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Learn from Bobby Fischer's best chess games

teacher avatar Nikhil Dixit, Chess coach, Chess player

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Game 1 - Bobby Fischer vs Bent Larsen

    • 3. Game 2- William James Lombardy vs Bobby Fischer

    • 4. Game 3- Bobby Fischer vs Reuben Fine

    • 5. Game 4- Bobby Fischer vs Mikhail Tal

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About This Class

In this course, we will see the 4 best chess games of Bobby Fischer.

Bobby Fischer is the greatest player of all time and he was also a former world chess champion. 

This course is suitable for all levels.

Hope you will enjoy these games played by the former world champion Bobby Fischer. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nikhil Dixit

Chess coach, Chess player



I am  Fide Master Nikhil Dixit

My current Fide rating is 2321 and my peak rating is 2369

I am a Chess player, Chess coach, and chess consultant.

When I was 8 years old I started playing chess. Since then I am playing chess professionally for the last 15 years. The turning point of my chess career is when I crossed the 2100 rating in January 2018.

After January 2018 I played many tournaments all over the world which includes countries like Malaysia, Vietnam, UAE, France, Czech Republic, Russia, Netherland, Croatia, Romania, Brazil, Hungary, Azerbaijan, etc.

The strongest tournament I have played in the World University chess championship in 2018 at Aracaju, Brazil.

I have also achieved 3 International Master's norms in Zadar, ... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Welcome to my Skillshare class. I'm a coach, fully master, WikiLeaks it my current redirecting its 23, 21, and my peak relating what, 2369. I also scored three international master norms and played while the city championship at Brazil in 2018. In this course, I will teach you for best games of former world champion Bobby Fischer. I hope you will enjoy the course and thank you for watching this video. 2. Game 1 - Bobby Fischer vs Bent Larsen : In this video, we are going to see the game between Bobby Fischer versus MATLAB doesn't. So Bobby Fischer was playing, as he says, and Ben Carson playing as black pieces. So let's start the dinner. So your bobby play E4, see 93, D6. So C4, C5 is called less variation. Default seem to differ. 1934, night F6, 1983, and here, latter four main options for speeds. A6, 606, 39, 66, and 46. So Benkler's and player G6. In this exploration, blacks men planets to blemish up the sun shortcuts in 1986 and attack on coincides at 90. Makes sense. So Fisher bladder be, show me, tell me, show me three is many variation. So you and some bishop V2 and V3 and short lesson plan and the malnutrition is Michelle V3, to ensure long-term asset and attack on kings, which forage from so B7 through Bishop JSON, F3, sharp castle, windy. So instead of windy do there is one more minlength is bishops CFO. So what fish have like windy night, C6, SAP S4, 1934. We showed before. We shut the six. So basically be shabby six Aedes. Not very good. So here, 1934 is also not very good. Move them enlightens bishop discerns books here, but still lips find Michelle, 1924, mission-critical be, shall be six. Now we shall put a bishop B3. Because taking vitamin B6 is not that good choice, because black will take f and 26 and disrupt file is open. So we shall play Bishop B3. Then Larson played here. If you surplus, long cousin and no Fisher, servicemen plan, watch to start attack on King said H4, H5. For each virtue, which is six and 10 queen come here. We're going to try submitting plans. Are there? So here Ben Larson, B5, B1, B17, plannings to defend a coupon. So here Larson fled before 1905, which I'm going to define. Here we shall be seven could define E1 into defined. We're going so finding, but Fischer-Tropsch to blemish on could be fun. You can see it now. Blackish trying to grab these open fund and Flaxman penicillin, Plato, Cicero, bring the second loop. So Fisher, defendant is presumed to be three and now his or her WHO advantage. So you'll have simply took season. It's full and deeper. So the basic plan of queuing, buffering each to play a fire and A4. So after couldn't be fun. Fischer plus H2O. So H5, Look, see it. And attuned to G6, chin 36, G4. So here you can see already might have some initiative and whites planning to play queen edge to G 50 and then to play an externship or something. So after G4, a file, then G5, a gene 59 touchpoint. And here you can pause the video and that thing for two minutes. Okay, So you have fissure Plato kinda HBr and Fisher given extend sacrifice. Softer Windows file are some pretty gene to H1. And here I'm in Wonderland MOOC him, which is G6. And you can see we shall use this bishop in very good. So after G6 lattes and plan for it because in this position he cannot defend this diagonal. If you play E6, then Fisher can pledge interests are, and then of course, after King, end of Sunday, skin become very weak, you and Michelle PG sinking into the sonorant group G1 check income and there will be made in next four to five pounds. So after G6, lattice and play, if I'm June of cern check ineffective. And your official player B should be three. So the main blend is going into D6 or Michelin six and then text txt. And so after we shall, we three are simpler, deeper already disposition It's losing four black. So after defining fish surplus into different, we're kinda of seven and the six. So here you can see he's used leads B3 Bishop very solidly. And after the six slots and Plato, F6 Bishop g phi, then when B7. So basically if Larson removed is true, then the second player, the second year, and then the queen, it's coming. So that's why I have to give it. So after couldn't discern visceral pleura shown to F6. F6, diesen, look deep. And then so after Gandhi six, Jake Larson resign because if you play official ESA and then when it gets checkmarks and efficient, Larson Kinsey, Sunday, June Jackie's coming. If Player King at some of them will end up six. And already there are mating threads and already fisheries. So thank you for watching this video and we will meet in next video with a new and fresh game. 3. Game 2- William James Lombardy vs Bobby Fischer: In this video, we're going to see the game between will limb them, Lombardi versus Bobby efficient. So James was white and Bobby Fischer who was black. So let's start the game. So game started with E for C phase is little difference. 93, D6, default, S2, D4, 1924, night F6, F3, 1960s. So basically F3 is not men variation. The main variation is 960. So after night, C6, lumbar, C4, then visceral pleura E6, 1983, Michelle VSM. So this length transfer, transfer this into this S4 and S3 variation. So now, like Misha B3 to best dendrites. Men planets to do short Casella and stark attack Week, Queensland A3 before B1 and so on. So after Misha be some Bishop E3, shortcuts and night C2. So after 1982, Fisher played an excellent MOOC, excellent break. And here if you sharply defined and we shall sacrifice the pon, here, you can see ST, good defense would depend. Fisher will be bonded. So Lombardi took this seem to differ. We shall begin to differ. Number 19, two different 1935 when into the fund. And here, Fisher made an excellent tool for in-season not to exceed does queens are very important fact. So after Quincy seven lumbar depleted when B5, because the plan, fishers plan was to clear up DAs are Bishop V6. So anyway, now been declared a queen, B5, then be sub-discipline. Look C1, Book Sense wasn't main thread eats to grab this open finally, and attack and play. Moves like 94 or something like night 39, C4 plant is also good. So after OCC one fishery or played very interesting moon, night before and the main plan of 19 before it's to take the screen on the final. So after night before Lombardi has to take my him to be for only the only option. Because if he plays Queen E2 or something like this, then we can take the spawn on 82 and play again like before. So after night before, nobody took night into before. We should cook When into C1. Number two to be C1 to C1, and Fisher to be shown to be for. So here you can see already, Fisher have to rope and Lombardy only have this light. So fisheries clearly exchange of in this position and LaGuardia one-to-one compensation because number they have this for six months total and fissure on leaf icons. So basically after be shown to be for a number deployed 1995. And the threat here is to take these E7, sure, when this will defend these Fisher player B sharp edge for G3 and the mesial buccal. So Fisher defended this structure. After Indian birth, one, Michelle Push up the two. And in this position, black kids, better, but while it is still fine, and this is complicated position to win. Of course, black has some advantage and black is already winning, but to convert this position is very difficult. So let's see how Fischer converted sufficient playbook. See it now, but it led a bishop S3. Now you can see there is no direct entrance to the syllabus. So that's why we serve player this new F5. And Fisher tried to open this position on the file and effect. So a fine, nobody paid for you. And now you can see this night is no unsupported. So fishery immediately playbook C5. Then Lombardi, I have two ladies night MOOC. So Lombardi, he defended his night before. Now bishop for you, the main plan on bishop I finish after shown to be for me, showed you before and they're going to be shoving A5, A3. Now, Fisher to be shown to be full. Number 2 came to be fooled if be shown to be for you and check it's coming. And after King G tube into each one. So in Endgame, your exchanger, then maximum exchanging pieces will be better for you. So bisher after Michigan to be four into, before, we shall played through default. And the main threat is D1. So number 2, King F7. So here fisheries already comfortable and you can see how he played the game in classic way. So nobody have already this weakness and fish are already defined. So after picking up certain robotically at H4 already this position is lost for black, lost, sorry, gloss for white. So after each pool in E6, E3, look, see it. So G1 look C4 through Kiva. And after chemo. And you can pause this video for one minute and think what, how you can play and how you can simplify this position and go to clear winning point and you say yes. So here is the excellent book Game and Fish are played to S3 check of course number they have good too, because if you played a Kenyan who then Fisher can simply removing through and Fisher will be lookup software kinda S3 to S3. There could be if I cheat. And after moving this king to D2 or wanting to have to then continue on King into E1 and King before. So this is already clearly winning for black reasonings. No black lip licking C4, B6, and APHA. And no one's been to have been. The black plan will be to play it for A3, A2, then white will click inbetween seeking B2, and then Blackmun took the spawn, but we'll do a pawn and then black, black king will come faster on King said. So let's see how given the new software in the file in D2, King C4, H10, B6 kinks into g for you. Four. So there is trying to develop these King said first, because he can play it for you whenever you want. So for G4 and now a frame. So being 25 is forced window and fun tidbit to it. For King a3, a3, a4. B3 is winning and Fisher planting before, soaking before King, before T3 and some, and Lombardy designed here. So basically, you can see that heavy syrup layer, this endgame and how excellently he made some moves and win game. Very easy way. So hope you enjoyed this game. So see you next time. Bye-bye. 4. Game 3- Bobby Fischer vs Reuben Fine: Hello. So in this gap, fisher, fisher was made in this game and of infant was black. So let's start. So if we sort of like y4, y5, 93, 96, bishops, seafood, Bishop, see for instance, this guy could be an opening. Now if you surplus before, so before eats commentary at that time. So the men plan of before each two to give this bond and then plus T3 and T4. And activity all the pieces from B3, Bishop G5 and sex-linked that so before be shown to be for S3 bishop Efraim default. So this is mentoring. So here you can see already white L11 pond and in next to where it will do another two points for a development. So after default, black will play into default. Now shortcuts, and here, rubin find captured into S3. Now you can see why it has only four bonds and eight. So basically it's 3 out in this game, but still vital better position. That's part of my knowledge. And writes plan each to click when B3 Bishop G5, take this bond and then maybe for you and to attack on black skin. This is a Men plans. So according to that plan, White played a queen B3. And here where it's threat towards to play bisher into epsilon. So rubin find politically Nissan could be Fen does have some porn and developing screen. So Fisher played 1963, he says Men blend is meant to be fine here. And after my defining feature can be shipped difference. So that's where the infant played Night F6 and light is also developed in this purchase. So after night of six, we sharply at night before you hear the main thread needs to provide in the SAR and 1936. So that's where we've been how to take this night before you go into the file. And then when Franklin Nike fun. So here night, don't have any good square. You can write data, right, be it, but already the least Mozart, a very bad black. So after a into d phi, black played night 500 and after 1940 officially took this night. Now Winn-Dixie file. And the main plan here is to blemish up bit too and develop this bishop into A12 chip bag. And so after going into 50, quite Claire Bishop B2 when G for you. And now here comes a brilliant move. You can pause the video and find a full calculation. Okay, So I will tell you the answer now. So if you surplus H4 here, and you can see how amazingly we developed all these pieces. And now I taking HE screen and effectively fisheries trying to mate on black scheme where by developing is Bishop Andrew. So we'll see you next game. So after each full black took this pond and now let me Chavan to G7 through GA, and he'll come another excellent MOOC, which is root f7 chick. So after gifts, female, Rubin find plenty kin. But if Rubin to be shown to you and then looking to you and can be it. And this transpose into the game only because now when G3 it's coming and black don't tell enough resources to defend the mate, because after Queen G3, blackness, black point X3, then white can mate with Bishop F6 and black. Quintic C folder also quite can make with Michelle F6 and there is no other good move for black. Two different discrete means you February of 67. So black cannot play the smooth because you, I can simply take the queen. So basically after OK, if you uncheck room infant blood king and queen G3. And this transposes into our last line. So similarly. So here we've been fine, resigned. Hope you like this game, and I will see you in next again. Thank you. 5. Game 4- Bobby Fischer vs Mikhail Tal : Hello, This is the last gain indices in this game. Bobby Fischer was why it was black. So this was me kind stance. Only loss in the 1961 latest supercool now name, which he could win by a full point with Fisher in second place after being lost to time for timing in the Candidates Tournament of 1959. This is Fisher's first mean over Mikhail ton. By this time, unfortunately, telos, an exit champion. So see the game. Plan for Sci-Fi might have three nights C6, default, seem to default. 1934. So this variation and E6, your night S3, when C7. This is typical plan of Torrance's on blacks planets to click finish up before. And that's why black don't let the six year in early stage. So here, Fisher decided to lead G3, night F6, and night before. So after nicely before you. Black only one option. And that is when D it, because after Queen B6, 1960 can come and go indeed, same 96 chicken. So left leg when BAD. Now we should have food. So after we show that for black only one will move, which is 1950. If black, then white canvas simply be G for him. Let's assume if black players, he shall be seven. Then no, I can take this bishop, take this bishop and late night, tonight, C7 can come. And even 1912, 606 and blacks wants to sell will become very peak. So that's why black men they smell IT for. After 1905, we shall plant Bishop E2. And this is very interesting because generally, after playing G3, white Flemish of g2, but here Fisher decided to blemish on P2 because to avoid this night C4 threads, after some roots or maybe two, I wrote this A6 p53 because white can use sacrificing, colliding to be for you after some moods. So that's why we should probably should a2, Bishop, Sci-Fi, time played it. Now, we haven't put E for you, went into effect and afford. So you can see after four, white will play it for you. And this bond chain is very strong. So after a full white, black and only one option, which is when b it softer going, be easy for you. And so black don't have any square to go. And hence like an idea that it's there but Nigeria is very weak move because it can plan out for and thread for light this exchange and it will be very easy for white to win this game. So that's why flat-plate A6 here, we sort of lead into F6 black heads to take this to be fertile coalescence push and n fn. To discern the chip already, you can see right here much more advantage than blank because blank spaces are. Not that they will have white, white. This JSON Paul is already very, very, very strong. So could defend this bond. Fight club 1904 and time to threaten this bishop. So BlackLivesMatter be shabby seven. Now quit before and light defender this JSON port after 24. Lachlan book A4 and blacksmith rates. If you remove queen, then black integral converges. So, but here, fissures showed some brilliancy next two or three modes. So Fischer Black Knight, F6, check. If blacklists, something like King be it, then you can play into G8. So I'm going to D4 and 1920. So, so now gioco in check is inevitably black to white can simply legit queen. And you can see already my t-shirt. So that's why after night F6, cheek, black to be shown to F6, we need to have six and wind season. So already this position is much better for white and Fisher. Huge. Each piece is very wisely. So quite long decimal and sacrifices pond. So of course we took the spawn and then right-clicking be one tempo. So the main threat is to take this a2 Luke. So that's where I'll play it through K6. And the main plan was to place some E5 move and to take this queen or to deflect the screen. So but Fisher thoughts something else. And Fisher took this be shown to be for you to P6 Bishop D3. And as I told before, Jeremy Kyle, calculate E for him. After Effects. You can pause the video for one minute and think what Fisher can play it. Okay, so Fisher played it when two, if I end, that is really excellent. Whoo and fissures aquifers. So even if we didn't do it for you, shake wouldn't be for everyone to discern in this position. Blacks bonds are very weak and already right, It's porno. So this portion all also, okay, but fisher tried some brilliancy and you, each queen, like sacrificed the screen. So after six, I'll tell between C5 and he sort of took this Michele Anderson. So the threat of be shown with cern was forced and an defendable. So that's where black player, Quincy 50 and Flaxman plan was to click when G for you, if you want to G8 and couldn't F6 and took this poem. So, so the spawning, It's going before. So after going into six by Plato pitch, if one went into discern be Chavan to have seven shape. And then, so now already you can see why it helps me roots and two points extra. So I already winning. And here he certainly to be sure V6. So we will continue this game now very fast because there is nothing to show and there is no interesting woman now, only light can face and why it is clearly better. So after we show me six squeeze six, 737 be shown to be some lookups. Group D12, D7, B7, B8, root D7, chick in C8, look-see seven check in V8, FDI, seven years and then D1. So official Spanish to take grouping to be served. So that's why calculator before you. Then rookie seven, when H G4, queen X3, G for you. And then when F3. So now there is doublecheck trade. So we shall little Kievan Chegg integrate. We're going to be for end here, almost officially running pelican there is any Herbert, he played some moods and calculating G7 through 36, blocking its king. Now queen GQuery group D1 is tied to clean energy phi then represent check is coming King of it and V8 D8. And this is made. So after a D1 tablet when Cicero, and to defend this plan, after this one, we shall play DDC, Quincy it, B3 and A6. And your style design here, because this is already a loss position. If TLT plays like simple modes when dissimilar quizzes on black-white can simply picking b2, c3, B4, C4, C5, C6, or maybe plan for MATLAB cricket six children and so on. So for example, here, 66 to eight, incubator, certain kits, own chick going into G6, we're going to be similar. So this one, our last game, hope you enjoyed this game and enjoyed the series of soap. So thank you for watching this course and I will publish next course soon. So in now, you can follow me on Skillshare. And you.