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Learn how to build your personal Branding

Oparach Kung Ming

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13 Videos (30m)
    • 01 Introduction

    • 02 Building Your Brand

    • 03 creating career opportunities

    • 04 building your influence

    • 05 Defining your current brand

    • 06 Creating your desired brand

    • 07 Identifying your target audience

    • 08 Creating a strategy

    • 09 Networking your personal brand

    • 10 Managing your online reputations

    • 11 Conveying authenticity

    • 12 Creating a perfect elevator pitch

    • 13 Conclusion


About This Class

In this course, I'm gonna teach you how to build your personal brand, and promote yourself with credibility and passion to stand out from the competition.

Personal branding puts the intention, and the focus in your reputation, and ensures that other people see you the way you want. Your personal brand gives you focus and intention. It takes the randomness out of how you're going to show up, the relationships you're going to build, and where you're going to go in your career. Personal branding is all about you. Personally. While there are formulas and metrics, your path is yours alone and you must feel confident in your values in order to make this work. Start by taking inventory of your current brand. Don't judge it, just accept it and understand it. But, develop a strategy and work that strategy.

Use your personal brand to help you make critical decisions from deciding what company to work for to what wardrobe makes you feel most confident to what the banner on your blog should look like. Filter everything through this question, "Will it get me closer to my desired reputation "and my legacy?" Let your brand evolve and mature as it's supposed to. It is about the process, not about getting to the finish line.

Find the tools that work best for you. Everyone has a personal brand, by design, or by default. Don't leave it to chance that other people see you the way you want them to. You can build influence and direct your reputation so start today and take control over your personal brand.

So, let's get started, and create your personal brand, by enroll in this course you will learn everything you need to know about bout Personal Branding/

Thank You See you in this Course!





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Hello, I'm Oparach.

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