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Learn how to play ''Crazy Little Thing Called Love'' on the Guitar

teacher avatar Renan Nerone, Guitarist, singer and songwriter

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Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. PROMO ''Crazy Little Thing Called Love'' 

    • 2. STRUCTURE

    • 3. The WHOLE song

    • 4. INTRO

    • 5. VERSE

    • 6. REFRAIN

    • 7. SOLO GUITAR (Chords)



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About This Class

In this course I'll be teaching you all the necessary steps you need to take to accomplish the goal of learning  how to play on the guitar the song Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen.

The idea is basic but POWERFUL!

This class is founded by my experience during the years teaching people who is instructed in learning famous songs in an easy way. 

I prepared this course by splitting the contents which are present in a single song so everyone could be able to practice on the guitar and learn a certain song faster than any other course.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Renan Nerone

Guitarist, singer and songwriter


Guitarist, singer and songwriter currently based in South Florida.

Renan was born in Maringa, a small city in the southern part of Brazil. His passions is the guitar, which he has been playing for the past 14 years. This passion started when he was just a little boy. He discovered then that the music was able to bring happiness for himself and other people around him.

In 2007, Nerone moved to Florence, Italy where he attended the Conservatory Luigi Cherubini studying Jazz Music and graduated with honors.

In 2010, he recorded his first CD with a collection of cover songs from artists including A. Jobim, Vinicius de Moraes, Toquinho, Chico Buarque and Tim Maia.

Renan was guest of honor at the event ''Premio Battisti 2010'' held in Italy along with Dario Baldabe... See full profile

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1. PROMO ''Crazy Little Thing Called Love'' : Hey, what's up, you guys hand then that only here. I'm so excited to be back teaching guitar. I'm going to be PC all the famous songs that you guys want by requests. But not only that, I'm gonna be teaching technique views. Whether you're begin on a coast, try for the first time the guitar or, um, or advanced player trying some blues rock. And I can't wait to build all the contact for you. I'm very excited about that. I have a bunch of surprises planned, and I can't wait to show you guys. So for this class, you're gonna break down with Quinn with a classic song. Crazy little thing called Love Hope Guys enjoy it. So there's some really fun stuff here and roll it. Let's got to it 2. STRUCTURE: So just to understand that the read of the structure of this song we're gonna use the intro for the first time after the intrigue, when I use verse two times, then we have the refrain after the referring going to repair the verse. After the third verse, we're gonna have a soul of the guitar and they're gonna learn the courts than the beast chords during the That's all of the guitar after the Solar gonna have the Notre verse repeat diverse and then the final courts that are just records. So the structures intro verse, verse, refrain, verse, cards of the soul of the entire verse and final chords. 3. The WHOLE song: 4. INTRO: So for danger, you're gonna use the d chord, my index finger on the second fret all the G strength. Then I have my middle finger here on the e string, second fret and the ring finger and the third afraid on the B string. So if you look at mine right hand here, the rhythm is a combination off this. Don't don't. I'm going to eat again. It slowly. Don't Don't, Don't. Even if slower down, I'm gonna do it two times. I don't I want Okay, So is the combination of this kind off rhythm here? Down? I've done what? Down, down, Down. Okay, so and every time I do this, I'm gonna put this my pinky finger year Or the third friend with the e string. The high eat string here. So the combinations down way. Okay. So little faster way. Okay. I think so. This is dangerous. 5. VERSE: all right for divorce are gonna use d chord the index finger here with second friend of the G Strength My little finger here. Sorry. My middle finger here on the second fret all the e the high EQ string and then my ring finger on the third fret off the B string. When I used d the same quarter, they used through the interim. Then you're gonna use G e o have index here on second fret off a string than my middle finger here on the third fret. Okay, um, or the low e string. Then I use my ring finger here, Um, on the third fret off the B string and then my pinky finger on the high e string of the third fret. Okay, I like to do this. Kind of they're going to see also, they have on the third fret here on the a string my ring finger. Then my middle finger on the second fret Second fret and off the d strength and my index finger on the first fret off the B string, the Nile's Also, we're gonna used B flat cord. But not like that. I'm gonna use a, uh Let's see in open B flat cord. And I'm gonna Barry here the first fret, and I'm gonna pick, um, on this third fret off the d string. I had my ring finger okay. And my pinky finger here on the third fret and off the g string bury the forest Fret way have sound beautiful Sound open sound. So let's go. - Now we're going to see G and way C j Finalize your B flat C and D So, uh, I'd like to split this verse in two types off courts. We're gonna have these first time. Right way. Let's do it again. You need to repeat that phrase. Wait a second. Fire was played to these one, so let's put it all together, All right? I'm gonna do it lower just so you can follow me. Okay? - Okay . The reason it with my right hand is the same one that you're going to use for the whole song. For intro, for Rivers, For the soul of the entire, The whole song is like the same thing 6. REFRAIN: when I use the g chord. Okay, Seiko G court again. After that, they're gonna use B flat equals a the e chord Used to do this with my index finger on the first fret on the G string My middle finger on the second fret on the a string in the ring finger on the second fret D string thing open e chord here A I used to do this. I don't use my index finger, but I use this Those three fingers here, Middle finger on the second fret of the D string ring finger on the second, Fred. Well, the G string and my pinky finger a second fret on the beach stream. So the first part of the refrain we're gonna do like these the g card 3123 Okay, down. Do you see Shorter than the G, And then we go back to the Okay, let's put together way after that. We're gonna use B flat ik or a We just stopped here in the A. Okay, Just tremble in time, right? So b flat 1231234 e chord A. Okay. After that, we're gonna use the riff here. We're gonna pick the A strength on the Fred Number five. Number four and number tree. Okay for at five foot four. And Fred Tree with this fingers here when I use the ring finger, the middle finger, the index finger. Okay, so, uh, then we're gonna do the same thing with a low e string up here. All right, so after the a way, stop and come here. Okay. Same frets. 543543 But we different strings. The first story we're going to use the A string on and then I go up. You're gonna use either low e strain after Dad, they're gonna pick six times the EQ or 123456 Okay, let's do it again. Way stopping a again like this. And then we do this. So 123 Okay, sometimes you can dio with courts like E, but we're not gonna use thes. You're gonna gonna play just notes, Okay, So after six times, you pick the e chord dream you picked two times Fred number five with the pinky finger. Then two times third fret with mean the middle finger. Okay? Using the low e chord. Okay. And then with the biggest index finger here, uh, I playing with second fret and then it off. Okay, a Lowy strain open like this, So Okay. 123456 Okay. And then so let's put it all together. 7. SOLO GUITAR (Chords): right for the soul of the guitar. We're gonna use B flat after dad vehicle to D B flat ik or a After doing, all these scores were gonna do the riff there would be before at the end of the verse. Okay, so let's let's split this part in two parts. The first thing is the B flat de B flat, e a. Then we go to the reef. Okay. 123 full. Okay, so we come into eight or B flat, we come to a 40 we count 2 to 4 during the e chord, and then we stop a Okay. 345671234 way. Stop. Okay, after that, with same thing we did before. Okay? With a string, we big the 54 and bring Frank Dan we with low e string. The same thing, Fred Number five friends before Fred number dream than the equal are six times. Okay. And then two picks here on the fifth fret and low ico e strings. Peter times at the third fret the low e string two more times here on the second Fret. I loathe 8. FINAL CHORDS: right for the final cars. They're gonna use three chords B flat. I see. Okay for B flat to for a seat and four for D day to to four crazy way, way. 9. CONCLUSION: all right. I hope you enjoyed the lesson. If you have any questions about this class, please don't hesitate to send a message here on the school share. I'll be glad to help you out. Just appreciate your continued support. I hope to see you again soon by