Learn how to FREESTYLE RAP in 5 Easy Steps! | Donald Fittsgill Jr | Skillshare

Learn how to FREESTYLE RAP in 5 Easy Steps!

Donald Fittsgill Jr, Podcast Doc | www.podcastdoc.com

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7 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. How to Freestyle Introduction

    • 2. Let it go!

    • 3. Learning to Rhyme with Exercise

    • 4. Adding Music and Filler with Exercise

    • 5. Adding Intelligent Filler with Exercise

    • 6. Telling a story with Exercise

    • 7. 7 Summary

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About This Class

This a fun and informative class for anyone looking to learn how to freestyle rap. Freestyle rap Is an improvisational rap with or without instrumental beats, in which lyrics are recited with no particular subject or structure.

Anyone can how to freestyle rap and with a little practice anyone can be good at it too. Enroll in this class and find out how.

The link to the random word generator is  - https://www.randomlists.com/random-words


1. How to Freestyle Introduction: Listen, I'm gonna make you a better rapper right now. Are you ready? Never. Ever, Ever start off a freestyle rap with while my name is spilling the blank And I'm here to say unless you have a time machine and can go back to 1985 when that might have been cool. Okay. Okay. I've seen standing on the sidewalk. People hate just because the way that I talk big claims that burned things is my fault. The doctor told me to cut down on my salt mason, George. When freestyle, I hope I make it far. I got under making car My mama told me I'm a big star Soft to the touch, Sitting on a hill left foot opponent Much as such, they say that I play too much drops back Freestyle Rap is an improvisational rap, with or without instrumental beats in which lyrics are recited with no particular subject or structure. Today I'm going to teach you how to freestyle in five easy steps. Freestyle rapping is fun and anyone can learn to do it with a little practice. Enroll in this class and I'll prove it to you lets you 2. Let it go!: get over your fear of embarrassment and let loose. Most people start off freestyling in a group with their head down saying things like, I don't know what to say. I don't know, I don't know. And then come up with the well, my name is Donald and I'm here to say And like I said in the beginning, Don't do that. Just don't just wrap. Who cares if you look silly? Nothing even needs to make sense. Just wrap. Let me tell you a secret. Ah, lot of people, even when they say they're freestyle rapping or not truly coming off the top of their head with the rap. No, they may have never expressly written down the rap that they're saying. In a lot of cases, people tend to recycle past freestyles and pass them off his new, Which is why I always say that you can't really know how well someone freestyles until after 30 minutes or so a freestyle rapping. So, like I said before, just wrap. After all, no one really expects you to be any good at it. Anyway. People don't expect me to be good at it. And then one time I wasn't But who cares when it's time to wrap? Just do it like you're the only one in the room and say it like you mean it. 3. Learning to Rhyme with Exercise: Now we want to look up random words and just rhyme with them. I have a random word generator that I use at random list dot com. The link to the site is listed in the course description. Now, when you are on this site, you have the ability to change the word counts. For purposes of this example, I've changed it toe one tohave, one word at a time. Then, whenever we need a new word, you can simply refresh the screen. If you're on a PC, you can simply press F five to refresh or whatever function key is designated to refresh Internet pages on your computer. Our purpose when doing this is to just rhyme. No time limits, no restrictions, no music, just rhyme. This is something you should do every day. This will be the base for your freestyle rap. Give it a try now. When this exercise, what we want to do is rhyme. And as I stated before, there are no time limits, no restrictions and no music, and you can do this one of two ways. You can use the random list generator that I just explained and simply refresh the screen when you're ready. Or you can use this list of words that I'm about to provide now to challenge yourself. You can try to keep up with my timing by saying as many words that rhyme with the word on the screen as you can until the next word appears. If you need more time, please pause the video. Okay. Now, to get you going, I'm going to give you a couple of examples minutes. Your turn. Steady. Ready, Eddie. Heavy Levy. Chevy stoo do CEU New flu clue. Now it's your turn. 4. Adding Music and Filler with Exercise: Now it's time to add filler and music. This is where you learn to be on beat. This is also where you will start to feel a little pressure. But see this as a game. Just find an instrumental in your music. Library you to or wherever and play it in the background. Then pull up your random word generator and start rhyming on beat with filler filler is your repetitive go to words in a freestyle rap that will help you stay on beat and transition to the Rhine like this? Steady. All I know is I'm pulling. I'm still ready, Stew. All I know was I'm cool and that's what I do might All I know is I'm pool and I take a flight. You see, in this case, my filler was All I know is I'm cool, but you can use anything you want because that's what filler is words to Don't necessarily have any meaning. They're just there to get you to the Rhine. The key here is to try your absolute best not to stop. I don't care if it doesn't rhyme, just say something and stay on beat ready to give it a shot Let's go. So just like in the last exercise, I'm going to start this up to get you going. Then it's your turn. OK, Normal. All I know is I'm pulling. I'm in a wormhole core wrecked. All I know is I'm cool and I'm in a Corvette. Now it's your turn. 5. Adding Intelligent Filler with Exercise: now what we want to do is to slowly take away filler and replace it with intelligent filler . As I like to call it, we want to start saying words that air somewhat relatable to the word we're rhyming with, kind of like this spring winters. Now over everybody, Let's sing Cats, Tom and Jerry cartoons, trying to chase the rats Popsicle dripping on my shirt just in everyday obstacles. You see what I'm doing? I'm trying to play some context around the word this really gets your mind going and thinking quickly. In fact, this is a great exercise for anyone who wants to think quicker on their feet when speaking . Let's give it a shot Now. This time I'm going to leave the wrapping all to you. So get ready. Here it comes 6. Telling a story with Exercise: telling a story. Now that we've added intelligent filler, it's time for you to tell a story. Telling a story might be the easiest way to come up with words when freestyle rapping It is so much easier to freestyle when you tell a story. Even a made up story telling a story frames your next words in the rap like this. My phone's ringing, but nobody has my number. Would you call me when it's lightning in the thunder? I'm home alone, wishing I could slumber under wonder. You see, the end result is a smoother sounding freestyle rap, and when you say it like you mean it, people will wonder if it is actually freestyle, which is one of the highest compliment someone can give you when people start questioning whether you're actually making up the rhyme right now, your winning. So let's give it a shot 7. 7 Summary: So there you have it. How to freestyle rap in five easy steps. Repeat these steps that I gave you and you'll be freestyle rapping in no time. Just remember to get over the embarrassment of looking silly. Say it like you mean it and tell a story. And who knows? Maybe one day you'll be the next rap superstar or, at the very least, a better wrapper. Let me know about your progress. I'd love to hear about it till next time. I'm Donald Fit Skeel Jr and I thank you for taking this course. Take care.