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Learn how to arrange flowers from your garden

teacher avatar Elisa Gabrielli, "Create easy to do Art & Floral Designs"

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Introduction Vase arrangement using flowers from your garden

    • 2. How to cut flowers from your garden

    • 3. Step 2 Designing your vase arrangement

    • 4. Conclusion

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About This Class

In this class I will show you how to arrange flowers from your garden. You will learn how to use bushes and hedges as cut greens, how to cut and use ground cover, perennial and annual flowers for your vase as well as show you how to arrange them. I will give you some good tips and tricks on how to design and show you how easy it really can be to arrange flowers and how fun it can be!

I have worked in the floral industry as a designer for over 25 years as a professional floral designer and have taught floral design classes locally the past few years. I have so many techniques and designs to share with you and I'm so excited your here and taking my class. Please follow me so you will be updated of any new design classes I will be teaching.

Materials needed:

  • Fresh cut flowers and greens from your gardenĀ 
  • sharp garden clippers
  • garden gloves
  • a basket or pail to gather cuttings in
  • a vaseĀ 
  • water
  • that's it!

take a walk through you garden, neighbors garden (with permission) or even through the woods and see what you can find and start designing some fresh local flowers for your home!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Elisa Gabrielli

"Create easy to do Art & Floral Designs"


Since I was seven years old I knew I wanted to be an artist and floral designer. Inspired by nature and the beauty that surrounds me my subject matter always involves flowers, birds and nature scenes. My mother opened up a florist in Rochester, NY when I was 7 and by the time I graduated high school I was off to Floral Design School in South Florida. I have worked in the creative arts as a self taught artist and Professional floral designer for over 25 years, Weddings & Murals are my specialty. Having worked in varied environments, I've learned how to really listen to my students & clients' ideas, desires and visions as I work with them towards achieving what they truly envision.

My true love is teaching others what I have learned. I hope what I have to share with you inspires yo... See full profile

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1. Introduction Vase arrangement using flowers from your garden : is absolutely beautiful. Outside, you can hear the birds chirping, So I wanted to show you how Teoh be resourceful in this video and go out in your garden if you need some flowers. You know, if your neighbor has flowers as permission to cut some from their bushes, and I'm gonna show you how to create your own vase arrangement from materials you may already have or in your yard or nearby, says he walk outside for your garden or your neighbor's garden. If they give you permission, you can look at things so differently. In this video, you're gonna learn how to use different colleges from different bushes on different perennials that you confined and gardens that you know have nice long stems and breaks on lavender or other fragrant flowers. That just adds so much to okay, not only in color but in fragrance and ground karpers. I'll show you how to take ground carvers from the ground and how to cut them and, you know, as you go through the garden, you know, whether you have herbs growing are leaves growing. I'll show you different ways that you can incorporate these into your boat cat. It's a lot of fun learning how to design on, especially when you're just doing a you know, a fresh cup Okay from your garden. There's so much to learn, and I'll show you every step of the way a little bit about me. I've been working as a professional floral designer for weddings and special events, doing designing from baby showers and doing fresh res to even doing a Kentucky Derby hat for the special event and fresh flowers I love absolutely love doing large pieces for weddings and events for special occasions. Teaching locally and my floor design classes is something that I really enjoy doing brings me a lot of joy, teaching others whether I'm doing wedding bouquets for brides and bridesmaids. Um, you know, or massage flowers for for, you know, prom, our weddings. It's just really, really a great art to have a great thing for you to learn. I would like to teach more of these type of designs on my videos. Once you get started, you can do so many different types of designs, and there's so many different possibilities. So let's go for a walk through your garden, grab your basket and some clippers, and, uh, let's see what we can create together. Thanks so much for joining me. Uh, 2. How to cut flowers from your garden: We started collecting our college, and, um, I got my basket so we could put our stuff in, and we can go around and collect everything. And here you go. This is we're gonna go do that. Just get a little basket, get your clippers, maybe some club so that when you cut the roses, it doesn't. You know, the pickers just gotta watch out for the treasury. All right? We're gonna go ahead and cut some of this house. This is variegated foliage. Looks really nice arrangement. So we do. It is lift up. I want to find really long. Great. With stamps down on water, make sure the leaves that you choose is in good shape. Then he just cut it at a slant. Will be recutting it again when we put it in water again. This is a nice one here. A little larger. Probably get about three of these. That's a nice break. Just gets rose. So when you go to clip your roses, it's nice to look for bugs that are more tight instead of wide open. They're not gonna last very moment will last longer in the open ones. And I'd like to put out a pair of gloves. Just Teoh. Protect yourself from the the thorns that are on the rose petals around the on the stems. I'm gonna get my heavier clippers here to to help, you know, cut the stems. They're really not that thick. And then try and cut down a little bit farther because you're not sure how long you're gonna need it in your face. And then all these little for ins We could kind of clip off when we goto very little, but they do hurts, just kind of caught the tips off. Then we'll be removing college, too. Glossaries go to design up, but go ahead and put some of my basket. So when you go to get your ground cup of it has nice long stems. Lift him up off the ground. You find some that are really long, and then he just cut it down. There will be removing college, but as many of those you want, we're gonna be doing a small vase. We don't need a lot. Sometimes you break a stem, but that's okay. We can still use it. This is a really nice long peace. Be a little more gentle removing the college. That's really like that. Well, this is Sylvia. This has a nice lateral points to them kind of separate. Get down close to the main stem and snippet. Get a couple of these. You still want to keep your garden looking nice, trying. Get down low in a place that's not real obvious. That's a really nice piece there. Having the nice, darker red full ege in there is really pretty, too, just kind of reach inside your plan. Cut down pretty easy and, uh, snip it off. Remove it, and that adds nice village color to our face arrangement that needs to be trimmed. You Meisel trim it up. This one's a little long over the edge. That one, too. The silver foliage of Dustin Eller is just I just love it, even starting to have a little buds of yellow. Cut some of these off in these of them in their ranch arrangement to and again, you just try and get down low, and they moved a few pieces, just enough to add Cem Pretty silver foliage. Dusty Miller is a perennial, comes back every year, and it really just brightens up okay again. Reach down inside snap. It doesn't look like the plant's been. Cut it all and you go Nice village toe to your arrangement. All right, let's go sit it out so you can get. And here's the lavender from my neighbour's garden so earlier. This has kind of a woody stem, someone a change. Clippers. It's really pretty plant kind of same thing. Reach down inside, cut off some long stems. Sometimes I try to go to the back of the plants. That's not as obvious, but this is really, really fragrant. So don't need a lot because we're not making a big arrangement unless you can dry afterwards to just pull it out of the arrangement. Let it dry in your garage in a dark place and then you can put it in your bathroom. Has a potpourri. So this variegated village this plan is called a Humann. Amiss. It's a effort green on. It makes really great college for ah vase arrangement again. It has really long breaks on it. You can reach inside. I kind of pull that the plant, go inside and go all the way down to the main stem, and then and then snippet. There so that you could have a nice cluster on some stem length. Put down in the face and you can grab is many of those, and you can start from the bottom of Bush, too. Look underneath to trim off any pieces that I need to be trimmed anyway. That looks like enough for arrangement Already. I think we're getting getting ready to get started now. The experiment. It's not really long, but they grow as individual pieces in the garden so you can cut him right down to the ground. Use that in your arrangement. Great thing about this is so fragrant, very many, this one polish that will keep rooting once you put it in waters. Actually, planets in a little pot. You want to bring some closer to your house or in your kitchen. Sunny spot are bright, bright, too few spot. Really, I will keep growing. You can use it in teas, lemonades and stuff. In the summer time. It's really nice you get one more go. All right now for the fun time. Let's go design 3. Step 2 Designing your vase arrangement: So now that you gathered all your flowers, it's important to separate them into separate groups. So put all your different colleges together and your long lateral flowers and, you know, cut. Um, I have two different types of clippers I use one's a little sharper edge. This one here is for more woody stems, like roses and these little clippers air easy to handle, and you can cut like spearmint and greens and flowers that are thinner stems. Anything that's thicker. I used the sick repair. Remove any foliage from the bottom stems because you want to keep falling out of the water because that creates bacteria. So I like to start with just the greenery first to kind of frame in the arrangement. Cut him different lanes. They don't have to be the same size. Not every flower or leaf. It's the same lane. It's nice to work in threes if you can or, you know, at least have three different points with some greenery. Now this is a different type of greenery. This is the dusting up Miller, which is a silver perennial. It adds a nice, different texture. Everything you cut, you know you cut on a slant and inserted into the vase of water. Next, I like to get a little darker foliage in there. Same thing you just added to different spots. So it's not on one side. Creates a little more interest. Remove any foliage from the stone and insert it. Make sure you pushed down far enough that you could have the stem show in the bottom every couple of days. I like to change the water out just in case it gets murky. So hydrangeas kind of shake him off. Sometimes they're a little lose peddled. Cut them again on a slam And I put those in first because there are a little larger flower and they kind of create a base kind of like a grid. Insert other flowers into and you could make this a large is you want Depends on many garden flowers you have How bigger vases. I chose a short, clear vase. Um, just because I wanted a small, fresh cup, OK, that wasn't too intrusive on the table. Where are whatever? I was going to use it. Think about where you're gonna put your flowers too. That could help you decide what size, days and What lengths to cut your flowers. I'm gonna put three. Create that rounded look Separate. Makes some room to insert. Um, make sure they're in far enough. And this is the Sylvia. This is really pretty. It's more of a lateral flower. You want some high and low flowers in your arrangement? Very visually effective. Remove any greens and just have fun with it. I mean, this is no, uh no certain way of doing it. There's just little tips and tricks, you know, using high and low flowers and different greenery. Again, I kind of spread out the hydrangea insert the longer stems. The lavender was a little woody. So I'm using the the heavier clippers and to start working at all different points. Try and think of three different points and fell in between from the base up to the top. I like to keep turning my vase so I can see it from all sides. Some go in the middle. Some flowers will be inserted towards the outside to fill it in nice when it really is fun . Toe took about in the gardens and just really be creative and think outside the box. You don't have to go by still flowers every week. If you like to have fresh flowers in your house, this will last a good week or so If you change out the water. You know, every few days I would like to kind of clean up a little bit as I go along, because visually it gets a little clutter looking and you just keep building herb. Okay, depending on how many flowers you have, the look and feel you're going for this was the ground cover. You cut it the same way, removed the leaves and cut it at a slant. The little heavy headed. So I inserted a little lower for support from the other flowers. If you need some height to try and go at an angle where it won't be so flappy, he inserted There you go. And the more you do this, the better practice you'll have. And you can make bouquets for friends. When it's time to bring a little something over to their house, bring him some flowers from your garden. Mason jars A really nice You could get those pretty inexpensively at grocery stores. Dollar store, Walmart Wherever you shop the roses. Be careful they do have precursors. So we moved the greenery on, if you need, you know, clip off the tips of the of the roses of the pickers if they're too sharp. My ranger was coming a little loose. I'm trying to insert it back in. When you certain insert the roses or other flowers in the hydrangea helps keep them more sturdy in the vase. And this is a spearmint. The spearmint adds a little more like a fragrant mint to the okay. What I love about spirit meant when you rub it with your fingers that really releases its fragrance. A little touch of yellow. These were fun from my ornamental cab, kale, plants or cabbage. Some people call that they produce these yellow flowers towards the end of their blooming season. There a little longer, so I keep them up a little higher. We're just building up. Okay, turn it once again, see if there's any holes where you want to put your last few stuns. I think that looks nice. 4. Conclusion: So in this video, I really hope you learned a lot and some tips and tricks on how to get fresh flowers in your house just by walking outside in your garden by looking up ground cover's and those bushes. Do you know anything that comes up as a perennial, or even animals that you may plant in your garden? It is nice to see different types of foliage and different colors and textures that you can use whatever is in your garden. I'm sure you could make justice. Beautiful of okay is I did in this video make sure that when you, you know, walk your gardens and, um, try and look at things a little bit differently how you could cut, um, you know how they would look all together in a basket or a vase that you put him in? You know, cutting herbs are always nice. My rangers always make a great base for okay. All the different beautiful okays you can make from your garden flowers is just It can be different every time. Just go out in your garden and cut some flowers. I'll see you in my next video