Learn a professional Workflow - Photoshop Masterclass for Landscape and Nature Photography

Daniel Fleischhacker, Professional landscape photographer

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12 Lessons (5h 25m)
    • 1. Photoshop Masterclass Intro

    • 2. Overview - Masterclass + Bonus Chapters

    • 3. RAW Preparation in Adobe Lightroom

    • 4. Panorama Editing in Adobe Photoshop

    • 5. Creating a Dreamy Look - The Orton Effect

    • 6. Enhancing Detail + Nik Collection

    • 7. Advanced Contrast Adjustment with Luminosity Masks

    • 8. Color Adjustments + Color Contrast

    • 9. Web Sharpening Techniques

    • 10. Bonus Video No. 1 - Editing from start to finish

    • 11. Bonus Video No. 2 - Editing from start to finish

    • 12. Bonus Video No. 3 - Editing from start to finish

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About This Class

In this class you will learn all the Photoshop techniques you need to know to bump your own images to the next level. I will show you in seven different chapters how I edit one of my favourite images from start to finish. I think its really helpful to see which techniques are used to process a file from the beginning to the end. All the steps can be used to imrove your landscape photography.

Video No. 1:

Here I will show you how I prepare my RAW files in Adobe Lightroom for furter Adjustments in Adobe Photoshop.

Video No. 2:

In this chapter you will learn how I use Adobe Photoshop to create one big panoramic image out of six RAW files and how I further enhance the perspective using the warp tool.

Video No. 3:

Did you ever wonder why some images have this special look which makes them "glow"? In this chapter you will learn three ways how to create a dreamy and moody look on your photos using the Orton Effect.

Video No. 4:

Here I will show you how to enhance details in your image and how to use the Nik Collection to improve contrast and colors.

Video No. 5:

In this chapter you will learn my advanced steps to imrove contrast using luminosity masks. I will show you how to create those masks and how to work locally on your images.

Video No. 6:

Color is one of the most important parts of an image and thats the reason why I dedicated to spend a whole chapter in this tutorial. You will learn everything about color contrast and how you make local color adjustments.

Video No. 7:

In this final video you will my special web sharpening technique so your images look the best in any web browser for your audience worldwide.

Almost three hours of bonus content!

Watch how I process three of my favourite images from start to finish.