Learn and Understand C# Delegates by coding | Sandor Maraczy | Skillshare

Learn and Understand C# Delegates by coding

Sandor Maraczy, Microsoft Certified Software Developer

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9 Videos (55m)
    • What is this course?

    • What is a delegate?

    • Create a custom delegate in code

    • Code duplication is growing - an example without using delegates

    • Refactor code to use delegate

    • Adding multiple delegates to the invocation list

    • Delegate inference

    • Action and Action of T

    • Func of T, TResult


About This Class

Understand the purpose of using delegates, and see how powerful they can be, through examples.

Delegates are very useful in C#, but the concept behind delegates might be hard to fully understand, therefore can be confusing for a lot of C# developers.

I will be your guide through your delegate learning path, and make it simple for you to understand through my logically built examples.

If you like my course, please feel free to leave a comment, and tell me what you would like to learn next!





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Sandor Maraczy

Microsoft Certified Software Developer

Sandor Maraczy is a Microsoft Certified Software Developer. He became passionate about programming and automation in the beginning of college, where he studied Business Information Technology.

He first started to deal with programming in Java and C#, and he always felt, that he is interested in coding in more depth, so beside college he also improved himself at home. He found really good resources online, by a guy called John Sonmez, who inspired him. He learned to code step by step by...

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