Learn how to sing better in 10 lessons

Alexandra Belibou, Musician, PhD student

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11 Videos (51m)
    • Course presentation

    • 1. Relax before singing

    • 2. Breathing

    • 3. Find your singing voice

    • 4. Vocal warm-up

    • 5. Vocal technic 1

    • 6. Vocal technic 2

    • 7. Belting technic

    • 8. Twang voice

    • 9. Riffs and runs

    • 10. Apply the voices


About This Class

This course is for beginner singers, it is also good for music lovers who want to discover their singing voice. I am a professional musician and I designed this course to help you get better in 10 lessons. My course has breathing exercises, professional vocal warm-ups, vocal technique exercises, practical advice and pro guidance. The things you will learn are the ones used by all great singers.

  • Lesson 1- Relax before singing
  • Lesson 2- Breathing
  • Lesson 3- Find your singing voice
  • Lesson 4- Vocal warm-up
  • Lesson 5-  Vocal technic exercises 1
  • Lesson 6- Vocal technic exercises 2
  • Lesson 7- Belting technic 
  • Lesson 8- Twang technic
  • Lesson 9- Riffs and runs
  • Lesson 10- Apply the "voices"

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Wow. Well, I have tried to sing before, on my own of course but I think I sound like when I am talking Maybe I´m tone deaf.. Anyway, this course sounds amazing, engaging, inspiring, and I can recommend it to anyone.
Great lessons, my singing is so much better than before!





Alexandra Belibou

Musician, PhD student

My name is Alexandra and I am a professional musician. I am a PhD student at the Music University, I play the piano and I sing. I love music and I started studying it when I was 6. After 20 years I still love it and I try to become better each day.

Being a musician means having good communication skills, analytical thinking, flexibility, good planning and organisational skills, it also demands energy and responsibility.

I like teaching music because is great to share my knowledge with the world.