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Learn and Establish Daily Routines

teacher avatar Clemens Mayer, Business Student and Sports Lover

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Becoming Better is all about Small Steps

    • 2. The Best Time for your Routine

    • 3. Which Routine would you Like to Use

    • 4. Why Many People Fail

    • 5. Project to Establish you Daily Routines

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About This Class

In this class you learn:

  • why Daily Routines are important
  • the best Time for your Routines
  • which Routine is the Best for you

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Clemens Mayer

Business Student and Sports Lover


Hello and welcome to my Skillshare Profile!

My name is Clemens and I would like to tell you something more about myself.

I have two passions in my life: business and sports. I used to play tennis professionally.

Now I'm studying business at the university of economics in vienna and love to stay in shape

with different kinds of sports.

I hope you enjoy my videos and have a lot of fun watching them :-)

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1. Becoming Better is all about Small Steps: Hello and welcome to this class. In this class, it's all about daily routines. You learn when is the best time to practice it daily routines which kinds off daily routines exists and what I recommended to do to become better in whatever you pursue in life. So come and join this class and get to know more. 2. The Best Time for your Routine: The first thing you have to think about is when you would like to do your daily routines in the morning, during the day or in the evening, that other three parts or three times you can do it. Um, yeah, I would say it definitely depends on which kind of person you are. Some people wake up in the morning early and have a lot of energy, For example. For me, that doesn't work. Some people, yeah, have time during the day. Eso they can do it them and some people would like to do it before you go to sleep. So what can I recommend you to do? I'm definitely fan off doing daily routines in the morning because in the morning most of the people wake up at the same time, and yet they have the time in the morning to practice or to do that during the day. Uh, yeah, it's always a lot of trouble. Sometimes you have to do you have to have different meetings or something so can't always do it at the same time. And in the evening. Also, I don't know so many people who go to sleep every time or every day at the same time. So I would say the morning You definitely have the best chance to practice your daily routines. Also, it's important to think off. Uh, yeah, why you would like to do in the morning when your type of person who likes to do it in the evening it's no problem to what works the best for you, But think about that. If you want to establish routines, you have to practice them every day, day in, day out and always try to do it. But at the same time, because then your brain will remember the routines the best. And at some stage it will become normal for you so that you wake up and don't have to think about Yeah, I have two decent that now and becomes natural for you. So I would recommend you to do it in the morning and simply tried all what works best for you. But yeah, that's what I would like to recommend. You 3. Which Routine would you Like to Use: Another important part of daily routines is the fact which routine you would like to use. Of course, there is a huge number of routines you can take. I know some people who like to read book. Some like to go for a walk or jogging. Yeah, some like to listen to music or whatever, so there is not a particular rule you should follow. Simply think of your hobbies. What you like the best. If you're the type of person who is calm and likes to read, books are likes to get to know things. It's a good way to do it with books or e books, audiobooks, whatever. If you're a person who is very active and likes into sports, it's a great way to establish daily routines by yeah, going for walks or go talking or whatever, or to our sports in the in the fitness room or whatever you have. So it really depends on which type of person you are and which kind of daily routines who would like to establish off course. You can also try to do to routines at once. For example, you wake up in the morning and go for a walk and think about what you have to do during the day or simply relax before they start. And in the evening you go to sports or the other way around. So as I said, there is no particular rule you should follow. We should simply think about which routines you would like to establish. And also why? Because when you're a kind of person who is very active in the morning, maybe make sense to make sports to get to calm a little bit down, yeah, toe to have to stay calm for the day. If a person who wakes up in the morning and, yeah, it's all very dizzy or likes to sleep longer, it makes may be more sense for you to read a book or, yeah, simply learn something. Yeah, of course, it's a great thing to have animals because, for example, if you have a dog or something, you have to go out with him in the morning. So that's a great way to establish daily routines. So I wouldn't recommend you to take animals or pets to establishing routines. But if you already have some, it's a great way to yeah, think about it Yeah, because animals, of course, are very active. They have to do some things, and you can combine this also. For example, when you're reading a book, it makes more sense to wake up in the morning and yet read every time 10 pages, for example, then to not to read it all. And then Rettl book at once because it's Yeah, it's proven that when you read certain parts of the book, maybe 10 pages, and think about it today. That's the thing I want. I like to do the most is to wake up in the morning, read 10 15 pages of a great book, which inspires me. And then during the day you have to think about it. You can think about it and, yeah, try to establish what you read what you learned in this book in your day, and it makes more sense because the brain is more time to think about it. To establish is then, too, read the whole book it once and then. Yet you have no time to think about it, because when you read books or when you to sports, it's all about doing it over and over again. It's also bad up to two sports three times a week. Then do it one time really, really hard to go, maybe to the gym one time in the week. Really, really hard. And then don't do anything for 23 weeks. So it's very important for routines to do it on a regular basis. So no matter it doesn't matter which kind of routines you have, we want to establish. Think off what you like the best and simply try to do it as a set on a daily basis. And don't give up so early because it takes some time to yeah, to become normal, to become natural for you, so don't have to think about it over and over again. 4. Why Many People Fail: one of the most important things when you want to establish your daily routines is not to give up. I know a lot of people maybe also know them who go to the gym or say, Yeah, it's a new year starting. I want to go to gym 234 times a week and designed in the gym, but they never show up. So if you really want to change something in your life or to make something better, you have to do it day in and day out, and I don't know exactly how long it takes. It's different. It's depends from person to person. But for sure you have to do it a few weeks until you see the first results. So many people started dating routines and think, Yeah, after five days or one week or something, they see the results, and that simply doesn't happen because it takes, um, some time also for your brain to think about it, to establish it, and it becomes natural for you. For example, when you go to sports in the morning off course, in the beginning, it's hard, but then your body gets used to it, and then you wake up and, yeah, feel ready and say, Okay, I want to do this But this takes As a said some weeks There are many people who get frustrated and quit, uh, during their daily routines, and that's I think it's a shame because, of course, all the people know or many people know that it takes some time, but they don't have the empowerment. They don't have to endurance to do it on to simply give up. So when you want to establish a daily routines, my advice or what I recommend you to do is simply do it over and over again and tell as many people as possible that you want to do this. Because if you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, for example, tell them that you want to do this because then it also puts a little bit of pressure on you that you want to show him or her that you want to improve something instead of keeping it for your own. Because if you don't tell anyone, it's just something between Yeah, it's just something you want to do. But if you tell other people it's something they also know and then you have the commitment that you want to do it and also change something to tell your family. Tell your friends, tell your girlfriend boyfriend whatever and simply do it over and over again. It takes some weeks, but you will see it will change something. Your life and you will really like the results. In the beginning, it's hard, but in the end it will work out for you. 5. Project to Establish you Daily Routines: So as a project, I would like you to think about routines that may help you to improve or took a better in your daily life. Dont simply sit and take the routines. I told you now, like reading or jogging or whatever Really think what works the best for you. I also think about what you like to do because routines a way easier to establish If you do something you like. Of course, when you hate reading and you read every morning, it would give up for sure at some stage, and that won't help it all. So think about what activities you like. What you enjoying life and think about how you can establish them in your daily life in the regular basis. If you have done that, yeah, do it a few weeks simply day in, day out. And then, uh, show your yeah experiences or what you think of it with the community. Um, yeah, that's I think also a great way to help each other out. If somebody gets frustrated, it's no problem. Let the other snow and I think the community is great and they will help you for sure. If you get frustrated, which can happen at times. But if you stand through it, you will, yeah, come to the next level, whether it's in sports or mentally or from a personality or whatever, so simply do it and share your experiences with the community.