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Learn how to play ''Tears in Heaven'' by Eric Clapton on the Guitar

teacher avatar Renan Nerone, Guitarist, singer and songwriter

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. PROMO

    • 2. Complete Song

    • 3. Intro

    • 4. Verse A

    • 5. Verse B

    • 6. Bridge

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About This Class

One of the best songs written by Eric Clapton is TEARS IN HEAVEN.

I designed this course for you who is passionate about playing great chords and harmony on the guitar.

You are going to learn how to play perfectly on the guitar the song Tears in Heaven.

You are gonna love it!!!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Renan Nerone

Guitarist, singer and songwriter


Guitarist, singer and songwriter currently based in South Florida.

Renan was born in Maringa, a small city in the southern part of Brazil. His passions is the guitar, which he has been playing for the past 14 years. This passion started when he was just a little boy. He discovered then that the music was able to bring happiness for himself and other people around him.

In 2007, Nerone moved to Florence, Italy where he attended the Conservatory Luigi Cherubini studying Jazz Music and graduated with honors.

In 2010, he recorded his first CD with a collection of cover songs from artists including A. Jobim, Vinicius de Moraes, Toquinho, Chico Buarque and Tim Maia.

Renan was guest of honor at the event ''Premio Battisti 2010'' held in Italy along with Dario Baldabe... See full profile

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1. PROMO: - ever want him and then on here. I'm glad to be here on school. Share a teacher. Another lesson I had a lot of requests for. This song is one of the best songs that reflect on reading his career. Because there is a beautiful melody and beautiful harmony. Amazing chords. And also, if you're trying to get better into your rhythm guitar playing I know a lot of people struggle with that when you're starting guitar. These is the great cars for you. So lets you mean now work on this June. Here you go. 2. Complete Song: 3. Intro: All right, let's get started with AU troops. The first thing you gotta do is this Potter here. Uh, okay, so big that low e string and I just my middle finger here on the second fret the the low e string And then I see the a string It is the first thing you gotta dio after that. I big the second fret with my middle finger sickle. Fret, um, on the d string. We owe basically the same thing They sing for you here. The middle finger works twice. First of all, no e string and then destroy. Okay. Okay. Necesidad you're gonna do these. Okay, so it might rain finger. I pick the second Fred of the Beast dream on and I just light up to the third friend and they come back. So slat slide down. And then with my middle finger, I picked the, um the G string here on the second front. Okay, Okay. Put it all together faster. Si me ride fee on my right hand Here. The first. The 1st 3 notes. I play with my son. Okay. For notes. The street knows here I play with my index finger on my right hand You hear all together way. Have this after day e have a e is less geek or dislodges sharp chord So e g major, But with the g sharp on the base, it means middle senior on the fourth fret off the low e string. Okay, have this amazing cord So you don't figure here in the fourth fret e string Then I'm my index finger here in the second fret off the d d string ring finger the fourth friend g string and beat the Miley little finger here on the fifth fret all the B stream. So I have These is the rhythm. So I play my thumb okay here and then the other strings with my three fingers here together altogether thumb and fingers here. Okay. So I can pick all the notes that I'm playing here. So I big figures together on after that. Just figures. So Okay, basically okay after that, have f sharp minor my mind Have the barrel here. The bar quarter here on the second Fret. Okay. And then you have a ring finger on the fourth fret of the A string and the pinky finger here. All this fourth friend on the D string. Have way ticket booth. So they're with me. Basically, these one for a sharp. Okay, Okay. I'm gonna disease for sure. Okay, after that, I'm gonna do this amazing with. Okay, The first thing is to pick with the index finger here on this fifth friend off the high e string and then my with my ring finger on the seventh fret the D string. If you look at it, you have the same notes with different beach. Okay? No, this a Okay, these waves light up. Want to step up? Okay. From the fifth and seventh, fret to the seventh and ninth fret and then was let down again. Let's look back. Light up. Go back. Okay. Okay. After that, go up off one strength from here to here. The same thing, but it just go up on a string. OK, so, uh, here I am on the second, my index finger on the fifth fret off the be ST a my ring finger on the same Fred off a string. Okay, Side up. Seventh and nine, Fred B string and a stream. So with my ring finger, I justice led up from the second fret off the B string to the third. Fret So on. Then I picked the high e string and I have this combination. Okay, after that, I'm gonna play d slash f sharp. Uh huh. OK, means middle finger here on the second fret of the Lowy stream Rich, you get, uh, ring finger here on the second fret off the G string on the pinky finger on the third French bistro eso ideo way. So this is the reason for the d slash f sharp yesterday? I do this from here. I changed this string here to this. So my middle finger goes out and I big the index finger here on the forest. Friend of the Lower East Dream. I changed my fear here from my, uh you said off playing the score here. The next card after the these ledge f sharp have these kind off F 13 string here. Um, I played a finger, and then I changed this finger here that was here before. When I go like this, I change this. You know, Caesar for me. You might meet a figure here this off This one. And these 12 goes out and I put this one the middle finger here. Okay, we will figure you on the second fret a string. OK, Next figure. The fourth Fred on the G string and then my pinky finger. You know, on the third fret, be straight. So these a sinkers wait together? 4. Verse A: All right. Now for divers, the first part of the verse eyes almost the same as the intro. It changed something. Well, it starts the same thing Doing that way. Okay, a chance from here. Okay, so do eso from here way. Okay, so after doing all that better that way, e Okay, so basically to for these shar to for a and four for e. Okay. And then the third time and the fourth, we're gonna put the pinky finger here. Second fret B string, third fret history right here. Is there with them? Todo alternative year. Okay, let's put all together way. Okay. The secret here for the right hand is always to play the right base for this court's base. I'm me the little strings here for his name before thes lash f sharp leaving this so off course, I need to play the based here for low e string. Not like these things. OK, but okay, then for a I play the a stream based off course e got played it low e string open. That's right. Lead again. Very, very slow way. Ah, second part here. Instead of doing this way, we're gonna do another kind words here. Gold left Sharm e I do this So if you see my pinky finger year the way to the fifth fret I just do the bar here with second friend without big picking the low e string Just load it down here thing you hear from here goes down So it's right So the first step is f sharp nine on then f sharp minor with the pinky finger here in the fourth fret high e string My low base here always there we string after death I I put this finger down and I leave this strange low e string open okay? And I speak with my pinky finger here on this fifth Fret on the high easterain, so OK, after day, we're gonna come here. I just homer down my pinky finger here from Fred to fourth. Fret on and then just the barrel. The second friends, Be sure to title the strings very tight. Here s O playing with my low e string here. Open D a tricky stuff here. So let me explain your t simple Dee Gordon exterior on the second fret G string ring finger on the third friend B string and my, uh, figure of a single friend Drink. Thank you for your friend. Be string 5. Verse B: right now for diverse part B. You're gonna so play your F sharp minor year. This is a, um, like D sharp. Um, major, with their base means in f. Okay. You could call it the sharp or the flat base. Whatever. Eso from f sharp minor. It's like d like a d cor Health stepped down, but with the base here f low e string first fret. Okay, so I changed my fears here. So I play with my index figure on the fourth fret first fret or the Olano easterain. My middle finger is here The first fret also the G string and then my ring finger here on the first fret of the highest ring in my big If you with second further of the beast Rio, this is my flesh with after way thing this way E minor figure view on the second fret a stream ring finger on the second fret and f sharp major difference. No, I don't I don't do the barrel here. I just play the low e string here in the second fret and then I put my sharp the shape of the court here. Um, so the middle finger here on the third fret of the G string. Then my ring finger on the fourth fret of a string And then my big finger on fourth fret off the D string And I have these no way b minor with bear The normal bear here on the second fret in the shape of the guard like middle finger here on the third friend B string the ring finger on this fourth fret of the D string and the pinky finger here on the fourth fret on the G string. So if you struggle with bar chords, you can try toe to use bar force and then the shape of the garden like or you can use the shape first and then the okay, Try to alternate both ways to play this corn for his bar, that shape or first shape, and they are okay, so f on. Then I just know down my bar here and I leave the a string. You see my finger here This'll be Meyer a street. So I have the sequence you with less card. Okay, I think this way. But if you find these hard to do because I use a bar here, you can use this. Okay, can use this. It's like a major like a major normal. A major index finger. Second fret the street middle fear second fret G string and my ring finger Instead of doing year on the second front, I'll put it here on the third for history and I played in E in the bass here. Six. Stream The guitar thing. Do this. 1231230 together thumb and fingers Family The e string If fingers here on the G and history to put it all together here in the first part B way. Okay, so these would be the first part b. And be sure that you're going to do all this chords like alternating Tom and fingers, Right? So it's all the time. The same thing. See one less card. Change the rhythm here instead of doing every time together three years. I do want to stop 6. Bridge: All right, Interbreed. You're going to use this cards here. C major So ring finger of the third Fret off a string middle finger. Second friend D History index Fear the forest friend B strain on G E O Next figure. Second fret a strength middle finger that low e string here on the third fret and the two fingers here ring ring finger on the third fret of the B string and begin feeling of the third. Fret off the high Street a minor next year on the first Friday of the B string middle finger that second fret destry and then ring finger on the second fret G string on and he's left f sharp that do before o t o Then I can do Is this e prefer? Go again? Go back these sharp. So the three times these less of sharp here on the bridge Wayne Beyond this, courts granted this to go to sea. So index finger here on the second string based rain or the first fret on And I played a string together with the string here. Okay, a string a open string on then this'll index finger second, fret off a stream and pinky finger the third Fred of the B string. So, uh, that's it, then I go to see G sharp. Minor. Okay, second time I stay in G major Andi O or whatever you want to call it, uh, you're gonna use the same courts, so let's get back to breach way. Stay there. Go to the major on, then to go to solo Are the you Tre prepare to t ake or so I after the less court of the bridge. I do d slash f sharp on Dan E with the G sharp of the base. The same card that he used verse. Okay, it's beautiful. Okay, actually, after the bridge, you're gonna I'm gonna do the same cars that you use during diverse. Pardon me. Wait so long. Okay, so let's put it all together. The bridge three