Learn how to make wonderful digital watercolor paintings | Mandar Marathe | Skillshare

Learn how to make wonderful digital watercolor paintings

Mandar Marathe, Fine Artist, Sculptor, Illustrator, Designer

Learn how to make wonderful digital watercolor paintings

Mandar Marathe, Fine Artist, Sculptor, Illustrator, Designer

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6 Lessons (54m)
    • 1. Introduction to digital watercolor painting class

    • 2. Brush settings in Adobe Sketch

    • 3. Other tools in Adobe Sketch

    • 4. Watercolor Effects With Adobe Sketch

    • 5. Full demo of Watercolor Painting with Adobe Sketch

    • 6. Evening Light Watercolor Painting Demo With Adobe Sketch

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About This Class

Painting with watercolors is an interesting and intriguing activity. Unlike other mediums, you never have full control over how the colors interact with each other and how they finally look once dry. That adds lot of magic and interest to the paintings. This magic makes watercolors one the best mediums for expressive paintings.

At the same time, it can be challenging to get desired results with this transparent medium. Digital technology has made this challenge simpler and inexpensive. Painting with watercolor has never been so easy.

In this class I'll be walking you through my process of creating watercolor styled paintings using a free iPad app called Adobe Photoshop Sketch. It mimics the real watercolors to a great extent and has many benefits over real watercolor painting.
Being a digital medium, you can undo, redo, use layers and still get those wet in wet, glazing, dry brush and wash effects.

You should take this course if you paint using watercolors, or are thinking about it. Even if you have never painted with watercolors, you can start now because it is so easy with this app.
This app also removes the need to buy expensive watercolor papers, premium watercolors and brushes.

It is a way of creating nice artworks without having to fear you might spoil the paper, deal with the hassle of spilling water, getting color on your clothes, wet painting being ruined by unwanted splatter or any other worry that kept you from painting with watercolors.
If you are an experienced watercolor artist, you can use Adobe Sketch to try your ideas before you develop them into real watercolor paintings.
You can even print and frame your paintings for adding more colors to your life or turn them into exclusive gifts for your friends and family.
So, join the class and learn to paint with digital watercolors! See you in the class!

Meet Your Teacher

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Mandar Marathe

Fine Artist, Sculptor, Illustrator, Designer


My name is Mandar Marathe and I am a fine artist, illustrator, and sculptor based in Pune, India.

Have a look at the classes that I teach here on Skillshare, see my projects and join me here to learn from me and feel inspired to create your own masterpieces! You do not need any previous knowledge or art experience to benefit from my classes. I'm here to answer any queries you might have.

Join in!

Follow me on Instagram to see my latest work and timelapse videos!

 Happy art making!


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1. Introduction to digital watercolor painting class: painting with watercolors is an interesting on intriguing activity. Unlike other mediums, you never have full control over how the colors interact with each other and how they finally look once they're dry. That adds a lot of magic and interest of the paintings. This magic makes the mortar colors one of the best mediums for expressive paintings. At the same time, it can be challenging to get desired results with this transparent medium. Digital technology has made this challenge simpler. On almost inexpensive painting with watercolors has never been so easy in this class. I'll be walking you through my process off, creating mortar color style paintings using a free iPad app corn Roope skitch. It mimics the real watercolors to a great extent and has many benefits over real watercolor painting. Being a digital medium, you can undo redo, use layers and still get those wet in wet glazing, dry brush and wash effects. You should take this course if you paint using God. Colors are thinking about it. Even if you have never painted with watercolors, you can start now because it is so easy with this app. This has also removes the need to buy expensive order color papers, premium watercolors on the brushes. It is a way off creating nice articles without having to fear you might spoil the paper. Deal with the hassle off spilling water getting colors on your clothes. Wet painting being ruined by unwanted splatter are any other body that kept you from painting with particles? If you are an experienced political artist, you can use a rope sketch. Try your ideas before you develop them into really logical appendix. You can even print and frame your digital vertical A paintings for adding more colors to your life or turn them into exclusive gifts for your friends and family. So join this class and learned to paint with digital watercolors. See you in the class. 2. Brush settings in Adobe Sketch: Welcome to this lecture on Let's see how we can use a dope sketch on in this first lecture , I'm going to show you what other different settings which Arab sketch has. So once you open the application, you can see different projects, which I'm for later tried. And then there is also a section called Community Sketches, in which you can see sketches done by different people, which shows you just for inspiration. Now let's create a new document. Or in this project, when you click this, I can you create a new document or the sketch. This is the area where you see different brushes and also an E Raisa. And these are five places where you can have different brushes. When you tap and hold a brush, you get a menu in ways it shows you on the ab braces, which are there by default. And then there are also few brushes in which you can, which you can create in your library. And these are a few of the brushes which are created using a look capture. You can select any one of them and use them for creating the painting you would you want Oh , could. He ate other setting, which the brush has are. This is the size you hold and drying up to increase the size dragged down to decrease the size. This is the floor again. You press on this circle, and then it's cruel up or scroll down while pressing down. And then the third option is to change the color in this section. Also, you can click on the wheel on. You will see that there are other options called RGB and history. History shows you different colors, which of used recently, and there is also a library called You can Define this library. I just named it mm, but I'm not added any colors in here, but you can add them and create your own library off colors. And then there is our standard because it shows you different colors. It's one day off collecting colors in this application. One more way off. Selecting a color, which is already there on your painting is by clicking on this color circle and then dragging and then releasing the cursor when you have reached the color of it. You want to select for your ballot all for your brush. When I'm releasing this color, the pink color or light orange color will be selected, and now you can see that it's already selected for the brush and I can paint with the same thing. The next meeting the brushes have is this. I couldn't hear. You can enable the press entity or you can enable velocity sensitivity. And what disc does is if you reset the breast. This is that before sending Onda. What this coarser tells you is that it's going to increase the size of the brush when I'm 100% when the pressure is applied. When this course are is at minus 100 it says that the brush size will be maximum when the pressure is minimal and the size will reduce once the pressure is increased. I'll show you what what I mean by this. I'm applying very light pressure now and I'm getting a wide brush mark. I'm starting to increase depression and you can see that I'm going to get us in Argentina line. That is the setting for the pressure off the brush. If I do it the other way, 100% then when I don't apply any pressure and get a very thin line. When I apply the pressure I get already. But our lane similar is the setting for velocity. You can try that and flow the next thing. But the brush section has is something like. It's like a fan like sitting here. I am applying. I'm choosing, um, article a brush with setting off 3 50 size and a lot off color on it on the red color and applying that pain here and now. You can see that when I apply new color to it merges into each other. Now, if I want to stop the merging, it's like thing that I want to dry my paper in the real border color sense that can in this find button, and it instantly tries those ideas. But now, with this pain won't spread when I apply a next role. It's weird, so the friend button becomes anybody again, and it is not spreading so much because the layer off red color here is already dried. You can use that setting to your advantage 3. Other tools in Adobe Sketch: the next set off tools, which I want to show you is this said in your top right corner. The first setting is off undo button. And then there is redo Burton. Also, if you under one step, then you will see the redo button enable. Then there is one more feature similar to a timeline. When you click that you get a bar like this, click and drag to see the history off. All my brush strokes on in Slough in usually, I'm doing one step. You can just scroll back Ford and then select where you want to start again. I might as well start with a clean slate. Now you can see that it's the undo button is disabled because there is nothing to undo. The Knicks option is like It gives you shapes on you can trace using those shapes, for example, I'm selected a line on with my two fingers. I'm able to rotate it a typical gesture for the I brand. And when I used the apple pencil, I can draw a straight line even if I am doing the pencil moves around north in a straight line. Still, because I'm using this cheap to trace. I'm getting a very straight line, so this is nice feature to have. Similarly, you can have different shapes and you can increase their size. I will make them flat, withdrew fingers. You can increase their size with this setting. You can make them will make the circle as a whole, and then you can trace. Then there are French goes with you can also used graze French girls. It's also not necessary that you trace the whole French go. You can even do a trace a part of it, and then click this I couldn't cross. I'm going to remove that. So it's a nice feature off tracing images. The next setting here is about the Lears. You can create very various layers in a robe. Sketch on the plus button here shows you when you click on that, you can create one mood earlier, and it could be either a sketch layer or an image layer on. If I You like the schedule that I get on another plants burn layer on which again, bro. When I double click it, visibility's reduced to Zito on Bennett. Double click it again. It's enabled. When I click it click on it. Once you can see there are different options for changing the opacity, you can see the line here being dark or light. As I change the opacity, you can transform duplicate, mowed down earlier on even believe it. If I select and promote to create an image layer, it tells me, or give me an option to select a photograph from areas options, it could be on my iPad. I want to take a photograph, my fights market or out of stock. Andi. When you click on this leers, I can hear you can show or hide them if you don't. If it is distracting for you, you can hide them well bending Andi enable them when you want to manipulate those, the next option here is to export the image you can publish. Toby hunts they obviously to Creative Cloud and so on. There are different options you can. You can take out this image if I want to save the people. If I want to share it and simply say, with my photographs on my I burn, I can do that. The gear. I can give you some settings about the scape snapping on grids all we want to in rotate the canvas 90 degrees. You can do that. And the last Aiken is about making the holding full screen more so that you can pain without any distractions without the layers being seen. Here are the pools being seen here. It gives you the whole look and was for painting. That's all the settings with we have in a robe sketch. Andi, using these same tools will be doing the next lectures. Thank you. 4. Watercolor Effects With Adobe Sketch: and this lecture, I'll be walking you through. Different watercolor effects that we can get with are those kitsch. The 1st 1 is called Wash and Wash is nothing but applying a thin layer off color or a lot off area of the painting just to give it a base coat on just to give it, create the mood off the painting. So I'm applying this very light yellow color with just 17% of the flow, and I'm selected watercolor brush. You can see that there to order club blush is here. Article around brush and watercolor flat brush. I've selected the flat brush and applied this wash off color. The next technique, which is called wet in wet, is nothing but applying one color or another color, which is red. So in a room scale, typically the color doesn't dry unless you make it dry or unless you paint on the layer or when you close the application. The wedding red color is I can apply what color here on the existing color. You can see when I apply it here. It merges into the idea yellow color and if I reduced the floor to say very minimum like 9% and I can apply it here. You can see that that color is very light, and it's merging with the uglier yellow color that's called wet. Investicni. Glazing is nothing but applying a tin court about off dried painting, so there are two ways we can do this. Well, let's select a color, a yellowish color orange, yellow and there two ways I can do this. I can hit this Dr Burton, who drive this blue and yellow color, which I'm applied earlier. Or I can go toe another layer by clicking this plus sign here and in create earlier. I prefer doing them because I can control the opacity off the color off the layers and that I have one more being off adjusting the color glazing. Let me since I'm using apple pencil, I can tell that, and the piper can sense that and apply a tener court off the color. But this is with my pencil filter on. This is with my pension held upright, but this is something called glazing. Color washes something with you. Apply underneath and glazing is something which you apply over something that's the only difference between the wash and the glaze technique. Then we look at lifting off color. This is something like in what? Really watercolor. When you have some color and you want to remove that, you just wet it with red for us and then you drive your bus and again move it over that met area to pick up the color so we can use this razor toe give you the same effect. In this there are two settings. One is the size off the Raisa and another one is the flu. Buy low flow means it will wipe only light lately. I think this and if I increase the floor to maximum, it can. You can lift up almost all cover from that video. But this way, if I degrees the floor to 70% or maybe even 50% and I can remove some color, which I don't want it to be there, So using this technique, you can remove the color from there. You don't need it. The next technique we just want to show you is called dry brush. This technique is slightly difficult to create with the process which are by different given in a dome sketch. Before that I have created a brush in my library using a rope capture, and I'm going to use that brush to so you dry brush technique have selected that for us have selected a blue color. I've reduced the flow to, say 85% and I'm going toe. Apply that. Here you can see how it looks as if it has bean applied with dry brush, and even the paper is dry. So it's not merging anywhere, or it's not getting sort into the paper in the areas around it. But this effect you can get with a specific brush, something like what I have created. So that completes all the techniques which I have to tell you. Andi, I'll be using. All of these are at least most of these techniques in the day move. It'll be showing you in the next lecture. I'll see you that 5. Full demo of Watercolor Painting with Adobe Sketch: when this lecture, I'm going to use all those techniques on and create a painting. The first thing which I do is used. Fentanyl. Justo, Mark Few things just for my reference. I'm selecting a great color and I'm going to have the horizon line somewhere here, Andi, and have you breezier. This is just to give me an idea off for But I'm going to place my please and other objects in this landscape. Thought here will be the fourth Street. Go then would be the second hood on the port and there'll be a small tree here at the horizon. Maybe you're not, and they will be all Blue mountain which will be there. Although you might see some off that idea among the mountain here. And then there'll be a rose off other trees in the background which trees are not seen, but the shadows are seen. This just gives me an idea off where the placement of things will be from no selecting. Oh, watercolor, flat brush and selecting a blue color. And the floor will be saying 25% somewhere around that and let me start applying to college . And now I want to I just, uh, you might want to have. Why did the years Some money One needs in the but and see the colors marching here. Now I want to paint the distant mountain. But I didn't do that on the first layer because I don't want this to merge with art. I might want to. I didn't want to dry the gun canvas so is used to introduce the size and indication off a mountain in the background. Try that. No, Andi, let's create one more layer in which and be using this color and I'll start with the wedding being cleared off. Additional three will have a small size, so brush will be even smaller Now. I want to dr this color and apply a ticker increase, though increase the amount of flaw and on him it could be good size off brush, I think. Let me be more precise with the brush strokes here impressing harder with terrible pencil to release more colors. Can I use the same size to do that in these models? Threes. It just one. Oh, dark rich color the flu on decide and you can see their lives nicely. Masochists. And they're gonna already there, and I want to apply a tenfold or in a little color in the on the ground. But I want that ground to be here again. Drag, and they want the maximum color Mexican side of the brush and very little color of law on. I'm playing that here. Let me a play being these idea and select a slightly more reddish color on Applied here. Now let me think more orange orangey color on the floor on my door here, flight on the layer of the streets. Make it slightly darker, very cool and apply on this video, which is the shadow any off the tree's shadow side of the trees on a bright red in the middle. - Now let me add some hair. Does or let me first are, though from watercolor brush around water, then embrace and apply or indicate the tree trunks. I want those eyes of the treatment to be small, so reduced that size. What is your bigotry drunk? Something that you can do in yard is to zoom in, which you cannot do in difficult watercolors because paper sizes fixed unless you magnify magnifying glass. Oh, I'm just indicating your tree trunks on now will go and apply shadows One of the shadows to be boiling. And for that I'd be using this rush. Let's drive with this amount of darkness. I want to be good brush on. Let me try with just my fingers. Looks OK, Andi, Let me apply these shadows on different layers. So that again white, You can have this clean stroke but white. But wait, it is not drink word. I've played this way. You can used the complete fidelity off your touch, but still. Now I'm wiping out the ideas which are not required between overlapping the three on. This is an advantage of being in digital more. It is not possible in real model killers. Now let's apply one move earlier here. This is wiping off. Andi, let me also indicate I mean reduced the size of the brush. Nice. So more color here in the shadows on also white boat. Some media here and this night, white badges distracting to me. Go to an earlier earlier on and apply the wash. But it's not so distracting. And now let's apply a few shadows off the trees which are not seen but the shadows are seen . Let's start, make me take a bigger price. Biggest burst possible and apply the shadow with my finger. I'm not even using no invented. This is too big. They might just want to undo it on used you. What happens when you was offensive and press too much. So it just won't be. Was my finger on through that? And it is also much. I don't want the shadows to be so white, so I might gives the size of the brush and build a food drinks painted like this year. These are the shadows off trees which are not seen from. But this is the arrows are seen. The shadows are darker here. - I've kept the low. Any minimum and lying is to meet the shadows darker on the side. As you conceive with when I apply the colored modest with the color extend, at least No , let's hard. And those two these trees, it sure does that are not good here. I don't want this shadow more with the there's and want, though background color to be slightly more darker. Selected this color, and he's got a bit more dark and with more saturated Andi just the floor drugs. This looks bigger and let's add some dipped your dark color, but then small both sides. You're the reason I'm using the word Denver technique. Create or indicated Lee, some free lane near the bottom of the mountain. Sometimes I like to zoom in and work, and sometimes I like to have a complete picture. And then you can do that easily. I want to used a round brush and got it. Got it good and want to air few flicks off. I could see how this goes. I want to do it on this layer and getting some things on the ground and lets me a tree trunks likely more dark and had some gift or some darkness on this side of the trees. - Let me see like this brush on din like that. Excuse me, bigger size of brush. And let's use the wipe off technique. Just I want the street, we slightly more bright. I'm going to apply bright yellow color there. As you can see, the wipe won't has become very the edge is seen. Bright are sharp. I don't want that will happen. Let's directly link over that order. - That's it. 6. Evening Light Watercolor Painting Demo With Adobe Sketch: