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Learn conversational Hebrew-Practical Hebrew for Daily Use.

teacher avatar Ori Ben Shalom, It's a Marathon Not a Sprint

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Lesson 1-First,2nd and 3rd body

    • 2. Lesson 2-Greetings in Hebrew

    • 3. Lesson 3- Begainners stuff

    • 4. Lesson 4-Numbers&Counting

    • 5. Lesson 5-Telling Time

    • 6. Lesson 6- Possessions

    • 7. Lesson 7 -Where about & directions

    • 8. Lesson 8-Essential Verbs

    • 9. Lesson 9-Money and Finance

    • 10. Lesson 10-Expressing Feelings

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About This Class

Pick Up Basic words,phrases and conversations Fast&Easy!

  Different People Want to Learn Hebrew for Different Reasons: 

  • You have friends you wish you can speak to in Hebrew.

  • You have family members you wish you can speak to in Hebrew.

  • You have a significant other you wish you can speak to in Hebrew.

  • You planning a trip or moving to Israel and want to be get by on your own.

  • Or  you just simply in love with this beautiful language

      This course takes a unique approach on learning Hebrew. No boring grammar and alphabet. Here you will learn practical Hebrew for day to day conversation. 

     The course is composed from 10 videos with English subtitles of the Hebrew words spoken (The subtitles are in English letters) so it is easy for you to catch the words and phrases. Also each video has a PDF transcript of the conversation in the video to practice the video.

I you want to learn Hebrew in an easy and fun way this is the way to go, let's get started! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ori Ben Shalom

It's a Marathon Not a Sprint


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1. Lesson 1-First,2nd and 3rd body: Chalong Guys, this lesson. I'm gonna teach you how to ah, say the words for 1st 2nd and third person. I need but I, uh, at them a thin I nothing who he came hen. That's it for today. Guys, check out the pdf file and we'll see you next lesson shallow. 2. Lesson 2-Greetings in Hebrew: she'll love everyone. Opa Everybody's doing okay. And this lesson. I'm gonna go over some common greetings. Ah, and let's get started, Boeheim have about him. Shalom! Ma Mishima Ma ma ma itself. Now him later kill Toda. So that a back bit vodka shop La brute the heat old book A to so lime dove in If to now we're gonna do some practice prices. Some phrases that will help you get by Boeing about team plays rail Shalom A lesson, Ma Mishima. Une always name. They are killed. That's all we offer today. Guys will see you next. Listen, Shalem. 3. Lesson 3- Begainners stuff: long guys. Uh, this. Listen, we're gonna go over. Ah, some beginner's basics. Some, uh, connecting words. You need to know that will help you. Ah, connect between words and phrases. Uh, let's go. May Les. Uh, very bear zero Zuck Kid Law, even team a volatile us. Now we're gonna do some practice phrases like we always do me pull Lesha a bite your face Gums in Vega Mzee Bay Several Newt was a was a any in Yuval in the vote as Neil if evolve any fr as Ah yes, uni. Okay, that's it for today, guys. We'll see you next. Listen, showroom. 4. Lesson 4-Numbers&Counting: Shalom guys in this lesson, I going to learn how to ah account and the Hebrew numbers. Ah, hot Stein! So lose Alba Commish! Hey, shaver. Sh Morning, Basia. Yes. So Ah heartlessly Stamos Look sloshes I'll Bisley commission she anxiously she advised more nicely Czeisler A slim slumber Hot saying This time it's the initial rush A sling! Alma, it's Linda Hamish Slim the shish a slim your shoes A slim this morning sling But Asia slushy Now just the way I counted from 20 to 30 If you follow that example you can count from 30 to 40 from 40 to 50 and so on and so forth. Now let's get going now let's move on. 200 1000 Obey him a machine she seemed she in Sh more name this team Mayor My time slash Mood Obama Mute calm ish Moot! Sheesh! Mill Shamil Shmona Mill chah mute a live That's it, Guys, I hope it wasn't, uh too hard. But, uh, course you're gonna good. I have to go over it and practice again and, uh, use the pdf. So until the next video, shallow 5. Lesson 5-Telling Time : Shalom guys in this. Listen, I'm gonna go over telling time in time phrases but start Shania she kneeled The car, the court she, uh, Shout Youm You mean Sheva shove Would Cordish Hoda shihm Shanna Shannon a soul My tie Shove me odd How golf Now let's go over some phrases you ah, you're gonna use now uh, is a young Hume Shania une back Sheva Haba Shana Raab Aha, Mattei or him? Will him show une me a hug back, Arnie? Me odd Bob Ni Piggish alga. That's it for this lesson. Guys, get your pdf study and we'll see you next lesson, Shalem. 6. Lesson 6- Possessions: show home in this lesson. I'm gonna teach you possession words. Meaning words that indicate possession of something. Shelly Shell car. She loved she land. Sheila him Sheila hen. Now we're gonna take these words and use them in phrases. A dick surely. Oto shell. Huh? A telephone. Shelagh Ayala. Dim. Sheila, honey, A bite. Sheila him idea Shell a hen. That's it for this lesson. Guys, take the pdf study. Rewatched the video, and I'll see you next. Listen, Shalom. 7. Lesson 7 -Where about & directions: Shalom in this lesson will teach you guys. Ah, whereabouts, phrases and directions. Like asking for directions, knowing where where is everything and that sort of thing. Let's start careful. A son, you mean? Yeah, Meena. Smaller. Smaller? Yes, sure. Kadima A whole, huh? Les Moloch. LaMotta. Now, let's take these words in phrases. If enough? No, Sad. You mean cough? Yeah, Meena Okay. Yeah. Meena. Sad, smaller lift note. Smaller. Some She? Yes. So come Shifty Yashar. Une mika Dema une mayo. Hola, La Loot Lee Moloch! Larayedh it LaMotta! That's what we have for this lesson. Guys, practice. Use the pdf and I'll see you next lesson, Shalem. 8. Lesson 8-Essential Verbs: show on guys this lesson. We're going to do essential verbs. Let's go. Last suit. Play a whole Lee stood least sore. Left it like note. Lenoir. Let's hook. Leave court. Now let's take these verbs and use them in phrases la sort stove. Any would say Lay hole and me old son Lee Start Lee Soo Are my hill left it les at like note. Montana left lower. Noah. Let's hook Kazakh lo Sorry. Leave court. That's it, guys. Practice. Use the Pdf. I'll see you next lesson, Shalom. 9. Lesson 9-Money and Finance: money. This lesson is about money, stuff, words and phrases. Here we go. Kiss if second Orlie Yes. And uh huh. Much bear scow. I am Nuck Or Def Curtis, A shy May Zuman chick. That's loom. That's you mean kabbalah. Now let's use these words and phrases They held vote case If eso Shakil comma z ole Yes. Uh huh. But bear the hub style shell Commision him, Scully. M a bad ity it are. Knock, Shelly ma am, out if Canty's a shy chick Oh, Miss human, The slum Behm is human Bill Vod Comma the slough Mim if show kabbalah Well, that's it, guys. Ah, practice. Use the pdf and I'll see you next. Listen, shallow. 10. Lesson 10-Expressing Feelings: Come on, guys, in this lesson will teach you how to express your feelings in Hebrew. Not literally. How to express your feelings. Just giving you Ah, the words and phrases you need to express your feelings. You know what I mean? So, uh, let's start according Dover and me Or have and me who have it A cool base Ido and me are you and me Are you far inlay core Une Pegula and me go up co ever lee any Doig? And they do you get K. F. Lee cause she really Carl Lee Misha Meme lee Mafia Lee. Let's take what d? Okay, guys. Ah, this was the last lesson for the basic lessons. And the next set of lessons is gonna be a big more advance. It's gonna be ah, conversation between two people, So sentence are gonna be, ah, a bit more complex longer. But, uh, I think you're gonna find it very easy to learn and pick up off course. You can always go back and practice again. That's always good. Ah, so anyway, Shalom and I'll see you in the advanced Listen. So