Learn how to correctly sketch a car with pen & paper | Marouane Bembli | Skillshare

Learn how to correctly sketch a car with pen & paper

Marouane Bembli, Design Professional & Online Teacher

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12 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Introduction - What's this course about?

    • 2. 1 Laying down basic perspective & getting the wheel base right

    • 3. 2 Designing the silhouette - What to think about

    • 4. 3 Designing the "green house" - Windows & side view perspective

    • 5. 4 Let's add your personal design features to the car and make it yours

    • 6. 5 Sketching the wheels & rims - here's an easy trick to get it right

    • 7. 6 Recap of what we've learned & Final words of advice

    • 8. 7 First layer of markers

    • 9. 8 Shading the car using color tones

    • 10. 9 Fill in the black and add contrast

    • 11. 10 Adding details to rims, windows and lights

    • 12. 11 Final highlight with white ink

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27 of 28 students recommend this class
these videos take way longer to load this YouTube video.
Jan Bures

Graphic designer & drawing artist

Wonderful art
Matt White

Designer & Compassionate Dissident

simple and concise and gives you enough info to really get you going in the right direction
Easy and practiced,love it