Learn how to create photo realist paintings like a master | Oana Unciuleanu | Skillshare

Learn how to create photo realist paintings like a master

Oana Unciuleanu, Arts & Architecture

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9 Videos (11m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Sketch

    • 3. Outline

    • 4. Coloring

    • 5. Detailing

    • 6. Accents

    • 7. Stretching

    • 8. The finishing touch

    • 9. Thank you


About This Class


Lean how to paint in oil colors, following simple steps. You will acquire the knowledge necessary to prepare your sketch, add the different color layers and finish a painting to be ready for an exhibition.

The simple steps to follow are:

- Preparing the reference image in Photoshop
- Tracing the guidelines on the canvas and on the reference image, tracing the outline of the artwork
- Applying the first layer of color using a thick brush
- Adding details to small parts of the painting
- Add the last details with a thin brush
- Stretching your canvas
- Varnishing the artwork and coloring the margins
- Add the signature





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Oana Unciuleanu

Arts & Architecture

I am an artist interested in depicting the human emotions in my artwork. The feelings are transposed into the entire scene of the images.

I believe that art has the power to make us appreciate what is beautiful in life. It makes people want to aspire for greater things, and take a break to enjoy the feelings that art transmits to its viewers.

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