Learn and MASTER guitar technique

Henry Olsen, Beginner Guitar Expert

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8 Videos (44m)
    • How to hold pick

    • Basic picking exercises

    • Hammer on pull off

    • Bending the Strings

    • Vibrato introduction

    • Slide introduction

    • All about power chords

    • Introduction to palm muting


About This Class

This class is going to teach you everything you need to know about electric guitar technique. We are going to learn all about bending, sliding, picking, hammer on, pull off etc... I also have exercises for you, so it´s easy to get started INSTANTLY!

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Henry is a very likable guy and does a great job of explaining things. This is a very good primer for anyone who doesn't know how to do these techniques. WTG, Henry!
David Henry

Veteran Guitarist-Who wants to LEARN GUITAR?





Henry Olsen

Beginner Guitar Expert

Henry Olsen is a self-taught professional guitarist with 13 years playing experience and 4 years professional teaching experience. He provides one-on-one private guitar classes in Austria and offers online guitar courses - both free and paid - to students who sign up on his website. He also has a constantly expanding YouTube Channel with over 6000 subscribers.
Henry is a teacher proud about sharing his expertise, knowledge and he has thousands of teaching hours to his credit. He has trai...

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