lipstick. Or if you are traveling of Windsor, maybe you can dio tutorial or ah, walk around in the city you are in right now. So, yeah, just have fun with. With this exercise, the next model will be instagram and live module. How do you use instagram life? How do you actually use this to grow your business that is coming up in the next model? And after that, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and it's just Bron module left the deep dive module. So I'm super excited to go into the next model with you there. Live module 6. How to do Instagram Live: live broadcasting can be very, very scary. And a lot of people is afraid of using all kind of lives. It is on Facebook or if it's on instagram or of its own do troop or wherever you are on what kind of platform you are. So live is very, very scary. It's live and you can't change anything. It is something goes wrong. So I understand that. But I will teach you how you set up your life to be a success. Um, and what you are going to think about when you're doing alive so it can be the best. So it will be the best possible way for you. So when you end your life, you have brought value to your viewers and you can feel comfortable with yourself guys. Now we are into the instrument Live module. And where do you find instrument live? I am no idea You Well, you go into your story where you create your story and you press in the bottom. You have to the left. Beside normal, you have life, and here you can start your live video. And inside this I would suggest you to have a really good content already set up. So you don't talk into the wild or something you do alive. You have a lot of benefits to do that. First of all, you will get a lot off reach because you're going to be seen on places you haven't been seen before. Going to get in there, Top off Instagram live If Instagram algorithm feels that you have a good content to share to make sure that you get people to engage, get them toe like what you're doing and make sure that they are interacting and writing when you are live before you even go live. I would suggest you to also before you or when you plant what to talk about that you also make sure that people knows when you actually going live. So make a post about it. You can take talk about it in your instagram story you can talk about like, yeah, I'm going lined. That isn't this time. And I'm going to talk about this and this subject and you're going to learn this and it's you make it really clear and really interesting for people to go in and watch it. Think about when you do that so people are not in work. If you are on our location where people can be sleeping or at work or something, just make sure that they are line when you are going live. And also make sure that people knows that you are online before you go alive. I was just also that you write Ah headline like how to shop for 2018 for instance, Where to get the good ist deal 2018 or what do you want to learn? What I do is that I have in a document I use Evernote. And in my document I write my title and directly when I go live I paced the title what I wanted to say and I press on the comment and I camp in the comment. What that do is that is going to be on top. So if it is a new viewer that is coming in, they see what the life is about. That's really, really good. So they're not okay. What is she talking about? They getting understanding off what the content and what the information is about. Make sure that when you're starting your instagram live, you are going to get higher algorithm and you're going to be favored by Instagram if you keep people from the beginning to the end off your live streaming. So what you want to dio and tips for that is like in the beginning, you are telling them that you have a giveaway or the top tips. I'm going to present audience, so you have to stay in an end to the end. If you want to know this to make sure that they really stay on, hold on to your topping. So don't make your life streaming too long. Always suggest not more than 20 to 30 minutes like that's the most, because, actually, people want be sitting and listen to you all the time. If your your content isn't super super super good inside instagram live to you can have a lot of different features. You can have face filters so you could use to be creative with that. If you having a bad hair day, or if you haven't done any makeup during the day, you can use filters to just make you feel better, so that can be a really fun way to play around with, and you can. Also, when you're doing your live stream, invite people to talk with you on a split screen. This is actually a really great way if you want to bring in people that have a good testimonial for you, like if they have gone your course or have bolts, and if your product you can invite them in and talk about, like your products or your yeah, the things that they have bought. Make sure you really engage people. And, like if you know that someone have both your course and they reach out to you and talk to you, ask the people. Do you want to joining um, in the instagram life? Decide ahead that they are going to join and talk about. Yeah, we really want to hear your story and why you think this is a good thing to Dio, so make sure you do that because it's it will bring up you and bring up your trust ability . So when you have ended your live streaming, you can. Actually now it's kind of knew, but have been here for a while on instagram app to save and let other people see your content to your life streaming. So now you get a request from Instagram if you want to save it and get shown for 24 hours. What that is going to be seen for your followers is that it's going to be like a little rectangle, or to call it like a liver play button on your their story circle in the top, that means that they have a live streaming that you can watch. Make sure you use this kind off free tool toe. Actually, get people involved and listen to you and get the the testimonials in, because they will really help you to to build the trust ability. The last thing I want to remind you as that lighting and sound is everything. So if you do a live streaming and you don't have a microphone, just use your air place and the inbuilt microphone in that so you have a decent, decent sound. If you are in a crowded space, it's going to be very loud, and the phone is going to take in every sound that is, so make sure that you have a good sound so people don't just log out from your streaming because off sound and Secondly, make sure that you have good lighting. No one wants to see something with a bad, poor life. If it's daytime, make sure you can stand in front of the window. Just make the room lights. If you're in the night time, make sure you light up all the lamps that ISS. I got a really good tips to buy from eBay. A little selfie lights that I am waiting for to have during my life stream so I can get a little soup. Eliza life just on top off my phone. So make sure you have that in orders so people won't leave your urine broadcast just because of this. So make sure that you really stand out and you dare to be different. And don't be shy to show to really you. So many people think that Oh, I can't be on video. I can't do this in their country that because they're shy off themselves, people want to see the real you and this commercial filter, you know, really actress, way off being it's over. That time is over. Now it's more authentic and more trustable off the people that you want to buy from and as I said before in the earlier part of the course, consistency is the key to success on Instagram. Make sure that you do plans and make space in your calendar to be consistent on your instagram feed. Don't just post randomly. Make sure you have it planned out for this module. I want you to do a live broadcast planet out in the beginning before you even go alive. And what I want you to think about is what three promises. Can you promise your followers that you will deliver through your shadow on your instrument ? What is the three main topics that do will talk about and want to follow? You know what your brand is about? That's super easy. Just choose three bullet points that you will share through this life. Wow, You have been so good. And now when you have finished module six, my alive module, you have gone through basic off Instagram. Be really proud of yourself. Now you can really use Instagram as a pro and you can actually use it and understand what you are doing in the next model. Model seven is a deep dive module. I would go through how I being so creative on my in signal stories, extra maps and all those kind of things I'm using to drive more attention to my instagram account. 7. BONUS! Extra tips on apps that will make your Instagram special: I'm super happy that you actually have gone through the whole course now and you are on model seven and here we're going to take a little deep dive into all the front of things. I'm doing some extra things, some extra abs that they that I used to spice. Yes, the things up a little bit. So I just love this and I hope you will you enjoy this, too, because I really, really enjoy this. So that's pretty dio. Let's let's do the deep die. So let's dive right into my little phone. This is my phone and I am actually having Calio folder here that sets photograph. I go in here, So let's start first with my light room in my light room I have on my computer. I have saved a lot off presets, so I know what I'm using On my light room, I saved my my mobile presets in a folder Recon Google Mobile presets. And you can get it up if you have light room and you have it on your phone, too, because then you're super easily connecting these two together. So they think I'm doing is that when I'm using light room. I can just go in to one on my presets and I can just cope e settings and then conduced go to one of my photos that I want. And I can just paste it on them like this unjust piston. And then I just save it to my phone. And then I uploaded to me instagram stories or whatever I want to post. So this is a really, really smart hack if you want to have it with similar on your photos on your story as your feet biggest consistency is the key and recognizable. You need to be recognizable. People need to feel that you are the same after I have added some photograph in light room . I can often use L d app also lens distortions. So here I can use maybe for this is this picture and I'm just putting in some lens like the sun is shining in nor yeah, they have a lot off different options you can choose. You can also choose capacity, and you can just play around with this and just upload it. It's so nice to just use this if you want to be a little more creative, so back to my home screen here. What more do I have? I have sparked post. This is also from Adobe and Erkan. Do really interesting and moving object. If I have, for instance, our campaign where I want to highlight something and want to do a gift file, you do actual little videos. On this app. You can actually do small gift fights that you can use as a instagram post or Enstrom story or whatever you like. So in the bottom, if you choose to use this app, you can choose to have it as size for instagram stories. Or, if you want to have because a square or if you would like to have it faded for your instagram story, Harry can create a text so it face in. It can fade out. It can swipe in. You can do Ah, lot of variations here is used your creativity and what you actually want to show your customers and your followers that will block you to do what you like. On this app, you can create your text and your videos asked you like so it fits your brand with colors and phones and everything you would need So why do you want to use thes kind of ah video animation? GIF file. They see that videos perform better on instagram. So you want Teoh get just the little small things to move. And if you don't have ah, super professional editor that can do this for you. This is a really great up that can help you just to get that little extra. So people see you and you stick out more than the rest of all the other instagrammers that don't use it. Another really cool app. I'm using this Placer Cam. If you wonder how I get these three the texts I am use a place, a camp and on this app is so, so much fun to just create different texts and move it around So play around weather because it's so much fun Another great up. I have been using its the app Vigo video Here you could be really creative. You can even reshape yourself. You can smooth out your face. You can use other type of filters than the normal instagram stories And here you can be more creative. We'd your posts. You can use stickers like different filters on yourself it could be a cath or tiger or whatever you like. When I have used this, I have actually just done this on the up and then saved it to my camera roll and then uploaded to Instagram Another app. I'm using his hyper laps. Heiple Epps is a really good up. If you are away somewhere, you're maybe waiting in line or you're doing some food and you want to have ah, compressing a lot of time into a shorter amount of time. So if you are walking somewhere or something that you want to speed up, this is a super great tool to use and including your instagram stories to have make it more fun to watch. So if you are doing a video and it's too long, if you're like, for instance, a recording it on your phone on the on your camera roll, I'm using cuts story to cut videos that is longer than 15 seconds. Here I can use video and I can choose camera roll or I can do on your video. But because story is really good, you can choose if you want 15 seconds or if you want longer or you want to customize it yourself I can really recommend is if you do a lot of videos and you want to have a four year or INSTAGRAM stories, for instance, use cuts story to get in the rights seconds. I have both also hear the extended version. So I don't get the cut story logo because I use it so much. Can decide yourself if you want it or not. So, of course, I also use Photoshopped in my phone here. I'm just playing around and just checking out how I can use it to get the most out of it When I'm on the road. Yeah, you can use it to if you also using photo shop on your on your computer a lot. Of course, I also use Snapshot if I want to do something funny and I really, really love the new three D figures. If you have beat him or you, I really use them all the time and I'm saving it to my camera roll and then I uploading it to my instagram stories. It gives such a fun way to do things to get the three D more. Yeah, you need to sign up for a bit emoji account. You can do a lot of fun things with this and also use a lot of other filters that instagram don't have something that could be really, really interesting and can hire your level off expertise and war to college, or just make people feel that they always learn something new. And you always have something super exciting to listen to or watch is when you two instrument take over. So I have been doing several of these and this Instagram takers is really fun. Like here I did instagram takeover with Matina. You want zone, for instance? And it was so much fun. I send her a lot off videos when I waas in Los Angeles during fall 2017. How did I do this? Well, first I just record everything on my phone and I wrote everything on my phone also. What? I want dead in all these kind of stuff. So I decorated it as I wanted. After I had saved all this, I saved all my videos to a folder on Dropbox. So what you first of all need to be thinking about is what do you want to say? Like What do this prison I want to do? A takeover with? What do you think their audience want to learn from you. So be thinking about that and investigate. What do you think day would like to see from you? So you shared the Dropbox folder to this person and you you changed the name off the videos and photos. So, for instance, you start with one and end with 10 for instance. So the person you are sending this material to knows which order to upload it to instagram stories in stir there. And really think about how you can do this as a story. What is this story for year to tell? Is it to tell them about the fitness industry? Do you want to give them some advice on how to eat? If you're in this industry or are you in the food industry? Do you want to share a recipe? Or if you are in the travel industry? Do you want to show where you are now? Used to be thinking about all these small things. And when you do a takeover, I have seen that you can do a little bit longer sequence. So you don't have to be super short with the whole story of the day. If you have a really good content that you want to give to the audience and the last after I want to show You is Video leap video Leap is a great great to and up to use for video editing. So in this up, if I don't want to drag around, my diesel are all the time on. I just shoot some videos and take some photos on my phone. But I want to connect it to a whole story and just do some short cuts between so eso. It's not super long clips, but I just want to make it powerful and make it as a little video. Then I use this app in this up. You can use text layers. You can blend differently together. You can use a lot off different effects. You can do so much in this app, and I just really love to be created with this, especially if I'm not. As I said, bringing my diesel are with May because that's heavy and it's used a pain to drag around. If I'm like, for instance, travel where I just go somewhere, and I didn't thought about bringing my ideas a lot with me. It's of course, better to bring it, because I feel that the quality is better, but it's heavy to drag around, so I prefer to use my my phone and then I can just quickly edit on. Maybe if I'm under train back home, then I can just quickly edit on the train and have my story uploaded in a couple off minutes. So let's time into how I do some creative stuff on my stories. We go into Instagram and we go into the stories. Let's start with just tools that I often use. For instance, I use a lot off the drawing tools. What I also love to do is still use those small pens ill and super super small size of it. And I love too Crete like a text. If I ride Christmas, for instance, so instead of writing the first letter I write, this must Yes, I right rece mus perhaps like this, and I often do a second layer with another color. So I create this like shadow ish cholera. You need to have a lot of patient with this What is this good for? I can place eight and can do several types of effects. It's just really funny to work with. Here is just a small pencil and I write the first letter off this. So in this case, it's C. And I just do something a little bit Kirby or something. Sunlight is Christmas. I often use the highlighter to juiced. Press some dots in the smallest size and I create and I go and do it bigger and I create some bigger dots around it, and you can be so, so creative with this. I also used stickers. Often I used stars. It's like Christmas and a lot of stars and just sit around, play with it, be creative and see what you can come up with. But these are like the most important tools are used to just make it more fun. But I also love to Dio is creating text with boxes like we can write text in on top here on the A in the middle, and on top of that, you can create different boxes or on the texts we can, for instance, choose a color, maybe yellow or something, or if you have a color in the picture you want to use. You used a little pin yet or we're to call in the left corner, and you can choose whatever color you like in the photo are text. If I want the color off my sweater, for instance, or my shirt if you want our filter that is not in the actual instagram filter. This is a little hack that I'm often using. I do adult in the night press on the transparent text layer and then issues a color like yellow, for instance. And then I just resi zits. So we have it big in this way. You can get multiple or one text filter or a filter for your video. You can also do it like this if you just want to do the half off the picture where the filter you can do another one in another color, maybe want drink one. If you want to get more visibility on your area. Like Francis, I am Invest Ross. I often use the year old occasion with vestibules. What I'm doing is if it has something that I really want people in the area to know about, then I used the hell location sticker. And if I don't want this to get seen, if I feel that okay, no, it's not feeding my feed. Then you can just drag it and it will be smaller. You can just resize it and do it smaller. You can also do this if you want to get seen in a special hashtag hub for their stories. You can also do this with hashtag. This is a really great to. As I said, if you are a business owner, Wayne a special city or in a special niche, then you can use If you're a restaurant, you can use veggies or you can use the seed hashtag the city you are in like hashtag Stockholm. A hash tag jesters. You can use these to get the eyes off the people you want to be seen from. What I also love to do is that you can create different kinds off size of the letters like you can, for instance, right high. So you go right and you can have different sizes of the letters. You can use this text box with the colors. You can just do so so much you can also use the boxes with a more yes, if you want a color box around your emoji just to make it more clear, or if you want to have it in some sort of creative way and highlight something if you do a video and you are seeing that a sticker is feeding your feed really good or your video really good, you can use this dicker and pin eight to your video. So, for instance, here I have a crown and I want to stick it to my head because I want to be the queen off the day. What I'm doing is that I'm just holding my finger on top on the sticker. So I see this little bar down here doesn't said's pin it, and I competed wherever I'll I wanted. And I can drag the video in time, back and forward so I can painted whatever I like. And then the video will but played, and I have it where I want. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably have seen that if you tap on, it seems like something is popping up every time you press and go to next picture. So how do we do this, a lot of people is asking. Well, first of all, you have the original picture. You take a screen shot off your home page if you want to. For instance, make people where to go to your latest post because you have post something there. You want people to really seen engage with. Make sure that you take a screen shot off the the things that you want people to get noticed, and you start to decorate it as you like. Like here. I have the pink background in the first story. I want people not to see what it is. I want people to go to here. I put my heart on top off the video in the post I have. I want people to go to. When I started the 1st 1 I just save it to my phone. I continue to write or I do some drawing or something on the picture. Like here, I put drone in. Now it says new drone, and when the people is continuing, it says new drone video, and it's want people to go to my latest video. So used a highlighter to just do some bubbles and I want people to go there. So I save in between all the photos that I have been creating on this one, and when I'm done, I delete it. And then I upload it again in the right order. So I start to upload the picture that I did first that I saved first. And then I upload the 2nd 1 and later the 3rd 1 And if I want to have any links to something like if you have tied someone or anything, I put it when I uploaded to. So if I'd want to do a hashtag or I have been tagging a year location, I added here. Then when I upload ing it. So now when you topping alone on my story, it says new drone video. So if you're putting your stories up on the heel occasion story, you probably order the hashtag have story. You probably want to add your user name, too, and put atthe mentioned and your name because it's very hard for people to go to your instagram account. Otherwise, it's often very hard to tap in, and you need to get people to really call traction and go to your latest posts and just tell them what's about and why they should go there. So give them a clear call to action. If you want to do the letters from the top and to the bottom, you juiced right as friends. Holly Luria. I'm so happy, actually, that you have gone through the whole course, and now you have completed it. If I would write out a diploma, I would give it to you and make you a certified Instagram. Er, yes. And if you have done all the exercises, I would be really happy if you tag me on and let me know how everything went If you overcome and the struggles or in the exciting I would really, like love to know if you Yeah, what you have come up with. So tag me and write me a message on Instagram semi GM and just let me know what discourse gave to you. And if you know that anyone in your society around you would be benefit would benefit from this and I would recommend you to talk to them, help your friend or help your business partners to tell them about this course. Because if we can help them to grow, Their message will grow and our economy will grow When people are selling. I want everyone to succeed on Instagram so we all can be a community. Don't forget that interim is above the audience and the community to make sure that you involved people and talk to them. And don't use it just as a commercial platform. Because this is a community that where you need to take care of people in your community. I will upload more courses in the future like how you can do videos for your business. Like how you can use your cell phone. And I have a lot of of thoughts on what I what I want to teach you because I'm a videographer and a content creator. So this is what I do all day long. So I really want to encourage you to bring out your creativity and just learn some basic stuff because it will make your business grow. Ah, and it will help you to save some money. Actually, once again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart that you have been taking your time and invested in yourself and your business to watch this and now is just go out in the instagram world and connect with people. And the row on this Graham. So take care. And to the next video, Pete.