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Learn how to create minimalistic Instagram Stories

Evangelos Anagnostou, Filmmaker and Photographer

Learn how to create minimalistic Instagram Stories

Evangelos Anagnostou, Filmmaker and Photographer

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12 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class Project

    • 3. Why IG stories are powerful ?

    • 4. Tell a story !

    • 5. Unfold: Create template collages

    • 6. Mojo: Create Animated Templates

    • 7. Hashtags and location tags

    • 8. Highlights

    • 9. Questions and Polls

    • 10. When to use Live Stories

    • 11. Call your followers to action

    • 12. Last Words

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About This Class

Step up your instagram STORY game in 2021 !

Join videographer and online marketer Evangelos Anagnostou (@evangelosang) as he analyses the process of creating elegant minimalistic Instagram Stories using Unfold. He also explains how you can leverage different instagram stories tools in order to engage with your followers, connect with them be able to call them to action ( monetise your account)  in this   30 - minute course. 

     Key Lessons Include:

  • Why the format of Instagram Stories is powerful
  • How to create content with storytelling in your mind
  • Create elegant stories using Unfold and Mojo Apps
  • Make the most of Hashtags and Location Tags
  • Leverage the power of Highlights, Questions and Live stories
  • Call your followers to action !

This class is perfect for entrepreneurs, photographers, videographers, creative freelancers and anyone who wants to step up their instagram stories game  !

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Evangelos Anagnostou

Filmmaker and Photographer




Hello people, I am Evangelos!


Join in while I am teaching you :

1. DSLR Photography Basics - From Auto to Manual

2. How to create Minimalistic Instagram stories and promote them for success !

3. How to grow organically your Instagram and monetize your content 

4. How to Vlog! (Complete Guide)

Support me and use my link and get 2 months of Skillshare for free: 2MONTHSFREE 

I am a professional videographer and photographer based in London . I am passionate about directing, filming and editing my stories. I am making commercial videos for brands, while I am capturing people.  Besides that, I am an online marketer helping companies understand the power of s... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi, my name is advancing National, and this is how to create minimalistic instagram stories and how to promote successfully course a little bit about me. If you don't know me, I'm nothing. The a Griffin and photographer creating commercials, lifestyle, fashion and traveling content while I'm helping brands with communication and marketing issues. Wear all big observers off. How big thing is INSTAGRAM now, with more than one billion active users per month and more than 500 million people using INSTAGRAM stories every single day in this course, we will let how to create beautiful instagram stories with minimalistic templates that we set you apart from the crowd without even having any complex and difficult aftereffects and motion graphics. No, it's We will focus on improving our storytelling skis, a key skill for connecting with our audience. We will discover how we make the most off hot stock and location features off insulin thirties. How we're gonna use the highlights and when we should use the life stories and all of these using own point examples why I am monitoring my instagram application. So if you're a business owner or an Indupa, unsure if you are a creative freelancer or a travel and fashion vlogger, or you are just curious about how to improve on the incident platform. This class will be a great asset for you to step up your Instagram story game, engage with your followers and make them take actions. And in the end of the course, you will have to put your new No let's in practice and create those gorgeous, minimalistic instagram stories and serve them with us. Let's get started. 2. Class Project: their students in your class project will be to utilize the free application unfold in order to great, beautiful, minimalistic instagram story layout. Instagram nowadays is really crowded. Everyone is uploading stories. So I want you to go the extra mile and separate yourself. Give it a try, experiment a little bit and impress me. And your four lowers with what you will have achieved. But of course, Don't worry. In the next chapters, I'm gonna show you step by step how you can make the most off these application. 3. Why IG stories are powerful ?: according Toa Instagram Statistic things a year 2018 Instagram had one billion active users per month, while 500 million users used Instagram stories every day. But why? Instagram stories are so powerful well off course for many reasons. With the former off instagram stories, you can connect with your audience with your followers. In a very personal level, The 24 hours life expectancy off your uploads is perfect for authentic content for the far me and unexpected moments perfect for them behind the scenes moments. Also, I think that Instagram stories are really effective because in a psychological level, stories are creating a feeling off urgency for the audience because in 24 hours they will fade out, they will disappear. Another great advantage off Instagram stories is that they appear Khurana logically, and you are not so dependent on the instagram algorithm in order to get seen. Finally, I want to keep that there is no need for their instagram stories, Toby Perfect, but that's we would let on the next chapter. Your stories must follow a story telling direction 4. Tell a story !: I was always believing that story is the king and a crucial factor in our success. US storytellers. If we don't have a story or a rough concept, at least then we're just posting a random photos and videos without any drive, any region and any target. You should be trying to tell an overall story with start middle and end or with a set up, a confrontation and irresolution. So every instagram story that we posed is a small contribution toe. This partner and off course is not necessary. And sometimes it's not even possible that these three act structure off. The story will be completed and implemented in these fifth 15 seconds short instagram story . So it might take us a lot more approach in order to introduce an overall story to our audience. Another crucial aspect that you must take care off east consistence time, consistency and style consistency. So for time, consistency just post regularly. So your audience, your followers, can beat the habit off checking your stories. And when I'm talking about style consistency, I mean that you should use the same filters for your photos and your videos, the same or similar letter phones Also, you should stick with the same templates, but we will explain it more on this course later. I want now to share with you a quick strategy that I are implementing. Why I am posting stories for my account by using the close friends function. I'm saying so. Personal fun stuff with night with only my closest friends and with this way I can post whatever I won't even content that is outside of my videography photography knees. Without confusion, my four lowers my audience that they are falling me just for viewing this photography and videography stuff that I am bloating. 5. Unfold: Create template collages : In my opinion, Unfold is one off the best instagram stories layout template complication, which allows you to create beautiful, minimalistic picture colossus. This application also is providing glass with unique phones that we cannot find them inside the native instagram application. As I told you, it's the perfect way to differentiate yourself from the ground and create something beautiful. Let's see now together how unfold application is actually working. We have downloaded available in ob store and in Google play as well. I'm going toe open application and then we will see that there is also the class version. But for now, we were really good. If we have the free version, you can use it and see if you are satisfied. And if you want more, of course, you can have the blast, but you can use efficiently application even if it's the free version. So let's top of the last battle in order to create a story sequence and let's name our story sequence photo shooting experience create story. So for these story sequence, we will create a beautiful, minimalistic instagram story layout colossus with unfold application, and I will also have in my mind that I want to convey a story to my audience. So I will start with the beginning off the day making breakfast and then going out at and shooting them eateries in this in the central London. And then we will have some behind the scenes in the story and our will end the story with a picture that conveys an end. So let's go together and create. So we just stopped the plus button and I would like Toa start my story sequence with these layout. Write something in their basic title own right foot does shooting experience and longer take, and then we top again in orderto move the main title. Okay, we have our main title and let's more defy the Sikander title and let's right, having fun photo shooting, my model, leaving me trees and that beauty off 10 thrown long take. And then I would like that to be somewhere here, and we're done with our first story for the second story with just top the plus bottle. And then I would like to choose this one frame picture top the art baton, and we will go toe photo shooting folder that I created, and then I will want toe. So case a small video that I am making creeps with Nutella. So this is a nice way to start your day. So if we top inside, the video is playing. I like how is composed. There is also the option toe activate and deactivate their sound. I want it with sound. There's also the option toe add filters on the video. I like how it is right now because I already added some filters when I edited this video on Instagram. Now I will choose the two pictures layout and the week Top the bottom and let's go with with this beautiful picture. Here I am. Let's see here we have the Matri's. If we top inside the Imants, we can refrained meat. I like it like here and to me hear us asylum photographing Khim. I like it here. So we have our main activity for the shooting, them eateries and the behind the scenes with its me, the photographer taking team pictures with showcase. Like all the aspect off the day we continue to our next story. I want to up these layout with picture and tighten, but I don't want that the top title, so I will just the eat it, and I want to inform my audience off where I took this picture. So I took this picture behind with their Tate More Dirt Museum tick. And then I will have the picture that I took him behind the Tate Modern Museum and it was this picture. Let's add now, one more picture and I wanted Toby here. Let's recompose it. And here we are. It's just another picture of the miseries in their beautiful London skyline when it's golden time when the sun is going to set. Now let's finish our story sequence with a last picture. Let's stop Plus again. It's really easy to see. And then I will just select this one picture frame and I want my story sequence toe end with the London skyline by night. Ready? It's already composed correctly. I am ready. I know I have toe export my instagram story sequence and we will top this little export bottle in the right corner. And then we want these Toby, our story. So we top the story option and then I want these stories sequence toe be safe on my device . So I was just up to device. We can see our instagram story sequences in the fourth application and we are really ready toe post them on instagram stories. 6. Mojo: Create Animated Templates: another cool tool that I owned and show you is the much obligation but allows you to create a nim aged, moving templates and titles again without using any complex software like after effects in motion graphics. I'm not a big fund low off the crazy animated power points time templates, so I would recommend, you know, toe overdo it with them. But I do really like the moving titles that this up can provide us. Let's go and have a look without the most application. Again, it's really easy. The interface is really friendly with drug and rob functions and top functions. So we have here different templates to play with minimal. I really like the minimal one gold Lietz photography. As you can see here, there are many things that you have to pay for them in older toe. Use them. But I would advise you first to see how it goes with the free stuff and then off course, you can purchase something if you want. I do really like the typography. Think because you can create some really interesting living titles, lets it now, so I will top the typography and then we can top brass function. And then let's delete what what is already here. And now let's are our own tax by plus text and I would like to to use this one elegant title, I will position it in the center that sent it long gone. Photo suiting done. Of course. Here you can change the size off the text, the phone, the call, the color off, the letters and the color of the background and the time that the title is playing. So let's stop, save and let's exported to our Cameron role. So let's save the video now. It's saved. Okay? And let's go and see here in photos. Here it is London for the shooting. Perfect. So now that you have exported that you're moving titles in Fort Application, we will post it on Instagram instagram stories. We are the new story and then we top in the last video and we want to get rid off made with much applications. So we will just zoom a little, beat the video, but please take care when you zoom in, because maybe you will change the composition off what you are showcasing. So we don't want this thing to happen. 7. Hashtags and location tags: hot stocks, location talks and user talks. They are really, really important to use. They are exposing you to new foreigners and they are widening your rates by featuring your stories toe the explorer pates, for example. I'm going toe the instagram complication and then toe the explore paid. And then I'm searching for the term photo. So I think, and I will top the tongue option again for the shooting. And then there are the posts here and the stories here that they contain the term photo shooting as a hostile. So if I top the stories, there are all the stories that they have used that there photo shooting. So with this way at term, explore new creators and people can find you if you are using the correct, hostile, really effective way. Also, these thing is happening with location tags. So if I search London and then top places and then I will top, for example longer. Nine. Then again, we have the posts and the instagram stories. You if I top in the instagram stories, I will see every instagram story from the London eye location. So that's a really effective way to get discovered by people that they are not, therefore lowers. Yet I would advise you that if the has stocks in their location, tags are not adding value to you or to your followers. Please make them tiny and hide them somewhere in the photo or the video because they could be potentially problematic by competing with your videos or your photos. Another tape is that you collaborate with people that they are creating similar content to yours in the seventies and then turn them most of the times they will attack you back in their next story. Or even if your story is fun or beneficial for them, they will report to your story. It is that I can give you is not toe ask like and beggar for attack or for a repost instead , enjoyed a collaboration great, something beautiful and meaningful. And then you will get promoted by the other person for sure. Another heart, but I love is the hidden top here featured. So with this way, you are promoting actually the posts off your main feed into your incident story, so that the audience that only what's his story can have access as well to your main post I will show you know quickly how you can implement the top here, Huck. We opened their instagram application and we go to our main feet and then we can change one for one photo or one video that we want to promote. I will choose these picture with the waves and then we should top that sir bottom and then opt for ad post to your story and now immediately stories created. And then I will do any little bit in and I will goto the stick, your shirts and our search for top here Now in the gifts. There are all these options and I would like just to go with this and then I will zoom with a little bit. And if I send it to my story, for example, close friends stories in order to show you it's ready really quickly. And with this way, you are promoting your main posts. Let's see, story just posted. And if we top here, we're going to immediately to our faith really cool and effective way to promote our main posts through the instagram stories. 8. Highlights: unlike regular Instagram stories that they vanished after 24 hours. Highlights Hundley forever on your instagram profile. They're actually collections off instagram stories that your followers, both old and new, can top in tow and a watch any time they like. Instagram highlights there really suitable for highlighting your best instagram stories or highlighting the fact that you are selling something on your INSTAGRAM account or highlight a service that you are offering in your followers. But let's now go and see how we can add Instagram highlights on our incident profile. We goto our incident application and then tow our profile. And then we top that last I could you new highlight so we can have as many stories as we want on a highlight from our previews instagram stories that we have made. So there is also an archive here off our own instagram stories. For example, I want toe highlight my last instagram stories about the photo shooting in central London that I did with my model. So let's odd our last stories and I would like to select the five of them I selected quickly and then with top next. And then we have to choose take over. We can edit our cover. And I would like to choose that frame for the cover of minds A gram highlight. So we push reposition our model in the center. Then I press down and now I have updated mine cover. And let's name these highlights. Photo shooting. Uh, and it was so easy to add another highlight on my instant round profile. 9. Questions and Polls: using questions. And Paul, you are giving a sense to your audience to give fit back to you and reach out to you actively and directly. They are really important because with Paul's and questions, you can find out what your audience like and what your audience I don't like. And the best part here is that your audience can give you a really nice creative ideas and solutions that they can help you massively, they can really inspire you. So don't underestimate, please, the power off questions and polls. Generally, it's really easy to create an INSTAGRAM question or a pole. I will show you right now we opened the INSTAGRAM application and that I would like to have a black background so I wouldn't take a picture without light. And then I want to add the question and Paul stickers. So we go to the stickers on. Then we just up the question bar. I will ask, for example, of my followers where I should travel next and in the same story. For example, I will are a Paul asking them shoot. I have pizza for dinner. So my followers, when they will see this story, they will be able tow answer to these questions, and I will be able as well toe see the answers. It's pretty much about connection and getting finback from the others. 10. When to use Live Stories: life stories is another powerful strategy under powerful way to connect with your audience . They really good thing about them is that they get you on the top off the story feet. Also, they will notify some off your followers. It's a great way to engage with your following. Have a real time conversation with them. Show them something interesting. Another cool thing that you can do with life story is to run a live competition in your instagram account. However, don't fall in the trap that you are using their life stories too often because your followers will get bored and tired quickly. I mean life stories there for something exceptional for something emergency and for something unique. So it's not a good idea to use them regularly. I will show you know how you can start a live instagram story. We are opening the Instagram application again. We're topping the story icon and then we will go in the bottom and we're scrolling or the way toe the left. And if we top this life story, there is a taking connection and we're live. But now I will end it. We don't need it now and now. And the lead video so really simple to create a life instagram story 11. Call your followers to action: But now I am advising you. Toe build first, a strong following around your knees. Always try to connect authentically with your audience and then, as far us, they are already trusting you, and you are providing them with value. Then you can start toe monetize your INSTAGRAM account on instagram stories. Specifically, when you have more than 10,004 lowers or when you have a verified account, you can utilize them the swipe pop future off instagram stories. And then, with this way, you're driving your followers to a specific link to a specific Offiah page or a website so you can sell your products there. So I will go to my INSTAGRAM story application one more time, and I will start to see my friends stories. And while I'm seeing them let right now, here we have a a promoted instagram story from Vox's Hull back. I don't know how to pronounce that. So this way, sweetie, top box. What? So I popped the view website, so if I am just swipe up, they will drive me toe all new course, our stylist city car. So it's a proper website that they're selling cars, for example, so that was like a really random think that we just saw how people how the industry utilizes the incident stories in order to promote effectively their products. So you have a nice product. If you have a good service and a good following or even if you have promoted instagram story, you can easily access to your customers. But it's really important as well. Have your own website on your bio page on the instagram in orderto be accessible 24 hours a day, and not only when you are promoting your website via your instagram stories. 12. Last Words: That's it, guys. You have made it to the end of the course. Congratulations. Remember toe Always tell a story with your instagram stories and have Stein and time consistency utilize the tools like the hot stocks and their location stickers. Ask those questions to your followers, connect with them and engage with them. I can't wait guys to see your very own class project. Go and make this professional layout minimalistic. Instagram stories with the unfold us we learn and impress me and all the community with your new influence or techniques. And don't forget in order to be successful in Instagram and utilizes the full potential on Instagram, you should first create a strong relationship with your audience, provide them with value first and then try to sell of in your product. And come on, don't forget toe. Enjoy the whole process. Big creating and half fun guys. Every rating every review helps my credibility grow. So please take a little bit of time and leave a review. This thing will keep me super motivated. Thank you so much for watching sea view over the next class