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Learn four Beautiful Landscape Painting(Acrylic Meduim) and Resin Coating

teacher avatar Mohini Sinha, Acrylic Landscpae -WaterColor Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (2h 1m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials Used

    • 3. Palm Tree Part1

    • 4. PalmTree Part2

    • 5. SeaBeauty Part1

    • 6. SeaBeauty Part2

    • 7. Mountain Painting part1

    • 8. Mountain Painting Part2

    • 9. Mountain Paintings Part3

    • 10. Mountain Painting part4

    • 11. Tree Detailing Part1

    • 12. Tree Detailing part2

    • 13. TreeDetailing Part3

    • 14. TreeDetailing Part4

    • 15. TreeDetailing Part5

    • 16. Resin_Coating

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About This Class

Hello Friend,

Hope you all are doing good.

As virus has spread world wide , take care of yourself and try to be at home as mush as possible.

Here is a good chance to try out four different types of acrylic painting .This class id for all the people out there who have any tried painting but eager to learn.

Also you will learn how to apply resin on acrylic meduim , so as to give it a glassy and shiny look

Try out any of these painting and I will be waiting to see your project.

Hope you all enjoyed my class.

Thank You

Mohini Sinha


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mohini Sinha

Acrylic Landscpae -WaterColor Artist


I'm an IT Engineer by qualification and Artist at heart. After a few years of corporate life, I've moved on to my true life calling which is art, specifically to paint. Painting was my first love, ever since my childhood I used to paint with my grandfather which fascinated and gave me joy.
I resumed painting in mid-2019. Initially, I started learning by watching other artists on social media platforms and started painting in my drawing book. In no time graduated to a larger canvas. My primary genres are acrylic painting and watercolor floral painting. Under acrylic, I love painting landscapes. I look forward to learning each day for the rest of my life and share my experiences by coaching others and help them learn different techniques and styles of acrylic and other art forms. I be... See full profile

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1. Introduction: final Is that in bitch? Hand, head and the heart off a person Go together Welcome to the world off Acrylic paintings The art off full off was worse it ality and bright boil colors Hello, My name is Mohini Sana based India And in this class I'll be teaching you four different types off acrylic painting using different different types off brushes and knives. Also I'll be teaching you how to apply reason on depending and how the knife works on different different tapes off painting How weaken detail each painting so that it looks realistic. So there are four different types of paintings which you will be learning here as well as resin applying resin on it. So let's begin with the painting. 2. Materials Used: Hello, friends. Welcome back So long. Let's discuss the materials which will be using This is the pre gamble sh claimed gamba sheet, which off loaded into full sentiment. So in one shot side disclaimed and on the other side of this plane. So let's discuss about the brushes. This is Ah, liner brush, which is a size zero. This is the flat brush just off size zero blender brush size one on glad brush, size eight on this is the palette knife size five on for just so which we are using it. Eight ounce, which will apply on the canvas. And this is the resin, which is UV hard resins and for drying up. The reason will be using the UV lamp, so let's start. 3. Palm Tree Part1: Hello, friends. Welcome to my skill share class. So this is my first painting, which I will be teaching on full centimeter canvas. Things suggest so, which is £8 I'll be applying on the top off it. So I just taken out debate objects. So on this office off the canvas and use my friend brush. Just blend it. Make sure that you apply the just so evenly on the surface and covers whole area. And I have used masking tape Go will you to give it a nice border to the canvas? No, once it is completely try, will be using a paint. So now it's think it's completely dry. You can do blow dry or anything for drying this office off the canvas. Now comes the colors, which will be using So first is Colombo, then comes to Tanyon White. I thought color is black. Four colors is permanent. Yellow, deep, cadmium, yellow, medium and lastly, yellow. So it starts. So no, I'll be painting your palm trees. Show you the picture so sick in the middle of the sun palm trees. This picture of taken it from global and we'll be painting this picture. Let's start with Danny in white. I'm just creating around SoCal and its center off the canvas. As you can see, the center is quite right, and under Roman amusing cadmium yellow, mixing little bite with cadmium yellow on will be applying a little bit off permanent yellow, deep and white. So as we move away from the sun, color darkens up a little and that yellow walker mixing with the right to it, just covering the whole area. Our departures. Little dark. So I'm using your jello cocoa. I just tried to mix tea color. Try to blend, each shared nicely. It's snow. I'm using my Why hello, central area Jack to mix the Algeria as well because you can see the lines are showing up. I'm just trying to blend it up my white on cadmium yellow. Make sure make sure that this circle just trying to the blending. But he took clean the brush very nicely, so that because it's very difficult to take out the color from the pressure when you're using acrylic medium, so I'm using my smaller brush size zero. This is also a flat brush, just very good for miniature bending. - So now, once it is gingers. Clean off the brush properly so that colors on winter meaning. So you can see no backgrounder Stone. No, we'll be doing payouts which are off prominent. You know, I'm creating this, but my filbert brush, which is a blender brush. I'm just using very little amount off color on a little more off water, and I'm just stabbing it up to create the cloud effect so you can see the lower part is little bit orangey on the upper part. Instantly bit darker, shade to self. Remember, no one's the background is stunned. We'll be creating the trees. I'm just highlighting the outer area off the sun with little Bahman and yellow color. - So now I'll be using my glad brush size zero. Create more. Find a daily story, son. So does background is ready 4. PalmTree Part2: Hello, friends. Welcome to my skill. Share close. Be mixing it amount of liquid to black color, creating country first start branches and then he eats. We'll be creating the branches first. Tree trunk. I just show you one off and rest. You have to draw it for yourself. I'm just greening random lines. So much more slandered trees and what seems saves. Same lens, different patterns. So I'm just creating different different patterns. Oh, - just using my liner brush to give it a fine lying to it. You can see that all the trunks and what seem somewhat, somewhat distorted some house steep edges so as to look realistic. - So no, it's the drunk. Part is tons will be creating the leaves. Small, small branches off the tree. You can see be just be showing you one off them. Same thing you have to repeat and and us very 10 lines I'm making. - So once all ordinance will be just trading Small, small lines have shown you one same. You have to repeat and others. You can see the whole picture off. It doesn't stick. Complete painting off balm trees with an evening you list. Just take it out the masking deep. Let's see how it looks. I hope you like me painting. See you in May close. Thank you. 5. SeaBeauty Part1: Hello, friends. Welcome back. So in this class will be learning one off a painting which is night painting off moon on silent. See. So this is a small, primed canvas, which I have taken. It's almost force intimate. Er, it's a square primed canvas sheet, which I'll be using your, so I'll show you the picture, which will be making. So this is the picture which will be making so the sun and the line, which will draw in a rough sketch. So let's begin. So I'm just drawing us horizontal line Just half. I'm taking more than 1/2 off thes sheet and just drawing a straight horizontal lane. It's a little bit not straight, so I'm just being it straight. Hundreds off circle for the moon. Just checking Reddit. My line is straight or not. I just measuring the scale from both the sides so that just seem I think it's same. So now the colors which will be using is to Daniel White. Then comes raw umber on Prussian blue, but more so. I've just taken out my colors, but more off while I think I'll be needing, and I've also taken ultramarine blue little amount So let's start with D painting. So you're amused using my flag brush, which is off size six. I'm just mixing my ultra marine blue It so repression blew it white just put a top player off Prussian blue. So you need to mix 70 by 30% off oppression Blue and Danny White. So oppression Lou should be more on the Italian white should be less so on the top off the area it should be talk. And as we go down, it should be lighter color. So at the bottom have makes more off Italian white and I'm just blending my girls. So just making, making sure that the line is treating him just mixing all off color. Make sure that all the areas are completely covered, especially the side a Dios just left. Whenever you apply, ECHR elects. You should put very little amount of water to it. Have just used very almost 15% water. Do it. If you put maximum boto maximum liquid, do it. It is more chances that the color would not come up and it will come out easy. Just trying to blend the colors now the lower part using the same color, which I have used for my sky, mixing more off oppression blue. So I have taken after Marine blue for just drawing the line so that the sky and the sea pod gets divided nicely and mixing that ultra marine blue with Carlos. Oh, that upper part is a little bit doc, so I'm just blending the colors. It's very important to plunged the colors properly, just using ultra marine blue and destroying the straight line. I'm just drawing some dark lines shades in between so that thes see 1000 looks smoke. So I'm just blind. Some dark lines between I think this the finest run straight. I'm using my ruler to make that line perfectly straight. You can also use your jeweler, or you can do it by yourself without using the ruler. I think now it's white. Just making another doc sheet off the leaves. You should always carry your tissue paper because it's very useful for cleaning a brush. Now we'll do the sun part in SI so far as let's start with the clouds just taken May same brush and just making small, more clouds. I'm just and using my more brush blender brush to just makes those color so that it looks very sharp. So just stopping my brush, the tip off the brush I'm just tapping it, adding a little bit more off ultra marine blue to the lower area on with my blender brush. Just blended toe. Well, smooth. Well, so that it looks a little bit hazy. You can see I have highlighted the lower portion with to bring blue portion blue mix. 6. SeaBeauty Part2: Hello, friends. Welcome back. You should always carry your tissue paper because it's very useful for cleaning a brush. Now we'll do the sun part skin see? So first, let's start with the clouds just taken may same brush and just making smaller, more clouds. I'm just and using my more brush blender brush to just makes those color so that it looks very sharp. So just stopping my brush, the tip off the brush I'm just tapping it, adding a little bit more off ultra Marine blue to the lower area on with my blender brush Just blended toe wells Well, so that it looks little bit hazy. You can see I have highlighted the lower portion with to bring blue portion blue mix. No, we'll be doing son part. Sorry, the moon part. I've taken my flat brush pictures off size one Just drawing, taking my Daniel white color on drawing So cool taking a little bit off Rahmbo and just added to the moon. But more off white. Yeah, no, the top part have added same white color. I'm just enjoying the shadow off the moon. Can see that this brush again. I have taken flab, brush six. I'm just trying snores on the lanes segmental so that it looks as if the reflection off the moon coming on the sea just trying to make the lower portion preceded it, like to Kahlo. So now I'll be using my ballot knife size five, and I'm just applied on the tip off it white. Hello? I just applied under tip off in and just dabbing that night Tip Kuangdi self is often. See, I have applied that much amount off Carla, which will go on that I gave you. I have not applied white collar on the whole area. Just applied on the up. Arabia does knife painting. It's a very nice look. Two D Reflections, which is falling on the sea, gives a very nice effect. You couldn't see if you don't have palette knives, you can use your knife as well for doing this or as any other stick that you have ice cream sticks. You can apply on that, and you can use this technique. - I think now the white bodies Dunn's will start with the same bad technique, using my ultra marine blue and pushing mix. Same technique I'm using for the sea, which are decides so you can see a filthy hole area with same ballot nights technique. - So it's almost done. So just take owt. My masking deep. See how so? This is the whole lose, Joe. So see you in my 7. Mountain Painting part1: Hello, friends. Welcome back. So let's start with our next painting. So here we will be drawing Mountain, a unique mountain which, with Lord softy tailing Andi, this is again this which is really no. Let's take out the colors. This is great sap green, ultra marine, blue, black, remember and lots of white, because in this really be using lots off white colors. Let's first draw a rough sketch off a painting. So this stuff painting, which will be joining a rough sketch off the mountain, just drawing florist apiece, then giving the shape to the mountain. It should not be sacked, but almost same color. So I'm just trying to give but my pencil a little bit off rough sketch off the detailing part. I'll be attaching this image you can see for reference. You can see the sketch. I hope it us clear. Just so, Minton. Now let's start colors or one color. I left really improved. Now let's start taken my flat brush so size five, So I'm taking. It's really in blue on just painting the sky, just feeling Tokelo. It's really a blue with this guy. - Make sure that you blend the colors nicely I'm just during the same just blending the color so that it looks smooth. So just watching off my brush. So, no, I'm using my sap green to cover the lower area, which is off grasses and trees. - So now I would be doing the little hell riches on the side of 50. So I just mix black. It's a bit to the green bud on just playing Judy edge you a smaller brush. This is also flat fresh, which is of size several with same sap green and filling. The other part you can see in the picture the side part of Central Dark, and the other part is little more green. 8. Mountain Painting Part2: Hello, friends. Welcome back time I for clothes is just I need to increase the timing. So now it's still somebody dealing just makes remember and white on the lower part. I'm just mixing. I think it's little light color, so I mixing more off, remember a little bit off getting black. Also, give it doctors shade. You can see when you're drawing off. Sketch off anything in Spin it easier for you to calado Adrian. If you are not drawing it, it's looking difficult. You can do either ways you can draw or you can do it by yourself. Same color I'm using sighing. Wanted. - You can see here I'm using the same color, but more off white to it so that give it a contrast to the mountain. - No , you're amusing. Draw white Very little off. Rahmbo do it So same color with little Dakhla shed I'm using on the other side off the mountain. Why, you're have add a little bit off cerulean blue. So what? The boredom? I'm adding altering blue. You can see in some areas there are three blue highlights which are showing up. - You should always poor Sure brush, because if the color sticks, you won't be able to take it off, so it's better. Whenever you use your brush, you wash it off. Otherwise, in acrylic as it is off Paul Emmel. It dries very fast and it sticks to the brush and your brush can be damaged. So its better you use it. Any washing immediately. So what? Israeli in blue? I'm just highlighting the blue area to move darkening. Wait so highlighting that blue area more. 9. Mountain Paintings Part3: Hello, friends. Welcome back. I'm done with the brush pot, So use my ballot. Nice Size five to give the's no effect. I'm just using rural white to create so the snow area Just using your to Danny white color and just applying it on this office. - So I think Oh, I'm done with that white God. So I use my same flat brush. Just tried to give it more dating. I'm just using same role white just applying it to the boundaries. So using my smaller brush This is fine, detailer. I'm just creating the details but my black color just created creating an outline how the mountains are shaped. 10. Mountain Painting part4: just highlighting dough move. I guess painting Mountain is the most difficult part. So the more you give dealing, yeah. So now let's start with the lower part, which is off the trees, just creating around his exact Patton because these are pine trees, which are showing auto downside off the who, so I'll just be creating some details. Have just mixed black on a little bit off glue to give it a dark, dirty green color. So with my liner brush, I'll be creating de three part just creating the water, Kaline and we will be creating small, small Dagnall lines to it. So now my painting is ready. Let's take it off the mosque ing tape and see how it looks. So this is the final product. 11. Tree Detailing Part1: Hello, friends. Welcome back to my class. So let's start with a final painting. So this is my canvas. Same size. So this is the painting which I will be drawing the tree trunks, the sea escape on the evening view. So let's start first, we'll draw the rough sketch offered. I'm just drawing straight or is underline, so it's sort off 1/4. You can say to fort Off T parts have divided just trying a rough sketch, so that would make my painting easy. So this is the sketch which have drawn on. These are the colors which I will be using that's permanent. Yellow rahmbo black come cerulean blue, white student white. The impression blue on lastly, cadmium, yellow, medium. So far Israel start the both part and then the sea and then the rest. So let's start. I'm using same flat brush to so five inch. It's a taking oppression blue, mixing it with white. I'm little bit off cerulean blue as well. So just makes it it white. More off way because the top most colors blue tend orange and so you're mixed cadmium yellow on permanent yellow and a bit off white and just applying the color horizontally. See again. You cannot mix imagined of it that color because it gives a different brown something, so its better. You use a separate column for it, so it's pot that God does. I'm washing my brush nicely. So wherever you was my dismay Gento just tags in purple and a little bit off white. So here you can see the colors are in less so for moving that colors and makes little bit off white to it, just applying more off deep cadmium yellow. It's got a deep permanent dear law, just blending the colors so that it looks even on and should not appears. They appear in layers. I'm just adding white to it and just blending the colors. So whenever you use white as a blending medium, you should always, who are sure brush because the upper part is between yellow and blue, and the lower part is between deep imagine jugular on deep DPL. Oh, so its better. You use the brush after washing it completely. So I guess blending looks quite a little bit on beside 12. Tree Detailing part2: Hello, friends. Welcome back to my class. So you're I'm just using my blender brush to blend the colors properly. - So once the cistern I'll be doing the lower part. I am using oppression blue and little bit off, quite just adding the lower part here. Prussian blue is mixed little, but there's more off cerulean blue. So I have makes bolder colors and I'm just filling the Lord area. - What , this is that really be doing the hop apart? Which is more for the deep aside, So just applying direct surreally ultra Marine Sorry, pressure blue. Just applying a double video. - So once the blending part is done for the lower one can my phone has been closed will be open it. Just see the picture, how it is now the lower part with Rambo on a little bit off white to it, - I'll be using my same flat brush sides. It'll creating this sandwich is in the middle off the tree trunk, have added more off white to it unless off cadmium yellow madding, little bit off permanent yellow as well 13. TreeDetailing Part3: Hello, friends. Welcome back to my class. No one's. This is done. We'll be doing the tree drunk again. See a very little amount off the diagram picture drawn, it discover sketch. So I'm just giving the sheep to the tree on drawing to tree branches on drunk. - You can speed up the process if you want for the three branches, so you're abusing the same color pictures. Pressure blew in black and just doing the same with the lower branches richer on the lower side on the ground. 14. TreeDetailing Part4: Hello, friends. Welcome back to my class. I'm just highlighting the up off area which is off sky, which touches the water with more bluish shade. Because you can see that in the picture. It is little bit bluish in the lower side. So I have just makes it really in blue on Dwight. Give it a bluish shades. I just throw the blending. - You can see it just mixed black and white to give it a grayish shared toe. The tree So the barbarians dark and the law really is a little late. I'm just creating small, small branches. It should not be exactly like the photo, but almost to seem. 15. TreeDetailing Part5: Hello, friends. Welcome back to my class. So pelo amusing black color for the branches and just using Why to give it a push Some gun dressed toe the drunk you can see I'm just stopping white color a little bit off black color toward So I'm just giving small, small white torch to the area so that it looks like branches and it looks unhuman Now taking cab, maybe alone. Just giving a outline. Judah son. Just giving the sun the round shape on adding more off white Do it and using my same brush Just drawing a horizontal street line toe Give it up. Nice division off the sea on the sky. Now that start with the CED I'm just using my portion blue and just tapping the Carlos with my ballot names, which is size one size five. You can see it gives a very nice effect off the water. - I'll be doing same thing by taking quite color also, So there looks a shine and you want no one's Stan. I'm just outlining the whole area, but my liner brush, I'm just I have taken my flat brushing and just stopping the white color onto it. just stabbing D white on a little bit off black. So that gives. It gives a nice picture. Look toward Oh, so I think it's most stands would take out. I'm asking tape and just have a look. I hope you liked it. I'll be waiting to see the projects. This is how it looks. Thank you. 16. Resin_Coating: Hello, friends. Welcome back. So this is our last lesson in the class, and he'll be teaching you how to apply resin on this painting. So this is a you re hard resin, which I will be applying with my pop stick. So that start, I'll be just flying 10. Good on the spending you can see, I have used masking deep all around the painting so that the reason does not comes out on. The painting remains straight and not in disappointed distorted shape, because when the resin tried, it happens that the paintings get distorted shape due to heat, so it's better you put a masking tape all around it. So once you have applied to the prison, use your pop stick toe, even de resin glue resin. There's nothing a sort off Cluj hardens up like a plus. It gives a very nice, glassy look when it dries off, make sure that you apply the resin on all the corners so that none of the part is left out , and the reason should be in even for months. Try to cover each and every area on even it properly with pop stick. So once this is done, we'll be used to be using the UV lamp for drying up the resin. This year, we lamp has 99 seconds off Diamond Doha and it ultimately good stops. You can get defended for newly lambs, so here I'll be using it 34 times. This you will, um, so that it dries off nicely. So I think I've done it 34 times. So once does 99 2nd It will stop and will check if it has tried off nicely or not, you can see a put a small object over there so that it detects the object when the UV lamp displays door. Because you will, um, does not detects fledged office. So it is had destroyed off. And I'm just taking out building off that masking tape and let's see how it looks. - So I once I have taken out my masking tape, you can see how despairing glass informant. So now we'll use this magnet sticker which has blue on one side, and I've got it in the same area which is off that painting and something where was there? So it has got a bit That's not an issue. So this I'll be applying on the base off the backside off. Depending, I have just taking out that sticker on will be applying it or with painting. He was also using a ferry call because or inning glowing material you can use, because this clue which is present in that moment, is not so strong. Toe. Hold that painting. So I just applied small amount of blue, but it it's up to you. If you want toe, make it it as a magnet stick or or you can use it like bending. So it's just one technique off using it and decorating your ones. So I just applied to glue evenly and just paste that pending war it and leave it to dry, so have applied. Same thing on all the four paintings. If you want, you can use it. One. You can leave it like this or you don't. If you don't want to use resin, you can apply. Warn Ish has been so This is the complete painting, which will that resin on top on magnets tickle at the back off it. So same pattern. I have applied on all four off them. You can see the shiny effect, which is coming out. So you can also try a same. I'll be waiting for your projects. Thank you so much for the class.