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Learn from a YC Alumni! How to get into Top StartUp Accelerator

teacher avatar Vikas Karade, YC StartUp Founder | Innovator | PhD

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class Project: Use in Your Application

    • 3. Hacking the Application Process

    • 4. Slides for the Elevator pitch!

    • 5. Idea Pitching Video. It's showtime!

    • 6. Win YC-style Interview. The Final Round.

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About This Class

Are you an early-stage startUp founders/entrepreneurs who want to get selected by the top startUp accelerator like Y-combinator or Techstars, then this class is for you.

Vikas is a founder of YC backed startUp company named AlgoSurg (http://www.algosurg.com). He has guided many startUp founders to get into some top accelerators. You will learn what Vikas has learned and taught in his entrepreneurship journey and improve your chances to get into top startUp accelerators.

In this class you’ll learn: 

1. How to clear the first step of online application forms?

2. How to create a short but powerful business plan presentation?  

3. How to create a winning 2-minute pitching video?

4. How to win in a face-to-face (YC style) interview?

You will be also creating your startUp's idea-pitching video which you can readily submit in the application process of the top startUp accelerators.

These learnings can also be used to win funding or recognitions through competitions and investors. So best of luck for your StartUps!

Acknowledgements: Most of the knowledge is taken from Y-combinator, learning while in the accelerator's program myself and from their online content. Also thanks to https://www.bensound.com for the background music.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Vikas Karade

YC StartUp Founder | Innovator | PhD


Creating this SkillShare channel to share my years of knowledge in Entrepreneurship, Technology and Research. I am still learning all these fields and consider myself to be 'still need to learn a lot'.

I am a Y-Combinator backed startup company founder, 10+ years of experience in surgical visualization and automation, technology innovator/inventor awarded by the President of India and many world-renowned institutions, graduate and Ph.D. from IIT-Bombay, and sponsored/selected candidate for entrepreneurship training from B-schools of Cambridge and Stanford.
Enthusiastic to team up with passionate thinkers to build innovations and leadership for a better future of surgeries.

Here is a video from 2018 when I pitched my work at Y-Combinator demo day (W18), to give you ... See full profile

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1. Introduction: are you a founder off an early state startup company and want to get your company to some top start up accelerator in this class is for you. Hello, everyone. I'm because I'm a founder off a metric startup company. I haven't applied to many start of competition and mostly winning that. But one of the top prince I ever had was to get into my company, which is one of the top started accelerators in the world. And since then, I've been guiding many started funders to get into top start of accelerators. So now I am reading this class, accumulating all next skill and knowledge which is required to improve your chances to get into top star capacity. By the end of this class, you will learn all those kids that can improve your chances to get into top started. Masqueraders mostly relearn how to respond and online Apple Chill farm, which is the most important and forced entry point in any start a fascinator selection process. Secondly, we learn how to create a Kansai ice but powerful Business nine presentation total on how to create a video bitch two minutes video which you will present your business this is often asked by many accelerators like y Combinator techstars. Finally, you will learn how to prepare yourself for a face to face interview, which is a final round off most startup accelerator selection process. You also have a class project that you can readily use in any start of absolute of selection. Process more about that in the next video. I'm sure that this class will help. You wouldn't through your chance to get into top start of accelerators, so keep watching best. 2. Class Project: Use in Your Application: In this video, I will talk about the class struggle. The glass project is designed in such a way that you can readily use it in any start up accelerator selection process. The project is to create a two minute video very well. Pitch your business line to work on your class. Project your to follow just three steps. First, create a business and presentation based on the slight template which is given in the project. Second, create a short two minute video. Very prison your business. Now you can either show your face like visiting the business now, or you can show the slides with the voiceover. Or maybe boat. Use your creativity her. Just upload the video on YouTube and share the link in the project. Now, once you share your project video, I watch them and you as any feedback as possible. But here are two solutions for you. First, share your project video with many experts. That's possible and get a positive feedback. Second, watch each other's project video and give a positive. Now it's up to you, which feel back to work on and which beat back to ignore. And then it's your startup idea and you know the best about it. So best of luck for your project video. Keep watch 3. Hacking the Application Process: Hello Once again in this video, Listen, I will teach how to effectively respond. The online application form off started passing the selection process online Affliction form is the first and most important step in the selection process. The questions, which are asked in an Orland affliction from a typical online application form, can be categorized into four. One is about company. Second, about founders told about idea and fought about the attraction for the growth. Now there may be other kinds of questions as well, like a company structure or eyepiece. But the's four are the most important categories, so I will goto each category and I talk about questions which can be asked in each category and how to respond now in the first category Off the questions, which is company. The first question would be a one liner description off the company. Now this one night and description should be very simple to understand. And to be very concise, in fact, should not be more than 50 characters. There should be no marketing jargon here, for example, saying that or company revolutionized the way people communicate Now, even when there are wonderful words there, it doesn't convey any. Instead, maybe you can say we are making a are based chap system. It clearly tells what you're making. Interview. Short description. Second caution in the company category would be description off your product. What do you really make what your company makes again? There should be no marketing juggling simply described what the product is and tell the best features offered in bullet points for maybe in very short sentence. Now, this particular section should not include about the problem or about the existing solutions, because for that there will be other questions already. Ability. But you need to answer. So here you just tell about the product in very brief manner and tell some unique features . You have tried to bring the uniqueness in the product in this particle of section. Now the second category off the cushions would be about founders. Trust me, this is the most important section in the APP election. For most of the ass aerators, they select the company based on their founders and not the ideas, because many ideas change during the start of aspiration problem. Now the founder section, they'll be cautions to judge How good is the team as together is and how good our individual founders are to convey how good the team as together is talk about projects which the founders have done together, apart from the start to tell about the start of the whole application form. So don't waste this opportunity here. Similarly, as an individual tell about individual products if you have, if the trump individual founders have won some competition or solve some hard Cardiss problem, or even something non technical like climbing Himalayan expensive problem to solve. Now, in my application, I remember I talked about how I traveled in many countries and cities around the world in very less time without spending my own money. That was attractive. So talk about some hard problem, your sword or some biggest achievement. You have been individually, don't very Brits nontechnical if you have any previous start up experience together or as an individual explained that here that helps a lot. Even if you have a failure in the previous starter, tell about that failure and what have you learned from the field. You also need to tell what level off commitment each startup founder have in this particular start are the part time are the four time now full time started. Founders are most recommended, but if you could not work full time during the beginning off, the start up conveyed that you will be able to work full time after your selected in the stock ambassador the next important category of questions. This idea. The idea. Invest The startup is looking on those precautions rendered toe. What problem? Your son. What is your solution? How is it different from the existing solutions? And what is your competition now? When you explained about the problem again, be specific and our tell about how unique and big is the problem. How big is the market? How many people are affected by this problem? If it's a fix, a problem which is affecting of a particular segment off the market, which is not captured by any other company or product? That's also a great problem. You mind if it is not talk about it in this way? Talk about what exact problem is in measurable domes, for example, it can be the efficiency it can be cost. It can be time. Really, existing product are not very efficient. Maybe existing product are very costly or Maybe existing products are very time consuming. Talk about that. But the other thing about the problem is how do you know that the problem exists? What is the basis behind Have you done in your desert? This is basically about how great do you know about customs? Have you talked to customers? Have you researched customs? How well do you know your customers? Bring that in this section off problem. The second is about solution. Now, when you extend your solution, there can be two separate cautions about order the existing solutions and what is your solution? Or they get a single question about what is your solution and how it is better than existing solutions. Now, when you talk about existing solution, you have to tell against the problem. So in the problem, if you're talking about a time, efficiency or cost, you have to tell how the existing solution starting not doing well in toasts article but in *** River. And then you have to talk how your solution is meek, and how is it better than the existing solution in those particular perimeters put in measurable terms. For example, if your solution is less time consuming How much is it? Five times less time consuming? Is it twice less time? To me, it takes about cost. Is it half the cost off the existing, if it's about efficient, is your solution making the process efficient twice or 10 times? Another question is about competition. Now. Don't hide any competition. It gives a bad impression if you don't talk about some existing competition or existing products which are there similar to your product. If they really were knows about them and you go toward them, it shows that you have not done your homework. It shows that you are not a bear off the market sees. So do talk about the competition. Do talk about how unique your solution is or what competent and wanted to do. You have now if you took Technologic company. Mostly the competently with wanted is the technology it since your idea your pickets. If it's a non tech company and you already have attraction, talk about how you have been solving this competition problem. How you have been very creative so far to go against the competition. If you don't have an attraction and so nontechnical, you can't say much. But then the founders quality is judged and select. The selection will happen based on how good the founders, how creating strong founder start to pull against in competition. The fourth category off the questions is about attraction on the group. How long the founders having booking together in this from now, if you already have customer attractions, talk about those white schools. If you don't have customers, they talk about what homework have you done? What work have you done? Understand the customers have to understand the problem. For example, if you are making the surgery planning software, then you can talk about how many surgery principles have you learned. How many surgeons having connected how many surgeries have your ending, Apart from just the numbers about how many customers have you made? How much revenue have you made on how many customers you don't? Do you understand the problem? Talk about what have you learned from this? What have you learned from your so far? Growth so far word. But you can use in the next stage in the start up accelerator fund. The learning is most important when you talk about the fruit crunch. No, but you're building their picture form, be very concise and be very clear. Thousands of start up companies apply each year, and every year has to go toe hundreds of applications every day, so help them to understand you. If you think there is any extra words which is not conveying anything in that region form, remove that work. So I hope all this information will help you fill your application from more effective. In the next video, we will talk about how to create a powerful business line presentation. 4. Slides for the Elevator pitch!: Hello, everyone In this video listen, I will talk about how to create slides for a very short two minute presentation which is often called s a little bitch. A two minute presentation is a very sharp presentation where you can communicate only few strong and important points off your start. You introduce your company. You talked about the problem. The solution detraction Socar entity. Your slides will support each. So let me talk about how to design a slight for each topic. The first slight should be tightness like the theme of the legislative is to support your presentation when you're introducing your company. So chip today, only the company and look a shark. One liner description off the one later description should not contain more than 50 characters. It should be short and concise. There should be no marketing jumping and it should be very simple to understand. The audience should at least remember your company name from this light. The second slave is about the problem. The best way to show the problems light is by putting a single picture on the site. A picture which defines shows the problem. What example? If you're trying to solve the problem off in actresses in the surgery. Maybe you can show a picture off a surgery Being performed with inaccurate tools are the outcome of the surgery, which clearly shows how inaccurate is. A picture is often very simple to remember, and it communicates more than just words. Apart from the problem picture, you can also show a few metrics about how big or how important is the problem. Disliked should create a big attention and curiosity in the viewer's mind. It should make them ask the big caution that how these founders are way to solve such a big problem. The second state is about the solution. This light should contain a very short and concise description off your solution. No marketing job in very simple to understand again. The best practice to show the solution is that putting a single picture off your solution apart on the picture, you can put a few strong points off uniqueness and best features of your solution. Not this light should satisfy the curiosity and big caution, which the problem side has created in audience might. The next day is about the traction, but decide you try to communicate to the audience that how seriously and significantly you have been working in your starter, how many customers you have reached so far to understand the problem or to sell your product. If you have a scene structure to show short with the same polygraph lying ground, which is very easy to understand, remember that the shape of the graph matters more than the numbers, any complex data or information in the attraction side and make them lose their attention, so keep it very simple and easy. The aim of the direction side is to make audience remember at least one simple grow to metric off your standard. The last slide is about I dislike should only contain information about the founders. Not old members, not dead wipers, just funders. But this, like tried to show how founders are the best way to solve this important and big problem. What are the capabilities and experience for the funders? Show those 11. If the founders have very limited, very strong background for the field, I would suggest for the team side as the second set after the aim of the team site is actually to make audience believe that thesis founders are worth let me give you a few general might give the content off your slide Very short and very concepts people leave one slide for each topic. It should be simple and easy to understand. There should be no marketing job in and it used pictures or text and the main in off the slights. And the whole presentation is to create an opportunity for the forced dialogue between the founders who are presenting their start up and the audience, which can be investors. If the presentation is little more than two minutes, then you can add a few more sites. One about competition, which shows how your company is then expected than any of the second is about vision. You've been sure how you started is going to be a big company. So it is about the ask whatever you want to ask authorities secrets. An investor, Maybe you're asking about funding so you can shoe. How will you use the funding? However, all of this are not required for a short two minute presentation, so I hope these guidelines will help you to create sites for a very short two minute presentation. In the next video, I will talk about how to create a video off dominated 5. Idea Pitching Video. It's showtime!: in this video. Listen, I will talk about how to create a two minute pitching, which is often asked by many start up accelerators in their selection process. The two minute pitching video off the startup should include the introduction off the starter. The problem? They're looking on. Solution. They are making traction so far, Entity. What to include for each topic is same as what I have been telling in the first video. Listen, so in this video, ever talk about general guidelines off how to create the pitching video? The late off your pitching video should not exceed whatever we're told in the great lights . The important thing is the audio should be very clear. Six. Low so that it will be easy to understand. Keep the content very concise and very simple to understand. You do not need to make a studio level. Use your available camera, laptop or move. I make no make the video in single boasts intakes of very short video. And so you don't need to use any software for Bill is something that will you for the start of a selector. Selection process when they try to observe is what is the clarity of thinking and the quality of communication. Looking at your face when you're presenting about your starter, one can judge hope confident. Are you about whatever you are speaking the new president thing about your start up in a very short video, you usually do not meet any script. It should be very spontaneous. And then you're describing what you're generally believed. Now remember, this is not a video making contest, so you do not need any fancy background music on post production if you want to show. The coolness in the video showed the coolest off your founders, your product and your stock. No different started passenger does may ask for a different kind of video somewhere. It can be a video off you presenting your start of bitter support off the pitch deck, which we have been talking about. Or it can be just a simple one minute video off present in yourself. Y Combinator start now in the one minute video like my community asked. It is maybe about the founders. They want to see. Why should they select these founders. So all the founder should be in the video, and the doctor usually goes like this. Hey, I'm ex spicy founder often exploit Z company. The unmaking exploit easy product to solve X. I see problem for a particular market affecting X ray Z number off people off a product is awesome in X y Z features X y z times on the computer and we have achieved expressing in X y z time and now we want to do X y Z to achieve. Excellency. Once you get the video uploaded to the U or Google right and shared the link with the start of a surgery application, make sure it is not in the private. Now, The best way to make your video better used to watch it many times and take as many attempt as you want. I hope this lesson will help you create your pitching video. Make sure that you create your project on time to create your product. You can use the learnings from the last figure and distant. Now you can either create a two minute pitching you that you will be presenting the slight all you can create of Isis time. One minute. You very well. Just introduce yourself on the company so best of enough for your president and in the next video, under government help, put a bad year, said face to face 6. Win YC-style Interview. The Final Round.: Hello, everyone. This is the last and final video lesson off this class and in this class, and talk about how to prepare yourself for a face to face interview, which is the last and final round off any started hassling selection process. Now the first thing you need to remember about the face to face interview is it's not a best. It's not an exam. Don't overstress yourself. It's just a discussion between you and the partners. Off started pass aerator so that communication can happen. Things which they could not understand your application they want to understand in the center. So just communicate. How awesome is your founders, your startup and your priorities? And that's all. Do not pour stress yourself. No one of the ways to prepare yourself for the interview is to have walk interviews. You can have walk interviews with fellow founders or agonize off the start of massive later you're like, but one of the best way to prepare yourself is just discussion among the co founders displays video co founder all the important aspect off your business important aspect off their founders, your ecological, your product, your customer. You're market, your deep Bross up short and concise points for each aspect during your discussion and prepare short statements to explain them. That's all. Now these face to face interviews off started passing greater selection process are huge, very sharp In y Combinator. It's just 10 minutes. So keep your answers very short and very concepts, but still try to answer as many as cautions as you can not David interrupt you. If your answer is too long, don't get often did or don't get nervous. Because of that, it is good for you. It's giving you an opportunity to answer more questions, which is more important now. The interview will be mainly focused on the D, the market and attraction, So prepare yourself for TheStreet topics mainly apart from these topics. They would also like to know the things that they could not understand to your first online application. So be a very off your application, revised the application and prepared herself on the lines off applications during the interview. A product demo is usually not required unless they ask supported. In any case, give the demo very short, show the demo in a very less time possible and keep it in the end, never start with them now. One of the very important caution in the interview, which you need to be very well prepared for, is what do you do, what your company does. Explain that in only 30 seconds, not more than four dissidents, and it should be very impactful, but very easy to understand. Even your planet should be able to understand what you do. Another set off questions would be focused on. How well do you know about your custom about the market? What research have you done to understand that the problem you're working on is very impactful? How much interactions have you done with the customers? And what have you learned so far about the problem? Toe customers and market? Prepare yourself for that. Now, one of the trickiest question they ask you is how your startup company will become a $1,000,000,000 among the hundreds off cos they select the to expect of one or few companies to become a unicorn. Now, you can answer that question by showing that how many customers you target in next few years at what price point to make a $1,000,000,000 revenue. But that's usually not the answer I believe that was started. Company becomes a $1,000,000,000 company when they are working on an opportunity which nobody else can even see. Take an example off augmented reality based communication system. Now, a market may not be ready for it right now. And the technology the current technology may not enable it. It may require a very high rate of Bangor, but tomorrow all of this will be possible. Market will be ready on the technological better. So the start of companies who are working on this idea right now will be the first. Mowers will be the first ones to cash on that opportunity, and hence they can become. However, such start of companies should also have strategies on how will they keep their company running The technology and market parents changes in their favor. So if your startup holds in such criteria and you have such strategies, then you can answer them for description. However, if you do not know how you become a $1,000,000,000 company, just do not concert it. Any ridiculous answer can give a very bad impression. You also need to prepare about yourself. They would like to know how the founders are the best people to solve this good problem. So do point out what are your strong capabilities and why you are the best ones to solve this problem. Now here are the few things but you should not do. Do not answer but you don't know. Don't give any ridiculous answer, but you have made a doing later. Do not put any marketing jargon and never be defensive in your answers. Among the founders. Always pretty side. Which Founder Bill Answer which kind of question? Don't talk over each other. It will give a very bad impression, and you show each founders participation in the Do not hide anything. Point of the government. If you already know the weak points of the company, just be prepared about the start of a. Senders are actually there to help you solve your wings, so don't hiding anything distance. I hope all the video lessons off this class will be very painful for you to get into top started. Do not forget to prepare your project and share. Finally, remember, it's your starting, and you the best of by any chance you're not selector didn't going to get disappointed. It does not necessarily mean that your idea or your starter is not working, so keep working on your starter and vessel