Learn a Lovingkindness Meditation for Joy and Compassion | Lauren Lapointe | Skillshare

Learn a Lovingkindness Meditation for Joy and Compassion

Lauren Lapointe, Music | Creativity | Teacher | Yoga | Meditation

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5 Videos (23m)
    • Introduction

    • About Lovingkindness Meditation

    • Preparing to Meditate

    • Lovingkindness Meditation

    • Final Thoughts


About This Class

Welcome to the Meditation Series!

Have you been curious about meditation but not really sure how to start? Or maybe you're an experienced meditator looking for a refresher or a new style of meditation?

Do you want to reduce stress and have more clarity, focus, and overall joy in your life?

In this class, you'll learn a Lovingkindness meditation. This is a classic meditation technique that cultivates joy, love, and compassion and will help you feel more connected to the world and vice versa.

You'll also learn some good tips for how to prepare for meditation and, as a bonus, there'll be a few tips at the end of the class for establishing a regular meditation practice.

But most of all, you will get to practice a ten-minute guided meditation with clear, accessible directions.

As a bonus, you'll hear some original sitar meditation music in the background to enhance your meditation experience.

Come experience the deep, rich benefits of meditation. I look forward to having you in the class!

Would you like to try out other styles of meditation in the series? Please be sure to check out my other meditation classes: Breath Meditation, Mantra Meditation, Object Meditation, a short two-minute "desk" meditation and more to come.

Thanks and see you soon!





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Lauren Lapointe

Music | Creativity | Teacher | Yoga | Meditation

LAUREN LAPOINTE is a nationally-touring Singer-Songwriter who had no idea that she was creative until well into adulthood. Following her instincts, she left her cushy office job and business degree behind to follow a creative way of life and never looked back. She has since released three critically acclaimed CDs, played at the nation's top listening rooms, and received international radioplay. She's also a certified advanced-level Yoga and Meditation teacher, and enjoys helping others follow...

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