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Learn how to draw adorable cute kids in Procreate from photos

teacher avatar C├ęcile Yadro, Digital & Traditional Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (1h 40m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Your project

    • 3. Practice: hands

    • 4. Practice: feet

    • 5. Practice: faces

    • 6. Drawing full bodies: proportions

    • 7. Full bodies: practice

    • 8. Full bodies: sketches

    • 9. Drawing the boy

    • 10. Coloring the boy - skin

    • 11. Coloring the boy - clothes

    • 12. Background

    • 13. Final details and texture

    • 14. Drawing the girls

    • 15. Final details

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About This Class

In this class I will teach you how to draw cute kids from photos. I'll be using Procreate in class, but you're welcome to use your favorite app to follow along.

You can use your personal photos, and it makes fond memories from your children or grand children, as well as great gifts. If you need, I've gathered for you a bunch of inspiration and copyright free images in a Pinterest board.

I will show you how to draw faces, feet and hands. For this you have practice sheets to use in Procreate.

Then I'll show you how to draw the full body, and we will practice with different images.

Then we'll draw the little boy holding his balloon, tweaking a bit the reference image.


For the colors, I provide a free brush that you can use, or use your favorite brush. I provide a palette as well, because it's easier to begin with existing colors and tweak them.

Then we'll add texture to the drawing.

I'll show another drawing with two girls, and a different way to add texture.


All the elements; practice sheets, reference photos, brushset are in the project and resource section.

Meet Your Teacher

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C├ęcile Yadro

Digital & Traditional Artist


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Bonjour and welcome to my Skillshare page !

I’m so happy you found me! I’m a French artist, both digital and traditional. I love drawing and painting portraits, landscapes, still life... art is an endless journey, I hope to help you with my beginners friendly classes.

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I post a class per month, more or less:

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I would love to see you in class!

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1. Introduction: Hello, Basel, welcome. I'm Cecile, a French artist, both digital and traditional. In this class, I want to show you how to draw cute characters in a cartoony style. This is really great to do with your personal photo as it makes really nice memories. I will show everything in detail from growing the faces to feel their hands. And of course a full character. I provide a free brush and a free pilot so you can use it right away and jump in your drawing. This class is for all levels You really no need to know procreate to begin with, I will explain what you need to work with. Join me in class and let's have fun together. See you there. 2. Your project: Hello bonjour, welcome to class. This class is about drawing cute characters in a cartoony style, I would say. And we will be inspired by photos. And you can use your personal tutor will actually, it's a photo of my kids. It was took maybe 20 years ago. And I have gathered for you some inspiration and copyright free images in the Pinterest board and you'll find the link in the description of the lesson. And here is how is the class made? So first thing, we will practice drawing cute faces. They're queued hands and feet as well. So you have the practice sheet to download without the drawings and with the drawings as you wish. Then we all practice drawing the full bodies. And I will give you my technique to do this. And after that we will color. And actually all the classes made was mainly only one brush. So you can achieve this kind of things or that. And in class, I will show everything from beginning to end for this cute boy and Poor's is to girls. So your project will be to make cute drawing from a personal photo or a photo you take in their Pinterest board or on the Internet anywhere you want. Just be aware of copyright issues when you are using photos that are copyright free. So no more talking. And now it's time to go and begin with practicing. 3. Practice: hands: Before we dive in drawing the full character, I want you to practice on the tricky parts. Meaning the face with the eyes, mouth, and nose, the hands and the feet. Really, this is the most difficult to draw. And for this, I have prepared three practice sheets to download them. They are JPEG format and then Open in Procreate screen size canvas. You will insert a photo, insert the image that you downloaded, and it's fitting somewhere in the middle. So tap on Fit to Canvas. And now you have a very large and place a layer on top of this, rename it, sketch. Another layer on top. Rename it drawing because hands can be tricky. So sketch, you will lower the opacity about 26 percent, 25, whatever to draw I will be using. So 12 be brush that I provide in class. So please download it. And when you download the brush, it should open directly in Procreate. And then you have the 12 B pencil here. And I want to set up some fixed width of the brush so I don't have to look after it every time. So I will need to resize. One for drawing, one for filling small shapes and 14 filling large shapes. So go to the slider and go to 8%. And once you have it, you will tap on plus. And you see there is a blue line here, meaning that now when I slide it will go, it will magnet the line so you can fix your width and get back to it very easily. I will set another one at 20 and another one about 45. Great, so I have my three sizes and now I can go and roll. So you go on the sketch layer. And I will just look at the hand like a bunch of shapes are truly. So I don't think it's a hand. I just look at the reference and I'm trying to copy that. And this is a sketch layers, so I will be drawing on top of that and then the fingers. And now I need to simplify a bit. So looks like so Sage so far I know would be better soon. Go on the drawing layer. And now I want to be a bit more accurate rates. And these are kids fingers. So they are not supposed to be two sin. The contrary, you can make a bit shabby. Shabby is queued. Okay, go back to the sketch layer, or this one is tricky. We'll do it Laughter. Let's make this one because it's the same principle. So I have a shape. For the top of the hand. I have the sum. And this is having a strange shape. And don't forget Chubby, chubby, chubby. And now you can say, oh, maybe the fifth finger won't be too much. So you have a good thing to do is just move it. So it looks a bit less overcrowded and so round shapes because kids are really round. This one. Anyway, it's not a class about hands. It's a class about cartoony characters, cute characters. So I just want to show you how to make it cute. So I've been to the sketch layer again. Let's see how to make this a bit more cued to forget about shapes, just make really chubby one. And that's okay if there is only four fingers. Go back to this one. Now we are warm though there is a kind of keeps the arm here. And same here. I will make only the bowl, only four. So the thing is to begin by drawing what is on top of everything. So if I hide my sketch, yeah, in fact, it's not that bad. So we are always using the same technique and I won't draw everything in front of you would be really too much. Maybe this one. Just think rounded shapes that will really help you. And the two here because they are drinking. And for this draws trend term, things that should do it. Yeah. And you can tell this is two hands. Okay. So let me finish this and show you, though you are the finished hands. And you have to think that this is just isolated hands and it will be inside a complete character. So it will make sense because when I look at this one, it doesn't look that nice. But you need to practice a bit about the hands. So now let's move to the feet, because feet quite tricky too. 4. Practice: feet: Feed to draw the feed at exactly the same thing done for the hands. You have to forget it as a field, which is a food. You have to think in shapes, big shapes and other. Always think Qd, so it's rounded shapes and exaggerate the features. Let's begin with the two boats here. So I'm just having one layer. If you need intermediates cage that sketch, that's okay. Maybe you don't turn, you can go straight. I don't know. And it's very cute when you are crossing the fingers. Crossings a feat, I mean, and to show straightforward food, I do this little curve here. It helps to understand. So let's lower this place on top and make a final drawing that is more accurate. And I'm quite sure I would not make all the details because it would really give something too complicated. What about this one? Rounded. Rounded, almost look like sleepers. What about the baby? Baby boats? So if it's too big because you are going across the top row, selected and reduce the size. So this is really so cool to be working with digital. And same here, it's not really necessary to make all the details on the shoes. Just something you have to think is the upper part is really going up. It's not a completely flat, It's a bit like this when, especially with little kids. And I think this is a really cute way when the fingers are, the food to feed, the feet are crossed this way. Instead of being straight. They are like this. It's so cute. Okay, so let's make some bare fingers because it's tricky. So round shape, all carbs and fats. Big toe. Maybe it could be a bit bigger here. And same as hands. You really don't need to make everything. Let's see that. Okay, So let me make everything. This is the same for you or maybe it's too much with all the little details. So anyway, I will give you the cheat sheet with my drawings inside. Maybe it will help you. I don't know. So let's move through the phases. 5. Practice: faces: So phases, they are already cute. And what you can notice when you look at all those children and toddlers faces, It's, they are very rounded. You have a lot of cheeks really, and the proportion is different. And the one from an adult or a grown up. And you have to exaggerate those features. Be cheeks and small, knows, quite big eyes. And for boys you have bigger ears. So let me give you some advice about this. So I have a sketch layer that is at 25 percent. And what I'm doing was this sketch layer is I'm just placing across which is the middle of the face and the angle of the eye. It's really useful so you know where to go. And I will go on top with the drawing. And I will make some eyes. And don't forget the eyebrows. Yeah, places in the middle it's better. And regarding the nose, you can do just a little curve like this. And I went change her expression because she's very quiet and I'd like her to be smiling. So there she is. She's not hair. Exactly the same, but that's not my point. I just want to give her a cartoony look. Now. Go for chubby cheeks. She has nice little chin and read. Some hair. Okay, move to the boy. Sketch my cross. So you have to be careful when you are doing the eyes because it can really gives a sad look. And the nose can be this direction or this one. It's really a matter of taste. I feel it's better here. And lead makes a smile, a nice smile. Snake shape of this curl. And I will add a little, just a little mark for the double chin because babies have a double chin and go for large ears. Change the color. And usually no neck at this age. So I'm using this as an inspiration. And if you are not happy with the placement, you select it and you can move it down. So it looks better. It looks more like a toddler. And the more you grow up, the more the eyes are coming up. So this one is on the side. So this is a way to use my cross. Let's close the eye. Cute nose to Chubby maybe. Okay. It looks nice. What about this one? She's almost grown up. Let's make very tiny SMI. This is really important to have the right curve. She is a young girl but very feminine already. Alright, so what can I show you that is a bit different. Now, the boys here is smiling. And when you are smiling your cheek or pushing under the eye. So this is how you can show. And big smile. And other overhead is tied to the back. The ears are very low. Nice boy. Mci. So same thing for ever seen. Let me show you a one, it's finished. You are not exactly the same because I drew them before. But you have the idea though, basically the eyes, you can also make a bit of white inside, so just erase it to give a bit of light. And when they are looking on the side, it's this way. You can push it to one side as well. So I let you practice this and now it's time to go for the full bodies and the full character. 6. Drawing full bodies: proportions: Now it's time to draw the full character. And I want to talk a bit about the body proportions. Of course this is various depending on art history, but let's be just an anatomical and see that for an adult, it's about eight heads tall. So meaning you have the size of the head and then eight times make the full body. And this is different. It can be 7.57 whatever. And then when the kid is growing, the proportion is slightly challenging. So from one to eight, when it's a toddler, It's one head. To make four heads for the full body. 1234. I want to work from this, but instead of four, I want to make three. So we will prepare shield with the proportions of the body. And for this you will get the 12th week brush on the first size, which is eight, and trace a line that will be the floor, so to speak. So hold. And it makes a line. Now I have my line and we'll place a layer on top of this. And I will make three identical circles. Well, I mean, I don't to call the same approximately the same, right? It's not a big deal. This will be my body proportion. So let's find this on the line. And I select, swipe down, duplicate, and then I can make four of them. For, I can merge this lower the opacity. So what does the floor and go on top and we will draw a body. So let's enlarge this. So this circle is for the head and the rest of it is for the body. So I have to exaggerate some proportions, of course. So let's go for a little boy so you know how to draw a face. And maybe it's already a bit too large and make a shape. So this is really stylized, is just to see the proportions. Okay, So I have a face of a boy and it fits inside my circle. So let's make that shirt short and already has quite a long legs. And let's hide hands anyway. And now let's make this on a profile. Profile are not always that easy to draw. I feel the face could be a bit smaller because I'm really stepping outside of the circle. And let's do. And literally phase should be a bit more rounded. So I'm working just from imagination and just making a kind of a hand to show that it's coming here. And if she looks a bit too large, you can just take this part and push it. She's better. All right, so you've got the idea. Now, we will practice from reference photos. 7. Full bodies: practice: Then we need some inspiration to work from. For this, you will open Pinterest. And I have gathered for you a Pinterest board with two different sections. One is inspiration photos, meaning they are not copyright free, but they are good for practicing making sketches that you won't publish the human cell. And the other one is copyright-free images. This is where we will be taking our follows. So go to inspiration for those. And we have a lot of different poses. And this is what we are going to work from. Procreate, swipe up, grab the Pinterest image, and place it on the left. And I will be given by a simple one because you don't want to go too complicated at first. Maybe this cute little girl, she is really durable. And what I want to indicate is where are the eyes and the nose. So I will simply make a cross. So I know she's facing this way. And this I can rename it circles. Drop the opacity, tap on the N, trap it until 25 percent. So it's visible but not in the middle. Add a layer on top, rename it sketch. And this is where we will be drawing the body of the girl. And then we will have another layer on top was the final drawing. So let's make a little cute label. Place the ear. Little bow hair. And this is supposed to be cubed. So cute is often exaggerating a bit. The real life. Okay, So my head is fitting in the circle and even if it's not fitting, I can still resize it. And then I will go. So she has a nice color. And let's think about the proportions because I supposed to be here. So the bottom of the dress is here. And of course it's not realistic proportions. It's queued and cartoony. And don't bother too much about the hand. We will hide it just behind the skirt. Okay. And talking about the shoes. Of course, I have only this left to place everything. So I need to be really, really tight. And I think she would be much more Qj if I cross the feet like this. If I hide my circle, how is she doing? Maybe the head is a bit too large. So select the head. Just narrow it a bit. Just fitting in my three circles. Now go back to the circles, make another three. And let's find another one. What about this one? And she cued. And she's looking this way. So I begin with the eyes. Eyes are really culturally. You can decide if she's looking on the side. She can look sad. So go back to the lesson with facial features. And we'll just make flowers because it's bit difficult to draw what's in there. And I'm adding some details that I think will be much more cute. So same jacket is really, really heavy, really thick. And there is a, there is a hand now. So go back to the lesson with the hand and you'll see how to draw it. And some little boats. So let's saying that she has to have a leg z. This is z, so to speak, the middle of the body. And so it's better if she has one leg on each side of the middle and another one here. And I want to change a bit the way her feet are made to this one is too large. Could be a bits looks too big to me. It looks a bit too small now. Just this one a bit Hailar. Anyway, there will be a second layer to finalize a drawing. 8. Full bodies: sketches: This one is cute as well. So make another three circles. And she has her head tie. And when the head is tile, it easier if you rotate your canvas just the same way. So let's make her smiling because she's not really smiling in the image. And there is a hat. And for the hat, they were placed a layer on top. And I will make a circle, hold and edit shape. Make a circle. Yeah. And now I can use it as a guide. Place it below, lower the opacity. And I can go back to my sketch layer and draw some hair and row the hats. And if your lines are maybe a bit wonky, you can tap on the brush and go to the second tab, which is stabilization. And it's about 40 percent. Maybe you can use more or less depending on how you draw bar. It's a good tip so you don't have some wavy lines. And now let's make the color traps. One of the legs, kind of boots. So something seems to be a bit off. Let's remove. And I think she's too large. You see here? She seems to have too much shoulders. I'm surely yeah, she's better. So don't forget to exaggerate the movement. Let's grab a by four. A challenge. Yeah, here is one. Qt. Maybe maybe the head will be a bit too large, so select it with the lessor to decrease the size. So important things here, it has the shoulder that are very low, so don't make your shoulder like this. Okay, Let's make something really tiled here. So just look at the image and you'll see how it is going. Pans. And obviously the pens are outside of the hands because they are inside the pockets. And let's do this this way. Maybe a bit angled. And snakes and smooth. Of course, science stylizing everything. 9. Drawing the boy: So you practice as much as you want. You have a lot of photos and remember, you can still use your personal photo from your own kids or grandkids. And it's a really good way to practice until you are happy with the proportions. And now I will create another canvas. This time I want to go a bit bigger. So I will work with a square which is 3000 by 3000 pixels. And I'm using the M1 iPad and it gives me, sorry, canvas information layers. It gives me 112 layers. This is way more than what I need. So what I like to do is make a small sketch and large it and make the final drawing on the enlarged version of the sketch, I find it easier. So let's go for three circles. So it's not a snow man. They are supposed to have approximately the same size. And then I will use a furlough. And I have downloaded from Pinterest, which is this cute boy. The inner balloon really is super nice. Happy, joyful. So lower the opacity going to make a sketch. I will maker's the cross with the eye. So here is smiling so hard that the cheeks are pushing up, the eyes, nose, and big smile. And we have to stylize because if you look at the photo, the mouth is a bit like exist, but it will be less. Abuse is smiling. All right. Well, it's a bit tricky on the cheeks because you want to have the cheeks pilot, it's not a fat man. And a bit of beers. Maybe can have a bit of hair growing up. And I feel it will be a bit too large. Because I want to fit inside the circle. Then is a bit tight. So it's cool because it's really alive. The slides not straight forward in formulas. Make the hand after and just fall into place the elements first. Still wearing diapers. I think this leg feels a bit too thin or maybe it's a bit too stiff. I need to waive bits. Now this is showing the diapers. Okay. So I take this, enlarge it. And I will place a balloon somewhere. But I feel it could have more straight arm. It's cool. This line. Maybe enlarge it to bits. So I'm selecting the outer edge is better, is bit more proportioned. So place a layer on top. This one is the sketch, and the sketch will be about 25 percent. This one rename is a drawing. And now I can go more into details. So I'm happy with the face. I won't change anything. Just having it a bit more defined. And really it's easier if you have bold brushstrokes because if you go this way, it will be weaker. So tap, do redo undo, you have the leisure to do it. So just use the digital as its fullest. But you can still have something here if you like. Just a way to do it. And now I'm a bit more careful because I don't want my lines to cross right here, for example, I really need to have this cleaned. So maybe the face is a bit too large. So let's do this. Let's chubby. This is what's funny is when you enlarge, you will see things that you didn't see when it was smaller. And I'm really stylizing. I'm not making this thing here. That is not giving me too much interest to my drawing. That's what I feel. I'm really exaggerating. You see the edge of the sleeve. We're making the hands. Now. For this, I will place a layer below the drawing, lower the opacity. Chubby hand because it's a toddler and see how it goes. So it should be really heavier. Yeah, that's better. Okay. So there is a kind of a belt and I'm not really copying. You'll see I'm really taking advantage of stylized shapes. And the same for all the pockets on the legs. I'm not sure this is necessary. So I won't do it. Okay. And now for the hand, there is some fats. And let's imagine is holding this way because it's left hand. So I said only three and there is a bit of pole here. And the arms are a bit shabby two. And let's give some movement to the balloon, as well as some ribbon. And you need to have a really cool shape. So let's make a layer on top. Hold. Edit Shape. Maybe it's better if we use a Procreate shape. Remove the sketch and merge everything and center it because you want to have a bit of space around to play some background. Yeah, So I think we have a nice drawing now it's time to go for the colors. 10. Coloring the boy - skin: Yeah, I think we could maybe tile a bit the shape of the face. So let's select the face and rotate it just a bit. So it looks a bit more cute. It's better to do this before beginning to color because we will keep the drawing. Hi is cute really. And now before we go into coloring, Let's see if there are some lines. Maybe we can clean a bit. Let's place a layer under the drawing and we will be using a lot of layers, Let's say maybe 15 or more, but not much more. And take still 12. So I provide a palette. This Perez is just a basis so you can work from it. Of course, you're welcome to use any polite you like. And began with this Kian. So skinny you have two different skin tones. So I am under the drawing. And now on top of this layer, place another one. Tap on the little image here and tap on clipping mask. What it's doing is I am bracing pixels that will be visible only where you have pixels below. Let me show you a grabber, read and make very large brush strokes. And I can only see it. Whereas the pixel under, if I remove clipping mask, my brushstrokes are here. Alright. So do this. And on this layer on top, tap on the N and go to multiple I. And this will give a darker color than the one below. Select the color of the skin and place some shadows. So let's design the cern is coming from here. So all this part is in the shadow. And you can also make something like this to show there is smiling so hard, it's really a matter of taste. And if you feel you could go a bit darker. Select the darker color and uses on top will be even darker. And go back to the skin layer and erase the white of the eye. And so arrays also the dark one. And regarding the mouth, I like to make things on different layers. It's better already. Because if you want to fix something, you'll be happy to do that. Really. So place a layer on top and I will use a pink or is on the palliate, will make just the mouth and leaving the white of the T's visible. Yeah. He has cheese. I know you can build up layers and layers and layers. Let's make one for the hair. It's always the same idea. You want to begin with a color that is not too dark because you will go darker on top of it. I always think. And the way you decided on the light, I know she's coming from here. So top clipping mask, multiply. This part is in the shadow. This particle. So. And I have a problem here. This is where I'm happy to be on a different layer. Nice, cute, really love him. Okay, so now decide about the white of the T-Shirt. It really depends if you are placing a background and now is a good time to decide about the background, because if you want to have a white t-shirt, you need to have a colored background. So maybe it's good to go at the very bottom, place the layer, and rename it color background. So we know where we are and place any color you like. I mean, it any color you like, and we will tweak it. Okay. Seems to be quite dark. So go on the Magic Wand. Hue Saturation, Brightness. And now we will move the hue slider. Maybe a green would be cool but lighter. Yeah, Let's go for this green lamb. We can still tweak it after. And now I see something really interesting is that my teeth and my eyes are green. So I will go on the mouth layer and tap the white. And for this, you will go to the right and double-tap and it will make you really pure white. Was my drawing is on top of everything. It's okay. So now I can say that I want to have a white t-shirts. But separate layer has always really easier. And I'm covering everything because I will go on top anyway in blue of the jumper. Jumper. Let's play some shadow on. I think shadow would be cool in light blue because obviously if I go onto up and making multiply layer white, multiply it through clipping mask. Make it multiply if you want, and take light blue. Just something like this to show it's a short grab a blue for the genes. And I will make a lighter version for the bottom of the legs because it will be more fun. Like it's folded because you see it from his big brother and it's a bit too large. I'm sure you know that. 11. Coloring the boy - clothes: So same here. Layer on top, clipping mask multiply. You know the trick now, down here, you can add texture to the genes just by going very light down a bit tile with your pencil. Really cool. So it's not a flat blue shape. Second layer, I will go from the bottom. While actually you see what's happening is I have overlapped with my multiply layer. So it's better if I make it on a separate layer, will make my life easier. Right? Choose something dark but not too much. And let's say it will be different than the blue or the genes, so I will grab a different color. So why not orange? Very bright actually. But he's a kid so we can wear whatever you want. But exactly the same when you are grown up. And on top. Let's grab some white for here because it's refund. And arrange makes strange color really. It makes something really strong. But I like it. It's playful. Just like kids. And this one clipping mask as well. But I really don't a multiply as it's why I think I will go for a light badge because really it's not always so clean. I don't know for your kids but mine there were not that clean. Okay. What about the balloon? I be something pink or red. And maybe we should draw a little rabbit as well. That would give more interest. On top of the drawing and controls the small size. Grab the black. Look at that. Cute. I'm on a separate layer because I'm quite sure I will have to make some change. Not too bad. Actually. Maybe this one should be smaller. And this one should be larger. Lower this one and reduce this one. Okay? I will place it on top of the drawing and I will merge with the trawling. And let's go and make it white. So you can leave it a bit rough like this. You see, I can see a bit of the red under. And what I could do is merge this down and layer on top, I will clipping mask n multiply because I want the shadow to groomed above the rabbit as well. And also there is a little tail here. And the ribbons should be a different color, maybe blue. And I see that my drawing is not clean. So I'm going to the drawing layer and cleaning it. It's weird to have just one, just one little ribbon. Let's make a second one. Now let's move to the background. 12. Background: For the background, you have different ways to do it. You can, I don't know, maybe try to render watts in the photo. I think it's a bit too crowded and it will, I don't know, maybe weaken the drawing. So it will be easier if you do just one little thing and I will go just on top of the color background. Grab the large size, grab a kind of blue here. You can't just make a shadow. Kind of is sitting on something and it's supposed to be sent. So maybe it's only here. And you can of course change the color of this shadow. Go for something that is a bit darker than the background. That's the way to do it. Or let me erase this. I will take the small size and draw some bushes so you see a client I'll boost is just to add some interest to the background, but not to distract from the boy. So this is basically some doodles. So I can add a kind of a floor line. It's kind of a decor niche you want. So below this, I will increase the size and maybe I will think that I need to change the background color now. Go for something a bit more blue or badge and nothing will go. I'm afraid blue will be too much because there is a lot of blue already. I just want something different from the green because I will add green bushes. So go for something like that. Now it's really a matter of taste. I I don't know, I can't change my mind. So the green here are a bit too cocky and I rather have something like that. And below everything so I can go and grab a slightly different green for the background and let go under it. Something cooler, sends out a way to do it. Then when I look at this, I feel that the red is really overwhelming. So go to the red layer and now you re-read because you made the blue ribbon inside as well. So no problem. Take the lasso tool and I will select just the blue and swipe down three fingers cut and paste, and is placing it on top by default, meaning that he placed it on clipping mask to take it and place it below. Remove clipping mask and boom it here. And now I will tweak my color of the balloon because I feel the red has nothing to do here. Maybe pink, pink, pink, maybe less saturated pink, brighter pink. I will have to change my layer on multiply as well. Well, let's hide it so far because it's really disturbing. Fit. I can go for a pink now. So I placed my layer and they will tweak it as well. Yeah, something like that. And maybe it's a bit too powerful. So let's lower the opacity. Great too. I think I'm done with the colors so I can remove the image and a well work on the final adjustments. The growing lines, adding a bit of texture. 13. Final details and texture: The regarding the lines, you have different options. You can leave it as it is, meaning it's black and it's at 100% opacity. That's cool. I want maybe to show you some different ways to do it. So for this, I want to be safe and I want to duplicate, tweak this one. Maybe that would be cool also to take the drawing of the background and to have it merged. So it's one single layer. Okay. So I have one layer with all my drawings you see if I remove it, looks like nothing. So what you can do is maybe lower the opacity if you like to have something a bit more subtle, a bit less visible, and that's really cool if you place it around 75, 80 percent. That's very cool. One way to do it, another way is you tap on the drawing layer and you will Alpha Lock it. And what you can do now is grab your brush and maximum size if you want. And you can match the lines with the color of the shape. So let's say we'll take the dark blue. And I can now have it where it's needed. And it makes it kind of disappear. Maybe it's better if I take it a bit darker, even. Ooh, sorry. I removed the Alpha Lock. So it's less harsh than plain black. Oh, I forgot the buttons. I see that now. And while you're at it, why not do the shirt as well in blue? And what about the skin tone? I think it's weakling a bit. So let's grab something that is in the range of the skin tone, but not exactly the skin tone because otherwise you won't hear anything. I think you can leave the eyes and lack anyway. Something. Let's get the same for the shoes. Real doctor and go. So really it's up to you actually are color. I think actually I will make a mix of both, meaning I have the two layers, I have the colored one. And on top of it I have the black one that I have lowered about 60 percent, gives a nice effect. I feel. So really, it's a matter of taste, and I'd rather have only the boy very dark in the background is less important. So it's better if it's more muted and feeding colors. Now let's add a bit of texture on top of everything. So place a layer on top, really on chap and take mid gray something and fill it. Yeah, I know. Full nevermind. And then go to the magic wand noise and you have on top a slider and lies is at 0%. So let's lie, right? And it's beginning to appear. Can you see it? Now? You can adjust the scale of it looks like an old TV. So I am about 14 percent scale into clouds. And this one is at 70 percent and the lies is about, let's place it at 100. Yeah, great. And go to the layer of the noise and tap on the N. Look for soft light or overlay depending on your style. This is soft light, so you see it's really very noisy. So I will lower the opacity. Something like that. Really overlay is a bit more defined. I'd rather use soft light. Though it gives a unity to everything. If I remove it from far away, I'm not sure. You will see very well if I enlarge it a lot. It's an option. Of course, you are not compelled to use it, but I think it gives a less digital look to everything. Yeah, so that's call for this one. And now we can make two children together. It's a bit more tricky to do, but let's go for it. 14. Drawing the girls: Now let's make two girls together. And for this, I will create a square format which is 3000 by 3000. And I will add my reference image here. So click on the wrench and Canvass reference and it's opening and menu, tap on image, import image, and select the image you want to use. And here you are. Cute sister's, I guess. And I will create everything from scratch. So you know, first layer will be lower the opacity at 25 percent and makes three circles. One is tied. So obviously the big sister, she is bigger. So the circles are bigger. A layer on top. And let's make a sketch with that. And I feel I could use my cross here. So I know where to place and with a tiled face, It's better if you place it straight. Anyway, I have trouble. If it's not straight. Well, I feel great film maker or this way. So proportions, I feel those courage will go this way. So I have enough room for the boots. There is an arm going this way. I will make the hand later. There is another arm here with the hand. So I feel the head is too large. Because everything should fit inside the circle. Yeah. And on another layer I will draw the original sister because I want to be able to maybe move her. I will make some hair visible and the side. Okay. So there will be the hand, the big sister here. And the book should be a bit lower. This is messy so far. That's okay. So I will move her arm. Maybe this one. Maybe the head is still too. This is why you want to have it on two layers. Go back to the other one and change this. I don't like hits. Great, So remove the circles. I can comb top of this. Merge my two sketches lower the opacity and now go for a nice drawing. Yeah, I like them. They are cute really. Well. Now that I look at the MH, I feel this could be a bit larger in Canvas. And maybe I could move the head. So for that, I will use the arrow tool. And I will select this. Click on the arrow icon, swipe down three fingers and you will cut and paste. And this is having the head on a separate layer, grab the arrow tool again. Maybe a bit more, angle, a bit smaller. It would be nice. Now go to the drawing and erase. I have a small amount of wrong lines. And also when I look at this, I feel that the boots here are a bit too much. So once again, I will just cut and paste. And now I will lower the opacity. I just want to have a guide, place a layer on top, and I want to draw different shoes. And for that, maybe we can use some of the images I gave you in the practice sheet on. Maybe I would like to have the feet crossed like this will be, I think, much cuter. Okay, So I think I can merge all my drawing now. And below my drawing, Let's place a bit of decor like we did for the other one. Okay, so now I will occur it and I feel that you don't really need to see all that coloring part because it's exactly the same technique we did with the boy. So I will color everything and go back at the very end to show you maybe some tips and tricks more. 15. Final details: Though I have finished my basic colors and I want to add more details. This is where I stop for now so I can explain everything. Whatever my layers with the Multiply layer on top regarding the dresses, would like to add them some print on it. So let's begin with the yellow dress. On top of the layer. I will add another one and clipping mask. And now you will go to organic. You have one that is called Paper daisy. So duplicate it, tap on it. And I want to increase the spacing because I want to see the flowers, so about 45 percent. And also I want to have some different colors. So I will go to wet mix, no, sorry car dynamics and increase the u here and there about 30 percent. And select this pink. And it will give me some nice little flowers. Now what I want to do is differentiate the different parts of the dress. So I will select roughly just this sleeve. And once it selected, don't tap on the arrow, just tap on the brush and fill it. Right? And select makes the same for the second arm. And now I'm a bit more precise because I want to have chest. Because obviously the fabric is folded so it cannot be the same than in the body. And then select the rest of the dress as it is on clipping mask. I can go this way and take your brush, maybe increase the size. Anyway if you don't want to tweak your brush yourself, I will add it for you to download. So depending on the pressure, you have small or large flowers. I think I like it. Maybe I could try to play with the blending modes. This is nice. Lower the opacity. What do you think? It's more faded inside the dress. So very cool. And a layer on top of that clipping mask. And get back to your 12 B pencil. Or when using so much. Lately. Yeah, forgot to place it on multiply. Maybe well precedes under the flowers. She's very nice now. And for the pink, I like to have maybe just some dots here. The bottom part to go to the layer of her dress at layer on top clipping mask. You will select nicely on the edge here and then roughly. And I will take the little dots. Anyway, I will make a set with all the brushes so you don't have to look everywhere. And I don't want to feel everything. Just like you have some different parts of lights on top of it. Yeah, very cool. My feels she's lacking is lacking a bit of definition into drawing. Like here for the arm. And maybe I could add a nice color and make it white as well. So actually, this would be better in white to figure out some kind of lays. So go to the layer here and push the brightness. Yeah, much better. So brightness at maximum makes white and we'll say, okay, maybe this dress could use also a bit more drawing, like some details like a ham. And to add a texture as a challenge because we did the noise effect in the y. This time, I want to add a texture of watercolor paper on top of it. And it will give something even different. So you have the fight to download. So I will add, insert a photo. And I have it here. Let's fit to Canvas and it's on top of everything and go to multiply. And it will all dark a bit everything. So you have to lower a bit, about 80%. And that's it, I think so you can really do a lot of things with this technique. And I hope it gives you a ton of IgE is to draw your kids or your grandkids are some kids, you know, it's really a nice gift to make to the parents. See you soon for another class. And don't forget to tag me when you post your art. See you soon.