Learn how to FREESTYLE RAP in 5 Easy Steps!

Donald Fittsgill Jr, Podcast Doc | www.podcastdoc.com

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7 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. How to Freestyle Introduction

    • 2. Let it go!

    • 3. Learning to Rhyme with Exercise

    • 4. Adding Music and Filler with Exercise

    • 5. Adding Intelligent Filler with Exercise

    • 6. Telling a story with Exercise

    • 7. 7 Summary

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About This Class

This a fun and informative class for anyone looking to learn how to freestyle rap. Freestyle rap Is an improvisational rap with or without instrumental beats, in which lyrics are recited with no particular subject or structure.

Anyone can how to freestyle rap and with a little practice anyone can be good at it too. Enroll in this class and find out how.

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