Learn how to sing better in 10 lessons

Alexandra Belibou, Musician, PhD student

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11 Videos (59m)
    • Course presentation

    • 1. Relax before singing

    • 2. Breathing

    • 3. Find your singing voice

    • 4. Vocal warm-up

    • 5. Vocal technic 1

    • 6. Vocal technic 2

    • 7. Belting technic

    • 8. Twang voice

    • 9. Riffs and runs

    • 10. Apply the voices

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About This Class

This course is for beginner singers, it is also good for music lovers who want to discover their singing voice. I am a professional musician and I designed this course to help you get better in 10 lessons. My course has breathing exercises, professional vocal warm-ups, vocal technique exercises, practical advice and pro guidance. The things you will learn are the ones used by all great singers.

  • Lesson 1- Relax before singing
  • Lesson 2- Breathing
  • Lesson 3- Find your singing voice
  • Lesson 4- Vocal warm-up
  • Lesson 5-  Vocal technic exercises 1
  • Lesson 6- Vocal technic exercises 2
  • Lesson 7- Belting technic 
  • Lesson 8- Twang technic
  • Lesson 9- Riffs and runs
  • Lesson 10- Apply the "voices"

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Very nice class :)
Javed Hassam

Adventurous Filmmaker & Graphics Designer

This is a very effective class for strengthening your voice. The isolated exercises ensure an all over improvement. Repetition is key for further improvement
Great instructor! Keeps me engaged and not long winded lectures repeating the same information. Great for beginners without bombarding you with technical terms. Also, she didn’t try to sell me something else.





Alexandra Belibou

Musician, PhD student

My name is Alexandra and I am a professional musician. I am a PhD student at the Music University, I play the piano and I sing. I love music and I started studying it when I was 6. After 20 years I still love it and I try to become better each day.

Being a musician means having good communication skills, analytical thinking, flexibility, good planning and organisational skills, it also demands energy and responsibility.

I like teaching music because is great to s...

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