Learn how to play on the guitar "She will be loved - Maroon 5" like a Pro | Renan Nerone | Skillshare

Learn how to play on the guitar "She will be loved - Maroon 5" like a Pro

Renan Nerone, Guitarist, singer and songwriter

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8 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Course Trailer

    • 2. Welcome to the Course!

    • 3. Learning the Intro

    • 4. Learning the Verse

    • 5. Learning the Refrain

    • 6. Learning the Bridge

    • 7. Let's play it!

    • 8. Congratulations


About This Class

About this Class

Have you ever try to learn your favorite song from the internet and saw that the song wasn't as easy as you thought it will be?

Today, on this class, you will be able to play the song "She will be loved by Maroon 5" like a PRO just by following simple steps. I will teach you step by step how to master this song!

Let's start!


1. Course Trailer: Hello. My name is written in their own. I'm a guitarist. Singer has some right. Besides being a music performer, I am also a guitar instructor and I love the beach today. On this, cars are going to teach you step by step, how to play correctly. The specific song called She Will Be Loved by My Room. Five. I believe that the first step to learn how to play the guitar, he's by learning our favorite songs to make it more fun. I think that if you pay close attention to the steps, will be able to play the song in no time. So you're old and let's get started. 2. Welcome to the Course!: high on the scores. I'm going to show you how to play. She will be loved by my room. Five to start. I separated the videos by pieces off the song so we have the intro, verse, refrain and bridge on a intro We're going to use to cards a minor seven n. G. Seven with a variation by adding the note A. On the fourth. Drink off the seven Threat. See the graphic on the screen to learn the guards. Make sure you memorize them before going further. Next on Diverse. We're going to use a minor G seven and F. I know that this time a minor is only its basic form. In only seven, we don't have the variation with the No. A on their refrain way. We're going to use see G a minor and F check the graphics for guidance and Leslie on the bridge. We're going to use G A minor and F Great. Now, once you memorize the courts, you can go to the next video 3. Learning the Intro: Now for the intro, you're gonna use two cards. A minor, huh? G seven way. Some variation by adding no A So it will be like this for the reason you're gonna use the third Street. The first string in the six train. It would be like this again. Oh, so you played the six string first, then two tragic during four stream, then another two times, All three strings together. So you have again. And then for G seven, you play this second string Third string four and six train to get it well, you have face with thirst. Three variation A observation So together Oh, oh oh! 4. Learning the Verse: now for the various, we're going to do two chords again. A minor N g seven. And to be like this now for the rhythm for a minor. You do like these. Have the first rhythm longer. Another four. But treat okay once they have just seven like this. Down, down, down, Down, Down, down, down together 5. Learning the Refrain: you have C I see a minor like this Now they're with other refrain. It will be like this Head down, Down, down, down, Down For each chord Down, down, down, down, down, down Let's pray together 6. Learning the Bridge: for the breach. We're gonna do a minor and G four times and then f so for the written off the bridge, you're gonna do down now. I don't down, down for each chord and now let's do it together. 7. Let's play it!: So after you've practiced every part of the song now you're ready to put it all together. So we're gonna do the intro verse, refrain the second verse, the refrain again then the bridge and then a friend. So let's do it building. We know on Lee A has some drug way She was always always belong to So i e I do So I way that my windows all my make e I know then to get so doesn't anymore. It's not always Grable's and but flight it's go from eyes You my horse with doors way I way , way I know where alone in your No, you you I know that by not come back and get yeah So my window one make you you I escape way, - way 8. Congratulations: thank you very much for watching my course. I hope you were able to learn every step off the song and play with me at the end. If you have any questions or comments, please come with me and I'll be glad to answer it you next time.