Learn how to prepare Healthy Desserts at home | Daniela Lambova | Skillshare

Learn how to prepare Healthy Desserts at home

Daniela Lambova, Food Blogger & Photographer

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9 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Project & Disclaimer

    • 3. What makes a dessert healthy

    • 4. The food qualities

    • 5. What makes the desserts unhealthy

    • 6. Basic healthy ingredients

    • 7. How to make Healthy Red velvet cake

    • 8. How to make Low Carb Cookies

    • 9. Final Thoughts


About This Class


Elevate your home baking by learning how to prepare Healthy Desserts!

Do you like eating sweets but you are worried that they are not the best food for you? The good news is that not all desserts are junk food. And it is not hard to make healthier desserts at home. Daniela Lambova, a food blogger and cookbook author, created this class in order to help you bring your home baking to the next level. In this class she will teach you the basis of healthy baking.

You will learn:

  • Why are most sweets considered unhealthy
  • What ingredients to use in your home baking in order to prepare desserts that are good for you
  • What ingredients to avoid. 
  • What sugar substitutes are available and their pros and cons
  • You will also see in details the preparation process of two healthy dessert recipes: Red Velvet Cake and Low carb Cookies

This class is for everyone who is concerned about healthier lifestyle, without going into extremes. The information is gathered from different sources and based on scientific researches. The class is not about dieting, weight loss or body cleansing. Its main goal is to help people make informed food related choices for a better overall health. 

This is a class for beginners, but home bakers of all levels might benefit from the presented advices, tips and recipes.

In the project & resources section you will find the complete recipes of the two presented desserts and the web addresses of the class information sources.